Sunday, December 31, 2006

I received this sms just now.

"new year is a time to rejoice events that have happened and remember those that have passed on and also to cherish my family, friends, relatives and workmates. i just want to tell you guys that i love you all and will always remember the days our paths have come together. early new year wish before the lines get jammed. happy new year :) be safe if you are driving tonite."
- Jasbir K.M.

Jasbir is my cousin sis' friend, who i had barely met for more than 10 times? Though, receiving this message, its really sweet =)!

Its a new year coming =D!~

ps: Dang! I see this coming!
The previous entry very obvious, had not been the last entry of this year... hehehe!


Whatever you're feeling, always remember that there'll, at least, always be someone there who cares for you =)!

Oh yes, and quoting a line from an ad:
"Let next year be less about yourself, and more about others!"

Yeah, lets go help save wildlifes XD!~ NYAH!~

Edit as of 9.56pm:
I was thinking spending the rest of the night watching TVfXQ! or SuJu @ the top floor...

My brother invaded once again o(=v=")o...

Next time must book earlier! GAH!

At least the tee-vee downstairs bigger lar!

But still... GAH!



This will probably be my last post for the year... hehe, unless i post again later lar XD!~

Anyways, time passes SO FAST!

One minute it was just Chinese New Year, and now... END OF THE YEAR adee!


I lazy post pics, internet connection isn't cooperating with me again o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

So just a short recap on my whole year, and what matters =)!

- Falling for Shinhwa and Super Junior early this year.
**I didn't put TVfXQ! in, because i had slowly started to like them through their song 믿어요 last year, so i guess its not really suitable to add them in now o(^^;)o...**

- Early this year as well, i went crazy that night, upon hearing the news that TVfXQ! might be coming for a concert! And just when i've started to go "crazy" over them!

- Thanks to the song Miracle, and also the Super Junior Show, i got to know Super Junior better =3!~

- TVfXQ! Malaysia concert 14th July 2006 XD!~

- Having "dinner" with Super Junior XD!~
SungMin, EunHyuk STARE STARE XD!~

- Shinhwa Singapore concert 10th September 2006 XD!~
BTW, its just as if it was yesterday i went for Shinhwa's concert... time REALLY passes FAST o(=v=")o...

- Being able to get my own copy of Super Junior photobook, Boys in City! Its not for sale anymore as of now!
... or so i know lar o(^^;)o...

- Enrolling into the School of Law, which made my living-days a living-hell o(=v=")o... but it was nice meeting all my wonderful classmates (Who the closest are all either back at Sabah or Sarawak now o(@@)o...)!~

- Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s debut XD!~
Uri YehSung-oppa, RyeoWooky and KyuHyunny XD!~


- My darling cousins coming back from USA and Aussie, with my beloved nephews XD!~

- YamChae and HeeChul's arrival! YEAHS XD!~

- Due to the planner, my package of goodies will be arriving next year instead of last week or so o(=v=")o... thus, i guess i can only talk about the ordering part now o(^^;)o... hehehe...

- Shinhwa-oppas winning the daesangs =D!~

And of course, Super Junior winning their 4th Best Newcomer Award at the SBS Gayo Daejun XD!~

Wow, most of it are about Super Junior, Shinhwa, my nephews, w-inds. and TVfXQ! har o(=v=")o!~

Oh well =3!~

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone =D!~

Hope everyone have a better life than me!

I feel so freaking sick now o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!

Though still, AJA FIGHTING XD!~

Lets hope tomorrow will be a better year with BETTER REWARDS =D!



Blogger is back again XD!

I just realize how much i took Blogger for granted last time o(^^;)o!

Due to the recent earthquake, Blogger could not be accessed at all that i was almost went mad!

SO MANY STUFFS TO WRITE, BUT NO PLACE TO POST IT o(>.<)O! I really appreciate it now! Welcome back =D!~

Though, the funny thing is:
Immediately after the quake, the whole day, the internet COULD NOT BE ACCESSED, but Blogger can be accessed.

A day after the quake, when everything's back to normal, the whole internet is accessible... but Blogger suddenly cannot access A FEW DAYS.

Why so weird one o(=v=")o... and so unfair also, hehehe...

Anyways, here's something i wanted to post a few days ago, but didn't have the chance!


Bugger… had to write this first… couldn’t online o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o…

I promised my mom I’ll go with her to OU this morning (Fri am)!

… despite so, I end up sleeping at 3am o(=v=”)o…

So much for “trying-to-sleep-early-for-once” har?

Anyways, I set my alarm clocks so I can wake up in the morning!

I have 4 alarm clocks btw o(=v=”)o…

- One set at 6am or so, its back is facing me instead of its front because I don’t want it to spoil again … the last time it spoiled because ???

- Another set at 6-8am, but its 20minutes ahead of time, to help “scare” me every morning when I wake for college.

- Another one is my handphone at 8.30am, but after dropping it in the drain before it had never worked properly o(=v=”)o… I still time it out of habit though.

- The last one is the only NORMAL ONE, set at 8am with the clock running at CORRECT TIME.

Though… the first and earliest one rang

I switched it off.

And instinctively, I switched the rest of the alarm clocks off o(=v=”)o…

Except the handphone… it didn’t ring at 8.30am anyways…

Then I fell back to dreamland and had a nightmare o(=v=”)o…


I should stop waking up and falling to sleep… why usually also nightmares one o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o…

These days I had been very emo and all!

I guess it must be boredom!

Leave my studies out of this o(=v=”)o… all my “so-called-plans” to “study-over-the-holidays” backfired BADLY…

It was SO BAD, I’m having thoughts of wearing a paper-bag over my head when I return to college for classes next year o(=v=”)o…

Anyways, nothing much to watch and all now, and especially lacking of SuJu, Shinhwa, TVfXQ!... I’M GETTING EMO!

Don’t tell me about the almost 20GB of SuJu collection I have…

I've re-watched most of it so many times I lost count o(=v=”)o…

But just yesterday, upon realizing the package I ordered online is arriving soon…


I’m back =D!~

Though there is nothing of SuJu for me to watch (Just spaz only XD!~)… THERE IS SHINHWA!


Heavenly heavenly!~


But another thing is… erm… my dad didn’t know I added “something-extra” inside the order o(=v=”)o…

Should hide it… hehehe…


Ok, i want to go see my best friend ZhaoGong first o(^^;)o... have been sleeping late too much adee, argh XD!~

Night night! AJA FIGHTING =D!~

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I charged my handphone the whole day today, since last night i was being too lazy to get my "butt" off my comfy bed to charge it.

Upon opening it at 1.20am, Auntie had sent me a VoiceSMS =D!~

"Welcome to your VoiceSMS inbox," says the robot-lady-machine-thingy.

The VoiceSMS, upon opening, IT WAS Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s Han Saramaneul XD!~


YehSung-oppa was singing!

"Nan geujeo geudaemanul... sengkagajyo...~~"


I was happily floating in DREAMLAND!

When suddenly...

... a voice appears.

"Eric CHUT!"


I couldn't sleep that night.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I have black hair. again.

I just cut my hair.

I looked like a porcupine with a long tail.

The brown-coloured part are all cut off, leaving only a slight shade of dark brown; the base colour which was used.

So much for buying the dye to dye my hair back to BLACK.

Lucky i cut my hair first.

Very bloody unlucky today.

Don't want to mention any of it.

But to "top-it-off"... my teeth are spoiling. SOMEHOW.

Don't ask me, i don't know WHAT HAPPENED!

I don't floss, but i brush my teeth every morning (or when i bath in the afternoon) and every night.

I tried my best to take care of my teeth. But my "best" doesn't seem to be enough.

So much for losing weight over the holidays... i gained more.

So much for studying-plans over the holidays... i slacked throughout it.

So much for being emo... i've never been so emo for so many times throughout my life.

Is holiday good?

Or is holiday bad?

I have no idea.

Maybe i should start playing online games, like HeeNim.


Or maybe find my own KiBum and HanKyung, and move in together.

Or at least, find my own DongHae and JungWo?

Whatever it takes to stop my emo-ings?

I don't know, but somehow i've always felt that HeeNim and i are somewhat similiar.

Maybe cause of our weird "artist-emo-ways".

Plus the fact our birthdays are quite close to each other. Sorta.

Though my birthday is closer to my RyeoWook in EVERY WAY, i still feel, personality-wise, closer to HeeNim.

My Wooky is too sweet, innocent and naive. SIMPLE!

However, HeeNim and i are always having huge rollercoaster of emotions!

But however, maybe RyeoWooky, like me, sometimes fail to show our emotion.

Who will ever know?

HeeNim. HeeNim.

Not that i know him exactly, its more of how i perceived him from his diary entries.

I've always love oppa's diary entries.

Its because oppa is always so "true to himself", and is really himself in it. In his entries.

Its only in our entries which we're always truest.

And seeing our "emo-rates".

Yeap, concluded.

Pretty much alike... somehow.

Just oppa is much luckier in some sense.

KiBum. HanKyung. JayKim. DongHae. YunHo. SiWon. JaeYoung.

I've always admired oppa.

From one of the members i quite dislike, to one of the member i really respect and love as a dongsaeng now.

HeeNim is always himself.

For that i seriously admire him.

You may say i'm jealous of him... to some extent.


As the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Heaven, if Super Junior is on the other side, i wouldn't mind jumping over the fence all the time for greener grasses.

Can keep fit somemore. Heehee.

Nyat, one things for sure, i should stop emo-ing, and start getting a life.

I'll find my own KiBum and HanKyung, and i'll name my dog (or cat) KyungKiChul if its necessary.

Yes, even play Niniji!

Though, i would want to celebrate all special occassions with close family and friends.

Especially my birthday.

That, is our only differences. Apart from the likeable factor as well o(=v=")o...

Fighting! I'm sure i'll find it one day =)!

Unless if my health or bad tooth kills me first.



Take care of yourself!



ps: The truth behind my hubby's background, which i'm sure everyone would've know who he is now, is making me o(@@)o...

But whatever it is, i still love him =)!

And my darlings!~

Strange how sometimes "things bring you around" yah?

I'll explain it next time. I want to sleep and cuddle with my Simba and dongsaengs now!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This is HeeChul.

She is my cat =)!

Come visit her Blog here!~

Don't ask about her name btw o(=v=")o...

All explained there! Hehehe!~

I was actually supposed to cover "at least everything" about her in the Blog since her arrival...

... but i got lazy o(=v=")o... as usual... argh...

But anyways, its still "quite-complete" on her "updates" lar =D!

Not fully-complete, but its still good =D?


Enjoy people!~

ps: I have a feeling i'll be bringing my whole SuJu family there, ehehe o(=v=")o... already know what i want to do adee =P!


pps: Mood not feeling well, better go eat ice-cream and SiWon and KyuHyun and RyeoWook and HyunWoo first!


Oi... thats my phone you know o(=v=")o...


What is this?

I got irritated (playfully), and i pout my lips.

My cousin sister Soey complained that i pout my lips like HanKyung!
Her favourite SuJu!

Recently, i had a habit of posing a superly-retarded-expression while taking pics.

And just today, i saw this pic.


Though, maybe mine's abit scarier?

But anyways, the question remains...

How if my cousin Soey attacks ME for Kyung-oppa instead?



How if Uncle AhGuan come after me?


*comes back, spreads more HanKyung-LOVE on cousin*

*runsaway again*

*comes back again*


*runsaway again again*

Credit: HeeNim's Cyworld

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry SuJu Christmas ♪!~

Have a...

Nyan o(^ω^)o ♪!~

Saturday, December 23, 2006


So many things to do...

... so little time o(ㅠvㅠ)o...

So much for all those "early plannings" o(=.=")o... bah!

Procrastinate procrastinate...

ANDUE o(>o<)O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope i get to finish all in time! ARGH! SERIOUSLY! PRAY PRAY o(>.<)O! Otherwise jump into Klang River also cannot die in peace (Actually, jumping into Klang River really cannot die in peace one lar, but whatever, i'm just saying...)!

So yeah, unless i feel like it, or if i have the free time:

I'm not going to update this Blog for now!


So if i DO update this Blog, without any of the reason as stated above, i'm not going to touch any of my Super Junior files for ONE HOUR!
So much for "penalty" for not keeping to my words o(=v=")o...

But seriously, one hour is a penalty bad enough =P!

ANDUE again o(>o<)o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, now, STOP BLOGGING, must at least get SOME WORK done! But before i leave, SOME HAPPY PICS =D!~

w-inds. New Single 「ハナムケ」, to be released 2007.1.17!

Honestly, why is Keita always so hot XD!~

My little dongsaengs XD!~

Ah, what is my little RyeoWook doing to my little KyuHyun XD!~

And last but not least...


Always choose...

The preferred choice of airlines... for kimchi only o(^ω^)o!

*hides from DongWan-oppa and LittleBoyChangMin*

Ok, go sleep *grins*!

Friday, December 22, 2006


I'm crazy.

I'm mad.

Go study.

Bloody hell.


Decisions decisions, you make them everyday...

Some is for the moment, some is for a lifetime.

Decisions decisions...

Finalize it now for HEAVEN's sake.


No matter what, study first.

In any case the decision doesn't change, at least there'll be no regret for that moment.


At least for now... till a decision has to, or is, made.

Bloody hell.

맘을 힘들어...

I miss my nephews o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

My little Princes X3!~

I'm so tired...

Wow, am i bringing the meaning of STRESS to a whole new level?

Should i or should i not?
I need Super Junior... aha...

힘들어... 진짜 힘들어...

Let me go out... i need rest... in a way...

Credit: Brandon and Ethan's Blog
*Sorry Anna JieJie for taking the pic without your permission earlier! I don't have Brandon's pics now and really need it urgently, thus borrowed your pics first! Hope you don't mind! I'll change it as soon as possible =)! Thanks alot!*

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Super Junior made my day!

I remember mom waking me up this morning, but i could not get up.

I promised her i'll accompany her to the temple... if i could wake up =P! But... hehehe...

Then i fell back to sleep... and i had a
nightmare o(=v=")o...

I dreamed i was in some
weird (but kinda high-tech) place, which i think i saw before in one of my dreams last time, and i was running around (sometimes flying XD!~) looking for my RyeoWooky!

There was a lot of
obstacles between the both of us, and a lot of other weird people hanging around, and also some weird people hunting for us as well!


I can't remember exactly what happened, but i just know i was madly searching for hanging around and some
him, and he, me!

Until the end when we finally found each other... a glass suddenly appeared between us, and we couldn't get to each other o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

But the scariest part of them all...

No, its not that we were hunted!

Nor was the glass scary!


It was that... SiWon and KyuHyun's images kept popping-up in-between o(=v=")o...

Aiyar, kia kia X3!~


I was in a bad mood today after getting back from Ikano today!

I am badly broke for this month, i had to make choices for cat food (which all seems to be really expensive to me now), i wondered if elsewhere is much cheaper than here, i dropped a 10sen coin at the counter, which could not be found...

... and to top it all of, that blasted lady forgot to gave me my members discount o(=.=*)o...

Ok, its just RM0.88, BUT considering my financial state now (REALLY BROKE!), EVERY SINGLE SEN IS WORTH IT TO ME!

Somemore remember i dropped a 10sen coin at the back of the counter? Which all of us (plus another really nice Chinese Uncle customer, who even offered to gave me his coins!) knew of, and despite that we can't find it, the lady didn't even minus the 10sen off my total o(=.=")o...


I chose to go back to Ikano to buy the food because i'll get discount there, otherwise i might as well just go buy it at OU (Which i'll be going to later!) right?

Ok, HeeChul is already hungry lar, so i would've went wherever to get cat food, but whatever, i love discounts, i LIVE for discounts!




Too high hopes for good service dee me, haih!

Somemore i seriously over-spent this month o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

But luckily, on the way back, i was blasting my radio and Super Junior's songs was playing!

I heard my Wooky's voice... and i got all better after it =)!


Then LittleSimba!~ Tic! Toc ♪!~ YAH XD!~

Haha, can't wait for my Shinhwa DVD =D!~

DongWan is getting jealous!~ Uri oppa yo!~

And also Brian's new album! KEITA'S FIRST ALBUM TOO XD!~
But my SuJu calendar is arriving as well X3!~


Yes yes, going to watch Curse of the Golden Flower later, big bro Jay Chou o(=v=")o...

I was writing about the SuJu calendar when that movie's trailer suddenly broadcasts on the tee-vee o(=v=")o...

Our dear Jay Chou has a habit of appearing suddenly whenever i think of SuJu, as to remind that he is still alive, active and kicking!

Oh hail big bro Jay Chou =D!~

Enough, let me go watch more Super Junior XD!~


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

누나의 사랑이 애기들야!~

I should stop with complaining about my dear BabyBoyRyeoWook getting thinner o(=v=")o...

I'm possibly annoying everyone, that even Auntie hang-up** on me this afternoon as i was complaining how sad i was that his getting thinner o(=v=")o... hehehe...
**No lar, its the bad line only lar... i think... ehe...

But yes, i can't deny the fact everytime i noticed that he was so thin, i feel "sakit-hati" for my precious BabyBoy o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!~

Thus, please bear with me! Onegaishimasu!

I love my BabyBoy so much, ehehehehehe XD!~
*Feels cold-stares from two person from behind*
Yes, and my LittleBoyChangMin and LittleBabyKyuHyun as well o(=v=")o... OF COURSE!
*Ignores other stares*
My little dongsaengs are much more important, ehehe!~

His one of my main motivation!~ I love my Wooky!~ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!~

Hearing his voice has always been so HEAVENLY X3!~

YAH XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~


Its the Japanese manga version!
Or its Taiwan drama version, which i'm currently watching, 花樣少年少女!

I first heard about it from WuChun's Blog (Thanks to Auntie!), but didn't know anything about it, thus, had no interest in it!

Then one day while i was surfing around YesAsia, i saw its OST on sale, and Ella from S.H.E. was in it! So i open the link and read the sypnosis of the story:
In order to get close to the athlete of her dreams, S.H.E's Ella has to take drastic measures.
Starring as leading actress in the Taiwanese comedy series Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, Ella disguises as a male student, which leads to many hilarious scenarios with co-stars Wu Zun and Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit.

This reminds me of a story i wrote last time!

I called Auntie to reconfirm the story plot!
"Ella likes WuChun, so she disguises herself as a guy to enter his school, which is an all-boys-school, and even became his roommate!"
Something like that...

And its true, so... WATCH XD!~

It was really funny! I really enjoyed it!

But the best part was still... ehehehe... mana tau!


From my "history" of watching MVs*, so far, only THREE GUYS had left a very deep impression in me!
*MVs by Chinese Artists
- The guy from Jolin Tsai's "說愛你" (Shuo Ai Ni) MV - 1st guy
- The guy from Jolin Tsai's "就是愛" (Jiu Shi Ai) MV - 2nd guy
- The guy from Twins' "星光游樂園" (Xing Guang You Le Yuan) MV - 3rd guy

I went to do some "research", and already know about the 1st guy (Heck, he even replied my question before XD!~)!
But this is not about him, he was the co-host of Ent News on TVBS before anyways, so i've had my "fair share" of him!

But the other two...

I forgot about the 2nd guy's name =P (Asked at about the same time i ask about the 1st guy!), and didn't know anything about the 3rd guy!

I just know the 3rd guy looks like a mixture of Jay Chou and Peter Zhang (Of Comic Boys!) and REALLY HOT XD!~

Then now, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, get to see TWO of them in the same drama!

And i really like the plot as well, even though the story was a lil exaggerated at times... but oh well, at least i'm enjoying it =D!~

It was really long since i remember seeing the, so all of a sudden can see BOTH of them at the same time is really delighting X3!~

Hope to see more of them soon! Especially the 3rd guy!
No offence to the 2nd one lar! Its just that i prefer the 3rd guy's character cuz =P! Hehe!~


Credit: Image and Sypnosis from YesAsia

ps EDIT: My wrong my wrong...

I noticed the WRONG 2nd guy o(=.=")o...


Oh no...

pps: Luckily i didn't recognize the 3rd guy wrongly o(=v=")o... i need to get my eyes (and memory) checked if i got him wrong as well, ehehe...

Monday, December 18, 2006

What is this?

Went for dinner just now with family!

We get to go to the Tony Romas in Sunway after saying we'll go there for such a long time!

But... bloody hell...

They don't have my baby PORK ribs o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

I missed my baby PORK ribs so much, i was practically flying to the shop upon arrival!

But opening the menu...


Its like going to Baskin Robbins, and there's NO ice-cream there!

Its like going to Disneyland and Mickey Mouse's NOT there!

Its like going to Super Junior's house, and finding Shin JungHwan-uncle there!
Or worst... SUPER JUNIOR'S NOT THERE o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

WHY DO THIS TO ME o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!


Tony Romas is a very popular for its ribs! They have franchises practically "almost" all around the world!

There wasn't any branches in Malaysia before (Being famous for PORK ribs...), but it opened early this year!

So i was really shocked, excited and happy when they announced its opening in Malaysia!


No more longing to go to Singapore (Nearest place w/ Tony Romas to me!) anymore just for the ribs!

But... mana tau...

They don't have my baby PORK ribs there o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Its just so good, i wouldn't mind going to Singapore or Manilla or Hong Kong (Or anywhere else in the world!)... JUST FOR IT!
Someone just pay my flight/ bus fare lar =P!

But... "being Malaysia"... no baby PORK ribs there o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...


The beef ribs was good, but it really wasn't as good as the baby PORK ribs!

Even the corn wasn't as good (And trust me, it was the BEST corn i ever had as well... in SG's branch that is...)!

WHY o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

I want my baby PORK ribs...

*looks at SiWon, RyeoWook, KyuHyun, ChangMin and HyunWoo*...

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Today's my beloved Keita's birthday!

大好きだよ ♪!~

o(^ω^)o ♪!~


I love my little boys =D!~

My little RyeoWooky is getting so thin adee, my heart breaks seeing my poor little boy like that o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...
But he can keep until like that he puts me to shame o(=v=")o...
... but his really still getting too thin adee... andue my little boy o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...




Friday, December 15, 2006


I was browsing around Watson today, listening to my CreativeBaby, when i had to squeeze myself (sorta) pass a few people in Watson's narrow aisle, thus, not able to pay much attention to the song i was currently listening to, which was 한 사람만을, by my beloved Super Junior - K.R.Y.!

Which then, when i paid attention back to the song, it was my RyeoWooky's part, one of the parts which i really like (But honestly, is there any part when he sings which i don't like?), when he really put his heart out and sing (as always)!

What did i do?

I suddenly smile gleefully like i had floated to HEAVEN!

Or like there will be no more assignments, work or studies to do!

Like in ChangMin-land XD (Where there will never be any studying to do!)!

Luckily no one saw that, otherwise... o(=v=")o... hehehe!

I love my little Wooky XD!~

I love Brian's new songs! Especially 가지마!
Or can be translated as "Don't go away"!

Auntie told me:
"Brian is singing this to you, because you are spending all you time with SuJus and babies (And none with him!)..."

o(=v=")o... ehe, no comment...

I miss my nephews so much o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

How i wish i could learn some ninja-skills or something, and able to be at FIVE PLACES at the same time!

One in Malaysia (To study), another in Korea (To be with DongWan-oppa, SiWon, my retarded dongsaengs~ etc!), another one in Japan (Keita!), one in Australia and also in US!

Muahahahahahahahaha, i shall go to Japan now and learn from my Ninja Master!
Oh hail my might master m(__ __)m!
Or is this skill the Shaolin way?
Jay's new MV suddenly appear on tee-vee o(=v=")o...

Ah, tis a hint to say:
"You better get one to Taiwan too... otherwise..."

YES BIG BOSS o(>.<)O!!! I suddenly has this scary image of Jay, holding my trusty baseball bat, standing infront of a HUGE CAGE!

Whose inside the cage?
MY SUJUS o(0.0)o!!!


ps: My Blog is lacking of pics o(>.<)O! Shall post some soon, please wait =)! pps: Gone are the days where in public places, i'll suddenly stop walking, and stand in front of the tee-vee spazzing over big boss's new MV o(=v=")o...

I just realize something today.

Big boss's new MV was playing.

My head turned to looked at the tee-vee till i can look no more.

Oh how good-looking he looked! As always =D!~

But i didn't stop.

Just my head which kept still watching the MV...

... till my steps brought the view of the tee-vee away from me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Snow Dream

Nyan, just watched SM TOWN WINTER 2006's title song, Snow Dream!

My feeling now? Ehehehehe!~



Somehow, as much as i floated around SiWonLand when SiWon appeared...
... Jay Chou's song suddenly plays on the radio o(=v=")o...

Yes big boss, i still remember you, don't worry yah =D!
So please stop popping up unexpectedly ok? Nyao *big kiss and hug*!~

Where was i?
Oh yes, SiWonLand!

As much as i was busy floating around when SiWon appeared... i realized that my "main-anticipation" throughout the whole MV honestly... was seriously no other than...

My precious beloved BabyBoy RyeoWooky XD!~

When he finally appeared i got so happy i started "NYAN-ING" till i accidentally neglected the one by the name of LittleBoy Shim ChangMin who appeared right after little RyeoWooky o(=v=")o...

Now i feel bad o(=v=")o... cuz i neglected LittleBaby KyuHyuny too because of SiWon as well o(=v=")o...

Though honestly, my little Wooky is so cute and hot and good-looking and sweet and sexy and handsome and adorable and all-the-good-stuffs-in-the-world inside the MV XD!~
Now i feel bad... again... because when we were chasing SuJu @ Malaysia, i can actually manage to completely *neglect* my Wooky because i can't see him o(=v=")o...

Seriously... chasing after SuJu is a real "bad-idea"! Something i just recently discovered when i kept asking myself:
**ps: I DID pay attention to my Wooky!... during the concert ONLY that is =P... can't seem to be able to notice him elsewhere during the chases around and airports and stuffs o(=v=")o...**

Why is it a "bad-idea" i say?
... well... lets just say you'll need 13-pair of eyes to be able to pay attention to everyone o(=v=")o...
Wah, alien meh?

Honestly, judging by how i can "manage" to missed my Wooky at that time, you would not even have *thought* i liked RyeoWook! Let alone him being my favourite member!

Well, that is except if you stand behind me during the concert (A good example would be Auntie btw!)... hehe, i still remember how especially happy i was everytime RyeoWook sang and especially if he walks solo to the middle stage XD!

I would jump up and down like mad XD!~

Though, as much as it was a good memory for me, i guess it was a "bad one" for Auntie... because apart from not being able to see the stage when RyeoWook appears, since my jumpings blocked her view of everything, she must've worried the stadium would've collapsed as well?

Lets not go to how she described me seeing me jumping like a mad woman then o(=v=")o...

Anyways, yeah, i was SO HAPPY during RyeoWook's solo and all, i paid full-attention to him during his solo and all...

And when it was the "big duet" when TVfXQ! sang with Super Junior...

... i lost him again o(=v=")o...

Because i needed 18 pair of eyes at that time, and thinking back, i *actually* couldn't even concentrate on a single one o(=v=")o...

Too many of them... kiakia XD!~

But i still love them all the same *blushes in happiness*!~


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

얌체 새침


얌체를 좋아요, 근데 새침도 좋아요!

아아, 몰라~~

どちも大好きだよ o(^ω^)o!~

사랑해 우리 애기야!~

ps: Sleeping soundly on my lap!

Or rather, don't dare to jump down XD?

가고 해 안돼요!~

정말 사랑해!~


For the first time...

I went to college on a holiday o(=v=")o...

Or rather, should i put it as "university college"...?

All to finish up my Criminal non-assessed work!

Luckily i "force" myself to go, otherwise wouldn't have even did anything today o(=v=")o...

Talk about "being-organized"...

But luckily, i'm 80% finish with it now! Just a little touch-up, add a bit, and wah-lah! TADA XD!~

Still can't believe i went to college on a holiday o(=v=")o...

Pigs must be flying.

ps: SO bloody annoyed! Is it illegal to have a nervous-breakdown that everything from then onwards need to be finished ASAP to avoid nervous-breakdown again?

Finishing assignments are one thing, not understanding anything in class/ not able to do notes, is another!

I'm an ICPU student, we procrastinate to deadlines!

Or rather, i can't do this anymore, need all the time possible, but what the hell, at least i won't die just because i didn't finish an assignment lar!

I die not doing notes and reading before hand nya o(=v=")o...

What is this, pigs are really flying adee for those coming out from me...

How i wish my current classes are like ICPU o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Assignments we won't die... not studying before class... we die...


Sunday, December 10, 2006


The best answer to a question:
Auntie: "What is the movie Haunted Apartment about? *seriously*"
kimchi: "*Innocently* Hmm... its about a... Haunted apartment *big cheeky grin*..."
Auntie: "..."
Weeeheeeheee, this is funny XD!~

Just watched TVfXQ!'s Balloon performance on Mnet M countdown!

Gosh, i just love watching their Balloon's performance XD!~
Especially when they sing it MR!~

This performance's outfit is really cute!
They even wore the Japanese school girl's "high-socks" XD!
I don't really like it, but i guess it matches?

Not to forget... Brian's solo comeback (Last Thursday!)!~
Shall talk about it later after watching it!

I feel really bad now XP!

Korean artists, when they "comeback" with a new single or album and all, they'll surely perform on SBS Inkigayo, Mnet M countdown, MBC Show MusicCore, KBS MusicBank and etc!

When Shinhwa comeback with their new 8jib, i didn't know whats the purpose of those performances initially! I just thought they would perform nya!

Nevertheless, i've got two of their performance from the comeback stage... but i haven't finish watching any of it o(=.=")o...

Then TVfXQ!...
After knowing about those varieties of stages, i've only got their 'O-正.反.合.' on SBS Inkigayo, since its their comeback, must get right?

Though I didn't bother to get that perf for the rest of the stages =P... but i've alot of their Balloon performance =D!~

4 to count, and 2 more coming =D!~
I think i suppose to have 5? But i remember one of it was AR, so i got really turned-off and deleted it o(=v=")o...

Bugger... i lost their Balloon SMURF-OUTFIT performance o(=.=")o... must go look for it again...
Or was it that one i deleted?
Nevermind lar o(=v=")o...

But as for Super Junior...
I have SO MANY of their various stages performance... i didn't even bother counting it at all o(=v=")o...
Whether AR or MR, i still kept it o(=v=")o...
Just that i treasure the MRs better, and had really watched finish all of it...
There are still some i've burned into the DVD...
I feel so bad XD!~

I even have TWO Dancing Out MVs... and TWO Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s 한 사람만을's FIRST performance on KBS...
The two Dancing Out MVs differs from the size and resolution... while 한 사람만을 was that one is with chinese subs, and the other without...
So fail from "trying-to" "save space" o(=v=")o...

First i "exploded" my own harddisk drive with all the vids and all...
Now i'm "exploding" my bro's one (The sharing one aka main one on com!) too o(=v=")o...
This is so bad...

And i can't even bear to remove or delete ANY of SuJu's vid... which are taking most space from my harddisk...
And i thought my FC ShootDori, TVfXQ! and Shinhwa files take most space at first o(=v=")o...

I've removed some of Shinhwa files, and going to for TVfXQ!'s...
... but alot of new SuJu vids are starting to "move-in" (Currently placed in the main harddrive!) adee...
... until time comes lar o(=v=")o...

ps: Now that its HOLIDAY =D!~

Time to finish watching all the vids waiting for me and also to re-watch my son's Shootdori!

I miss my son so much, so long never see him adee o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...


... but must ganbatte finish all the work first, otherwise holiday no need go anywhere o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Friday, December 08, 2006


I slept at round 12.05am the night before.

*ALMOST* couldn't wake up this morning.

Finally woke up and got ready for college in a "not-so-rush" rush.

Dashed out of house, *almost* flying to college. Determined not to be late, again...

Manage to find a good parking spot, ate egg-mayo-sandwich for breakfast while walking to college.

Climb my way up four-storeys to the class.

Upon reaching class, my lect is not there yet! Weeeee!~

I'm finally EARLY... for once!
Mana tau... bugger...

Class canceled o(=.=")o...

o(=.=")o (x100)...

ps: If i had KNOW earlier, i wouldn't have even bothered waking up THIS EARLY and getting to class in such HURRY! Because this *is* the only class for the day!
But one little good thing is...

But hmm, then again, if i had KNEW so much earlier, i'd probably be psychic.
Hmm... but its cool you know... i shall learn how to *foresee* my test paper =P!
Yeah XD!~

ps: Sorry for the lack in posts! REAL BUSY (with my Simba XD!~)!
But after today... no, actually, AS OF NOW...

pps: Had a freaking bad nightmare last night!


No, not *that* BabySimba lar... no, its my precious little furry lioncub my Simba the SIMBA!!!

I woke up MANY THANKS to my alarm clockS!
I was about to grab my Simba from the side of the bed just for reassurance hug and all those...
I fell back asleep before i can do so o(=.=")o...
And when i finally woke up *again*, and had really given my Simba a big hug and all... really glad its just a bad nightmare...
Time to wake up o(=.=")o... for a class which did not even started this morning...

Though, just happy that my Simba's alright =)!

I love my BabySimbas XD!~

Monday, December 04, 2006


I'm sure everyone knows about Super Junior - K.R.Y.!

They did a GREAT PERFORMANCE on one of MBC's music show (The one hosted by BabyBrian!) last 25th Nov 2006!

Proud nuna + dongsaeng me cried while watching them, totally touched by their GREAT PERFORMANCE X3!~

From my SuJu experiences, LittleBabyKyuHyun has been a very good LIVE singer, which me sometimes also can't differentiate whether its AR or MR!

The last singer i knew who i can't differentiate AR to MR was FTTS, Brian and Fany!

As for BabyBoy RyeoWook, sometimes when he is in not such a good form (Their schedules are so tight and tiring ok, nuna me see my littleboys so tired until heart-broken o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...), he tends to go off-key abit sometimes!


That night, BabyBoy did a GREAT PERFORMANCE!

The whole thing was PURR-FECT!~

So purr-fect i could not find any fault XD!~

Till i went repeating again and again, and AGAIN till I LOST COUNT!
Ok, honestly, i had always lost count on how many times i repeat SuJu vids o(^^;)o...

But anyways...

I'm so proud of my BabyBoy (And LittleBaby, and YehSung-oppa as well! Just that it was especially on my little RyeoWooky =3!~)!!!~


I was watching until i wondered, IS THAT REALLY MY BABYBOY???
So "mean" of me to "doubt" for a moment, and useless of me to waste that time to doubt lor actually!

You might think, how if its really AR? And i'll never know right?


Because i will always know it when my BabyBoy sings AR or MR!

I'm the nuna yo!~

How do i know, you ask?

Hehe, lets just say, i *WILL* know lar X3!~

I've got my ways =)!~


Uri RyeoWooky-yah o(^ω^)o ♪!~

BTW, apart from Super Junior - K.R.Y.'s main song, 한 사람만을, LittleBabyKyuHyun also did a solo!

It was titled "Smile", and its a very jazzy-feeling song!

Not that i *know* how "jazzy-feeling" is, since i'm not the biggest fans of jazz! I'll just listen to songs and if i like, then yeah, i'll like, regardless of the genre!

But yeah, anyways, it *does* felt very jazz lar that song!

And you know whats the best part of it?

The feeling the song gave, plus KyuHyun's voice... HOLY MARSHMALLOWS!

ITS SO SEXY XD!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Everytime i listen to that song, and especially when KyuHyun started singing... I'LL DEFINATELY MELT MELT MELT XD!!!~

Walk halfway at OU just now also melted XD!~

So sexy i feel like grabbing him then start dancing intimately with him...
*dreams of typically drama-scenario*...

Wooooooow *drools*...

Ehem ehem *pushes SiWon, Keita and Brian's nunpik-stares away*...

Shall do that tonight, mwehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe XD!~

ps: Going to the magistrates court tomorrow!
Purposely bought a shoe for it o(=.=")o... but at least its a slightly-higher platform shoe =D!~

Anyways, going to the court is a "happy-thing"!
Though... its also one of the places where SuJu went to take pics for their photobook o(ㅠvㅠ)o...

Surely EMO EMO EMO tomorrow!

I miss them so much o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!

They took pics around the "park-like-place" outside the court and also OUTSIDE the court itself!

Not forgetting the Dataran Merdeka field was also the place where HanKyung, KangIn, EunHyuk, DongHae and KyuHyun took the front-cover of the photobook *points to banner at top Blog*!

Tomorrow apart from me emo-ing, sure i'll start taking pics like mad!

We need "backups" to control me from going crazy XD!~

So yeah people!

If tomorrow you pass by Dataran Merdeka and saw a mad woman lying on the field, smiling crazily to yourself, PLEASE DON'T BE FRIGHTENED OK!

Its just me! Missing SuJu badly!

URI SUJU YAH o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pps: If i see the cat SungMin and SiWon (And also the rest of SuJu i assume!) play with... CAN I BRING THE CAT HOME =D?

kimchi promise to be a good cat =D!~

Nyao X3!~