Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Ellis is my favourite.

I heard something Ellis (character in L4D2) said while playing L4D2 today, got super LOL-ed and amazed, that when i got home i Googled for the exact quote, and found some other really funny ones too. Here are some which i find super funny!

Ellis: Holy shit guys! KIDDIELAND! Let me ride one, just one!
Nick: Aww... now I wanna ride one.

Nick in response to a witch in the mall level: "You think she's crying because the mall is closed?"

Coach: "Quiet everyone i hear a bitch!"

Coach: "A man is not meant to be ridden like that..." (After freeing a survivor from Jockey.)

Nick: "Looks like you finally got your wish, Ellis. We're on a ride."
Ellis: "This isn't a ride, Nick. This is the Tunnel of Love! *whisper* This is where you make out with your girlfriend."

Coach: "Looks like we have to go through the Tunnel of Love, people. Stay close."
Nick: "I think we should clarify what constitutes 'close'."

Ellis: "D'you know what 'suck their heads' means? Because I was down here with Keith once, and he didn't know. But then-"
Nick: "Ellis, not the best time."
Ellis: "Okay."

Ellis: "We are kickin' more ass than a boot in an ass factory!!"

Ellis: "Hey did i ever tell you guys about when me and Kieth were in this burning building and fought zomibies on like five floors -"
Rochelle: "Uh Ellis that was us..."
Ellis: "Really? I cant wait to tell Kieth about this one!"

Ellis: "My buddy Keith tried camping out on top of a building once. He was shooting crows but the police were too busy tear gassing him to ask what he was doing up there. He screamed for an entire YEAR every single time he opened his eyes. Oh, man. At first it was funny, then it just got sad, but then it got funny again. Oh, man."
(Basically whatever Ellis had to say about Keith is funny! Hehehe!)

Coach: "Let's get together and pray... Dear Lord, guide us through this mall in these times of trial... And please... Let the food court be okay."
Nick: "AMEN!"

What they say when they see Jockeys...
"Its one of the little guys!"
"Its a midget!"

When being jockeyed:

Ellis: "Wait, we're gonna be runnin' the rollercoaster? HOLY SHIT IT'S CHRISTMAS!"

Ellis: "One thing video game shave taught me, good shit is always in vents."

Nick: There goes repopulating the Earth. (When Rochelle dies)

Nick: I cannot WAIT to find a crate. (When found Crowbar)

Nick: I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys, but unless Ellis knows how to build a monster truck, we ain’t driving through this.

Coach: Hey it's Whispering Oaks!, I used to go there as a Kid.
Nick: Oh, good. Now we can die there as adults.

Nick: "Hey Coach, you have any memories from the Tunnel of Love? You, a steamy cheeseburger, all alone?"

Coach: "Holy shit its a mudman!"
Ellis: "Oh crap I thought it was spiderman!"

Ellis: "Man all this mud reminds me of my friend Keith. Yeeah, he was gonna build a shack, to live in an' all. An' I know most people here, they build houses and they become shacks, but Keith, he was about jumpin' right to the shack stage. But he had no wood. So he got some mud, an' was making what we were all thinkin' was gonna be these adobe bricks, you know, like, when them people out west made bricks an' shit. Well he had muud an'-"

When Ellis is walking down the rollercoaster tracks in dark carnival, he pretends to be a train, and makes clicking noises. I just could not stop laughing when I heard that.

Ellis: "I ever tell you about the time me and Keith filled up water balloons with our own -"
Rochelle: "Ellis."
Ellis: "Okay."

When Nick hears the witch somewhere.
Nick: "Quiet! I think I hear my ex-wife..."

Nick: "Who the hell is Jimmy Gibbs Junior?"
Coach: "You don't know who he is? In these parts he's as famous as... Elvis... or the President."
Nick: "Really? Because he looks like an asshole."
Coach: "...Get your ass moving Nick."

Rochelle looking at a poster: Who's that stock car racer?
Ellis: It's Jimmy Gibbs Junior? Man, if nature permitted it, I'd have his children.

Coach: (being ridden by a Jockey) "Ellis is that you?!"

And the ultimate:
Ellis: "Holy shit Guys! KIDDIELAND!"
Nick: "He's like a five year old! A five year old with guns and a comprehensive knowledge of every swear word in the English language!"

Credits: From various L4D2 forums!

The next time i play i'm so switching on the subtitles! Hehehe =D!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is something for the record.

To be really honest, i've never ever hated someone before.
Dislike, annoyed, angry, yes. But to "hate", well... i've used the word as a form of expression, but i've never truly hated anyone. It's really too strong a feeling, so yeah, never.

So i was rather surprised when yesterday night, at a split of a second, my head suddenly told me i hated someone.
And funnily enough, it was like there's someone inside saying, "I hate that person. I hate that person."
It was not a nice feeling, mind you, but for that moment, all i felt towards that person was just hatred. It was not dislike, annoyed nor angry anymore.

But at the next moment, it daunted me on how much i will dislike myself then, because if i don't like someone, i don't find the need to be nice to the person. Just be civilized, end.
But due to certain unexplainable, not malicious nor pretentious in every way... hmm, let's just say obligation reasons, even if i hated that someone, i will still have to be nice. Thus, the dislike.

I'm not being all noble and all, it's just the way i am. I don't want to have to pretend because i don't like it at all. I don't like it when people "pretend-pretend" with me, so i don't find the need to do that to others as well. Plus, it tires me out, and it will make me dislike myself for doing it.

Then somehow or rather i was distracted, or my mind derailed to something else, or maybe it's just my short-term memory what turf... and then wah-lah, the feelings were gone.

I guess it helped that i figured out a way to solve it too, and it is rather nice to know that perhaps i don't actually hate that person, but maybe because i don't like what had happened that it turned inwards and was giving me all those negative thoughts, which really really sucked.

But either ways, all is well now, and i'm really glad everything's sorta ok now! I hope the solution i figured out work, and as long as that person don't bugger it up, i don't see a reason why it would not work =D!

All-in-all, it's just nice to learn something new about yourself every now and then. I do it everyday *Hyuk-style*. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

One thing a friend of mine had told me which had really stuck into me:
"Always have positive thoughts on others."
Sometimes it can be difficult when that particular person has been doing some really nasty things towards you, but hey, when you just do it, it's really not too bad after all. =)

Ok, 끝.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On Cloud 13.

Over the past 3 days i drove so much my leg and neck wasn't making any sense anymore ㅋㅋㅋ.
Driven don't know how many km, how many hours.
I've been to three states within the span of an hour (well sorta).

And crap, i really just realized that KL - KLIA is freaking effing far even further to and from my house what turf is this.

But... ㅋㅋㅋ it was all worth it.
Or rather, i will it to be worth it? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And thus, my Super Show 2 last stop. 끝.

Am contended and grateful. (^^ )
Big love and thanks to Cara, Mel and Joyce!!

Sisus Bless Me. Oh yeah ♡.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giving up.

Physically and mentally tired.
I'm weak. Meh.

Yes, giving up.
Today will be the last day.

Let's see if it's ever coming back.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I hate myself.

Why i should never take things for granted.
Why i should stop being such a lazy bum.
Why i should hate myself for letting things get this way.

I really have to start to discipline myself, otherwise the more i let things get out of hand, it is possible one fine day i would really really hate myself, and if that happens, i only have myself to blame when it's really too late.

I'm sorry.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You bitch.

Yes, this is my little Princess who is the bigger bitch.
And yes, i will update more soon =P!!

To start of:
Lots of things have been happening recently.
Ok, well, *not* lots of things - it sounded wrong, like i'm being chased after by CIA or Mafia or something - but let's just say things have not been right.
Ok still sound wrong what turf.

Conclusion, things have not been going too well (in a very NOT end-of-the-world or the-whole-world-is-in-grave-danger-only-Hugh-Jackman-can-save-the-day type. It's just my choice of words, please don't take it word-for-word kamsia!), but i'm fine, no worries, i'm Awesome! So it'll be ok (^^ )!
Just in need of loads of discipline!! Have been slacking off a wee bit too much, coupled with this and that, my health, blah-blah-blah till i've been emo-ing and procrastinating and lots that i really don't like how things had become, and am annoyed with what i've been doing. So yeah, time to pick things up again =D!

But fear not, I'LL BE BACK. *cue corny action-movie theme-song*

In the mean time, follow me on Twitter where i swear i am getting weirder, lamer, randomer, retardeder and just plain ME day-by-day. Oh yeah ♡!!

To my wonderful friends, my bestest The Family™, and everyone else, i'm sorry if i seemed a bit distant these days! I promise to be fine and even more Awesome than i am now! I love you guys (especially you peeps!)! Sorry and thank you for always standing by me whenever i needed someone =D!

Till then! (^^ )

Lots of love and Awesomeness,
@_eikochan ♡~

Sunday, March 07, 2010

On Sharks.

Finally, a well-written entry expressing exactly how i felt about Shark conservation.
Plight of the Great White.

I actually have a lot a lot of drafts on Shark conservation.
Most entries started out with me being "neutral", just wanting to express my thoughts and all. But as i go on, the angrier i get, and the entry ended up being... well...

Some of the entries i may have just briefly edit before posting (after ranting everything out), because it's a waste to not post it (and it ended up being more of a rant than a well thought out entry), while some i just do not want to post, because it did not make any sense (due to the anger-writings).

It's just that i've seen (and experienced) so many people with lousy excuses to not want to conserve Sharks (in Malaysia's case, the taking of Shark's Fin soup), it's just frustrating, that in the end i get really angry with the way some people are towards this "issue".

And thus, the entry above is exactly how i felt, but very properly written, and not long-winded, unlike my other lousy "angry" entries, lols!

So it's like this.
If you don't want to conserve Sharks, well, i can't force you to stop taking Shark's Fin soup. First, not like it's illegal or anything. Second, it is your choice.

In fact, i've pretty much stopped condemning or preaching people to not take the soup, even though i have an excellent track-record and thus have all the rights in this world to condemn you.

Just PLEASE stop using lousy excuses like "sharks eat humans". What an excellent excuse. How old are you again?

Mind, i've come across tons of lousy excuses*, but recently, i've came across the worst "excuse", which is ridiculing you just to save their own face.

You take Shark's Fin, i get it. I have nothing to say towards that.
You like it, you take it, just leave me alone, FINITO.

But there are just those people who will ridicule you just to make themselves "look good". Like, seriously. You only make me lose all respect i have towards you.

If you like Shark's Fin, you like them. Done.
If you feel embarassed by it (unconsciously or not, because someone else is actually trying to make a difference), either deal with it, or try to change.
Just don't ridicule others in an attempt to make yourself seem "right". You will only make yourself look ridiculous.

I'm like the most lousy hypocrite "enviromentalist" ever, so i basically shut-up on most issues, just focusing on doing my best (not very good, but i try my best whenever possible).

However, Shark conservation is something i felt strongly about, so i want to make a difference. I am actually doing something here!
If you don't see it my way, fine, i can't make you feel the same.

Just don't mock people who are actually trying to make a difference. You will only look stupid.

* There was one excuse saying "Sharks are not endangered, so we do not need to conserve them", and therefore it's ok to take Shark's Fin soup.

Ok, for one, the main reason i do not take Shark's Fin soup is because IT IS CRUEL. The way they fin the Sharks and throw them back into the ocean to die.
I care about the numbers, apart from because i do like Sharks, it's also because of the importance they have towards our ecosystem. They *are* an apex predator.

But all-in-all, it's mostly because of the finning part. It's just wrong.

And btw, Sharks ARE endangered. Most of them are anyways, otherwise CITES wouldn't have listed them now would they?

Monday, March 01, 2010

This Blog is still alive. Part 2.

Because i used that title before what turf.

But as the title said:
I blame Twitter. Follow me here.

I'm Twitting so often, it's like when i diarrhea Blog entries last time... before i started Twitting (and hence, "Twitter-hea").
Not even a year, and i have more than 8,000 tweets ok! Lols!

Apart from because i am super random and may just tweet random stuffs and all, i also tend to go on "Twitter-splurges" (or "Twitter-hea") whenever i have a lot to say (can go up to 10 tweets on one topic lols), which, if you think about it, i might as well just Blog about it right?

Anyways, apart from that i always have a lot of stuffs to say, lots of opinion - good, bad or retarded - so basically, tweeting is easier, and it's so accessible everywhere!

But i promise to tweet more often ok! Will try to lock-in a Blog entry tonight with some pics! Going out with Joshua (to be honest, i lost track on the names i call her adee EH!!) in awhile! If you miss me check my Twitter, i have some exciting news to announce soon!

Or rather, only i am excited lar what turf XD!!

Ok toodles!!

Edit: I meant "But i promise to Blog more often ok!".
Crap, Twitter is running my life now isn't it?? GAH!!