Thursday, July 30, 2009

Korea Beauty Brands!

It's a good thing when your favourite brand is endorsed by your favourite celebrity (^^ )!
I think i'm a living, walking contradictions of ironies.

Ok, it doesn't make sense.

I often emphasized that i'm not a girly girl, and yet, i think i'm super obsessed with Etude House, which is perhaps the girliest, fluffiest, laciest and frilliest beauty brand in Korea.
And i super heart it ok! Ever since i chance upon it last year!

I don't know, i guess i like it's sweet smell, and i'm ok with this shade of pink! Or maybe it's just the fancy stuffs they have that i like!
Anyways, the best part is this time around is it's endorsed by Lee MinHo =D!

So charming!
I super heart that guy, his so Choi SiWon-ish adorable =D!
(Last year wasn't bad too, Jang GeunSeok!!)

Then of course, not forgetting Kyochon and my 13 boys (^^ )! You don't know how happy i am when i know that they are Kyochon's latest spokesperson! Kyochon is my favourite fried chicken outlet after KFC ok, so don't siao-siao! You need to be like... super good to be ranked up there! And it's not because of Shinhwa or the 13 =P!
Too bad i didn't get the poster then, but oh well! It's ok (^^ )!

... ok, don't see the connection between beauty shops and fried chicken shops but anyways...

When i was in Korea this time, i think i visited like... almost every "beauty shop" in MyeongDong (they have like... 5 Etude House outlets there alone, all which i've entered and bought something from what turf) except Skin Food (never like this brand) and Innisfree (nothing attracted me to go in).

Ah, and then there's The Face Shop!
Let's just say it *used* to be my favourite brand (before Etude House attacks), but they had to change their spokesperson to Bae YongJun instead of the handsome Kwon SangWoo (my favourite married celebrity whose a father, hahaha!).

But of course, you shouldn't "judge a brand" by who endorses it! It's the extra freebies they give! So i still pay The Face Shop a visit, just to see if there's anything i can get, but alas...
You'll get pushed (away) even if all you want to do is stand in the middle of the shop!

How do you bloody shop when the whole shop's full of Japanese ladies all going, "Yon-sama, Yon-sama"!
Ok, maybe they didn't go around calling "Yon-sama", but it's the same, super pack with Japanese ladies (ahjummas?)!

I lost the mood to shop, so i just dropped whatever i had in my hands, and left.
Why shop there when Etude's just across the road, kekeke XD!

Overall, this trip has been fruitful =D!
Love the freebies, especially the Lee MinHo goodies! Nyans!

Might post about it another day, if i'm not lazy, hahaha!

ps: Wah, this post is so totally pointless and meaningless. I just wasted cyberspace, boo!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone go awwwwwwww!

Backdated 27th July 2009 post.

Found some old pictures of HeeChul (^^ )!
I lost all of HeeChul's baby pics when my old hard disk crash. Don't mention it, it still hurts!

I miss her so much!
I want to give her a big big hug, and lotsa kisses!
I miss hugging her (despite that she hated it), i miss her smelly smell. I just miss her.
This is complicated. As much as i wanted to stay here, i miss her so so so much, it's just torturing!

Then when i'm back, i'll miss the boys.
Why do things have to be so complicated?

ps: She is so much more adorable when she's a kitty, now she's just a Devil like HeeNim! Hehehe!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quarter-life crisis.

I came to realize that some people seem to think that i don't have and never have any problems in my life. You know they think so from the comments they make, whether in a good way or sarcastic way.

Well, just because i don't announce any problems i have with a loud speaker, nor make it public that even the Polar Bears up north knows what i had for breakfast today, does not mean that i don't have problems or troubles ok!

Personally, if i think people should know, i'll tell. If i think otherwise, then otherwise it shall be. It's that simple.
Just because i choose not to tell people, not to share what's troubling me, doesn't mean that i don't have problems! Sometimes i choose not to tell because i think my problems are not too important, or i don't want others to worry about me, or i don't want you to be unhappy because of my problems. I am happy when others around me are happy, and when they are happy, they make me happy, so it's ok. It's a circle!

And i seriously hate awkward moments when i tell you whats wrong and you don't know how to help me and just awkwardly change the topic. So isn't it better if i just keep it to myself?? Not that it makes you a bad person! It's definitely not! It's just well, why bother?

I also hold onto the fact that if you really care, you would eventually know. There are times when i want to tell, but circumstances prohibits because i don't know how to start. I also came to realize if people really want to know how you are recently, they'll ask. People who care cares. They won't leave you alone until they need you or something. You just know it!

Oh yes, i was hit with quarter-life-crisis some time earlier this year, and i can tell you, this coupled with a couple of other things, it's not good. It's horrible! It's like the whole world is falling! I'm thankful and grateful that despite being such an emo and sensitive person, i'm wonderfully positive (well, most of the time anyways), otherwise i really don't know how i'll get through this!

And here i seriously want to thank some people who had helped me so much (they don't know they did, but they made such a huge difference i don't think i'll ever forget to be thankful to them in a hurry!)... even though they didn't know, but still, i'm forever more grateful that they were there for me when i needed someone most!

And here is a confession i'm making. If you think it was horrible, wait till you find out that i was actually "hit" with "quarter-life-crisis" TWICE! Can you believe it?
That said, the last time i didn't know it was quarter life crisis, and i just mumble over it, tried to avoid it, and that's why it probably hit me extra hard when it came back eventually.

This time, i think i can say that i was lucky there are wonderful peoples around who has helped me through it, and i came to realize it's not that bad after all. You just need to stay positive and put things into perspective. I learn that avoiding it isn't the solution because it'll eventually come back (and slap you round the face). Just face it, and try doing something about it, then accept whatever may come even if it's not so good. Live the moment. Carpe diem.

I'm especially grateful that this "episode" in my life taught me a lot. It taught me a lot about other people, but most importantly it taught me a lot about myself and what i can do, and what i should do. Who i really am as a person.

I learned about my insecurities, and how to overcome them. I learned what and who is important to me.

The Australia trip especially proves most important to me. I guess being "away from it all" for so long, being able to be away from "reality", because it's like being on such a long holiday and away from the place, it puts everything into perspective. I learned to reflect on a lot of things i just tend to shove and avoid before.

I've also learned a few valuable lessons, which hopefully, will remind me of what matters and everything else =)!

All in all, i just wanted to say a big thanks to those people (who didn't know about it till now perhaps, kekeke), and i'll try to be a better person! Okwecan do it together yo!

아자 파이팅!
I love my 13 boys (^^ )!
I love you guys a freaking amazing lot too! Thank you!
Go go go!

Quantity and Quality.

It is possible for both to co-exist with each other.

Whenever the boys are concerned =D!
Can't help but feel so proud every time i watch this MV honestly (^^ )!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Koalas are awesome.

I heart them!
Super adorable!
His bloody Roonil Wazliby adorable!!
I'm super Roonil Wazliby adorable too.
Apparently you just emit radiant and happy and awesomely adorable feeling when you're near someone whose as awesome and adorable as you =D!

I shall rename Chilly, 3 years old, as Roonil Wazlib. Because it's a cool name, and he deserves such cool name!

ps: His the reason why i smell like a Koala that day. Oh yeah, his awesome! Lols!

pps: Do you know that it's illegal to touch a Koala in New South Wales?

ppps: Just in case you ask, no, i was not in NSW then, so i didn't commit any crime whatsoever.

pppps: Oh yes, Chilly's 3 years-old and a male and he loves me so i love him too =D!

ppppps: I MISS ANNIE (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember your first BOOST?

(Written 3rd of July).

Oh yeah, i remember it alright.
It was May 30th 2009. I had my very first BOOST in this shopping mall called Westfield Marion (if i'm not wrong).

I remember it was Mango Tango something. A smoothie. And even though after that very first one i moved on to crushes, but it was still my very first BOOST, and i remember it very well.
The first sip. Heavenly!
Holy marshmallow and chocolate. It's like falling in love for the first time. It's like going home and HeeChul sitting at the doorway welcoming you home. It's like being able to have freshly squeezed Orange Juice any minute you want.

Yes, it's just that heavenly!!

And this went on, mind, for the whole of my Australia trip. I had it every chances i can, anytime and mind, it was winter!! But the weather is no deterrence for BOOST! I LOVE BOOST =D!

It was with deepest regrets that when i get back to Malaysia, i have to part with BOOST, but fear not, i know someday, someday, we will meet again. Yes, we will.

Then my cousin sister informed me that they have BOOST in KLCC!! KLCC!!! It's near where i am!! Yeahs!
That said, it was still a bit inconvenient for me to go to KLCC just for BOOST, so you know how much i longed for it, when i dreamed about it... TWICE!
The first time was some nights ago. I dreamed going to KLCC and seeing BOOST in front of me! How happy i was! But somehow or rather i don't know why but i didn't get to buy any of it =(...

Then yesterday's, i've decided to go to KL to get some stuffs, and i purposely plan the trip so that i would be able to go to KLCC afterwards (for BOOST). And that very night, i actually dreamed i went to BOOST and bought a cup! So honestly, you can really see how much i miss BOOST and how excited i am that it's finally here in Malaysia!!

But alas, my dream was short lived. It was just plain disappointment!
No, the shop's open. If it was closed i would probably be happier if i knew earlier what was going to happen! No... it was because... the drinks aren't just up to standard. Tremendously!! It just tasted all wrong!!

I ordered my favourite Lemon Crush! I was so happy the moment they gave me my drink, happy memories from Australia comes swooshing towards me like those huge waves in Bondi Beach! BOOST! LEMON CRUSH! XD
Then the first sip brought me straight back to earth with a huge slap round the face.
It was just plain horrible!
Initially i thought it was bearable, but no, it was just toooooo sour, i went back and got it changed!!

The guy explained it was probably because of the fruit (it was freshly squeezed) so even if they make me a new one it would probably still taste the same. Disappointed, but nevertheless, there's still Mango Tango Crush!
It was really nice of him to make me a new one, honestly! I really appreciate it, but alas...
It's sucked as well.
The mango's taste just isn't rich enough. It's like they dilute it with water.


I was just so sad ok!! WHY LIKE THIS??? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS???
(ok fine i know i'm overdramatic lar, but if you love BOOST as much as i do you would react the same too... and an overdose of dramatic cells might help btw)

It was just sad, just so so so so so sad ok!
Hi Malaysia, thank you very much for ruining the wonders of BOOST juice for me.
Now i feel like buying a plane ticket to Australia just so i could be reminded of the wonders BOOST had bought me ok (which is ruined now).
Ah (ㅠ.ㅠ)!

Update: I emailed BOOST, and they replied, and were really nice =D! They want to know all our opinions and everything, so they can work to improve BOOST so it would be up to standard like Aussie's! Go go go! Let's hope it'll be much better the next time! (^^ )

I like good customer service! One who actually pays attention to the customer's opinion, and everything! Me likey! Let's hope other services in Malaysia will improve!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I heart shopping in Korea!

Competition there are just so tough, they just *give* you stuffs so you would go into their shop, and no pressure to buy anything!
Of course, it's a gimmick (enter shop you'll probably end up with something out despite not needing it), but still! It's a brilliant idea! I LOVE free stuffs, and getting free stuffs are just wonderful!

And being really suaku, sometimes when i see them giving out something i wanted, even though i just entered the same shop (but located at the other side) like... 10 minutes ago... i'll still go in just to get the stuffs =P! Hehehe!

Half the stuffs in my shopping bag today are FREE! Don't you just love it =D?
Hahaha, and pretending i'm a fan of Lee MinHo and KimBum (oh so hot!) has it perks! Wait, i do like them! But does that make me a fan?
Anyways, got lotsa freebies! Love it!~

Forever 21 Korea is awesomest! They gave out this really fab yellow environmental bag today! It's huge, you can stuff everything in it, and it looks good most importantly! Can bring it everywhere =D!

On the other hand, and i think Korea weather hates me, lols!
Yesterday, i didn't bring my umbrella, and i got drenched in the rain.
Today, i brought my umbrella out (sky was gloomy), and it didn't rain. What is this?

Korean internet is WONDERFUL!
I can know watch all the boys show in peace now =D! Yeah!

Korean's customer service is awesome!
Was at the bookstore last week, and because they ordered the wrong book for me, there was some hoo-hah, and they were (figuratively) running around trying to help me sort it out! I had to go again the next day, but it is ok! Good customer service is above everything else (well, technically speaking!)! =D

ps: Still, forever more, hate Korean subway.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Friday, July 24, 2009

In Korea now!!

You know you are in a foreign land when you feel that you are closer to an angmoh (caucasian) than the Chinese-looking Asian standing next to you.
So racist what turf (= =").

I'm in Korea now =D!
So touristy this time round! Me likey! Hahaha!

My opinion on Korea!
Korean girls have a serious problem.
Ok, maybe only me who feels so lols!
Not with surgery or whatsoever. Not those! But with skin colour!!
They are WHITE.
Not fair, mind, but WHITE!!
Seriously, OMG!! This isn't the first time i blog about it, but it still shock me to see the amount of foundation the girl next to me applies! Like... talk about being WHITE!!

It's ok to look fair, but WHITE? Even angmoh, who we call "white" (omg i'm so racist), are not as WHITE!
Then again, i guess they (those WHITE Korean girls) provide good entertainment in an otherwise boring subway ride, kekeke! (especially when they apply super rosy cheek too!!)

Have i said how much i hate Korean subway?
If i didn't, here: I HATE KOREAN SUBWAY.
I use to love it during my last trip, despite the super scary transit parts (too much walking involved)... but this time. I just hate it. Super hate it. Somebody gimme a roller blade or something!

Korean guys are HOT! (duh! 12 of my boys are Korean!)
Hot hot hot! HOT!! HOT HOT HOT!!
Because they are all dressed really well (manbags XD!), and most of them are tall and buff! Good body! They carry their clothes well, their style, their looks (clean immaculate type, or scruffy but still really nice and "clean"!)... Me likey =D!

Tee-vees are awesome!
The ads (Lee MinHo!! Kim JunSu!!), the shows! Nice!

I miss Cam and Hollie!!
We had such a good time (despite it being super tiring and all), and i'm particularly amused at my ability to come up with really silly stuffs when i'm dead bored while we're waiting (being fans). Like asking them to choose between Lee SooMan and Park JinYoung, hehehe!

But that's not a difficult question! But this one... OMG! I'm still appalled that when it was a choice between LSM and KIM HEECHUL OF SUPER JUNIOR... and SOMEONE actually hesitated for a moment and ponder who to choose!! HEHEHE!

Ah, i feel so lonely now. Even more frustrated when i think of the boys.
Ok stop it.

Was going to post photos, but, hehehe, lazy =P!
Seriously, internet here is just awesome! I'm so going to miss it, kekeke!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm bias, and loving it!

My cousin asked me for a vid of my boys to see why i like them so much!
I send her this!

Honestly, watching the MV again... i just want to say.
Feel so every time i watch this MV XD!
I think this is one of their awesomest MV ever! Out of all of their other awesome MVs, hehehe, because it shows how awesomely brilliant they can dance!

Personally, i think my 13 boys are the bestest dancers ever! I don't know, i think it's a super bias thing (which is super true though)! I look at them dance, and all i see is perfection.

When i see other group dancing, i can come up with like... at least 2-3 criticism, bla-bla-this-or-that, even though they are actually super good whatsoever! But the boys... if i say "purr-fect", i'm just being humble XD!

I'm bias and loving it =D!
My boys are always the best! (^^ )

Pemasu Berbulu dan Putera Setengah-Darah.

Gosh i love direct-translating movie titles to Malay. Like Pemadam. Hahaha =P!

Yes, become "해리 포터" dee now!

To keep things short, i don't like the movie! In fact, i don't like all of Harry's movies!
Never had, never did... and since this is already the SIXTH movie, i think maybe i can say never will!
Then again, two more movies ahead! Things might change!
On the other hand, book 6 is one of the really good books (all of them are, but i favour book 6 and 7!), but the movie... er... well, we'll see!

That said, i do like some (very little) of the changes!
I also like the wall of fire part when Dumbly-dorr summoned fire to try save Berbulu... i mean, Harry! Super cool! He looks like Gandalf there, hahaha!

And i like the jokes they make, Rupert Grint's awesome! His my favourite in the movie!
And the twins are awesome possum, as usual (too bad there's so little of them!)! Plus this one Dumbledore's a lot better, not so PMS-y.

But ooh, it's depressing seeing Weasley's house on fire!! Why didn't they just use the Aquamenti spell? Even if it's a cursed fire, at least try lar! Just looking at their house burn nya!! What turf!!

And one thing i seriously have to point out! Don't think i have said it before, anyways...
I like Emma Watson! Pretty, good actress and all...
She's like a PMS woman strutting around Hogswart!!
Sorry, but it's true, at least in my opinion!

To me, Hermoine has always been a smart, calm, witty, intelligent and pretty girl, but the Hermoine in the movie just failed to portray so to me! I failed to "feel" the smart part from her, i just sense anger most of the time what turf!

One last thing, i like the little details they add in the movie!
Do you remember the last scene on Dumbly-dorr's table? Did you see anything particular on the table, something special, on it which was not in the book (at least, after millions of rereading the same book i'm sure they don't have this part!)?
LEMON SHERBET (or at least, that's what i think those sweets are!)!! His favourite sweet!

I always like little details you spot yourself in drama and movies! It shows how detailed the movie makers are =D!

This also mark the first movie i ever watch oversea! =D
Not one which i'll say it's my favourite, but it's a big enough movie and good enough to make the mark (^^ )!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

To think it all started with a Miracle.

You know how when you hear stories about about other fan's fan-accounts and all you get jealous and everything? Especially when you're there too!!

Honestly, i get jealous, and i don't think i will ever stop (getting jealous)! It's not good, but really, i just can't help it XD!

Then again, i am reminded that i do have nice beautiful memories myself, which is mine, and forever will be mine.

It's not the best - it's not even close to "good" - but it's purr-fect to me.

It's the best of 'em all, because it's mine, and only mine (^^ )!

I love my 13 boys!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life's too short.

The thing with Korean girls...
Do you know i can get you 10 girls in one train (if you're lucky, in one single carriage) who are far too white (mind, not "fair", but seriously literally WHITE!) than they are supposed to be, seriously.

In fact, this afternoon, i saw one which... scared the bejeepers out of me. Serious bejeepers, i had to use all willpower i had in me to try not to smile or laugh out loud.
And because i shall not be mean (karma and everything), even though nobody knows who the girl is, but still! It's still mean, so i shall not say a word.
(ps: You may ask me personally though, since it won't exactly be a "public announcment" if so.)

Haha, sometimes it just takes one word from the tee-vee to put you back on track =).
I can't deny that i wasn't disappointed that it had to come this way, and to think it still effects me (though not as strong as before) after all this while!!
But oh well, life's too short, i shouldn't waste it dwelling on unhappy negative stuffs or stuffs i had no control over! I'm so totally sick of mind games! I seriously wonder why people do that? (i hope i don't do it unconsciously man, because seriously...)

And well, i'm glad that it didn't "hurt" as much as before! It's an improvement, and hopefully it'll continue to improve in the long run =D!
What has passed has passed! Unfortunately and "too bad" it may be, but oh well!

Life's too short, use it to focus on the happy and positive things in life =D!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's been four years.

You learn to be grateful just by thinking about it.

Personally, i always think it was fate, and it is fate.
One way or the other.

I truly am very happy that it has been so for four years. I am really and truly very grateful. I honestly don't dare to hope for more, just extremely grateful (^^ )!

Thank you!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My theory on being a picky eater.

You see, a lot of people said i'm a picky eater. I don't deny it. I'm very picky with the taste. I think it has something to do with me being a Penang-kia, but anyways...

For example:
I don't eat taugeh. Ugh, loathe it! I think this is my most un-Penang-ish ways, because i seriously hate taugeh!!
I can actually spend the first few minutes before indulging on my delicious plate of Char Koey Tiao picking out ALL the taugeh, no matter how small they are, out, so that not a single one is left!
I could've ordered one without the taugeh, but i have this theory (oh yeah, i have lots of theory) the CKT won't taste good if it's not fried with taugeh, that's why i rather spend time having to pick them out.
HOWEVER, once i tried CKT without the taugeh, and it actually tasted EVEN BETTER. Since then, i'm converted. CKT without taugeh is the bomb! Hah, take that taugeh!

Anyways, back to my theory on me being a picky eater... hehehe.
A lot of people said i'm picky, but ahah, you see...

I don't eat a lot of types of food which most people will eat. (Like taugeh.)
BUT... i eat a lot of types food which most people won't eat.

So... whose the picky eater now?
(duh, majority over minority, so i'm still the picky eater =P! You've got to realize halfway through this entry that it's just another one of my bo-liao entries right? Hehehe!)

ps: But apparently, even though i'm a Penang-kia (born in Penang), but most said i'm a KL-lang dee, since i've been staying here all my life. What turf. Identity crisis.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm not excited about Harry Potter's new movie release.

No seriously, i'm not.

And seriously, i think this movie poster's a bit gay. I've seen a few of their posters and i think all the quotes (which i think they get from the book) all sounded totally wrong.

Considering what a big Potter fan i am, having read all the books a gazilionth time... am seriously not even the least excited that it's releasing soon.

Last year when they changed the release date, i was like "oh ok" and wasn't even bothered by the change. But maybe because Twilight played a huge part, but anyways...
Malaysia's release date is next week, and i'm not even hyped about it! And Half-Blood Prince is one of my favourite books (actually all of them are, except Chamber of Secrets and Order of the Phoenix which i've reread the least, maybe only billionth times nya)!

Hmm... except ooh! I'll get to see Daniel Radcliffe again! That's a reason to be excited! And Rupert Grint! His just hilarious!

But boys aside, it isn't exactly a secret that i never like all the Potter movies. I mean, i will and want to watch it! And it's definitely nice not having to use my imagination once in a while, but seriously, the movies has never really done it for me.

Yeah yeah, i know the "cannot-follow-exactly-as-the-book" theory blah-blah, which i've heard like a million times (probably because i've said a million times how i don't like the movie)... and i've also explain it a million times! There are books which movie is so much more nicer than the book! And those movie made loads of changes too, but it's still nicer (than the book)!

Personally, my theory is that it goes down to how much of "author involvement" there are in the movie, and maybe how good the script writers are. Those movies (which i've mentioned are nicer than the books) all contain the feel and excitement you get when you read the book, and even though there are changes, they stick to the feeling you get from the book, so maybe that's why. The author plays a huge part in making sure filmmakers don't go too far from it!

All in all, i'm definitely going to watch the movie asap! And certainly am going to rewatch the older Potter movies, but as i said, i *still* think that Potter movies are not really good! But i really do hope this one proves me wrong (^^ )!

ps: Reading (Harry Potter) rocks!!

pps: The Dumbledore from the 3rd movie onwards is just about as favourable as a pile of Stinksaps.

ppps: I love using quotes and everything from Harry Potter to describe stuffs etc! Haven't been doing it a lot these days, but still! It's nice =D!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The thing with haircuts.

I'm always up for cutting my hair and getting new hairstyles and everything. Even changing hairstylists till i find a suitable one who i'm comfortable with, otherwise i don't mind going to different hairstylists. Your hair grows back, so even if it's a very sucky haircut, it'll grow.
I still stand by what i say now, despite realizing i'm getting really picky and fussy after being spoiled thoroughly by my current hairstylist.

But anyways, today for the first time i so badly wanted to kill the new hairstylist. Thus, the above "standing" i've made DOES NOT APPLY to me now, because:
a) There is an important "event" i'll be attending a few days later.
b) I just conveniently gained a few pounds. The new hairstyle did not compliment the weight gain and other way round.
c) See point a).
I'm supposed to look good for the event! And now... *bawls*

Because my hairstylist wasn't around, and i badly needed a haircut, so i thought i'll just go to the other hairstylist at the same salon. BAD CHOICE!! BAH!!!

Dangs! I'm not being a drama queen ok. I so totally looked like a little dude now!
Like *the* HeeChul's short hair, just girlier or something i think.
The ironic of it. Today's his birthday.

Gimme back my old hairstylist!

Ok fine, i admit that i myself am probably part of the "fault", but but in my defence it was because i was so used to my old hairstylist... and i probably give that guy too much credit rofl =P! Hehehe!

ps: It's not that his bad! He just didn't know how my hair is like, and don't understand how i want my hair, unlike my usual stylist. Oh well, you can't win them all lols what turf. Now i'll have to look for a way that will make my hair look better!

And i can go back to styling my hair when i go out. I came to realize as much as i love my hair, laziness got over me that when my hair was longer (before the cut), i got very lazy to wash it so i didn't bother with any hair products before going out =P! Kekeke!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Do you Twitt?

Have been thinking of getting Twitter for the longest time, but just... didn't. I thought it'll be cool that i can update my thoughts etc blah blah whenever i want, using my phone and don't need the computer blah blah blah...

Though now i still can't, but anyways, LeggyPoo got me to Twitt. And i've Twitt. So do you Twitt? Follow my extremely boring and lame thoughts and thinkings which are also weird, retarded and definitely random at _eikochan.

Someone had already taken eikochan, and she didn't even use it. Jeez!
If you don't use that name, then DELETE IT ALREADY! You're taking my nickname which i've been using for years!

So anyways, since i can't have *that* nickname, and i can't think of anything else (and it's either eiko-chan or eikochan, no eiko_chan, sorry, very anal with the way the words are supposed to be etc), so _eikochan it is.
LeggyPoo thinks it's super difficult to type, but what the heck, i'm awesome and special so i shall have a special nickname =D!

Oh yeah!

ps: I suspect the "awesome" part is the result of too much "How I Met Your Mother" (or possibly due to the effects of living with HRH Princess Kim HeeChul). I usually use fab for myself.

Friday, July 03, 2009

I told you I is wonderful.

Adorable isn't he =D?

You won't believe the amount of pictures from Aussie that i have in my com!

That said, very lazy to post all... or even most... so you'll just have to settle with some... once i got around getting them ready to be posted =P!!
(ps: Posting animal parks pics first definitely =D!)

Because i am wonderful.

I think i take wonderful pictures of animals =D!

I may not be good in taking pictures of humans, but apparently it's because i'm talented in animal photography =D!

You can't have 'em all you know =P!
(Oh great, now i've said it sure kena jinx as well one. Dammit!)

Because i had been procrastinating.

Here are some pictures which are probably years-old because i had been procrastinating in posting them =P!

My first "bento"!

Nothing much, but i like =D!

Yummy BBQ Chicken!

Super good!


I heart you!

One of my best buy ever!!

My Starbucks tumbler! Costs RM10 nyah, and it's super amazing!

Stupid RM1k cat who always kacau my HeeChul!

If you see this cat, please give him a kick, thank you!
An "animal-lover" i may be, but i'm more a "HeeChul-Lover". Sekian, terima kasih.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

On getting my hair dyed.

I find i should've update my Blog with some stuffs to make it more interesting. Not like it was interesting before, but, you know, i like to think that it was (and still is) interesting =D!

Anyways, the most interesting thing that happened today (apart from me going totally fangirly in the cinema watching 17 Again. I don't care what people say man! To hell with peer pressure! I think Zac Efron is HOT and i shall say his HOT dammit! I like boys who looked clean and like they've been under a shower! OCD-much but whatever! Zac Efron's HOT!)... is probably reading XiaXue's Blog!

Personally, i agree with what XiaXue said about the dyeing-your-hair-part. I also think the other guy was a bit too quick to judge someone else he probably don't know even a pinch off (except from appearance). I shall end what i say here in case i got spewed into the whole issue-thingy, because i've read some other Blogs commenting about it and i do have some points i wanted to point out, but nah, i seriously very malas to argue with people, because chances are you'll never see the end to it (depending who though, i've debated with some really nice people before who disagreed with me, but at the same time respected it's my opinion and don't force me to see things their way nor judge me for whatever basis i make my point, which i really like =D!).

I honestly don't like it when things turned to a heated debate. To me, if you don't like what you see or read, go away (thats what i did with the Blogs i mentioned above). It's just that simple. You can disagree with things (and made sure you are heard), but you cannot force people to see things your way (nor judge or insult them, it's just wrong).
(ps: i can find a hundred different arguments to go against what i've just said, but i shan't bother with covering the loopholes, even though kena a lot of time before when people just take you very generally for what you say even if you're trying to convey something else).

So putting this part to a stop, it's like someone going to a Big Bang concert and complain, scolded them and asked for SHINee.
Erm, hello, Big Bang concert lar, it's not like you're forced there! Just go to SHINee concert lar!

Besides, the main reason why i'm writing this is about hair-dyes, not anything else, mind.

I agree with most of what XiaXue said about getting your hair dyed. It's ridiculous to say the reason i dyed my hair is because i'm trying to be someone else. Pfft!!

For one, i have been dyeing my hair for quite some time (hmm, round 4 years to be exact?). From darker colour, to some slightly reddish-copper-aunty-colour (OMG!) to even slightly brighter and lighter (to some extend perhaps lala too) colour which Joyce refers to as Ronald MacDonald hair. Rofl!

The reason why i dye my hair is, well, apart from because i wanted to cover up some of my gray hair (not like it matters because they will still magically grow strand-by-strand), but anyways, the main reason is because it's fun to get different colours for your hair! I always change my hair colour!

I know the judgments some people will pass on me without understanding the reason why, and some of them don't even know me ok! But i honestly don't care. And mind, because i always cut my hair, i don't bother (at all) to touch-up the roots because i know next month or so i'll probably get a new colour, so why bother? And it's nice getting new colours! It's exciting (to some extend)!
Ok, and apparently i think i have hair colour issues as well.
I can look at my hair colour one minute, is totally in love with it, and then hate it the next. What turf.

But it's still ok lar, considering i change colour with every hair cut, so i can change colour until i find one which i like! =D

And regarding bleaching my hair blonde, i honestly honestly wanted to do that!! HOWEVER, well, a few reasons had been holding me back.
  • How if it turned out wrong and is those very fake yellow instead?
  • Damaged hair (actually i looked passed this point, but thought i'll just add it here)
  • How if it doesn't look good on me (actually i looked passed this point too; my theory is to just hide for one month if *I* (not you) think it doesn't look good on myself)
But ultimately...
  • It's freaking expensive ok! You need a few bleach jobs to get it properly done, and i don't like the sound of that AND how much (the $$) it'll sound too.

So that said, even ME MYSELF wanted to try bleached blonde ok, and most people around me would know that i'm not the biggest fan of angmohs IN GENERAL. To be blunt, i don't like angmohs (in general). Yes, stereotypical and general comment blah-blah (on why i don't like angmohs). But why can't i be so when angmohs themselves stereotype girls with dyed hair are trying to be angmoh? Even angmohs stereotype Asians ok, why can't i stereotype them (on why i don't really like them)?

So ok, i wanted to bleach my hair to blonde... and i don't really like them... er... so why do i want to *be* them?

You can say because i'm trying to "pass myself off as Japanese or Korean" - which i DON'T, i only want to be myself and do whatever that *I* like, or what i think is cool, and not according to what YOU think or like - but seriously... trying to be angmoh?? Are you kidding me? What turf.
(I myself have disagreeing opinions on Japanese and Korean society's typical view on matter of appearance, so no way am i trying to be them, because it would made me a hypocrite.)

You don't have to "want to be angmoh" just by bleaching (or dyeing) your hair. That's just turfing judgmental AND stereotyping.

ps: And btw i don't like it when people say angmohs come to Asia to look for Asian woman!! Too stereotype opinion. Even though, i know it's difficult when er... sometimes you see a presumably less-attractive old angmoh guy with a hot young girl...
I want to go to Australia lor! But that doesn't mean because i want to marry an angmoh (though it does sound nice to have mix-kids), i just like it there!

And about angmohs attracted to Asians because they look Asians. What turf??? Racist much?? Cannot that the angmoh is attracted to the Asian girl (or vice versa) because they love each other very much and all those stuff?? Must it be about the appearance? Like that how if the angmoh is trying to look like an Asian (in theory it could happen)? I better don't look for an angmoh boyfriend dee, later people say my boyfriend is shallow because he only wants to be with me because i looked Asian. I'm so considerate towards my future (which is not likely to happen at all unless if it's Zac Efron or Lucas Till or Aaron Johnson) boyfriend. What turf!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Massive update!

Oh yeah, i've finally gotten my ass around to do some very procrastinated updating!
On what?
Haha, it's not forgotten ok (just massively late)!!
I find that a lot of people has given it up, but well, not me (yet)! Slow, but better than never =D!
And boohoo, actually i'm not exactly finished yet! But it'll do for now!

My last update was Day 109, and now it's Day 130! Lols, it has been a really long time isn't it? Hey, internet was limited ok when i was in Aussie! But ah, the days of super fast internet (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

This Blog requires lotsa updates too, which i don't think i'll be finishing it anytime soon... and there's still FB... and my files (OCD and all, don't ask)... BAH!

Oh well! Fighting (and stop procrastinating!)!