Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year's Eve ^-^!!!~

Today is New Year's Eve!!! Going out with Loo2 and Auntie!!! Yeah XD!!!~

But its bloody hell raining =.=...

I love the rain, I REALLY DO!!! But then... why rain now, later no fireworks ;o;...

So i guess we might have no where to go, as assuming that the place we were to visit will be wet and might be dangerous; plus if raining tak payah say anything dee ler =.=...

Go my house??? Bad idea, my bro and his friends will be invading it =.=... My bro mentioned it earlier before i suggested that idea to my mom ;o;... damn!!!

Somemore very lazy drive here and there lar @.@!!! Jam, etc!!! Loo2's dad please allow Loo2 to drive!!! I sick driving everywhere everytime already lar at this moment 0_0!!!

But on a bonus point, hehehe, today is 31st!!! Baskin Robbins is having their every 31st sale =D!!!~ Muahahahahaha!!!~ ICE CREAM X9!!!~

Bought a huge quart of Vanilla X9!!!~ Want to buy Tiramisu too, but habis dee =(...

But anyways... YEAH XD!!!~

At least got something to hug if tonight's plans will be going down the drain =.=...


Edit: I'm sick of always being the one to plan and to call everyone to ensure everything is running smooth... phone calls are NOT cheap... next time, i should be the one who sits down and plan and let the others take care of the other-others... if they don't bother, then let it be... bloody hell...

Yes, i over-worry, but if i don't who else will care about all the whole bloody thing??? Let the bloody thing go down the drain??? I don't even get appreciated for everything i've done, not that its necessary, but it'll be better to know that MY EFFORTS are at least appreciated... bloody hell...

I love w-inds.!!!~ Just what i need during a bad mood X3!!!~ KEITA X3!!!~

Friday, December 30, 2005

Spread the Orange Love around XD!!!~

Finally, i've been able to watch Orange Range's Kizuna キズナ ^-^!!!~

And i realise, once again, i've fell into the music world of Orange Range XD!!!~

Their music is the best man!!! The best band in Japan WORLD!!!~

Especially this single, Kizuna; the song is so nice, the melody, and especially the PV X3!!!~

I really love the PV!!! Just my type: beach, sky, freedom, LOVE IT X3!!!~

Let the pictures do the talking, eiko-chan is in a good mood (Happy mood, high mood, ORANGE mood XD!!!~) to stop the blabbering, and let your eyes relax for awhile??? Hehehe XD!!!~

I didn't really capture alot of images with Orange Range inside; most are images of the scenery and stuffs in the PV i really like, hehehe X3!!!~


Image hosted by
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Image hosted by
I love this pic most X3!!!~ I LOVE THE OCEAN XD!!!~

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One of the best PVs ever XD!!!~ LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT X3!!!~


Image hosted by
Pay your attention to the far left behind... *-*... eiko-chan has fainted...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Short entry on my favourite books ^0^

I'm still sick, OMG 0_0!!!

I am currently reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (All 7 books in 1 @v@!!!~), after i watch the movie that is!!!~

And since i've already watch the movie, its easier to imagine while reading, and though there are parts not similiar, most of the little things are!!!~

For example, Mr Tumnus wears the red scarf just like in the movie ^-^!!!~

Kudos to the moviemakers for bothering to follow as the book was written (Unlike some other moviemaker who didn't even bother... Hermoine's dress is NOT pink *mumbles*!!!)!!!~

There's alot more, which leads to me loving the feel of reading the book and go "Ooh, thats in the movie too!!!~" or "Wow, its like in the movie!!!~" or "Oh, its like that one!!!~" (Comparing what is really going on in the books and movie...) and stuffs; really enchanting if i may say, i love it ^-^!!!~

I'm feeling so Narnia now XD!!!~

And i also realise i like books which are really special with the way it is written, and especially if a little sarcasm is included (Ei: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series and C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series!!!~)!!!~ JUST LOVE THOSE BOOKS XD!!!~

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Short short entry =3!!!~

Ah, tis will be the final entry i post using big bro's laptop ;o;, and then, new com it shall be *-*!!!
Ok, weird =.=...

Farewell using the laptop until late at night; from now onwards the hours i use the com shall be under the watchful eyes of Emperor and big bro... 0_0!!!

Farewell using the laptop searching for Jay and w-inds., and drooling over them in the privacy of my own room; from now onwards must be careful of my droolings... 0_0!!!

Farewell using the laptop everywhere; from now onwards i'll be stuck in the study room if i want to use the com... 0_0!!!

On the other hand...

Welcome new com, super fast, bigger screen and considered, MINE!!! Muahaheeeeeeeee XD!!!~

Yarlar, i bo-liao nya lar, this few days post so many entries =P!!! But its all for the sake of testing, bo-liaoness, and stuffs!!!~ Hehehee!!! Sue me XP!!!~

Sayonara laptop ;o;!!! Otsukare-sama deshita X3!!!~
Its official... I AM SICK!!!

But luckily not fever (Because fever = cannot eat rice 0-0!!!), only cold and flu!!!

It was so suffering last night; apart from not being able to breath through my nose because its block, at one point i kept on sneezing non-stop and end up using tons of tissue 0_0!!!

Luckily i using toilet roll at the time (Because lazy go find box =P...), otherwise might end up finishing one whole box 0_O???

Anyhow, i still went for Narnia (Peter so cute X3!!!~) today, and i ate McD Chicken Burger with LARGE fries (Stupid McD!!! I didn't check and the fries they give HALF nya *grumbles*!!!), GSC mashed potatos and soft drink =P!!! Hehehe!!!~

Brought it inside the cinema, and when Edwin notices it, he says "Cannot bring outside food!"...


Children, fussier than old people lar -v-...

So i reply him, "Who cares XD!!!" and continue happily munching my burger!!! Yum X9!!!~

Came home dee, drank a big cup of FRESH orange juice (Thanks Mommie!!!), ate bak gua with bread, and medicine dee, felt quite sleepy @.@... but not as bad as last time lar!!! Hahaha!!!

Still have some file arrangment to do, and stuffs to install + download then off to find Zhao Gong i will!!! I miss him X3!!!~ Hehehe!!!~

Until then, ja people XD!!!~

Messy mess @.@...

Still using big bro's laptop, for now, hehehe!!!

Tomorrow will be an eventful day, thats for sure ^-^!!!~

- Go watch Narnia (Yes, AGAIN!!!) with mom and little cousin bro, Edwin
- Buy Photoshop CD when in OU...

- Clean and tidy my place in the study room *snorts*... at least more tidy than now lar!!!
- Arrange computer's position (Monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, webcam etc @.@...)
- Install certain stuffs i want...
- Move all the files from this laptop to the com...
- Arrange all my files and decide which is what, and what is where, and where is which...
- Make sure files are properly organized this time in com!!!
- Arrange all important disc at one place (No putting everything everywhere @.@!!!)...

- Call KLCC and Times Square Neway...
- Relegate task of calling Red Box Sungei Wang/ Lao Yat to Lao Po Loo2 if necessary...
- Check enough $$$ anot...


Ok, and in the long term (Or i suddenly ki siao and started cleaning my room =P...), CLEAN AND TIDY ROOM!!!

Ugh, i think i'm getting sick @.@??? NO X0!!!

Faster go sleep first, tomorrow need wake up early XD!!!~ Ja!!!~

p/s: More photos after i install and finish all my com stuffs =3!!!~

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New CPU, yeah ^-^!!!~

Yeah, finally got my new computer XD!!!~

And mind, this one is XP and real fast too, so... YEAH XD!!!~

Though, before i even touch it, it was already "taken over" by my brother =.=... who had install his game inside his own User Account in, get this, MY COMPUTER =.=*!!!

BTW, don't really like the keyboard too lar =/ (So please mind my spelling errors in the near future X0!!!)... but oh well, not complaining XD!!!~

I have to take care of the computer, and i am not the administrator btw... i'm using a limited account =.=... but at least i have one whole drive lar, and the monitor is mine =3... which goes to the equation:


Hehe, because i've been sharing computer until second bro got his laptop, after that the com spoilt when its finally mine =.=... now... muahahaha!!!~ Have been wanting to do that ever since seeing Ah Theng jie's one!!! Heeeeeeee!!!~

Anyhow, HAPPY XD!!!~

p/s: Just have to put up with second bro until he leaves for Aussie =/, but if older bro gets addicted to the same game too, i'm doomed 0-0!!!

pp/s: Bloody hell, cannot read Chinese and Japanese!!! NO ToT!!!

Siao char bos X3!!!~

Hehehe, just last evening before dinner (Since its well pass 12 midnight dee...), as i was sitting in the living room watching tee-vee (Or issit playing my GBA??? Can't remember =P!!!), suddenly... i realise i have nothing to do tonight!!! ... Hmm...

Hehehe *smirks*...

I reach out and took the Panasonic DECT phone (The one which Loo2 and me had the same, but hers in black and mine in grey =3!!!~*) and take on a mission to call some peepies out!!! YUM CHAR SESSION XD!!!~

I had Auntie Amane, Lao Po Loo2 and Long Lost Jing Wen in my head, but because Auntie is working, and the other two freaking char bos (Hahaha =P!!! Luckily Loo2 and Jing don't read my Blog X3!!!~) very very de free one, so it would be the best of idea to call Auntie first (Because if Auntie cannot make it, might as well call it off right??? And then i won't need call so many people @.@...)!!!~ I'm such a genius =3!!!~

But my "plan", can say "backfired", because Auntie finish work dee, Jing very de free (Hah!!!), and its Loo2 who went out for dinner in KL with her family =.=...

So we waited for Loo2's thumbs up, and luckily Loo2 can make it XD!!!~ After her KL and Giant trip, she brave herself and against the wishes of everyone out in the road at that time, she drove to my house *applause* and we TAKE OFF from there XD!!!~

Loo2 very sweet, she offered to take her car XD!!! But i drive =.=... gonna smack her, PRACTISE LAR DEAR X3!!!

But anyways, i drove my mom's car instead, because... hehehe... my mom's car a CRV, and the boot is well, lets say its "inside-the-car"... hehehe!!!~

And erm... i didn't mention to Jing that Auntie will be going with us *big smile* =D!!!~ Muahahahaha!!!~

So after picking Auntie up, before reaching Jing's house, Auntie and Pupu will be hiding "inside-the-boot", and when Jing gets into the car... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

And unlike last time, because i suspect Loo2 keep on laughing =P, THIS TIME SUCCESS X3!!!
** Last time it was Loo2 who hide in the boot, but last time didn't go well because no through planning =(...

Loo2 and me kept Jing busy, talking the usual crap to her, and while she didn't notice, suddenly a head from behind calls out "Jing Wen" very "sexily", and Jing turns around and yelled in shock!!! SURPRISE XD!!!~

And guess what, although Loo2 know Auntie is there all along... she got surprised by Auntie's "sudden-head-appearance" too =v="!!! Hehehe XD!!!~

We went to KTZ (Mango loh =9!!!~) and chat and laughed like mad womans lar (Though, i assume i look maddest-of-'em-all because i laugh loudest, and with my monkey-like laughter =.=... OMG!!! But nvm lar, its me =P...)!!!

I made a very "good-speech" that time too =P... something regarding Malaysia's speed on being up-to-date and erm... pirated DVDs =.=...

There is this part which was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS (Includes Auntie, cherries, cherry stems, and erm... pupu - Not Pupu, but pupu, sh*t, you know???), until me and Loo2 stopped eating our delicious loh, and which also includes me hitting the table and cannot keep myself straight =v="... hehehe...

And guess what, Loo2 tried to keep a straight face after laughing too much, but failed because moi, me, can't help and started laughing...

With my monkey-like laughter =v=", its hard for you to try to keep your face straight after laughing too much lar, especially Loo2!!! Hehehe XD!!!~

After more laughings and bo-liaoness, somehow we've decided to go somewhere - forget where dee - and we went to the DVD shops next door and after browsing-but-not-buying awhile, i wanted to go to "Wai Sek Kai", to makan the sea coconut =9!!!~

Bad idea... B.A.D.!!!

Apparently, there was to be a gang fight or something, and as soon as we enter, i realise something was amiss, because alot of people was starring at the entrance where we came in from... i seriously thought cause all shops are closing dee, thats why people stare at us wondering why we still come in for one second... how innocent =.=...

Like, just a few seconds (Mark my words, SECONDS, and possibly FOOTSTEPS!!!), this guy came rushing in and i didn't really stop to look lar (Hello, very close to entrance ler!!!) but kept on rushing inwards, as Auntie said too!!!

And somehow, silly thoughts came rushing through my head, like how if they got gun and it hit me (CHOY!!!)... but i came to remember its kinda hard to obtain gun in Malaysia, so maybe flying parangs lar... ok, nasty joke -_-...

Then we look around, tried to pretend nothing wrong (Loo2 somemore want to stay and watch @.@... very brave!!!) but then most shops closing dee, so might as well just ciao lar!!!

And... we have to leave where we came in from @.@... luckily nothing dee, but in case, just faster "fly" back towards the opposite street from there lar!!!

Luckily its nothing big lar (Let me clear this out, its just one guy rushing in and some other guys hold him and he left nya... no big deal???), and answering Loo2's question when we want to leave, yes, thats the only exit nearest to us we can use =.=...

Afterwards, we wanted to go McD for ice-cream, but then close dee =(... aiyoyo, then just ciao dee lor, although i suddenly have the urge to eat (I've even suggested Murni and another McD!!! OMG @o@!!!), though i VERY FULL dee @.@... OMG...

Came home (Loo2 almost hit my house gate 0_0!!!), watch a movie, and bath and now, sitting here typing this Blog entry... its 4am and i REALLY need to get some sleep... been sleeping late and waking late (Until, as Pupu always say, my bottom buring dee @.@...) EVERYDAY!!!

Ok lar, and Auntie, if you read this, remind me to tell you something IMPORTANT me and Loo2 spotted, but "forgotted"... just in case i forget tell you lar, hee =P...

JA XD!!!~

Monday, December 26, 2005

I don't understand...

Firstly, before i begin, its just my own opinion on the whole matter so don't go attacking me or whatsoever!!!

I was reading this Blog entry on, but my main point is not on the entire entry, but rather, on one part of the entry.

Kenny said "Oh my God!" upon receiving some assignments and the girl next to him turned to him in shock and said he just swore.

Apparently, it was because, as the girl claimed, he had used "God's name in vain". She is a Good Christian Girl, and even though Kenny's not a Christian, she felt offended that Kenny had insulted her God.

Just my own slight briefing, for full story go to!

Ok, freeze everything!!! REWIND (Hehehe, learned this from Princess Diaries =P!!!~)!!!

One, since when has "Oh my God" has been a foul-word or something?

Ok, if its because God's name is used in vain, but i'm no Christian, so i shouldn't be tied to it right? But as the girl claimed, she felt offended because Kenny had insulted her God, so here's MY VERY MAIN POINT...

Since when has the word, God = For Christian-use only?

I'm not going all religious and talking religiously and stuffs, but rather on word usage, as i know i can be rather "sensitive" sometimes on that matter, if i felt it is wrong etc...

For all i know, i could be saying "Oh my God" but i'm not a Christian, so i could be refering to MY GOD instead right??? I could be refering to Buddha or Kuan Ying right???

If the girl felt offended because Kenny had said "Oh my God", then should Buddhist be angry too (But no, i don't think Buddhist goes feeling offended if you said "Oh my God"... it is not an insult anyway IMO...)???

If someone had said Jesus, even though he is not a Christian and it was used in vain as the girl had claimed, then yes, he had offended her and she has every right to feel angry etc!!!

But hmm... people suddenly say "Oh my God" because of shock etc, so if thats using it in vain, then what is not using it in vain??? Confusing!!!
A long explaining follows the sentences above, but i don't want to make this entry any religious and all, so i'll keep what i think on this to myself!!!

So since the girl had said stuffs about saying the word, then the girl shouldn't even say the name "Sun Wu Kong" right??? Because Sun Wu Kong = Monkey God, so it would be saying God's name in vain too right???

Nah, imo, the girl is just over-reacted lar... but no offence, i find her quite ignorant...

To the way she said it, its as if this world exist with Christians and non-Christians only... yeah, there are Christians, and there are also Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu etc... not just as "non-Christians"... There are other religion and every religion have their own beliefs and God, if i may say so...

Anyhow, we should just tolerate lar!

I am not a Christian, so i am not expected to follow what Christians can/ cannot do right? So if my religion is ok with me saying "Oh my God", so its nothing dee right?

If we are suppose to follow the beliefs of every religion, so we should NOT drink alcoholic drinks and smoke dee right? Because Muslim don't allow it... and would men be then entitled to just one wife, or four wives?

So as i said, we respect and tolerate each other! Don't try forcing others into following what you can/ cannot do etc, end of this entry!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas peepies!!!~

Merry Christmas!!!

Ok, now i've said it, i shall have to wish everyone "Selamat Hari Raya" and "Happy Deepavali" too because i don't celebrate Christmas, i don't celebrate Hari Raya and Deepavali also, so obviously to be fair, i should wish everyone according to the festival!!! All are also festivals celebrated within Malaysia too (Aka HOLIDAYS :D!!!~), and i'm a Malaysian, enough explaining =)!!!~

But its more to the fact that people WHO ALSO DO NOT CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS wishes everyone else, so i'm just being friendly lar ^-^!!!~ I don't mind it anyways!!!~

p/s: I've read somewhere what about non-Christians should be calling it X'mas instead??? Aiyar, whatever dei, i call it whatever i want!!! It sounds more proper being called CHRISTMAS instead of X'MAS anyways =P!!!~


Was sms-ing Auntie, and i came up with eating Rudolph, somehow, after attempts to BBQ Pupu fails because Auntie proclaims he is innocent =(...

And seriously, although its meany, eating Rudolph does have its benefits!!! Though i loves Rudolph =P (Kinda the same thing as me eating my Simba's tail and Pupu XP!!!~)...

1) Rudolph's antlers can be used as Christmas presents for Auntie =D!!!~

2) The red nose, should it be still glowing (I think it does glows right???), could be use as light!!!~ Or if you want, i can give it to you, up to your own creative mind on how you want to use it!!!~

3) Pupu can replace Rudolph and be Santa's lead "rein-pu-bears"!!!~

4) Auntie can spend 'quality time' with Baby Pupu, since the Pupu will be gone to help Santa during Christmas!!!~

5) Baby Pupu won't get corrupted so fast, at least not until Pupu comes back =D!!!~

6) Pupu can get fatter from all the milk and cookies children offer to Santa = Santa can slim down =D!!!~

See, so many good things (There's more, but i forget nya =P!!!)!!! Except perhaps the last one lar, because considering where Santa lives, he probably shouldn't slim down otherwise COLD 0_0!!!

Note: Don't read, just my blabberings because i don't want sleep yet =P!!!~

Remembering a couple of times when very religious people come knocking at my doorstep (Well, to be exact, MY HOUSE GATE; because if you walk pass the gate and to the doorstep of a Malaysian home without the owners allowing you, YOU ARE TRESPASSING and YOU WILL get caught :D!!!~), and i don't know how i tolerated that last time, to be honest, but i did ne *proud*!!!

I'm no racist (But i am under certain circumstances :P...) and i respect and tolerate all other races... which sorta explains why i didn't go bizzerk the last times super religious Christians comes up to me and ask me to embrace the religion or going to Sunday school etc, or inviting me to religious talks EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW THEM AT ALL and all... no offence, but i don't like it!!!

Its like, "I'm happy being a Buddhist, leave me alone *runs away screaming with hands on head*!!!" but they'll continue "Oh, its ok, just come yada yada..."


How would you like it if i go "Hey, lets go to the Sunday classes in the temple! Oh, no worries, other religion also nvm one, we won't PERSUADE you to join! As long as you have fun!"... :D!!!~)...

Ok, a little crude in my opinion, but if you can say so, i can say so, just being fair!!!

That includes me mom's friends (Sorry mom's friends!!!), who oftenly invites me to Sunday school, even though i've politely decline all the time, last time...

Sorry Aunties (NOT YOU LAR AUNTIE!!!) but i'm happy chanting "Namo namo" lar (And i like it too, though i'm not overly religious =3!!!~)!!! LEAVE ME ALONE LAR (Thank God they do now X3!!!~)!!!~

Reminds me last time of a conversation between Emperor, mom and me!!!~ Mom was asking me to follow her friend to Sunday school...

**Not exact words, but the meaning to it lar...***

Mom: "Go lar, got sing and dance, alot of fun one..."

eiko-chan: "DON'T WANT (Alot of times dee since long time ago =.=...)!!!"

Emperor: "*Nags mommie*, we are happy being Buddhist lar..."

eiko-chan: "YEAH!!!"

Mom: "..."

Its hard fighting against me and Emperor =P... plus poor mommie, maybe her friend nags her too much for me to go to Sunday school lar, hehehe...

Aiyar, very sleepy dee, better go sleep now, been sleeping late and waking up late everyday =P (To which Emperor says i'll be getting fatter because this is a bad habit, and which Pupu will say your backside burning dee!!! Hmph =/!!! You people just jealous lar =P!!!~)!!!~

Buhbye peepies X3!!!~

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Chinese Tall Story

One word... GOOD!!!

Ok, two lar, GOOD AND FUNNY XD!!!~

Baby Kenny SOOOOOO cute X3 (Zhu Zai XD!!!~)!!!~ Darling Po-lin very funny also, hehehe!!!~

The part where Zhu Zai pout his lips because Tripataka (Tong Sam Zhong!!!) called him "stupid" and "not-good-in-kungfu" and when Dai Si Heng the insect spray thing (Brand "Da Sei Ta" XD!!!~) at the monster!!! CUTE XD!!!~

I don't want to compare, but cannot help it lar... hehe... ehem... its DEFINATELY better than The Promise!!!

This one, although alot of computer graphics, we can accept it and won't think its fake because well, the story is like that mar!!! The Promise, its just gives you the thought "BLOODY FAKE LAR!!!"!!!

As for laughter, we laugh at this movie because it is funny, it really is funny!!! But The Promise, we laugh because it is a saracastic laugh!!!

Sarcastic laugh = Its not meant to be funny, but then we laughed, so... hahaha!!!

BTW, Ah Sa so pretty XD!!!~ I have to comment Nicholas Tze too!!!

Even though his quite charming in The Promise, even as a "villain"; in ACTS, he is so cute X3!!!~ Totally unlike his real image (Even Ah Sa say so!!!)!!! Very annoying and funny lar XD!!!~

The Tripataka in the movie is totally funny!!! He is REALLY annoying (As opposed to the "real" one in TVB's The Journey To The West drama, so it means SUPER ANNOYING!!!), loves to dance (No kidding XD!!!~), and well... "court" girls =.= (Not really lar, just that he felt for Ah Sa's character!!!~)... which leads to the saying i like alot, "WO XIONG KAO LUI YA" XD!!!~

But one unsatisfied one is Baby Kenny appear less than 10 scenes =.=... at least Darling Po-lin got quite a few more lar... haih =(...

There's one part, the original Zhu Pat Gai and Sa Zhang is that pig is the naughty type who'll "scold" the master, while the river-monster is the silly silly one, and guai guai very obey the master type!!!

This one, Zhu Zai (Baby Kenny!!!~) is silly silly, CUTE and guai guai whereas Sa Zhang (Stephen Cheung!!!) is naughty and scolds their master!!!

I guess its cause Kenny gives out the guai image when compared (Both are a part of Boy'z last time ar!!!~), while Stephen like bad boy!!!~ And they can't exchange their characters because Kenny is suppose to be leading abit =P??? And Kenny as piggy also cuter mar X3!!!~

Plus maybe cause Kenny don't look good with moustache lar =P!!!~ Heeeee!!!~

Ahhhh, Baby Kenny XD!!!~

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Don't just run... FLY!!!


I'm serious. If you ask me to sit through the ji-ge-long-dong-chiang-dong-chiang Chinese New Year songs etc which stars GIRLS in THICK HEAVILY THICKER THICKEST HEAVIEST makeup like a drag queen, and dancing and singing horribly and scantily thoughout the whole music video, i will definately puke and possibly faint until CNY is over, where the "weapons-of-mass-destruction" would finally be laid to rest (Thank God!!!)...

Ever since i could hardly remembered, i've hated those... even a short commercial, the posters, etc, ANY SINGLE THING that reminds me of those are able to make me go !@#$%^&* and go all eeky *bleurgh* etc etc!!! Its just so gross lar!!!

As the wise Kenny Sia said:
Run For Your Lives
Almost two months till Chinese New Year and already the
assault has begun.

He should be made a hero or something, along with those working in video shops FORCED to play the VCDs all day long (Sorry, no DVDs because all budgets are used up for the makeups, so have to cut cost and only got VCDs lor...)!!! Because they are able to endure the ji-ge-long-dong-chiang-dong-chiang the entire day!!! Salute you people!!!

I would not even touch it, let alone buy it... or even touch the play button with the VCD in it @.@... except if the remote no battery lar =P...

BTW, its totally understandable if you considers quitting your job from the video store or taking annual leave until the ordeal is over... you just want to save your life!!!

No, i WOULD NOT compare such a beautiful written piece of art to those, as said above... if they even DARE to consider themselves art...

I've been reading Arthur Golden's Memoirs Of A Geisha and i really love it!!! Its just beautiful, the way the words are used, especially the comparisons!!! I won't be surprise if i re-read it right after i finish it ^^!!!~ Its really THAT GOOD XD!!!~

And i've found a surprising good piece of line from the book which i really like, and wanted to use to reflect my feelings on those, but i realise, i CAN'T compare such magnificient piece to such... erm... you-know-what-i-mean *pukes*...

Ehem ehem, anyway, that explains the ***TEXT MISSING*** at the beginning of this post. I ask for your forgiveness on that matter (Of the missing text...), but truthfully, ask your heart, you will TOTALLY agree with me ne *v*???

Ok lar, actually those girls who are "weapons-of-mass-destruction" have no wrong in any of this!!! Just that the ruthless business people who are behind them are steering those poor girls!!!
The girls might think, "Ooh, maybe if i starred in those, i might land myself a huge contract from Hollywood *dreams*"!!!

But in reality...

I'm sure the Hollywood directors, movie-makers would might as well ask some other newcomers, who haven't go through torturing everyone else during Chinese New Year, than them because... well...

... the reason... the directors etc might've been too frightened and had already flown out to some other land where they'll never get to see those ever again (Unfortunately, i think its everywhere else but Malaysia and possible Singapore???)!!!

Also, they also wouldn't want to scare anyone by putting those girls on international screens, and then getting a huge lawsuit smacked on their face for causing the public nightmares every single second of their life...

BTW, boy, do those ruthless business people have guts to post this piece of article on the newspaper...

I forget the exact words, since i've lost the article, but it goes something like "Transform your children into M-Girls"...

You know what, i would rather get my child to be Pupu's apprentice to be a part of those little children in Playhouse Disney (At least thats decent!!! Disney rocks too what!!!), than let them be a part of those!!! I don't want my child scarred for life!!!

BTW, if anyone asks me to buy those VCD for them, be prepared for a smack you've never gotten in your life, nicely accompanied with alot of cursings to wake you up!!! Its because you've been brain-washed by the ji-ge-long-dong-chiang-dong-chiang!!! OMG!!!

May the Goddess of Mercy sprinkle holy water on you to bless you!!!~

Eiyer, very kia kia just thinking of it!!! I better get back to my book ^-^!!!~

p/s: No pics of those will be posted here, to avoid frightening innocent minds!!! I'm so nice 0=)!!!~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Promise, a pile of Pupu's pupu...

The upcoming new movie, The Promise (Chinese name: "Wu Ji" or "Mo Gek", Malay name: "Janji"...)... is...

... despite its "big production", if i'm not mistaken...

... despite its, i think, three years in making/ producing ???...

... despite it using "famous stars" across Asia...

... despite Cecillia Cheung "sacrificing" herself for a naked scene in the movie (But was cut due to Malaysia's "getting-better-but-still-strict" sensorship board =.=...)...

... despite the, imo, beautiful and mystical feeling at the beginning the movie had...

... The Promise... is a whole pile of Pupu's pupu...


I seriously expect something good, whats with after watching Perhaps Love which is like GOOD GREAT, but then... omg, TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

I seriously don't get whats the fuss they all make about the movie!!! Sure, Cecillia Cheung "sacrifies" for the movie, and there was Jang Dong Gun and Sanada Hiroyuki and Nicholas Tze, big production, 3 years, yada yada yada, but SO WHAT!!!

It still sucks!!!

Let me list a list why i think the movie's bad... be sure to read through it IF you are considering watching the movie, and if you think you are willing to pay RM6++ for it...

But it also means spoilers lar the list below ^^;;...

- All the guys, and mark me, i meant ALL THE DUDES IN THE BLOODY MOVIE, apart from Jang Dong Gun, ARE SO FREAKING GAY!!! They act girly, hug OTHER DUDES like OMG, cry girly... just... OMG!!!

- The freaking ending, totally omg... i thought if they did something at the end, i might've been much more satisfied, but... =.="""...

- Whats with the curse lay upon Cecillia Cheung's character (Who have a beautiful name btw =)...)??? Yeah, it did came true but hello, only like 35%-50% of it!!!

- Nicholas Tze's character's lame reason on why he turned into the bad guy =.=... OMG, be a MAN lar (Oops, i forget they aren't almost are...)!!! Why blame what a freaking LITTLE GIRL did to you in the past as the reason you turned into a ruthless meanie!!!

- The reason Nicholas Tze's character shed a tear for a bloody lame reason in the end =.=...

- ALOT of "char-dou", fall down and sweat parts, trust me...

- The computer graphics etc are like, SO FAKE!!! Define all the laws-of-gravity!!!
Ok, its a movie, but its not convincing lor (Unlike some other movies, it was make it until it seems convincing...)... AT ALL!!!

- The way this famous China actor, forget name =P, hugged Jang Dong Gun from behind... i mean, you want to show "Frienship Love", but what me and i think everyone else in the cinema based on their laughter, think, is... you showed GAY!!! What is it with THAT expression!!!

- The movie totally ruin the definition of "falling-in-love" or something, imo...
Cecillia's character fell for this guy because she thought it was the guy who saved her... when she found out it wasn't, she VERY FAST AND CONVENIENTLY fall for the original guy, even though she still had feelings for the fake one =.=...

- Cecillia's act quite fake... not against her, but at the beginning i thought she was only faking to fell-in-love with Sanada Hiroyuki's character, but it turns out wrong =.=...

- The fairy lady, why can't she stay put when telling Sanada Hiroyuki's character something... i mean, you no need fly around so freakily right??? Just stay still, finish the talk and leave lar!!!
But fairy lady really gives off a mystical, eery but magical, feel lar!!!~ Pretty too!!!~

- The fact that i'm using alot of "i mean" in this particular list alone, because too many =.= parts dee...

- GAY =.=...

- The curse on Cecillia's character: she was supposedly be able to get good food, dress and the "love" of a powerful man but she'll never get her true love...
The only correct part of the curse is the food and dress...

Because she was this Queen (Wang fei...), but the prob is, the King never was powerful because his power depended on the great General. Nicholas Tze's character showed more power than the King lor, and the King died at the very beginning... The love of a powerful man??? I don't think so...
Ok lar, she was with the General, who showed of ALOT of power, but at that point he already no power lor... so don't use that reason against me... anyways, she loved the General (Sanada...)...

And then, she'll never get her one true love, even if do will get seperated...
Ok, the problem is, they never show who she REALLY loved =.=... its between Jang Dong Gun and Sanada... Sanada died, so fact proven but then at the end Jang Dong Gun was alive and flying (Trust me, i REALLY meant flying =.=...)... and she was laughing...

- Cecillia uses voice over for the mandarin voice... totally disturbing =.=...
And hello, Jang Dong Gun and Sanada, get this, also speaks mandarin in this movie, even though THEY DON'T SPEAK OR KNOW MANDARIN!!! It may be voice over again in the studio, but its still more reality what!!!
Cecillia can speak and understand mandarin, even though not good (But in studio you can take your time what...), but she didn't do so =.=... Nicholas Tze also uses mandarin dee lar, and very well!!!
Somemore, whether Jang Dong Gun and Sanada really speak mandarin anot, we won't know because we don't really know them (Except their fans...), and we know Cecillia so we'll immediately know whether her real voice anot...
But really, Jang Dong Gun i can guarantee you he really speak mandarin because i recognize his voice!!! And Sanada's one i not sure, but not fake lor, really sound foreign!!!


- Lame reasons throughout the whole movie...

- Storyline lame...

- Lame ending...

- Lame characters...

- Fake...

- Just... OMG!!!

Hehhe, actually its quite late and i'm getting sleepy dee lar so just cincai write overall nya lar =P... but trust me, not really worth it to watch lar... get pirated also not worth it lor... just skip this one!!!

If you really still insist in watching, good luck not to fall asleep and waste money... but if you are any of the lead actors' (Note: ACTORS, not actors and actresses =P...) fans, then you might stay awake because the lead actors are all really very outstanding, especially Nicholas Tze!!! I seriously think he did a good job!!! Jang Dong Gun and Sanada too!!
Although the crying part of Sanada is downright gay, but then still good, in a way ^^;;!!!


Ok lar, i go kao kao zhu first, my best buddy Zhao Gong waiting for me dee Z_Z... JA!!!~

p/s: There'll be more when i thought of more, hehe... cannot credit the good part now cuz really want to Zzz dee lar =P!!! Paiseh XD!!!~

Monday, December 19, 2005

Nothing better to do =P!!!~

So sienz =.=...

Nothing better to do, so go chao our house punya VCD collection see got anything to watch anot (Actually should say big bro's because big bro contributed most to it ^^;;...).

Bloody hell, only i realize theres quite ALOT @.@, and its all waiting for me to tidy and organize it =.=...

Shouldn't have promised bro to do it, but then my new CPU (=D!!!~) will be at risk ;o;...

Auntie's boss/ supervisor very sweet, bought her the Baby Pupu she had always wanted for birthday =D (Which is today you fools +P!!!~)!!!~

But make sure don't forget Pupu yo... hehehe!!!

But with "us" (Me and Loo2, kaypohs =P...) reminding her always, it'll be a miracle if she forgets =.=...

And then eiko-hime has come up with the idea:

And then, there'll be two Pupus; One bad, and one good one =)!!!~

This is because being "Baby Pupu", he is still young and innocent (Unlike the other one =.=...), and TOTAL opposite of the grey bad one =.=... hehehe!!!~

Eitherways, can't wait to meet new Baby Pupu ^-^!!!~ But i hope i get to meet him before Pupu corrupts his new leng =.= (Cantonese, can also say "kaki" lar...)... hehehe!!!~

Hungry now, to cook noodles, or eat McD??? Don't know @.@...

Last night, me and Loo2 very "meng", hehehe!!!~

We "broke-into" (Actually is Cheng Yee, Auntie Amane's sis, helped us to get in lar ^^;;...) Auntie's house in the middle-of-the-night and at the stroke of midnight, according to Auntie's big Grandfather clock, we barg into her room with her favourite cake and a candle =D!!!~


Chat chat, and took some pics, then, and this fact is REALLY proven...

Auntie The Witch REALLY enjoys the feel of being loved by her minions =.=...

Though i AM eiko-hime (Which means Princess eiko you momomamas!!!~), i got tricked into abetting the "crime" too =.=...

No lar, hehehe, actually i was the one who suggests it =v="... but eitherways, she really do enjoy "THE FEEL"!!!


The pic which proves the fact =.=...

More pics from last night when Auntie sends it to me ^-^!!!~ I didn't bring my baby camera XP!!!~

Sunday, December 18, 2005

eiko-hime and her peepies ^-^!!!~

Muahaha, as promised (Finally =.=...), here are the piccus XD!!!~

Last Sat (I think 11/12/2005???), went yum char with Auntie Amane and Lao Po Loo2!!!~

And for once, NOT I DRIVE YA XD!!!~ So happy, hehehe XP!!!~

Hey, its really tiring to drive everyone back lar =/... but its still ok if the task is devided, though anyhow, its NOT when EVERY outing also I have to drive @.@... its nice to let someone else fetch once in a while, even though i love driving ^-~!!!~

Image hosted by
Just one pic nya lar =v="... but i think they both looks good in this ^-^!!!~

Loo2 drove (Manual one btw!!! Chun ler ^-~!!!~)... it ends up with me laughing like a mad woman throughout the entire trip to Auntie's house, and after fetching Auntie, me and Auntie screamed and laughed like two siao char bohs until we reach Mosin @.@...

BTW, i drove back at the end =v=... i can drive Manual car, yeah =D, even though not very good =.=...

Chotto, let me clear this out!!! Loo2's not a bad driver, just that she very nervous (And i emphasize on the word "VERY"!!!), tend to move to the left side of the road without really noticing, and has the tendency to not brake when supposed to sometimes =.=...

Though, let me list some incidents which happened during our drive that lead to me and Auntie screamed and laughed like two siao char bohs XD!!!~
- After Loo2 picked me up (YEAH XD!!!~), at this turn near my house she was so near to the big rubbish bin thing i thought she almost hit it 0_0!!! Which leads to me laughing non-stop until we reach the junction!!!
- Throughout the way to Auntie's house, Loo2 tend to move to the left side of the road without really noticing that i always say to her, "VERY NEAR VERY NEAR" alot of times =.=...
- When i asked her to stop, because in front of Auntie's house dee, instead of stopping Loo2 continued straight =.=...
- Loo2 reversed, and instead of stopping RIGHT IN FRONT of Auntie's house, she reversed too much until pass Auntie's house, again... and when she move forward again, i literally yelled "STOP STOP NOW" like the Auntie from Kungfu Hustle 0-0!!!

- Auntie's first experience of Loo2's driving... Auntie sat at the back and when Loo2 drove forward, she stepped too much on the accelerator Auntie fall to the back 0-0!!!
- At junction near Auntie's house, Loo2 suppose to stop because got car but instead, she went forward and stopped in the middle-of-the-road =.=... leads to more laughing from me and Auntie, hehehe =P...
- Then at almost every traffic light, me and Auntie automatically will yell "STOP STOP STOP" =.=...
- BTW, Auntie falls back almost every time Loo2 step on the accelerator, cause too much, hehehe XP!!!~
- When we finally find a place to park, because every other place seems unsuitable, i yelled like a mad woman because i thought Loo2 was going to hit the parking meter by the side of the road =.=...
- The minute she stopped the car, i jumped out from it and started laughing like a mad woman Auntie and Loo2 thought something was wrong with me =.=...

- But in the end, poor Loo2 dear had to drink a hot drink to calm down because she really was very nervous (First time drive so far!!!), and me and Auntie's screams and laughter didn't really help @.@... paiseh!!!

p/s: We laughed, because we were too freaked out 0_0!!! Hehehe!!!~

On 15 Dec 2005, last Wednesday, firstly went out with Lao Po Loo2 to get a hair cut!!!~ Thanks deary for accompanying me XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Me with my mo-mo hairstyle, which is also spoilt and also VERY overdue for a haircut =.=... and hehehe, Lao Po's bian tai look too XP!!!~

Then around 3pm, after my hair management =.=, went for movies with Lao Po Loo2, Auntie Amane, Queen of the Freakin Universe Amanda and Auntie Amane's sister!!!~

We went to OU and watched Perhaps Love, then after the movie, hehehe, act "bai chi" at the lamppost near the GSC escalator!!!~

The movie was good btw, very artistic, and at the end, very touching too ;o;... and i love the songs XD *sings to Jacky Cheung's RuGuo.Ai* !!!~

Image hosted by
This lamppost so remind me of the one in Narnia X3!!!~ Somemore its the Christmas season =D!!!~

Image hosted by
A glimpse of my new hairstyle =D (Changed shirt before movie btw XD!!!~), and also The Queen of the Freakin Universe's blur unready look, hehehe XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Finally ready =) (And full glimpse of me new hairdo ^-^!!!~), but then Loo2's head and Auntie Amane's fingers decided to join in =v="... hehehe!!!~
Aiyo, why look so bai chi btw =.=...

Image hosted by
Me and Auntie Amane's... erm... teeth =.=??? Hehehe!!! I think we looked good inside, just that my contacts run out of place abit it looked freaky 0_0!!!

Image hosted by
Poser kao kao XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Auntie must've saw the Pupu of the Pupu Christmas past 0-0!!! Or probably she saw Pupu naked it freaked her out @_@!!!~

Image hosted by
I don't know i'm THAT delicious X3!!!~ Muahaheeeee XD!!!~

Hehehe, and i forced Loo2 to take pics with the lamppost XP!!!~ Was actually requesting for the "Lucy-and-the-lamppost" pose like in the Narnia poster, but...

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Loo2's quite shy, because there are so many people around, hehehe =P!!!~

Image hosted by
Awwww, but finally, Loo2 fell in love with the lamppost she can't leave it X3!!!~

Image hosted by
Auntie and Amanda gets sneaky because Loo2 is too busy with her lamppost to notice anything =.=... the one in red is Auntie's sister btw, hehehe, so ngam her face not in any single pic one -_-"...

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Auntie The Witch is enjoying the feel of being loved by her minions, Loo2 The Bian Tai and Amanda Queen of the Freakin Universe ^-^!!!~

The movie ended around 5pm, and after the "photo-session", its time for me and Lao Po Loo2 to watch King Kong XD!!!~ Yeah X3!!!~

But before we entered the cinema, i HAVE to do something i've been craving to do for a very long time dee, ever since i saw the ad board thingy for the movie X3!!!~

Take pic with "A Chinese Tall Tale"'s ad board XD!!!~

Its this Chinese fanstasy movie sorta based on "Journey to the West" (But in my opinion, with a huge twist...) which will be out on 22nd Dec 2005, and apart from starring MY BELOVED AH SA (XD!!!~) inside, Baby Kenny and Darling Po-Lin are also inside XD!!!~

Ah Sa is the lead female character opposite Nicholas Tze, the monk Tong Sam Zhong, and Baby Kenny is Zhu Pat Gai (But a VERY "modern" one because his belly and nose are fake and like, the nose is robot-nized =.=... anyways, the CUTEST Zhu Pat Gai there ever is XD!!!~)!!! Darling Po-Lin is Shu Ng Hong (WOOT!!!~)!!!~

3 of my favourites all in one movie, give me a reason why i should not watch it XD!!!~

But hehe, i only took pic with Kenny and Po-Lin's character because was in a sorta hurry that i forgot about Ah Sa =.=... Sorry Ah Sa T-T...

Anyways, will only post one pic because most of it is quite messed-up and only suitable for my personal memory =.=... the rest either i blocking Kenny, or either i look real funny 0_0...

Image hosted by
Eitherways, i think i look funny in this one that i need Mag aka myself to help replace me in this pic =.=... and its the only best pic where i'm not really blocking Kenny ;o;...

I didn't post the pic with Po-Lin because there's only one, and Po-Lin looked funny in it... so do me -o-"...

The movie King Kong... it was so... touching T-T... the movie really take the time to focus on the feeling and relationship between Kong Kong and the lead female (Naomi Watts, my new fave actress XD!!!~) that its hard not to get into the movie (Unless you're like my second brother =.=...) and at the end, its REAL hard not to cry T-T...

Yes, i cried hard... REAL HARD... and there was no tissues 0_0... super scary experience!!! I need to use the back of my hand and my shirt abit... ok, gross har =v="... hehehe...

The next day, on Friday 16/ 12/ 05, me and Lao Po Loo2 went to sing K XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Candid!!! Loo2's blur blur look XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Peace ^-^!!!~

Image hosted by
Hehehe, Loo2 got blurred again XD (Candied again XP!!!~)!!!~

Image hosted by
Nan Quan Ma Ma's "What Can I Do" with main vocals by Lara!!!~ The reason for this pic is, look at the two white shirt guys at the back =v="... too bad Dan Dou block abit *mumbles*... i just love that part btw X3!!!~

Ok lar, incase pics above cannot show a clear view of my hair =.=... here's some poser pics XP!!!~

And haih, i forgot to take pics of a cute short ponytail my hairstylist tied for me at the back T-T... until when i rememberd to take its quite messy dee ;o;...

Image hosted by
Front clear view???

Image hosted by
Hyuk influenced this pose to me =.=... but i think i looked better than him in this pose =D!!!~

Image hosted by
I'm "Super-Zi-Lian-Kuang" XD!!!~

Hehehe, thats about it X3!!!~