Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hilarious fans.

I read that there are fans who actually complained that the boys has changed and are not themselves anymore.

To keep this short, i find it weird to complain "they have changed and are not themselves anymore".

I've actually wrote a whole blob of stuffs to justify how i felt towards this (to be fair to both sides), but it got long-winded and i got lazy, so i'm just going to be my really unreasonable (and angry) self and say:

You are not their family members, friends or colleagues etc etc etc. It's just weird to "complain" so, even if it is just a rant.

WHO ARE YOU to make such complains?
WHO ARE YOU to say "they are not themselves anymore"?
Do you know them personally? (if you do then i shut up.)
Do you even know who they were before they "are not themselves anymore"?
And also, are you sure?

You are free to leave the fandom should you really prefer an idol who accommodates to your every whim, honestly.
Accept them for who they are, even if they changed. If you don't, oh well, nobody's stopping you right?

If you don't like their new concept, styles or even hairstyle (as i so often do), it's fine. There's nothing wrong ranting about that (as i always do, but i'm weird so don't mind me).

But when it comes to stuffs like personality and all, wanting or wishing people to change for you or saying stuffs like "they are not themselves anymore", is something i always find weird.

Maybe you don't really know who they truly are in the first place.

Furthermore, get your head clear when it comes to stage-personality, and concepts and presentations and album-style blah-blah-blah etc etc etc.
There is a difference between being onstage and being off, performing and etc etc etc blah-blah-blah.

I can name a few artists who are totally different in-front of the camera and back (and not even performing or onstage what turf).

I for one, am very truly grateful the boys are not exactly so. I like it that they dare to be themselves, and you don't feel exactly feel the "idol-fan" gap thing between SJ and ELF. At least, that is how i feel, i don't know about you, but anyways...

Even if they don't show you one thing, doesn't mean they have changed blah-blah-blah etc etc etc.

Respect their privacy.

And please don't say stupid stuffs like "i feel betrayed ShinDong got a girlfriend".
He maybe an artist BUT HE IS ALSO A HUMAN.

Ok sekian terima kasih byebye.

ps: Evidently just want to rant and ramble for no apparent reason ㅋㅋㅋ.

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