Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm bias, and loving it!

My cousin asked me for a vid of my boys to see why i like them so much!
I send her this!

Honestly, watching the MV again... i just want to say.
Feel so every time i watch this MV XD!
I think this is one of their awesomest MV ever! Out of all of their other awesome MVs, hehehe, because it shows how awesomely brilliant they can dance!

Personally, i think my 13 boys are the bestest dancers ever! I don't know, i think it's a super bias thing (which is super true though)! I look at them dance, and all i see is perfection.

When i see other group dancing, i can come up with like... at least 2-3 criticism, bla-bla-this-or-that, even though they are actually super good whatsoever! But the boys... if i say "purr-fect", i'm just being humble XD!

I'm bias and loving it =D!
My boys are always the best! (^^ )

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