Sunday, December 30, 2012


Update soon! (^^ )

Sunday, June 03, 2012


I started this course about 9-months back, in September 2011... and back then, it seemed like i had to wait for an eternity for this course to be over!

Now... the final term just ended. How time flies!

I survived the course MUHAHA! (^^ )

I can still remember the dreads and fear i had prior to starting this course. There were just too many uncertainties, too many doubts...

When i started the course, i was pretty sure i wouldn't be able to do it, and had honestly genuinely thought of quitting during the first few months... that was just how scared i was i guess...

But fast forward to now, you wouldn't believe just how glad i actually stuck through it!

Despite all my whining and complains and threats to quit, i guess somewhere there there's just this pride that tells me to never give up. 8D

Keep moving forward!

It's bittersweet really.
On one hand, i'm really glad the course is over... on the other, i'm really really going to miss going for the classes and all that... well, basically, i will just miss being a student!

The course is difficult, but in the end, i think i can safely say i had no regrets doing this. In fact, i'm glad i did it!

I felt i learned a lot from this year in London, and i'm very grateful for everything!

My classes are amazing (the options i've chose for Term 3 will probably be one of the best choices i've made in life!), my tutors are amazing, my Inns of Court is THE BEST, London is great... overall, the experiences were just... AWESOME!

But the best part will forever be the bunch of awesome people i've met on this course!

Those peeps are who i will forever call my survival buddies! 8D

Without them, i'm not sure if i would even be able to survive the first term! But thanks to them, we did it! Together! (^^ )

I love them so much. They are such wonderful people, you seriously have no idea how grateful i am to be able to meet them. =D

All that said, well, it's not without its drawbacks...

Some of the things i've missed just by being here... especially one which will no doubt haunt me forever...

But what my dad always say which i had always believed in: you cannot have everything you want.

So for now, i just want to be positive, very grateful... and basked in the glory of actually being able to finish this course!!


As usual, i'm never a good Blogger/ writer... so yeah, ok thanks bye. 8D

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reds Will Never Die.

Words cannot express just how upset i felt.

After crying, i thought i was fine, till i went to sleep, actually DREAMT about it (sorta)... then woke up feeling like crap.
Still feel like crap. I was just SO UPSET.

To spend the last 45 minutes at the edge of my seat, worrying north-south-east-west as i had to concentrate on my team's match, AND the opponent team's match. Gan cheong until like don't know what!
I almost wanted to swear off football (despite this being my very first season to watch the matches religiously), because it was just too nerve wrecking!

During ET, you heard about the other goal... then the whistle blows... so you prayed so hard (bloody hell "give them 5 minutes ET they say, it'll be fun they say"...)... SO BLOODY HARD... WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN!!

Till you heard the final announcement, and the look on the players' faces are just enough to send anyone off crying (well, i did)... and writing hate mails to City (and QPR) =P (and since i'm Asian all the Asian voodoo stuff wtf).

Despite these few months, i've grown very attached to the players thank you very much (i refer to them as "the boys" wtf). So it was as if someone just stabbed my heart with a lightsaber (because knives are too mainstream wtf).

Seriously, my "very first season", and this is what you do to me? To take the cup away from me in just that bloody 2 MINUTES?? SERIOUSLY???

Is this karma?

But oh well, like Emperor always says, "you can't have everything you want".

And i guess City does deserve it (but seriously City, TWO goals from QPR for the 90 minutes... SERIOUSLY? Ok, i stop all the childish taunting. What do i know about football?), so congrats to City. The better CBs men wins.

And QPR... you could've won! One goal when you are down to 10 men!... but NO, you have to avoid relegation thanks to Bolton.

Ok. Stop. I sound extremely silly. But hey i just needed to rant even though it's silly and doesn't make sense.

Congrats to City!
No seriously, i'm serious!

But hehe.. WE'LL BE BACK.

I've been an MU fan since i was 7 years old, albeit a bit more serious these few years, and extremely fanatic this past few months... but there is one thing i do know from supporting them all these years.

We'll be back stronger than before.
Especially with the amount of people cheering against us... bitch please, only makes us stronger!

I actually thought of this whole "EPL-drama" as a bit too cruel and heartbreaking, like... seriously... IT WAS JUST TWO MINUTES WEI!!
I rather this never happen to begin with!

But having said that, when i had the time to think, i thought... to be honest, any fighting chance is a fighting chance.
Having a chance is better than having no chance at all.

And the boys prove that we were fighting till the very end!
So proud of them! (^^ )

Plus there's always next season! GO REDS!

So i end this post with one pic...

Yeap, haters gonna hate! 8D

Ok bye!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Avengers 2012.

I can't help it but...


I don't think i'm considered a geek (real geeks will probably pelt me with tomatoes if i say i'm one of them)... well, maybe geekier (or geekiest) among my friends... but anyways... at that very moment i'm like a little kid in a candy shop! Or maybe even me in Disneyland! 8D

It was just so SO freaking amazing!!

Or rather, Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. Hehe!
I mean, who can resist him? So effing hot and charming!

Plus Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow.

She was like... just wow!

But special shoutout to Hawkeye.


I love how Jeremy Renner potrays Hawkeye (sho charming!), but i think one reason why i was particularly amazed at Hawkeye (almost as much as Ironman, but let's face it, RDJ awesomeness!) was because he was shoooooooooooo cool during the war scene, and i LOVE his weapon!! *grabby hands*
SHO FREAKING AWESOME!! (the weapon espeecially!)

I was ogling at his weapon the whole movie. 8D

So so so amazingly awesome! I want to watch it again!!

Must watch!!

And last but not least, one of my favourite actress...

"Kids, it was the Summer of 2012 when your Aunt Robin decides to join S.H.I.E.L.D...."
(Got it from 9gag, edited it a little!)
Colbie Smulders!

Ok, now go watch The Avengers 2012!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I cannot.

Too cute. TOO ADORABLE. 8D


오 빠 들 너 무 사 랑 한 다.  8D

Friday, March 30, 2012

Return of the Legend.

Shinhwa's back! (^^ )

I think i would be making people (myself included) laugh if i consider myself an "Orange Princess" (SHCJ), but holy marshmallows HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THEM!! 8D

So glad they are back! ♡

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Just cannot emphasize enough how much i LOVE musicals!

I love the singing and dancing, and the best of 'em all, the all-cast ensemble musical number! I swear every time there's a huge musical number i watch it with sparkly eyes like a little kid at a candy store, because it's just that awesome!! 8D

Just so amazing how talented the actors and actresses are, how coordinated they are with each other and how much hard work, effort and dedication they had put in to their job!

Watched Legally Blonde last night, and apart from the catchy numbers i really enjoyed how light and fluffy, and funny everything is.

Can't wait for more musicals to come! (^^ )

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Of K-sessions and what not.

I don't know what's with the sudden craving for K-sessions, and especially emo Chinese songs because let's face it, those songs are best to sing to and go all soprano-ey with. 8D

One of the song i really want to sing...

So so so HOT Lee Hom, so hot.

I shall compile a list soon. 8D

And also along with ALL the Jay Chou and S.H.E. songs!

Ok finish this, get home and ONS! 8D

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear classmates.

I know you are stalking me.

I know who, too. I'm seriously so flattered. Thanks guys! 8D

Ok have fun! Enjoy the read! =D

ps: Would appreciate if you guys would leave a comment though, stop creeping around! Okthanksbye!

pps: Me Twitter on le right of the page. Just in case my daily life and random thoughts and ramblings intrigues you.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

February in a glance.

To be honest, February had been horrible.

First was my rabbit's passing which to be honest, still haunts me a little even though i told myself to get over it.
I guess just not being there at the final moments of her life, and knowing that even when i get home, i'll never ever see her again... is still pretty hard to accept.

Then Grandma wasn't feel too well, but i am so thankful she's so much better now! (^^ )
I admit i'm not close to my Grandma as much as i liked to. I hardly spend any time with her, and i'm like the worst granddaughter ever... but i like her around the house (although it bored the daylights out of her hehehe).

When i was told of this news, i guess i would've felt better if i was able to talk about this to someone.. but i don't know... i don't know how to tell it to anyone. It's just weird.

Anyways i lost the track this Blog post was supposed to head to, so i shall just end it that yeah, February was horrible.

And now here's to a terribly stressful March, but hopefully, an endurable one. Let's do this! GO! 8D

Loving it here, but counting the days till i get to go home. For good! =D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can't wait.

 To go home. ♡


What i did today??
I have absolutely NO. IDEA.


I HAVE TO STOP BEING SO LAZY (or procrastinate) ROAR ROAR!!!!!!!!! D8

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coming to terms.

Finally decided to post on FB about GirlGirl's leaving.

The thing with me, i have this thing... i like to surpress unpleasant emotions, especially when it comes to "departures"... and i'll try to cover it up, forcing myself to think that i'm fine, laughing and joking... when inside all i really want to do is to just hide in a hole and emo all to myself.

It's not a good thing really, yet, this is another conflicting personality of mine.

Knowing me, i would like to talk about it and get it all out so i will feel better... but if in company, i don't want to bore people with my emo-ness and prefer to just laugh it out, turn it into a joke... then when i'm by myself i'll start brooding FTS.

I don't know what to say about this; that i know myself too well, or i don't know myself at all!


I hope by coming to terms with her leaving, i'll learn to accept that it is a fact that i'll never ever get to see her again when i go back, and to stop being in denial and emo-ing.

She'll always be in my heart, and i miss her so much, but i know she'll be happy wherever she is with the rest of the gang. (^^ )

Friday, February 03, 2012

Girl Girl.

I still remember the day i saw you at the pet shop.

How there were so many other rabbits, but somehow, you are the one who caught my eye... and together with Boy Boy, i chose the two of you to bring home with me.

9 years.
If you forgo the months and count by years... then it's 10. 10 years.

Time flies... and before i even knew it, here we are.

After Lui Lui left, you were alone, yet, i still didn't treat you as i should have.

I didn't spend as much time as i can with you... i didn't even let you out to play as often i should have. The only thing i know how to do to redeem all the wrongs is by buying you your favourite corn nugget and giving you carrots, while i stroke your head and say random stuffs to you for about a few minutes every other night.

I spent a year in Oxford, then after 2 months, i was back in London.
All the time i was away, i wished and pray that you would be in good health, and wait for me till i get back.

I'm happy that at least i get to see you when i was back for the 3 weeks.

And i'm grateful that i had the 3 weeks.

I'm so sorry i couldn't be home to say goodbye to you.

There's just so many words i want to tell you. How happy i am that i get to be your owner. How sorry i am for not being a good owner.

I still remember all the good times we've had together; all the memories from the old house till the new house.
From seeing you run around the backroom or backyard in our old house... how clever you and Boy Boy are, knowing how to pee inside the cage instead of out... and also till when you became a mommy, and THREE TIMES!
How you trusted me enough to let me play with your kids even though they were still little beanie babies who only knows how to sleep and eat...
Seeing you doing a binky every time i let you out in the garden, running around like a crazy rabbit...

And how smart and obedient you are! If you were let out to your hearts content, you would run back into the cage upon command, but if not... you refuse to get in no matter what! Smart little girl!

Not forgetting how happy and excited you (and the rest) gets whenever i shake the corn nugget bottle, or when i feed you guys carrots, "pao-skin", etc. You just love food don't you?

There's just so many happy memories, and one i'm particularly fond of was when you would lick my finger every time i tickle your chin.

I miss you so much. I know i've not spent a lot of time with you these few years, but i seriously miss you so much.

It's too late to say all this i guess, and i know when i go back after my studies, i'll never ever get to see you again... but i'll cherish the memories we've had together, and smile knowing the fact that you are finally reunited with Boy Boy, Lui Lui and Zai Zai. (^^ )

I love you Girl Girl. Choco.

This is to the best rabbit in the whole wide world.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So yes.

I was back home for 3 weeks over the Winter Holidays (Curse my school! They gave 1 month to the students last year, and only 3 weeks for us this year! Hmph!), and i cannot emphasize, or put into words just how happy i was for that 3 weeks! 8D

It's like everything else - reality, if i may say so - ceased to exist, and the only thing there is is, well, i'm home!
With the beautiful sun, gorgeous weather, 1-Utama, familiar "orang sendiri" my fellow Malaysians,  FOOD... oh good gracious HOLY MALAYSIAN FOOD!!

Needless to say, i gained a ton of weight, yet i'm just. SO. HAPPY!
I guess i never really am a "typical girl" to begin with, ne?

And never forgetting, surrounding myself with the people i love! =D

The 3 weeks home was just what i need, and it was fantabulously amazingly awesome!

I seriously dread going back, but i guess this is something i have to go through... and i will appreciate every minute i am here (as much as i rather go home!) while i'm at it, and just wait till i can go home... for good!

In the meantime...
Big shout out and thanks to the amazing people back home who made my 3 weeks super incredible. I love you guys so much! (^^ )

Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions.

Here's my usual New Years Resolution for the year 2012!

1. Lose weight.
Every year, same resolution but never achieved. But one should always keep the faith! =D

2. Stop being lazy.
Come to think of it, this should probably come first because it's the most fundamental and appears to influence everything else too.
This also includes putting some effort in dressing up when i go out... especially footwear. D8

3. Stop procrastination.
Must do my best! ROAR!

4. Learn to not give a fug at little things people do.
I find that sometimes people do things to make you feel crappy or left out - whether accidental or not - and maybe they didn't mean anything bad, but this is where the "look at the fug i give" comes in. 8D

5. Blog more.
I find Blogging actually helps me improve, but i guess i think too much and my thoughts are always all over the place that in the end it actually takes me a few hours just to complete one simple post.

That said, Blogging improves me by keeping things in track, ranting, and also language, so this is a go!

6. Spend more time with family and friends.
To be honest i have my family and i don't have that many friends... then again i don't have that much time either... so whatever time i have, i want to spend it all with them. =D

7. Always be positive.
Occasional rants are allowed (because i'm the type that after i rant it out, everything's forgotten!), but in the end, one should always keep things in perspective. 8D

8. Spare time to help those who needs it.

9. Express love for people i love.
As much as i felt that i've improved a sensible amount in the sense that i'm not as awkward in expressing my i love for those people anymore... but in the end, they are people who i love, so they need to know! (^^ )

10. Holiday!
Beach holiday. Must. This year.
I miss the beach so so so much. ♡

11. Write more.
Record everything, whether in my diary or my notebook, because every moment is precious!

12. Smile. Make another person smile too. And be Random.
(^^ ).

13. U.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


It's the New Year again! =D

So how was your New Year celebration?

I spent my countdown to the New Year with my family and friends at home. (^^ )

And it was awesome. 8D

I love being home. ♡

Credit: Google Images.