Monday, May 14, 2012

Reds Will Never Die.

Words cannot express just how upset i felt.

After crying, i thought i was fine, till i went to sleep, actually DREAMT about it (sorta)... then woke up feeling like crap.
Still feel like crap. I was just SO UPSET.

To spend the last 45 minutes at the edge of my seat, worrying north-south-east-west as i had to concentrate on my team's match, AND the opponent team's match. Gan cheong until like don't know what!
I almost wanted to swear off football (despite this being my very first season to watch the matches religiously), because it was just too nerve wrecking!

During ET, you heard about the other goal... then the whistle blows... so you prayed so hard (bloody hell "give them 5 minutes ET they say, it'll be fun they say"...)... SO BLOODY HARD... WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!!

Till you heard the final announcement, and the look on the players' faces are just enough to send anyone off crying (well, i did)... and writing hate mails to City (and QPR) =P (and since i'm Asian all the Asian voodoo stuff wtf).

Despite these few months, i've grown very attached to the players thank you very much (i refer to them as "the boys" wtf). So it was as if someone just stabbed my heart with a lightsaber (because knives are too mainstream wtf).

Seriously, my "very first season", and this is what you do to me? To take the cup away from me in just that bloody 2 MINUTES?? SERIOUSLY???

Is this karma?

But oh well, like Emperor always says, "you can't have everything you want".

And i guess City does deserve it (but seriously City, TWO goals from QPR for the 90 minutes... SERIOUSLY? Ok, i stop all the childish taunting. What do i know about football?), so congrats to City. The better CBs men wins.

And QPR... you could've won! One goal when you are down to 10 men!... but NO, you have to avoid relegation thanks to Bolton.

Ok. Stop. I sound extremely silly. But hey i just needed to rant even though it's silly and doesn't make sense.

Congrats to City!
No seriously, i'm serious!

But hehe.. WE'LL BE BACK.

I've been an MU fan since i was 7 years old, albeit a bit more serious these few years, and extremely fanatic this past few months... but there is one thing i do know from supporting them all these years.

We'll be back stronger than before.
Especially with the amount of people cheering against us... bitch please, only makes us stronger!

I actually thought of this whole "EPL-drama" as a bit too cruel and heartbreaking, like... seriously... IT WAS JUST TWO MINUTES WEI!!
I rather this never happen to begin with!

But having said that, when i had the time to think, i thought... to be honest, any fighting chance is a fighting chance.
Having a chance is better than having no chance at all.

And the boys prove that we were fighting till the very end!
So proud of them! (^^ )

Plus there's always next season! GO REDS!

So i end this post with one pic...

Yeap, haters gonna hate! 8D

Ok bye!