Thursday, July 03, 2008

Redang - pre-arrival.

Lols, i'm posting my Redang trip even before i post my Korea trip... which is like... last February as opposed to Redang which was in June!

Because i'm superbly long-winded, and because i'm writing this in detail so i could remember everything even for years to come... all Redang posts will also be superbly long!

I want to write every single detail so every small detail will bring even the fondest memories (even the puking part)! Bear with me =D!

Ok, to start of, this trip is a trip which was planned over three years, and finally, after all the planning, it has finally materialized!

There may only be 3 of us, but it was still good! We enjoy each other's company so much we wanted to kill each other =D!

And oh we're so retarded, we give each other nicknames =D!
(Ok, maybe only me lols!)

Introducing the 3 retarded ones:
The Kid on Crack.

The one whose so happy to be there she constantly scream, hops and prances around without a care in the world, hence, the Kid on Crack. Along with Squirt and Pearl!
Constantly staring into the deep blue sea by the beach, felling in love with the place even before her feet touches the sand... and at the same time wondering if its possible for her to move and live there.

The Bimbotic Kid.

The one who attracted loads of attention due to her flabbishly hot body and bimbotic look that we got lotsa "first-class service"!
Hence, the Bimbotic Kid.
Constantly being er... bimbotic (no i'm serious).

The Lost Kid.

The one whose always er... lost.
But she's such a darling whose so outgoing and sporting all the time... such a sayang!
Hence, the Lost Kid.
Constantly lost. Lols.

Before we start, let me explain...
In case you're wondering whats with all the "abusing JingWen" part which will be coming soon... ehehe, let's just say JingWen is a darling who laps it all up and even play along with us!
See, Amanda and i have a bad habit of "abusing Jing Wen". In a way, we push every fault possible to her. Everything which happen is her fault, even if it rains.
If we want to throw anyone into the ocean it would be her, if we have anyone we want to beat up it would be her... in other words, she's the target of our abuse XD!~

So anyways, the trip begins with our bus at 10.30pm from Perhentian Duta. We arrived early with like... more than an hour to kill, so we just stand there and chit-chatted, abuse JingWen along the way, on what we're going to do in Redang, abuse JingWen, what we could do there, abuse JingWen and abuse JingWen even further. Fun!

Waiting at the bus station.
Lols, i remember the time during high school we use to call ourselves "S.H.E." (go figure whose who)! Ah, fun times XD!

Come 10.30pm, the bus arrived and we got on it.

The three of us by the bus. TAKE OFF!

Well, let's just say the bus ride there was very torturous. I can't sleep. I think i only manage to get in like what... half-an-hour, most is one-hour, of sleep until we reach Kuala Terrenganu's bus station. And it was a 6-8 hour bus journey.

My girls on the bus.
The initial sitting positions, till which that Bimbo cheated the Lost one to sit at her place, which was FREAKING COLD.
Like i said, the Lost one is a real darling.

The first 3 hours in the bus, Amanda and i were being retards in the bus, suddenly singing and laughing and all, that i'm very sure we annoy like... everyone in the bus till 2am when we decided we should get in some sleep before we appear like zombies in Redang.

But as said, i can't sleep. So i recorded some videos of myself talking while everyone else is fast asleep... and also counted the number of tolls we pass through just to reach KT.
Along the way, i realize how lucky Malaysians are because the whole journey to KT was smooth with beautiful roads and resthouses etc.
But gosh, the number of tolls... i counted a total of 4-5 tolls from KL to KT.

And just in case you're wondering, since i couldn't sleep, i also totally looked out the window and "witnessed" the whole journey from KL to KT. Except that few minutes which i manage to close my eyes just to be waken up again.


kimchi coming out of me bag to say "Good night" before she sleeps. Stupid cat.

We stopped twice; once at a Petronas gas station for 10 minutes for everyone to pee, second time at this rest-stop place for 20-30 minutes where the 3 of us got burgers for super-late-supper (around 2am at Kawasan Rehat Bandar Baru Chendor). Yummy!

Back on bus... couldn't sleep. I don't know if i'm too excited, too tired i can't sleep, or i'm just being plain stupid not to rest before "the big day". Hmm...

Next up - Redang Day 1!

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