Monday, October 30, 2006

Darn it!

Back to college tomorrow...


I haven't play/ enjoy enough *cries*...


Actually, all the time in the world won't be enough for me =P! Haha!

Guess its back to reality!


ps: If so (Back to class stuffs...), why am i still playing Sims 2 Pets until 12.31am?

Oh yeah, i wanted to see the little puppies XD!~

But darn it, too many of them scared me (That particular Sim of mine had to "super-multi-task" in order to take care of all of them!), that i load the game to start playing again (And waste the hours i've spent playing in order to see the babies!)! Hehe!

But they are still so darn cute!

Just hope there'll be less of them when they "come-out" the next time =P! Hee!~

I need my beauty sleep as so to be alert the next morning (Starts praying that i won't fall asleep in class tomorrow!)!


But the games just so addictive, hehe!

I love all the dogs i own! THEY ARE SO CUTE XD!~


Enough, go to sleep.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleep deprived

I SO admire my bro's friend.

It was around 4am almost 5am adee, my bro is asleep on the music room sofa, but his friend... was STILL playing the PS2 with EYES WIDE OPEN!

Wah, no need sleep one ar?

So nice *jealous*.

If i don't get enough sleep, i get cranky, and i'll then:
- Bite SiWon's head (And hear him go "AhhHHhhhHHhhh~~!")
- Finish up RyeoWook's ice-cream (And hear him go "Nuna~~!")
- Destory DongWan-oppa's watches... those really expensive ones...
- Bite ChangMin's head
- To YuCheon's horror, keep on replaying the "FarmerMickyDance" clip infront of him
- Nunpik Brian (And prob receives a "stronger-nunpik" in return o(=v=")o...)
- Disturb KiBum's sanity
- Finish doing my son HyunWoo's homework for him
- Put ice into the back of HeeChul-oppa's shirt
- Pretend to wipe HanKyung-oppa's face but actually is applying flour on it
- Steals DongHae's dog to play with
- Steal and finishes ShinDong's snacks with ChangMin
- Disturb a sleeping NoguriKangIn
- Roll myself on DongWan's chest
- Start crying all of a sudden, then lean head on SiWon and fell asleep from the tiredness...

Yeah, i slept real-late last night (Around the time mentioned above...)...

Not enough to "beat" my record while doing assignments, but still... ehem...

This morning woke up... head appo o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Although Keita and SiWon combined healed it abit *blush*... but overall... neck still very stiff...

No, couldn't be pillow prob... this morning the minute i sit up my world was spinning i fell into SiWon's arms to Brian's horror...

With the combined nights of late-sleeps, plus i was playing the com till late =P!


Otherwise tomorrow my world might be flying around the sky, Brian's world might be flying around the universe... should what happened happened again... ehe *blush*!~


Aiyar, if tonight slept *will* sleep early then only see lar... ehem...

p/s: Playing The Sims 2: Pets now =D!

After so many "hardships" of faulty and spoilt CDs...




Finally for once, i play The Sims 2 without fast forwarding alot of times, EVEN WHEN SLEEPING!

I love my dogs and cat too much!~


Monday, October 23, 2006

橘慶太のブログ 「道標-ミチシルベ-」

I was about to go on to BabyKei's Official Website + Official Blog to check out any new updates...

But it was taking ages to load, so i opened one of SuJu's clips to watch while waiting!

I opened the clip Making of Timeless MV Ep1, which the minute it plays, a topless SiWon wrap in bandages was sitting on the bed discussing how the MV will go with the director...

Before i could even melt over the hotness of my Simba... SOMEONE's solo debut single 「道標」 *immediately* played in the background (Because the website finally loaded!) o(=v=")o...

Someone is trying to remind me of something XD!~

I actually "frightened" myself to why suddenly a music is playing one XD!

But i *guess* its for a good-cause? Hmm...

Keita kept mentioning about the Team Japan's coach, wondering when he (The coach!) will come to recruit Keita to join the Japan National Football Team!

Oi, you join Team Japan adee me how? Whose going to write me lyrics, and sing songs to your Princess me when you have to train or go overseas *pouts*?

*SiWon stood-up and was about to raise his hands*
*Keita appears, takes SiWon and stuffs him inside his closet*

Oh yeah, i can always follow you along nyan =D?


Somemore with my love and support for Team Japan, you joining them would be a BONUS =D!~

And i'll get to watch them (and you!) in action LIVE all the time!~

Plus then i would have OFFICIAL PERMIT in front of your fans to spazz at you when you score goals (And takes off your shirt!) ♪!~


To solve the question-marks popped above your heads, currently, its "unofficial permit" for me to oggle at my Baby, because fans doesn't know about my existence... *YET* =D!~



Oh yeah, BabyKei's starting to write Blog-entries adee =3!~

An avid-Blogger he is too, like my owner DongWan-oppa =D!~

They are starting to have influence over one another *blushes in happiness* ♪!~ YEAH!~

Though, i SERIOUSLY need to brush up on my Japanese-language adee ~(=v=")~!

Its easier reading the Blog entries translated into English by other people, but the feeling would never be as GOOD as reading it STRAIGHT out from what you've written (Typed, but whatever =D!~)...


Plus its "good training" till when we *OFFICIALLY MEET* next year ne?


And yes, i'll work hard with my Japanese, and promise NOT to suddenly blurt out any Korean words while talking to you ok?

In the mean time, you must promise to post "easier-Japanese" so i can understand easier, for now only anyways, ok?

Yeah, i love my BabyKei (^ω^) !~

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering, currently, its "unofficial meet" for the both of us because as said, fans doesn't know about my existence... *YET* =D!~


BTW, did you know the lyrics to the song 「道標」, was written by my Baby =D?

Can't wait for my copy to arrive =)!~

BTW, the pic above was taken by me, but posted on his Blog by him!

Not fair, I took the pic, so I shall post it on my Blog as well =D!~

Hehehe, i love my BabyKei-chi !~


Credits: 橘慶太のブログ 「道標-ミチシルベ-」

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Who is this?

This is...

My BabyBoyRyeoWook =D!~

My top-most-favourite in Super Junior =)!
Even though sometimes i forgot about this BabyBoy of mine, and yes, i totally forgot about him when they came to KL =P! But i still remember shouting at the top of my lungs for him everytime he sang during the TVfXQ! concert XD!~

And his still my top-boy together with LittleBoyChangMin ~(^ω^)~!

Reasons for him being my favourite?

Though birthday may be one of the factors, but it was because i felt closer to him due to so!

Apart from that and his beautiful voice which has attracted me so much, my BabyBoy RyeoWook is also one of my main-factors to ALWAYS FIGHTING!~


And we loves ice-cream too, yah XD!~

But seeing this "recent-pic" of him broke my heart...

I have this feeling he was overworked, and pressured to lose more weight, which he did... even though he was probably already at the "ok-weight" now... for a normal boy his age anyways, not an artist...

My BabyBoy is so "small" now...

Curses you bloody Ent companies!

Nuna me heart-broken adee ~(ㅠ.ㅠ)~!


Technically i'm not his nuna, but i had always felt so! Ever since i knew him!

Thus, i precious this BabyBoy of mine alot =)!

Oh yes, and that LittleBoy too lar =D!~


Nuna was not able to take care of you now, but nuna will bring you eat more ice-cream next time ok?

And yes, nuna will fighting to be like you too =D!~


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Baby's FIRST Solo Single releases today =)!

橘 慶太, 道標...

No.2 on the Oricon Chart on its first day of release XD!~


Going to order it soon... NOW! YEAH XD!~

Just watched the PV of 道標 just now...

As much as i love PVs, MVs... i usually don't have alot of patience watching them (Except story ones!) =P!

Though somehow, w-inds.' PVs has always attracted me to watch the whole thing through and through!

With or without storyline!

That's the power of w-inds. i guess =)!

As for Baby's new PV...

Watched it TWICE in a row, with my eyes looking at him and only him, and not diverting to anywhere else X3!~ Not to forget the constant drooling! Hehehe!~


Though, i suspected that my heart and mind has flown to him a few times while watching the PV, that i get "bumpy" wake-up-calls back to earth, only to realise that i've been dreaming (of him) XD!~
Then only will concentrate back on watching his PV, and continue the droolings XD!~



ps: I went to his Official Website just now, and 道標 was played...

The minute i first heard that song... the very first time... i cried... somehow, hehe...

I guess i was just being too emotional... but i really missed him... so so so so so much!

And i've been waiting awhile for his solo single, i'm just too happy =)!


永子ちゃんは、慶太のことが大好きだよ (^ω^)!~


I was *trying* to read up on my Contract Law book just now... Note the word "trying", ehem =P! Hehe...

I got an easy-to-read book this time, nice and easy and not long-winded in a bad way, so i thought it would be good!

Reading before class is always advisable =)!

Getting a book which you'll understand easily to read before class is SUPER advisable (in a way)!

But... who would've thought...


I've read a whole full paragraph...

But NONE went into my mind...


... because i was busy thinking of SiWon again at that time (ㅠ.ㅠ)... aigou...

I only realised *none* went into my head when i "woke-up", and looked back clearly at the book, and wondered, how in the world did i get to that part so fast?


You're right darling...

You and Brian SHOULD take him away... for now... so i can concentrate *better*?

*suspects something fishy upon seeing MinBong who smiled fishly at Brian, who smiled fishlyly back as well...*


I'm having second thought of handing the LionCub to them...

*takes SiWon back and puts him in pocket with LittleBoy (ChangMin), (BabyBoyRyeoWook) and LittleBabyBoy (KyuHyun... despite him being *slightly* older than my little MinMin!~)*


Just have to mention him =)!

Ooh, btw...


BigBrotherMinHo is trying to be like his friend's father's group members, while my cute boy is trying to learn to WAVE like his father =D!~

Still a LONG WAY to go from now (If he wants to be as brilliant as his father!~), but its already very good for a little boy as cute as him for now =)!


Father is SEXY WAVE, son is CUTE WAVE, and mother me is SUPER WAVE XD!~


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Things i did today, in class and at the same time:

#1 - Look at the teacher... (Rude, but yeah, what the heck...)

#2 - Pay attention at what the teacher is teaching... (Or at least, TRY to...)

#3 - Listen to the teacher's teachings...

#4 - Jot down notes...

#5 - Trying not to fall asleep... (Which i eventually did, but you don't need to know about that, really... i can't help it...)

#6 - Trying to look as if i'm NOT asleep, when i'm actually in fact, had really fallen asleep... (You don't need to know about this either, really...)

#7 - Try to look as if i'm paying attention at the teacher...

#8 - ... when in fact i'm thinking of SiWon... o(^ω^)o ♪!~

#9 - Think of what to do after class...

#10 - Thinking "What is DongWan-oppa doing now? Not touching my wristbands again?"...

#11 - Wondering what my son, MinBong and Brian are doing together now...

#12 - Trying to look as if i understood what teacher is telling... (When in fact i don't understand a single pupu she just said...)

#13 - Dreaming of SuJu...

#14 - Nods head as teacher explains, when i shouldn't be nodding actually, seeing that i don't really get most =P...

#15 - Asks classmate next to me what teacher just said...

#16 - Tries to jot down some notes FAST, but the slide changes before i could finish, so i end up canceling everything i've written in frustration, and tells self to self-study that part at home...

#17 - Later go home adee go play with son, LittleBoy and BabyBoy XD!~

#18 - Remember to... hold on... MinBong and Brian aren't attempting to make Lion-cub-stew now... are they?

#19 - Makes mental notes to self to FULLY PREPARED before coming for classes next time!

#20 - ... what is my whole kimchi love family doing now (ㅠ.ㅠ)?


Seeing what i did today... all at the "same-time" somemore...

I don't think i'm "multi-tasking"...

I'm "infinity-tasking"; my way of saying it...


Auntie, does it mean i can join the circus now?


Don't want lor, i find PuPu joining it more suitable =P!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Before i forget...

This is my handsome owner, PrinceDongWan-oppa ♪!~

That's my future dog's cousin btw =D!

And yes, we're VERY Royal =)!~

And then the husbands, MinBongMinWoo and BabyBrian ♪!~

Two Sexily Hot AND Cute at the same time! Nyan X3!~

Not forgetting my darling son, PrinceHyunWoo ♪!~

With his jersey No.20 =)!
Same number as my birthdate! YAH X3!~

Then the other two little ones, LittleBoyChangMin and BabyBoyRyeoWook ♪!~

One very retarded, another very shy!
But both with beautiful angelic voices =)!~

Not forgetting the precious purr-fect little lion cub, SimbaSiWon ♪!~


Oh, not forgetting the other "little-one", LittleBabyBoyKyuHyun ♪!~


Did i miss out anyone else =D?
*pushes KangIn and KiBum back into the closet as they tries to get out from it to complain*
Hehehe XP!~

*dances around everyone (including those in the closet)*
But hmm...
Shouldn't i be going to sleep now?
Haven't even pack my bags properly, ehem o(=v=")o...

Woopsy, gotto go then!~
Tra-la ♪!~



I'm really mad and angry at a bunch of people right now...

The bad thing is... i don't even bloody know who those bloody idiots are... what the bloody hell...

Its all because of those bloody antis lar!
I know why i shouldn't care about them? As much as i don't like them hating and critisizing my idols, its their mouth their life, they can do whatever they want with it!

Words may hurt, but it'll never hurt as much as actions do they?

But apparently those bloody idiots as "degraded" themselves further using actions against the idols they hate!


I shall restrain from talking more about this, as i know i'll just end up blabbering alot, till no one understands what i'm trying to say, and i'll definately get boiled!

I'll also waste my time being angry at a bunch of bloody idiots who doesn't even deserve my anger.

So this just what i had to say, whether or not this reaches them:

What do you get from injuring other people?

Put yourself in their shoes, and those close to them. Will you like it if you, or someone close to you, or someone you love, gets hurt?

Is it because you have no feelings, so you are incapable of putting yourself in that position?

Why are you guys just so free to insult, critisize and injure other people who may not even matter to you?

Jealousy? Hatred?

Are you guys afraid that they might threaten the popularity idols you love?

Then how would you feel if others injures the idol you love?

In case you're wandering, the feeling you would feel if your idol was injured, is the same feeling which all of us fans are feeling right now.

If you have so many free time, instead of spending it trying to injure others, which is bad, why not use it to help promote and support your own idol?

Thats good you know!

Helping your idols to win over other idols by injuring the other idols is cowarcy, idioticy, and kiasu-cy.

Is it because you have no fate your idols will be able to win over the other idols?

Or do you really just have that much time?

If you do, why not give some to me? I'm in need of extra time! At least the extra time given to me will be put to good use.

You're not only causing trouble for the idols you hate and their fans. You're causing trouble for yourself as well.

Isn't helping your idol win because of your love and support much more "glory" and better?

I seriously can never understand you bloody anti's feelings.

As much as i support my idols, i'll still have respect to other idols, and will only want to "win" over them if its in a "correct way".

Winning because the other party gets hurt is the way of the losers.

Perhaps you antis are incapable of the feeling LOVE as well, which is why you choose to hurt others, so you antis can at least feel "emotion" for once.

Good luck, and all the best for your pitiful existence.

At least when my idols win i can be proud, because i knew they won with my love and support.

Tish, why am i getting all emotional because of this bloody idiots? Waste of my energy and time! Hish!

Don't waste anymore of my precious times on this bloody idiots! GO DO WORK!

But before so...

Let me add some "final touches".

If anyone dare touches
TVfXQ! again, as especially, if they DARE touch my SuJu and Shinhwa as well, i swear i'll curse that person, regardless of the fact that i've said i won't curse another person because its only degrading myself, but seriously, i will do so if anything happens to them again.

I mean it.

Bloody antis. Go stuff your head down the toiletbowl lar. So free.

At least the water can cool your head hopefully.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

REALITY check?

Was watching WonTak's Angel, starring MinWoo and HaHa, over the com!

Auntie DID warn me that you'll need a whole box of tissue when you watch it...

But as i was busy tidying up my study place while watching it, it was "kinda difficult" to pay FULL ATTENTION to the end of the movie, when i had started tidying, that i only paid most attention to MinBong =P!

Anyways, the sad part "started" to come when HaHa's character was chasing after the bus MinWoo's character was in!
Plus when MinWoo's character, WonTak, listened to the radio recording by his father!

I thought to myself, "Hehehe, so sad, but i busy cleaning at same time, didn't get as emotional as i would've! Oh well, must tell Auntie i didn't cry when i watched it =D!"...

Just when i was busy gleeing to myself that i "didn't cry"...
Mana tau...

After those mentioned parts, when MinWoo's character WonTak finally realizes HaHa's character was his father and he looked for his father's old photo-album...

Upon seeing that his father's looks during his teenage-years was the EXACT SAME look as when he "came back" to be WonTak's "friend" (You HAVE to go watch the movie to understand! Its a GREAT MOVIE btw!~), i started to tear adee o(ㅠ.ㅠ")o...

Somehow i find it emotional that when the father came back, it was the look he had during his teenage years, and not just cincai some guy's look when he came back!
Erm, don't need to understand, just go watch the movie and you'll know o(=v=")o... ehe...

Conclusion, i end up crying!~ Ehee!~ Luckily didn't say anything earlier =P!

But apart from the "touching emotional part" of his father's, another reason i cried was because... seeing MinBong cry...

MINBONG-YAH o(ㅠ.ㅠ")o!

Seeing him hugging the photo-album while crying, and saying those touching lines... i SO feel like rushing "in" to my computer monitor and giving him a BIG HUG to comfort him!

Luckily i did not do, because reality-check, for sure can "bump head" onto monitor screen and get a bad bruise on forehead afterwards o(=v=")o...

Want to hug just run to him for hug lar =P!

BTW, i somehow find that some guys, whether its acting or not, when you see them crying or emo and you feel like rushing over to comfort them and giving them a BIG BIG HUG (Plus CHUT if you are in the nun-pik and kimchi love family!), those guys will somehow appear more attractive than "normal guys"!
Or maybe its just me, but whatever!

Ehe!~ What am i saying?

Oh yeah, regarding the "clean-study-table" thingy...

Hehe, so hardworking right? Finally tidying up my study-place!

Erm, actually, not exactly "hardworking" lar...

I just fear that i might "blow-up" if i had to tidy it in the future, when it gets too messy that you can even see the table =P!

Hehe, so tidy now!

Better than "blowing-up-in-irritation" in the future XD!~


Which i think will surely happen very frequent then... aiyar~!

I sound like those Chinese Aunty, hehehe!~


Damn cari pasal + padan muka lor me...

My School Guide plus Programme Handbook, which was just given to me last Friday...

... those two bloody books was thicker than my Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book o(=.=")o...

What the bloody hell...

No wonder my bag so heavy lar!
Especially since i can't carry it by hand, since i went to OU after class it'll look so weird carrying papers around... inconvenient somemore!


Anyways, my TEXTBOOK from any subject this year also thicker than my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book lor...

I find i SUPER cari pasal o(=.=")o...

... somemore because i BLOODY lazy to read one, ehem...

But eitherways, will FIGHTING!~ Certain reasons i do not want to reveal now =P!~





I know i shouldn't be doing this, especially since got "more" stuffs to read for Monday...

... and i seriously bloody lazy to read... as if it'll even enter my brain anyways, since its full of LOVE for my nunpik and kimchi love family...




Going to spend my WHOLE NIGHT with my nun-pik and kimchi love family before finally having to go back to "reality"!

And reading... hish...

BTW, i should've chose a Uni by the name of "NNR", aka "No Need to Read" Uni =P! Hehehe!

So gatal go choose one which has the name READING somemore... guarantee sure ALOT of "reading" one, aish...

Nyao, i just love complaining XD!~ Hehehe!~

As said before, SUPER FIGHTING!

Nyan ♪!~

*looks around naughtily*
*spots SimbaSiWonBebe posing at one side so sexily, as always*
*lay low, aim, SIMBA POUNCE XD*

Hahaha, FUN XD!~

*DongWan appears behind kimchi, grab her by the back of her collar, kepit under armpit, and brings her back to Shinhwa-land*

SIWON-NAH XD *struggles to get back to SiWon*!~

*DongWan and kimchi arrives at Shinhwa-land*
*Upon arriving, both saw Eric and Amane (Uncle and Auntie =P!) presenting their love to each other, as always*
*Both got freaked out o(0.0!!)O*
*kimchi holds onto DongWan-oppa's arms, and drags him back to kimchi love family's PARADISE-HEAVEN*


Ehem, i think i might need to get my brain "checked" before Monday X3!~ Ehe!~

Imagination "too good" =P!



Friday, October 13, 2006

A Battle of Properties

One day, when kimchi got home...

Something was on her table...


WOooooooOOooo, PRESENTS o(* v *)o?

kimchi opens it, and... WAH-LAH!!!~

YAH XD!!!~

kimchi's SuperJunior (^ω^)♪~!
Finally arrive adee (ㅠvㅠ)~ *tears of happiness*!
Especially... the "bigger one" above o(*ω*)o ♪~!~ The photobook!~
More SimbaSiWonBebe and RyeoWook-bebe to spread my love on!~
Plus the rest of them too!~
NYAN o(^ω^)o ♪~!~


Some"ONE" is not very happy with it...

My w-inds. VACANZA!~

Aigou... otuhke...

A Battle of kimchi and eiko-chan as well o( ̄. ̄|||)o...
Nyan o( ̄ω ̄ )o...

As much as i love my new nick kimchi, my eiko-chan still rock the house, and has always did X3!~
But i should use it as much as possible now too... everyone else is forgetting that i'm STILL and ARE eiko-chan (ㅠ-ㅠ)...


Another "FEW" also not very happy with it as well...

The "big-bosses" SUPER not happy with the younger ones joining the LOVE!~

Jealousy is bad...

Then another "ONE" popped out to join the party somemore!

Really getting fatter, ehem *looks at self*...

Hehehe, i don't want to care about them ne, i HAPPY can dee o(^ω^)♪~!~ Mweheeeeeeeeeee!~


*takes book and runsaway from DongWan-oppa, HyunWoo, MinBong, Brian, and ChangMin before they start practising their drawing lessons on it*

But hmm...

I prefer A Battle of Wits though!


Baby is inside *blushes in delight and gives Baby a big hug and CHUT*!~

YAH X3!~

p/s: Actually, TWO MORE other items came with the package it!
A book and a CD!
But those are not important, so why bother about it =P!~

Let me take a marker pen and draw on THE BOOK, and "BBQ" THE CD like what HaHa did in the movie WonTak's Angel XD!~
Mwehehehehehehehehehehehehehe X3!~

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to be good girl if always like that?

Teacher was explaining some stuffs about her course there.

And i am dreaming of my SiWon here.

Sure guarantee PENGSAN AND GO TO HEAVEN when classes really start!


ps: Second day of orientation only, and i'm getting SUPER freaked out adee...

How to survive if like that?


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Started class!


In a way lar, since this week Orientation Week nya o(^^;)o... ehe...

My package haven't arrive yet o(T-T)o...

I wouldn't be surprised if i look into the mirror soon, and can only see my "neck"! Because it has grown to the length of a Giraffe from all that waiting!

Good thing from it is i can finally be "taller", in a way again...

Hehehe =P!

Hopefully it'll arrive before next week, before class REALLY starts (This week orientation week, next week class starts!)!

As a "motivation" for me to WORK HARD!

No more slacking, byebye "slacking life-style" o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...


Its obvious there'll be ALOT of "reading" with me choosing this course!

Heck, the university itself is named "READING"!

But i still can't help but complain =P!


But very lazy read lar! NYAO!~

Slacking is my habit, lazy is my life =P!

Ehehehe XD!~

Even before class starts, heck, even BEFORE orientation week is over!

Can already feel all the "pressure" already!

That is saying something, since its only orientation week's FIRST DAY! And i'm feeling all "pressured" and a bit the stress from it!


Good luck!

Honestly, sendiri cari pasal lor =P! Hehehe!

I'm no "psychic", but somehow i can forecast that i'm going to be REALLY busy in the coming months...


But knowing me...

I'll be saying "I'm very busy lar!"...

But when you come *see* what i'm doing...

I'll be *BUSY*!!!... watching Shinhwa, SuperJunior or TVfXQ! =P...


But how if i really SO BUSY until cannot watch them... AT ALL?


ANDUE o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!

Good luck, be a good girl, and i'll be *freeier* then, hopefully =)!!!~

Another thing though...

I'm already starting to miss all of them XD!

My LittleBoy ChangMin, my BabyBoy RyeoWook, my Simba SiWon, my husband with the son MinWoo, my son HyunWoo, my another BabyBoy KyuHyun, my other husband Brian, my Noguri KangIn, my BigBoy KiBum, and especially...


OPPA o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o!!!

Always love your little kimchi me like you always had ne, even though kimchi may not be able to spend alot of time playing with oppa anymore o( ̄ε ̄ )o...


What am i saying, i miss all of them ALL THE TIME one lar =P!

Ehehe XD!~

Oppa asked son's father to come visit kimchi me with him =D!~

Choochootrain? How old adee both of them o( ̄ε ̄||| )o?
Didn't invite me play somemore, nyao XD!~

So bo-liao (As usual!) ne XD!~

Better be good girl go sleep first lar...


What to do, i don't want to fall asleep like yesterday, during the talks given by lects (Although not my lect yet for now!) =P!



Lets see if i really *did* sleep early this time lar ne? Hehe, i feel the urge to go watch X-Man and spaz over my LittleBoy for the time being =P!


Nyan o(^ω^)o XD!~

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is it that fun to always put all the blames on me?

**I was supposed to write this post on my darling DongWan-oppa, RyeoWook-yah and ChangMin-yah, but something which had happened just now made me want to write about this first.**

As my title has said, Is it that fun to always put ALL the blames on me?

Ever since young, whenever something wrong happens which my mom spotted (Forget to switch off lights, forget to lock the door etc), she would naturally turn to the person whose easiest to blame, and always around downstairs.


My mom won't ask "Who didn't switch off the lights?" or so, she would just proceed to blame me that I didn't switch off the lights!

I DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH THE DAMN LIGHT SWITCH! How do you expect me to switch-it-off, when i didn't even switch-it-on?

I would explain its possibly my brother who did so, which she would then say i could've just help switch it off when i see it...

What? I'm in the computer room, how do i even know that my brother didn't switch off the lights after he left the living room?

What do you think i am, a psychic? That i can know what is happening in the living room all the time, even though i'm busy drooling over my idols in the computer room to even care if the sky falls down "most" of the time?

This would NEVER happen to my brothers.

Somehow, its easier for my mother to blame me for EVERYTHING (And i do mean EVERYTHING!), since i'm the easiest to blame on, and i'm always at home and downstairs.

Maybe its because i'm a girl? But whatever, anything which happens, ITS MY FAULT!

Yeah, blame everything, blame ALL faults at me. Like DUH, whenever something happens its ALWAYS my fault!
Not anybody else, but MINE! Only MINE!
Yooohoo, its my fault! As always!



So just because i'm always downstairs that its appropriate to blame everything on me? Does this mean i have to migrate to my room and live the rest of my life in my room only?

Because of that i've developed a sort-of "bad-behaviour".


Sure, NOBODY likes to be blame for something they didn't do, of course.

But as compared to "normal-people", i can get VERY irritated, annoyed, angry, pissed, mad and especially protective of myself, when i'm blamed for something i didn't do.

VERY "easily" hot-tempered to describe it easily!

Regardless if its just a "small-matter". Like forgetting to switch off the lights, or etc.

To the extend i can start arguing with my parents or brothers just because of something small!

Not that i want to argue with them! Why want to argue? But i can't just couldn't stand being blamed when i didn't do something!

I don't want to put the blame on my mother, but i had to this time. I felt that its because of her constant blamings on me that i developed this "nasty habit". That i can get VERY ANGRY with whoever who blamed me for something i didn't do, no matter how small the matter is!

Mei jie has said that since i'm a girl, its easier for mothers to blame me as compared to my brothers, because mothers will somehow find it "harder" to blame or scold their sons (Except when its obviously their fault!).

What in the freaking world is that weird fact?

Though, it is somewhat true too, because my mother will ALWAYS scold me if i did something, but NEVER scold my brother when he did the same thing.

For example, i would get scolded if i finish all the food and didn't leave some for other people, but she would NEVER scold my brother if he finishes it all, and didn't leave some for other people.
Till now my brother would just finish all the food without the simple courtesy of asking me if i still want it. That now only I would be the one who would nag my brother like i'm his mother, since mom would never nag him on such "simple-matters".

Great, i've "upgraded" myself to be my brother's "mother", as compared to the mistaken-identity that i'm his "older-sister"!

Well, mom will scold my brother too one lar, only when i complained with REAL PROOF and told her on the fact which she herself knew, but never want to admit!

Even so, she would never scold him terribly, just a small scold, never a big one, as compared to if I did it.

Its obvious my mother side my two elder brothers more, that being "kiasu" me i've to learn to be protective of myself since young, and never let such ridiculous blames trode all over me!

If i had NEVER learn to "fight-back", i would probably always be blamed for everything now!

But maybe i learn it a little too "over" too lar =P!
Whats with my gigantic voice box and loud voice, whenever i defend myself it would seem as if i'm "screaming my heads off" and speaking "really loud" =P!
Should really learn to control that, and not get so "easily hot-tempered"! And especially, control my loud voice!

To the extend now ALL my family members and relatives would feel like i'm always naughty and always bullying my mother!

Yeah, i admit i ALWAYS bully my mother =P, but won't anyone feel that sometimes it was not what i wanted?

Sometimes yes, its naughty me =P! But sometimes it could be the fact of what "caused" me to behave this way. I'm just protecting myself from unnecessary blames. My mother has this tendency to blame EVERYTHING on me, even when its a stranger's fault!

Though, i'll admit i "over" protected myself too much that i get hot-tempered easily =P! That, my fault! Shouldn't get hot-tempered, but couldn't help it.

Plus i'm much "stronger" lar, in the sense i'll protect myself and my mom is very "soft", so its normal for people to see me as the BULLY and my mom the VICTIM.

But really, won't anyone try understanding the whole matter in general, and what is behind it instead of just seeing what is in front of it?

Also, its only natural of my family members and relatives to not "blame" my mother when something happens lar, like hello, she's my MOM! An ADULT! Whatever she does is "CORRECT"! I'm the "kid", so EVERYTHING i do will be WRONG! DUH!


Whatever lar, i feel i'm not making much sense here, but most important is i know what i'm trying to say, and thats enough.

But here's a fact.

Even a small harmless creature like a rabbit would fight back if the "bullying" is too much.

Why in this world, people would always see things from "what they see", but NEVER try to understand what is behind all this?

Like when a dog accidentally kills someone, it would be human's first reaction to blame the dog. But can't people see that its probably the owner of the dog who had caused the dogs aggresive behaviour in the first place?
Or its probably that the "victim" who has offended or taunted the dog in the first place, so its only "natural" that the dog would've attacked the said "victim".

Or when a crocodile killed a human, the crocodile or other crocodiles who looked the same (Which all of them does!) will get killed and blamed for being a "man-eater", but they would NEVER blame the human.
It IS possible that the human has entered the crocodiles territory in the first place, which made him defensive which leads to the attack! Or maybe the human has taunted the crocodile as well.

I guess its only in human's nature to blame everything on the animals, since they could not "fight-back", tell the truth, or hire a lawyer to sue humans, so whatever, everything bad animals to humans are "their fault".


I'm blabbering my opinions again, ehem... excuse me, but that is the truth, you can't deny it.

Back to the original story, ehem, sorry i side-tracked too much =P!

Last time, my eldest brother would use to blame me first too, if the door isn't lock, or nail-clippings everywhere (Which is my bad habit he knew very clear of =P!). So i would always defend myself, but maybe too over, that sometimes arguing would happen!
Luckily now he would ask "Who did it?" first, as compared to blaming me for EVERYTHING last time!

Thank God my dad won't blame me, or anyone else too in fact, for anything which happened, except when its obviously my doings =P.
He would ask to see who did it first, and if its something "really" bad (Like forgetting to leaving the doorkeys on the door etc.), the person would get scolded.

Aiyar, this blog wouldn't have been written if mom would be like my dad in the first place!

I'm not saying my mom is bad or what, I LOVE MY MOM!
Otherwise i wouldn't be this spoiled or erm, this size, in the first place =P!

But it would be better if my mom wouldn't blame everything on me first without finding out who the real culprit is, or say things to my dad that i don't even remember i've ever said before in my life when we're arguing, and PLEASE start nagging and scolding my brother instead of ME having to do the job!
I'm happy being my brother's kid sister, its still OK if people *think* i'm his older sister, BUT I NEVER WANT TO BE HIS MOTHER FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!

But if mom were so, my mom would be purr-fect, and nobody's purr-fect in this world, so i guess i had to live with it.

At least i'm capable of "protecting" myself, to an over-extend which i must correct so it wouldn't hurt anyone but only harm myself. Its ok, because i'm of no importance to this world, except to animals who i strongly stand to help their rights.

Whatever lar, let me go play my HarvestMoon now before college starts tomorrow.

TOMORROW! ARGH! Time flies so fast o(T-T)o... haven't "play" enough... sort-of...

Now the time has come for me to start college tomorrow, i damn bloody lazy adee. Haish.

Good luck for now, i guess!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

In the name of lazy bums...

Finally got my "ass" down to KL for my darling Gameboy!

Luckily console no prob, its the game cartridge prob!

It ran out of battery adee!

Can change the battery, but what made it worst was... the board inside it spoil adee, so even if change the battery, the game STILL cannot save anymore!

WHY *crys in agony*!~

I felt that *maybe* he could be lying to get me to buy a NEW ONE from their shop (Like how the previous TWO SHOPS in OU did!), which, i really DID in the end... because i desperately wanted to play the game XP!~

And he gave me a good price too ler =P!

"Sort-of" lar, cheaper by around RM15 if buy from that shop, RM10 if from OU shop!~

And its the "girl's version" of the game XD! YEAH!~

I happily told my cousin sister:
After having to play the "guy's version" and have to be a guy chasing around girls all this while, i FINALLY get to play the "girl version", be a GIRL (in the game), and "chase guys" around this time =P!


But although same characters...

Aigou, somehow... the guys are not as attractive as the girls were in the guy's version =P!


Maybe because i'm used to playing the guy's version too much last time, which they were my rivals in it, now its "kinda" difficult to "switch" i guess...

Also... they are not all to my taste ler =P!

And i have this feeling that i chose the wrong guy now, maybe i really should go after the doctor (Who use to be my RIVAL before in the girl's version!) now, after all, hmm...

But i already saw TWO heart events of him with the RIVAL GIRL lar (However, "that" rival girl use to be my wife in the girl's version =P!)!

And why all guys inside like so "depressed-loners" one har?

Except one, but his over-protective over his family, so lazy disturb him!


Why am i blabbering so much here?


Before college starts and limit my time on the game o(T-T)o... or the game limit my time on college =P...

And then MUST decide:

The Doctor, or the Blacksmith?

Doctor, or Gray?

Yes, the Doctor's name in the game is erm... Doctor...




*ChangMin suddenly appear beside the nuna whose thinking deeply now*


*ChangMin drags nuna off to watch Y.S.M.M., the episode which has him inside*

ChangMin signing off for nuna here =D (Because i stole her away!~ Hehehe!~)!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The world against me...

Poor eiko-chan kimchi me o(T-T)o...

My holidays will be finishing soon, so i thought, to spend my time more "wisely" these days, i was thinking of playing one of my favourite games, HarvestMoon, on my GBA again!

Somemore long time no play adee! WEEEEEEEEEEE!~ Lets plant some turnips =D!~

But whaddya know, the game WILL save when you save it...

But upon switching it off then turning it back on...

The saved game was automatically deleted o(ㅠ-ㅠ)o...


Something wrong lar, obviously o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

I was about to go back to SungeiWang, where i bought the console from a year ago, to give it a check! Who knows whats wrong with it, since i didn't play with it for months adee!

But then luckily OurLovelySamSoon's gave some "great-advice", for once =P, and seeing that my lazy butt also lazy go so far to SungeiWang, she suggested i go to those game shops in OU to ask around first!

I did, and from the three shops i'm familiar with there, two of it was owner by the same owner.

Their verdicts:
- The people working in the "two shops owned by the same owner" said it was my cartridge prob, nothing to do with my console (Thank God!), but since the cartridge not original, nothing can be done adee.
- The games are saved via the cartridge, and probably the battery in the cartridge "habis-liao"!
Wah, cartridge itself also got battery o(0_O?)o?

But i trust the "one-shop" one more, although he admitted he didn't know much about GBA, he reckon i go to SungeiWang to see which shop can change and stuff!

I also feel that the "two-shop" one probably wanted me to buy a NEW game from their shop, thus told me that nothing can be done adee?
And SamSoon actually recommend me to go to THAT shop, since her brother is a "familiar-customer" of it... but maybe i'm not, so... hmm...

Anyways, really no choice! I didn't have the tele-number to the shop i bought the GBA from, so i REALLY have to get my ass there tomorrow...

BUT SO LAZY o(T-T)o...

Aish, all for the love of my GBA and the game (Although i rarely play with it...)...

Go nya lar! Maybe can dance DancingOut there too =D, ehee...


Damn, thinking of THAT made me more emo o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

SUJU o(ㅠ-ㅠ)o...

BTW, some other stuffs which made my life freaking miserable today...

Freaking YesAsia o(ㅠ-ㅠ)o...
Also because of my freaking brother too... ARGH!
If i knew that he didn't t really care about his book, i myself also wouldn't have cared about his book!
But now... ARGH!
Don't want talk about it anymore lar, make me more emo nya o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o...

Tonight need to hug my Simba to comfort myself to sleep tonight, otherwise really cannot sleep o(ㅠ_ㅠ)o...

Will JunSu come tonight to sing Tonight for me too?
I promise i'll feel better after that as well =D?
NYAN o(  ̄ω ̄)o!~

Just now my internet connection has been a total-ass on me again...
Somemore MSN... cannot login COMPLETELY! Email also waited awhile then only can check properly!

I shall pack my bags and move in with Dong... hold-on, i AM already staying with DongWan-oppa =D!
Being his beloved little kimchi cat ME =D!
But why my house internet connection still so slow, whereas i'm guessing his one really fast?

I'll cut this "long-story" short!
Went out walking, saw the guarddog...
I tried to be friends with him...
But he growled and barked at me like there's no tomorrow o(=.=")o...
Somemore its suddenly one that it freaked the hell out of me o(=v=")o...
He was in a bad mood, so can understand lar (Got scolded earlier, you can really see him all bad-mood and feeling down etc!)...

I came back a few minutes later, when the guard incharge of him was not there anymore...
I tried talking to him again (Yeah, i talk to animals, they just don't reply back! Cannot ka =P?), saying his a good boy and asking how is he and all...
He looked at me first, don't care don't care, then suddenly he decided to bark at me again o(=.=")o...
Again, it was sudden, so it freaked the hell out of me... again o(=v=")o...

But even if the dog, Kit, won't let me touch him, i still want to be friends with him =)!
Till he see me that he won't bark at me!
Maybe i need to buy some dog food for bribes yah? Or a ball perhaps?
See how lar o(=.=")o...

I can't find the cute cat i played with two days ago when i went out walking =(...
The cute cat seemed like a house-cat-runaway-from-home, because she's so cute and friendly and FAT XD!
But i still can't find the cute cat now lar o(ㅠoㅠ)o...
She was injured somemore!
Hope wherever she is she's feeling all fine and healthy now lar!

I wore my hairband today...
My cousin and eldest bro said... i looked like my favourite cartoon, The Lion King o(  ̄  ̄|||)o...
I AM Simba, but no way am i going to be the older-Simba ne!
I'm the cute baby cub Simba lar XD!~
I'm LionKing... ehem...

Tonight play ROAR with my other Simba =D!~
The one with the Mario, ehe!~

When i was about to go home from OU today, i was thinking of buying BaskinRobbins =D!
But because the electric went off there, so... cannot buy ler, i think o(ㅠ-ㅠ)o...
I thought nevermind lar, but i never knew at night i would get emo and would need the ice-cream so badly o(>.<)O! Luckily still have some in the fridge, so i'm happy again now =D! S! NYAH XD!~
But it would've been better if BaskinRobbins were available =P!

And i dranked my OrangeJuice earlier, despite i was full from dinner, because i can't wait to drink it anymore, that now no more OrangeJuice to drink o(  ̄  ̄|||)o...
But... NYAO o(ㅠ_ㅠ)o!~

I so badly wanted to watch YehShingManMan, the episode which KangIn-oppa was in, but don't know why now cannot find it anymore o(ㅠ.ㅠ)o... should've go get it earlier lar, haih...

Then, i also so badly wanted to go get the Y.S.M.M. episode where my LittleBoyMinMin is inside...
I CANNOT ACCESS THE BLOODY CLUBBOX NOW (Maybe because of my internet connection?)!!!

Hopefully can work tomorrow lar, otherwise... haih, what else to do?
*Clings onto MinMin for emotionally and physical support*
Eat so much and is so so tall, he can't support me he is for sure not my LittleBoy adee lar =P!~

Until my hair grow longer, otherwise i'm afraid i can't wear my hairband to public now...
I'll scare people in public, and they'll call the Zoo or Bomba to come catch me o(  ̄  ̄|||)o...
Ehem... ehe...
But once it has grown to an appropriate length, hopefully can make until those "afro-bombaochar-style" type of hair which will look nice and i can go out with it XD!~
Even if it will make my face look bigger =P!

Better go sleep early lar!


ps: I'm so freaking sick of some people who'll only come to you when they are in need of something!
And when they don't need you, you won't even hear a single word from them for MONTHS!
I was silly enough that i wouldn't have cared in the past, in the name of the "blood" mar...
(The following sentences had been removed! I feel no point in letting my blabberings "shine" out here?)

But anyways, just now, i've done something what i wouldn't have usually done in the past...
I've rejected a request, but this time with true reasons, that i really don't want to and why!
No more fake or petty reasons i would've said last time, as so to make it "seem" more pleasant!

I've quit being nice.

Although i know when they came back for help, i'll of course, still try my best to help! Can't just leave them to rot right?
But at least, when its just to be a replacement...
All i can say it...

I've outgrown that position.


pps: I'm not trying to be "mean" or anything lar, but honestly, if you were in my shoes, you would understand?
For now, my own life would've come first!
Same as the mentioned person, who their life would've come first before me as well!
Its just fair isn't it =)?

ppps: And please please please, i seriously hope i'll do as i've said this time!
I just fear that when the time comes, i'll end up helping again o(=.=")o...

Good luck for now, i guess?

*runs to DongWan-oppa, Simba, MinMin, HyunWoo and RyeoWook for big hug and CHUT*
People who i especially LOVE and really want to be with at this moment...

I miss all of them... badly... again...

Nyan o(ㅠωㅠ)o!~

Auntie ChangMin-yah!~

From my LittleBoyChangMin, to my AuntieChangMin XD!~
**Reason due to his "beautiful-hair" in 'O-正.反.合.'... ehem...**

But you're still my dearly beloved dongsaeng LittleBoyMrCoconutMinMin-yah!~

Nyan, love him so much X3!~

Was watching the X-Man (End up not sleeping early again =P!) where all members of TVfXQ! attended!

During the "Of Course" game...


LittleBoy and JaeJoong-oppa made me laughed out so "Heavenly" its a miracle i didn't wake up my currently-sleeping family members XD!~

My LittleBoy really too long lar anyways ㅇ( ̄  ̄|||)ㅇ... When he was laughing, apart from his really cute and funny laughing-style, the way his body will move...

... FUNNIER XD!!!~

And the Hamutaro PJs were ACTUALLY MinMin's one!

But why JaeJoongie end up wearing it one o(=.=")O?

My MinMin will look alot cuter lor wearing it =P!
*Hides from JaeJoong-oppa behind the tall MinMin*

Nuna love you yo LittleBoy =3!!!~

But you really "too-long" lar, give some of your height to nuna me lar XD!!!~


ps: Wanted to post about this tomorrow, but "can't-wait" adee!

MinMin just made me laugh so bad i HAD to post this up ASAP XD!


Can't wait for other shows with him, and of course, the next episode of X-Man this coming Sunday =D!~

YAH XD!!!~

pps: Dear YunHo-oppa...

You dance too much...

Even showering that time also dance o(=.=")o...

That also nevermind adee lar...

But he have to dance for 3 songs somemore ㅇ( ̄  ̄|||)ㅇ...