Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is Amber Chia trying to insult our intelligence?

Ok this is your typical zip-zero-nada research done entry. I'm just writing my opinion from what i heard from my friends.
So i suggest if you really want to spread this around go do your own research or something. I bear no responsibility.

Ok, first we all know that Amber Chia got married in secret at the end-of-March.
Which if you ask me it's all very publicity-ey.

For starters, she suddenly got married. Of course, congratulations, definitely =D!
It was supposedly a secret, but then everyone knows about it after... then came the hordes of news on who sponsored her wedding da-da-da.
So obvious publicity dee can boh? Plus getting in married in secret (and suddenly) builds up a hype no?
Plus you don't see bigger names like Fish Leong and Angelica Lee (who was also awarded Best Actress in HK movie awards) go hush-hush when they got married.

So yeah, PUBLICITY!!
I honestly don't know why she wants to get married in "secret" anyways (oh right, the publicity and sponsorship!). Like who cares (seriously, nobody cares, i cared more on Fish Leong or Angelica Lee wedding to be honest hehe)?
Want to kahwin kahwin nya lar! It's a happy and good news!

Because her husband is shy?
If her husband is shy, for one, don't get sponsorship for your wedding then. Easy as that.

Then a month plus later there was an annoucement of her being 3-months pregnant! More congrats!

Now, here is me being a super busybody and like to gossip-gossip. =D

My friend's first thought of hearing the news was "how can you be pregnant for three months and not know?"
But if you time it, she got married end-March, then after the wedding only discovering that she is pregnant (1-2 months) and May announce... so ngam-ngam 3-months right?

But here is the picture of her pregnant 3-months.

Well, if this is 3-months pregnant, i must be due for delivery anytime soon. *pokes own's fat tummy*

(Note #1: I got the picture from The Star, so if it was from a previous photoshoot or something ages ago for maternity dresses bla-bla then stop reading because the points i make next would be redundant. Thank you.)
(Note #2: Of course, note the way she poses is to accentuate her bump (make it more obvious) so my points might still be redundant but whatever lar hehehe!)

I asked my mom, she say that tummy must be at least 5-months. She also added "people nowadays 3-months tummy still very small".
So unless if she's pregnant with twins (or a really large baby), it is impossible that that is 3-months.

Furthermore, as a model sure super slim right??
When my SIL was 5-months pregnant, she still looks the same, being a very petite and slim person!!
So if that is 3-months, i should ask my SIL if she was ever pregnant.

If you ask me, i think she was way pregnant before her wedding. At least, that was my theory from my *coughverybusybodycough* observations.

And she cough up such stories just to avoid the "social stigma"(?) on being pregnant before wedding, as you know, as open-minded Malaysians are, you do have that very very few who will frown at this sorta stuffs... usually the older generation...

I have nothing against getting married because you are pregnant. I think it is a rather responsible thing to do as you wouldn't your child to be born out of wedlock right?
Plus if reports were true, she and her husband had planned for the wedding years before. If you already have plans to get married and wants a baby anyways, there is no harm trying first before getting married right??

But for her to frame the whole story is kinda like insulting our intelligence. Like she's trying to pull a Ricky Martin.
And now everyone would just go, "yeah... right..."

If she were to just admit it, you would definitely have the minority old-fashion people who would gossip gossip, but most would congratulate her!

However, now she put it till this way, am sure majority would all roll their eyes at her. It's like, just admit lar, we all know DUH.

Oh well, whatever floats her boat! I'm just busybody and want to gossip nya hehehe =D!

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