Monday, June 29, 2009

I don't care what anyone say!

I still super heart Jay Chou!
It's like he has etched himself into my heart, you just can't get rid of him XD!

I'm seriously the world's worst fans!
I don't know all his songs (by heart or not).
I don't know what's he doing currently.
I don't memorize anything about him (if you tell me his name i would probably go, "Oh really?". Oh really, i'm just kidding lar duh!).
I don't even keep myself updated about him!! etc etc.
Horrible fan or not?

But i know he still gives me this warm fuzzy feeling everytime i hear his songs, or whenever i see him on tee-vee. So yeah, i really do still super heart him, fangirly speaking, he still melts me everytime i see him, and i think his HOT no matter what people say! So yeah, hehehe =P!

Sometimes i don't even bother telling people i'm a Jay Chou fan! It's like something which comes naturally, i know i like him - i have, am and still do - so i don't need to emphasize on that fact. I don't even bother being a "good fan" because i don't find it necessary having to proof to people that i am his fan!
I like him, i know it, and that's enough. (And if you don't like it, you can eat my pants!)
(Note to self: Buy more pants.)

He got Best Male Artist last Saturday at GMA (^^ )!

ps: Same thing with w-inds. =P! I still love them (Keita!!~) very much ok!

pps: My Jay song of the moment =D!

The song which made the whole of Redang rang because i was singing it aloud (K-session) while being (pretending) highly emo =D!
Hey, you do need to inject emotion into the song don't you, kekeke!

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