Saturday, June 30, 2007

꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건

The English name sounded crappy, so i shall stick with the Korean name (꽃미남 연쇄 테러사건) only (= =")!

It'll be out in Korea on July 26th!

Please look out for it (^^ )!~

There's no official webpage for it yet though!~

I have a picture from the movie which i LOVE alot!

So i
have it as my lappie's background!

SiWon's expression when he "stone" (hard to describe), had never fail to make me smile or laugh no matter how moody i am!

But the "main character" of this background is my Wooky!

His hair looked SO FUNNY in it!

I almost cry while laughing when i first saw it XD!~

No wonder he didn't change his hairstyle for quite sometime! There is a reason to it =)!

For his cute nerdy little boy look XD!~

So now, whenever i open the cover, i'll see that background, with most focus on Wooky, and a smile will immediately pop on my face =)!

My boys never fail to make me SMILE XD!~

But here's the downside...

I went to OU just now. And that image (that background pic) keeps popping into my head every now and then (read as "every 5 minutes")...

So it means... walk walk... SMILE... walk walk... SMILE...

That everytime it pops into my head, i'll smile cheerfully to myself (because that pic is really too funny!).

If nobody saw my expression then its ok, but one time i think this uncle almost saw it? But he didn't give me any weird look, so i think he didn't see anything?

Eitherways, i had to bite my lips to avoid myself glee-ing like a mad woman!... IN PUBLIC!

And also to avoid looking like a mad woman smiling to herself when ALONE... IN PUBLIC!

Ah, the love of Super Junior!

They turn you mad!

But i'm so random i've never been sane before, so its ok XD!~

Friday, June 29, 2007

A lost Angel.

Do you have a Guardian Angel?

I have mine, but i'm lost now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is it shallow when your love/ like/ fondness... whatever... towards some people are determined by the way they act?

Or by the way you've heard they've act?

Though you may never know the truth, but if the feelings wobbles because you've only heard about it...

That is freakingishly shallow to the core (-┏)...

As much as happiness comes by when we meet, when we will meet... in the future...

... I cannot help but have a slight tinge of fear... the fear of disappointment... when we meet...

How will you act?

I was let down too many times before... since whenever before... so...

Please forgive me for my insecureness.

Please don't disappoint me. Please never to disappoint me.

And i promise to be good =)!

I promise to defend you guys through thick and thin, so please don't let it be wasted!

I love you guys (^^ )!~

This is for BiBi!

Don't let those idiotic fools get to you!!


And to make you smile/ laugh/ laugh until your stomach hurts or cries...

Here's a picture specially for you, but not sure if you've seen it before?


... oh gosh, Park YuCheon is seriously going to kill me if he sees this picture posted on my Blog...




You know what, just msg me on MSN and i'll send it to you lar =D!

Though that pic is probably wide-spread on the net, but... i don't want to take any chances (and get hunted by YuCheon!)!

Ok, now that i have posted this post...

Unnie's gotta pack her bags and migrate to Alaska to live with the SnowDogs, PolarBear, Penguins, Sharks, Seals, etc etc...

... because she had been snooping hanging around the net and taking people's pics and modifying (PS-ing) them till she see fit, as seen above...

... people who are going to want to chase her (me) down?

Again... not taking any chances!

And since i have posted this post, if i don't post this pic (as below), i'm going to get hunted by the ever-almighty Leader-hyung-nim for not posting about him as well...

Teuky-hyung yah!~~

You looked good as always XD!~

But you have a big nose!!

*runs and hide behind YoungWoon for protection*

Sunday, June 24, 2007

희철 고마워!

I have 3 SUPERly OVERDUED posts, which all i had posted in ONE GO =P!

Here there are:
희철 고마워! (This one below)!
Auntie is back =D!~ (Dated 3rd June 2007 actually =P!)!
And also Tagged by BiBi! (Which she tagged me like what... on the 31st May 2007 =P!)!

Enjoy =D!~

break your head while attempting to read all these ultra-super long posts =D!
I assure you
BREAK is much needed between posts! Hehehe!

JK! Happy reading!~


This is for the little one =)!

I've successfully survived my exams long long time ago =)!

And while there are so many people i would like to thank, for all the help and support given, there is this special little one who i want to give my most special thanks to!

우리 김 희철야!
Our dear little Kim HeeChul!

For the constant company while i burn the midnight fire (everyone uses oil, so i uses fire nya lar =P! Counter each other, hahaha!).

For complaining about my lack of company, but never demanding my company throughout the horrible exam period.

For always giving me the support i had really needed throughout that tough time.

Thank you Baby =)!

15th May 2007
While i was busy studying...

You waited for me to play with you till you fall asleep... because i was never finished...

17th May 2007

18th May 2007

19th May 2007
Exams started.

And i stayed in college till quite late after exams...

And you waited for me till you fall asleep again... because i wasn't home yet...

20th May 2007
When you thought i had finished my exams and could play...

I'm sorry i had another paper coming up...

21st May 2007
You tried to destroy my papers so we could play...

But failed... so you resorted, as always, to sleeping close to me while i study...

22nd May 2007
You hated the exams so much...

To the extend you even have nightmares about it...

27th May 2007
My exams lasted till the 27th...

Which you had patiently waited for me till then... so we could play together!

Thanks for the constant support and company i had really needed throughout my exams =)!

Love you Baby!~

Lets play now =D!

Auntie is back =D!~

This post was actually dated 3rd of June 2007, when i attacked Auntie's house after she returned from Korea =)!

But never got around to finishing it till now =P! Mianhae!~



I'm in Auntie's house now =D!


Should cut her passport in half so she couldn't return *snigger*! She could always AIRMAIL the things back to me anyways =P!

Now let me attack the stuffs she brought home, though 70% of the stuffs she brought home are... erm... all the stuffs she helps people buy (=v=")...

Auntie is too kind adee =D! So we should all love Auntie alot!~


Shall edit this post later, please look out for it XD!~


WEEEEE! I'm back =D!

Stayed at Auntie's house till now (=v=")...

I should "change" my "gui mao" habit!
It was raining, thus i was reluctant to leave Auntie's house because i didn't want to have to wash hair again when i get home (=v=")...

However, LUCKILY i left on time, because it rained heavier after that!

And come to think of it...

... i somehow feel i'll still wash my hair tonight after i come back from dinner (=v=")... so...

I'm so "gui mao" i can wash my hair up to THREE TIMES a day, depending on the situation (=v=')...


Big thanks to ChengCheng for escorting me out with the HUGEEEEE umbrella!

I was blabbering non-stop asking her to "protect" me from the rain, as if the rain is acid and can injure me lar (=v=")...

Till i remember that SHE TOO had just bath!
But she still made sure i am nice and dry to my car! THANKS ALOT DEAR =D!

Hey hey, don't get me wrong (I LOVE THIS WORD!)!

I love the rain!
I love playing under the rain but however, when i don't feel like washing my hair again, over my dead body only i'll play under the rain =P!

Let me not continue my dily-dalys and get on with the pics =D!

I specially requested Auntie to PLEASE help me buy Shin-chan socks and also the SuJu Photo of the Month!

Which Auntie is so kind she managed to help me buy both!

BIG HUG AND CHUT (Courtesy of Eric!)!~
Hmm, the picture looked like "Attack of the PuPu and Poohs" XD!~

Here are the goodies =D!

Ooh, the beautiful RABBIT EARS are Auntie's birthday presents for me (^^ )!

Auntie got herself TIGER EARS too =D!

Here's a better look of my RABBIT EARS!
I baru realise i placed the ears on the wrong side in the first pic =P!

But mana tau, the next morning someone stole it from me adee (= =")...
And happily wearing it, acting as if nothing happened!



And also, the Super Junior: March Photo of the Month XD!~

Pretty pretty SuJu pics (*v* )!~

Auntie also bought for her sister TVfXQ!'s Photo of the Month!
So i took all the photos out, and specially take a picture for BiBi to make her GLEE like a mad woman in hopes Tanjung Rambutan would come take her away =P!

Haha, just kidding! If BiBi can enter TR, long long LONG time ago i'm already in it =P! Somemore VIP there XD!~

So anyways!

The retarded LittleBoy XD!~

BTW, Auntie highly recommended the BananaMilk in Korea!

Even the bottle looked yummy! YUM!~

And last but not least, i'm very sure someone misses someone alot =D!
Auntie came home to WHITE PUPU!

Still the GreyLord of Greynovia! Heehee!


BTW, i forgot to ask you this!
Since Eric had sneaked into your luggage, no "overweight" fine on the luggage meh =D?



Tagged by BiBi!

This tag by BiBi is SO OVERDUE!

Sorry dear, unnie is a Super Procrastinator (=v=")!
I had actually PS-ed every picture for it ages ago but just... didn't get around Blogging it =P!

Mianhae! But here i am doing it now =D! I love tags XD!~ Hehehe!~

TADA!~ Enjoy =D!~

Oh yah, i especially love this one cause of Q3 and Q6!~ LOVE XD!~

Q1. Please describe yourself. oh yea? with a word which starts with T !! haha..( t for tintintwinktwink wad ;) ) It can be English, Singlish, Malay, Chinese, or Hokkian Cantonese whatever u wish!

Super Junior-t's "t"!!
Sorry, but thats the only t in my mind now XD!~ And its in Korean btw =D!~ TROT XD!~

Q2. Now look at the keyboard of your laptop or desktop. Does it have dirt or dust between the keys? haha~
Quite clean =D! Hehehe!
But because its black, you can see the odd dust speckle or random prints on it easily =P!

Q3. Now look at yourself in the mirror. ok attention please. pinch your right upper cheek, 1.568 cm apart from your nose, with the tips of ur fingernails ya. hardly ya. ya tht's it. for 5 seconds ya. d harder the better ya till it gets real red. it's good for health u know. ya that's it. and now don let go your hands first ya. freeze! take a camera and take a picture now ~~ i wana see the picture posted as well!!! haha~~~
Hehehe, i didn't want to do it =P!

So i got two of most favourite oppas to do it =D!
Sung-oppa and Sung-oppa XD (YehSung and SungMin!)!~

I reckon YehSung-oppa did a better job XD!~
But because both of them are so vain they didn't really comply with the rules so that they could look good as always XD!~

Q4. Now look inside your wallet or purse. Are the notes crumpled up or in proper order? ;P

Ooh, nice and proper order =D!

With a little help from photoshop =P! Heehee!~

Q5. Now take a look at the screen of your handphone. Isit full of fingerprints? or squeaky clean?? ;P
Not squeakly clean, but CLEAN =D! Hehehe!
My phone by the name Simba XD!~

Q6. Now, go grab a book at the bookshelf. The book must have white cover. If not, a light blue-colored one. turn to page 13. Move your fingers to the 2nd line. Please type out the 3rd word of the line, and start making a sentence with it. The sentence must contain the word "Fergielicious" as well. tadah~~!!
A white book cover!


Page 13!
*flip flip*


Finger to 2nd line, and type out 3rd word of the line!


Type out the word:

Make a sentence:

Q7. ok now, stop the craps and start some serious question. Now tell me, what particular type of shoes you like. Why the color? Why the design? Why the label if you wish?

type: Sneakers!
color: ORANGE!~
design: It looks good, and its comfortable =)!
label: I LOVE NIKE! THE BEST XD!~ I'm a sucker for Nike =3!~

But the best reason why i love it is because:

Nike, JUST DO IT (^ ~)!~

Q8. "Life's like ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts." Do you agree with it? Totally agree? In what extend and why?
Because i love ice-cream to mad, and yes, ALWAYS enjoy ice-cream before it melts =D!~

You get the gist of it =)!

Live LIFE to the fullest with a positive look at it all the time =D!

Q9. Avril Lavigne sucks . do u agree? LOL Hayden!!!!! ;p
No, totally don't agree!
I'm not her fan, but i don't agree that she sucks because i admire how she's still standing there despite everyone which debuted around her time are in not such a good spot!

And yes, i think her songs are nice, i like her image and her voice =)!

Q10. And lastly, are you happy today ? :D be happy always~~

Because i have 13 boys by me to keep me happy and smiling all the time =)!

Please tag five persons after these~~Have a nice day!
1. CherylAhMa (You say you're bored mar, so i reckon you do this =D!)
2. WhineyNaiMa
3. TracyMaria
4. SamErJie
5. AuntieAmane (Who won't do it, but if you're up for it please do it =)!

You guys please do it this time yah XD!~
And also the previous one on your randomness!

A tag is when someone answers a list of questions, or do some stuffs depending on the nature of the tag, then when that someone "tags" you, you will have to follow suit and answer the list of questions or do stuffs or whichever as you have been tagged!

In this case, just answer all the questions 1-10 =)! Copy and paste the questions into your own Blog and FIRE AWAY XD!~

Hope i explained it clear enough =D!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Time passes so fast!

I'm officially 20-years-old !

No more "20-with-change" (some Chinese saying, like when you're 18years old, and you have "change" from 20-years-old!)!

I took full advantage of my birthday by saying i'm not 20 yet... till after the time i was born =P! Teehee!~

That said, i'm not going to go all emo that i'm getting old(er), because i only turn 20 once, and my birthdates on 20!

Its a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so its a very happy occassion (^^ )!~

Heck, my birthdays are ALWAYS a happy occassion!

Everybody is celebrating because its the day i was born !~

Gonna update on me birthday soon! Sorry for the delay! I love you all!~


Firstly, i would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who had wished me Happy Birthday!

I really appreciate it! THANK YOU (^^ )!~

I first celebrated on the 19th June with my dear classmates, Tracy AhMa and Jamie NaiMa (See, i remember you guys' name =D!), and also Melvyn XiaoDi and Jacyn Ma and HonPan Pa! Thanks for coming guys XD!~

To those who didn't come... when i see you guys, you guys will kena from me, muahahahahahahahaha =P! Just kidding lar!

A special big thanks to Ah Ma for organizing this, just needing the "Boss" to make grand entrance appear! I love it, and really appreciate this! Big hugs and kisses!~
THANK YOU (^^ )!~

I'll keep everything nice, short and sweet ne, cuz i abit the lazy =P, hehehe! And also cuz i have ALOT MORE STUFFS to Blog about (which Super Procrastinator me drag drag everything now its going to tumble and fall on me and i'm going to faint (@@)!~)!

A few pictures nya, cuz hehe, didn't take much pic =P!
AhMa msg me at MSN if you want the pics to Blog it =D!

These three currently busy working (like, real scarily busy (>< )!), but still took the time off to come early for this little gathering! THANKS GUYS XD!~

Thanks to Melvyn XiaoDi for picking up the cake =D!

Despite OT but still come with yummy cake! THANK YOU GUYS XD!~

I polished everything up in a second, being me =P!


I like this pic alot =D!

Melvyn looks like our "FrenchMaid" =P (Is that our dear Maria in disguise =P?)! Hahahahahahahahaha!

After dinner, we went upstairs for the LIVE BAND! Its this guy and girl who can really sing wonderfully! We love their voice (In fact, XiaoDi practically FLY upstairs when he heard the girl sing XD!~)!~

We wanted to request some songs, and then in our song request sheet, AhMa wrote Happy Birthday to me there that both the performers, after reading out our song requests, sang a really nice Happy Birthday duet song to me XD!~

Quite embarassing, being the center of attraction because everyone was looking (>v< )!~ But it was nice, i really enjoyed their birthday song version =D! I really enjoyed the night! Thanks guys!

And hehe, also to Jacyn and HonPan for respecting my wish of not wanting to hear anything academic related, that they ensure that i didn't hear a single thing when they discussed about it! THANK YOU!~

Too bad it ended quite early, because the three had to go work the next morning, and being so busy and tired but they still try their best to make, THANK YOU!~

Oh yah, i love the presents! All of it! THANK YOU GUYS XD!~
(I'll Blog about presents some other time, paiseh yah =P!)

After that, we had to send NaiMa home, but we end up going to her house and chitchat till....... 2am (=v=")!!

Too bad we couldn't stay over, otherwise guarantee talk till morning and then go breakfast baru balik =P!


Lets do this sometime soon yah =D! NaiMa's house atmosphere very good XD!~


Ok, then on the 20th June, MY BIG DAY XD!~

I celebrated it with my family and friends and pets and turtles and best of all, SUPER JUNIOR XD!~

Yeah, i had a very "Happy SuJu Birthday" XD!~

Party Theme: Super Junior =D!~

Super Junior songs were blasting the stereo radio, i even decorated the dining room (with helps from PrettyCousinKat, thank you =D!) with sorta Sapphire Pearl Blue balloons (SuJu's representative colour)!
Free Image Hosting at
Beautiful Blue Balloons!
(Sorry, PS-skills not very good that i cincai "PS" nya =P!)

On each Balloon was written SuJu members' name, MINE, and also my dear cousin CherryPie who helped organize, and also PrettyCousinKat who helped decorate!


Oh btw, lack of pics for now, because i took very little pics nya, and most of the pics taken are all currently in Thailand =P! Hehe! Wait yah!

So anyways, during BBQ, i was busy dancing to their songs, to any part which i know XD!
I especially enjoy the part when me, BiBi and QingQing were doing the alltime favourite HIPTHRUST from the single U XD!~

... so kialang we did until (=v=")... at least still better than KiBum =P!

Anyways, the Best "hip-thrust" Award goes to BiBi =D!

I'm so addicted to using STARS these days, and snowflakes (Reminds me of YehSung somehow XD!~)! WEEEEEEE XD!~

I just can't seem to find wings though! Trala~~~!

Ooh, and sorry for the lack of hats, there were actually a bunch of it in the study room but... i must've missed it =P!

BiBi got RED hat cuz its Cassiopeia colour =D!

I got TWO BLUE ones because its E.L.F. colour and i copied RyeoWook's style =D!

The only thing missing from the celebration was...

No, Super Junior were not missing! In fact, they were all present =D!

The only thing missing was TVfXQ! (>< )!

Because i forgot to burn the song "Show Me Your Love" along with the other songs =P!

At least MinMin was present (with BiBi) =D!

And guess what, i actually wanted to get the Cuppacakes as my birthday cake, SOMETHING SPECIAL!

Unfortunately, they were all fully booked because everyone wants to buy one to celebrate my birthday till AFTER my birthday, hmph!

So i settle with Royal Fruit Cake instead =)! SuJu's favourite cake anyways =P!

Told you the whole party was SuJu-themed!
In fact, my cousin even said its more like celebrating for SuJu instead of for me (=v=")...

Teehee, but i like mar =D!

So anyways XD!~

Because the "oh-so-busy-cuppacakes" couldn't come to me, my dear beloved cousin CherryPie made her own version of cupcakes for me instead XD!~


See the pretty cupcakes =D!

Its even in BLUE and has BLUEBERRY inside!
(Inspired by Cuppacakes!)

And best of all, also according to this other thing which i really LOVE, my cupcake-cakes were OCEAN-THEMED XD!~


I love Summer, beach, Sea, ocean, Stars, blue, SiWon, balloons and Super Junior so much, and i have them all for my birthday! YIPEEEEEs XD!~
(Will explain this factor sometime later =3!~)

But thats not all XD!~

Apart from making the cupcakes, AND making me delicious Seaweed Soup (Korean tradition, must drink Seaweed Soup for your birthday =D!)... my darling cousin also gave me a VERY HAPPY PRESENT!

You know why i said Super Junior were all present for my birthday =D?

Its not the songs, its not the Blue Balloons, and its not because the 13 guys were present as well...

Its because of...


From my cousin and SuJu =D!

But i discover something... my cousin VERY BIAS XD!~

Her favourite members' names are written in lightblue colour, she placed Teuk and Kyung (her two most favourite) in the middle... and also...


With most LOVES XD!~

Her favourite member, my favourite leader hyung =)!

The fact remains we love all 13 of our retarded boys so much =)!

I present to my cousin BEST CUPCAKE MAKER AWARD XD!~

She just so brilliant ne =D!

And hehehe, look at all the PINK LOVES she put for SungMin! Hahaha!

And i love my other retarded LittleBoy and LittleGirl and also LittleQing alot =)!



I love it so much, so yummy... that i polished off MOST of the PotatoSalad =P! Don't blame me, ShinDong teach one =D!

BiBi from now onwards shall be declared MY PERSONAL CHEF =D! Alongside KangIn and HanKyung, and you can be "BiBi JangGeum"! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!~

But... i forgot to take a picture of the cute cake now that its all in my stomach adee (=v=")... and i'm sure nobody would want me to take a picture of THAT now (@@)!~ Woops!~

The cake has candles which will actually relight one, but me and my big mouth manage to extinguish everything in one PUFF =P!~

Which then the whipped cream came smacked on my face (=v=")...

Stupid Amanda for suggesting it XD!~

The Amanda who calls me Monkey like how i call EunHyuk (=v=")...

... and i call her Cow back =P!

When SamSoon and Kat went to pick up Auntie from work, they went off to buy my birthday present as well =)!

And it came accompanied by TWO YELLOW SMILEY FACE BALLOONS XD!~

Which i name those two Balloons after my two favourite magnaes in the world, RyeoWook and KyuHyun XD!~

I actually have THREE favourite magnaes, so ChangMin can be the cat bag which was attached to the end of the Balloons =)!

Argh, i gotto go soon, but not before i say a BIG THANKS to WaiMei JieJie and UncleRobert for coming because they love and really miss the "kimMiSoon-brand chicken-wings" =D!

What "kimMiSoon-brand chicken-wings" you say?

Hehehe, kimMiSoon-brand because = kimchi, Jang Mi-Ui and Kim SamSoon!
kim made the sauce, Mi-Ui the spearing of the wings and Soon the good BBQ-ing wings skills!

But on my birthday it was kimMiBiSoon-brand because BiBi helped speared the wings as well =D!

MeiJie and UncleRobert very "bei-min" really XD!~ They simply adore the chicken wings we made that they purposely waited till quite late JUST FOR IT!!

BTW, it was her (cousin) who actually inspired the "kimMiSoon", because she was the one who said one good at making sauce, one good at spearing and one good at BBQ-ing it till just-nice!

Hehehe, but why the name sounded so "la-la" one (= =")... might as well name it ChulRicHenney lar really XD!~

And of course BIGGEST THANKS to Senior Citizen UncleAhGuan!

For helping to BBQ the chickens and sausages that night while the rest of us erm... danced around like mad women (=v=")...

Really very paiseh, invited him come as guest but... end up BBQ-ing for us m(_ _ )m!


And for that i present to you the BEST SENIOR CITIZEN AWARD!

Hmm, whats with me and giving awards today XD!~ Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Did i left out anyone?

I'll try to get more pictures and Blog the pictures another day, because i had actually spent 2-3 hours on this one post (= =")!

Of course, never forgetting a fully presents-dedicated post =D!
I really love all the presents! THANK YOU VERY MUCH XD!~

Sorry if i left out anyone for now (>< )! I'll make this up to you guys!


Lots of love,
Birthday Girl eiko-hime!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tag: 7 Random Things About Me

Tagged by my KaiJie!

After my "own made" 10 Random Facts About Myself... here's another one =)!

I'll try my best to stick to facts which everyone can understand and don't "travel" to my world that often ne =D?

  1. I can't stand unorganized files!
    If you check my files on my harddisks, EVERYTHING is neatly arranged and organized, whether its pics from my camera or family and friend's, pics i saved from the net, music and video files...
    Apart from neatly arranging it into appropriate folders, i also tend to rename EVERY SINGLE FILE (except my idol pics, i gave up renaming them after doing it for a few years?)!
    I can't stand it (and will go crazy) if i didn't organize or rename my files properly!

    Ooh, and my books, papers (whether academic or random jots) must also either be arranged properly into stacks or put into folders, otherwise ditto; i go crazy too!

    All those said, my room and study table remain the MESSIEST PLACE ON EARTH (a sign should be erected outside my room to warn people of its messiness!) =P!

  2. I'm always misunderstood, hmph!
    Lazy to explain this one, but i don't like it when people stereotype me, people do change you know!

  3. I'm someone who companies like SM Ent, or VisionFactory, will LOVE!
    Sorta lar, it's a "love-hate-relationship" (explained below)!

    I'm willing to spend all my allowance on my idols, be it Super Junior or w-inds., Shinhwa, TVfXQ!...
    Though, i'll say i'm "reasonable" in the sense i would never do such thing as buying a whole album if the artist i like has only ONE song in it (unless i like every single song in the said album), nor i would buy 10 different versions of the same album (but it depends, when i go crazy i go crazy) and etc etc! I'll only buy it if i feel its worth!
    So as much as those companies WILL love me, there's a limit to it, thus the "love-hate-relationship" =P!

    The reason so is because when i look back at my official merchandise collection, they make me SO happy, that i'm willing to spend on them!
    You should see just the other day, i took out all my SuJu collection... and i was laughing like a mad woman that if anyone had seen me they would've put me to Tanjung Rambutan straightaway (= =")...

    I'm not as willing to spend on clothes and accessories (sorta), i mean, they make me happy, but not as happy as me looking at my collection =)!

    Its like kids gotta have toys, I gotta have my collections =D!

  4. I love wearing sneakers, flip-flops, sneakers!
    I hate wearing heels because they hurt my feet!

    That said, i own 5 PAIR OF HIGHHEELS which all i dearly love (=v=")...

    I only have 2 pair of sneakers and 2 pair of flip-flops... my number of heels even outnumber my favourite choice of footwear (= =")...

    I guess you can say, "In every girl, there is a Becky Bloomwood in her (=v=")..."

  5. Everyone i love has a nickname =)!
    I prefer calling people by nicknames i give them because it makes us seem closer =)!
    Oh, and i like to "shortify" people's name (ChangMin = MinMin, ShukBi = BiBi etc), please do excuse me =P!~

    Like all Super Junior member has a nickname =D (some even has multiple ones XD!)!

    All my closer friends have one:
    QueenoftheFreakingUniverse (Amanda), Ma~~ (JingWen), Auntie aka Tomato Cheese (MayYee), ProfessorBlurBi (Shu Faye), CherryPieNic (CousinNic), Broccoli Soup (Kacy) etc etc, and also the rest of the Mafia Family especially =D!

    If you haven't notice, do you notice now that i never call you guys by your real names anymore =P?
    It has nothing to do with me being bad with names really! I'm only bad with names of people i don't know!

    I feel closer calling people by nicknames, so always be happy when i call you by your nickname =D! Its special to me too =)!~
    Of course, if i call you by your name (Kacy and Amanda), it doesn't mean i don't love you guys, but its just weird calling you by your nick ne?
    Like Kacy, you don't want me to shout out "BROCCOLI SOUP~~" out to you in broad daylight in front of millions of people right?
    I only Blog it =P!

    Ooh, i love all my family members MOST, but since we're all already so close adee don't need nicknames lar =D! I love you guys and you guys know it =)!

  6. I think too much!
    Even if i don't say it, I REALLY THINK TOO MUCH!
    Like really ALOT ALOT!
    Alot of things go through my mind all the time, its a surprise i don't go around dancing tribal dances to !~

    And i really love being the random, bo-liao me =)!
    Its funny, and lifes more enjoyable that way if we take things easy (and being really random) =D!~

    쿠 케 케 케 케 케 케 케 캬 캬 캬 캬 쿄 쿄 쿄 쿄 쿄

  7. I have this new motto to life and for me =)!
    I shall be a girl/ lady/ woman/ female not as how the society perceives i should be, but one as how i see fit I should be.
    It sickens me like how in some societies, women are "packaged" that they should be this way and that way, that some woman are willing to go to desperate measures to achieve it. Especially when all those images of woman "packaged" are made by chauvinists thinkings!

    This makes a very good discussion topic =)! Hehe!~

You guys didn't do the tag the other time, since this one is a somewhat more "serious" one, since its been around for some time adee, please do it this time ne =D!

1. CherylAhMa
2. TracyMaria
3. WhineyNaiMa
4. SamErJie
5. Anyone who wants to do it =)!

Hehe, i love doing tags honestly XD!~

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Super Junior just performed !

I'm so proud of them !~

Wonderful performance! Its just like watching them LIVE!~

We turn up the volume SO LOUD that its really like LIVE!~

Which, if you honestly put it in a way, it is LIVE, just that they are dancing inside the television box and its a few seconds late!~

I almost forgot what it feels like watching them perform LIVE! I miss all of them SO MUCH! Especially HanKyung! Its been SO LONG since i last see him perform!

Now all we have to do is just wait for Baby to be back (^^ )!~

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~


Having a little party now with CherryPie while watching the 18th Golden Melody Awards XD!~


We were busy screaming like two mad womans who had never watched coloured tee-vee before, i wouldn't be surprised if when we didn't notice anything which had happened outside of "our own world" XD!~

They had just give out two awards, and though the first award wasn't given out to the group who i was hoping to win (南拳媽媽), it was still a well-deserving group (^^ )!

The boys were awed by the lady's really good, wonderful, amazing POWERFUL voice, she could put any well-known Western female singers to shame! Seriously!

BIG THANKS to Jing Wen for informing me of the boys' appearance in GMA, although i'm sure she know i sure know about it earlier adee, but she still sms me to tell me anyway, and for that i'm grateful (^^ )!
"ShowPaPa" just won an award (^^ )! We celebrate soon ne? Hehehe!

Also thanks to Jamie DaJie for sms-ing me to inform me of my boys' appearance just now before they present the award (^^ )!
No worries DaJie, the two mad womans who had never watched coloured tee-vee before was already seated in-front of the tee-vee since around 5.30pm awaiting the LIVE broadcast adee XD!~


They look OH SO GORGEOUS in that silver suit! WOW!~


Can't wait for their performance later (^^ )!


ps: Ooh, gotto love BabyWook's new bright orange hair!


Will contestant no.3 Choi SiWon please step up?

The Super Junior Beauty Pageant

HanKyung reading out the question for contestant no.3 Choi SiWon !~

KangIn anxiously awaiting his turn !~

Naughty RyeoWook peeking at the questions !~

SungMin is all ! I guess its because he knows who the champion's gonna be (^^ )!~


Really gotto love Super Junior!~ Nyan!~

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Hyung, fighting!"

Whats it like being an entertainer?

HeeChul is sleeping on the mat placed outside my bedroom door.

Blissfully asleep there for almost 3 hours adee.

I wonder if my room will be too cold or him her?

HeeChul-yah, even until now your horrible master have a bad tendency to write you as "him" instead of "her", because you are named after a favourite hyung (oppa) of hers!


I wonder if when i had just fall asleep will she come meowing meowing waking me up to let her out of the room?

I hope not, i'll go crazy because she woke me up a good three times last night (= =")...

As i look at her blissfully sleeping... ok, licking herself now...

I wonder...

What are you feeling right now?

How are you feeling right now?

If you like someone, would you tell the person or let the chance pass?

If you were an entertainer, what would you do?

If you were the entertainer... what would you had done instead?


In a lot of ways, you are very alike the one i named you after...

Which, sometimes i even regret naming you that, because you always just do as you please!

But i'm glad i named you that too, because you remind me of him, and it makes me extra extra happier than i usually am whenever i see you =)!

So would you be able to feel how he is now?

At the same time he became slightly tipsy you fall asleep in my room till now.

So how is he feeling now?

I walk over to a sleeping HeeChul.

I patted his head, and asked him her: "How is hyung feeling right now? Do you know?"

She purred back immediately and i proceeded to stroke her a few times before returning to my laptop.

When then she walked towards me and looked at me.

I asked her if she's hungry, she meowed back, with that silly, retarded expression she always wear when she's trying to "ehgyo".

Then she jumped up onto my bed and sat next to me for awhile.

Oi, you better enjoy this now, if not because i'm in this mood right now you wouldn't be allowed up my bed (-┏)!

... also because its almost time to change the sheets...

Anyways, HeeChul-yah!~

Thanks for always being such an understanding cat =)!

However, if you will just stop doing as you please all the time...


I guess i bring this upon myself... i was the one who chose that name for you (= =")...

However, if you think about it, you actually CHOSE your own name, because you didn't like the first one which i gave you (-┏)...

You really like that name do you?

Sleeping on my comforter now...

How am i going to sleep tonight (-┏)?


ps: HeeChul was initially called "YamChae", but everyone quite oppose to it, even she herself don't really like it, because she will not come when called...

So then, I thought of calling her HeeChul JUST FOR THE TIME BEING till i can find a new name for her...

But she likes it so much, always responding immediately when i call her...

... That she became the Kim HeeChul she is now!

So if you think about it...

She did chose her own name (-┏)!


ps: Sorry for the lack in posts! Didn't quite bring myself to do all the posts i wanted to do, till now its all piling up XD!~

Sorry, will not be long! 사랑해 XD!~

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I need sleep.

Sleep deprived.

That said...

I slept late every night (-┏)...

And wake up when the sun is shining on my butt.

But honestly, since my curtains are always closed, the sun couldn't even peep in to come between me and my best friend ZhaoGong!

Just this morning, i'm supposed to get up early for something important, so my mom was knocking on my door to wake me up.

I opened my eyes slightly.

Looked at the door.

I didn't want to wake up, so i wanted to reply... but i couldn't even open my mouth to say anything...

And so i continue sleeping.

Zzz Zzz Zzz...

Later the phone rang with the familiar, "Dancing in Summer Paradise!" ringtone...

I heard it.

But i couldn't care less.

Because not one part of my body could move to react to anything at that moment.

The good thing was though, at that moment because i really wanted to go back to sleep, instead of having to treat the song as a ringtone, or cue that someone is calling me...

I can treat it as if the radio is playing that song !

Now thinking back...

Now i know how KangIn felt when EunHyuk and ShinDong attempted to wake him up!

Luckily my bedroom doesn't has an adjoining window to the balcony which could be accessible from the living room XD!~

I need to wash my hair but...


I delayed doing it until now (-┏)...

This is not good... but i have my good friend hairdryer with me!

At least i don't stay up till 5am in the morning to post some Cyworld entry (-┏)...

RyeoWook's hair...

... is getting longer and longer.

Either make it pama or cut it short.

You look cute... as always...


But you look like my little sister now (-┏)...

Dancing to the songs, and giving a turn in one of the routines...

Do you know you looked like you're promoting some shampoo commercial (-┏)?

Though you looked better, obviously, but still!


Cut your hair!

Or i'll get HeeChul to claw it all off (-┏)!

Teehee \( ̄∇ ̄)/!~

Not in the mood to write anything else but turning into my retarded self!


I so love it XD!~

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SM should recycle more pics...

And give me the complete Super Junior pictures taken during Hyuky's birthday (= =")...

Heck, SM should just give me all the Super Junior pics taken!

Dream on!

Hehe, i know this is abit the too much to ask *blush*!


I had to asked my brain (though its malfunctioning ability, luckily it still can think rationally, i hope!) like a thousand times before i gather enough courage to post about this!

But i consulted my heart, and she told me to go with it!

If its something i truly believe in, and its something which can benefit the environment (and me), why not?

So anyways... *giggles wickedly + blushing furiously*...


And nothing would make me happier than this =D!
Clicky on it to see the full version!

Yeah, i know its really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really (and continues "really" till the end of time) too much to ask, heck, RM150! I could like, bring everyone out for pizza and still have change left for dessert at mamak!

But you know me and how much i love presents animals! I really really do love animals, and i would like to help them in any possible way i could!

One of it would be this!

Before i start, IT IS OK NOT TO GET ME THIS!

I'm just blabbering! I want to post about this anyway, and what better reason to post it other than use my birthday as an excuse to post this?

Totally no pressure, NO DURESS *sniggers*, i'm just using my birthday as a "hangboard" to get the conversation (in this post) flowing!

I don't really care what present lar honestly, sorta, because i love presents all the same =D! The most important factor is that it comes from the heart =)!

I especially LOVE surprises btw XD!~

I'm especially passionate about endangered wildlifes!

Ask anyone who know me how i especially love Sharks (Great Whites especially!)! *mumbles* Too bad they don't have "Adopt a Shark" campaign...

I love Turtles alot too (and Polar Bears next, Crocodiles, Mountain Gorillas, Elephants, Malayan Tiger, and Orang Utan, etc!)!

Do you know that out of the 30 species of turtles discovered, 23 is already extinct (means we'll never get to see them again!)?
And the 7 remaining species WILL follow what the 23 did unless we do something! They are already on the borderline (Listed as "critically endangered" and "endangered" in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species!

I'm not asking everyone to jump into the ocean and hug every single turtle they see!

I mean, i would love to swim with them and all, but how will i ever achieve that dream if i jump into the water and all i see are polluted waters and dead corals with not a single living thing?

I was actually debating on whether i want to get Tachibana Keita's photobook plus Super Junior photos or "adopt a turtle" for my birthday present from my parents!

Trust me, the other one is slightly more expensive, and will make me grin like a mad woman until you would only see my teeth!

However, i opted for the other one instead, to adopt a turtle, because i know it would be something which would make me feel proud of for the rest of my life!

I mean, as much as i love Keita and Super Junior, the loves of my life, i could always save money and get it another day (or download it off the net if in anycase, appears)!

However, the turtles aren't going to get another chance at life.

If they die, THEY DIE!

They're not going to float back to the earth in transparent form like the ghosts in Hogsworth! Once they are gone, THEY WILL BE GONE FOREVER!

And also, apart from making me REALLY REALLY HAPPY, my parents are doing charity and helping the turtles too you know!

You get two birds with one stone!

No, actually, MORE THAN THAT!

Make me happy + Do charity + Proud of yourself + I'm proud of you + Turtles will love you too (like it or not)!

You do the math!

I totally don't mind if 1000people chip in for one turtle honestly!

Even if you only save one turtle, YOU SAVED ONE TURTLE!

You should BE PROUD of yourself *beams proudly*!

Like how if you stop taking a bowl of Shark's fin, you probably saved a whole shark adee!

Ok, back to turtles, before i get more sidetracked...

Ok, if you don't know me, which is strangely weird why you should give a present to me for my birthday, although i don't mind, but PLEASE DO CONSIDER HELPING THE TURTLES as well!

One small effort would help in the long run!

Before i end my plea, as for this adopt a turtle campaign!

I'm not going to know if it really makes them happy or not! I don't read animal-minds!

Heck, the turtles are probably wishing we would kill all of them ASAP so they wouldn't need be tortured in this world with us (they live till 200 years old, what do you think?)!

Pollutions, lack-of-food, no more corals to swim around treating it like your own 1Utama!

I rather die as well!

However, humans, like me, are selfish, so we want to do whatever we could to keep them alive with us, so we could feel proud we saved them, whether they like it or not!

You know, helping another animal gives this feeling of self-satisfaction greater than any other feeling in the world!

I've tried that before, and i love it!
Will talk about this more the next time though, this is for the turtles!

Anyways, you should try it too =D!

If you want to ask:
Why i didn't get one for myself too?*

Because i want everyone else to get it for me, hah! Cannot meh? Hee!

Show me your love ok =D!

ps: Ask me if you need contacts of all my friends to chip in!

pps: I love surprises, PLEASE DO SURPRISE ME =D!

ppps: If everything permits, i plan to work during the holidays so i could buy myself a birthday present! You guess what it is =)!