Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Before i leave for college...

... DBSK are RETARDS XD!!!~

Especially Baby MinMin X3!!!~

Was watching them in the BanJun Movie!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! I laughed like mad (Until mom came rushing in see whats up!!!) especially the part Joongie-oppa fell down!!! Hehehe =P!!!~

But so "sim-tia" (Heartbroken!!!), when MinMin had to bang his head against the gong a lot of times o(;o;)o!!! Its because others NG!!! Poor MinMin!!!

One scene, because he was angry when Joongie-oppa fell down, he walked up to him and walk back down!!! His clothing made him seem more retard, OH SO CUTE X3!!!~

It seems only MinMin and JunSu-oppa no NG??? But their part are the easiest ler X3!!!~

Oh, its so funny X3!!!~

There was some variety show before the movie, and MinMin act cute, AHHHHH X3!!!~

Don't like Micky... !@#$%^&*...

The BanJun movie!!! Chinese subtitled!!! Enjoy o(^-^)o!!!~

Of all the agony...

I purposely wake up early to finish my homework and watch Goong.

After i happily finish Ep6 of Goong, due to some "technical error", i could not watch Ep7...


But its a good thing, i can finish my homework now o(^^;;)o...

Going out tonight, so most probably can't watch too! "Just Goong it" tomorrow lar =D!~

I love Nike X3!!!~

BTW, i was bo-liao again...

... and did the chart below =D!~
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Click to see before continuing this post =D!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahahahahaa X3!!!~

Actually the original chart was DBSK being King Eric-oppa and Queen Auntie Mi-Ui's sons (Wow, King and Queen GENG!)... however, i could not find a good way to put myself married to all of them (Angle-wise, inside the chart!), so i did this instead lar =D!~ SMART right X3?

Now i'm King Eric-oppa and Queen Auntie Mi-Ui's Princess =D, and i'm married to the 5 Princes XD!~ YEAH X3!~

SAIgongPupu is King Eric-oppa's concubine o(=x=")o...


Muahaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee X3!~

Enough bo-liao, go finish stupid assignment now lar !@#$%^&*...

Monday, February 27, 2006

I've heard about this K-drama from wFlforums, but it was just the cast and no sypnosis!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Then Auntie introduced it to me!!! Its so nice X3!!!~ Addicted like Auntie too now XD!!!~

Read the storyline in Auntie's Blog, i lazy write =P!!!~

Then today, eiko-hime cheekily called Auntie "Haegongmama Auntie" (Actually is "hoanggu nangnang", but nvm, i prefer the earlier one =P!!!), and she called me "Bigong" (The wife of the crown prince in the drama is called "bigong nangnang"!!!)!!!~ Then with this and that, our "Goong characters" took its place!!!

Eric-oppa is "Piha", the King!!!
Auntie is "Haegongmama Auntie", the Queen!!!
DBSK are "Junha"s, the Princes XD!!!~
I am "Bigongmama", the Princess married to the Princes X3!!!~
BTW, Pupu is SAIgongmama =D!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

No, i'm not kidding X3!!!~

Piha and Haegongmama Auntie =D!!!~ So matching X3!!!~

Bigongmama and Teddy Pride =3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
The Junhas and Royal Cat kimchi o(=^-^=)o!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I'm eiko-hime XD!!!~ Now, bow to me my minions =D!!!~


... o(=v=")o...

Until here lar, i want to go watch more "Goong" =D!!!~ ITS SO NICE XD!!!~ Ja X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
BTW, in this pic, the crown prince looked like YunHo-oppa XD!!!~ Hehehe X3!!!~
But YunHo-oppa is better =3!!!~ NYAN XD!!!~

p/s: Yes, regarding the photoshopped pics... i REALLY bo-liao o(=v=")o...

Credits: MBC and eiko-hime! No stealing without permission!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just you wait...

... i'm going to lose weight...

... and do this to my Princes... ALL OF THEM o(^o^)o!!!~

... and pray they won't break their backs (CHOY!) in the process o(=v=")o...


Muahaheeeeeeeeeee o(^^;;)o... kimchi FIGHTING FIGHTO XD!!!~

Micky is so CUTE X3, to jump on YunHo-oppa like that XD!!!~

I'll also be doing it =D... in the near future o(=v=")o...

... and hope the rest won't come jumping on my back ler @.@!!!~ Hehehe X3!!!~

They won't mind, because they LOVE me o(=^ω^=)o!!! Nyan X3!!!~

p/s: My owner DongWan-oppa has a nice butt btw X3!!!~ Hehehe XD!!!~

WanJi ipnida X3!!!~ *Immitates MinWoo-oppa* Ige WanJi-eyo!!!~ Muahaheeeee X3!!!~

Credits: 야후! 블로그 - ###I With My Secret###

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Everyone, MEET kimchi o(=^-^=)o!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ah, 안녕하세요 o(=^.^=)o!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nice to meet you, kimchi 입니다 o(=^ω^=)o!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yoroshiku o(=^0^=)o!!!~

My cute kimchi X3!!!~ Now i have ME as my stupid panda pan-chan, and also ME as my cute fat kimchi =D!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
So the fat, hehehe, but also so the cute X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Aiyar... kimchi-yah don't want to choy me dee o(=v=")o... must feed him food later!!!

Hehehe, i love Auntie =3!!!~

She's into the new K-drama "Goong" (So do me now X3!!!~ Its really very interesting although i've only watched the first episode!!!~), and while searching for its pics, she came across this... and sends 5 Princes to me X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Hehehe, kimchi is jealous i pay too much attention to my Princes ^^;;...

eiko-hime, TVXQ-ouji (Princess eiko and Princes TVXQ XD!!!~), FIGHTING X3!!!~

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm supposed to do my homework... but i can't concentrate !@#$%^&*...

... oh well, at least can email to my teacher tomorrow night... NO YOUNGJI!!! CANNOT PROCRASTINATE ANYMORE!!!

Must FINISH TONIGHT and hand it in tomorrow!!! Or else DongWan-oppa will say...


Ok fine, faster finish it (So got yummy steak to eat tonight X9!!!~)!!!~

TVXQ shows their support too o(^-^)o!!!~

사랑해 too, to my JunSu-oppa, Micky-oppa, Joongie-oppa, Baby MinMin and YunHo-oppa X3!!!~
Joongie: "What 사랑해? Our LOVE are more than just 사랑해!"
YoungJi: "Joongie-oppa o(=^-^=)o!!!~"

Yeah, FIGHTING o(^-^)o!!!~

... i owe Auntie this...


And not forgetting =D...

Eric-oppa o(=.=")o...


I think Auntie is so going to kill me... i need to move away/ migrate (To my babies X3!!!~)... FAST!!!

Credits: 오빠요!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy birthday Baby ChangMin ^-^!!!~

Yeah, today Baby ChangMin's birthday XD!!!~

Big boy dee yo ^-^!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Ho!!! Really???"... yeah ler, otherwise what o(=v=")o...

Image hosting by Photobucket
생일축하함니다 XD!!!~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
You can finally drive adee??? No need pose pose anymore =D???

Image hosting by Photobucket
Don't sulk like little boy anymore!!!~ BUT SO CUTE X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Study hard (Actually, i think you study too much dee o(=.="...)!!! But its good =P!!!~)!!!~ FIGHTING!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Be yourself, but also be my same usual cheerful noisy MinMin o(^-^)o!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Yes nuna (Older sis...)!!!", says my HamuChangMin!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
"사랑해요 누나 (Saranghaeyo nuna - I love you sis!!!)!!!" says ChangMin, and kisses kimchi, aka ME =D!!!~

Oh no, so paiseh XD!!!~ Muahaheeeeeeeee X3!!!~

Credits: Yahoo! Korea etc. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL!!!

Happy birthday Baby YunHo ^-^!!!~

Actually, today is ChangMin's birthday... YunHo's on the 6th of Feb ^^;;...

But since i didn't do anything special, i guess i owe him one!!!

생일축하함니다 윤호오빠 XD!!!~
(Happy birthday YunHo-oppa!!!~)

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Good, you finally remember!"... hehehe, woops ^^;;...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Be the same good and cute leader you always are!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Remember to watch over your "little-babies" XD (Means watch over the rest of the guys!!!)!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
I like this pic alot X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Yeah, food!!!"

Oppa o(=.=")o...



The evolution of eiko-hime...

Yes, i "evolve"... name-wise nya lar actually =P!!!~

I don't want to dig out the ancient histories (Swat!!! I sound so old @.@!!!), just recent ones, because Auntie reminded me that I HAVE TOO MANY NAMES XD!!!~~

From Nicole, Jessie, Jessie-Clare, all evolving and changing, till my recent "english-name" - Erenjeal (Hah, i created that name myself!!! STAY AWAY LEACHERS!!!)... for now, i've decided to ditch "english" for all, and stick with eiko.

Yeah, eiko!!! I have my own japanese name too, KAJIWARA EIKO!!!~

Nice right??? Yeah i know!!! It just adds more class to my eiko-hime XD!!!~



Ok, enough of craps, i seriously DON'T KNOW why i type the paragraph above... my "new-self" (Read along and you'll understand!!!) must be the cause o(=.=")o!!!

I am eiko-chan, THE eiko-sama, or eiko-hime... or you may call me eiko THE GREAT =D!!!~


CRAPS AGAIN !@#$%^&*...

Anyways, i'm eiko-chan, to eiko-sama, and now, i'm eiko-hime o(^∀^)o!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
With my trademark MUAHAHEEEEEEEE XD!!!~

I'm still eiko-chan now ler, but you may call me eiko-hime o(^Ⅲ^)o!!!~

Then Auntie appeared, and i became KITTY =D!!!~

*No pics, because Kitty says NO o(=^ω^=)o!!!*

Afterwards, pan-chan came into my life from Japan (Actually, FROM JAPAN through my bro's smelly luggage o(=.=")o!!!)... and i happily embrace him =D!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Meow!!! I'm pan-chan!!!~

Yes, there are TWO pan-chans!!! One official and REAL one which is the panda in the pic above, and another pirated one who goes by the same name, ME =P!!!~

Then for a brief period end of last year, i became Maggie!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Because Anna jie jie and Auntie also thinks that Maggie, looks like me X3!!!~ Plus the fact that i always use her emoticons XD!!!~

After some peaceful moments, came DBSK and Shinhwa o(^∀^)o, muahaha, ATTACK OF THE 신s or 神s, and i became...

Owner DongWan-oppa's beloved cat, kimchi o(=^ω^=)o!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Meow!!! Like owner, like cat, ever so cute X3!!!~

And if you read my previous post, you know i want to someone from Shinhwa *smirks*...


Image hosting by Photobucket
VRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary XD???

Because of the stupid HDTV he got from his GOOD fans X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Muahahahahahahaha, i'm so happy XD!!!~

And yes, call me MinWoo, but NO Mr M!!! I still think its corny =P!!!~

But just these days (Actually, yesterday ^^;;...)... i realise... i've got ANOTHER new name!!!


Image hosting by Photobucket
Pi-e-ro??? (Its a random sound usually made by random peoples o(=.=")o!!!~

Its true o(><")o!!! Because i've become SUPER RANDOM, which explains the pointless paragraph above, and also telling Auntie and Loo2 last night THAT i was hungry in the afternoon... and that i slept the night before as well...


Image hosting by Photobucket
Doggies are scared of HAMUTAROs XD!!!~


But its cute, yeah XD!!!~

Yes, i realise this post is very pointless as well, but oh well o(=v=")o!!!~

Friday, February 17, 2006

Do you know...?

... i have MORE HyeSung-oppa's pics, than Micky's???

... i have MORE HyeSung-oppa, DongWan-oppa, Eric-oppa, JunJin-oppa, MinWoo-oppa's pics... than most DBSKs???

... i have MORE PICS of "my-new-self" than Micky's also @.@!!!

Lol, this is so random, but i'm random, so yeah o(^^;;)o...

Although there are more DBSK group pics altogether, with some repeats, but if you're talking about individual pics, i have more of Shinhwa-oppa's o(=.=)o!!!

Hehehe =D!!!~


But i don't want to be Mr M... it sounds so corny =P...



During Shinhwa's birthday bash thing, fans gave MinWoo, get this, a HDTV!!! 76cm, SUPER SLIM *v*!!!~

got a DIGITAL CAMERA (Exifilm, same brand as mine XD!!!~), JunJin-oppa and DongWan-oppa got a CPU each (I am going to attack owner's one tonight o(^o^)o!!!~) and Andy-oppa got a wallet and t-shirt!!!~

I don't even get a normal television for my birthday o(><)o!!! But then again, i have only 1 fan (Name pan-chan =D!!!~) to Shinhwa's millions o(@.@)o (There's me, Auntie, and erm, the rest, no names, cause too many of them my whole Blog won't fit =P!!!~)!!!~

*whacks self*

Anyway, I AM MINWOO!!!

Hehehe, Auntie complains i have too many nicknames ^^;;...

... check out the "evolution" of eiko-chan in the next post =D!!!~



Credits: ShinhwaChangJwo

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Eric-oppa!!!

Yes, i got addicted to photoshop =D!!!~


Mi-Ui: I love you too Eric-oppa!

Specially for Mi-Ui too X3!!!~

Eric-oppa, Auntie Mi-Ui, PLEASE HWAITING!!!

Yes, the head a little bit weird, but its still SUPER ERIC =D!!!~

Super Eric always fight, wins, and never loses X3!!!~


Korean Street ATTACK!!!

Went Korean Street on the 5th of Feb 2006!!! THE FOOD WAS GOOD X3!!!~

And the night before, Mi-Ui and SamSoon came to overnight =D!!!~

Hehehe, so here are some overdue pics =P!!!~

My cousin sister, Ya2, have some weird sleeping habits @.@...
Image hosting by Photobucket
"*gasps* WHAT IS THAT =D???" wonders Mi-Ui.

The night is young, and there was nothing else more worth it to do, then to disturb the sleeping SamSoon, who fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow *coughpigcough*!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mi-Ui: "Wake up darling!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Pupu attack!!!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
"I think she saw me!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Don't have??? Good =D! ATTACK!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Oh no, she've caught me!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Ok ler, sorry darling, SAYANG!~"

... o(=.=")o...

And taking a note out of HyeSung-oppa's book, instead of pulling away Eric's Shin-chan blanket to find hairy legs, i pull the squarish pattern blanket to find someone's legs...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Not hairy one =(...

Hehehe, i even took a similiar video =P!!!~

The next morning, Ya2 refuses to wake up... even when Pupu attacked her!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Pupu failed, surprisingly @.@...

Then SamSoon threatens her...
Image hosting by Photobucket
"You don't wake up, i'll jump on you!!!"

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Pupu attacked!!!

Btw, want to know how we slept last night???

Image hosting by Photobucket
Like "that", ZzzZzzZzz...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Hahaha, just copying Shinhwa-oppa's style =D!!!~

But SamSoon is ALOT luckier!!!

Shinhwa's style is... Eric-oppa at the bottom, then HyeSung-oppa, DongWan-oppa, MinWoo-oppa (Aka ME =D!!!~), then JunJin-oppa stand BOTH LEGS on top of them all, and Andy-oppa one leg...

... @.@...

Sunday noon, after we all wake up and ready, KOREAN STREET ATTACK!!!

Went to some restaurant as recommanded by Theng jie!!! IT WAS GOOD X9!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Banchan, sizzling marinated beef... YUM X9!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Everything has miracly GONE... into our stomachs X9!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Finish everything =D!!!~ Including the !@#$%^&* RM5 small bowl of rice o(=.=*)o!!! But its good ler =P!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Some of my favourite banchan X9!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yummy steam eggs!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nyat!!! No kimchi!!! kimchi don't eat kimchis =D!!!~ We are FRIENDS X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Auntie is very happy she is having Eric Korean BBQ!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mi-Ui: "What? They really don't serve Eric one ar *-*?"

Image hosting by Photobucket
SamSoon: "Cheh, i no Daniel also lar..."

Image hosting by Photobucket
YoungJi: "Hehehe, i got Micky, HyeSung-oppa, YunHo-oppa, etc... X9!!!~"

Mi-Ui and SamSoon: "-_-..."

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mi-Ui: "At least the food is as good as Eric!!!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
SamSoon: "Tell you what... i got an idea, hehehe..."

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is better, hehehe XD!!!~
Mi-Ui looks like HyeSun-oppa's expression from some clip X3!!!~

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is funny nyan X3???

Image hosting by Photobucket
SamSoon: "Lets shake on it!"
Mi-Ui: "Don't want... your hand..."

Image hosting by Photobucket
"... is poisonous!"

Image hosting by Photobucket
SamSoon: "Oh fine...", and use chopstick to take something...

Image hosting by Photobucket
SamSoon: "... LETS EAT kimchi!!!"


Btw, Auntie turned into a vampire @.@...

Image hosting by Photobucket
BLUE LIPS ORANGE FINGERNAILS with a kimchi next to it =D!!!~

Hehehe X3!!!~

And also...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yummies i bought =D!!!~

Yeap, thats about it =D!!!~