Friday, July 24, 2009

In Korea now!!

You know you are in a foreign land when you feel that you are closer to an angmoh (caucasian) than the Chinese-looking Asian standing next to you.
So racist what turf (= =").

I'm in Korea now =D!
So touristy this time round! Me likey! Hahaha!

My opinion on Korea!
Korean girls have a serious problem.
Ok, maybe only me who feels so lols!
Not with surgery or whatsoever. Not those! But with skin colour!!
They are WHITE.
Not fair, mind, but WHITE!!
Seriously, OMG!! This isn't the first time i blog about it, but it still shock me to see the amount of foundation the girl next to me applies! Like... talk about being WHITE!!

It's ok to look fair, but WHITE? Even angmoh, who we call "white" (omg i'm so racist), are not as WHITE!
Then again, i guess they (those WHITE Korean girls) provide good entertainment in an otherwise boring subway ride, kekeke! (especially when they apply super rosy cheek too!!)

Have i said how much i hate Korean subway?
If i didn't, here: I HATE KOREAN SUBWAY.
I use to love it during my last trip, despite the super scary transit parts (too much walking involved)... but this time. I just hate it. Super hate it. Somebody gimme a roller blade or something!

Korean guys are HOT! (duh! 12 of my boys are Korean!)
Hot hot hot! HOT!! HOT HOT HOT!!
Because they are all dressed really well (manbags XD!), and most of them are tall and buff! Good body! They carry their clothes well, their style, their looks (clean immaculate type, or scruffy but still really nice and "clean"!)... Me likey =D!

Tee-vees are awesome!
The ads (Lee MinHo!! Kim JunSu!!), the shows! Nice!

I miss Cam and Hollie!!
We had such a good time (despite it being super tiring and all), and i'm particularly amused at my ability to come up with really silly stuffs when i'm dead bored while we're waiting (being fans). Like asking them to choose between Lee SooMan and Park JinYoung, hehehe!

But that's not a difficult question! But this one... OMG! I'm still appalled that when it was a choice between LSM and KIM HEECHUL OF SUPER JUNIOR... and SOMEONE actually hesitated for a moment and ponder who to choose!! HEHEHE!

Ah, i feel so lonely now. Even more frustrated when i think of the boys.
Ok stop it.

Was going to post photos, but, hehehe, lazy =P!
Seriously, internet here is just awesome! I'm so going to miss it, kekeke!

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