Tuesday, May 31, 2005

eiko-chan's "idol-life" is miserable...

This year is really bad luck for rabbits... especially for me and my "idol-life"...
Everyone knows how "idol-freak" i can be, especially on Jay Chou and Keita (Gya X3!!!~)... well, this year is definately not smooth ahead for moi!!!
Whats wrong with my "idol-life"??? It seems that every idol i like this year WILL have a partner or something this year!!!

Its not like i want them to stay single forever for me, hell, i wish them to be happy!!! As long as they happy i ok dee ler ^-^!!! But just that hehehe, they got partner dee is like thinking of someone elses boyfriend 0_0... freaky...

The start of this ultimate disaster begin with my very no. 1, best of best, Jay Chou... the minute i hear of him and Patty, its like my life took a downfall for a couple of days (Note that i knew of the news a few days after Chinese New Year nya...), than after that, woke up, i really wish him happiness and he happy i happy already, so ok dee... i mean, i still love Jay now and to be honest, i'm really happy for him now!!! I even cheered for him and Patty during GMA!!!
Er... although i more towards Lee Hom and Jay (Don't ask -o-|||...) but...
Neeways, back to the story...

During the "downfall" due to Jay and Patty's relationship, i rely ALOT on Keita... but than, after a while, before i even stopped to rely on Keita... the news of him and Ayaya came... another downfall...
Although they didn't confirm the relationship, but the way their companies make the statement... so...

I also "rely" on Lee Hom during the "Jay-Patty-downfall-period", listen too much to his songs on radio dee... but didn't really what ler, just love his songs... then came the news from Theng jie his gay... well, i don't really believe ler unless he himself confirms... but neeways, he and Jay will make great couple... erm... er... i mean... nvm, one things for sure, i relied on his song and i really love his song especially "Forever Love" ^-^!!!~

Sidetrack abit... also would like to thank David Tao, because his "Jiu Shi Ai" that song helped me alot to regain confident... also during the "Jay-Patty-downfall-period" ^-^!!!~

Than after that when i'm happy and ok dee, i started going to college and didn't think too much of idol ler... i still love Jay btw ^-^!!!~

But than, after that around May... it has gotten from bad to worst and worst 0_0...

Recently, after watching Gokusen, my likeness for Oguri Shun came back again (I like him last time due to GTO etc... his cute ^-^!!!), and hehehe, well... before i even fully like him, the news of him and his girlfriend from Morning Musume, Yaguchi Mari came to me and bang me in the head...
They have been together for a year or so before making the relationship public, and Mari quited MM for him and Shun even say that he'll protect her... how sweet X3!!!~
Well, i haven't fully like him ler, but its sad you know ^-^!!!~But i think they are really cute together... see the height!!! Mari is like way shorter than me, and Shu-chan is like way taller than me!!! Like... so cute XD!!!~
Happy for them XD!!!~

Than recently, after watching "House of Wax", my crush on Chad Michael Murray came back (I liked him alot since "Freaky Friday" and especially during "A Cinderella Story"!!! Such a prince X3!!!~)... same thing again, before i even fully like him again... just that this time it has gotten worst as you may have expect (I did say it has gotten from bad to worst...)...
Today... i found out this news...
This time... this one... He is already married...!!!
To Sopiah Bush, his co-star in One Tree Hill!!!

They seemed so good together, guy handsome, girl pretty, happy for him too ler X3!!!~ Saw their wedding photos... BEAUTIFUL XD!!!~ And the way he proposes, wow, so romantic nya XD!!!~
But i still sad of course T_T...

Though, i still happy for him ^-^!!! Happier than sad, in fact!!! Look at the way he talked about her is like, so nice!!! Its like he really found his life partner!!! She was the perfect one for him!!! A great match!!!~

And i find his personality really cute X3!!!~ He calls everyone "dude" and wrestle with the dogs everyday 0_o... KAWAII XD!!!~

Congratulate him, and really really really happy for him!!!

So concludes how bad my "idol-life" is... just pray pray that my another baby Ichihara Hayato won't have any partner-rumour for this year (Come next year ok???) or Lee Hom is really not gay (If yes, i seriously won't mind its Jay =P...), and no no Kenny, don't follow Steven (For this year nya too, ne???), Po-Lin too... i'll be really grateful for that...

Just not this year... this year is bad enough T_T...

First my rabbits (Not as close as last time...), now this... this year real is miserable for rabbits!!!
This year wrecks 0_0...

From worst driver, to craziest driver 0_0...

Hehehe, why such title you may ask...

If you remember the last few posts, i posted something about being the worst driver in the family and yada yada yada... well now, things have changed...

After weeks of training, thanks to driving home from college with mom and getting nagged by her and World War XX happens a couple of times (But its getting better now... hehehe, i'm getting better and mom's more tolerant dee X3!!!), and also driving out alone sometimes to college or OU or so etc etc... now, i have changed into a "good-P-driver"...

I drive slowly, usually 60km/j and highest is only until 80km/j and nothing more (Thus explains why cars like to cut mine -o-|||...)... but though, my "cutting-skills" still very er... bad ler... quite dangerous but still safe, make sure no car only cut... only sometimes signal dee than very fast cut ler... hehehe...

But now... things have changed... this is proven today morning, when i was to drive to school for my English finals (Don't ask about the test... i sucked...)... alone in the wee hours of the morning (Ok, at 6.30am+, now wee...)...

First, because i thought i was going to be late, and later outside college no place to park dee, so i speed in the highway like until 100km/j and possibly more 0_0... and i didn't feel scare or anything dee, probably because i was anxious to get to school... anyway, hehehe... it was nice but ONLY IN HIGHWAY LER!!! Do that in normal roads i probably still kia 0_0...

Than, around Kelana Jaya Business Center there, i want to cut to the inner lane, i see no car, just a van which seemed quite at a distance ler... so i signalled, and the car highlight me (Probably don't want me to cut or something...)... but i didn't care, just cut in and drive fast... scary huh???

And speed weeee, all the way to college!!! Now is people slow i cut them 0_0...

Than later go home that time, i er... speed faster than my usual speed ler, at the road i always use when go home... than my friend don't want to give place (He was at the back of me...), i signal but he didn't signal cut across me dee!!! Of course angry, than chase him -o-|||... hehehe... but at the junction he go straight i turn...

Neeways, than we were heading to the same place, but than he go the longer route, hahaha, so even though he went first at the junction, i reached the highway faster than him (The good use of short cut *feels so proud of my bro for knowing that road and showing me*!!!)...

Than i want to drive faster than him one, but this idiot infront of the car infront of me suddenly stop and turn, so he speed pass me and speed damn fast dee, so finally, tak dapat chase dee T_T... or else i'm so sure i'm going to win (WTH, you just pass dee want to race dee 0_o...)...

And long story cut short, throughout the highway and going home, i speed and cut like a mad woman (As Amanda always say...) so... hehehe... proven i'm crazy driver dee...

Oh yah, one part i turning in, i just signal and fast cut dee... don't know the woman behind me let me cut anot one ler, but her carlights was on... don't know highlighting or not but it didn't seemed like it...

Just now nearby the junction outside the pink condo also one, but not as worst as the one above... the car infront of me slow, and i just cut to left lane, drive faster than him, than cut back infront of him (I got signal lar!!!)!!! Luckily he slow ler... hehehe...

So yeah, totally proven... eiko-chan aka ageha has changed from the worst driver, to "good-P-driver", to now... crazy woman driver ^-~... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD!!!~

Wth 0_o...

p/s: Just now quite sad, when almost reaching home that time...
After passing the security gate, i mar drive than saw this "Nationwide Express" car infront of me... i pray pray he was delivering MY CDs (The one i ordered from YesAsia... ageha w-inds. X3!!!~) ler... pray pray stop infront of my house XD!!! And then, wth, really stop ne 0_0...

Thought, could it really be my CDs X3 *pray pray pray*??? But tomorrow only ageha's release wor, and YesAsia couldn't possibly send early right??? Eh, but maybe they receive the stock early so they send early??? Yes XD!!!~

Make a u-turn (Because he blocked the gate and there are alot of other idiots parked all around the empty spaces near my house...), than the guy came down and i was so sad... the package he was holding was so small it couldn't possibly be my CDs (As YesAsia send the CDs in boxes to avoid damages to CDs!!!) T_T... sad... it was a package to my mom (And i thought if not for me sure dad or bro one... i was wrong T_T...)... WHEN IS MY CDs COMING X0!!!~

Well... not "CDs" ler... although 2 CDs are coming to my house soon, but one is mine (w-inds. XD!!!), and the other one is my cousin Wen Ly's (GLAY!!!)... so er... is my CD ler XP!!!~

Saturday, May 28, 2005

16th Golden Melody Awards!!!~

Today is the 16th Golden Melody Awards (GMA!), the "Jing Qu Jiang"!!! Just finish watching the live broadcast!!!

And although, darling Jay didn't get anything again this year, nevermind ler, because Jay is the best, always and forever, the no. 1 in our hearts!!! So i'm still happy ^-^!!!~

Why i announce that first??? Thought everyone might be interested, since i'm a well-known crazy Jay fan, and everybody must be thinking that i'm crying like mad (But hah, i'm not XD!!!)??? Hehehe!!!~

What can i say about GMA this year... kinda sad (Also happy, state reason later =P!!!), because alot of awards i expect that artist to win, or artist which are really good and well-known; they didn't get the award!!! Which is pretty sad, but i guess the judges have their own opinions???

But hmm... usually (USUALLY, i said USUALLY!!!) those awards winners are not always the most favourite or well-known one right??? Or its boring one (In movie award cases...)!!!

But hah again, in Jay's cases, his always the best *feel so proud* XD!!!~ Nya XD!!!~

And hehehe, the happy/ cute one is, i'll list it in point forms below!!!~

- I found that if, IF, if Lee Hom really is gay (As my cousin always say...), i wouldn't mind if he and Jay =X... XD!!!~
- Jay sang Lee Hom's song (Wei Yi...), and Lee Hom sang Jay's song (Hei Se You Mo...)!!! Both which are REALLY GOOD and i seriously think they should colaborate, or sing each other's song during their concert, so i can listen full song instead of one part like just now X3!!!~
- Jay post a really cute pose XD!!!~ Really feel like glomping him and pull his cheeks X3!!!~

These below are erm... quite er... shounen-ai... aka, "gay" thoughts which attacked me, thanks to Ah Theng jie jie who keep on reminding me Lee Hom is GAY!!!
She just tell me lar, but actually i don't know to believe or not (I'll only believe if Lee admits it or told me!!!), though... it has its impact of me... i keep on thinking he's gay @_@ (Also because Lee abit la la XP!!!)... sorry Lee (I'll cure you XD!!! Wth XP!!!~)!!!
- Hehehe, the look on Lee Hom when he looked at Jay =X...
- He placed his hands on Jay's shoulder after congratulating him, than put on Jay's chair, and didn't remove it until later!!! The hand was also there when he talk, awhile dee only remove XD!!!~
- He and Jay shook hands!!! Classic X3!!!~

This one is about Jay and Patty's relationship one... and more on Patty ler actually, hehehe... i tend to notice her more than =P!!!
- The rumour about Jay and Patty's breakup may not be true??? They are like talking about it during a part of the show (I explain which part later...) and Patty was like smiling, happy like mad than!!!
- When Jay didn't get the best album award, Patty was onstage and THE DISSAPPOINMENT ON HER FACE (Although it changes fast...) IS SUPER CLEAR!!!
- After the show, they three host (Matilda Tao, Patty Ho and Chi Ling...) are sitting on the stage eating pizza, and Patty was the first to put a small piece of pizza in her mouth. Although politely, it seemed gelojoh abit =X... and she took out her high heels and put it on her lap, which is right next... hold on... WHICH THE HEELS IS ON THE PIZZA!!!
- Than later, Matilda pulled Chi Ling's hair, and Chi Ling like pretend angry go chase them; because Chi Ling busy taking out her high heels, Matilda and Patty run first, and can see Patty run only with one high heels!!! So funny!!!
- Her high heels are like 3-5 inches tall 0_o... wah, like what Auntie said, she know Kungfu!!! Got "qing gong"!!!~ Hehehe XD!!!~

Oh yeah, the part i want to explain; around one part of the show, before they present the "Best Male Artist" award, the three host came out to chat with the artists!!! Patty is at the audience there, Matilda and Chi Ling onstage, and they asking those nominated (Jay is nominated yo X3!!!~), among the three hosts, who they want to hug most!!!
And these are those interviewed...

Lee Hom: "(Don't know what he say, comparing the three of them...)... and the one i want to hug most is panda (pan-chan: You want to hug me *blush*???)!!!"

Another male-artist (Sorry, forgot name!!! Wear specs one, Taiwan very famous!!!): "Patty, Jay is around; Chi Ling, not very familiar; so i hug Matilda!!!"

Wang Lee En: "Patty got boyfriend, Chi Ling got height problem (Chi Ling is very tall!!!), so i hug Matilda!!!"

Huang Li Xing, Stanley: "If i choose Patty i scare i'll be whack, bla bla, so i choose Chi Ling!!!"

(I can't really remember what they say ler, so just cincai write!!! If i watch repeat dee only i edit here again ler!!!)

And than they were talking about Jay Chou and Patty, and throughout the whole time Jay was mentioned (Or about Jay like in the interview above...), Patty smile and blush like mad (Now you say whose madder... hahaha!!!)!!!

Than Jay, although he was nominated, he went onstage to present the award with Karen (To avoid being below the audience with Patty??? Hehehe!!!)!!! Which makes me wonder, if Jay won the award, will he be presenting the award to himself 0_o???

And another ke lian one is, Jay make a joke that sure Lee Hom will get one, so ask him come to stage first, than later when Karen announces the winner, she pronounces "Huang Li Xing" and "Wang Li Xing"... which makes Lee Hom though he won and was hugging people and went onstage only realise the misunderstood!!! Than Matilda faster explain and all... ke lian Lee ne T_T... sayang sayang *runsaway from my friend Swee Cheng who is a big Lee Hom fan XD*!!!~

Hee, i think up until here ler!!! Actually, theres alot i want to write regarding this few days i didn't write entry one, but next time ler!!! Now focus on GMA nya ne??? Don't mix everything up, later you all confuse @_@... hehehe XP!!!~

Ok ler, i go to sleep now, hopefully tomorrow wake up early, post my full entry of this few days, than go OU X3!!!~ AND STUDY FOR EXAM XD!!!~

Ganbatte eiko-chan X3!!!~ NITE XD!!!~

p/s: Another point i want to add, actually, also what makes me think more of the, ehem, "Jay and Lee" the... hehehe...
My dad say that Jay is not lengcai but very yeng, and Lee Hom is very lengcai but got the "ah yee" look (Auntie... huh, he got Auntie (May Yee!) look 0_o???)!!!

0_o wth... hehee, me and mom laughed because i always ask her what Ah Theng jie jie told me the "issue"... XP!!!~
Sorry Lee, again!!! But i don't believe it lar, it just has its impact on me (Always think senget =P!!!)!!! eiko-chan sayang you ok??? Muaheeeeee =P!!!~

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

w-inds. live talk!!!

w-inds. live talk in Yahoo! Live Talk just now XD!!!~
Although i did not manage to enter the chatroom (T_T...), but than, managed to see Keita live through internet ne X3!!!~ So happy nya!!!~

Keita is getting ehem... erm... what, but still cute and handsome as always *melts* X3!!!~ KEITA XD!!!~

Heee, erm... just post here to talk about my happiness, HAPPY XD!!!~ Can't wait for their new album, ageha to be released!!! Ganbatte w-inds.!!! FIGHTO XD!!!~

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My life is a wreck...

Ooh, today is such a beautiful, cloudy and sunny day *smiles brightly as if it won't rain*...

Nope, take a twist, my life is not like the weather above today, its more cloudy, lightning, stormy, thundery and raining heavily...
Heyhey, even the weather is like that a couple of minutes ago!!! Well, its not lightning, or stormy, thundery... cloudy i don't know, didn't look up at the sky at night, but it definately was raining (Ok ok ler, not so heavy...)!!!

Why do i say my life is such a wreck??? Let me tell you why!!!

I felt like i don't belong anywhere. I'm starting more to hangout with my classmates because i felt outcasted when i hang out with Amanda's group, however, its like if i exist there or not it doesn't matter!!! I'm not saying that it must matter that i exist there, but its like, nobody cares and no one cared about me or know about my existence at one time today. Nobody even listened to me.

But i just started hanging out with them so, don't know ler...

When i'm with Amanda's gang, i don't really know her new friends, and thus, its kinda hard to get along, somemore i'm those kinda people who is not really friendly unless if i feel that you are a person i can be friendly with!!! And being with them makes me feel outcasted, i mean, Amanda can't like accompany about me 24 hours right??? When they play pool, i just sit aside and look at them until time passes, and all... its kinda tiring after awhile. Plus the motivation isn't there anymore...

Ok, back to today. We're all discussing where to go, and i just keep on going "waffles waffles, lets go for waffles" but they acted as if they didn't hear me or i'm not there at all!!! I mean, even if you guys don't want to have waffles, just tell me and i'll be gladly to shut up but no, they just treated as if i don't exist.
Than later in class, had a fight with a classmate. Ok, i myself has just a bad day in Families class because the game we're playing went haywired, kinda unlike what i had planned, so maybe my temper was abit off sided, but than she acted like, wtf...

We were supposed to stayback to discuss English presentation just now, but i can't cause have to rush to AFS office before it closes. I got explain and apologize dee. Than she went "Aiyar, i don't care you all already lar, fail mar fail, don't care dee lar" (Not exact words but something similiar!)... Excuse me, its not like i want one right??? If can i also want to stayback, i also want to discuss what, so in order will get better marks!!! Don't act like you're the only one who cared about the presentation and we all don't!!!

She requested that we have a discussion yesterday one, but SHE EXPECTED ME TO TELL EVERY SINGLE ONE TO MEET IN COLLEGE TOMORROW FOR DISCUSSION!!! Easy for you to say, you stay near the college only. If you worry about discussion so much, why not YOU call everyone or we split i abit you abit and tell them??? Please lar, doesn't mean you stay near college you can go and come back easily everytime, doesn't mean all of us also can ok??? I stay farthest compared to all of them!!!

Damn bullsh*t lar, ok, how if we were to meet in OU, and you cannot, than does that means that i can bising like you did dee??? If i were to do that YOU would bising to everyone about me dee, i'm just nice enough to keep it quiet and all to myself!!! WTF!!!

Thats how the fight started. If i was in good mood i nothing one, just ignore but i was not so i shouted back ler, can tahan once doesn't mean can tahan always. You say i'm "tiu man", but i think you are more "ye man" than i am "ye man"!!!

Than i tried to talk to another classmate siting infront of her of the project lar, but she like care don't care, i give her suggestion and all and she like okok, but than like didn't hear or just interupt me or so... i know i "cheong hei" but wtf too... lazy talk about it dee...

After that is this classmate of mine who i knew him since primary school but closer during high school only. I felt closest to him because i've known him since high school, but he seemed to change now... its like, he is like a stranger now to me, instead of my ex-classmate, ex-schoolmate and friend... Maybe i don't like the group he is hanging out with, but they are nice people, only very over sometimes... And starting, they all seemed like very close but know seemed distance dee... Maybe cause i'm a b*tch who is not really good to get along with, hah =P!!!

Than on the way down after class, talked to this guy lar, ask him some stuffs, but he seemed like he want to get away from me fast!!! Last time also nothing one... wtf again...

Than when i going home that time went AFS office, and they told me that chances of me getting accepted for the program is very little because of my age... wtf... that is like the last blow man, i SO want to go Japan for exchange, but it seemed like my dreams are to be shattered soon... and i can't stand it anymore...

Maybe i should change. Maybe when people make me mad, i SHOULD get angry and ignore that person but i can't. Its not like i'm nice or anything, its probably just cause i'm a pitiful soul. Nobody ever listen to me too. Hell, nobody even cared about me.

Maybe i should just throw everything away, and go to the mountains and live alone and meditate, with just animals and me ^-^ (Got this idea from a comic...)...

... But wtf, even animals don't love me. Comparing my rabbits to my friend's rabbits, they are damn close to her. They follow her everywhere and they even let her carry them!!! Mine, as long as i get away from them, they'll be happy; unless if i have food XP...

Maybe when people don't listen, i should throw tantrum and make them listen. Wtf, why is it always that i MUST listen to whatever people say, but they can't listen to what i have to say for once...
Take Amanda for example. I'm like her box of joys and sorrow she throws everything to me. I don't mind, she's my friend and its really funny sometimes. But i really do hope that for once, she listens to me about my own problems, even if its just some stupid stuffs like my bracelet broke... hell, whats important to me is probably not important, or stupid in your opinion, for you; but not necessary whats important to you is important to me too...
And also, sometimes when i complain to her about something, even if she listens (Because i persisted her with it...) she appears not to really care about it or even commented on it or go like "Don't know, don't know" etc... its really tiring after awhile...
And also sometimes when i had a fight with another friend of ours, or when i complained/ talk to her about our other friend's personality, she also do the ignorant thing or don't care etc... wtf...
Take Auntie again for example. When she has problems or Jay, she looks for me, otherwise, others... i don't mind lar honestly, but its real sad sometimes. I listen to her about her problems, but when i have my own problems or talk, she hardly listens. But i understand Auntie's case, she's always in her own artistic world, which is really cool and better than reality ^-^, so sometimes her minds wonder away by themself without her knowing so!!! Hehehe!!!

Ok, maybe sometimes when people talk to me my mind wanders... but i felt like i'm being "not listened" to more than being listened too...

Its also always like i care so much for that people, and they scold me back because "i cared too much" for them... maybe next time i should not care about them, see how they feel... but being kaypoh me, i always care one (Rephrase... i always KPC XP!!!)...
Example: Not being able to get a good pay, i worry so much and all but people just don't give a damn. I know i'm being kaypoh but wtf... don't take me for granted...

I want a friend... i need a friend who is like Natsuko... who is Natsuko??? She is my "imaginary best friend" who only lives in the stories i wrote. All of the good points i want in a friend is in her. Only she doesn't exist but how i wish i would be able to meet someone like her...

Maybe sometimes when i can't take it, i should let it out instead of keeping everything to myself. But i can't, i'm shy of embarassing myself but i think i should change to like Romesh. To hell with what others think of you!!! You yourself is more important or something!!!
Another person i admire is Auntie, how she don't care what others think of her and Pupu... i seriously admire that!!! I want to tell people about my pan-chan, but i'm really honest, i'm scare that i'll be laughed at...

There are times when i'm really really really sad, but i just bury it and continue to wear a smiling mask like Chichiri... sometimes when i'm sad but others don't care, so i pretend to be happy; sometimes when i'm sad but i don't want to ruin others feelings too, so i pretend to smile and get over it dee (Just because i'm sad, i don't want to make you sad too. Besides, i'll pity you because i don't want you to accompany me just to hear me rambling about my sadness...)...

Maybe thats why people don't take me seriously. Maybe thats why everyone thought that i won't be sad, i won't be angry, i'll just get over things easily, i won't be emotional, so everyone took me for granted. I there or not who cares... but to hell, i'm just a normal human like everyone else... wtf... but yeah, i tend to be happy easily than normal humans perhaps =P... thats why i don't understand how people can be emo for a few days one...

There are times when i feel like i can't take it anymore, but because of Jay Chou, i just ignores it. Thats why i thank Jay alot. All thanks to him, everything may not be smoothly, but at least i have someone to look forward to!!!
Thats why i hate it when people say "Aiyar, you'll get over him one lar, his just an idol. There's no 'love' or whatsoever'!"... but LET ME TELL YOU!!!

Jay is not just an idol to me, he is also someone who i live for!!! Yes, i live my life partly for him!!! To be able to see him again!!! Yeah, you may think an idol is not love but YOU ARE NOT ME!!! You won't be able to feel what i feel!!! I've not experience love before but to hell with it!!! It doesn't mean that loving idol is not love!!!
Doesn't mean that you think idol is not love, its the same for me!!! I love Jay and I LOVE JAY!!! Jay is one of my reason for living!!!

Another point...

And people who like to think that everyone is the same!!! IT SUCKS!!!
Every single individual is different!!! Please ACCEPT THE FACT!!! Everyone has different opinions and different feelings to something!!!
Doesn't mean you think that that person is cute or pretty, that I WILL THINK THAT PERSON I CUTE OR PRETTY TOO!!! I might think that person is ugly!!!
Doesn't mean that you think that person is ugly, that I MUST THINK THAT PERSON IS UGLY TOO!!! I may think he or SHE is pretty or attractive in her ways!!!
Everyone has different taste!!! Accept it!!! Don't judge people or tease people because of it because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT IN TASTE!!! ITS STUPID, RUDE AND MEAN!!!

Ok, after today's bad incidents, lucky for one thing i was able to forget it fast because i was chatting about hehe, child delivering with Ah Mei jie jie!!! Its so funny but also very kia kia @_@... so i forget all bad stuffs and is happier now ler!!! Thank you Ah Mei jie jie ^-^!!!~

I'm sorry you have to read this long emo entry of mine, but if you really read everything until here, i thank you from the sincerest of my heart and i hope you won't be emo as i am. Always reflect on what you did and don't center yourself in this world like i do sometimes. Think of others feelings too. God bless you nya.

Oh yeah, another happier note in this long emo, yesterday when i went to college for Families discussion, i saw another ageha in Asia Cafe X3!!!~ This time a black frame one with white and red colour inside and this time, i really can confirm it IS an ageha because i can see its tail clearly!!!
But i'm not really a butterfly expert so i could be wrong =P... but so far my knowledge of ageha is like that ler, hehehe!!!

I'm facing tomorrow as a new me. I will try to be more carefree and don't worry so much about others dee. I'll try to be like Romesh and to hell with what others think of me dee!!! I don't want to care anymore!!! Just be the happy and cheerful me so i can start a new bright day tomorrow!!! Ganbatte eiko-chan X3!!!~

Monday, May 23, 2005

ageha is heading for total destruction...

Hehe, just a short post for now...

Spend the whole day doing nothing, unless you count trying to rehouse my rabbits by letting them have a taste of their new home as something (Official moving today later in afternoon!!! Come for the open house... wth...)... or feeding the leftovers to my pet stray cats as something too...

And why heading for total destruction???

I just had 6 packs of Kit Kat (2 finger ones which means 6x2=12, 12 fingers of Kit Kat in me stomach or somewhere ler...) today, very little water, 2-3 cups of no gas dee softdrink, quarter pack of junk food with Thai chilli sauce, 1 1/2 slice of Dominos pizza, 1 slice of the Cinammon Bread, cold water... and apart from my proper lunch, nothing is proper dee... all junks... my health is so going down!!!

And i wanted to apply for the AFS exchange thing, due is May 31st, but i have yet to send my form because some probs, and keep on forgetting thus... i am so sending myself to total destruction...

Very xian, surf net and found out that my new beau (Can say old also ler XP!!!) is with someone that not say i hate, but not super fancy... but i still love him ^-^!!!~

And now still very xian, go up later see got what to do besides sleeping... want to roll around awhile first before meeting "Zhou Gong"... wt, tomorrow have to wake up early for group project ler... wt...

Very confusing entry nya??? I also very confused... boredom is dangerous!!!

Better go up and roll around before beauty sleep!!! Don't let boredness and lameness get to you!!! Highly contagious yo!!! Hahaha!!!


Saturday, May 21, 2005


Hehe, my new Blog layout X3!!!!~

I actually don't really feel like changing my original Blog skin one, the one Auntie made for me, Jay's Wonderland (Because its pinku, blacku and most importantly, Jay-u X3!!!~), i love it so so so much T_T...
... But cousins complained hard to read, straining eye @_@... but i read ok one... hold on, my eyes already strained one 0_0... better save the innocent eyes before its too late XD!!!~


Wth -o-"...

Anyhow, new Blog, new image!!!

This Blog is based on my ehem, new nickname ageha, which is also w-inds.'s latest album's title (Releasing June 1st X3!!!~ Check previous post for information and yes yes, its the same, i based my nick on their album's name one mar ler XP!!!)!!!

What is ageha???
ageha means swallowtailed butterly!!! A really beautiful butterfly species nya, the tail is really special and pretty *v*!!!

Why ageha???
Apart from it being my new nickname, and i want to promote it (Muaheeeee!!!~), well, that day during lunch, a butterfly flew around me!!! I'm not sure whether is an ageha or not, but than, it really looks like one because of the colours!!! Mind, i'm not a butterfly expert and it flew around pretty quick so... but i would and will think of it as an ageha ^-^!!!~

Why the colour blue??? Why not your favourite pink or orange???
Well, hehe, plan to take pink or orange one, but decided for blue because the shades really matches each other and created a very warm feel!!!
Plus, the butterfly (ageha ^-~!!!) that day, it is silky blue colour with black frame (Another reason why i'm saying its an ageha!!!), so, blue it is ^-^!!!~

What kinda title is that???
Hehe, it means (Loosely translated nyo!!!) "At ageha's world..."!!!
Yeah yeah, its lame ler XP!!! But i can't really find a better one (eiko-chan bad with names T_T...) for now... hehehe!!!! And putting just ageha there is pretty plain, thus "At ageha's world..."!!! Besides, my Blog, my world nya ^-~???

No songu (Japanese romanization of song!!!)???
Haih, wanted to put w-inds.'s latest album's song ageha one, to match the whole Blog (Wow, it'll be soooooo ageha nya XD!!!), but than the mp3 file was 7mb something... Geocities only accept 5mb and below and i can't find other hostings with such big a space dee T_T... don't want to put other song, so... either i find another hosting webbu or a smaller version of it ler!!!

Why are you doing your own journal entry like this???
Hehehe... the attack of lameness XD!!!~

Its addictive and contagious ^-~!!!~

Can't wait for ageha to be released XD!!!~ Great birthday presents this year har???
First, w-inds. 4th long awaited album ageha is releasing on June 1st ^-^!!!
Second, Jay Chou's debut movie "Initial D" is releasing in Malaysia on June 24th X3!!!
Third, Jay could be coming to Malaysia to promote the movie XD!!!

Yeah yeah XD!!!~

Shopping XD!!!~

Hahaha, today very bored (Rolled around again, but still bored -o-|||...), so mar hahaha, go out to OU lor!!!~

Walking around aimlessly, than remembered Irena Mummy who was working there, so mar call her and go see her ler!!!
So lucky, she bought her pet Iguana "Chilli Padi" today X3!!!~ Luckily today she not fulltime otherwise, she wouldn't had bought him!!!
He is just sooooo cute, but so small 0_0... like i sit on him he sure penyek one!!! Nevertheless... CUTE XD!!!~ She bought it a couple of days ago (Or is it last week?) and i went like *v*, must go seeeeeee!!! So cute ler that guy XD!!!~

Oh yeah, yesterday i went to Jolin's J1 concert in Genting!!! It was great!!! Hahaha, i'll write about it soon when i load the pics in the com, still lazy now XP!!!~
BTW, the guest star is "Luo Zhi Xiang" Xiao Zhu, Jing's ehem, husband and my papa XD!!!~ Hehehe!!!~ He is so tall 0_0... and Jolin so small @_@... but THE SHOW WAS STILL GREAT XD!!!~

Hmm... the Show was still great 0_o??? Sounds like i'm complimenting papa (Because Luo Zhi Xiang's english name is "Show"!!!), Jing will be flying around now, wth... hahaha!!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ageha, desu ka?

Today had lunch ler, than suddenly, this butterfly (Black frame and those silky sky light blue inside!) fly around me and around Asia Cafe (Where i'm having my lunch!)!!! I suspected it to be an ageha ne X3!!!~ Didn't really get a close glimps of the tail, but it was a beauty!!!~ I went "*v* Is it an ageha ka???"??? Hahaha X3!!!~

Oh yeah, i forget to mention this ne!!!~
That day after coming back from Melaka, was talking to Hon Shen, and the study room's door which lead to outside was open when i heard a chicken crowing!!!
I went 0_o??? Maybe its Hon Shen's game... but than HS himself was puzzled too... and ask me if i heard that... i thought it was his game, but no, he said it isn't... we went 0_o, than saw the chicken and went 0_0... chicken in the house compound!!!
Its a forest chicken ler, must've jump through the fence to our house or something... black colour... and i joked say tonight cook chicken yum yum X9!!! Forest chicken very delicious one nya XP!!!~

The next day or so mom shooed it outside and it went in the neighbours house, and somehow jumped across the fence and back to the wild again (Ahhh, "Free Willy", i mean er, "Free Chicken"!!!)!!!~
At first i didn't know the chicken went into neighbours house, so i told mom the construction workers around sure will catch and eat one, but mom saw it running into neighbours house lar, so, hehe, lucky!!! Or else really will be dinner 0_0...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

First time drive to KL @_@...

Haha, today i first time drive to KL ne!!!

As i said... i sucked 0_0... Luckily my dad is next to me, otherwise @_@... the KL cars so scary, so many of them, and drive pass me so fast... hee, i slow ler, but than i "P" mar XP!!!~ Don't care ler, they want fast they fast, don't kacau me can dee!!! Muahahaha!!!~

It was not bad lar, but going home that time took wrong turn into highway 0_0... luckily got U-turn otherwise tak tau pergi mana dee!!!

And REAL lucky dad is next to me to guide me, or else... hehehe, if it was mom we would end up fighting dee cause mom sure scold and nag one!!!

And here are the resolutions i got from driving today...

Me driving + Dad next to me = Safely and sound to journey X3!!!~

Me driving + Mom next to me = !@#$%^&* and World War ** what dee, cause fought alot last time when i drove... hehehe XP!!!~

Oh ya, i started watching "Gokusen" dee!!! Its so nice XD!!!~ And i'm beginning to get attracted to Matsujun's character, Sawada Shin!!! But must try not to cause i don't want to fall into Johnny's trap again XD!!!~ I'm a VF girl nya XD!!!~

Haha, but damn scare i say like that dee than 0_0... CHOY!!! Em... but actually, haha, w-inds., FLAME, Lead, Ichihara Hayato and Oguri Shun's case... i said "i won't like him" one... but... -o-|||... So... careful ler eiko-chan... falling for a Johnny is very costly @_@... especially those that releases album @_@...

Its so nice ler Gokusen (BTW, its HS that download the whole drama, i watch XP!!!)!!! Serious ichiban recommand ne!!! I love it love it love it!!! Stupid, but funny XD!!!~

Oh yeah, i have an important assignment to hand in tomorrow one... wth... must finish tonight... i doubt if i can sleep tonight T_T... ganbatte eiko-chan, FIGHTO!!!~

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ice-cream is the best in the world X3!!!... and so do the pink and blue Reebok slippers XD!!!~

Hehe, today just had a fight with someone, and i thought i'll continue the anger one, but the minute i had ice-cream, all the anger are GONE!!! Muahahaha!!! GONE!!!~
Ice-cream is certainly the best food in the world nya X3!!!~ Muaheeeeee!!!~ eiko-chan rabu ice-cream ALOT ALOT ALOT XD!!!~

But eiko-chan still misses her Lotte Soh T_T... so long didn't take the vanilla flavour dee... Lotte Soh T_T... LOTTE SOH T_T...

I so miss Lotte Soh X3!!!~

Don't know pic works or not, if not i'll fix it later XP!!!~

Better stop thinking about it, later i cry worst T_T...

Oh yeah, yesterday night went shopping Theng jie jie!!! She bought so many instant noodles @_@... Darling, eat that but also eat more nutricious stuffs yo... later hair 0_0... choy!!! I'll pray for you XP!!!~

We finally went to buy the Reebok slippers we saw the other day!!! I so love it X3!!!~ We bought the blue and pink one, than swap it!!! Haha, means my one side blue one side pink, and so do hers!!! Its so cute, the colours just match each other yo!!!~

And at first i thought those slippers will hurt but its ok, not bad!!! The more i see it the more i love it!!! But i just scare will get dirty 0_0... CHOY!!!~

Hehe, the way the genius's minds work!!! Muahahaha, only me and Theng jie jie are daring enough to do such stuffs and guess what, ALOT of people say its cute you know!!! Hahaha, don't copy and don't jealous ok XP??? Muaheeeeeeee!!!~

Really love it love it love it X3!!!~ MUAHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!~ Glad i bought it ^-~!!!~ Rabu lotsu XD!!!~

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I love my friends X3!!!~

Fizzly duddly~~ i'm depressed again today X3!!!~

Hahaha, after recess was like so depressed ne!!! Could the "fight" with my friend be the cause of it??? Plus also i felt slightly neglected by my friends, its like, i there or not doesn't matter, if no one is there for them only they come to me 0_0... and when i'm in trouble or in need of someone, they just don't care... but when they are in trouble i need to care (Actually i kaypoh and want to care only, bleehhh XP!!!~)... wth...

But like Ah Theng jie said, i don't own them, so its up to them lar!!! Maybe i'm over sensitive??? Nah... i'm just OVER EMO AGAIN XD!!!~

Heee, but cincai dee ler!!! Most important thing is to be happy and happy X3!!!~ Sad doesn't make any condition better, it just makes it worst ^-~!!! So just smile and be happy ler, no point feeling sad or depressed nya!!!~

Besides, they are my friends and i love them lar!!! I don't want anyone to think that i don't need friends or whatever, wth!!! They are great people!!! And i'll just go with the flow, and most important, BE HAPPY!!!~ KYA XD!!!~

I seriously think i'm a typical Gemini, even though my birthdate is near to Cancer!!!
I have two sides, one is my cheery happy active noisy annoying friendly side, and the other my more personal side which most people won't see... and maybe because i always happy and noisy etc, so when i'm sad and need someone to teman they just don't give a damn, because they think i'll be happy back... or even when i'm sad, i'll smile and be happy in front of them!!!~ So wth... but haha, i need company when i'm sad nee lar, thats all. I maybe smiling but inside is sad, but when there's company i'll get back to normal ASAP!!! Nya, thats the beauty of being a Gemini!!!~ Gemini rocks!!! Futagoza banzai da XD!!!~

Ooh yeah, finally changed my Blog layout because the colour is not really clear, straining eyes etc, so hehe, temporary this one, until i find a better one!!! Though, i really love the Blog skin Auntie make for me X3!!!~ So beautiful, pinky and Jay XD!!!~ But... hehe, nvm ler... but wth, why only i can read it properly??? Maybe cause my eyes long time ago "strained" dee... wth!!!

Ok lar, i'll be honest with my speech usage here... its my Blog anyway!!! Not to be rude, but i REALLY wanted to use "wtf" instead of "wth"!!! It seriously emphazises on how pissed i am ne!!!
I'm not being rude or anything, and its not intended to anyone!!! Just to show how pissed or mad i am at something!!!

But being the polite Jo... i'll definately still continue say "wth" one, polite Jo mar XD!!!~

Wth, perasan punya budak 0_0...

See @_@???


Chotto... those feelings in these two days... maybe maybe... maybe i'm getting infected... by emonization... cause i'm so emo these days 0_0...
Oh no, i'm getting emo too XD!!!~ But hope it stops now, wtf...


Emo did this to me, help me, save me!!!~

~ And here concludes the emo girl's entry... before she continues the lameness and spreads more emo to everyone... hohoho, have a great day ^-~! ~

Monday, May 09, 2005

Depression? Nah, just emo!!!~

Haha, today the minute i came home i felt so depressed 0-0 (Depressed, coming out from Jo Jo's mouth??? This is something 0_0...)!!! Maybe cause i'm tired ler!!! Didn't have lunch, spend break doing my CPT assignment!!! Luckily Leng jie uploaded some family pics on the family group otherwise i would be "photo-less" for the project ne!!!

Ooh, i should've "discover" The Web earlier!!! The printer there is SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE LIBRARY'S!!!
I print out 3 full page photo of w-inds., Dwango ad and Ichihara Hayato from the library last time, and the quality is so bad!!! BAD BAD!!! Anyway, those 3 are a waste to my print quota!!!

And in The Web, i reprint the Dwango ad and Ichihara Hayato... THE QUALITY IS SO GOOD X3!!!~ Even the photos i print for my CPT is GREAT!!! Hehe, actually i print the first badge of family photos, but because did wrongly, so wasted 4 print quotas for nothing T_T... but at the same time i also realise the quality is good, so print one try and than... print print print XD!!!~ The photos really is in good quality!!! Hmmm... tomorrow go print more XP!!! Don't waste print quota lar dear, hehehe!!!~

Oh yeah... i was talking about tired one right??? Oops... but i guess its because of the ordering from YesAsia! Long story and i don't want to go through it again! Anyways, thanks to my lovely cousin Wen Ly, i manage to get the free shipping and $5 coupon! Arigato nya X3!~
Because i need last confirmation from her before placing order, so was kinda emo and walking aimlessly around the house... than she confirmed, i immediately placed order, than OK dee XD!!!~
And also went out watch movie with Ah Theng jie jie, Uncle Ah Guan and HS... watched "Kingdom of Heaven"!!! ORLANDO BLOOM XD!!!~

It was a great movie!!! I'm being totally honest!!! Ok, apart from Orlando Bloom, what makes the movie great was the way they fought, the way Orlando Bloom (XD!) planned the war strategy and all... GREAT!!! It was kinda gruesome cause its a war movie, but nevertheless, GOOD!!! The storyline is not bad!!! Highly recommanded!!!

I was always interested in this kinda olden days war movies (Theres a word for it, but i can't remember... neeways, understand can dee ler!!!), but my brother thought otherwise. He thought i won't like this kinda movie and was surprising i wanted to watch this movie... so i told him...
"I want to watch because of Orlando Bloom mar..."
That was his expression, SERIOUSLY!!!
It was true, but ok, thats not the point!!!
The point is, i tried to back-up by saying i like this kinda movies too (This is TRUE TRUE!), such as "Troy", those olden days war movies... but i didn't think it convinced him... i think he still thinks that i'll watch those movies for "pretty boys", as he so call them!
Well, i think the "pretty boys" as he calls them, are just eye candy ler!!! Its the storyline, the action that attracted me to olden days war movies!!! Storyline is important, otherwise i would've fell asleep... SERIOUS!!! My friend said "Alexander" was boring... and i would've seriously thought, if you put me to watch that movie, i would've slept too, because no lengcais (Got Kiera Knightly who i love to see, but... skip this time ler...) and storyline bored somemore -_-|||... hehehe!!!

Conclusion!!! I love older days war movies; as long as storyline is good, no lengcai also OK XD!!!~

I still remember Orlando from "Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl"!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute, good looking, poetic, etc etc... KYA XD!!!~ Love him most from there, apart from LOTR!!! I just love those type of gentleman character!!! Muahahaha!!!~


I should stop suddenly rambling about random stuffs... before i even finish a topic, i jumped to another dee -o-|||... but that was the end of it dee right??? Hahaha!!! I was just EMO this evening lar!!! Now ok dee...???

Ooh, and on Sat very geram... cause of the t-shirts my cousins sell ler... my size are the "in-between" size, but they don't have those!!! Instead, they have the XXL size!!! Don't they know that "middle-size" people exist in this world too??? More than XXL peeps probably??? There are girls who are not the "thin thin" one, and guys who are not the "big big" one you know???
So i'll either have to settle for a smaller one or a bigger one than my actual size, both which will make me look fatter!!! Ish!!! Super geram!!!

Not to offend anyone, but they only cater to people around them!!! I asked my dad why got XXL but in-between size for me don't have, and he give me the reason is there are more XXL guys in their office... hello, the shirts selling to close people only and not to other customers dee ka??? And he complained I DIDN'T WEAR THE SHIRTS TO PROMOTE THEM!!! I look fat in those, and i'm already fat, you want to make me look fatter???

And i'm sure some of the sales dropped due to this "size-shortage"!!! I have a friend who was really interested in buying them, but because the female one is too small, and the male one is too big (Due to their extinction of "in-between" sizes...), in the end she didn't buy them!!! Like what i said earlier, not all girls are "thin thin" and not all guys are "big big" one, ok? Don't ignore the needs of "in-between" people!!! We are "alive" too!!! And our number is probably more than XXL peeps!!!
Period, the end of my unsatisfied rambling!!!
But no matter how much i ramble also no use, people never take my words into mind... no one ever does...

Gosh, going emo again 0_0... start talking about one unsatisfied stuffs, ALL unsatisfied stuffs will be blurted out... eiko-chan's scary nya... better go tidur now neeways, later tomorrow become like my pan-chan to college and everyone love me... HEHEHE XD!!!~ Perasan again!!! My speech these days is either over "lovingly" (Or like Ah Theng jie jie say, "yuk ma" XD!!!) or over "perasanly"!!! Haih -o-|||...

Hehe, ja, oyasumi nasai!!! I go Jay-ing and Kei-ing dee!!! Hehehe XD!!!~ JA X3!!!~

Friday, May 06, 2005

Another day has gone by...

Ok... wassup with today???

I don't know -o-|||...

Hahaha, actually, ok just a short (Has eiko-chan ever write "short" entries 0_O? I doubt it this will be the first time... she talks too much -o-|||...)... ok fine! Just plain "write up" ok?
Hehe, just a write up about today and yesterday ler, nothing much...

Today... er... erm... what dee har -o-|||...

Oh yeah, went to school, dressup...
- The three-quarter pants i wore yesterday (Hey, its still clean!) with the chain and a little bit hip-hop style!
- The pink Padini inside sleeveless!
- Blue Nike footie socks!
- Grey and red Reebok shoes!
- Momoe cross pendant!
- Bracelet HS bought from Redang!
Overall... er, can say very hip-hop yo yo yo style X3??? Hahaha!!!

Yesterday also something similiar minus the pendant and plus another bracelet HS bought from Redang!!!

Ooh, ok, today, almost late 0_0... than after that went Asia makan... ate 4 slices of garlic bread, lunch say won't eat dee but i -o-|||... the wantan mee too good dee X9!!!~

After that go play foosball!!! Aiyo, today Amanda and Pei Fern like kena victory strikes nya!!! WIN ALOT OF TIMES!!!
Hee, lazy say the story dee but neeways, they are the "dream team"!!! I'm never going to play against them again (Said like this but sure...)!!!

After that go back class, did role-playing for Families... but keep on laughing -o-|||... must've did horribly however, Malati presented herself as the kid well!!! Laughed everytime she opens her mouth to converse!!!

Watched the movie version of "The Little Prince"!!! The kid is soooooooooo cute X3!!!~... but than... its kinda boring -o-|||...

After that went back home, and than go OU change this testpad cause rosak sikit dee, and than go out yum char with Auntie (Ok, actually this entry i type halfway than rush out yum char with Auntie, so ignore the time XP!), Pupu met his wife, than er... yeah, about that, than continue internet ler!!!

BTW, tomorrow going to Malacca!!! Fruuuu, don't feel like going but it'll be easier to finish my CPT there because my dad is there!!! Hope it'll be enjoyable but also hope i'll be able to finish my CPT -_-|||... haih... me, the last minute panda??? Hahaha XP!!!~

Ok ler, i go kacau some other stuffs first!!! Heee!!! Later ya, taaaaa X3!!!~

Dilema dilema...

I'll definately be buying my baby boy's CD... problem is the shipping! Damn yesasia! They are suppose to be "yes"!!! Not suck my blood like that (On the contrary, not my blood but still!!!) XP!!!

Hehe, just complaining to myself XP!!! Ignore that!!! Its still the best place for me to buy w-inds. stuffs X3!!!

I want to save on shipping price and all, but than this and that... lazy explain... next time ler (Or maybe won't XP! Ask me if you want!)!~

Aiyar, want to sleep dee, heee, update more tomorrow ler!!! Ta XD!!!~

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Moody today...

I'll go straight to the point...

Sort of fought with Jing Wen again! I admit its my fault for being darn persistant, but its her fault too for being overly stubborn! If you want to know what happen, ask me, i lazy explain!

Halfway, i say don't want to continue it cause will only make us fight worst, so she say in quite a bad mood "You want to go to school dee, i want to bath...", her usual reason. I thought aiyar, being me, after a fight with friend just give us a few minutes than forget about it, don't mention it anymore and let the fight finish dee lar, no more fighting; so i just cincai find a different topic to move away from the fight, try to forget about it and i tried to be friendly back, but she insisted on being bad mood and moody and don't want to talk dee. Fine, if you want it that way, you got it that way!

I seriously changed my tone dee after i "stop-the-fight"! But since she doesn't want to, let it have it her way lar, she's not the only pissed off one!

And go to college, thought of just telling Amanda than hope Amanda give a few words of advice, but it stinks all the same!

Reach there she was talking with her friend. After they finish their conversation, i mar tell her ler, and she had totally no reaction, no answer or anything. Just ask whether me and Jing is "fight-fight" or "play-fight" and than she didn't say anything about it dee. Maybe she was with her friend or something?

Anyway, since no reaction i late for class somemore faster zoom up to class ler. Still kinda pissed and after that phone rang in class 0_0 and it got confiscated by the English teacher T_T... was planning look for Lean or Pei something to chat with one but... haih...

Than break, i don't know why but i felt quite maddy with Amanda, besides don't want to eat and she's with her friends, so i just return her money (She so sweet helped me to buy the prom ticket! Thank you XD!), asked for Pei than ciao dee. Besides i felt leftout sometimes when with her friends... Went to read comics ler!

Come home driving again, with mom, she worries about everything even if its still very faraway but sometimes mom's right, i just to concentrated on driving i answered her back rudely nya 0_0... aih, my fault again!

Maybe i should kick away my moody mood after tonight, and than tomorrow start afresh with a smile! Neeways, a smile would do me good tomorrow otherwise health could be at risk @_@...|
And when you smile and try to be happy, it'll usually be brighter (Touchwood, hopefully X0!) ^-~!

So ganbatte nya X3!!!~

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Worst driver in the family 0_0...

Ok... i'm a horrible driver 0_0...

Today planned on going OU after dropping mom for taichi. Very unlucky T_T... ok, i lazy write in essay form, so just listing them down ler...

After dropping mom...
- Was driving pass TTDI school when car went over this bottle and created a huge noise 0_0... i thought puncture but luckily not ler, though, i think it hurt the tyre (Sorry T_T...)!!!
- Reached OU and due to my bad skills in guessing the distance (New driver mar...), i stopped quite far from the ticket machine that i have to put the car to stop (I actually only press the brake one...), pull handbrake, release seatbelt and fly half my body out from window to get ticket!!!
But than the seat was quite near the steering so my leg was stucked inside, i only manage to flew not quite half of my body out from window and reached for the ticket like a dead fish or something @_@... my hands are short so its REAL hard to reach for the ticket T_T (If you don't understand, ask me in person next time and i'll be glad to show it to you!)... the car behind must be laughing like a crazy dude!!! And it hurt my stomach cause leaning damn hard against window T_T...
- Because the car behind must be waiting for quite some time, the minute i got the ticket, i just throw it aside, release handbreak, shift to drive and press acceleration quite hardly i hear the tyres screetch 0_0... sorry tyre (Again T_T...)...
- Lucky parking ok, although entering was bad, but managed to adjust until its perfect!!!

Ok, than after shopping, get into car, reverse back not badly ler, but screetch tyres again because turned the steering without moving the car (Before shopping too actually... gomen tyre T_T...)...
- Drove out to exit. Again, eiko-chan did it AGAIN!
She stopped quite away from the ticket thing, she have to put the car to stop, handbreak, release seatbelt, realise that also quite far away and her legs stucked inside due to steering too near to seat! But this time smarter, open door and put, than only come in back...
- I didn't put on my seatbelt, and the window is still open! So before turning faster close window and lock door while driving 0_0! Have to turn to the taxi stand there (Those who know OU would've probably guessed where it is!) and because i was thinking too much of stopping at the taxi stand to wear seatbelt, i didn't notice a car was coming when i turned into the taxi stand road!!! And result, almost bang 0_0!!!
The car honk like mad and i was like @_@ @_@ @_@ 0_0 0_0 0_0!!! Than faster stop at safe spot, apologize to the guy (But i don't think he saw me!!! So sorry, i felt so bad now for scaring him!!! Luckily no problem!!! Gomen nasai!!! I'll be more careful next time X0!!!), than seat belt, make COMPLETE sure that no car coming only i cut out and continue driving!!! Still a little freaked out from the incident "almost-crash" accident just now @_@...
- When i turned into the TV3 road, i realise something strange... my dashboard no light one... i didn't switch on my lights 0_0... and its been a while i'm driving, luckily no police or else @_@...

I was supposedly going to fetch mom at the TTDI school ler... but...
- Was supposed u-turn under the flyover next to OU, but because to pissed off with myself, wasn't concentrating on where to go, i turned right into TTDI instead of u-turning @_@... resulting a BIGGER round to get to TTDI school!!!
- Around behind the Telekom Malaysia there, don't dare turn right because got car wanting to turn into my road, so i drive straight and u-turned at the TTDI Community Hall... another extra round @o@...
- Reached TTDI school, but as i was about to turn left at a very steep slope, this idiot car was reversing out!!! I had to go straight instead of turning!!! And straight i don't know is dead end 0_0...
- Go straight and a car was three pointing turn... i tried reversing but another idiot car was behind me, so i have to go straight but there was NO MORE SPACE DEE!!!

This is a little confusing to discuss, but cincai ler... hope you understand...
- The car who was three pointing to turn around was on a single lane road, and next to him is a court, so i just tak care, drive into the court to u-turn into the single lane road after the car left!!!
There were alot of elderly people dancing or something at the court, but luckily, all of them smart enough not to come near me, the "P"rofessional driver... perasan punya budak... hold on, i think i better stop calling myself "P"rofessional ler... only more issues (As Ms Vivien said, cannot call "problems" as "problems"!!! Refer to as "issues"!!! I lazy explain...) X0!!!

After that went to pick mom up, and at the steepy slope where i have to turn right, was a car (A), so obviously i can't turn, and infront of (A) was another car (B). The idiotic (B) tak tau move one, just stay there! Make me and (A) cannot move!!! Since the road is real narrow, i have to wait for (B) to move, (A) move, than only i can turn right? But mom keep on calling me to turn BUT HOW TO TURN!!! GOT CAR LAR!!!
After a short while only (B) realises, drive straight (Maybe she doesn't want to drive into the dead end i went just now but hello, no choice lar, how you turn to the other place?) and (A) pass, than only i pass... ish, the thoughts on some idiot's head (Oooh... mean X0!!!)!!!

Final, was to dropped mom's friend outside the school compound because on the way. Her friend behind ask me to stop, but mom keep on asking me to go somemore @_@... don't know stop or no stop!!! Later mom scold!!! Aiyo @_@... pening...

After that go pump petrol and go home!!! Luckily the road home was peaceful (TOUCHWOOD!!!)!!! Otherwise i would've go 0_o "Whats wrong with me today!!!"!!!

Aiyar, enough dee, i go do other stuffs than sleep early ler... i REALLY AM the worst driver in the family T_T... this morning woke up late X0!!!~

My head go cuckoo dee i can't talk things in organised way @_@...

Oh yeah, which reminds me of another thing...

Woke up around 9am, left house at 10am. Class at 10.30am! Mom drove quite fast compared to normal cause scare late, but when i reached class only remember that morning period maybe teacher won't come or will be late -_-|||... aiyaya...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Bored bored... rolling around, weee!!!~

So bored, don't know what to do now nya -o-|||...

Maybe later go KLCC ler, and to get my Junon!!! They better save for me otherwise i would've murdered them (Lol!)!!! Its been pretty long but if they give it to others without my permission... i swear... eversince what happen to my April version of Junon T_T... its not theirs fault, all w-inds. fault for being too sexy XP!!!~ Hehe, because in Japan all the copies are sold out dee, so they can't get any for me T_T... sad... and Keita is super sexy in there... plus 333 questions about their life 0_0... i so unlucky T_T...

Oh sh*t, i'm just blabbering now aren't i??? Aiyoyo!!!~ Thats the results of boredness!!!

What do you get when you cross a bored girl and her com?
- Blabbering non-stop with no meaning...

-o-||| cold...

Ok ler, go bath than decide do what than... still bored @_@... aiyoyo...

w-inds. 4th Album 2005年6月1日発売 「ageha」

★初回盤【CD+DVD】 PCCA.2155 ¥3,360(税込)
(2) 特典 DVD(「ageha」PV)
(3) キャンペーン応募ハガキ

★通常盤【CD】PCCA.2156 ¥3,150(税込)


アルバム新録曲「ageha」  他多数収録!!

Hmm, i seem to be promoting for them!!! Well, i'm w-inds. fan so OF COURSE, its my job to promote it nya X3???

Can't wait for the album release yo!!! Must get it especially the limited edition one!!! The normal version wait for it to be release in Malaysia because cheaper XP!!!~

I just love w-inds. ne!!! Especially my baby boy of course XD!!!~ Heee!!!~

Can't wait can't wait (Been repeating this and will repeat more soon XP!) for it!!! Especially 「ageha」's PV!!! Yeah XD!!!~

I woke up this morning (Yesterday, May 1st 2005!) and than check w-inds. website and i went X3~~!!! The new album's info is UP XD!!!~ Yatta XD!!!~

BTW, my new nickname, 「ageha」! It means "Swallow-tailed butterfly"! The reason for my new nick is not all because of w-inds.! I love it after hearing it and knowing what it means! Its a very special nick nya X3!~

よろしく、 agehaです!!! 今日からよろしくお願いします!!!~ w-inds.の新しいアルバム一番待ってます!!! w-inds.最高だ!!!~

Yoroshiku, ageha desu!!! Kyou kara yoroshiku onegaishimasu X3!!!~ w-inds. no atarashii arubamu ichiban mattemasu!!!~ w-inds. saikou da!!!~

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A few more trivias... hehe...

Hehe, ok erm... actually, there are a few more trivias stuffs we "created" just now!!!

Just now on the way home after OU's exit, have to turn right to go TV3 but got car at the traffic and a Mercedes parked at the side! Very narrow so better not go, later scratch the Mercedes die lor 0_0... Amanda say her friend's Benz scratch or is it dented a bit RM4000 dee!!! Wah... scary X0!!!~

Than i created this joke...

* What happens when you accidentally scratch a Mercedes Benz?
- Pay back RM4000++ maybe??
But what happens when the car owner is NOT there?
- Priceless ;)!
Though... what happens when you accidentally scratch the Mercedes Benz with your mother's car?
- Grounded and not allowed to drive for life T_T...

Heee, and after the "Chris, Josh, Jufri trivia", i asked...

*What do you get when you cross U Kwang, Hsien Yew and Kai Yue?
Well, Amanda says: "Kaboom"!

Ok... so what do you get when you cross Amanda, Jing Wen and Jo Jo?
No, NOT "Super Kaboom"! Its...
*birds fly across*...
Lol, erm... er... hehe, a joke that must be only seen than only will understand ^^|||...

I think until that only??? Hehe, cincai ler!!!~ I find it funny XD!!!~

What do you get when...

Ok, trivia quiz!

What do you get when you cross two bored girls together?
- Roll around the floor.

Ok, they are still bored, what do they do?
- Eat

Still bored, than?
- Play com, roll around, try to watch VCD (But can't!), eat, than decide what to do by folding papers and choosing them but didn't follow what they chose...

Ok... than?
- Play with rabbits, than go to OU!

So, what do you get when you cross two bored girls in OU?
- Talking to fishes -o-|||...

Erm... alright... what do you get when you cross two bored girls trying to get home from OU and its raining and the cars outside?
- Two WET girls -o-|||...

Yeah, and finally, what do you get when you cross two bored girls... erm... darn, i can't remember dee XP!!!~ But its something REAL funny XD!!!~

Heeeeeeeeee, ok ok!!!~ I'm wet and wet and under the fan playing com (Wth 0_0...)... i'm bound to get sick soon -o-|||... go bath now, hold on...


Tada XD!!!~ Finish bathing dee X3!!!~

*And a wind of coldness blow across eiko-chan's face... -o-|||...*

Oh mami, i'm getting SUPER dramatic now!!! Last time dramatic only!!! Now... SUPER!!!

Hmm... call me 'Drama Princess' ;) (Me no Queen, me still young XD!!!)!!!~

Hehe, wassup with the trivia quiz?

Today Amanda came to my house, by right is to do our assignments but ehem... we didn't do a single thing -o-|||...
Don't feel like doing it ler, so we became super bored rolling around my house!!! Heeeheee, we did stuffs as above!!! I came out with the "What do you get when you cross two bored girls" stuffs and than we continue that the wholeeee day!!!~
Even went "What do you get when you cross Christopher, Joshua and Jufri?" (Our ex-classmates!)... and the answer is "Christopher and Joshua ehem Jufri..."...
Er... eiko-chan not explaining this cause me myself also didn't really get it... but ones thing for sure, Chris and Josh always the predator, poor Jufri always the victim T_T... poor Jufy (As i call him!)...

We went OU, eat laksa (Cause can't stand the nice smelly smell of it X9!!! But its not as good as last time although smell is good 0-0... wth...), feed fishies, than buy pearl milk tea for myself... than want to go home dee, but it rained 0-0...

My car i park outside at the ground floor there! Because its hard to find parking place in OU on Sunday, somemore afternoon! Oh yeah, forget to mention this! Parking that time drive drive, suddenly spot a family walking to their car, so mar faster stop! And we are right infront of their car, so mar reverse, but the Aunty behind don't want to reverse, anyway, i found out we got alot of space still ler so maybe thats why... than its kinda hard to masuk so i let Amanda park!!! But first Amanda forget pull handbreak 0_0... my mom's gonna kill me when she finds out!!! Luckily no big deal, she very good at parking XD!!!~

Oh yeah, continue! Hehe! It rained and we want to get back home dee, so mar ran under the rain, than got wet throughly @_@... heeeheee!!!~

Became "lok tong kai" XD!!!~

p/s: When we feed fishies in the big aquarium, theres this BIG (Super huge 0_0!) fish swimming near the glass there looking at us, so we erm... bored and talk to him/ her -o-|||...

I ask him... "If you are Amanda's pass life husband, move!"...
He did not move...
So i ask "If you are Jo Jo's pass life husband, MOVE!"...
Still did not move...

Than Amanda ask...

"If you are Jing Wen's husband, stay..."...

Hehe, than we laughed and ITS SO JINX XD!!!~ Amanda say the fish don't like Jing Wen XD!!!~

And a few times also, when i say "If you are not Jing Wen's husband, stay!" and it didn't move, but when i say "If you are not Jing Wen's husband, move!" and it moved 0_0... jinx, weird or what XD??? Hehehe!!!~

Eva's cute dogs X3!!!~

After OU, than at night Eva's house got BBQ!

Went BBQ with Amanda, started quite late, and played with Eva's new dog, Prado! A mix Goldie and Cocker Spaniel so its SUPER cute (Goldie looks and cocker ears X3!)! Both are my favourite dog breeds!

Funny thing is i forgot the name earlier and i call him Pajero -o-|||!!! Hehehe!!!~

Before going in the house, Nike barking at us like mad; when we entered, he aimed for us 0_0... but luckily, Nike is not as fierce as he looks or sound! He's REALLY cute X3!!!~ He comes to you for loving nya!!!~

When i entered he rush to me, try to pet him from top (Which is the wrong way...) so he tried to sniff my hands, i tak kasi, so he aimed for Amanda and stood up with his paws on her!!! Than Tommy came to "welcome" us, or can say to see who we are ler, than i mar say hi to Tommy and sayang him abit!!! He is just adorable!!! Fat little chubby cute and lazy doggy X3!!!~

Than Nike jealous than came running for me!!! Eva's kakak came and shoo them away, so we walk to the door and than they came again!!! Saw Prado than mar faster go play with him, than Nike came again!!! This time i pet him and he like always want to lick us!!! I sit on floor he jumped on me and licked my back and arms @_@... Nike is super active and playful, he looks fierce, but his not and he is SUPER CUTENESS TOO XD!!!~

But because too kacau dee, Eva go shoo poor Nike and Tommy back to the cage =(... so kesian them!!! Only Prado allowed outside i think because his a puppy and belongs to Eva?

Hehe, i didn't do the stove, they did everything! I played with the animals instead XP! So mar fun them, yoroshiku XP!~

After awhile i go see Nike and Tommy in their cage! Its not cage lar, just a corner with fence! They so excited and jump up standing against the fence want me to pet or something but just wash my hands, so didn't pet them, sorry =(!
Tommy saw me walk to me, he stand up against the fence but after awhile, tak tau is lazy or because i'm not the master, so he get down back! I guess he lazy so i bend down and see him through the gaps between the fence ler! Nike stood up all the time and when i bend down, he bend down as well and stuffed his face through the gaps!!! Cute little boy X3!!!~ Both of them are uber cuteness ne XD!!!~

Although Prado is small and cute, but a little stuck up now XP!!! Call him won't answer one ne!!! But Eva say after awhile will train him so hopefully he'll be better than, heeeee!!!~

After BBQ, cut cake, we went out to Breakers in Sri Hartamas!!! Play pool ler and it STINKS inside!!! A lot of smoke!!! Than i stopped playing dee and chat with Lean Gee and Eva ler!!! Amanda and Steph playing!!!

Around 12am, us the "Cinderellas" (Me, Eva, Pei and Lean... because we have curfews around 12am -o-|||...) have to get home so have to trouble Amanda to fetch us home!!! Or else she would've stayed longer to enjoy herself one =(!!! Sorry Mandy!!!

And there... well... can i say we are not destinied??? Don't want to elaborate more here ler, i lazy dee!!! Hee, so late dee want to go to sleep da!!! Good night XD!!!~