Friday, August 31, 2007


Ah, so patriotic *beams proudly*!~

Its not everyday that someone turns 50!
And this year marks the 50th year our country achieve its independent!~

From whatever it has been, to the whatever it is now!~


Though there may be a lot of things or issues i, and so do everyone else, who don't like about Malaysia...

Though a lot of people overseas might never even heard of Malaysia before because they so kampung till no tv, nor do they online nor do they read the papers...

Though a lot of people may criticizes Malaysia, Malaysians or foreigners alike (trust me, we can have A LOT to say, what do you think our Mamak-stores are for?)...

Despite everything!~

You can help but to love the place you are born, the place where you grow up!


Its where my family and friends are...

Its where good food, 1-Utama and Penang are...

We are too freaking multi-lingual...

We "lar"...


There's a lot more...

But most importantly...

Its where i grow up!~

Nobody is purr-fect, so isn't it ok that no country is purr-fect either!

Even if you strive to do your best, other people will always find a way to bad-mouth you; either because they can never be satisfied, or because they are unworthy of everything you have achieved.

Whatever it is, I love my country!~

Malaysia may not be the best country, but sometimes:

If all you want to see is the bad side, its only the bad side which you'll always see.

If all you want to see is the good side only, nowhere will be bad.

However, if you can understand that:
Where there is a bad side, there'll always be a GOOD SIDE.

Isn't that enough?

Be proud of who you are and where you are from!


ps: Now i'm going to go onto my house roof, sing Negaraku at the top of my lungs, and flung the Jalur Gemilang like a mad woman!~

And there's nothing the police can do even if people complain, because i'm just showing my love and patriotism for my country!~
If they catch me, it means they don't want people to show their patriotism wouldn't they (though duit kopi can always help too!)!

And i'll round up my performance with a round of Super Junior's song U's hip-thrust, just to add more hip into it!~



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

YehSung the idiot.

You camwhore!

(Or rather, i'm the one who should at least try to resist the temptation (= =")...?)


Crap, looking at the pics makes me feel as if YehSung is saying:

"*hypnotizes kimchi* Come buy this shirt kimchi!~~~ Look how pretty it is!~ Look at the pretty colours!~~"
Which kimchi will promptly reply "Yeh oppa ~(*v*)~!~"...


I so want this but but... rationality kicking in...



I shall stop thinking now, it giving me headaches.

But ah, i have an idea!

No, i'll never sell my HeeChul!

But rather, i'll throw my HeeChul to live with the real HeeChul for a week, and then the real HeeChul will pay me (or give me free merchandises) to take back my HeeChul, because the real HeeChul obviously wouldn't be able to stand my HeeChul!!

Hah, genius me!



But how if they end up killing each other (-┏)?

A Love and Hate Relationship.

With Super Junior.




I thought it was bad when TVfXQ!, or rather SM, had came up with 6 t-shirts designs to rob money from us fans tempt us fans with!

Technically, i'm not a big TVfXQ! fan, so whether or not i own any of the shirt doesn't really matter it is BiBi's business...

Though i caught myself wanting this one (the one i pointed with the arrow above), because its really really nice and Super Junior wore them before...

No seriously, its really really nice, and i really really REALLY like it, so i'm willing work for it, and go on a diet to fit in it (curses you free size!)!

Ok, this case settle!

So anyways, while i'm still collecting money to buy that... here comes the idiots.

Releasing their own clothing design!!

TWO different colours!

And also a POUCH (pencil case actually, but whatever)!!!


Though i sincerely thank God, and SM that they didn't come up with 13 different t-shirt designs to kill us fans for us to choose our favourite ones... but really...


So i thought, what the cat, i'll save buying this later i won't buy the shirts, but i'll just get the pouch, because frankly, the shirts, i can't decide which colour (also the fitting part, and also its long sleeve)... and i like the pouch, a girl could always use with a good pouch (though she has like 1892187319823710723012 of 'em)...

But then i saw this.
(Click to enlarge image)
Why am i so busybody?

If i haven't been busybody, i would've just skipped it and i could bath in my money...

But no, because i am so busybody, i scrolled back up to see what it is, and see that its actually a very memorable item (for us fans anyways - 2nd album and 2nd anniversary thingy...).


Its bad when you are a (collecting) fan (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I have to go now.

I'm having a private, farewell party with my money.

I'm going to miss you dudes.

Nice knowing all of you.


ps: Yeah, i reckon the memorable item part is just one of SM's gimmicks to take our money away is just a fraction of my imagination.
They are probably just releasing this together with their upcoming album to rob our money to... something something anyways...

But i can't help it.

Someone save me (and my money).

pps: You can do so (to save me), by:

You can buy the HEART TVfXQ! t-shirt for me here.

The brown SuJu shirt for me here.

The black SuJu shirt for me here.

Thank you. You are much loved! Hahaha!

(No seriously i'm so joking, i'm not so thick-faced, but just in case you ever "feel like it" (buying stuff for me)! Teehee =P!~)

1 0 0 문 1 0 0 답

100 Questions, 100 Answers

1. Name:
eiko-chan aka kimchi

2. Birthdate: June 20 - remember people!

3. Graduating school: 늘바란 (Always Blue)

4. Place where you live: Under the sea~!

5. Family relations: Like a family.

6. Personality: Crazy albeit useless wildlife conservationist.

7. Strong point: My hair - always falls back to original style. Even after wind, or people messing it - in other words, rarely gets messy.

8. Weak point: My hair - always falls back to original style. No point styling most of the time.

9. Hobbies: Annoying HeeChul
, online, music, movies, books etc.

10. Specialty: Annoying
HeeChul (and always successful)...

11. Religion: Namo amitabha!

12. Height: Hobbit-tish. Sadly.

13. Weight: This is not left blank without a reason you know!

14. Bloodtype: The Universal Provider.

15. Shoe size: Do you expect me to wear shoes in my room? Lazy to check...

16. Favorite music: Good music!

17. Favorite musician: You know, i know, everybody knows. ㅋㅋㅋ

18. Favorite season: Summer 夏 여름 ONLY.

19. Favorite food: Not very particular, GOOD FOOD ONLY.

20. Favorite actor/actress: Loads!

21. Things that you want to own: Guess! -- No, i really mean GUESS, not the brand

22. My ideal type: is my dream guy.

23. My current dilemma: Too many.

24. When was your first love: When i first meet ice-cream.

25. Definition concerning love: Ice-cream. Super Junior.

26. Alcohol tolerance level: Don't know, don't like alcohol. I don't need alcohol to get high anyways.

27. Alcohol induced habit: Dance around (even without 'em no prob).

28. How many most valuable friends?: Quoted: "
The important thing isn't 'how many,' but rather 'how deep'..."...

29. Treasure #1: Family and friends and wildlife. Muahaha, i'm just being me.

30. When I see myself as handsome: When JungAh comes with her theory that "i look like a something-something" ㅡㅡㆀ... ㅋㅋ

31. When I see myself as sexy: When i see myself as sexy...

32. Current hair style: Short hair.

33. Current clothing attire: Clothes.

34. My current posture: Crossed leg on a chair...

35. Things in your pocket: Pocket.

36. When did you first try drinking alcohol: When i was in primary school? With parents permission of course.

37. Thing you want to do most right now: I want to write without the need to sleep for just tonight, and next morning, i'll still feel good!

38. Favorite color: Blue, apple green,
pink, orange, yellow, white, black etc...

39. Present you want to receive from your significant other: 사랑 of course, ㅋ...

40. Favorite brand: NIKE and The Dog!

41. When do you want to get married: When the time is right.

42. What do you do when home alone?: Roll around, sing and dance, annoy
HeeChul, online or watch tee-vee.

43. Time it usually takes to fall asleep: It varies unfortunately

44. Clothing style: Nice, simple and casual style, sometimes with a tendency to lean towards sporty or rock style.

45. Habit: Daydream, and think a lot. Too much in fact.

46. Highest ranking while attending school: 2nd...

47. Difference between women and men: Women has the letter "wo" infront of "men". In other words, wo're ahead.

48. If you are born again: Pray the world would be a better place for humans and animals alike.

49. What would I have been in a previous life?: Alive?

50. If someone you love cheats on you: I don't forget.

51. Song I like to sing most at noraebang (Karaoke): Depends on my voice condition that day.

52. What you want to do on rainy days: Play under the rain, look outside the window at the heavy rain or sleep.

53. Current physical condition: Not good; lack sleep, lack exercise, lack health.

54. If you were left behind alone in a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you: My family and friends, and Superstar Leo with all the crew and goods and necessities inside it.
ps: Everything free for us too!

55. If you get married, how many kids?: Two.

56. Person you want to see the most right now: Zhao Gong, aka "Sleep God"...

57. Favorite snacks: Recent craze: cookies. Ah, i sound like a little kid...

58. Monthly allowance: Money.

59. Restaurant that you go to often: Too many to decide which.

60. What do you mainly do in your free time?: I roll around my house.

61. Do you tend to get dumped? or do the dumping?: If the rubbish bin has hands you'll probably be the one who tends to get dumped.

62. Reason for your answer to question 61: You're a human, not rubbish. You don't dump yourself (or others) in the bin, hello (or perhaps maybe because you deserve to be in it).

63. Something you most want to have: Peace in the world
ㅡㅡv (and all animals to be living happily)!

64. If you are reincarnated?: I'm alive again?

65. When you feel that you've become an adult: When i feel that i've become one.

66. Country you want to visit the most: Korea, Japan, Bangkok, Brisbane,
Adelaide, LA, HongKong, Maldives, Redang... too many ㅡㅡ...

67. Your method to evaluate human beings: By paying attention.

68. What kind of proposal is the most awesome: My dream proposal is the most awesome (^^ )!~

69. Place you want to go to most with your significant other: BEACH!

70. What's your cellphone bill: A piece of paper.

71. If you go on vacation, where to: Isn't that the same as country you want to visit most

72. Favorite TV program: SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Odd Parents, CSI, Heroes etc... Loads more!

73. If unification (of Korea) happens: Jolly good?

74. The person you think of when you get rained on: Anyone who sells umbrella.

75. When do you feel like you are happy: When i'm feeling complete!

76. Most recent movie you saw: Ratatouille!~

77. Movie that made a deep impression: Secret 不能說的秘密.

78. What do you think about homosexuals: Its your own happiness.

79. Do you think one can marry someone else for the sake of someone they love: What?

80. First thing you want to do for someone you love: Give them a hug and a kiss!

81. Do you think you have a tendency to cheat: I doubt it honestly, but who knows.

82. I want to die when it's like this: All, or any species of animal, animals going extinct (I'll die again even if i'm dead when that time comes).

83. While walking down a street, if you find $10 million: You really should take it to the police station, but heck, knowing Malaysians, the police will probably keep it
ㅡㅡ.... i'll donate it to an animal welfare society!

84. When you're heart hurt the most: When bad memories or feelings comes.

85. The most indecent man is: Quoted: "Men who think men have enormous privileges"... aka chauvinists.

86. The most indecent woman is: Quoted: "Women who think that everything they do is forgivable just because they are women"... aka sluts.

87. If you became an invisible man: Do what Harry Potter does.

88. Name of the alcohol you like the most: Asahi and Guinness Stout! Absolut BERRY's not bad too!

89. Appetizers you like to eat most with alcohol: Eh?

90. Behavior when angry: Throwing tantrums and tempers.

91. Motto: "I shall be a girl/ lady/ woman/ female not as how the society perceives i should be, but one as how i see fit I should be." and also, "
If a human in need of charity loses me, there'll always be someone else willing to help them. However, if an animal loses me, they have lost another hope to survive."

92. When someone you just met asks you for your phone number: What?

93. Your nickname: Loads... but you may call me eiko-hime or eiko-sama

94. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: Sleep again.

95. Place on your body in which you are most confident: I love my hair, but ah, its getting bad.

96. Do you have a jinx: Expecto patronum! I wonder what animal will appear (^^ )!~

97. The most valuable thing in the world is: Apart from my family and friends, animals!

98. When you are the happiest: When i feel complete...

99. When you are the saddest: When i feel uncomplete...

100. Last thing I want to say: You're very free ne, HeeNim?

Credits: HeeNim's Minihompy

ps: Try it if you're free (^^ )!~

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PPP: Holiday in Tuscany

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Monday, August 27, 2007

My life with idiot - Part 1

Do you know how hard is it to wake the idiot up every morning?

She sleeps with me in my Royal bedchamber almost every night.
As a Princess who needs her beauty sleep every night, i'll sleep while she types away on her stupid laptop, disturbing me occasionally when she gets bored, but still didn't want to sleep.

So anyways, when she finally *do* sleep, its around the crack of dawn.

The time *I* want to wake up.

I have to meow millions of time to wake my servant up so she could open the door for me!

If it doesn't work, i have to resort to climbing on her bed, climb on her and meow directly at her face to wake her up!

Ah, i don't like doing that, but its fun watching her startled expression when she open her eyes and the first thing she sees is my beautiful face.

Really funny, hahaha!

But you know what, as fun as it is, its tiring...

Maybe i should just lock her out of my room every night (-┏)...

Thailand - The Land of Smile.

And i promise on my The Dog merchandises, there are ALOT to read.
Trust me to write a short post,
*snort*, NOT!

I can actually devide this up to a few chapters, but i'm lazy =P!
So this ONE POST contains the whole Thailand trip doodles and rambles! Hehehe!

Enjoy? I hope! Muahahahahahahahaa!!

And cheap stuffs.
Cheap (but scary) taxi-rides.
Cheap food.
Almost every major brand you could ever hoped for in the world.
And food.
Tons of flavours for LAYS potato chips, not to forget cheap (not that i like LAYS, but just thought i mentioned it).
... and when i say tons, i DO mean TONS.

And lots and lots of stuffs!
I want to move to Thailand XD! Hahaha!

One reason why i freakingishly love Thailand, was because of the brand, The Dog!

The Dog stuffs there are real and official and CHEAP. Those you get here are overpriced and fake.
(Its real because its sold at department stores only, and there's the Hanadeka sign confirming its originality.)

You choose lar where you want to buy those merchandises! Which i really really REALLY LOVE XD!~

So anyways, the last time i went (2003/ 2004?), The Dog merchandises were everywhere, so i went crazy everywhere! Like really mad! And its dirt-cheap, like RM1 for most of everything!

This time was not as satisfying (though satisfying in other ways), because The Dog craze had died down at Thailand, and almost every other funny brand came out which i'm not interested, so it didn't get me as craze and shopping wasn't as fun adee...

But i don't know to say if *thats* lucky or not; "lucky" is because since this time there were less, almost none, The Dog stuffs, it gave my cousins some peace-of mind, since they were the ones out with me...

However if it was like back then... oh God...
Take and throw to basket.
No need to see what is it! As long as its The Dog (and also because its CHEAP XD!~)!
Though i'll sort-it-out in the end to see if i had that stuff adee anot, but seriously...

Like i lost my head the way the dogs head are engorged (= =")... the opposite way nya...

I swear as "clear-headed" as when i want to be, sometimes, when it comes to SHOPPING with LOADS of stuffs i adore... i can go all air-headed and started buying everything in sight that i need to be controlled (by who else, my cousins!... and my wallet as well...)!

And gleeeeeee all the way (even after leaving the shop) that luckily Thai people are polite enough to not look at other people, otherwise i would've gotten thrown into the Thailand-version of Tanjung Rambutan!

So yeah, luckily my cousin needn't do much of the "controlling-part"... till the end that is... hehe, wait for the story lar!

Ok, back to my trip, before i side-track more, i initially lazy to write one, but because i've taken some pics to Blog adee (What? Go Thailand also think about Blogging? Hahaha!), better don't waste it!

11 July 2007 Wednesday
I've roughly packed a couple of days before the trip, but somehow or rather i got all nervous before the trip (which i don't know why!) it was like around 2-3am before i sleep after all the last-minute-packings + online! And i had to wake up the next morning for a flight at 10:30am!

That said, somehow or rather i found myself rushing out of the house and somemore last minute packings that i forgot a whole bunch of important stuffs, like forgetting to say a proper goodbye to HeeChul and left pan-chan at home!
I would not further elaborate why pan-chan's so important (before he perasan mad), but lets say he is very required for some pics taking while at Thailand, and i need to hug something from home to sleep if i'm at another place! Otherwise i can't sleep!

I forced HeeChul to sleep with me the night before leaving btw, hehe, by carrying her to my room and letting her sleep there instead! Hehehe!

I bought her a collar to wear, so in anycase she leaves the house at least she's collared and people will know she's owned (but she's so fat she doesn't look stray anyways)!
She's a good girl in the sense she just let me wear the collar on her without any fuss =)!

Reached LCCT with some time to spare!

That said, but we end up late entering the plane because we mistaken the boarding time =P!

Oh yah, i went with my mom, her friend and my cousin May =)!

The flight was ok, but the annoying part was this kid who sat behind me.
Noisy throughout the whole flight, luckily i sleep throughout the flight, but occasionally got waken up by the racket he caused!!
He even whacked me on my head for no apparent reason ok (= =")...
And the mom of his only scold him to not do it, didn't even apologize to ME whatsoever! What the?
I honestly don't mind (kids are just being kids)... except his mother being so rude, in a way, that i mind!

The stupidest part is the kid only kept quiet when the plane is landing... because he had fell asleep (= =")...

I should've brought some sleeping pills and feed you those the minute the plane departs...

So anyways, reached Thailand around noon or so!
There were loads of people, we were halfway lining up when this lady in charge of organizing the line suddenly came up to us and escorted my pregnant cousin sis, May, into this area!

WOOT! Cool ne?
Of course, its probably because the Royal me is there, but to avoid attracting attention, so they escorted May first! Hahaha! I totally understand, no worries XD!~
Ehem ehem!
So anyways, because we are family, so we get to skipped the long line and tag in too (^^ )!~ Muahahahahaha!~

My Uncle picked us up, but anyways, take a look at this:

Those are the AIRPORT TAXIS!! OMG!
And for a moment, if i had not known Thailand taxis are Vios (cousin told me), i would've thought some BIG PEOPLE had arrived or something!

We went straight for lunch, meeting up with my beloved cousin PrettyKat!
The food was REALLY GOOD - Japanese food -! But i was too hungry so i forgot the pics, sorry =P! Hahaha!

Then we went home, and spent the whole day at home, only going to Makro which was really near my cous house, and i slept after watching CSI on AXN! Muahahahahahahahahaa!~

Oh, and Thailand was:
I sweat like mad, but the sun there, unlike ours, at least won't "burn" us! Its just REALLY HOT!

12 July 2007 Thursday
Went to CentralWorld today, the largest shopping mall in SE Asia!
The last time i came here it was the World Trade Center, and a lot smaller than it was now! Apparently, they combined three malls to transform it to the CentralWorld we see now!

AhKim brought us for lunch (Yummy Thai-version Char Koey Tiao!), then they left us to explore CentralWorld while they returned home! Its like any malls we go to honestly, no point following us around (I'm there anyways) so we just shopped and returned home before rush hour!

I wasn't really satisfy with this trip really, apart from because i didn't get to spend a lot of time exploring the whole of CentralWorld (which was i think is like, more than 6 storeys high!), i didn't see anything i like so i bought NOTHING (got lar, but very little its like "nothing"!)! There wasn't ample time anyways...

The only satisfying part was:
Zen's Dog DayCare and Spa (Zen is a department store inside CentralWorld)!!

They didn't allow photos (i stupidly went and ask), so i have to curi curi take!
Apparently, you can just drop your dog over for a nice spa (grooming) experience, or otherwise, you can just let them take care of your dog while you shop around!
The BEST PART is you get to choose any one room from the eight designs available for your dog to be in (not sure if you can see from this pic)!!
All the eight rooms have different "styles"! There's oriental style, old-english style, LOADS! It was all really very pretty!

And the coolest part... if you didn't like the idea of people taking care of you dog, you can even rent DOGGY PRAMS so you can put your dog in it and push it all around the department store while you shop! ISN'T THAT THE COOLEST?? How come Malaysia don't have anything like this? Hmph!

But argh, i forgot to check out the doggy carrier bags while i'm there!! It should be cheaper there, because dogs have a very luxurious life there, and they have a wide variety for EVERYTHING FOR DOGS! Plus, almost every department store there sell STUFFS FOR DOGS! Isn't that cool?

Oh, and another satisfying factor would have to be Mister Donut!
Again, i forgot pictures again =P! But here's a pic i nicked of Mr Donut's Japan Website!

This is no ordinary donut!
They used a different type of flour for it, so its very the "Q" and very nice to chew and eat! Yummy! May beat Big Apple Donuts anyday, hahahahaha!~

13 July 2007 Friday
PrettyKat purposely brought us (me and May, and her cousin brother from Taiwan, only; my mom and her friend stayed home) to SIAM SQUARE so i could source out all The Dog merchandises i have been looking for desperately!!
But unfortunately, there were none (just pens) =(... but i got some stuffs anyways, i'm happy with it (though still not utterly satisfied, the crazy shopper i can be abroad...)!

But i went bonkers at this one shop anyways, a lot of those stuffs i like (stationaries, books, etc)! Hahaha!

And then i went FURTHER BONKERS (and filled with LOVE)... because of this:

They complete me XD!~ YAH!~
They are especially popular in Thailand see, muahahahahahahahaha!~
ps: And i love photoshop, hahaha!

Then we went to this mall, erm... i forgot the name, i think it was Siam Center?
Anyways, you know those signboards which point to toilets and all?
Forget those BORING ONES in Malaysia!

I LOVE the signboards here!

Cool ne? So adorable XD!~
ps: I should stop using "cool"! Now i sound thick... ugh...

14 July 2007 Saturday.
We went to CHATUCHAK (Or JJ Market)! Look at the subway tickets, cute!

I bought loads of stuffs! YEAH!
But because time was precious (again), me and May only walked the outer part around the whole market (we split into 3 groups; PrettyKat and her best friend, my mom and her friend, me and my cous)!
Part reason for only walking around the market was also because i didn't want to go inside the small lanes and lorongs because i'm afraid of the crowd, it'll be very hot!
I don't mind the sun really, i prefer the sun than stuffy places.
Plus it'll be difficult to exit once you enter and all, and i wasn't really in the mood to stuff with tons of people in those narrow lanes..

And by the time we walked one round all round JJ market, its already time to meet up! Mom and her friend found nothing, so we left adee (they were tired too), otherwise i'm sure we probably could stay longer and i can add more collection to my pile of junk back home? Hehehe!

At night was... PARADISE AND LOADS OF LOVE XD!~ Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!~

Its ok if you don't understand! Hahahahahahahaha!~

Thanks loads to PrettyKat, who is really the best! She's such a diamond!~

And then...

15 July 2007 Sunday.
I'm complete.

Won't say anything more here, ㅋㅋㅋ!~

But argh, missed my chance to go to the aquarium at Siam Paragon, barnacles!! Its supposedly the biggest aquarium in SE ASIA! ARGH!

We go there next time ok? PLEASE!!

And i really like this restaurant, also at Siam Paragon!

Really nice!

And check out the McDs at Thailand (which has pork btw, and its really good!)!

This puny size girl infront of me ordered the SuperSize, and because Malaysia doesn't have that, i quickly curi curi (again) take a picture of it!

16 July 2007 Monday.

The day to go home =(...

Our flights around 3pm i think? So we had only till around 12pm to reach home!

PrettyKat took me and May to Central (not to be mistaken with CentralWorld)!

Took a pic of the main road while waiting for Central to open (we came early), and DID YOU SPOT ANYTHING SPECIAL?

Also... hehe...
... I scared my cousins...



It was the same shop i came before last time, and though this time there were less The Dog stuffs, STILL VERY SATISFIED!!
Bought loads of The Dog books, till my cousins had to put a stop to it, because its really TOO "MUCH"!~ Hahaha!

Sorry, can't help it, i go crazy seeing The Dog merchandises, hahaha!

I glee like a mad woman when i leave the shop, i even continued laughing like mad while we walked around the mall! Luckily my cousins know me, otherwise i would've been shoved to TR, guarantee, hahaha!

I almost went to buy Mister Donut again, but because we were running out of time, so didn't buy =(... haih... a bit the regret, but, what to do!

Then we went home, finish all the packing, and left to the airport for the flight back home!

I miss Thailand so much!!
How i wish i can go there as often as i can, kekeke!
Most probably all this missing now is because i didn't have enough time to walk around all the malls! And of course, a lot of stuffs i forgot to buy (>< )! And before the trip, we (Me and May) actually thought we have TOO MUCH TIME! NOT ENOUGH LAR!

Haih, i'm missing Thailand now! ARGH!

Sorry for this SO LONG-WINDED post! I actually have more pics on my camera, but a bit the lazy upload =P!

So anyways, i'll be coming up with a summarization of Thailand trip soon, just adding "random things" which didn't fit in this post anyways!

Hopefully there'll be loads of pics, and of course, hopefully it won't be as long winded as this one! HAHAHA!


Ok, i go sleep now, GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tag: 8 things about me (again)

Muahahahahahahahaha, here's everyone's favourite Cat's "8 things about me (again)", tagged by my KaiJie (GodSister)!~

Ooh, i love tags, muahahahahahaha!~

I shall keep this short and simple, and totally about me ok?
  1. My Japanese name is Kajiwara Eiko; a name which i created myself. This is also a name which i uses online.
    Eiko was initially Eriko, after an ex-Speed member Imai Eriko. But i find it a bit the "copy" her, and its a tad girly. Then when i played Final Fantasy IX, there's a character Eiko Carol, who i really like (i was writing fantasy stories at that time, and part of her character's personality totally fits my stories' main character, which portrayed after who else... me!), and thus, i changed Eriko to Eiko, and added the surname Kajiwara, which came from a character from Fushigi Yuugi!

  2. I'm very particular with capitalizations and spellings; for example my eiko-chan is with a small letter "e", not "E". So do my "kimchi" (with a small "k").
    Or to make it simpler; all in lower-case!

    I got this "bad habit" from being a J-pop fan too long; if you didn't notice, Japanese too are very particular with their english words capitalization, whether in group names or even song names. Ask me if you still don't understand!

  3. I like to call myself Princess, a Royal etc!
    Though it had an initial "cool-down" period, it came back again these few days, so those reading my Blog: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  4. I've been a fan girl since ancient times; i still am now, and i doubt i'd give up being a fangirly anytime soon because its just so much fun, and it keeps you young (imo)!~

  5. One of my nickname is Kitty: i think Auntie gave me that nickname because of my trademark sign when i leave notes under her desk during high school, which are to kacau her one actually, hahaha!
    And also, this nickname has also helped "inspire" my nickname kimchi (which coincidentally, was also given by Auntie! Smell loads of kimchi ne =D?)!

  6. I stopped piano lessons after completing grade 3. Although i had wished to continue, because i really enjoy playing piano, but i only want to learn how to play; not with the pressure of exams or the need to know the theory (but honestly, both are very important).
    So now i play piano (very rarely) only for fun, and to not forget that i know how to play piano. Though, i don't bother with all the theory or the speed - i'm not very coordinated - because i forgot most of it dee anyways =P!
    And oh yes, because of Jay Chou's movie Secret, it gave me loads of inspiration to continue learning new pieces, instead of just practicing old ones i already know!

  7. I can't sing for tahi, i'm tone-deaf and always run-out-of-key. Though, i still love singing and i love to "play tones" with my friends (acappella, trying high and low key etc), even though i ruin it most of the time, i enjoy the fun of it - perfection isn't necessary.

    Unfortunately, my friends' enthusiasm for it isn't as strong as mine, so i don't get to "play" most of the time (=v=")... but yeah, i like to experiment with my cousin sister JungAh too, who also always helped me with my singing and tone, correcting me when she felt i did something wrong! FUN XD!~

  8. I love immitating voices and tones and pitches. My favourite is immitating Kim DongWan of Shinhwa, but due to lack of practices these days, it made me sound like a sick cat more than like him, hahaha!

And because i know you love me, here are another bonus TWO =D!!
Also because i want to write more, hahaha!

  1. I've always liked a more casual, sporty or rock style as compared to sweet, girlish, innocent style. I'm someone whose very lazy to dress up, so unless i feel like it, otherwise i don't give much thoughts to what i wear when i got out, as long as its not too "uncoordinated" its fine with me!

  2. Recently i found my liking for "rock style" again; i thought it was due to Super Junior's Wonder Boy or YounHa's BiMilBeonHo (and also my all-time favourite Glamourous Sky by Nana featuring Mika Nakashima)... but apparently, its not!!

    My like for rock style has date back to around 2001 when i really like hitomi or ZONE or Imai Eriko's songs - which are more of rockish pop! Most songs i liked then are also more towards rock-pop, so i won't put pass any bands which might have "inspired" me then, which are mostly Japanese songs (GLAY, Every Little Thing, Do As Infinity, etc).
    I watched PopJam every week that time (due to my fangirlyness for KinKi Kids' Dohmoto Koichi, and subsequently KAT-TUN's Jin, till which w-inds. Keita came in and invaded everything else), therefore i have a wide variety of favourite Japanese artists and songs!

    Though honestly, i don't exactly stick to one genre strictly, as long as the song is good i'll listen to it, the genre doesn't really bother me!

No one to tag, but just a note to people: JungAh writes the bo-liao-est tag, hahahahahahahaha!

May JieJie, please remember to do the tag by Kaijie too ne (^^ )!~

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My little Kyu is...

... a retard...

So is the panda...

... and the cat...
Even if nobody is interested...

Even if nobody cares...

I'll just take it upon myself!

Because what a pack needs is a cub who wants the best for the pride.

Which is to stick together so we are strong that nobody can hurt us!

It takes a drumstick to sound a drum.

Not one cub's own wishful thoughts only.

If you are really nice...

... or if you want to be be nice to me (^^ )!~


By putting a Save Our Sumatran Rhinos logo in your Blog or website (^^ )!

(You can click here to download the logo for your Blog or website!)

Honda Malaysia has pledged a contribution of RM5 million to WWF-Malaysia to further strengthen the Sumatran rhino conservation efforts! Honda Malaysia is the first and only corporation dedicated to sponsoring a long term project (5 years) to save the Sumatran rhino.

It won't hurt nor take up much space to add the logo into your blog; you're also helping to raise awareness to save Sumatran rhino, which is also considered a Malaysian heritage because it is the ONLY rhino species found in Malaysia.

By putting it in your blog, you're doing a good deed, and because by putting it into your blog, you'll make ME happier, so you're doing an even GREATER DEED!
Isn't it much more wonderful and very encouraging? Kekeke!

It won't take much of your blog space, and you can show off how caring you are to the environment, even if the actual fact remains that you think they are probably one of the ugliest animal in the face of the earth!

If thats still not convincing, famous Malaysian Bloggers such as Kennysia and Cheesie had also added the logo into their Blog, so you too should follow suit ne?

Although you probably wished that Honda Malaysia will contribute RM5 million to your:
Save the (put your name here) conservation efforts
... instead, but well, we can't have everything we want in our life right?

Anyways, they had already pledged to contribute it to help the Sumatran rhino, so if you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em (^^ )?

Or in other words, to people who i know anyways:

If THAT reason is not convincing enough, i don't know what else, muahahahahaha!~

I AM the Greater Good anyways! Muahahahahahahahaha!
(Ok, fine... i know it didn't really fit, but i got that from The Incredibles, and i like it, so... muahahahahaha!~)

And here are more reasons why we should help conserve Sumatran rhino!

Or in other words: Hear me nag!

It is estimated that there are less than 300 Sumatran rhinos left in the world, with most in Malaysia and Indonesia. But even so, they are facing threats to extinction due to habitat destruction and poaching!

Do you know the Sumatran Rhino are the most endangered species in Malaysia?

Like sharks, they take freakingishly long to mature (6-7 years for female, 10 years for male). Their gestation period is approximately 15-16 months, and they only have a single calf EVERY THREE YEARS.

To make "matters worst" (in a way), their lifespan is approximately only around 35-40 years!

I did some REALLY simple math:
If a rhino lived until 40, mature after 10 years, which leaves them 30 years remaining in life to repopulate the world with their offsprings.
Devide 30 years by 3 years per calf:
That only makes it that a rhino can produce less than 10 calfs throughout their lifespan.

And i doubt 10 rhino calfs can actually survive it to adulthood, seeing all the habitat destruction, poaching, and all those etc.

I mean, if they are actually repopulating at a positive rate (which they aren't), i wouldn't even need to write this now. We probably even have rhinos running around our backyard!

So if we don't help conserve them now, our future will probably never get to see an actual real life rhino.

I know they are not exactly the greatest-looking-animal in the world. They don't have FUR for one, which depletes their "cute-factor" even lower (its proven that people are more willing to save cute furry animals)...

Though, they are animals which are dying because of us, HUMANS, and they are in need of our protection and help now. So if we can help them, why not? Especially since its as simple as:
just by putting a logo in your blog or website!

Help save the Sumatran rhinos!


Oh btw, here's a "funny fact" i like:
Apparently Sumatran Rhinos are the last surviving species in the same group as the extinct Woolly Rhino!

Woolly Rhino, sounds so cute, kekeke!~