Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On religion.

Someone tweeted Xiaxue saying "You are no one to judge our God".
I replied "So it's ok for them to judge other's God, but no one can judge their's??".

It got me thinking, what about when certain religious people (the annoying ones) judge other people's Gods? What gives them the right(?) to do so then?

I know not everyone is like that, trust me, i really do.
But you know, there are always those few who annoys the crap out of me, and hence, that reply.

I am a strong believer of being yourself, and respect others for being themselves.
If you are, say, a devoted Christian or a Buddhist, go ahead. I respect you for that.

But if you go on to criticize others' religion (or even implying) so to make yourself seemed the best, you're only making yourself and your religion look bad. You will also lose say respect from me.

I have nothing against the religion, because if i did, that would make me a hypocrite.

But i really really can't stand followers who go on to insult others religion, or "comparing religions" (expressly or impliedly). Really?
It's giving your religion a bad name, don't you think so? I've encountered so many people who are so, and honestly, it's really annoying.

Most of my friends are religious, and i love and adore them, because that is who they are, and i accept them for being themselves, just like they accepted me for being a not-very-religious Buddhist.
They will never seek to insult and down-trod my religion just so to make themselves seem as "the better one".

So honestly, i have nothing against the religion, but i have every bit against followers who like to "compare religion" and judge others' religion. Trust me, i've heard a lot, and have been preached a lot too (the annoying type).

Some of my favourite peoples in this world, who i know personally, are super religious, but i still adore them to bits, simply because they accept and respect me for who i am, never try to change me, and also, they don't preach nor go thinking "my religion is better than yours", and i love them for that!

Just saying.

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