Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is Amber Chia trying to insult our intelligence?

Ok this is your typical zip-zero-nada research done entry. I'm just writing my opinion from what i heard from my friends.
So i suggest if you really want to spread this around go do your own research or something. I bear no responsibility.

Ok, first we all know that Amber Chia got married in secret at the end-of-March.
Which if you ask me it's all very publicity-ey.

For starters, she suddenly got married. Of course, congratulations, definitely =D!
It was supposedly a secret, but then everyone knows about it after... then came the hordes of news on who sponsored her wedding da-da-da.
So obvious publicity dee can boh? Plus getting in married in secret (and suddenly) builds up a hype no?
Plus you don't see bigger names like Fish Leong and Angelica Lee (who was also awarded Best Actress in HK movie awards) go hush-hush when they got married.

So yeah, PUBLICITY!!
I honestly don't know why she wants to get married in "secret" anyways (oh right, the publicity and sponsorship!). Like who cares (seriously, nobody cares, i cared more on Fish Leong or Angelica Lee wedding to be honest hehe)?
Want to kahwin kahwin nya lar! It's a happy and good news!

Because her husband is shy?
If her husband is shy, for one, don't get sponsorship for your wedding then. Easy as that.

Then a month plus later there was an annoucement of her being 3-months pregnant! More congrats!

Now, here is me being a super busybody and like to gossip-gossip. =D

My friend's first thought of hearing the news was "how can you be pregnant for three months and not know?"
But if you time it, she got married end-March, then after the wedding only discovering that she is pregnant (1-2 months) and May announce... so ngam-ngam 3-months right?

But here is the picture of her pregnant 3-months.

Well, if this is 3-months pregnant, i must be due for delivery anytime soon. *pokes own's fat tummy*

(Note #1: I got the picture from The Star, so if it was from a previous photoshoot or something ages ago for maternity dresses bla-bla then stop reading because the points i make next would be redundant. Thank you.)
(Note #2: Of course, note the way she poses is to accentuate her bump (make it more obvious) so my points might still be redundant but whatever lar hehehe!)

I asked my mom, she say that tummy must be at least 5-months. She also added "people nowadays 3-months tummy still very small".
So unless if she's pregnant with twins (or a really large baby), it is impossible that that is 3-months.

Furthermore, as a model sure super slim right??
When my SIL was 5-months pregnant, she still looks the same, being a very petite and slim person!!
So if that is 3-months, i should ask my SIL if she was ever pregnant.

If you ask me, i think she was way pregnant before her wedding. At least, that was my theory from my *coughverybusybodycough* observations.

And she cough up such stories just to avoid the "social stigma"(?) on being pregnant before wedding, as you know, as open-minded Malaysians are, you do have that very very few who will frown at this sorta stuffs... usually the older generation...

I have nothing against getting married because you are pregnant. I think it is a rather responsible thing to do as you wouldn't your child to be born out of wedlock right?
Plus if reports were true, she and her husband had planned for the wedding years before. If you already have plans to get married and wants a baby anyways, there is no harm trying first before getting married right??

But for her to frame the whole story is kinda like insulting our intelligence. Like she's trying to pull a Ricky Martin.
And now everyone would just go, "yeah... right..."

If she were to just admit it, you would definitely have the minority old-fashion people who would gossip gossip, but most would congratulate her!

However, now she put it till this way, am sure majority would all roll their eyes at her. It's like, just admit lar, we all know DUH.

Oh well, whatever floats her boat! I'm just busybody and want to gossip nya hehehe =D!

Blog plug.

This is for the team (Teh Tarik). =D

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Please watch the video and vote for my mates! It would mean a lot to me =D!

Ok thanks bye bye XD! *poofs*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I ish has been on a Blog hiatus for too long i blame Twitter follow me here or thank you.

I had exams then, but i just finished my finals last week, and thus, i guess i have no more reasons to not update no??

Then again, i do Tweet more often so follow me here, but BEWARE, i tweet a lot (9 months into Twitter with almost 13,000 tweets! Oh yeah!)- and is often incoherent, random, lame, unreasonable and totally doesn't make any sense at all.
So follow at your own risk =D!

And yes, i love Super Junior! COMEBACK ♡!

I promise to update with more stuffs soon! So please do come back soon =D!

Ok bye!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lesson learnt.

I maintain that i still believe in cutting my hair very often, and that getting a bad cut every now and then isn't a bad thing (you know what works for you and what not).

That said, i had learned an extremely important lesson from my haircut this time round.

I have learned that i have to be responsible for whatever i may have said, or not, to my hairstylist - even body language.
Because whatever i may, or may not, say, will ultimately determine my final cut.

I told my stylist i want a new style with my usual (slimmer face - ㅋㅋ)... then hesitantly, i also asked for a style which looks "younger", as i honestly feel my long(er) hair makes me look much older.

... but then i forget that whenever i have short hair it does makes me look younger anyways what turf (= =")... totally redundant...

Lesson #1: Don't say redundant pointless stuffs. Remember, before and after are always different.

Then, my hairstylist asked if i wanted a more "funky" style.
Now, i thought "funky" means something like this.

Hmm, maybe it won't be too bad after all??

Haha, kidding! If that was what my stylist meant, i would beg on both knees for it =D!

I thought it was something along the line of, i don't know, the first image into my mind was quite stupid...
So i kept quiet not knowing what to say...

But thinking back, i think when my hairstylist said "funky", she meant my usual messy "rockish" hairstyle.

And thus, when i kept mum, this lead her to think that i don't want a "funky" style, and so...

Lesson #2: Know your hairstylist's terms.

When she started on my head, i remember i wanted a more "rockish-messy" style.
But then i figured, nah, just let it be.

Big mistake.

Lesson #3: Always know what you want.

And thus, because i phail-ed to follow all 3 "lessons" above...
That's how i ended up with this Justin Bieberber head meh FMAL.


Because young + not funky (messy) = Justin Bierberber-ish (apparently) what turf.

I won't say i regret not telling her i wanted a more messy style, after all, this is something new! I looked extremely fluffy now what turf 8D!

That said... the tauntings i got from everyone (= =")...

*M16 everyone*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

On zoning and spacing out.

Comeback stage was on May 14th 2010 on KBS MusicBank.
Though i get to watch it LIVE, and i really really love it! I anticipate downloading the HQ version because i like it clear and full-screen FTW =D!

But i'll be honest to say for the Comeback in KBS and MBC, i was too tired to enjoy it it felt weird (and i need new glasses too what turf).
Though the HQ and full-screen thing. It was more like i was listening to them singing and zoning out at the same time. I can't pay attention. It was totally horrible and emos me out.

What happened to the good 'ol Comeback-times of sticking-your-face-to-the-laptop and HQ-full-screen-repeat-13times-round point-gossip-laugh-cry-emo at their dance, expression and being a bit more attentive, being able to see little things they do during performance and all?? Basically just everything lar! Hehe!

It is definitely not the "10-member-thing" (has looked passed it, accepted it and quite frankly very lazy to explain because it would require me going all long-winded and incoherent in a Blog entry), because it's just not that kind of weird... but more like i couldn't pay attention and kept zoning off.

And i don't like it.

I like to watch and repeat the performance over-and-over again, and noticing this and that. And all those stuffs, plus laughing at their clothing style or even hair (sorry i'm weird like this, i like making fun of them even if it was totally unnecessarily).

But i'm not doing any of it (well, i did some hahaHeeChulandSungMinhahaha but... that's beside the point, i still can't concentrate long enough (= =")...).

And these few days have been effing busy too i haven't rested well yet, but you know what, i'm going to keep all the videos in a folder, then when i'm "well-enough", have rested enough, i shall them all and dedicate a Blog entry to each comeback just to taunt and laugh at them =D!

Oh yeah!

But honestly, all those said, despite me zoning out and all... i find it amazing (for myself anyways) i can still see how Awesome and purr-fect their performance were (and they themselves too ♡). It was just Awesome Awesome. =D

I love them so so so so so much ♡.

Ok, GO GO GO! (^^ )

Hilarious fans.

I read that there are fans who actually complained that the boys has changed and are not themselves anymore.

To keep this short, i find it weird to complain "they have changed and are not themselves anymore".

I've actually wrote a whole blob of stuffs to justify how i felt towards this (to be fair to both sides), but it got long-winded and i got lazy, so i'm just going to be my really unreasonable (and angry) self and say:

You are not their family members, friends or colleagues etc etc etc. It's just weird to "complain" so, even if it is just a rant.

WHO ARE YOU to make such complains?
WHO ARE YOU to say "they are not themselves anymore"?
Do you know them personally? (if you do then i shut up.)
Do you even know who they were before they "are not themselves anymore"?
And also, are you sure?

You are free to leave the fandom should you really prefer an idol who accommodates to your every whim, honestly.
Accept them for who they are, even if they changed. If you don't, oh well, nobody's stopping you right?

If you don't like their new concept, styles or even hairstyle (as i so often do), it's fine. There's nothing wrong ranting about that (as i always do, but i'm weird so don't mind me).

But when it comes to stuffs like personality and all, wanting or wishing people to change for you or saying stuffs like "they are not themselves anymore", is something i always find weird.

Maybe you don't really know who they truly are in the first place.

Furthermore, get your head clear when it comes to stage-personality, and concepts and presentations and album-style blah-blah-blah etc etc etc.
There is a difference between being onstage and being off, performing and etc etc etc blah-blah-blah.

I can name a few artists who are totally different in-front of the camera and back (and not even performing or onstage what turf).

I for one, am very truly grateful the boys are not exactly so. I like it that they dare to be themselves, and you don't feel exactly feel the "idol-fan" gap thing between SJ and ELF. At least, that is how i feel, i don't know about you, but anyways...

Even if they don't show you one thing, doesn't mean they have changed blah-blah-blah etc etc etc.

Respect their privacy.

And please don't say stupid stuffs like "i feel betrayed ShinDong got a girlfriend".
He maybe an artist BUT HE IS ALSO A HUMAN.

Ok sekian terima kasih byebye.

ps: Evidently just want to rant and ramble for no apparent reason ㅋㅋㅋ.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plastic bags.

If you don't want to care for the environment, fine. Nobody is forcing you.

But PLEASE don't give lousy excuses to not do it.

I once read about someone who was scolding shops for having "no-plastic-bag" day, and for charging 20 sen for it.
And saying that if you are charging for plastic bags, accusing them just to earn money but use the "save environment" as a facade, "at least pass the savings onto the consumer".

Ok, for one, "NO PLASTIC BAG" day = no plastic bag given on that day. Fair and simple, even my 4-year-old nephew could comprehend that.

Two, on those days, you are encouraged to bring your OWN bag. Lupa, too bad. Either go get one, don't use any or buy the freaking plastic bag from them!! Who ask you lupa?

Three, so what if they are charging to earn some extra money and use "save the environment" as a facade?

They charge 20 sen per bag.
While frequent-patrons might remember to bring their own bag (or some will always bring their own bag), and some people might buy because they forget the bag, but in the end, there will always be the people who refused to buy because they kiam buy a 20 sen bag for one small bar of chocolate, which they didn't need so why buy?

As opposed to if it was a normal day, that same kiam people would've just taken a plastic bag because it's free, and they'll just throw it away later.

I've seen people who doesn't need plastic bags, yet still takes them.
While sometimes perhaps because the store item is dusty, or the stuff might leak and kena your bag, but sometimes, seriously, there are just some things you really don't need one whole bag for!

Like a bottle of water. They put it into the plastic bag for you, then you drink the water, then throw it along with the plastic bag INTO the bin.

Er, hello, do you even need the bag in the first place then?

The message at the end of the day is simple.

By enforcing this "stupid" 20-sen a plastic bag on a no-plastic-bag day, it actually REDUCES consumption of plastic bags!

Especially from morons like YOU, who probably take a bag for one pack of chips or something and just end up throwing it away at home. (which if you had brought a bag, you could've just stuffed it in the bag - shopping or environmental ones. Don't remember TOO BAD.)

So yeah, they earn 20 sens per bag.
But if you think about it, it's just 20 sens a bag. They probably earn a lot from people who forgot to bring their own bags or whatsoever, but if you think about it, do you think they'll really earn from it?

Especially when out of 6 days in a week they give out the plastic bags free as usual? Only 1 day out of a week they charge (and it's not even a Sunday)?
Then again, i don't do marketing whatsoever, i wouldn't know the statistics etc but whatever.

You seriously have not been to Korea (or other similar countries) before no? Like, come on lar, they don't give out plastic bags there EVERYDAY.

Malaysians have to start learning to reduce plastic bag consumption, only taking when you need it, because really, if you think about it, sometimes the extra plastic bag is really an eyesore and you'll just throw it away anyways... so why take??

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why 13.

I will be lying to you if i say i don't have a favourite member.
I will also be lying to you if i say i do have a favourite member.


I don't even remember since when i started going all 13-members.
Even with other artists who i've liked before, i will always have a favourite member, and never like, allllll *greedy what turf*.
Special case? ㅋㅋ

But yeah, ever since i could remember, 13-members has always been something to me. Like... one.
I care about every single members (of course, we all do), and somehow or rather every single member's business is mine.

To the extend that i got really selfish i just want to see all 13-members together always. Even if one is missing, for whatever reason, i still don't feel it's right. I still want to see all 13-members.

To some new ELF i met, sometimes i would just say my favourite is SiWon or HeeChul or RyeoWook (ok but let's be honest it's usually SiWon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ).
And i won't lie, i really really like that git due to some reason ♡.
But do you know i never like seeing him alone? Even if it was solo activities?

I like it better when he was at least with some of the boys, but i love him most when he is with all the boys. I love it most when all the boys are together.

The same goes for every member. Sorry, i'm selfish that way. I just like seeing all of them together.
And considering the number of people to group, it is a difficult feat no?

Even SuShow2. So only KiBum was missing. And my own nickname for him was Ghost Member lols (he's there but you never see him ㅋㅋㅋ).
The rest was there, but still... something still feels wrong. Something still feels missing.

And considering the situation now, it's possible that i'll never ever get to see 13 together again.

But you know what, as sad as this is (to me at least), somehow the happy memories are keeping it all intact.
I will still laugh, i will still cry, i will still emo, i will still be depressed, i will still start insulting them (sorry, bad habit, don't bother understand)...

But yeah, i is ELF, and we is strong =D.

Some might not agree with me, some will condemn me for it, but i'll still keep calling them my 13 boys.

Because i don't like Super Junior, but rather that 13 individual that started it all in the first place =D.

Ok GO!!