Thursday, July 31, 2008

The things i do for my boys!

My right leg is invalid now.
Because i...
- Stepping on the accelerator without moving for a long time.
- Standing.

Actually if i stand, both legs tired, but because of the accelerator part, my right leg damn "bah"~!! I don't even know how to describe the feeling. It's not pain or sore, it's not numb... it's just... i don't know!!
So i'll settle with invalid.

You might ask, what did i do today?
Well, i drove all the way to KLIA!... ALONE *beams proudly*.
Ok, it's actually no big deal for me lar, but whatever, i like the dramatic effect!

Well, you might continue asking, why to KLIA? Are you going to Korea?

Well, the answer is no... but yes too. Why?
Because no, i'm not going to Korea today, but i was just there to pick up my husband(s) =D!
My 13 beautiful boys!~
Ok, fine, only 9 came today, another 2 tomorrow, another 2 i'm divorcing because they are too busy to come (just joking =P)!
And the yes is because, as a good wife i shall follow them back home. So yeah, i'm going back to Korea with them soon XD!!
Ok fine, i'll go straight to the story XD!

For starters, my worst fear was confirm. Malaysian fans (actually Malaysia fans only make up half of it, another half are from foreigners) left a bad impression on them. It was rather chaotic, thanks to the fans AND the guards - ganas vs ganas, what do you think?

And some idiot actually went and pull EunHyuk (and SungMin too i heard)'s shirt. And a lot of them touch the boys countless time till i feel its to the extend of molesting (those fans are busy screaming "OMG I TOUCH SO-AND-SO" so i heard). EunHyuk and SungMin's face are rather black when i see them on the bus.
And also, HeeNim was actually holding EeTeuk (don't know how to explain, but it's like protecting EeTeuk lar) as they pass the hoards of fans while being surrounded by the bodyguards.

I know i said i should've touch SiWon too, although i know i shouldn't, because i know how Korean ELF works, and touchy is a no-no... but i can't help but feel that, because i've known them for so many freaking years, i would like to "touch" them to see if they are actually "real" and not a "fiction of my imagination" or something. I don't need to touch, just poke to see if they are real.
But honestly, it's just wrong lar honestly. But can't help to feel it.

But yeah, the boys are throughly molest just by coming to Malaysia. Wow.

Though the good part, ehehe...
I draw this sign up which says "희님~ 빵상!", and while they are on the bus before it leaves, i show it to EeTeuk and HeeNim who are seated on the front row. I keep on alternating between another sign, then EeTeuk said something i noticed, and then HeeNim showed a peace sign and said "빵상!" as a reply!~

I was freaking happy ok, it's like... OMG!!!

Then we went back upstairs to continue waiting for the "next batch", and when they finally come out (waited freaking long), i was at the first row, and when they pass... well, SiWon was just freaking "a-guard-away" that...
His just so hot ok XD!! MY BABY!!!
- End any further spazzings because this could go on nonstop. -
And then KyuHyun, OMG OMG XD!!

Then i got pushed further till when i finally manage to look back, i can only see RyeoWook, then got push further that i missed DongHae (ㅠ.ㅠ)... i didn't see him at all.

I shall not talk about anything further because it's not worth mentioning.

But as i've gone through over and over again with Cam, we should always be contended and grateful for every chance we have! So yeah, i'm happy and thankful for everything!

Now to tell the story to my HeeChul!
She's super excited at the prospect of hearing about her beloved HeeNim and appa!~ Hehehe!~

(Actually they are here with me, but we should always be humble =P!)


Please? Pretty pretty please please?

HeeChul will bless you with her tuna-food if you do grant me her the chance to see her father again.

Gosh, sometimes i just want to...
*jumps out from living room window*

There goes every chance of being able to be there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hong Kong TVB dramas.

Love it, hate it, you can never live without it.

Honestly, TVB dramas can be corny, geram-ing, predictable, very "typically-HK-drama", and does give out wrong messages at times... but...

I'm someone who loves watching tee-vee, but asking me to finish a Korean drama or Taiwan drama is just plain difficult. I'll procrastinate and can take like... one year or more to finish a 16-episode Korean drama (ask my cousin - if she hadn't pushed me i would never have finish the drama).
Yes, my mind easily changes i guess. Especially since Korean dramas are so typical, it's pretty much the same thing over-and-over-again that i get bored easily (of course, certain drama .

Hong Kong TVB dramas on the other hand... somehow or rather i can easily sit through the whole thing without the need to "procrastinate" watching it. Don't ask me why, i don't know why either. Perhaps because i've been watching it since i was a little girl. In fact, i picked up my Cantonese from Hong Kong drama and movies!

My family are Hong Kong TVB drama lovers, so as expected, we subscribed to Astro-On-Demand and get to watch TVB dramas the same time it broadcasts in HK. Lols, i sound like i'm advertising for them!

But anyways, currently they are broadcasting 溏心風暴之家好月圓 (Moonlight Resonance) and 當狗愛上貓 (When a Dog Loves a Cat), and i make sure i never miss a single episode (i'm very free anyways, it'll be "difficult" even if i purposely want to miss any episode). Well, i don't need to worry anyways since they keep on rebroadcasting the same episode until the series ended (thanks to Astro-on-Demand), so i don't need to worry.
But it gets so annoying when i have to watch the same episode for at least FIVE TIMES. Gosh.

Anyways, HK TVB drama can be typical and even corny at times, but you just keep watching.

For example Moonlight Resonance, family drama and all... annoying that you feel like killing some of the characters because they are just plain bad, but i'm still watching it. Lols, it's an interesting and good drama overall i guess!

When Dog Loves a Cat... need i say more? The dogs are so adorable inside! But certain parts about the animals are so badly mis portrayed they give out wrong information!
For example:
Just because you spayed your male dog, doesn't mean that it'll be a "coward" just because it lost its "manhood"! The drama showed this big male German-Shepperd being afraid of another smaller dog after it was spayed.
This is so giving out a wrong message, because the public should be encouraged to spay their pets instead, to lessen the number of spays and promote responsible ownership! But after this drama, who knows what most people will think. Most Asians are already very "conservative" and not well-informed about spaying, but after this who knows how it'll influence the HK public? Especially since most HKies watches HK dramas don't they?
I'm all up for spaying pets unless you intend to breed them, because really, the world doesn't need any more cats or dogs. Have you ever been to SPCA or PAWS? There are tons of homeless animals there, it just hurts you when you leave knowing you might never see some the next time you come, because the numbers of strays just keeps coming every month there just isn't enough space.
Ok, i guess i lost my point on what i was going to say initially but... anyways... i actually wanted to point the fact on Moonlight Resonance.
I usually avoid any drama where there is a lot of "family drama" and conflict, but some how or rather, i'm still watching it now.

I guess it's because it's HK drama after all (^^ )!

Ok, i totally lose it. Good night!

10 Promises to My Dog.

I cried the minute it started till it finishes.

HeeChul being the rascal she always is, was about to leave the room, but upon sensing me crying she detoured to give me a good rub against my leg, and even climbed to the table opposite mine so she could see me and give me a good "stop being emotional woman" stare while being out of my reach (she doesn't like to be touched unless if she demands it).

She really is a much loved rascal!
I swear i can never ever watch any dog-related movies, especially if it is Japanese.
They are good with touching movies. They know how to get to your heart, and they will use every single method possible so to achieve it.


Quill クイール
is an example of movie which i adore to bits, but i will never ever watch it again.
Example, let's just say if the movie is an hour long... i cried at least 50 minutes throughout the whole movie.
Whether happy or sad, i just feel so touched for Quill, hence, the crying.

The makers of Quill also made the film "10 Promises to My Dog" (the trailer above).
So i can sense if i were to watch this film (10 Promises...), never mind the jealousy of not being able to keep a dog, i would probably end up crying like mad before the movie even start?

The movie is roughly based on the 10 Commandments to my Dog.
But i prefer the Japanese version. It's more touching lols!

Among my favourite:
"You have friends from school, but i only have you."
"My lifespan is roughly 10 years, so live the best life ever!"

Ah, if only most owners will keep to the 10 Commandments.
Even if not to the fullest, at least to the best they could do and with every ounce of responsibility they could muster, otherwise, they shouldn't even consider owning anything at all.

A pet is for life, a life-commitment if i may.

Never treat your pets for granted. Always appreciate every minute with them, and do your best to care for them, because if you don't, you may never know when they will leave you and you will regret it.

I know that feeling, it's like a burden to your shoulders that you could never ever forget for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's official.

"Even if 10 years pass or 20 years pass, Super Junior is 13 member."
- Park JungSu aka Lee Teuk, Eternal Leader of Super Junior at
Super Junior'
s 1000 day party.

Congratulations Teukie, now you've achieved your look of being a greasy old man XD!

I love our ONLY13Leader!~

pan-chan 1; eiko-chan 0.

This is pan-chan.

pan-chan is my alter-ego.

Below is a conversation between pan-chan and me.

Oh behold.

pan-chan: So... what did you do over the weekend?

eiko-chan: *hyperly* Oh i did lotsa stuffs. I was always outside, and i had lotsa walks around, get to know everyone around, then i have to tend to my cat and my dog (adorable things really), and i had to take care of my plants, and then look for stuffs around... wow, it was a busy and tiring weekend, but it was cool! I so enjoy it XD!~ *BIG SMILE*

pan-chan: *glares suspiciously* .................................................................

eiko-chan: *BIG SMILE FREEZES* ................................................................

pan-chan: Spill it missy.

eiko-chan: .................................................. ok fine, i spend the whole weekend, and Monday, playing Harvest Moon DS Cute...

pan-chan: So... translation of the meaning... "lotsa walks around" means...?
eiko-chan: My character have to walk everywhere, thus "walk around a lot".
pan-chan: "Get to know everyone"... everyone means?
eiko-chan: The other characters in the valley where my character lives in.
pan-chan: I knew it you loser. And "tend to my cat and dog" means?
eiko-chan: The cat and dog my character owns in the game.
pan-chan: And HeeChul (your real cat, in case you've forgotten)?
eiko-chan: Totally forgotten and ignored her over the weekend, and Monday.
pan-chan: "Take care of my plants"?
eiko-chan: The crops i planted to harvest in the game.
pan-chan: "Look for stuffs around"?
eiko-chan: Forage around the valley for more stuffs to ship in order to earn money.

pan-chan: So in short, how was your weekend?
eiko-chan: Fun for my character... er... not so good for me... i guess...?
pan-chan: *glees triumphly* I knew it, you emo loner.

Note from eiko-chan
I was so absorbed into the game, i can actually forgo eating and sleeping and even bathing, but i just got myself around to do those thing JUST BECAUSE. I guess its my OCDness kicking it.

Otherwise i spend from the time i wake up (around 10am-ish on weekends, 12pm on Monday) till the time i sleep (2-3am in the morning)... awake... er... gaming =P!

And... er... although today was Monday...

I actually *thought* today was Saturday because i wasted the weekend living my life through another character.

My life is sad.

I should've just proceeded with the plan of killing Amane then replacing her to go to Redang.

Gosh i need the beach!!

The end.

I'm going to drown myself in my sorrow now.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Excuse me?

Don't you find it annoying when locals who are living abroad, particularly those from neighbouring countries... comes back to Malaysia every now and then, and start being surprised and go "oh Malaysia has this", "oh Malaysia has that" like they are so surprise that Malaysia is so modern yada yada yada?

Malaysia is ulu, but it's not THAT ulu... wth...
Ok fine, actually i'm sure the Blog entry i've read doesn't mean so, but i'm just looking for some point so i can rant on, lols!

  • Malaysia is no Thailand - the types of post-its we have are limited (even the colours, gosh...) and our pen section is only one tiny section.
    Sorry, post-its and pens matters to me a lot. Especially matters for someone (like me) who is stuck in Malaysia with the limited choices.
    I am actually contemplating whether or not i should trouble my cousin sister to mail me some extra post-its, because i'm currently having a "phobia" from using the ones i have (which i bought from BKK) and is not available here. I'm afraid it would run out before the next time i go back to Bangkok, thus the "phobia".
    Well, the chances of me finishing it (before i go back to Bangkok) is rare, but still... i would like to have the option of being able to use the post-its whenever i want without the "phobia".

    Gosh, the way i speak... it's no wonder people never get it when i'm joking or serious. Anyways, on matters like this... i'm serious. Any other matter i'm usually joking.

  • Malaysia is also unlike Bangkok - we also don't have hot, good-looking, stylish, fashionable, attractive guys sprawling the city unlike Bangkok or wherever Super Junior is.

  • We are no Singapore as well - you can very well look suspicious in the LRT and people would just think you're a weirdo and avoid you. Authorities wouldn't even take a second glance at you.
    No, you would get caught in Singapore even if you are trying to play a fool around. No no no, won't happen in Malaysia.

  • Nor would Malaysia be like Bangkok and have dozens and tons of different fast food joints, cafes etc, that you'll be spoiled for choice. No, not happening in Malaysia, and i doubt it would be anytime sooner.

  • Nor is Malaysia even a tiny bit alike Seoul, where you can sleep outside a-certain-idols-office and *nothing* would even happen to you. People won't even treat you like a weirdo, they'll just walk pass you without even glancing at you.

    If you do that in Malaysia, don't talk about the chances of you getting rob, you are more likely to be viewed as a weirdo or a stalker who is best avoided, or our lovely "mah-tah" (policeman) is very likely to come and ask "what are you doing outside the building at this time of the day".

    No, in Korea even if the police passes by, he would just ignore you... chances are.

  • Nor is Malaysia alike Bangkok, where.............

Ok, i know where this is going. I shall stop comparing because it makes me miss Bangkok (and Seoul and Redang... wait, just ignore the last one, i just miss it even without mentioning it) even more.

But AHAH... that said... ONLY in Malaysia, would you be able to eat the most wonderful fruit in the world without needing to wait for it to go through customs, or it is those refrigerated not-fresh type, or yada yada yada.
Yes, i'm talking about the KING OF FRUITS DURIAN XD!~

Within the span of 5 days, i've eat almost 3 packets of Durian - of those good quality "mao san wong" etc etc type. And it's freaking fresh. I can't stand refrigerated ones, i only like fresh ones, and *only* in Malaysia you have that (shut up, i'm delusional).

And two huge plastic bags of Mangosteen. I believe each plastic bag is 2-3kg? Need to ask but i'm pretty darn sure it's a lot of fruits in my tummy!

Do you want a picture as proof?
You must be mad to even ask for pictures... guarantee the minute i see it is masuk-perut adee lor... no time to take picture XD!

Ah, it's good being a Malaysian XD!~
The bad part is i'm damn super freaking heaty now (= =")... padan muka...

ps: People who read this entry will argue that the most wonderful fruit in the world is not durian, because not everyone likes them, and the taste is an acquired one.

But to me, durian is NOT an acquired taste.
Because people who don't eat durians are idiots =P!!
*runs away since the majority of people on earth doesn't like nor take durians*

Friday, July 25, 2008

I love musical!

Beauty and the Beast is my 2nd musical!
Thanks to my DaiSou for getting me the free ticket (and chance to meet the cast but i sacrificed that chance to spend more time at the dog show)!

I love musicals - my first one was The King and I - and it reminded me how much i love musical... despite never having watch any before =P!
I guess its part of the effects of growing up watching Disney's Classics (talk talk, sing sing sing, talk and more singing and songs) and the Sound of Music!

My favourite part is the musical's ending; where all the cast will run out to thank the audience for coming and the leads will make a grand appearance at the end! Always the best! Very touching as well! Everyone will be clapping and cheering along, and the smile on the casts face, woot!!

If i'm not wrong, i missed out the Sound of Music musical the last time they show in Malaysia thanks to my lazy butt very lazy go buy ticket, and i deeply regretted this. I almost missed Beauty and the Beast too blame the lazy butt. I'll keep The King and I and Beauty and the Beast musical experiences as a reminder to stop being so lazy before you regret watching another musical!

Anyways, my review on Beauty and the Beast.
I guess the love for the Disney's cartoon made me love the musical, despite there was lotsa "dissimilarities" and lots of "hip-shaking".
It was a little boring at the beginning, but i love the part when loads of the casts come together to sing and dance, for example "Be Our Guest", that fighting part, the ending, wow! It kept me on the edge of my seat at that time! I guess i just like big groups (^^ )!
I don't really like the non-Disney-cartoon songs they created for the musical (almost falling asleep every time they move to that part) - i understand why they need those parts - but i just don't like it. I'm too Disney-fied i guess?

Another thing i don't like is... omg, the Beast and Gaston is so bloody gay!!
Seriously, the Beast in the cartoon is manly and adorable with a cute side, this one is just pure gay! HE SQUEALED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!! OMG OMG OMG, nightmare!!
And Gaston is so kia-lang!

I understand they are trying to add comedy to it, but i still don't like it... some parts can be modified, but some should not be modified at all.

Then they speak too fast like... WHAT???
Like the part in the cartoon, when Maurice was about to get caught to the asylum, and Belle came to the rescue; when Gaston offered to help Belle to save her father, he didn't just pop the question immediately. He actually waited a while to give a dramatic effect before replying.

But this one in the musical, Belle ask nya he immediately reply!! Like... WHAT??? They all tak sempat to finish their lines issit??
Not just that time, a few times in the musical parts which are supposed to be spoken slowly for dramatic effect are like... fast forwarded... no effect, so not really nice.

But other than that, i really like Lumiere in the musical! Very funny, good laugh and good acting! Every time he appears i'll look at him because his expression is so funny and comedic! During the ending "thank-you" part when he made his appearance, he actually got the loudest applause, cheer, cat-calling etc! I guess everybody really likes his character too!

And he and the feather duster is so cute! I like the feather duster's voice, very cute, kekeke!

Overall, if you ask me if i like it, i do like it, because i grow up watching Disney cartoons after all... so i guess the magic is there regardless of the flaws.
Though, there is lotsa parts which can be improved, well maybe to my liking only lar, but i know i would like it better if the parts i dislike is improved =)!

I can't wait for my next musical (^^ )!~

The best feeling in the world.

Getting 天胡!~

Do you know the rarity of this?
Seriously, mahjong is like... probably the only game where luck and skills matters a lot.
If you have the luck, even with rubbish skills (like me) you can win.
If you don't have the luck, even if you are bloody good also you can't win.

This is the first time i got 天胡 (and hopefully not the last - hmm, am i jinxing it for posting it on my Blog?)! I love that feeling!
I was on a winning-spree at the moment, and then when i was rearranging my tiles i noticed something admist... HOLY 天胡 XD!!
*kisses mahjong tiles*

This is Gamba one fine morning.

Woops, sorry boy!

This is pan-chan pretending his a rabbit so as to be like his wife!~

Damn adorable XD!~

This is Dusit Thani!~

July 2007 ♡!~

And this is my favourite thus far:

The Battle of the Animals.
Or also can be known as, "Monkey vs Cow".

Where is my Cow (ㅠ.ㅠ)...?

More randomness.

I bought cat-grass for HeeChul.

Costs me RM13.

Well, actually if i've read the instructions properly... but no i haven't, so i messed up a little, and ended up doing two HUGE batch instead of one small one to "try-out" as initially planned.

It started growing in a few days, and by more than 5 days or a week (can't remember)...


But the verdict...
HeeChul give it some "beri-muka" sniff... then ignored it completely (= =")...

I swear i have the fussiest cat in the history of fussy cats.

I give up. I'm sticking to her salmon sashimis.

A cute cat i saw at the pet-shop i bought the cat-grass.

Adorable thing!

Remember Micro Machines?

My cousin bro brought out his old stash, ah, reminiscence of the old days playing with this little baby! Lols!

And last but not least...

Guess XD!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Everyone's going to the beach...

*cues angry emoicon here*

I love the beach to bits (ask Cow), i've always wanted to go back even though i've just been to Redang (the most wonderful place in the world) last month.
I've been dreaming of the place almost every day and every night - to the extend of being emo (lols at my retarded self) - i just love that place so much i want to go back asap!

To make things worst, stupid bro just came back Redang last week, and Amane is going tomorrow.
And i know a lot of people who just came back, or is going to, beaches around Malaysia.


But what am i to do now that i'm stuck here?

Honestly, i'm so planning to go back again! I don't think i've spend enough time on the most wonderful place on earth! I'm already making plans to go there next year with my parents =D (oh well, we'll see if it'll come through)!

Actually, if Amane isn't going tomorrow, i would've dragged her to go next year as well. After all, we have planned for THREE YEARS to go to Redang together, but it just didn't work out.

Maybe Tioman next year? But i've learned not to put too high a hope!

I'm someone who gets easily excited at new plans etc, that when it doesn't work it hits me harder than it hits any ordinary people. Of course that said, if all along it's not meant to go through i'm totally fine with it.
But don't you dislike it when people get you excited on a trip, but you are the one end up not able to go because the whole plan didn't go through? Especially when you're all prepared to go?

Let's just hope plans for beaches (any of it - i want to make it a yearly pilgrimage) next year goes through! I'm planning to visit the stupid Cow in Miri if everything goes well, and i hope it'll mark a new beginning in my life! I'm looking forward to it!

I hope everything goes through really, all the best! I'm not quipped for any more disappointment.

Oh gosh, i miss that place so so so much...

Someone bring me back there XD!!

My name is ELF. And we're the saddest fanclub in the whole wide world.

The title says it all.
Of course that said, i'm grateful because we are still a lot luckier than most other fanclubs in many ways... but in some ways... let me justify myself...

For example, Fly to the Sky.
Its a duo, and though they take hiatus as a group either to focus on individual activities or preparing for their album, it is, after all, a hiatus. It's understandable.

Then there's Shinhwa.
6 beautiful old men with particular Kim DongWan men, who when they were focusing on their solo-activities, the group takes a hiatus. Hiatus is understandable.

But Super Junior?
It's an active group for crying out loud!

But no, instead of being able to see all 13 on a regular basis, or at least every other month or so... no, we have to wait till NEXT FREAKING YEAR!!

Most active artists have their comeback, maybe after some activities or preparing for new album etc, at least within one year or at least two.

Super Junior's comeback is every 2 years.
What makes it sad is they are after all i've said... an active group.

Of course, i'm thankful that i get to see my boys on a daily basis. Considering the fact that i don't have a particular favourite member, every member i'm able to see is a blessing. That said, of course if i get to hear news of members i'm particularly attached to, it's even better, but as said, i'm always grateful i get to see them on a daily basis. Even when they are preparing for their 2nd album, i still get to see and hear and smell them on a regular basis.

But as an ONLY13. fan, its so sad i have to wait for next year before 13 reunites for a comeback. Although they do so in Super Show, but still... i can actually count the number of times 13 are together THIS YEAR within one hand... or at least two hands lar not to be exagerating. What is this? We are an active group yo! It's not like we're exactly taking a hiatus right?

And everyone criticizes ELF for being "over-protective".

Be grateful for the fact you get to see your favourite artist together most of the time. We ELF actually have to look forward to it. It's not something which comes "naturally", and after that we have to thank Heaven, Earth and World for it.

It's sad isn't it?

Very random.

This is purely random.
It's pics which i've taken - at random times - which i meant to post on my Blog but... just didn't get round doing it.

So anyways...
One night on my way to One-Utama...

Ok fine, it's so obviously photoshopped, lols XD!

One day by this Korean video shop at Mont Kiara.

My boys!~

KTZ's "lo mai kai" is heavenly!~


Madam Kwan's "chicken chop"!


Kepong's "laksa"!


I forgot what it's called but whatever, HEAVENLY DESSERT!


My love for post-its!~

Colourful post-its XD!~


I didn't buy the Japanese font, it's so expensive for my one name ok, tak mau lor...

And last but not least... i seriously wonder who'll buy this...

Honestly lar... er... who would? Very weird ler, carrying Paris Hilton around...
If she like created something else NOT using her name, as in a whole new name, i think it'll sell better lor...



... is an understatement.

Might as well ask me to drive a car up a hill and then drive it over a cliff into the sea, and get my car to go across the ocean all the way to Seoul may i hopefully, would feel better.

Not because the boys are there (ok, maybe that's one of the reasons XD), but because this stupid person who left me here all alone and is all the way there is there.


Hah, it's so me to incorporate humour into everything (always positive) even though i'm down right emo right now that if you ask me to die i would follow suit no questions asked. Nothing is going right for me these days, so i figure at least my consolation would be able to follow the boys everywhere and give (the real) Kim HeeChul a nasty shock when he wakes up in the morning, since he enjoy scaring people so much.

Or maybe SiWon, since i'm Buddhist, i should see if his prayers can shoo me.

Nah i'm crapping. But you can't deny the idea sounds good.

Seriously, where is a Cow and a Ju-On when you need one?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sincerity is important.

Sometimes certain things are inevitable.

Well, but regardless, whether or not its on purpose or inevitable, don't you think the sincerity of it all is most important?

I fail to see that.

Oh well.

I guess apart from being emoTeuk, i'm freaking "stressed out" (in the broadest sense of words) from doing a lot of thinking. And that's saying something. I can't make a choice.

The thing is i can't decide if once i made those decision, will i regret in the future. Hence, the need to emo.

I've been feeling extremely lonely too.

I want to travel. Maybe i just need to go somewhere?

The top it all off, my MSN and internet connection is being a pain-in-the-butt!! ARGH!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Redang Day 3

Disclaimer: Pictures below are all taken by me, otherwise credited. All photos are NOT photoshopped in any way to retain its original beauty or original feel, because i want to show everyone just how beautiful Redang is that i love it so much.
That said, i have all the rights to photoshop any of the "living creatures" in the pictures. Just because.

Previous episodes:
Redang - pre-arrival
Redang Day 1 - Part 1
Redang Day 1 - Part 2
Redang Day 2 - Part 1
Redang Day 2 - Part 2

We woke up for the sunrise, but because Jing was not feeling well, only Amanda and i went.
There isn't much sunrise picture, because my camera a bit chapelak, can't take nice shots as it was still quite dark (we woke up around 6am or so and left shortly after that). The pics taken (when its still dark) are still with Amanda so i'll post it up another time when i get it!

But anyways, there wasn't any sun because it rained the night before, so we only see light as opposed to the orange ball rising from the horizon =(...
We also witness as the sky gradually brightens. I love that feeling (^^ )! Not something you'll do everyday won't you except if you burn the midnight oil but then again you'll be too busy to notice the sky is getting brighter?

I actually didn't expect so many people would wake up for the sunrise! Guess i was wrong!
And it's a funny sight, loads of people walking around Redang wearing jackets (myself included)! I would so like to see them doing that in noon =P!

After that, i went to collect the pictures we took using the underwater camera!
A bit extortion lor, the first CD they burn for you is free, but subsequent CD will be RM10!! So i paid a total of RM70 for the rental of camera plus burned CDs (we took a lot of pictures)!!

Bah! Anyways, the rental place is at their diving center, and i noticed this board of diving spots around Redang, and ask permission to take pics of it!

I actually find it pretty cool (^^ )!

When i got out, the sky is a lot brighter!

Looking at that spot, i actually wonder what the fishes are doing now, and if the sea turtle who went there two days before... is he there now? Where is he then, if his not there?

Sometimes, don't you wonder what its like being a fish? Especially when you watch Finding Nemo. The ocean's so bloody big, everywhere there's danger... hows it like living in such place? Is it like living in a warzone? Or is it just part of surviving? After all, nature has created it such that every animal in the wild is dependent on one another.
It is only because of human intervention, that the animal's population are decreasing, otherwise if it were nature to take course in its own pace, i doubt there'd be "extinction" to begin with.

Anyways, we continue writing on the sand...

... till it got really bright, so we went back to our room to change for breakfast.

After breakfast, Jing wanted to go back to the room to pack her stuffs, while i accompanied Amanda to go camwhore take pics at Laguna's side.

My last pic before my camera's battery died, lols!
My camera's battery died on me while we were taking pics at Redang Reef (so a lot of my pics are still with Amanda). But luckily, after awhile i remembered i have my handphone with me!

Though the resolution is not as clear as my camera, it's still good (^^ )!

Then Amanda sunbathed at Laguna (sorta curi-curi, hehehe) while i played with Squirt and Pearl!!


And oh yah, we went back to More More Tea Inn. Told you i'm obsessed.

Also to do some last minute shopping and picture taking!

You know how hard it is to wait for everyone to evacuate that place and take a nice shot of the building with nobody else in it?

After that, we headed back to our room to get ready to depart. We were suppose to check-out at 9.30am, and we only got back at 9am!! So we were late to check-out, but i always thought our boat was 11am, so i didn't worry... but it was actually 10am instead!! So they called us and we had to rush from our room to the boat... and left Redang in a hurry i didn't get to enjoy my last few minutes at the beautiful place =(...

Oh well, till next time when i come back!

I love this trip so much, and i especially love and appreciate the other two Pig and Cow who came with me despite everything! I'm sorry if i was a bad company and planner, but i really enjoyed the trip! Hope you guys did too!

Haha, apart from that, i realize that to enjoy a trip and such a beautiful place, you need good company! And i'm glad you guys came with me!! I'm beginning to think that part of my love for this place is thanks to you guys company!

For a good trip you need good company!~
The Cow, The Monkey and The Pig.
Lols, i just realized we're damn ourselves in this picture!
The Cow being typically bimbo (hence The Bimbotic Kid), The Monkey being typically hyper (hence The Kid on Crack), and The Pig being typically lost (hence The Lost Kid)!

I miss Redang!!

I wanna go back next year!! And i especially wanna go back there with everyone i love to share with them why i love this place so much!! Till then XD!!!


I just came to realize i've actually seen you guys cry more than i've seen anyone else cry (sorta).


Honestly... i'm still rather disappointed for my lack of tears during the first leg of your Asia Tour, especially when i was watching HyukJae bawling in front of me and i almost followed suit but... can't... somehow it just won't come... i really have to say my thanks to some of those Thai fans who are either constantly pushing me around the whole area or screaming in to my ears every second or so... oh gosh...

But nonetheless, i really enjoyed every minute of The Show =)!

I'm sorry i'm allowing simple matters to doubt my affection for you boys! I promise i'll be good XD!~

I will never be normal.

Honestly, the way i think is different from the way "normal-people" might think.

I was reading this entry by Cat Aunty, and i was really angry (pissed, mad etc) by this kind of inconsiderate people.

For starters, the pet is well-secured in the cage. Unless if the pet is creating a havoc, disturbing other customers, i don't find the need to complain that "a pet is in the premise". Furthermore, it is OUTSIDE.

Sorry, i can never understand why pets shouldn't be allowed in public places if its outdoor.

I'll focus this on eating-places lar.
If we're talking about allergies, you can bring this point up to the owner or simply just move away.

If you're talking about unhygienic and the pets fur, you might as well go buy a huge padlock, lock yourself at home and stay in there for the rest of your life. I can assure you there are other more "dirty" stuffs outside then so-called "pets fur".

Then again, instead of bitching, if you are that concerned, bring it up with the owner of the pet. I'm sure the owner would be reasonable enough to be considerate of other people (if it doesn't work, then only resort to other methods lar), and would either try to compromise or move away.

Bitching to the restaurant operators to get customers with pets thrown out is way inconsiderate and unethical, honestly.
But what really surprises me is, it's in Singapore. Some how or rather the more i read about pets or animals in Singapore, the more i think majority Singaporeans are not very kind to animals. And i thought Malaysians are mean people! Our neighbours bring it to a whole new level!

I don't know how often Malaysian owners bring their pets to public, but i remember this couple bringing TWO Siberian Huskies to Starbucks @ Centrepoint. They made sure they sit outside, and as far from other patrons as possible (sorta).
And unlike the case above, there are Malay patrons there, and it's in bloody Malaysia! And the Malay patrons can't even care less whether or not a dog is around. As long the dog doesn't bother them! In the case above, the cat is securely locked in his carrier. What???

That said, i still think Singaporeans treat pets much more ethically.
If Malaysians were to feed stray cats, they would buy the cheapest available product off the shelve, example Friskies or Whiskas, which can actually develop health problems in a cat later on in life. However, i find Singaporeans who do care for stray animals are actually willing to buy quality premium food, no matter the price, just to feed the strays! Some Malaysian owners, no matter how much they love their pets, aren't even willing to buy more expensive premium food for their pets!

And the cats there are spoilt! They are even allowed to choose which brand to eat and can refuses brands they dislike! Can you believe it? In Malaysia, most stray cats are grateful to even have a full meal!

I guess when it comes to animals in general, it depends on individual. I really shouldn't "classify" to begin with.

May lightning strike on all people who are unkind to animals, especially strays.
Its bad enough you're unkind to animals, to be unkind to strays is just wrong.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ah, i used to think its impossible (for me) to actually travel abroad just to see an idol. Thus, i've always admire people from other countries, traveling to another foreign land which they sometimes can't even speak the language of, just for their idols.

Come on, the idea of ME, flying to a completely foreign place, or even Hong Kong or Taiwan for that matter, just to see a concert is such an absurd idea!

But you boys changed everything.

February 2008, i embarked on a journey, an adventure if i may, to a completely totally foreign land which i've never ever been to before... all on my own. Not forgetting it's the first time i actually traveled alone! I can't even speak the language fluently!

Even now i am still rather surprised at what i've done. I just can't believe i actually did it!
Every time i think back on what i've done, i either question myself or it's like "Wow, i actually really did it...". I still can't believe what i've done even to this day.

You boys made everything a reality.

I was glad i was with you boys for your FIRST CONCERT.

Somehow or rather i'll never forget those 3 nights, though with my failing memory, i can remember those 3 nights better than what happened a minute ago.

Especially YOU when you suddenly appeared so close to me my mind went blank.

And YOU too.

I love you boys.

And then, barely 5 months later, i did it again to be with you boys for your FIRST ASIA TOUR.

When i was on the plane to Bangkok, i actually smiled to myself thinking, "Ah, i'm doing it again aren't i?". I still find it (this and the one before) totally unbelievable!

And during Super Show, YOU are being the miracle to me like you had always been.

Come to think of it, its the one thing that brought me to you boys, isn't it (^^ )?

I love you boys!~

A question with an answer which isn't exactly an answer but it is the answer.

Anyone: "Hey you, why do you like Super Junior?"

Me: "... I don't know. I guess i just do."
The thing with Super Junior and I, i guess i've gone way past liking them because they are cute, talented, can sing etc etc. Those "typical reasons" most fan girls give.

I guess it's because probably they always make me proud, you know how much they love us (Super Junior + ELF = ONE)... and all that just somehow or rather... hey wait... why do i like them so much honestly?
Ooh, i'm questioning myself now lols!

Anyhow, the most purr-fect answer, i guess would be...

Someone: "Why do you like Super Junior?"
Me: "Just because."

You've got to love SuJu-English XD!~

It's ok leader, we are one!


EeTeuk's Cyworld

Antis should for once and for all, just stuff their heads down the filthiest public toilet's toilet bowl and jump off some one-floor building into the garbage truck heading to the garbage-disposal area.

After all, garbage belongs to garbage.

That said, sometimes i wish i could just run to him, whack him a couple of times to wake him up and stop him from being so emo.

As an idol, stuffs like this are inevitable, but if you think about it, they are just jealous. Why are you letting yourself be bothered? Can't you see the more bothered you are the happier they get? Why are you feeding to their pleasures?

Then again, i'm not in his situation - tight schedules and little rests... and being the JungSu we know... i'm not surprised he reacts so. But really... i'm so worried most of the times it irks me!

Sometimes i wish i could be with him so i could un-emo him, like how he always manage to when i'm emo, and then we would laugh over this silly matter over Starbucks' Mango Passion-Fruit Frappucino... his treat.
Or Cafe Pascucci's Mixed Berry Parfait - i don't mind either one, they are gifts from Heaven.

Goshmyobsessionwithdesserts = calories.

Aiyar, whatever lar, its gifts from Heaven, and i am grateful for them.

We're always there for you, so stop being so emo!! You're making me emo!!!

This is called padan muka.

When you need someone, and that two person who i can usually count on to get me back on track is not there...
Throw them into the mouth of Mount Hukalaka or something.

It's nothing lar, all part-and-parcel (however you say it) of being emo!

Gosh, i miss them so much (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

It's not to say that i don't appreciate them when they are around, i love them to bits in my own abusive ways... but when they are literally "gone"... you can really feel it...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just yesterday i was feeling rather emo, of loads of things (besides Teukie was emo, so i guess its natural i am as well - bloody antis)... so i was chatting with my cousin sister.

She told me not to think too much (as she know i always does), it really is a small matter after all.
I agree with her, it really IS a small matter, so small even if i drop it inside a 500ml mineral water bottle, i would fail to locate it.
But being uniquely-Teukish (that time anyways), i couldn't help but to feel used, forgotten and left out.

I guess different people are different, after all, that's whats make life unique.

Oh well!

I must be going crazy to plan (sorta) again. Hmm.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

HeeChul is a STAR!

Katz Tales is an article about cats featured in The Star's Weekender every fortnight!
They have this ongoing contest in every issue for cat owners to send in the cutest picture of their baby to win a RM150 hamper.

They only accept applications by post, although from the website, they do provide an email address... so being lazy, i send HeeChul's application through email TWICE... but there was no reply nor was HeeChul featured in any future issues.

Naturally, i was appalled, come on, Her Royal Highness has got to be one of the cutest things alive! Its impossible she didn't win, especially when other pictures who are not as cute as her had won!

So i decided to mail in an entry by post. I mailed my entry last Wednesday (9th July 2008) or so?

And in this week's Weekender, 19th July 2008, HeeChul is featured as one of the winning babies =D!

Isn't my baby adorable?
I'll post a clearer version soon! Too excited for now i lazy go get my camera!~

That's why i said, it's IMPOSSIBLE HeeChul didn't win! She's the most adorable thing ever, and previous pics i've send through email are even cuter than this one!
Well, whaddya know, it's not that she wasn't chosen, instead, it's just because they didn't get her picture =)!

I'm so proud of my baby!~

She's a star now XD!!

Change of clothes.

Do you boys even change clothes?

No, i mean, do you boys even bring clothes to change?

Then again, they are after all, boys. You think like Leader?

But then then again, their schedule...

Even an OCD like me would rather use the time to sleep rather than to change clothes (= =").

Don't even talk about bathing!

But you still smell good Baby XD!~

ps: The conspiracy part of my mind is telling me SM forced the boys to travel light (in this case - SUPER LIGHT) so they could save on their airtickets.

I can see their negotiation with the airline company: We pay for 10 seats without luggage, and we get another 3 seats free!~

Lols, just kidding, i enjoy imagining SM is really the money-suckers they really are which they really is!~


First to Japan for their first ever fanmeeting there.

Back to Korea.

Then to Bangkok for Super Show.

And upon arrival, 10 hour straight of rehearsal at the concert hall before they even go to the hotel.

Then the next day, immediately after Super Show, half the boys rush to the airport to go back to Korea, and then upon their arrival, two performances for that very day.

They are Super Junior, but SM, do you really take the word literally??

My boys are forever amazing for keeping up like nothing happened even when they are close to passing out.
Even though one did pass out, he still pull himself together so he could appear an hour later and not do any cancellations whatsoever.

That is Super Junior for you!

I love you boys! Thank you!
But please do get some rest whenever possible!~


My boys are a Miracle.
Like HeeChul, they are one of the best things that can ever happen to me.

But Leader is the best miracle of 'em all.

It's a miracle how something so simple someone writes can actually mean so much to you.
Especially when you needed it (^^ )!~

We are one!~


우리의 Eternal Leader!~
Leader posted this on his Cyworld:
"And even the people coming from a great distance..China..Taiwan.. Hong Kong.. Malaysia.. Vietnam.. France.. the people coming from many other places: thank you..
I love you..
Even if we have different faces..even if our nationalities are different...even if we have different languages...
We are one!!!!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

My pilgrimage to Bangkok.


I love Bangkok, almost everything about it is beautiful!~
I'll keep my ramblings for another time. To keep this entry nice and simple, here are the stuffs i bought =D!

For starters, here is my loot from Bangkok!

... ok just kidding, its not that much. My toiletries bag etc are underneath everything else =P!

Here's the real thing.

My loot a couple of years back (i think 2004?) is even better. The Dog merchandise heaven!~ Nowadays they stop producing it anymore (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

But anyways, here's a one-to-one(?) introduction of my treasures =D!

My favourite!~

My Super Show merchandise (FINALLY XD!!)... but which also costs me some of HeeChul's fur and some of my hair (= =")...
I'm going to sell off some of it, if interested please msg me =D!

Then there is...

A crown for Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul!~

And also...

I remember initially saying "I will not buy any of it", because its not like i'll use it, so buy for what?
But in the end when i see it... ended up... so fail (= =")...

My favourite character(?) from Japan!~

... too bad the inside is not what i wanted (ㅠ.ㅠ)... i like the cat and the rabbit (they have Angel Wings XD!) most but... ARGH!!

Do you know Bangkok is a land of interior stuffs =D?

And its cheap-er (well, sorta anyways)!~
This is actually a wire hanging thing you can hang pictures from it! I love this a lot! Though i think its a bit costly for something like this... but if you think about it, you definitely cannot get something like that for that price in KL, so why not? It's on discount anyways XD!

Did i mention Bangkok is a land of post-its and papers as well =D?
Well, not exactly... but it's better than KL definitely! Look at my post-it loots!

The papers and post-its are all so cute and colourful! Gosh, i'm a sucker for colours as well, bright colours attract me XD!~

And pretty pens!~

I can never resist coloured pens!~ Pretty colours =D!
I actually have to resist buying every single one of the colours... but oh well, better than nothing!
And also some of The Dog pens!~ I'm trying to collect every single breed!~ Best part is, newer breeds are always coming =D!
(But how i wish for other merchandises too!~)

Have i mentioned i also really really like "tahi" merchandises?
Cartoon-tahi of course, not real ones (obviously)! I find them cute XD!~

Gosh, i think i read too much Shin-chan to actually start liking cartoon-tahis (= =")... but then, its really so cute =D!
(BTW the book is bought a few years back, only the mat is bought this trip! The other cartoon-tahi merchandises are too expensive, otherwise i'll sure buy a lot of it!~)

Ooh, and this is the absolute steal!

... but... the film... oh well!~


One thing never to forget whenever you go Bangkok - CUTE NOTE BOOKS!

If only i will ever use any of it (= =")... ehem...

Last but not least!

Do you know pantyliners are SO BLOODY CHEAP in Bangkok? I actually plan to buy more XD!!
And that colour of Sunsilk is somehow not available in Malaysia (only in Singapore or Thailand), so every time i go to either neighbouring countries, i'll definitely stock-in! I like the smell and it makes my hair softer!
Oh, the reason why i buy so many bottles, apart from because its cheaper, it's because it's easier to stuff all into my bag, and its sorta lighter too!
Er... there are actually er... around 12 bottles there (half is conditioner, half is shampoo)... have to buy in bulk because bought this in Makro (^^ )!~

That's about it!~
Next up - Loot from Korea (finally)!~

I really should post about my Korea trip ASAP ne (=v=")??