Monday, June 29, 2009

I don't care what anyone say!

I still super heart Jay Chou!
It's like he has etched himself into my heart, you just can't get rid of him XD!

I'm seriously the world's worst fans!
I don't know all his songs (by heart or not).
I don't know what's he doing currently.
I don't memorize anything about him (if you tell me his name i would probably go, "Oh really?". Oh really, i'm just kidding lar duh!).
I don't even keep myself updated about him!! etc etc.
Horrible fan or not?

But i know he still gives me this warm fuzzy feeling everytime i hear his songs, or whenever i see him on tee-vee. So yeah, i really do still super heart him, fangirly speaking, he still melts me everytime i see him, and i think his HOT no matter what people say! So yeah, hehehe =P!

Sometimes i don't even bother telling people i'm a Jay Chou fan! It's like something which comes naturally, i know i like him - i have, am and still do - so i don't need to emphasize on that fact. I don't even bother being a "good fan" because i don't find it necessary having to proof to people that i am his fan!
I like him, i know it, and that's enough. (And if you don't like it, you can eat my pants!)
(Note to self: Buy more pants.)

He got Best Male Artist last Saturday at GMA (^^ )!

ps: Same thing with w-inds. =P! I still love them (Keita!!~) very much ok!

pps: My Jay song of the moment =D!

The song which made the whole of Redang rang because i was singing it aloud (K-session) while being (pretending) highly emo =D!
Hey, you do need to inject emotion into the song don't you, kekeke!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boy's Generation!

(albeit it's Boy's Generation this time round!)

My opinions on it!
  • I super heart my boys! They are so adorable! XD

  • OMG Nichkhun (the one in purple pants)! CUTE! Like a little boy nya! His expression XD!

  • JoKwon never disappoint me. Never. (The one with the yellow pants and a big smiley shirt). Whether in a good way or one full of sarcasm... well, it's for me to know and for you to find out. I can't afford having 2AM (PM? OMG i can't differentiate who from who where and what (= =")...) fans chasing after me with kimchi in their hands, aiming them at me, right?
    ps: I secretly thinks (ok maybe not so secret anymore) that JoKwon wants to be like me, or like my girlfriends. Cue at 2.26, the one with the light yellow pants. OMG!!!

  • Key is cute! (light pink pants, black white top.)

  • I find the "manliest" one is the one in hot pink pants. From er, 2PM (or 2AM?). The ironic of the whole thing. Manly dude in hot pink pants?
    (OMG GIMME MY SEUNGRI!!!!!!!!)
    And he gives me the air of one whose thinking, "OMG what am i doing here? I'm manly yo!" (or "JYP better be paying me enough to do this..."... lols!)

  • The guy in orange pants is funny XD! It's like his rather manly, but his acting so girlish, it's like those dudes in the movie whose manly but acts girly!
    Ok, not a very helpful description. Bah!
    (His like those guy in drama or movies, who looks manly, but very shy and quiet and one way or another was forced to act "girly" and sweet. Lols!)

How much do i prefer this over Wonder Boys? I don't know, honestly, there isn't much JoKwon-ness in here for me to prefer this over Wonder Boys =P! LOLS SO MEAN!

pps: Don't get me wrong lar! JoKwon is a good entertainer ok! He plays his "roles" very well. It always shocks me when i see him perform on Korean music shows like MusicBank, when he sang 친구의 고백 with fellow 2PM (2AM?) members. It's like... OMG IS THAT JOKWON?. So manly there ok!! And his a good singer (and i like him best in the group so far)!
That said, you how first impressions are always most important?
And because JoKwon's first impression on me is well... yeah... so... yeah =P!

Henceforth, it's like forevermore, to me, secretly in my own head (ok not so secret anymore again)... it's like he had always wanted to be

Sunburn is not funny.

Thought of posting up a picture of the burn, but decided against it. Just in case i get sued for posting inappropriate content what turf.

What is sunburn?
First it feels like something is burning your back.
Then you can't sleep properly.
And when you do you wake up and feel like holy crap what's on my back!

Then it hurts.
And you have to carry two super heavy bags which you have to use your shoulder.
It was ok... until you realize you're actually a very hyperactive-jumpy person and...
Holy crap!
It actually hurts just by jumping!!

Then you got home, ah, HOME!! And ALOE VERA!!!
Which was honestly super disgusting (but it really helps) but very funny too because i kept laughing out loud because it was so cold and HeeChul came over because she was trying to console me (or maybe she was finding it funny).
Then it was, well, good! Yeah!
Till it hurts!
And worst... ITCH!!

Just now, it itches SO BLOODY BADLY OMG!!
I seriously considered finding a tree and rub my back against it, like Baloo from Jungle Book.

Then sometimes when the sunburn thinks i don't have it enough for the day...
(ok, it all sounded wrong...)

All-in-all, having a sunburn sucks!
Will i do it again?? Do i still dare go under the sun and risk it again?
No for the first one (sunburn part), but YES for the second one!

I love the sun (it's kinda a love-hate-relationship), i love being under the sun especially if i'm at the beach (depends, shade must be nearby so i can run to-and-fro every few minutes, good exercise), so if given the chance i would still go under the sun and run around like The Kid on Crack i always am.
Best feeling in the world!~
But this time with super a lot of sunblock or suntan lotion. Not risking sunburn from the sun again! Even though by being under the sun i'm actually still risking it =P!

Another "present" from Redang would be that i've gotten tanner/ darker.
And when i say a lot, i *mean* A LOT!
I look so different now!

Which is fine really. I'm honestly not those girly-girls whose afraid of getting even a little darker, and that is from someone who needs 6 months to return to "original-skin-colour" with the risk of staying that colour forever (so racist, sorry!)!!
And as much as i do prefer my original colour, playing under the sun in the beach still rules over staying original, so yeah.

My only complain is:
1) My tan is never those nice tan. My mom says i looked dirty, literally. What turf.
2) Last time i wore this sleeveless which left some really unpleasant "bikini-lines" on my shoulders for six month, so this time i opt for something which leaves less line (but which did gave me more sunburn)... but apparently my neck is still kinda fair. Uneven skin tone. So i now look like i have three tone.
Face one colour, neck one colour, chest another colour.

Why lar can't i ever get a nice tan!! BAH!!!

Oh well, sunburn sucks, BAH!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No more, please!

I remember telling my cousin sister i hope i don't get anymore soft toys for my upcoming birthday (20th June btw, mark it in your calendar XD!), because i just have too many of them! You'll be shocked!
Then again, i do love all my soft toys i have because they're my stars =)! Especially those people gave me, kekeke!

Anyways, on the other hand, i'm back from Australia! And check out some of my loot!

Which also goes to show that sometimes we should just eat our words and shut up.

ps: The one at the back is not from Australia, as adorable and cuddly as a Koala Bear she may be. (No, actually she's not, she bites!!)

God loves me.

Because they heard my prayers and granted me this:

(Stoled from Flickr =P!)


Just when i thought i wouldn't be able to get it anymore (ㅠ.ㅠ) *tears of happiness*!!
I miss it so much... it's been like... a week since my last cup T-T (i can have it everyday honestly)!!!
I miss it so much i've actually thought of ways to see how my cousin sister can "da-pao" for me when she comes to KL =P! Do you see how much i love it now (^^ )?


ps: The "God" mentioned in the title is of course, Guan Ying. I'm not Christian, nor is the "God" mentioned Lauren. Just in case =D! Thank you.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear friends.

It is with utmost regret for me to inform you guys that i have, unfortunately, gained a lot (a lot a lot) of weight from my recent trip to the land down under, Australia.

So i hereby declare that anyone, no matter who, who makes even the slightest mention or comment about my weight, or weight in general (or anything which i deemed related*), shall have their heads down the nearest toilet bowl. Or hanged by their toes.**

Thank you.

* My decision regarding such comments (whether they are or not related) shall be final.
** Whichever choice is to be decided by me, which is also final.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I miss Australia.

I remember doing this quiz on FB some time back (when the new FB came around and everyone started the "doing-quiz-craze"), on which country i should live in (something like that, can't find it now), and i got Australia.

Because apparently, it's Beach+City+People+Wildlife+Outdoor etc all in one, all the things which i truly love!

That said, the time i got that "answer", i actually doubted it because i've never even given Australia a thought (even though i really like that place, or to be more specific, Gold Coast). I mean, i'm happy being in Malaysia!

That was before i was *really there*, and so now...
(and i super miss BOOST!)

I miss just about everything of it! Even the freakingishly cold Adelaide weather (i honestly wonder how did i survived Seoul last year? Did i get weaker in just a years time?) to the super windy (but very sunny yeah) Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise!! I love and adore Australia so much, it's like falling in love over and over again everyday i wake up =)!

And i get to do all this fantastic things which i had always wanted to do! In fact, i've accomplished like... half of the things on my "To-Do-List"! Doesn't that just tell you something about the amazingness and wonderness of Australia?
(ok, i sound like a travel agent or something now, i hope i don't jinx this!)

Then again, as much as i love it there... i know there's something, or to be more specific, SOMEONE, that keeps pulling me back to Malaysia.
And everyone knows who that someone is =)!

The Hee with the Hee necklace (^^ )!
I'm home baby (^^ )!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am the happiest girl alive.

I've been to Australia Zoo!
(and even splatted on the sign!)

It was like the euphoric feeling couldn't stop even after the trip! I was smiling like the world is made out of all things good and sweet, it was just the best feeling in the world! I was really so happy!
That said, now looking back at my pictures now, a little regret why i didn't take more pictures of myself there! There's only a few!! (and not like i can go back there anytime soon!)
I guess i was just too happy being there i forgot about everything else =P!

The best part of the trip was being able to meet Charlie, Bindi and Graham, the three crocodiles!! I've seen them on tee-vee so many times, being able to see them in real life was just amazing! Very unbelievable! They are so beautiful (or the proper term, "What a beauty!")!

Then the "highlight" of the trip! I manage to see Terri Irwin (only her back though, but she said "Hi" to my cousin sister!) and met Bindi Irwin, i even took a (group) photo with her (^^ )!! Shame i wouldn't be able to meet Steve =).

As a little girl, i know that i love animals. I'm amazed by them! Apart from the cartoon channels, i also like watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet (depends what program though).
And definitely, i've been watching Crocodile Hunter since i could ever remember! So Steve Irwin has sorta been like a childhood hero to me, or at least, a conservationist i highly respect. I've learned so much from him!

For starters, his entertaining and funny, it's definitely better than watching other boring educational programs ("Conservation through Exciting Education"!)! Another thing is he really reaches to his audience! You really learn educational conservation messages from him, and it really makes you feel like you want (and can) make a difference! I wouldn't be surprised if i'm so go-go on conservation (though i know i'm still far from purr-fect) because i was influenced by him!
A few things i've learned, just because an animal looks ugly to the "ordinary human", it doesn't mean they are "bad". In fact, i love crocodiles, lizards (exotic, not the common house type) and even snakes. It's probably an indirect influence from too many episodes of the Crocodile Hunter =P! (ooh, and i remember calling an Iguana cute once, and my brother stared at me weirdly =P!)

His one of the person that i really want to meet! I remember telling my dad that i wanted to go to Australia Zoo and meet Steve Irwin! And after so many years finally, i was able to go to Australia Zoo!! Too bad i was 3 years late, but it's ok, because it's just such an amazing place, it's great just to be there! It's the best place ever!

I'll definitely write about it another day! Let me just immerse myself in the happy feeling that i've finally made it to Australia Zoo (^^ )!~


ps: Haha, this entry (about Steve) was sorta 3 years late =P! I just couldn't get myself to finish writing it, but yeah, i finally did (^^ )!

Monday, June 08, 2009


My 3yo nephew calls my cat "HeeChuu".
Just now, he was repeatedly calling "HeeChuu", "HeeChuu" while eating his paupau. I was seated opposite him and said, "HeeChul".
Which then my nephew gave me the cutest, most adorable, cheeky, super cute smile ever!!
Words just can't describe how cute the smile was ok! (^^ )

OMG it's so cold now, why why why!!
That said, i know when i'm back in Malaysia, i'll sure start complaining "hot hot hot". I can never be satisfied can i =P? (that said, i honestly prefer tropical seaside-ish weather =P!)

ps: Initially, my nephew says "Cat" whenever i show him pictures of my cat. I told him it's "HeeChul". Now, he will say "HeeChul" whenever he see my cat's picture, and sometimes, even lions and other cats which look slightly like HeeChul!! Rofl! The adorableness XD!

pps: Oh gosh, talking about my warm fluffy puffy bun paupau makes me emo!! I better be ready for a good scolding, or be ignored for really long time (unlikely, since she's a very forgiving puff though very naggy) when i get back!!

Dyed hair is a curse.

No, seriously, it is.
First off, once you go "dyed", you never go back. At least for me it is.

I remember the good 'ol public school days, where dyed hair is a no-no. So the minute after SPM, everyone like... rush to get their hairs dyed.
I remember my first dyed hair... thinking back... OMG!
It was a brown base with blonde highlights. It looked nice sometimes, and lala most of the times what turf. Oh yeah, everyone had "those days". Sometimes it's just not wise to let people decide for your hair, even if they know what they're doing. (ok i'm kidding, i let my current stylist decide everything for me =P!)

After that, i grew my hair out and cut off the dyed parts, and was "black" for awhile. Then i dyed my hair again at this Aunty-ish hair-salon (omg i don't know how my mom got me to go there. The colouring was good, but the hair cut was...).
Then after that... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all the way and the black never see the day (ironic or pun or neither? Hmm...).

Oh yeah, and the "weeee" has been a good 4-5 years dah. I've never had black hair since.
Wait... am i that OLD?? (lols!) =P

Anyways, the "curse" part is having to re-dye after every few months!! The roots!!! GAH!!!
I don't do touch-ups, because i'm always looking for a hair cut, so it's kinda pointless. The plus point is i can experiment with different hair colours and eventually find a colour that i like (till i go for another new colour), the bad point is in-between dyes... the black roots!!

The funny thing about the roots is, when i had a lighter hair colour, my roots are not very obvious. However, since recently i've gone for a darker hair colour... the roots are OMG so super obvious! But isn't it weird? Isn't light+dark = larger contrast as opposed to dark and dark?

Either ways, i'm so not enjoying seeing my roots! That said, i like how the black and the hair colour blends!
If only at the parting... kekeke!


If i said i was in England...

Would you believe me (^^ )?
Gosh, i love old buildings like this!

Monday, June 01, 2009

New Moon.

OMG i didn't know the trailer was out!!
Gosh, i like how the wolf doesn't look too scary or monstery (even though looks fake... but anyways, i don't like *that* wolf. Not Jacob lar, Taylor Lautner just because (i want Steven Strait or Corbin Bleu)!!

But hmm, after all the hype about Twilight, i think Poo's opinion is getting to me (what turf go away Poo), that i don't find the "woo-hah" and all the "ahhhhhh *girly squeal*" for the series anymore. Or maybe because i'm getting bored of it? I'm actually quite tired of it dee (gasp! what happened?)!! Overrated perhaps?? Or maybe i just don't really like New Moon so i don't feel the need to be excited over it? (that said, i thought i *liked* New Moon what turf).

Ok, i'm so contradicting myself. Just ignore what i've just said.

I'm leaving Adelaide tomorrow morning =(! I'll miss it here!
It's small, there's no 1-Utama or farm animals around or anything (that said, those people *are* leaving me so what the!!!)... there's no mamak, and nighttime is practically online or sleep (or eat and get fatter)... that said, i'll sure miss here!