Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plastic bags.

If you don't want to care for the environment, fine. Nobody is forcing you.

But PLEASE don't give lousy excuses to not do it.

I once read about someone who was scolding shops for having "no-plastic-bag" day, and for charging 20 sen for it.
And saying that if you are charging for plastic bags, accusing them just to earn money but use the "save environment" as a facade, "at least pass the savings onto the consumer".

Ok, for one, "NO PLASTIC BAG" day = no plastic bag given on that day. Fair and simple, even my 4-year-old nephew could comprehend that.

Two, on those days, you are encouraged to bring your OWN bag. Lupa, too bad. Either go get one, don't use any or buy the freaking plastic bag from them!! Who ask you lupa?

Three, so what if they are charging to earn some extra money and use "save the environment" as a facade?

They charge 20 sen per bag.
While frequent-patrons might remember to bring their own bag (or some will always bring their own bag), and some people might buy because they forget the bag, but in the end, there will always be the people who refused to buy because they kiam buy a 20 sen bag for one small bar of chocolate, which they didn't need so why buy?

As opposed to if it was a normal day, that same kiam people would've just taken a plastic bag because it's free, and they'll just throw it away later.

I've seen people who doesn't need plastic bags, yet still takes them.
While sometimes perhaps because the store item is dusty, or the stuff might leak and kena your bag, but sometimes, seriously, there are just some things you really don't need one whole bag for!

Like a bottle of water. They put it into the plastic bag for you, then you drink the water, then throw it along with the plastic bag INTO the bin.

Er, hello, do you even need the bag in the first place then?

The message at the end of the day is simple.

By enforcing this "stupid" 20-sen a plastic bag on a no-plastic-bag day, it actually REDUCES consumption of plastic bags!

Especially from morons like YOU, who probably take a bag for one pack of chips or something and just end up throwing it away at home. (which if you had brought a bag, you could've just stuffed it in the bag - shopping or environmental ones. Don't remember TOO BAD.)

So yeah, they earn 20 sens per bag.
But if you think about it, it's just 20 sens a bag. They probably earn a lot from people who forgot to bring their own bags or whatsoever, but if you think about it, do you think they'll really earn from it?

Especially when out of 6 days in a week they give out the plastic bags free as usual? Only 1 day out of a week they charge (and it's not even a Sunday)?
Then again, i don't do marketing whatsoever, i wouldn't know the statistics etc but whatever.

You seriously have not been to Korea (or other similar countries) before no? Like, come on lar, they don't give out plastic bags there EVERYDAY.

Malaysians have to start learning to reduce plastic bag consumption, only taking when you need it, because really, if you think about it, sometimes the extra plastic bag is really an eyesore and you'll just throw it away anyways... so why take??

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