Monday, June 08, 2009


My 3yo nephew calls my cat "HeeChuu".
Just now, he was repeatedly calling "HeeChuu", "HeeChuu" while eating his paupau. I was seated opposite him and said, "HeeChul".
Which then my nephew gave me the cutest, most adorable, cheeky, super cute smile ever!!
Words just can't describe how cute the smile was ok! (^^ )

OMG it's so cold now, why why why!!
That said, i know when i'm back in Malaysia, i'll sure start complaining "hot hot hot". I can never be satisfied can i =P? (that said, i honestly prefer tropical seaside-ish weather =P!)

ps: Initially, my nephew says "Cat" whenever i show him pictures of my cat. I told him it's "HeeChul". Now, he will say "HeeChul" whenever he see my cat's picture, and sometimes, even lions and other cats which look slightly like HeeChul!! Rofl! The adorableness XD!

pps: Oh gosh, talking about my warm fluffy puffy bun paupau makes me emo!! I better be ready for a good scolding, or be ignored for really long time (unlikely, since she's a very forgiving puff though very naggy) when i get back!!

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