Sunday, March 07, 2010

On Sharks.

Finally, a well-written entry expressing exactly how i felt about Shark conservation.
Plight of the Great White.

I actually have a lot a lot of drafts on Shark conservation.
Most entries started out with me being "neutral", just wanting to express my thoughts and all. But as i go on, the angrier i get, and the entry ended up being... well...

Some of the entries i may have just briefly edit before posting (after ranting everything out), because it's a waste to not post it (and it ended up being more of a rant than a well thought out entry), while some i just do not want to post, because it did not make any sense (due to the anger-writings).

It's just that i've seen (and experienced) so many people with lousy excuses to not want to conserve Sharks (in Malaysia's case, the taking of Shark's Fin soup), it's just frustrating, that in the end i get really angry with the way some people are towards this "issue".

And thus, the entry above is exactly how i felt, but very properly written, and not long-winded, unlike my other lousy "angry" entries, lols!

So it's like this.
If you don't want to conserve Sharks, well, i can't force you to stop taking Shark's Fin soup. First, not like it's illegal or anything. Second, it is your choice.

In fact, i've pretty much stopped condemning or preaching people to not take the soup, even though i have an excellent track-record and thus have all the rights in this world to condemn you.

Just PLEASE stop using lousy excuses like "sharks eat humans". What an excellent excuse. How old are you again?

Mind, i've come across tons of lousy excuses*, but recently, i've came across the worst "excuse", which is ridiculing you just to save their own face.

You take Shark's Fin, i get it. I have nothing to say towards that.
You like it, you take it, just leave me alone, FINITO.

But there are just those people who will ridicule you just to make themselves "look good". Like, seriously. You only make me lose all respect i have towards you.

If you like Shark's Fin, you like them. Done.
If you feel embarassed by it (unconsciously or not, because someone else is actually trying to make a difference), either deal with it, or try to change.
Just don't ridicule others in an attempt to make yourself seem "right". You will only make yourself look ridiculous.

I'm like the most lousy hypocrite "enviromentalist" ever, so i basically shut-up on most issues, just focusing on doing my best (not very good, but i try my best whenever possible).

However, Shark conservation is something i felt strongly about, so i want to make a difference. I am actually doing something here!
If you don't see it my way, fine, i can't make you feel the same.

Just don't mock people who are actually trying to make a difference. You will only look stupid.

* There was one excuse saying "Sharks are not endangered, so we do not need to conserve them", and therefore it's ok to take Shark's Fin soup.

Ok, for one, the main reason i do not take Shark's Fin soup is because IT IS CRUEL. The way they fin the Sharks and throw them back into the ocean to die.
I care about the numbers, apart from because i do like Sharks, it's also because of the importance they have towards our ecosystem. They *are* an apex predator.

But all-in-all, it's mostly because of the finning part. It's just wrong.

And btw, Sharks ARE endangered. Most of them are anyways, otherwise CITES wouldn't have listed them now would they?

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