Saturday, June 20, 2009

No more, please!

I remember telling my cousin sister i hope i don't get anymore soft toys for my upcoming birthday (20th June btw, mark it in your calendar XD!), because i just have too many of them! You'll be shocked!
Then again, i do love all my soft toys i have because they're my stars =)! Especially those people gave me, kekeke!

Anyways, on the other hand, i'm back from Australia! And check out some of my loot!

Which also goes to show that sometimes we should just eat our words and shut up.

ps: The one at the back is not from Australia, as adorable and cuddly as a Koala Bear she may be. (No, actually she's not, she bites!!)


Am@n3 said...

heechul fits in the picture damn well!
I thought it was a softtoy! XD

eiko-chan said...

Thank you!! So fitting right, rofl! I only realize it when i look back at the pictures XD!