Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions.

Here's my usual New Years Resolution for the year 2012!

1. Lose weight.
Every year, same resolution but never achieved. But one should always keep the faith! =D

2. Stop being lazy.
Come to think of it, this should probably come first because it's the most fundamental and appears to influence everything else too.
This also includes putting some effort in dressing up when i go out... especially footwear. D8

3. Stop procrastination.
Must do my best! ROAR!

4. Learn to not give a fug at little things people do.
I find that sometimes people do things to make you feel crappy or left out - whether accidental or not - and maybe they didn't mean anything bad, but this is where the "look at the fug i give" comes in. 8D

5. Blog more.
I find Blogging actually helps me improve, but i guess i think too much and my thoughts are always all over the place that in the end it actually takes me a few hours just to complete one simple post.

That said, Blogging improves me by keeping things in track, ranting, and also language, so this is a go!

6. Spend more time with family and friends.
To be honest i have my family and i don't have that many friends... then again i don't have that much time either... so whatever time i have, i want to spend it all with them. =D

7. Always be positive.
Occasional rants are allowed (because i'm the type that after i rant it out, everything's forgotten!), but in the end, one should always keep things in perspective. 8D

8. Spare time to help those who needs it.

9. Express love for people i love.
As much as i felt that i've improved a sensible amount in the sense that i'm not as awkward in expressing my i love for those people anymore... but in the end, they are people who i love, so they need to know! (^^ )

10. Holiday!
Beach holiday. Must. This year.
I miss the beach so so so much. ♡

11. Write more.
Record everything, whether in my diary or my notebook, because every moment is precious!

12. Smile. Make another person smile too. And be Random.
(^^ ).

13. U.

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