Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of 2011's New Year Resolutions.

As per usual, this is a review of this:

    I have my right to remain silent.

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    Even worst than before TEEHEE.

  3. Tweet more.
    Not sure if i've tweeted more, i know around Sept-Oct i stopped for a while... but hmm... let's just say i have! (^^ )

  4. Tweet with content.
    Improved! Shall consider this a pass! =D

  5. Show love and gratefulness to people who matters.
    Don't think i'm 100% there yet, but definitely improving, so shall put this as a pass! 8D

  6. Stop being so hormonal.
    Still rather er, "hormonal" before that time of the month, but all-in-all, i honestly consider it YES, I HAVE!
    Thus, sucessbaby.jpg. 8D

  7. Prioritize.
    I honestly have no recollection of what spurred me to put this as one of my resolution, but hmm... i think i had prioritize things which are important to me better. Therefore, yes, done! =D

  8. Be a better fan.
    Nope. =(
    If anything worst than ever i feel so bad. (T^T )

  9. Dress up.
    No idea how to rate this, hahaha! It's like i have finally discovered my style (more like justified my preference teehee), and instead of wanting to fitting myself into what i perceive as "stylish", in the end i just want my style to scream ME yet still not as er, "leh feh" lols!
    There are rooms for improvement though, so i shall not consider this as "done"!

  10. Sleep early.
    Who am i kidding when i thought i could do it? Well, i did successfully did it a few times while in London, but it's nothing to be scream about so er... NO. LOLS!

  11. Be more decisive.
    Nope, still needs to improve on this!

  12. Stop procrastinating.

  13. U.
    I love U.
Now that i've done a review of my NYR, time for a recap of the year before we move on to the New Year! GO! (^^ )

A recap of 2010 and 2011.

To be honest, time passes a bit too fast for my liking.
It's like, all of a sudden i'm 24 this year without realizing it!


Sometimes it still feels as if 2010 just passed, and it was just the beginning of 2011!

I don't believe i have made a compilation of 2010, because last year i was back home (after spending 3 months in Oxford), and i guess i spent more time away from the computer than being on it. Come on, i'm back home! KL has so much more to offer than using the computer (unlike in UK *cough*)!

So anyways, yeah, here's a short recap (more for myself too though!) of 2010 and 2011! (^^ )

I remember the new term of the year means moving to Seksyen 13 of the KDU branch. Ah, the memories.

After passing my exams and confirming that i will be continuing my studies in Oxford, cue some of my busiest months in KL before departure; what's with learning to make decisions, visa, shopping and packing, and spending as much time with my family before leaving!

Visited Seoul in August. ♡

Hokkaido trip with my Smellies. Awesome possum! 8D

In September, "left home" for the very first time alone. So thankful to AhMa, Naima and Naipa for sending me off. I really really appreciate it. =D

To be honest i felt the year spent at Oxford taught me a lot of things.
I thought i was independent enough to stay a year abroad. I WAS HORRIBLY WRONG.
Within a week i was making noise of wanting to go back in December. =D
Told myself though, it's just a year for me to get through, no matter what i must not cry when i Skype with my parents in case they worry! And i didn't yeah! =D

I learned to appreciate a lot of things and every little thing in life, and to not take things for granted, and to always be grateful! (^^ )

Addiction to 9gag takes on a new level.

June 2011 marked a huge step in my life. I turned 24 and finally, graduated! (^^ )

Summer was spent in KL being extremely fat and happy. 8D

Till all the stupid visa and housing issues come along bleh.

Returned to London in September, and spent a month of what i would still think of as the darkest moments of my life what turf. And i thought that first week in Oxford was bad lols!

Homesick this time was worst than usual. Classes was horrible. Not getting a good sleep every other night that i finally cried while Skyping with my parents despite my vow not too teehee.

At one point there, it scared me how not random i am anymore, that i lost my whimsical self... it honestly scared me... but i realized it's just me not getting in touch with it, and i really should make an effort.
Or maybe it's just studies or reality getting to me lols!

However, in the end i learn to preserver and put things into perspective... and survived the year! Yeah! =D

Went home in December, had never been happier and more grateful! (^^ )

Ok very badly written entry i know! =P

I honestly felt i'm a very jinx person. Everything i hope for, or said aloud, will take a turn for the worst, so instead of making any "wish" for the new year, let's have a look at my latest "motto" if i may say so, which is...

Ok thanks bye! =D

Monday, December 19, 2011

I don't know what i want.

Had this very interesting conversation with my friend the other day, which ponders me to think:
What do i honestly want?

Well it's not exactly conversation, but rather the reply from my friend had prodded me to think.

I guess i know what i honestly want, perhaps for conversation sake i was being specific or maybe i was just being unrealistic.

Either ways, it's just me being me i guess - extremely difficult.

Hee. 8D

So what happened to you?

While on my flight back from London for the holidays, it came to a sudden realization that heck, i'm 24 this year. Everything is happening so fast that you did not even have the time to stop and reflect on what has happened.

So i decided i want to compile a book of things because my memory is that bad ZOMG... and i remembered i used to have this book which i write everything in...

Found the book, and flipping through the pages, i see another side of myself which i've forgotten.

The thoughts, essence of the writing, feelings, preference, principles etc... everything is still the same... however, why did i feel that i've changed?

Why have i stopped writing in that book as i had before, filled with colours, random thoughts and everything and anything i want to?

Was it reality? That is putting a halt to my "creative" (however much i may have), whimsical and random side?

Was it laziness?

Or was this a part of growing up?

Is it bad or good that however much i would like to move on, i would also like to keep that side of me?

So yeah... what happened to that girl?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So yeah...

Totally have the hots for Jung IlWoo now.

I blame my itchy backside for reading (and watching) his latest drama (which he is oh-so-hot inside!)!

The voice the charisma the body gahhhhhhhhhh somebody hit me over the head (gently) please! D8

He wears his clothes really well too, and i love that in guys! 8D

Plus he looks effing hot in kiss scenes. 8D


Ok this Blog is starting to head towards a very weird direction, as opposed to its usual (fangirly and ranting) posts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which goes to shows sometimes we should just eat our words...

I know i said i dislike Korean dramas for its cliche plots etc etc...

But fact remains some dramas still gets to me. *cough*

I enjoy reading dramas more than watching them because it takes up less time and not as draggy (because i can be impatient like that).

The current one i'm (reading, and watching *gasp* for once) is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

I've known of it before, but how thankful i am for only reading it now when it's Episode 12! Otherwise the wait... D8

... and hehe, i'm reading it (now) because i'm procrastinating from doing (any) work. Or i would've waited till it finishes. 8D

I've always read dramas on Dramabeans only instead of watching them, but for this one... the caps were properly captured at oh-so-yummy scenes of Jung IlWoo's expressions that cannot... MUST DOWNLOAD AND WATCH. 8D

I've always had the hots for Jung IlWoo after reading 49 Days. I mean, how hot can he be? And this drama just further confirms that fact!


So basically yeah, i'm watching this drama for him. =P
And oh yes because the female lead (Lee Chung Ah) is rather likable and not annoying (yeah i'm that fussy too!).

And the scenes which makes your heart pounds... mmm mmm mmm.

Jung IlWoo. Humunah humunah. 8D

Yeah yeah, all for being a "feminist" and all that but i can be such a hopeless romantic(?) over some of those scenes *cough*.

And this being the first time i actually hear his voice, it's not how i imagined it would be (bad thing from reading dramas instead of watching them...), but it's starting to grow on me. I LOVE how deep his voice is. Further yummy points. ♡

Would love to post some of the screencaps which totally captures my heart but yeah i would so be judged for those pics (and it would take a lot of time) so let's leave it for another time when i *cough* have no work to do and was so fluttered i just had to share those pics, ok? =P

Meanwhile, since i really have to get back to work, here's one yummy one of Jung IlWoo.
Mmm. 8D

ps: Still Mrs Choi, just in case you're wondering.

pps: Oh btw am a bit annoyed with EunBi's character for sort-of "toying" with both boys' feelings. Or at least, KangHyuk's. It's very clear who she likes no?

Happy Birthday Princess!

Today is my Fatty's birthday, or her full name, Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.

This would the second year i am not around to "celebrate" her birthday, but it's ok! Mommie will be home real soon for a post-celebration! (^^ )

Mommie and 아빠 love you very very much Fatty. ♡

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What am i doing here?

So i left the room at about 4pm, rushed to Convent Garden to see the reindeers (last chance to see them), only to find that it's actually not till 5pm, but 4pm AKML. So when i got there they were all packed and ready to go. =(

I still get to see them, just couldn't pet them AKML further.

And bad news came in the form of a message that our dinner (DUCK!) has been postponed to 8.45pm because that's the earliest time they have AKML much further.

So i have two choice, either to go back and wait till 8pm, or just walk around till then.

I initially wanted to go back, but the tube station at Convent Garden was so packed so i walked to Holborn's tube station.

Then at the platform, i saw this advertisement that it's traffic-free at Oxford Street and Regent Street today (and tomorrow) so i thought... i had to pay £1.25 to go back anyways, might as well go Oxford Street and do some shopping?

So yeah, i chose to go shopping till dinner time. 8D

I anticipated the crowd, the thing i didn't anticipate is that i actually have nothing to buy, and i forgot that crowds can actually dissuade me from shopping! ROAR!

Well, my main intention to visit Oxford Street was to go Hamley's to get my niece's birthday present, but they have nothing i wanted so yeah, seriously no mood to shop after that.

So i entered the Apple shop, and was using their iMac since what... 6.30pm?
It'll be so funny if i forget to log-out later and then my FB gets hijacked or something hahaha.

Note self-reminded, LOG-OUT.

My legs are hurting so badly now because there's no seats (there is one but the dude next to me took them before i could (T^T )...) and i have another hour to go. What joy.

On the plus side, had one of the BEST burgers ever! So yummy om nom nom! 8D

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You know you've been an ELF for too long when...

... you start laughing at them and making fun of them whenever you see their videos or whatever. 8D
Or is it just me? D8

I'm weird and a bad ELF like that.


That said, i know how purr-fect they are so that's all i need to know. ♡

Monday, December 05, 2011

Super Junior Kiss the Radio.

It has been what, 5 years and 3 months?

I'm not that well-verse with Korea's radio programmes, but personally i felt that my boys are bloody awesome to be able to keep this programme for so long despite their busy schedules! How many other stars have done so? =D

And just a few months (weeks?) back i just remembered, ah, Sukira has been so long, it'll be with us forever wouldn't it?

However i guess the inevitable has come... 4th December 2011, the last broadcast of EunTeuk DJ.

I told myself i didn't want to listen to it (was Skyping with parents too at that time anyways), not like i would understand anything anyways... i was online the whole time, checking Twitter and all, but it's like i didn't want to acknowledge that fact that it really is their last broadcast.

Now i'm feeling all restless and jumpy and finding reasons to be upset with, that i don't know if i'm just being PMS-y or what but...

When it comes to the boys, on stuffs which i know will upset me... it's like i feel if i somehow don't acknowledge it, or just put on the "i couldn't be bothered" attitude, it'll just go away...

This happened with HanKyung, KangIn and HeeChul.

However, when i actually feel it, everything's actually worst. I should've just acknowledge it to begin with! Don't know why i never learn. Numbing the feelings won't make the pain go away, it'll only make it worst.

With hopes that this entry will serve as a reminder when Old Man leaves for military next year, and i'll have learned to accept it instead of pushing the emotions away until later... otherwise i have this feeling everything will turn up rather horrible, *especially* since i'll be alone here in London with nobody to talk to about it! ROAR!

Before i end this entry, to EunTeuk DJ, thanks for the amazing 5 years and 3 months. As Old Man always say, "End 가 아닌..And 잖아요.."? (^^ )

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MAMA 2011 Album of the Year.

My amazing boys. ♡

While watching that video, i have absolutely no idea what Old Man is saying... but i still cried like a baby. =P
I guess he's just really good at projecting his emotions into his acceptance speech, and as a (very old) ELF, we know how grateful and genuine he really is when he thank the fans.

That's how idols or even celebrities should be like.

Old Man, because of you, there was never a day i wasn't proud of being an ELF.

우리는 슈퍼주니 ~~어~~~ 에요!! ♡

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Mr Choi as Superman makes me happy.
Credit: Happy Talk

Even though i wasn't there, but it still send tears to my eyes. (^^ )

Because Superman is my nickname here in UK. (yeah due to random superhero nicknames for everyone hehe!)
And i love the fangirl in me, because the simplest little things can send me to Heaven.

I love U so much. ♡


No. Update. Again.


I'm so sorry Blog i love you so much! (T^T )

Ok so just a brief one today...

Darren Criss is HOT.

It's either him in The Warbler's uniform, the voice or... the voice. Yeap it's the voice.
Hubba-ness. ♡

I don't like him with curly hair, but this picture is too adorable to not post! XD
Dorks are ♡.

Ok thanks bye!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I know i should stop emo-ing, feeling sad, being upset, complaining or even talk about it.

I am extremely grateful for the past 3-years, and what happened few weeks back was more than i could ever hoped for!

But sometimes... i just can't help it. I want to be there so badly it just hurts.

Though, to be positive, i'm happy that i'm still able to find the "positiveness" in it. (^^ )

I'll do my best to stay strong for the next few days. GO GO GO!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy 6th Anniversary.

Dear boys.

For all the good things you have brought to my life; the experience, the emotional rollercoaster whether good, or bad (hey, i'm being extremely positive!), the smile, the tears, the traveling, the excitement and so many more... and ooh, most importantly, the Seoul Girls!

Even when i'm not a good fan as i used to be, or as active on keeping up with the latest news... everyday i am thankful i'm an ELF. (^^ )

I love you boys!! ♡

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not sure...

Not sure if i'm too busy these days to even be my usual lame, whimisical, random self...

Or i'm just growing up.

Or perhaps just "acting my age" because i'm surrounded mostly by people so much younger than me. Ehem ehem.
Hmm, the latter two not likely i guess... Most likely that i'm just too busy that i forgot my whimsical side?

There's also the possibility because everyone just met each other it's not nice to show my true colours yet?


As much as i'm trying to appreciate being here and all, i miss home so much and everyone back there like mad. I also miss that crazy self i can be back home.

This Blog really needs to be revived soon.

I find that i'm so busy nowadays (procrastination from work = busy, too) i don't even have time to digest my thoughts.

Gone are the days i am able to poop out a hipster-poetical entry within a few seconds.
Ok never able to (the hipster-poetical entry, but poop entry yes), but still! I like the stuffs i wrote even if nobody else understands what i'm saying or mean.

Sometimes there are so many things i just want to express, and i know when i had expressed them i would feel better... but when you try to fit them into 140 words on Twitter, then try to shorten them so they fit... it just kills the mood!

This Blog has been with me for 5 years and more, through thick and thin through almost everything (even if it was neglected after Twitter). It deserves its comeback... even if all i write nowadays are random emo stuffs. 8D

It's also a good practice on how to organize my thoughts?

Hoping as busy as things get, i will keep this vow at least till i had to make this vow again. =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dear Boys,

Too busy to even check-up on you boys these days (well, not like i've been doing it even when i'm free... =P).

However, it's like the busier i get, i actually felt more distant.

That said, you boys are always on my mind.

Whether it's just the littlest thing i see...

I'm such a fangirl aren't i?

I miss you boys so much. I want to see you guys so badly but i'm afraid. So how now?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Go go GO!

Being here scares me sometimes.

I think i know why... though i guess there's nothing i can do about it but face it with all the awesomeness i can muster... which is a lot.

Let's do this! Go go GO! 8D

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Truth be told, i love Oxford, and i really enjoyed my time there. I'm very grateful that i am able to spend a year there, and the time there had taught me a lot of things which i feel i would not be able to learn elsewhere.

Though as much as i would not trade the good times and memories i've had there, at the same time there are so many things and event i've missed back home because of being there.

Yeah, you really can't have everything you want. I guess it's just up to us to look at the bright side, and be positive wherever you are. (^^ )

Monday, October 03, 2011

Learning to cope with homesick, one step at a time...

This is not my first time away from home, but surprisingly, this is the worst.

I guess because last year at Oxford, despite feelings of homesick and what not, there's still the great classmates that i have who are always around. We make each other laugh all the time, and it was just good fun!

The outings, the dinner, the trips together... i honestly miss them so much because they are part of all the good memories which i've had in Oxford.

Oxford is a great place. It amuses me when i think back and thought i hated Oxford, when after the whole winter-gloomy-period is over, it is definitely one of the place which i truly love. =)

Monday, July 18, 2011

I love my country. Always have, even though to be honest Malaysia sucks in so many ways.

To be honest, I don't really fully understand nor have I been following the whole BERSIH thing. So in order to not look like those people who speaks out just for the sake of having an opinion, I shall not comment on that.

That said, I am all up for a better Malaysia, for us Malaysians.
And what actually sends warm fuzzy feeling into my heart, is watching Malaysians abroad unite for this matter.

All along I've always felt that Malaysians migrate abroad doesn't really care whatever's going on in Malaysia, so seeing those videos on Malaysians abroad actually coming together for something they believe in, wherever they are... In which they feel will make a better Malaysia even if they will not live there anymore... It just feels great.

It's just great to know that despite being abroad, Malaysians will always be Malaysians. We love our country - it sucks - but we're all trying to make it better for future Malaysians. Because that's where we are from, and it's not something you can change. (^^ )

Monday, June 20, 2011

This is me.

I do not think i'm pretty.
But i don't think i look too bad.

I am definitely not thin.
I'm fat, and no, i'm not those girls who are 43kg yet calls themselves obese!

I can be pretty positive.
Yet when i'm negative the whole world seems to crumble along.

I am really really REALLY loud!

I emo easily.
But i cheer up pretty easily too! You just have to know how!

I can be very emotional.
Yet i can also be very realistic.

I guess i am quite hot-tempered.
But nothing which is "unsolvable". I get back to normal pretty quick. =D
(but apparently the pretty quick still isn't enough for people to think that i'm not all that scary! Woops!)

I'm not at all sensitive.
Which is really bad as i sometimes hurt other's feelings without realizing it.

Sometimes when i forget myself, i may appear rude.
But i do not really mean it. I just forget my *ehem* manners... because i'm not a "gentle" person to begin with.

I am very unreasonable.
Because i can. Muhaha!

I speak too fast.

I am definitely not the nicest person! In fact, i may be a big (literally and figuratively) bully!
But yeah i admit it. That's how i justify myself when i'm being mean! 8D

I am super duper random and retarded.
Because i can. Again. Hahaha!

I am full of whimsical and childish thoughts.
Because the whole is too serious and rigid that it's boring to be so!
There's a different between acting childish, and being childish.

I always get misunderstood, because i'm just bad at conveying and expressing myself to the point.

I love my family and friends to bits.
If i fail to show you i'm sorry, but know that i love you guys very much, and am very grateful that you guys have stuck through with me despite my horrible personality!

Never be ashamed of how old you are, because that's who you truly are!

That said, it's no harm celebrating your birthday with a huge "17" plonked on the cake. 8D

You're two decades old, far from perfection, yet what matters is how much you truly love yourself!

And that's all that matters! 8D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally, i am a graduate!

The results weren't what i was hoping for, but i guess i deserved it for not putting much more effort into what could've been. =P

That said, i want to be grateful that i actually made it through despite the half-ass work i've put in.

There are so many people i want to thank, but at this moment here there's only one person i really want to thank.

The nights before my exam when i had to study and thought i wouldn't be able to make it, it was his tweets before and when i wake up which helped me get through the night.

Every three nights before my exams, without fail.

And for that i love U so much.


I still find it surreal to see you guys all the way here in Europe.

I shall be a true deluded fangirl - perhaps to the horror of some - and say that it was as if the boys had came for me. =)

Thank you.

There were so many "obstacles" around the way, i even thought i should not come for you boys... but in the end, it was all worth it.

I love you boys so much. 8D

Monday, June 06, 2011


I procrastinated, and only started studying a few days before my final exam.

I was so worried i wouldn't be able to make it.

But night after night, your tweets are what made me hold on and presevere till the end.

It's purely coincidental, i guess... but for me it meant the world.

Every time when i'm unhappy, or when i needed someone... or when i was about to stray =P...

... you were always there in your own ways.

And you sang one of my favourite songs.

I love U so much. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Surprise surprise.

Never would i thought i would find a city i really like here in UK!
I would even go on to say that i really love the place!

And surprise surprise, because it's Liverpool!
I was shocked myself, especially being an MU (albeit useless) fan!

But i just love it there!
It's not too dirty, people there are generally friendly... but most important is i actually felt safe there! Like i did in Oxford! (Yes, Oxford's in the list too!)
And mind, i haven't had this feeling in any other places i've visited thus far.

I guess a huge part might be because of Liverpool One, because that place is just beautiful! And i miss shopping malls SO BADLY!

There's a lot of people, but it's not too badly congested when i was there on a working Tuesday!

It might also be because it's near the sea, and i love the sea!

That said, one thing i'm terrified of there is nuclear bombs from the sky when you least expect them! The seagulls there are HUGEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Anyhoo, the amount of eye candies there justify the nuclear-bomb-problem i guess? Teehee!

Can't wait to go there again! (^^ )

Sunday, May 15, 2011


People often ask, why do i love Super Junior so much.

Once upon a time, i probably be able to give you an answer... but now... i honestly don't know what to say.
The default answer now is "because i like their song", though truth be told this is answering for the sake of answering.

I can also say they dance well, they sing well... but i guess because there are so many reasons why i love them so much, i couldn't figure out what it is ultimately!

Though one thing i do know is, i love them because they are so close to each other despite the number of members.

All the boys are just so close to each other that it's endearing to see them so!

I've seen other boybands which, despite not having so many members, yet there is certain awkwardness between some members.

Unlike the boys!

So i guess this is just one of the many reasons why i love them so much. (^^ )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've never been the best fan.

I forget dates.
I never know what's happening at the moment.
I always get distracted by trivial matters.
I am never up to date with information.
I will never be an up to date fan.
I have amnesia.

But regardless, i love you boys so much. 8D

Nobody will ever know how much i love them.

But yeah, i really really really do. ♡

ps: Yeah, the title of the post can be read in whichever way you like! Go figure! 8D

Saturday, May 07, 2011


I remember...
... when i first watched this performance, i actually wondered, what are the boys doing playing "invisible" instruments...

Then when KangIn appeared, as you may expect, sobfest 2010 what turf. Because i was totally not expecting it!
I remembered crying so badly that this girl nearby was shocked, and during the second SS3 i cried worst than KangIn's CaraCara, and she had to console me in the end... =P

And then in subsequent SS3, i've never failed crying at this part.

Sometimes, i have this "thing" of not being able to accept unhappy stuffs, that part of me prefer to think of it as a "dream" which will eventually past.
I acknowledge that it has happened, that it has really happened... but i just can't accept it.

It's not a good thing, because when i have to finally face the thing which i was in denial of, when i finally accept it, everything doubles up in emotions and it's probably worst! I probably should've just accepted it when it happened!

This was one of it.

Regardless, looking forward to the day when all my favourite boys are on stage, together, again, like in 2008.

I don't think it's possible, but one can always hope, yes? (^^ )

Friday, May 06, 2011

Of the boys singing Chinese songs...

I'm always so proud of the boys whenever they sing a Chinese song. 8D

I don't know, perhaps because i'm Chinese, or because i know how difficult it can be to sing Chinese songs what's with the pronunciation etc...
Then pronunciation aside, you have the emotions to project blah blah...

To be honest, i personally feel that Chinese songs have notoriously complicated emotions. Like seriously, you feel like whacking the person over the head "OI CAN YOU BE SIMPLER??"...

But anyways, one thing i really like about Chinese songs is how it really sings to the heart. They are horrible to listen to when you're emo, but you can't deny how it can really reach you when you are at most vulnerable.

Anyways, yeah, the boys have been singing Chinese songs... and i always cry whenever i listen to them!
I feel part of me cries because i can finally understand them better what turf.

But yeah, mostly because i'm so proud of them! 8D

One of my favourite have to be 如果你也聽說 sung by KyuHyun!
I've listened to this version for like days repeating to no ends, and it stops me from doing anything else every time i listen to it!! Nasty bugger...
But no denying how awesome it really is!

I haven't listen to A-mei's original version for the longest time, being here... but i used to listen to it every time my friends and i have our K-session! It's like a must sing song!

The other day (after being drowned with JoKyu's version) i finally listened to the original version again, and i was further amazed by how awesome JoKyu can actually be!

A-mei is awesome (of course), don't get me wrong. When i listen to her version, i actually felt really sad, like... tragedy... how she was really heartbroken, and all that really sad stuff... you can actually "feel" the pain. She's just powerful like that!

JoKyu's on the other hand, actually gave me the feeling that it was a completely different "version", so to speak. The emotions he is able to convey is just... whoah!
Same meaning and everything, except that i feel JoKyu's is more towards "first love". Much softer, much gentler... unlike A-mei's really powerful emotional one.

As much as i love A-mei's one, i love JoKyu's one very very much as well. Never forgetting his pronunciation! Just awesome! 8D

Ming recently sang 可惜不是你, and yeah sobfest again!
Ming's pronunciation may not be as good as JoKyu's yet, but still!

The thing about Fish Leong's songs, i always feel like she is singing from a third-party point of view. Like she is looking at the couple (since most of her songs are love songs) and singing about their emotions at the moment. My friend doesn't like her because she feels that she only has one singing style. Nevertheless, i still like some of her songs because sometimes i feel, instead of feeling the "emo-mo-mo-ness" from the song, it's nice to hear someone singing about it from another perspective i guess?

Anyways, Ming's version, i feel that when he sang, he's actually a party to the whole situation. Like he's singing it to a person who he once loved, but they couldn't be together and all that. Like he is singing about a feeling he has experienced (unlike Fish's third-party point).

This time round, i personally prefer Ming's version! I feel he could do better by improving his pronunciation, but other than that, 8D!!

Did i mention he was the one playing the guitar as well? *swoons*

I don't know why i'm suddenly all emo-mo-mo-ey and deciphering feelings i get from songs what turf, i guess i'm just procrastinating from studying?

But anyhoo, tell me how to not be proud of the boys! Awesome as always! (^^ )

Thursday, May 05, 2011

All My Heart.

Just because i don't like leaving my Blog on an emo note, here's my awesome possum boys! 8D
Though admittedly they are the main cause of some of my emoness and tears at times, but it's justified because they never fail to make me smile and laugh whenever wherever.

That's why i love them so much! ♡

Being unreasonable.

Everyone is entitled to be unreasonable every now and then.
While some people may not do so often, some can, so sucks to be the former. =D

Especially now with all those exam pressure, yes, i can. 8D

I'm feeling extremely lonely and vulnerable now that exams are around... well, yeah i have not been doing much preparations hehehe... also because there's nobody else around for me to annoy when i need to de-stress.

So when all those stress are couped up, it just goes to your head and makes you emo and eat a lot (or don't eat at all) etc etc.

It's times like these when you can try to blame that because you are so stressed you can't do any preparations... yes? No?

It's also times like these when i honestly wish i was home.
Home comfort aside, everyone's back home you can't help but to wish you are back with them.

You are surrounded by people who truly cares for you (or well, only because you're extremely loud and annoying but hey, better than nothing? 8D), not stuck here alone with the four corners just to stone and stare at a random corner bleh.

Oh well, just a few weeks till you're back! So for now, let's do this GO GO GO! 8D

Yeah, i can be extremely positive when i want to *coughcough* it scares me sometimes. 8D

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Of my love for books.

You see...

When i read a book which i love, i will always end up reading it like i'm part of the story. Like the events in the book is real. Like i'm actually following the protagonist of the story on the quest/ adventure/ etc. That's why when i talk, or even rant, about a book which i really like, i can sound a little too over enthusiastic about it... like a little kid on crack, or geek, perhaps?

I blame it on the child in me. The over imaginative one. The one who loves stories of adventures, myths and legends. I figured this is why i've always stick to fantasy or adventure novels... or to put it simple, books from the children's section AKML.

They are not "scary" to bring to reality, it's fun to read, and it's always exciting to put yourself into the story! It's like you're going on an adventure!

While some might say stuffs like "it's time to stop reading children's book", i say screw them. Life's hard enough without you piling even more stress to it. If you have a child in you, spoil them! They deserve every bit of indulgence you can give them. =D
Everyone needs a place where they can escape reality, and mine's in my children-section-books.

I love my children-section-books. I love talking about them. I love reading about stories of adventures, quests, fantasies, legends and myths... and regardless, i honestly don't think i'll stop anytime soon, because they are too fun to read! (^^ )

Side note: I've realized for quite some time now that when i read a book, i will always pour myself into the story to the extent that everything else will be oblivious to me.
Perhaps that's also why i'm so picky with the books i read. I have not read a lot of books, unfortunately, because like i said, i'm just fussy like that.

If i read a book, i want the book to be worth my time, because when i start, it will be as if nothing else existed in the world. I will be so into the story, only to wake up later to realize stuffs like "oh crap i haven't study for exams". That's how completely ob... ... ... ok i lost the word but you know what i mean!

Heck, when i read a new Harry Potter book (for the first time), SiWon could dance topless in front of me and i wouldn't even realize!
Or would i? *smirks*

Just to rant.

I love Greek mythology!

One of my favourite books is Percy Jackson. While most might consider it as a children's book - which it is, mind - i honestly love the book!
While i haven't reread it as "much" as Harry Potter ("much" emphasized because i have honestly lost count of the number of times i've read Harry!), - which forevermore will remain my favourite books ever - nonetheless i love this series for its Greek mythology!

So i started reading Percy Jackson *after* watching the movie (Logan Lerman woots!), and am absolutely grateful that last book has already been released by then, so there's no worries of having to wait every year for a new book. In fact, i actually stopped after the third book for quite some time before finishing the fourth and fifth (last) book in UK.

After finishing the fifth book, and also finishing "I Am Number Four" (big mistake, i hate having to wait for the next book!), i have nothing else to read so i thought why not read "The Lost Hero", the sequel to the Percy Jackson series.

I've totally forgotten that the book is in a series (FIVE BOOKS!!), so after finishing this i would have to wait for the a new one EVERY YEAR! GAH!
And the last book would be in Autumn 2014... T^T

Anyhow, the mistake has been made, and now i'm hooked onto a book which has yet to end bleh...
It's not so much the wait... I have waited 8-years for Harry Potter... but this book, The Lost Hero, ended with a sort of cliffhanger, and involved my favourite character!!
This is what irks me most!

*Spoiler ahead!*
See, i have an extremely soft spot for the title character Percy Jackson. Be it because he was portrayed by Logan Lerman, or because having read all 5 books on him, or just being son of Poseidon... i don't know, i just do. I have always loved the main characters in a book anyways.

I was extremely impatient to finish The Lost Hero because there were mentions of Percy Jackson throughout the book, and i wanted to know what happened to him.

Alas, before i even finish, i could already guessed what has happened and i was right! But i didn't expect it to be a cliffhanger!

You can imagine my frustration! He didn't even appear in the book, i don't even know what exactly happened to him (or will happen to him)... and i have to wait till Autumn this year!!

To top it off i don't really like the title character (in The Lost Hero) Jason Grace because he seemed to be like... more superior than Percy Jackson, and i'm kiasu like that because i have always preferred my favourite character to be the most powerful one what turf.
(only exception to be Ron Weasley because Weasley is King and all that)

Anyways, i am extremely glad that the next book would be entirely about him! I have thought that he would just be a minor character in this whole series because of some synopsis i read about this book, and i thought the next book is titled "Son of Jupiter" (who is Jason Grace)... but i was wrong! Only in this book, so yeah! =D

And the most embarrassing would be that the next book is actually "Son of Neptune" (who is Percy Jackson)... NOT Jupiter... and i have absolutely NO IDEA how i read it as "Son of Jupiter" initially! And i only realized this after finishing the first book, and AFTER wiki-ing the second book's summary!! OMGWTFBBQSUPERMANBANANAULTRAMAN.
Can i blame it on exam pressure?

I guess all there is to do is wait... but really, i can't wait for Autumn for the second book! Hope it'll be released on time! =D

ps: Yeah this post is just to rant how frustrated i am with the ending being a cliffhanger and how i have to wait... and er, that's about it. Yeap, there's no proper content i know. T^T
I feel there's not even a proper ending to this post, and am actually afraid how i can't even write a proper Blog post now to save my life! *gasp*

pps: I know i sound like some little kid or deluded teenager happily blabbing about Percy Jackson *coughkidsbookcough* what turf but truth be told, the explanation deserves a whole new entry of its own, so just wait! Teehee!

Monday, May 02, 2011

If you have heard...

This song has been on repeat the past few days, JoKyu version.

Because i love listening to his voice, i can keep saying how proud i am of him for his perfect pronunciation and this gave me great luck during mahjong too. 8D

Then again, as this song is so emo, it made me emo... and can't help but feel that the lyrics are like describing my feelings at the moment.
Nothing relationship-y, but rather the first verse.

突然發現站了好久 不知道要往哪走
還不想回家的我 再多人陪只會更寂寞
許多話題關于我 就連我也有聽過
我的快樂要被認可 委屈卻沒有人訴說
夜把心洋蔥般剝落 拿掉防衛剩下什麽
爲什麽脆弱時候 想你更多

I can sit there not knowing where to go, or what to do. Like... just stone.
Well, i know i should be studying but yeah i haven't so sue me.

And truth be told, i've never felt so lonely in my life.
I'm so glad of my friends around me, yet i've never felt lonelier.
I enjoy their company very much, but i also find myself wanting alone time just so i can emo and sulk by myself.
Then again i'm afraid of being alone because it just makes me more emo what the turf.

I may snap at people when i'm in a bad mood, but i never like spreading my emo-ness or sadness. That's just wrong. So what better than being alone to sulk? But like i said, i don't want to be alone, i want to go out... yet when i'm out i just want to go back to my room so i can sulk.

Contradicting emo piece of bitch. Let's just hope it's the hormones talking.
I can't wait to go home.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So you see...

I've always thought that a person's thoughts and feelings are more important than what they do to express that thought, because sometimes i am so too.

Then now, i realize that's probably just an excuse not to act, because in the end, action always speaks louder than words... and it really is.
Sometimes people can say all they want, but when they don't do it, the whole "speech" can be rendered redundant in the end.

I'm glad i realized it sooner than being pulled along, because at one point, i really believed those words, till when things happened, and you know it's all just talk, but no "walk".

I'm grateful though, because this also gave me the realization never to do so: unless you really mean it, otherwise don't say it.

Oh yeah!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just because.

JoKyu is amazing. 8D
I'm so proud of him, as always. ♡

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Dear U.

Words really cannot express how much you meant to me, and knowing myself, i tend to be rather horrible at expressing myself... but yeah, i meant everything i say.

U, the one who i am always meanest to.
U, the one who i laughed at the most.
U, the one who i look at the most.
U, the one who i think of the most.
U, the one who never fail to make me smile.
U, the one who have the most nicknames.
U, my 희철 아빠.

Regardless of what i may have said when it started, i was just confused then, but looking back... i realized it was you to begin with, and it always has.

Happy birthday. ♡

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring is here!

I miss the snow, but bloom flowers BLOOM!! 8D

Friday, March 04, 2011

That first week.

When i returned from KL back to Oxford for my second sem, things sure were a lot different.
I was not as homesick; i guess perhaps i'm used to being back here?

That said, the trip home was much needed. To soak up on food (oh look at the weight i've put, which was all so worth it!), the sun and just being home.
It certainly helped curbed the aching feeling of wanting to go home every other day last year!

Though, the first week back this time round was pretty hell-ish.
It was straight to classes as i've skipped a week of class to be home for Chinese New Year.

But classes aside, being back here - at the airport, on The Airline, lugging your luggage two floors up to your room... then unpacking and basically just settling down... it actually brought back horrible feelings from when i first got here last year in September.

Last year when i first got here, sure i was excited yes, but the novelty dies off the very night i arrived, when i was in my room by myself... no annoying brother and cousins to annoy, no cats to abuse, no parents to bully... and it struck me that i will be by myself here, in this place, for the next couple of months.

I miss home so badly... and being in a foreign place where everything is different... it's just horrible.
I remember crying almost everyday for the first week, and i took 3 weeks or more before i had the courage to Skype home with my parents after i was sure i was more or less settled... because i know seeing them/ hearing them would only make me cry and i would very badly want to go home.

I didn't even dare to call home because hearing their voice would certainly made me pack my bags that instance and fly home!

Well, the spoilt pampered brat's more difficult time of adapting sure is over... but it surprises me how sometimes when the feeling of that first week creeps up to me, it still send shivers down my spine! =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excuse me.

Since when was my TYPE young boys?? D8

It's really not a big issue when people who i'm not close to judge me as so, because they don't know me well enough so whatever lar... but when your ROOMMATE says *that*... wokay it's time to do some "reflection" before everyone else starts to think that i have craddle-snatching tendencies or something!!

YOUNG BOYS was NEVER my type.

I prefer guys who are not scruffy looking (although you can't deny some scruffy guys are hot!). You know, guys who knows how to take care of their appearance.
And just so happens the 90s generation boys are better at taking care of their appearance, what can i do about it right? That doesn't mean young boys are my type!

Even if young boys are really my type (which they are not), doesn't mean i can't like "older boys" too right?

It's nothing serious really, but i just want to rant this out while i have the mood to! Because i'm kinda tired of constantly being judged and stereotyped.

Like for example, just because i listen to mostly Pop music, doesn't mean i don't like songs from The Beatles.
Just because i like none scruffy guys, doesn't mean i don't find scruffy guys hot.
Just because i like Korean music, doesn't mean i am a K-drama addict! (actually i hate K-drama haha!)
Just because i can be a game addict, doesn't mean i'm a 24/7 gamer.
Just because i like food, doesn't mean everything in my life have to be solely about food.
And many many more.

I like having the freedom to like stuffs i want to like, instead of having to "oh because i like Korean music so i have to like everything Korean" etc etc.

I think it probably have to do with me being a Gemini. ㅋㅋ
(we can like a variety of things, perhaps we are just not that extreme. 8D)

I guess why small comments like this irks me much more than everyone else is because i hate being judged and stereotyped, same goes why i hardly does so to others. And when there's too many of such comments, it just push you off the edge that you absolutely have to rant them out!

But i guess just because you don't do so, doesn't mean others won't do so to you nya?

Now that i've rant it out i have nothing else to say! Let others think whatever they want, i know myself better! =D

So 끝.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's been 3 years!

3-years ago today, in 2008, is the first time i ever traveled by myself, to a place i've never been before, and which i don't (exactly) speak the language.

I also got to meet 4 of the nicest people ever, who were always really nice to me, to which i'm forever grateful to have known them!

Happy Seoul Girls Anniversary my girls! (^^ )

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back in Oxford.

Sorry for the whole month of lack of updates!
Well, can't really blame me, hehe, was back home and enjoying every minute of it! 8D

But anyhoo, yeah i'm back in Oxford now, just updating this for the sake of updating, but promise will update with something soon!
Loving the clouds! =D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being HOME is...

... freaking ass AWESOME.

Mmm. 8D

Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 New Year Resolutions.

Half the fun in making New Year Resolutions is to review it at the end of the year, and see which you have accomplished, and what you have not!

Although i've never accomplished any of my so-called "resolutions"... ever... the other half of the fun is the process of making it! So here it goes! 8D

    Nuff said.

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    I vow to write a proper full entry about my 2008 till 2010!! Yes i can! GO!

  3. Tweet more.
    I can't believe i'm saying this, but yeah... i've not tweet as much as i would've like this year!

  4. Tweet with content.
    Yeah, nonsensicals like "VRA COOKIE MONSTER" isn't actually content no?

  5. Show love and gratefulness to people who matters.
    Because they deserve every ounce of it! 8D

  6. Stop being so hormonal.

  7. Prioritize.
    Get my priorities straight.

  8. Be a better fan.
    You'll be surprised at how bad a fan i've become i feel ashamed of calling myself an ELF sometimes.

  9. Dress up.
    Stop being so lazy, and please at least put some effort before going out!

  10. Sleep early.

  11. Be more decisive.
    Because i am super indecisive meh.

  12. Stop procrastinating.

  13. U.
    That's for me to know, and you to find out. (^^ )

All set for the new year! Let's go! 8D


With best wishes for this New Year, and may this year be even Awesomer than the last! 8D

With many love from the Fat Family. ♡
Yes we can! 8D