Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunburn is not funny.

Thought of posting up a picture of the burn, but decided against it. Just in case i get sued for posting inappropriate content what turf.

What is sunburn?
First it feels like something is burning your back.
Then you can't sleep properly.
And when you do you wake up and feel like holy crap what's on my back!

Then it hurts.
And you have to carry two super heavy bags which you have to use your shoulder.
It was ok... until you realize you're actually a very hyperactive-jumpy person and...
Holy crap!
It actually hurts just by jumping!!

Then you got home, ah, HOME!! And ALOE VERA!!!
Which was honestly super disgusting (but it really helps) but very funny too because i kept laughing out loud because it was so cold and HeeChul came over because she was trying to console me (or maybe she was finding it funny).
Then it was, well, good! Yeah!
Till it hurts!
And worst... ITCH!!

Just now, it itches SO BLOODY BADLY OMG!!
I seriously considered finding a tree and rub my back against it, like Baloo from Jungle Book.

Then sometimes when the sunburn thinks i don't have it enough for the day...
(ok, it all sounded wrong...)

All-in-all, having a sunburn sucks!
Will i do it again?? Do i still dare go under the sun and risk it again?
No for the first one (sunburn part), but YES for the second one!

I love the sun (it's kinda a love-hate-relationship), i love being under the sun especially if i'm at the beach (depends, shade must be nearby so i can run to-and-fro every few minutes, good exercise), so if given the chance i would still go under the sun and run around like The Kid on Crack i always am.
Best feeling in the world!~
But this time with super a lot of sunblock or suntan lotion. Not risking sunburn from the sun again! Even though by being under the sun i'm actually still risking it =P!

Another "present" from Redang would be that i've gotten tanner/ darker.
And when i say a lot, i *mean* A LOT!
I look so different now!

Which is fine really. I'm honestly not those girly-girls whose afraid of getting even a little darker, and that is from someone who needs 6 months to return to "original-skin-colour" with the risk of staying that colour forever (so racist, sorry!)!!
And as much as i do prefer my original colour, playing under the sun in the beach still rules over staying original, so yeah.

My only complain is:
1) My tan is never those nice tan. My mom says i looked dirty, literally. What turf.
2) Last time i wore this sleeveless which left some really unpleasant "bikini-lines" on my shoulders for six month, so this time i opt for something which leaves less line (but which did gave me more sunburn)... but apparently my neck is still kinda fair. Uneven skin tone. So i now look like i have three tone.
Face one colour, neck one colour, chest another colour.

Why lar can't i ever get a nice tan!! BAH!!!

Oh well, sunburn sucks, BAH!!

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