Friday, November 30, 2007

I died. Literally.

Interested to know how i "died"?

13 Beautiful Boys with the Beautiful Seasons.

13 Beautiful Boys doing SPORTS *dies further*.
(OMG, SIWON-MUSCLES *dies further than furthest*.)
(OMG, KYU-LEGS *dead*.)
Apparently, writing down on a piece of paper to reason with yourself which to buy, and how pointless it is to get two calendars when there's only one year and all...

(ps: The second last line reads: "PHOTO DIARY NOT ESCAPING".)
(pps: And no, you DO NOT want to know what it means. Trust me.)

I had actually written down the reasons on which one should i choose, weighing each's pros-and-cons and all...
The wall-version is winning because its more useful and handy and all, on the other hand, the desk-version is much more prettier and brighter and all.

But as you can see at the end of the paper, despite it being quite blurly...
... i fail completely to choose which one to get.

See the question mark there?

But in the end... whether or not i manage to reason myself out to only buy one, or whether or not i had already chose one to buy... does not matter anymore...

In the end...

All they need to do is show some Kyu-legs...

... and i give in to everything.

Bloody idiots.


The boys are too beautiful they are hard to resist (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Its not that i haven't even try...

... the fact remains that i can't even bear to try to try to resist them.

Thats the difficulty of the whole thing.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♪!~

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm going to update HeeChul's Blog soon (^^ )!

I realize Her Royal Highness Kim HeeChul really needs a Blog of her own, just so she can't just barge into my Blog and claim it as hers (or cat-napped it whenever she want)! Totally out-of-the-question!

And trust me, if not because i procrastinated all the time, i'm sure HeeChul would very well have invaded my Blog. And i wouldn't even be surprised.

So anyways, despite that Blog being pretty updateless and all, for now, its going to be up and running soon (^^ )!

The Narcissistic Little Rascal needs somewhere to dig her Royal Claws into! Nyao!~

And she's still a prat as regard to her carrier! GRR!!

SJF: Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming soon. Have you start your Christmas shoppings yet? Though shopping is a fun thing to do, i hate shopping when its close to the holiday seasons because the mall will be too crowded you can hardly do anything. actually offers online coupon codes you may use to shop online, which is really much more convenient and less "crowded". I already have my eyes on a few deals, such as the Dell coupons and Target deals for my family and friends, and not forgetting Pet Care Rx coupons for the spoilt cat.

FREAKING disappointed.

The doorbell ring.

Is it the postman?

Before i could even run to get it (tending to HeeChul earlier), i heard a loud "plop" outside the garden indicating that the postman had thrown something in.

A parcel.



*runs dramatically outside*
Its send to my name.
But the contents are not for me.

It's the book which i had helped my brother's friend order (= =")...

So disappointing ok (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Apparently, its not the parcel i had been waiting for, and now i don't know how long more do i need to wait.

Keeping my hopes up, but still...


Like how everything has been these days.

And how HeeChul is still being a prat regarding her carrier.



I want my parcel (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

ps: With regards to the book i helped my bro's friend ordered.

I had actually wanted to order my SuJu CD along with that book, but when i found out that the book will be taking AGES to arrive, i didn't want to order together because i want my SuJu CD to arrive faster.

But that said...
The book has already arrive.
But i still haven't order my SuJu CD (= =")...

So fail can die.
Literally saying of course.

But seriously...


I realize i can SS mad.

SS means Shiok Sendiri.

A term Amane taught me, which has well followed me since then.

We use it to describe anything from inanimate objects, to living things etc.

Ah~, its a VERY well-used word.

So anyways, as according to this post, Amane, SamSoon, JungAh and i went out for lunch today.

Since SamSoon drove, i sat at the backseat and got to SS by playing Don't Don on my handphone, and started dancing to it.

... IN THE CAR...

In fact, i actually DANCED to the WHOLE SONG *beams proudly*!

Considering the fact that everybody in the car is already used to my Super Junior and ME, they don't even bother anymore !!

Except for the fact i kept on asking JungAh to see me and my dance, otherwise everyone can well-ignore what i'm doing so easily its as if i'm only doing something as interesting as breathing next to them!



But ah, please don't let this mere fact deter you from *thinking* that i won't dance when i drive.

In fact, i do DANCE (like i did in the car today), even when i drive!

Trust me, I DO.

And i'm not being modest .

I should be voted as the driver you least want to meet while driving, lol!!


I like being ME (^^ )!~

Its fun and retarded!

Like my SUPERKyu XD!~

Remember when i say that...

... I'm going to "BOYCOTT" ALL SM products?
I failed kao-kao.


But i shall never change my mind when i said:
SM can go die.

I meant it when i first said it, and i still mean it now.

Bloody hell.

You would think with all the contributions we provide them to keep them nice and fat, they would at least do something nice in return.

Apparently, NO.

So in return, they made us fools as well.

Fools provide for more fools.

The idioticity of the whole circle.

I'm obsessed with my Bada.

Bada is my pet!
No, the spelling is not wrong, because erm...

... Its a (fluff)Friends...

... In Facebook XD!

Maybe because its the closest thing i'll have to having a dolphin as a pet, which has been my dream since i was a little girl.
In fact, i had actually imagined the front yard of my old house having a large tank so i can keep my dolphin inside.

And i can be honest with everyone, my imagination is still as if i'm a little kid, no change, and its still growing =D!

You would think when you grow up, your imaginations won't be that wild and all, well for me, its the other way around.

Don't believe?
If you know me well, you'll know.


So anyways, ehem, sidetracked-again-hehehe...

Like i said, i'm obsessed with my Bada.
I always think there's no finer fluff(pet) in the world other than Bada, and i scorn at the fact other people have daulphins as their fluffs too!

My Bada is special, see!
There shall be no other daulphins =P!

Apart from that, i will refuse to pet other daulphins even though i get 5 munny for petting them, i would resort to pet another fluff instead.
No other daulphins should win my Bada =P!

And i will always feed her different food, although they obviously will still produce the same reaction, but i like it that she has "a different taste of things", even if she can't taste, duh...

And yes, i'm willing to spend that some extra munny, just so she can have "different tastes".
For example, last time the Two Cherries costs 14munny, and the Choco-Mango Delight costs 30munny. Two Cherries are +8fph, and Choco-Mango delight +10fph, so if you do some math, feeding Two Cherries is really much more worthy in the long run.

Though i stock in loads of Two Cherries, i'll also stock in 1 or 2 Choco-Mango delight, just so he could have something different once in a while.

See how obsessed i am?

And now that they did some changes with the munny payings and stuffs, even when the Cookies cost 10munny, and Every Flavour Beans is 15munny, i will stock up on loads of Cookies... but still some Every Flavour Beans.

Just so he could have something different once in a while

I told you i'm obsessed.

And just then, i was arguing with my brother on which (fluff) is cuter, in the sense of the breed...

I said:
"Bada is the cutest fluff ever..."

Note i didn't say "daulphin", but "Bada" instead...

Told you i'm obsessed.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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So fail.

ErJie, i want to murder you and your PMS post adee. Your PMS spreaded to me.
Or rather, PMS is inevitable, but i just want to find someone to blame, LOL!! ERJIEILOVEYOU!~

So anyways, i went out with Amane, SamSoon and JungAh for lunch today!

I woke up with a back-ache due to a bad sleep (pillow wasn't suitable), and HeeChul made me angry in the morning, plus the inevitable matter of the first thing i talked about - PMS.

The only thing which made me feel better is YehSung, because his the one i first thought of when i woke up in the morning (^^ )!~

Super Junior is HEAVEN!~

So anyways, i was in quite a bad-mood and hot-tempered initially, that i start shooting everyone within my range to begin with.

I realized it was really my bad, not like anyone did anything to offend me to begin with, so after Korean class, i prepared to apologize and i told Amane about it, very randomly.

"My period coming soon ler," i said.

It give her a shock alright, it was SUPER RANDOM cause XD!!

I proceeded to tell her i PMS, thats why i am damn bad-tempered this morning. And i was about to apologize for it, but i noticed that she no reaction, so i asked:

"Is it i "bad-tempered" (fatt-lan-zha) or not also no difference?"

She give a chuckle, and said: "Yes," with a big smile (not that i would know, i just imagined it, because i'm driving, and therefore if i look at her it would be suicidal won't it?).
This proves one thing:
Time does not justify whether or not someone will know you well.

Or maybe its just because i'm weird and difficult to understand !!


SOMEONE is a bad influence.

And i don't mean my cat whose named is HeeChul btw .

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Quote.

"I just write what I wanted to write. I write what amuses me. It's totally for myself."

Its so cool when your favourite author actually feels the same way you do about writing (^^ )!

"I write what i want, this is my Blog."

Cheers mate!

ps: Actually, being typically long-winded, my quote is actually longer than that... a lot... but i thought i keep it short to match J. K. Rowling's quote =D!

And also it looks cooler when its short, and people will be able to understand better what i'm talking about without misinterpreting the meaning, which has always happened, so yeah, its all cool!~


And yes, she is indeed my most favourite author!

Isn't it obvious (^^ )?

HeeChul is a mad cat.

Another backdated post =P!
Written on 11/19/07.



I just got home from Penang yesterday (11/18/07), and therefore had smuggled HeeChul to sleep in my room that night.

In the morning, she woke me up because she wanted to go outside.

Gosh, what a ruckus she made!
Meowing and scratching on the door in attempts to wake me up!

Then, i woke up to let her out, and went back to sleep again.
I was FREAKING tired.

After i fell asleep again, and after she had made her rounds, she wanted to come in (to my room) again, and again, she made the same huge ruckus so i would wake up to open the door for her, just to let her enter again.

I should just get a cat-flap in my door.
Then my good night sleeps wouldn't be tampered with! Lol!

Which reminds me.
She needs a bath.

The smelly Little Princess!


This post was written on 11/22/07 @ 1:20AM


I just saw SuJu on ch322!!

It is this Korean program which introduces movies and all, and though i missed the part when they introduce SuJu's movie, it was still cool XD!~

I was randomly channel-surfing, and stopped at ch322, which was introducing Clueless, and after talking about it it, they did a recap of all the high-school-related movies they just introduced throughout the show (which was the program's "theme" for that episode), and SuJu appeared XD!

I saw HeeChul, DongHae and ShinDong first when they are at the dance hall place, then a few parts from the movie and a few special images (KangIn is so cute XD!)!!

And the fact that i was just randomly channel-surfing and stumble upon it makes it even more special (^^ )!

Like finding a galleon among knuts!


Ok, me and my Harry Potter! Lol!

I won't be surprise if i'll go with Lyra's world next =P!


Love you peeps!~

Lol, imagine if i watched that show (that Korean program) from the beginning...

Sure guarantee destroy the whole house XD!~

Monday, November 26, 2007




I just watched a Marry U performance...

ALL 13 BEAUTIFUL BOYS performing together, again XD!!~

Nothing can get better than that, especially the fact that Baby had to missed Marry U activities when it first started due to the surgery, so i look forward to this performance more than anything else just to see him perform Marry U (sorryWookyistillloveyoumost)!~

Ah!~ He is loved XD!~

He just had his last surgery (Thank God!) on Oct 30th, and its barely a month but his back and dancing like nothing has ever happened before!!!~


I guarantee you nothing can feel better than that!

In fact, for once considering all 13 of them had performed, i didn't get all emotional like before *beams proudly* (i almost, but didn't)...
And i thought i'll bawl whenever i feel too happy, but it turns out when you're TOO OVER with HAPPINESS, crying or no crying due to that happiness doesn't really matter (^^ )!~!~

Its the feel which matters most nyah XD!

And to top it all off...

During the performance (Oh, and it was LIVE, did i tell you that *wink*? My boys can REALLY sing XD!~)... our HeeNim sang this:
나의 꽃잎 나의 엘프 사랑할 것을 나 맹세할게요
Which means: "My Petal My ELF that i will love you, i will make a vow."

*rolls around in happiness*


One thing why i really love my boys!~
Their constant never-ending love and support for us BIG-EARED ELF just like we've always been for them!~

You never see another artist who hangs the name of their fans by their mouth all the time! But my boys did *beams*, and they proudly show it all the time!

So we, BIG-EARED ELF, in return stay good as well, no matter how many people try to frame us, we remained well-mannered and civilized. All for the sake of our boys!
Seriously, we're like, one of the best fanclubs around XD!

Even if we're not the best yet, we are becoming and slowly reaching the top (^^ )!~

We're good ELF XD!~

If you wonder why (we're being good for them), its simple.


So we want to be the best fans there can be to make them proud right?
And not cause any troubles for them (though trouble comes finding us cause some people are maybe just jealous with our unity?)!

Our boys have been through a lot, so they really appreciate us all the time, and because we, Super Junior 13 members and ELF, have been through too much together, we appreciate each other more.

Do you still want to break us up now?


Always remember:
When people frame or bad-mouthed us ELF, Super Junior stood up and protected us.

So now, its just natural we return the favour (^^ ).

We're ONLY13.

Though that said, we can add the number "1" to "13"!

So it'll be:
13 + 1 = Super Junior + ELF.

I'm not lying, BabyKyuHyun actually said that (^^ )!~
(Differently phrased, but all the same meaning XD!~)

And there's all there is, there isn't anymore.

But Super Junior and ELF!~

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I would know.

Whether or not the person performing with YunHo is Lee DongHae.

I mean, please lar, even DongHae's slightest "Ah" can be detected and easily recognized by me in a few seconds.
Yes, sometimes i may need a few repeats, but technically, its so freaking easy easy. I can recognize his laughter too ok?

It was kinda annoying when during the TVXQ concert last night, people around were screaming "Lee DongHae, Lee DongHae"...

So obvious not DongHae can?
The appearance and hair also so obviously different.

That person is a good rapper and dancer, but i doubt he is as good as DongHae. Honestly.

I mean, isn't DongHae like... the best?

He IS the best!
Along with the 12 other retardedly beautiful boys XD!

So yeah, really annoying honestly.

But what annoys me most is this girl behind me who yelled out: "Lee DongHae sucks".

The minute i heard it, turned around and glared at her.

And i swear i almost killed her.

I almost wanted to confront her; in a well-mannered, reasonable and civilized way of course, ELF are civilized.
But Amane ask me not to look for trouble, but it just make me flared more, because how can i not stand up for DongHae?

If DongHae sucks, everybody else also sucks adee!!

Damn irritating that girl, hearing her voice almost makes me puke.

But anyways, i think back, maybe she said "Saranghae" instead?
But i beg to differ, it was quite obvious what she yelled because the minute she yelled i looked behind and saw her giggling with her friends.
Plus i know how her "Saranghae" sounds like with her inaccurate pronunciation of the Korean language.
Seriously damn laoyia ok the way she pronounces it. Hear also OMG!!

Ok, very geram now.

I shall rest my case.

BTW, i feel the way this is going...

I feel i'll probably write loads of short posts about the concert, instead of one long one XD!!


The Power.

Want to know more reasons why i love my boys?

I came back all pissed off...

And i open my com...

... and i saw both my husbands (in case you didn't know, TeddyBear and Simba!) showing their love to each other, and this made me happier XD!~

Ah XD!~

I tell you, the power they have over me XD!~

Easily putting a smile on my face (^^ )!~

And Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul knows that i've came home, so she woke up from her peaceful slumber to welcome me home, and then proceeded to sleep next to my laptop to make me feel better. And occasionally waking up to see that i'm still there (i promise her we'll go up soon).

That fat cat knows the power she have over me.
So she's very good at taking advantage, and which explains why it seems that i'm spoiling her alot?

Ah, she's HeeChul isn't she?

She's exactly like him!

The narcissistic fat cat.

But i love all of them just the same XD!~


They make the world a brighter place!~


SM annoys me to the core.

Like seriously.

One slap across the face, two across the buttocks, three at the youknowwhere.

Gosh, i can be really cruel when i want to ne?

I'll leave the story to another time, i'm tired and wanted to bath and sleep now. I smell like ShinDong.

OMG, i love that fat blubber so much, thinking of him makes me smile XD!

But anyways, the next time i open a PR company, if any artist management company needs my help to promote their artist and all, and then go NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST with demands, things and all...

I'll smack them across the face and ask them to let me in charge.
I, after all, are the one who have to do all the layaning, somemore PAYING ok?

They don't pay me back how?
Their money got gold ar?

MY nose got gold lar, genuine one somemore!!

But ahah, this proves one thing...
kimchis are NEVER meant to open PR company.

Sure no money come in at all.
I WANT KIM JUNSU!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally JunSu-mode right now; his freaking HOT, and CUTE, good SINGER and DANCER, and his my Hyukkie's best friend!
Nothing ever leaves my 13 beautiful boys right ?

As said, they turn my gloomy day into sunshine day (^^ )!~

I can smile super retardedly whenever i think of them! AH!~

And as much as i hate SM, i'm weak as long as my boys are under them.

This sucks.

THEY sucks.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Never watch movies with dead animals.

Like... seriously...

I just watched Free Willy.

It was nice, with the exception that i've been bawling every 5-10minutes or so.

Just in case you didn't know, Keiko the orca, the one who starred in the first Free Willy movie, has actually passed away on Dec 12 2003.

Being a big animal lover with a very deep affection with marine animals especially (always relate Dolphins, daulphins and Great Whites to me), and having watched this documentary on Keiko before, which was really touching and wonderful btw, i was really sad when i heard the news she died.

So yeah, especially emotional when i watched this movie.

I keep on thinking on why such a beautiful whale would have to die so young (she died at 27 years-old; very old age for a captive whale, but young for a wild whale), why do animals have to live in captivity, WHY THE FREAKING HELL ARE WE SO CRUEL TO ANIMALS... and all those controversial and contradicting thoughts going on in my head.

Really a lot.
If i were to list it down, it would scare the daylights of everyone.

See, i enjoy going to zoos and marine parks and all, but i don't like it when i see the animals being mistreated in there.
I do have a thought of boycotting animal parks, but i do enjoy seeing animals up close, and whats with this and that... so all has become very contradicting and all...

It sucks being me.
I always feel so helpless when i go to those animal parks and see all those animals being mistreated, whether intentionally or unintentionally, moreover the fact that i'm actually contributing to the mistreatment.

Seriously, all these animal-conservation-stuffs matters a lot to me.
If you don't understand, its ok. I never expect anyone would understand really.

But never laugh, because its a serious matter to me.
Laughing would be very insulting to me, and you won't like it when i curse, like, seriously... you never want me to curse you. Trust me.

Oh and this...
I make it my life-mission to discourage people around me to stop eating Shark's Fin Soup.
Not just because they don't like it or any other reason, but more like if i a bowl in placed in front of them, they would decline and all.

I started since like what, 2002-2003?

I had never even managed to convince anyone, NOT EVEN ONE, to stop eating Shark's Fin Soup.

Freaking sad can.
Not me, everyone else. So cruel can anot?

And i've only met ONE other person who also don't eats Shark's Fin Soup due to compassion.

And we call animals heartless.


Oh yah, despite its name, killer whales actually belong to the dolphin family.
Now you know!

Gosh, why didn't i go study to be a marine biologist?

And never mess with me when i'm in a conservation-mood.

Plus due to the fact i'm currently tired and lack of sleep, NOT a good combination.

I shall go sleep now. BAH!!~

Friday, November 23, 2007


So tired i won't be surprised if i suddenly fall asleep as of now.

I was so tired, i gave up going to eat Korean food with BiBi, which i kinda regretted now because i missed Bulgogi. ARGH!

ShinDong has been singing into my ear to get me to go eat Korean, he misses his meat.
NO, tired lar dude! Hello!

I was so tired, Auntie thought i was in a bad mood - she thought my ever hyper-mode is always in full - so i think i frightened her for a moment?

If i didn't sleep early tonight, she might have to feel the wrath of my tiredness tomorrow; because we bought the cheapest ticket to see TVXQ, therefore, if we wanted good seats, we have to go early and wait, which will mean even more tired.

Though that said, i've already planned out what to bring, to keep myself entertained because my attention spam is short, that i myself feel i become Auntie adee (= =")...

Not trying to be puny here. I'm serious!

But no matter how Auntie i could be tomorrow (not that i can win Auntie, lol =P!)... i could never be Auntie-er than i was today, ok?

I brought Her Royal Highness to a CAT SHOW today, so its natural i have to pack like loads of stuffs, like food, toys and snacks etc, to bring there so as to keep the Royal Cat comfortable.

Its her first trip outside apart from the vet =)!

In fact, all the packing reminded myself of my Kaijie, who just went back to Aussieland yesterday (already miss her (ㅠ.ㅠ)...)!
Because of Ethan, every time before go out she'll check she has packed the necessities and all, and thats exactly what i did for my baby!

But packing and all still ok, because its just packing see.

Though, on how i gotten extra tired...
Apart from the fact that i was unceremoniously woken up early yesterday, teehee, i have been sleeping late everynight, and though i sometimes most of the time wakes up late, its still tiring see.

And today i was made even MORE tired-er because of the cat show, i had to stay alert all the time because of Her Royal Highness, so naturally, drained more energy.

Thoughout the whole trip, i have to entertain her, see to her every needs, and because she was really nervous and all (especially in the car - plus its her first time out, seeing so many people excites her, and makes her nervous at the same time!), i worried more and have to take care of her etc etc...

Not forgetting worried more more that she might runaway and all (CHOI!), but thank God she was properly secured!

Me is her 24/7 mom ok? Must take good care of me baby!

So yeah, i was still ok when i was there, i come back and i practically almost died!

I'll Blog about the Cat Show another day, loads of pretty cats!
I'll be honest i prefer Dog Shows, but its good too lar, since my little girl can join in the fun (^^ )!~

But that said, i hope i'll Blog about it soon... there's still so much i haven't Blog about yet... argh!

Will do soon will do soon... i think... do my best do my best... i hope...

Ok, i go sleep now GoodNight!~

The fish. SWIM!

BiBi was telling me last night that there are 30 cute guys who would be the "special guest" for TVXQ's concert.

If its really so, i'm actually contemplating on bringing a board, which'll says:
"Gimme my DongHae", to the concert.
Yes, the SuJu fan travel everywhere with ONLY13 in her heart XD!~

See, its because in TVXQ's Korea concert, DongHae was the special guest and performed together with YunHo during his individual performance.

And i heard that TVXQ will be doing their individual performances part for this leg of the tour...


I mean, if you want any special guest, might as well just ask DongHae right?
Plus the fact that the organizers can definitely rack in MORE money, because SuJu fans will gather too!
Isn't SM's favourite MONEY?
They even have the initials "M" in their company name ok?

So why be so nice now?
Please, they already like taken so much of money adee can?
Stop acting innocent!


Wah, so drama... typical (= =")...

So anyways, i'm really angry, i mean... SO WHAT if they are getting "30 cute guys" (note that its emphasized)?
I've seen some of the pictures of the so-called "30 cute guys"... and well... most are not-bad...
... but then my boys have set the standards up so bloody heavenly high for me, not just sky-high, note that, that i find NOBODY ELSE cute anymore (of the XY-chromosome) after that... with the exception of the 13 of course.

Then again...

The organizers could like get, 30 REALLY cute guys...
I mean like those who are really cute by everyone's standard, like, REALLY cute guys...

Heck, they could even get 130 VERY cute guys, or even 300 ULTRALY cute guys!!
But none of them would be able to replace my one and only DongHae *beams proudly*!!

Sorry dudes!
The fish, obviously, beat you fair and square !!


ps: Actually, this post was supposed to be written short-and-nice ONLY...
But i got carried away =P! Teeheehee!~ Paiseh! Hahaha!~

Don't take offence on anything i wrote (especially AhMa!~)!!

I'm JUST PLAYING, because:
  • The REAL guest-star is Zhang LiYin (hears Timeless in the background)!
    I doubt they'll get the 30 cute guys to be the "special guest-star" really, because SM likes promoting their own stars! I doubt they'd give up such a good chance like this!

    I just thought it would make a very good Blog entry if i had written so XD!~

  • I would rather wait than being able to see DongHae now, because he is really tired (All SuJu boys are (freaking tired), but SM thought they don't need to rest, thinking my boys are really "Super"!), and to make it worst, the poor fish is sick as of now =(...

  • As much as i would be very happy if DongHae comes...
    It would also mean a big hole in my wallet.

    I am like... the world's biggest water-fish whenever my boys are in question (=v=")...

    So it would be best if he stays in Korea and wait for me.
    Bigger hole in wallet, but we'll make do !~

So yeah...
SiWon and Geng-ah XD!~

If JungAh is there as well, LiYin and JungSu would be facing two mad SuJu fans taking over the stage, taking their mics as well, and then brandishing our own version of Timeless XD!~

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♪!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wake up calls.

My alarm's ringtone is Marry U.

Ah, bliss!~

But its not a very good ringtone honestly, because instead of waking me up, its just making me sleep better, and with a smile on my face! Especially during Baby's part XD!~


Though, if i could just get rid of the "vibrating alert" when the alarm rings!
Its kinda annoying that while i'm dreaming of my boys, i can also hear the vibrating alert's "kre kre kre" sound (= =")...

But thats not what i want to talk about!


I slept at 4am (or so) last night, reading Harry Potter... for the 139137981373913137017013th time... and no point asking me why as well. Honestly =P!

So anyways, thats not what i want to say...
I have been sleeping late for almost every night now, so naturally... i'll wake up late... everyday...

Then, as i was sleeping peacefully in my dreamland... TWO PERSON CALLED...

The song Don't Don rang, i thought it was my alarm at first, so i randomly press a button and continue sleeping...

... till i remember that none of my alarm ringtones are Don't Don, so i took a peek and yes indeed, its a call.

And i answered with a "Har? Who are you?"!!

It was Er Jie, and i'm really sorry but i could not decipher what you're saying! But i can hear you're really excited! WHY??? (have yet to call you back as of now)

Er Jie kindly spare me by saying she'll call me later... which is good because its not like i can take in anything else at the moment =P!
I just want to meet-up with ZhaoGong again for yumchar! Heehee!~

Though, I thought i would not be able to sleep again, because again, i'm mentally awake but physically dead...

But i did manage to fall asleep again XD!

Then i dreamt about Auntie; she worked for this rich dude or something, and he wanted to give her some expensive crystal rocks stone thingy in return. And she was smiling so widely you can't see her eyes, only teeth.

And then HyoRi's Toc Toc Toc ringtone rang, Auntie called.

She talked to me about the sun, my butt and TVXQ concert tickets...

I don't know why in the world i replied her regarding whether or not the sun is shining outside... because...

There are curtain binds in my room (-┏).
Therefore, whether or not the sun its shining brightly outside... its not like i would know really...

But i replied her as if i know regardless, because from the inside, since the binds are drawn, it really seemed as if its a cloudy day outside =P!

And paiseh, the sun really is very bright outside one actually!!
But no, didn't kena my butt XD!~

So anyways, after Auntie's call, i couldn't sleep again, but rolling around in bed because as said, mentally awake, physically dead...
But i actually needed BOTH to be awake (and alert), because i'm suppose to drive to KLIA later!!

Then HeeChul came in (door is open) to manja and wake me up, but she has never ever succeeded, because after i give her a few scratches, she'll also proceed to sleep (= =")...

What can i say...
We love yumchar sessions with my best friend ZhaoGong i guess XD!~

Dancing Out!

IS BACK (^^ )!~

I think i mentioned before that i will definitely change back to Dancing Out?

I used a banner related to SuJu's 2nd album for promoting purposes (what am i saying? I procrastinated so much, i actually haven't even gone to promote it properly in my Blog, OMG!!), and now that their repackage edition is also released, its just normal for me to change back to suit my Blog's title nya?

Which is...

Besides, i honestly REALLY misses my Dancing Out banner!
It definitely looks so much better than the Don't Don banner... like, really and honestly, and i doubt anybody will disagree on this fact!
Don't Don's pic is nice, nobody can disagree with that (i'm serious), however, my PS-skills and creativity are like... nonexistence... so, its best to just return to "the better one" =P!

Ooh, and also, i believe i'm linked as Dancing Out! to mostly everywhere else?
Plus the song that plays whenever you open my Blog using Internet Explorer (the player fails to play on Mozilla windows) is the song Dancing Out by Super Junior!

Furthermore, the song meant a lot to me!
Like really alot XD!~

So yeah, now it has officially become like, officially my Blog's Official title (^^ )!

I know the whole Dancing Out theme is like, more than one year plus adee, and i remember that i had actually wanted to change it when SuJu releases a new album or something, etc etc, but since my non-existing PS-skills and creativity never improved, so no point really.

Plus as mentioned, the recent discovery of how special the song is to me made up for everything else!

So yeah, like it or not... its here to stay XD!~

Welcome to Dancing Out people (^^ )!

ps: Oh, in case you didn't notice it...
I'll be periodically updating quotes and stuffs, short notes etc, at the space below my banner!
Right below the phrase "Dancing Out on the Edge!"!

Unless i darken it, otherwise i doubt it'll be easily noticeable? Heehee!~

Hope you'll pay attention to it though!~ Thanks (^^ )!~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Dear LooYee is going for her FIRST Korean test today =D!

As a very supportive friend, heavily emphasized, i wish her all the best! Do your best!

Then, yesterday or so, LooYee asked Auntie to help her with some words, so Auntie said, "Why don't you ask the crazy SuJu fan?", because she (Auntie) fear she might get admitted to the hospital. Hee.

Obviously, everyone know who that (the crazy SuJu fan) is ...

Then LooYee replied:
"Don't want!! She sure laugh at me one if i say anything wrong, somemore can laugh until the whole day one!"

Oh no, how can she say such thing? I'm so sad =(... (HeeNim taught me that phrase, lol!)

Then again, yes, i am that mean =P!

I rest my case, nothing more to say !~
Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XD!!

Just playing =P!

So anyways, the minute i heard that i laughed out loud! Its real funny!!

Honestly, if LooYee were to ask me to help her with any words, i would help her and with no laughings included, i promise (but not guaranteed)!

This is because when i was a beginner, i had also asked a Korean friend to help me, and she took liberty on not laughing at my horrible Korean, instead, she encouraged me to master it so we can speak Korean together!

So how can i laugh at LooYee?
I too was a beginner before, i understand how hard it can be...
However, now that she has mentioned it, about the fact that she fear i will laugh at her if she speaks wrongly...

I'm afraid i will not be able to help it but will just LAUGH whenever she speaks Korean XD!!
Not just if she speaks wrongly =P!

Because it'll remind me of what she had said, and personally, i find it very funny !

Sorry love (^^ )!

All the best for your exams!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm a Gryffindor!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Yay me XD!~

I love the fact that i'm sorted into Gryffindor!

But i especially love the fact that i had actually gotten 13 points to be sorted into Gryfinddor (^^ )!~



Its like, two of my most favourite combined together (^^ )!~

Monday, November 19, 2007


The following happened on October 19, 2007.

Exactly ONE MONTH ago.

SUPER procrastinator.
Teehee, no wonder my favourite boys are SUPER Junior !~


I was hungry the other day, and had Korean ramyun for dinner.

Being the kimchi me, i have my very own kimchi recipe on how to make yummy kimchi ramyun, however, this is the first time i being so kimchi-fied in cooking my kimchi ramyun, because last time i don't exactly add kimchi into my kimchi ramyun, however now, i added loads of kimchi into my kimchi ramyun, and kimchi is being the main-ingredient, so the kimchi ramyun has become really kimchi.

Ok, very kimchi.

So anyways, as usual, being ME, while cooking my kimchi ramyun i was dreaming of, inevitably, Super Junior (obviously)!
Thoughts go from, "I'm going to cook Angel-pyung yummy kimchi ramyun!" to "KyuHyun can actually cook tasteless ramyuns, i'm so gonna do better than him!"...

Typical fangirly thoughts, which i love and enjoy!~
They fill life with happiness XD!~

I actually thought of every single member while cooking my yummy ramyun (trust me, once you master it, its freaking easy), but i'm leaving what i've thought about from EeTeuk to KyuHyun only.

Because see, ONLY13, from EeTeuk to KyuHyun.
ELF would get that (^^ )!~

So then, while cooking, la-la-la, adds an EGG, which is a very important ingredient of ramyun (i find kimchi ramyuns without eggs are tasteless. Maybe thats what KyuHyun's ramyuns tastes lacks XD!), then continue cooking, tra-la-la...

Then, after cooking, i was watching tee-vee while eating.
When i was about to eat my egg... i realizes something...
Look at the shape of my egg.

Its a purr-fect heart shape.

Not exactly a completely perfect heart shape with the proper edges and all, but if you really see, it really is a purr-fect heart shape.

I cooked the ramyun while thinking of my 13 beautiful boys!~

And as the ramyun cooks, its filled with LOVE!~

And after its cooked, the egg comes out so (^^ )!~


Of my 13 beautiful boys!~

Keep in mind, when you crack an egg, its shapeless right?
Free too take on any shape it wants.

But it chose to be a HEART SHAPE... as i was cooking it while thinking of my boys!~

Isn't LOVE wonderful (^^ )?

Do you know what expired milk taste like?

This Blog was written on 11/9/07... which sadly, has been left to idle there till now i revive it.

OMG, super procrastinator.

Answering what the title asks...
I do!

I wanted to have cereal just now, the date on the carton of fresh milk says: "8 9 2007"...


I looked at the new carton which i just bought (today) on the right, and it says: "4 10 2007"...

And so i thought:
Oh, still got "long time", and its only August now *big grin*...
(note anything wrong in the previous sentence?)

So i took the older carton, poured the milk into a bowl, added a generous amount of milo and cornflakes...



But ei... why bitter one?

Cereal problem? Milk problem?
(AhMa got problem XD!~ Hahaha, just making fun of AhMa's Blog name =P!)

I spit out everything back into bowl (Yeah, very disgusting, i know, as if you're not =P!), and tried the milk again...

Still taste funny, or was it because of the bitter taste which is lingering in my mouth?

But eitherways, for safety, better just go dispose of everything!

I told dad... and he checked the older milk carton, and told me the milk i took had actually expired last month!!
Luckily i also go check the same carton again before i blurted out "september still long time to go" (= =")...

I know it was September 11 2007 today... its just that... at that moment when i saw the "expired date" on the older carton... i immediately thought September is next month (= =")...


So fail can die...


I better clarify before more people got mistaken XD!

It was September 11 when i tasted the milk which has expired on 8 September!!

However, genius me here thought it was August, when it clearly was September already (= =")... thats why i got the expiry dates messed up...

But thinking back...

It could be September 22 when i took the sour milk, because i remember dad saying it was expired 2 weeks ago (now i remember)!

Which could be the truth?
I'm the only one who takes cereal in the family, so...