Saturday, July 19, 2008

HeeChul is a STAR!

Katz Tales is an article about cats featured in The Star's Weekender every fortnight!
They have this ongoing contest in every issue for cat owners to send in the cutest picture of their baby to win a RM150 hamper.

They only accept applications by post, although from the website, they do provide an email address... so being lazy, i send HeeChul's application through email TWICE... but there was no reply nor was HeeChul featured in any future issues.

Naturally, i was appalled, come on, Her Royal Highness has got to be one of the cutest things alive! Its impossible she didn't win, especially when other pictures who are not as cute as her had won!

So i decided to mail in an entry by post. I mailed my entry last Wednesday (9th July 2008) or so?

And in this week's Weekender, 19th July 2008, HeeChul is featured as one of the winning babies =D!

Isn't my baby adorable?
I'll post a clearer version soon! Too excited for now i lazy go get my camera!~

That's why i said, it's IMPOSSIBLE HeeChul didn't win! She's the most adorable thing ever, and previous pics i've send through email are even cuter than this one!
Well, whaddya know, it's not that she wasn't chosen, instead, it's just because they didn't get her picture =)!

I'm so proud of my baby!~

She's a star now XD!!

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