Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's talk about Gary Chaw.

Many many KAMSAHAEYO to Eric Omma for bringing me to watch Gary Chaw's FIRST CONCERT!
We agreed that, as much as we initially wanted to go watch the concert (buy ticket)... but in the end we didn't... because we are Malaysians, so therefore:
- We too lazy go buy tickets.
- We want to buy the cheapest tickets available. But then we also wanted good seats.
- Good seats = VIP RM300+ seats. But Gary is not someone we would want to spend that much for.
So in the end, we just forgot about the whole thing and concentrate back on more important matters (Omma on Eric, me on my 13. Bliss.).

But ah, luckily, she manage to get FREE TICKETS!
And VIP dei *runs around screaming in delight*!~

I'm so glad i still roughly remember the way to Bukit Jalil, but i must remember the correct places to park there so i don't need to walk so bloody far lor... so tiring...
I don't mind walking but limited for shopping. If for parking... er... tak mau lor...

Anyways, my review on the concert!

I really like Gary's voice. I especially like listening to him talk LIVE - not through any media devices - but LIVE. Very sexy voice when he speaks!
As for his singing, you can see very obviously during the concert that he is a very good singer (rarely tone problem etc)with a very nice voice, albeit listening to it too much (like example the whole duration of the concert), is a bit "too much" for me. It can actually give you a nauseatic feel in the end... somehow...

But that nevermind... his songs are nice!
However. Omg i got traumatized by the concert after attending it.
Honestly, i've been to loads of concerts, fan meetings etc... tons of times. His is by far the concert with the most horrible costumes EVER!!
Everytime he appear with a new costumer, its either i have a disgusted look on my face, or i'm busy laughing before i can pull back a straight face to continue "enjoying" the concert.
But even so, in my mind my brain is like telling me: "STOP WATCHING THIS! YOU'RE DIRTYING YOUR EYES! SCREAM AND RUNAWAY WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!", that sort. Ugh.

Even the dancers costumes are horrible. If i'm his dancers i'll feel so humiliated. Especially the "monster-attack" part. PURPLE ORANGE TIGHT-OUTFIT MONSTER? NURSE MONSTER? What is this?
Its even more kialang than the monster from the Korean movie er... literally translated as Monster (the official title is The Host).

Another thing is the damsel in distress.
People lock in cage is in damn distress one lor, but she damn hiao from what i see. Like... OMG!!
And the stupidest part is, after "defeating" the horribly horrible monsters whose even more horrible than real monsters, Gary went upstage to rescue the "damsel", but instead of opening the door, he just stood cooly next to the cage in a pose, and then the damsel open the door herself to run to Gary.
Er... if you can open the door yourself, why not you just save yourself first? Perhaps helping Gary defeat the horribly horrible monsters whose even more horrible than real monsters as well?
Be a feminist man!!

Ok, that aside, throughout the concert you can see... well, Gary is a person very full of himself. Seriously.
On our way there Eric Omma was telling me some news on him, and i thought, well maybe the media depicted him wrongly?
But then after attending his concert. Ok, that guy SERIOUSLY full of himself.

But for one, you can't blame him exactly. His one of those artist who really went through a lot of hardship before being able to reach where he is now. If he wants to be full of himself, let him be, he deserves it i guess.
For another, it could be that his actually trying to "crack jokes" with all those comments he made about himself, but people just take him seriously and so think his very full of himself. Like, trying to be funny, but fail nya.
I could relate to that; i'm always misunderstood for one, for another everytime i'm joking people would just take me seriously... like... seriously??? When am i ever serious???

Also, Eric Omma commented his very bad at "gao qi fen", so it could be him making all those comments is to "gao qi fen"... but just fail nya.

Being full of himself aside; notice i kept using that word? Because i won't call him sombong or proud. His just seriously full of himself.
Anyways, that aside, you can really see he really appreciate where he is now. The few times when he accepted flowers from his fans at the rock zone, the way he thank them, you can see his really grateful.
He don't just say "thanks" once. He kept repeating it in Mandarin and English a few times until the flower is actually safely into his arms (taking presents from fans at rock zone is difficult, because they are standing at a lower level, and don't forget his hands will be mobbed by his other hamsap fans). I actually counted at least three times each time!

So like i say before, he wants to be full of himself let him be, he deserves it after everything his been through, as long as he knows how he got there, and is grateful and appreciative of everything, it's ok.

Being an ELF, because you're just so used to being loved and appreciated, i find it difficult to find liking for idols who don't show their appreciation to their fans.
Saying is one thing, action is another. Even if its just words, you can feel whether or not its sincere or just saying for the sake of saying nya.

On another matter, my 13 boys has been through an awful lot too, particularly leader who i can say, all the years he went through is similar to Gary's but just in a different way. I find that those artists who has been through a lot PRIOR to debut always especially appreciate their fans even more than usual.
As compared to artists who go through a lot after debut; those are nothing compared to pre-debut problems.

Oh, another thing i want to note for Gary's concert...
Gosh, i know his English is good. BUT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE WORD OUT OF HIS ENGLISH SONGS!! Even if its those oldies songs i've heard before!
I can understand DongHae singing in English even better, and that is saying something because DongHae is not from an English-speaking language, but rather his good pronounciation is through his hardwork.
... or maybe its just because DongHae and ELF just connects, so even if his speaking gibberish we can still understand?

Anyways, i guess it's cause Gary's accent is really strong, to the extend that even when his speaking in Cantonese, i was actually struggling to try to depict what his trying to say. Funnily enough, i can only understand him sing in Mandarin, speak in only Mandarin and English. Sing in English and Cantonese... er... langsung tak faham. And i think i killed a few brain cells just by trying to guess what his trying to sing and say.

Overall, i would give 8/10 for his performance, 7/10 for stage performance and -5/10 for his outfits and costumes (note the negative - his lucky i don't sue for emotional disorder).

It's a good concert, and i know i enjoyed it despite the traumatizing parts... and yeah, his a Malaysian talent =D!

Gosh Malaysians are so bloody talented!~
*cue kena influence by Gary's full-of-himself-ness*


Friday, June 27, 2008


Watching Summer Holiday... again.

Gosh, i love that movie. Almost every part of it is purr-fect.

Correction... EVERY part of it is purr-fect.

The filming location is purr-fect.
The actors and actresses are purr-fect.
The story is purr-fect.
The way it was filmed is purr-fect.
The feeling is purr-fect.

I know for one, when i was there, every step i take on the beach i'll suddenly blurt out "浪花一朵朵" by Richie Ren, to the annoyance of two of my favourite girls in the world who accompanied me there (you should hear me talking about SuJu to them XD!).

Even now every time i listen to that song, as long as i close my eyes its like i was brought back there... standing in front of the ocean, taking in the wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the wave.


I want to go back there.

Honestly, Malaysia has lots of beautiful places of interest.
As much as i'm born in Penang Island and adore that little island to bits, i'm sorry that currently, Redang Island has replaced that spot and there is not one single day that i never think of Redang.

I'm in dilemma as well.
My wish to get back to that island is even more than my wish to be able to go back to Korea. But if you ask me to choose between going to Redang and Korea, i really can't choose which i would want to go to.

Though, secretly in my heart, i guess i know the answer to it.


It amazes me how some people never bother to plan nor have any idea what to do, should anything happen, to begin with.

If i haven't asked, who knows what would've happened then?

I understand some people like to do things pronto; see what happened only think solution and all... but hello, have those people ever considered or think of other people's sake to begin with?

To make matters worst, i've been checking the wrong information all this while. So now its coming back to bite me.

Sometimes i wonder if all this hassle will be worth it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stupid Cow.

But sometimes you just need a Stupid Cow to make you feel better =D!

Thanks sayang!
But i'm still going to turn you into Beef Rendang!!

Marine Animals

Not that i'm complaining, but i had always dreamed of my baby being a Green Turtle, or if seriously possible, a Hawksbill Turtle.


Its a River Terrapin.
Or Batagur Baska.

And honestly... i had secretly hoped against that initially.

Don't get me wrong!
I'm very glad that i get a chance to help the future survival of its species and family and descendants and all, and i know i love that little tike... but...

I want a Sea Turtle lar. Because i love the beach, sea and ocean and marine animals are way cooler yo!

I know you shouldn't "choose" when it comes to charity and all... but... i...
Then again, the original "Ko-chan" is, after all, a tortoise (i guess) as opposed to being a Sea Turtle, so i guess getting a Batagur Baska isn't so bad after all, considering the fact that its possibly nearer to being alike a tortoise?

But i still want a Sea Turtle.

That said, a Batagur Baska is like... one of those seriously critically endangered species of turtles, same as of a Leatherback Turtle (but not as "serious" since they can still be spotted (and i get to adopt one too)... whereas a Leatherback... too bad its like close to extinction (ㅠ.ㅠ) thanks to the idiotic things human do, grr! Lightning strike!).

I did some "background" check on terrapins and turtles... i'm amazed by how so many of them are actually listed from Vulnerable to Critically Endangered...
Note; turtles, terrapins and tortoises are all different.

Regarding Sea Turtles, do you know that there are only 7 species of Sea Turtles?
... and all are from Endangered to Critically Endangered.


This goes to prove how humans are really much more idiot than they really seem.

I find Sea Turtles adorable, seriously! Fascinating creatures!
And they are just so vulnerable and needed more people to be aware of their plight and how they are getting more and more endangered day by day, that it just makes me ever more passionate to conserve them!

When i heard of KL Aquaria offering turtles for adoption, i jumped at that chance and got dad to buy me one for my birthday! Its one of my best birthday present ever!!

Seriously, do you realize even one small little thing you do can help conserve an entire species from getting extinct? Don't think that just because there are others conserving it, so there's no point in you helping.
Or don't think that just because other people are doing it, example whether or not you help conserve other people are also harming them... so why should you conserve as well.

Even one little help from one person can go a long way for the species!

ka you? Do the right thing!

ps: So me to go from one topic, side-track to another topic. But in the end, all that matters is the message of conservation is spread =D!
Whether or not effective is another matter =P!

pps: Dang, the one dad bought for mom... is also a Batagur Baska.

And it's named after me.

I don't want to be a Batagur Baska, Sea Turtles are way cooler yo =P!

Gatal is in the dictionary.

Ok, i know i should stop being gatal.

Now have to spend extra RM100 (= =")...

Sometimes i wish i stop worrying so much, and also the gatal part, and if i've made my decision just stick with it and just do it!

What happened to my all-time favourite Nike motto (= =")...???

And the worrying part... either ways, now i have to replan everything again.


I need someone nice enough to listen to me all my babbles and worries, without thinking its a bother and is really interested to help... so i can sort my priorities properly.

Stop being gatal.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will it come true?

For my love of Rock, i've always dream of a sub-unit Super Junior - R!!

And it came true in Super Show!
If you want to know, i actually cried the minute HeeChul, SiWon and SungMin popped out as a band! I was so happy because it was something i've always wanted, and it came true and i got to witness it (^^ )!

And they are now considering other genres, Rock leading (i guess)!


I'll be the happiest kimchi in the world if they really debut!

But of course, this can only be accepted depending on the real reason it was created.

That said, rejoice for the moment!


How many times can a bloody university piss people off??

Although i've left University of Reading ages ago, but apparently i'm still subscribed to their "Periodical" or something something.
So just last week they sent me this magazine.

I don't mind really, why mind? But on the envelope... they got my name wrong... AGAIN.

It's not the first time, mind; from the minute i have enrolled into that uni, they have manage to get my name wrong over and over again.
Even after i made the effort to correct them, sent copies of my identification card... still, they got it wrong over and over and over again and again for who-knows-what reasons.

I can actually partially remember the number of times their thick heads prevented them from entering my name correctly into their database:
First time the RISISweb portal, which is rather important.
They thought that one of my "Jo" is a middle name, so they omitted it.
Fine, i gave the office my IC so they could rectify my problem, no harm done.

But seriously, who can be so thick as to think that my other "Jo" is a "middle name"? Apparently only angmohs can pull such a thing? Because to them, with or without the "middle name", their name can still function properly.

Excuse me, but Asians don't have a middle name, mind.

There are two more times, i can't remember exactly how... but if i'm not wrong, they got my name wrong the second time for some random thingy, and the other one was for the finals.
Which i don't understand why, because they should have referred to the RISISweb portal to begin with (for the finals).


But even after i left that bloody uni, they had to send me this letter... and on it my name was WRONG. Again.
Then because i had left that bloody uni, they had to send me this certificate for who-knows-why...

Now, isn't certs supposed to be "official" yada yada?
But they damn smart, instead of referring to any of the information i've previously sent (so many times) in regards to how my name should be spelled... they printed my name INCORRECTLY on the bloody cert. The capitalization was wrong.

They have the nerve to go type my name as "Jojo" there.

Excuse me, first you go and change my name, thinking one of my "Jo" is a "middle name", NEVERMIND, i forgive.

Sorry to say, it may seem like something "minor", but i can get damn pissed whenever my name is not properly written (to be explained another time).

My dad said i should actually go back to Taylor's and get them to send me a new cert with my name printed correctly this time round.. but i refused, because i didn't want anything to do with that bloody university anymore. Sorta.

And back to the beginning of this post about the magazine sent to me and how they printed my name wrongly on the envelope... well... they omitted my other "Jo", again, so only one initial "J". Bloody hell.

So a total of what... 5-6 times? Depending how you see it?

Seriously, how many times can a bloody university piss people off???

Though you have to give them credit lar... to the extend that even after i quit, they can STILL piss me off.
I think they are trying to revenge lor... because i'm not giving them money any more to contribute to the growing calorie counts on their board of directors body, so they just find ways just so they could get back to me. Interesting.

Oh btw, together with the magazine they sent me this "Annual Fund Donation Form".
Mind, its not for charity whatsoever (at least i glance through it and it didn't seem so)... but rather just to fund them (calorie counts). For whatever reason.

Seriously, they have the knack to ask "money" from me lor... It's indirectly, but the form included is to draw attention to people to give them money in the first place isn't it?
Anyways, so tebal muka.
After SO MANY TIMES of getting my name wrong they still want to ask MONEY from me? The nerve! I rather feed my money to the seals (providing it won't harm them) then giving their fat CEOs more "excuse" to fatten themselves up thank you very much.

But i don't understand is they suck so much money from their student's tuition fee adee why still want to ask for funds?
Ok, you might think i "over-reacted" just because my name is spelled wrongly. For so many times.

Sorry to say, i actually find it disrespectful in getting someone's name wrong. If like, social meeting and forget someone else's name etc, nevermind lar, can't help it mar...

But a database record and after so many corrections can also get wrong? Excuse me?

I take it very insulting because it's also another way of how angmohs can disregard Asian culture over and over again.

Last time while i was still a student under them, they have this Permanent Head Damage doctor who have the knack to teach me how to address her properly (she's "Dr" mar, not "Miss" wor~)... when their staff can never get my name right.
(Ok lar, i agree she's just trying to correct me, so in future when i'm out i won't accidentally insult people without knowing it... but since they got my name wrong so many times, i have the right to complain also lor now... but anyways, i don't like her, so it doesn't really matter...)

Hello, respect to Asians? The world don't revolve around angmohs only ok??

Ok fine, maybe if we're in "their" place, FINE... we respect their culture and everything... and also "respect" how they "disrespect" our Asian culture and ways of names etc etc.

But that also means that when they come over to our side, we'll have every right to change their name won't we? A name for a name!

For example, that Dr Martha-Marie Kleinhans? The one who corrected me the proper way to address people with title when their staff can't even get my name right that one ler...

When she's in Malaysia she can be "Kleinhans Martha-Marie" or perhaps "Mohammed Martha-Marie a/p Kleinhans"?
(Not that i want to use her as an example lar... but as explained earlier (me tak suka her)... and she have to piss off people close to me, so by all means i'm using her name as an example!)

Asians surname are in-front.
If when Asians go to angmoh places, they have to change their name so first name first, family name at the back... so when angmoh's come, we can change their name to last name first and first name at the back couldn't we?

Hey, i'm not so-called "disrespecting" the way their name goes. I'm just logically adapting it back to how our country functions and its culture!

Don't like it? Go back lar.
When Asians go to angmohs country, angmohs expect them to get their names changed, so why not the same back here?

Oh right... i forget we are the one with the bigger heart. Awww.
We actually *respect* other people... get it?

Seriously, i dislike angmohs to begin with (except how environmental and animal-rights conscious they are). They think the world revolves around them (most of them).

I'm sorry to say, i only have respect for angmohs who have respect for other cultures and races. Those who are not ignorant... those who actually travel the world wanting to experience a different culture etc, always keeping an open mind and always wanting to learn new things about those culture different from theirs... sometimes wanting to make a change for a better world...

THOSE type of angmohs i really respect.

To gain respect is to first respect other people.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love you all!~

I'm 21 =D!

I'm never one to bother with age, because honestly, it's just a number. What's more important is what's up there.
Not to say there's anything there... except the pure complexity of my retarded brain ♡!~

My retarded brain amazes my retarded self XD!

Anyways, as an appetizer, i spend the last few minutes of 20th June, or my 21st birthday, wondering how should i cut my cake!

Which, if you think about it, IS a very difficult decision. I actually think i spend more than 15 minutes?

Here's my birthday cake!!

13 beautiful boys on a beautiful cake!~


ps: Don't ask what happen to the cake in the end.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thank you!


The minute the clock struck twelve, the first thing i heard was Super Junior's 첫눈이 와 (First Snow!)!
Because my dear dongsaeng halmoni hoobae sayang sent me a message at that very moment to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY (첫눈이 와 is my message's message-tone~)!
She even got SungMin to give me cake and KiBum to give me presents XD!

First wish!

Then i went to use my cuckoo appearance to scare the living daylights out of visit Ah Ma (Cheryl), Er Jie (Sam), Xiao Di (Melvyn) and Maria (Tracy)!!

And they surprise me with a cake!

First cake!

I love you guys so so so so so so so so so so so so so (note there's 13 times XD) much!! I almost cried... but luckily maintain... otherwise i will look like a weeping crackpot with my cuckoo appearance XD!!

Thank you so much for waiting (some more for such a long time - blame Amanda for it, her fault =P!), thank you so much for staying up till so late for me, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

(Ok, i just have to add that in nya XD!~)

Then after i got home my cousin sis and KaiJie surprised me with another cake XD!
I'm already very happy that you guys are back (ngam ngam) to celebrate my 21st birthday with me, and got cake somemore... BLISS!!

First snow, first wish, first cake!!

No wonder Teukie said, 우리는 하나다!

Because WE ARE ONE XD!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I don't know if its due to the influence of watching too many Asian horror movies...

But is it me or does Japanese schools just look like a scene out of a horror movie??

I wouldn't fancy being there in the middle of the night (who would?). I mean... its even creepy come 6pm (cause all students sudah balik rumah)... if at night sure even scarier?

I'm continuing my Japanese lessons (^^ )!
Lessons which was delayed for like what... more than 5 years? I don't even know which level i was at the last time i stop, but anyways, thanks to heavy influence from J-pop and doramas etc, my Japanese has improved... but in the wrong way...

Because i know a lot of "advance" word usage and all (thanks to those influences), but its like... the base of some grammars etc wasn't properly built... so...

Oh well, thats why i'm going to class of course, to see where's my level and improve!!

But sometimes i wonder if its a good idea to have my Japanese and Korean class ongoing at the same time.
For one, last time when my Japanese lessons were halted for the time being, i started learning Korean, thats when my Korean improve and my Japanese a bit the... erm... wrong...

Now i tend to blurt out Korean while speaking Japanese (= =")... like invasion you see...

Even during class just now its as if i wanted to stand up and start yelling in Korean!!

Of course i didn't, duh.

Another thing is when we were asked to make sentences... i would sometimes accidentally end up making the ending in Korean... not that i say it out loud, its just in my head but still...

Oh well, let's see who progresses more ne!~

Monday, June 16, 2008

첫눈이 와 by Super Junior at Super Show.

20th JUNE!

I was so happy when you boys sang 첫눈이 와.

Because that song was "my song" for the whole trip. I was literally bursting out 첫눈이 와 in every corner of Korea i've been.

And especially... JongWoon-ah~ we know each other's thoughts don't we (^^ )?

Then comes the ultimate fact on how ELF cry over everything.

I thought only I am silly enough to cry over like... practically everything 13, but it turns out my dear Halmoni does that, and so do my other 4 precious who we met up over SuShow.

Its just something in common all ELF share, thats why our leader say, "We are ONE", didn't he?

If you think about it... all of us are different people with different lives. We are different. But because of Super Junior, we got together and are ONE - ELF.

We can just cry over the simplest things.

Whether its their actions, their songs... memories of them (the memories are beautiful)... what had happened, what they say... one little thing... every little thing...

Which reminded me... the silliest thing i ever cry oh-so-madly over, which is very 13-related of course... is related to JongWoon.

Go guess (^^ )!

As said before, we can feel each other's thoughts!

Super Junior and ELF.
우리는 하나다.

Marry U by ELF at Super Show.

20th JUNE!

This is one song which, every time i listen to it, it never fails to bring tears of joys to my eyes.

The part when ELF sang Marry U to the boys as they listened... then the boys stood up, looked at all of us, bowed... and sang Marry U back to us... beautiful.

Because you were there, and are still there... when you hear the parts when ELF are yelling as the "song" plays... you know what is happening, and that just makes everything even more touching.

For 3 consecutive nights i cried like a mad person, because Super Junior and ELF are just too beautiful.

And even till now... i still do.

For a lot of times, when i was planning for the trip... a lot of people had asked me if its "worth-it" to go all the way to Korea *just* for them.

I have no doubts at all, that from the moment i made my decision to go, i've made up my mind.
Though sometimes when planning has been so difficult and stressful (it really is, even if it seems easy, i've had nervous breakdowns a couple of times), i'm sorry boys, but it made me go...
"Ah, i don't want to go anymore..."

But i'm glad i never give up, because if i did, i would never had known how 3 nights can bring so much happiness in my life, so much that i want it to replay over and over again.

I would also never know how 13 boys could actually make me so happy.

If people ever ask me the "worth-it" question again, i have a good answer.
"Of course it's worth-it. It's worth all the trouble. Because there are 13 beautiful boys and ELF."

Super Junior and ELF.
우리는 하나다.

My birthday's on 20th June.

20th JUNE.

Thought you oughta know XD!!

ps: Me little twin bro's birthday on 21st JUNE =D!

pps: The lyrics to ONE LOVE is beautiful. And it's written by EUNHYUK himself (so proud XD).

ppps: For one thing somehow or rather, i can relate myself and SuShow to the lyrics. Must be the "One Love, the memories are beautiful, i don't wanna ever say goodbye..."

It's just so beautiful. EunHyuk is the best!~
Hyukkie-yah, if you keep your hair, i promise you bananas nya XD!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've decided to move to Redang and stay on that beautiful puny island forever with my cat, my 13 boys, my turtle Squirt and my sotong Pearl (but i'm getting a new name for them), along with everyone and everything i love.

You'll miss me i'm sure, and since i'm so nice, to cure your nostalgia-gic-ness, here's a special treat:

Greetings from kimchi @ Redang!

ps: Just in case you're wondering what's with "Project DongHae" all over my Blog the past few days, here's why:

If you think about it, it is "DongHae" (EastSea) isn't it (^^ )?

ps: The photo's not PS-ed in any way, it really is that beautiful.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Project DongHae!

아니요~~ 우리 동해이 아니에요!~

Baby is in the pic too because his adorable and very much love XD!~

But anyways... its still good ♡!~

동해에 출발 (^^ )!!~~

Our connection.

There's this thing with Super Junior and J.

I can never quite explain why i love them so much.

We are ONE.

Every ELF's bad habit.


Ok, 13, now we can sleep in peace.

I love you boys so much!

And i especially love YOU for not disappointing me!

Thanks for appearing despite everything!

You guys kept to your promise (^^ )!
Hehe, it does sound a bit "sad" that ELF have to actually wait, and then rejoice like there's no tomorrow, just for when all 13 are together.

But that just makes us appreciate our 13 boys even more.

We are just grateful and thankful every time our 13 boys are together, just as long as they are ONE.

Aren't we the best (^^ )?

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Saturday, June 07, 2008

우리는 하나다.

We're ONE.

I can't help but to be disappointed, that after so long... we couldn't be 13.

I'm sorry i'm selfish, i'm sorry Baby, but i really couldn't help it.

But no matter what we're 13, and thats what that matters.

No matter what, 13 will always be ONE =D!

Super Junior and ELF.



Then again i could be wrong.

My calculations are all off unless if its for 13 ♡!~

I love water!

Water supply by my side whenever i need to drink!~

The relationship between me and water-from-home is so complicated, you might as well just focus on the 13 beautiful boys on the pic!~

Super Junior + ELF.

eiko-chan bababu is ONE LOVE the memories are beautiful always be my love
that means cannot change to ss3 :( ??
ss3 full
eiko-chan bababu is ONE LOVE the memories are beautiful always be my love
kekek, its ok lar, diff sec got diff good :P
u want ss3 also cant get the seat
now got ss3
13 seat available
u want???


Retardedness HURRAY!

We were talking about this beautiful hair of DongHee!~

(DongHee-ah!~ You love poop don't you XD??)

eiko-chan bababu is ONE LOVE the memories are beautiful always be my love says:
imagine he hungry can take the bun and eat lols!!
사과 · 비 says:
eiko-chan bababu is ONE LOVE the memories are beautiful always be my love says:
erm, not hair lar, but literally "BUN" XD
사과 · 비 says:
teukie "what are you eating??"
dong "bun..mmm"
teukie "what flavor?"
dong "hairspray"
eiko-chan bababu is ONE LOVE the memories are beautiful always be my love says:

BiBi is adorable!

I'll have the last laugh.

Legislators in Taiwan are considering requiring shark fin restaurants to warn consumers that shark fins often contain levels of mercury considered hazardous to human health, and also having the Department of Health print posters to let consumers know that eating shark fins can reduce intelligence.
(Read full article here. Credit to FiNS)

And then when you all die (of mercury poisoning) i'll be there to witness it and laugh like mad, then i'll toss your bodies back to the ocean.

Circle of life yo!~

And lotsa karma too i guess XD!~

Friday, June 06, 2008

Have you ever seen a sea of SAPPHIRE BLUE?

It was beautiful.

Everyday i can't help but to remember those nights.

Its not that i don't want to move on, but rather, i'm afraid that if i did, i'll forget every wonderful thing which had happened.

I am grateful, i really am... but i can't help but to feel, "Ah, i want to go back to that night," every time i see you boys.

13 boys.

The memories are beautiful i don't want to ever say goodbye.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Super Junior's Eternal Leader.

RyeoWook is a darling.

Geng, DongHae, RyeoWook and KyuHyun were on Sukira with Teuk and Hyuk, and then they were comparing leader Teuk and leader Geng.

What made me cry is that when Geng said being a leader is very stressful, but the boys said he's a good leader, though, Teuk's still the best one.

And RyeoWook was all, "EeTeuk's the Eternal Leader"!~

There's a reason why i love all you 13 boys so much ♡!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I hate documentaries.

They make you feel bad, sinful, and confirm the fact that humans are idiots.

And get this:
I wasn't particularly emotional when they say 2 lions ate around 120 humans (known as Tsavo maneaters, back around 1898), but i cried when the documentary remake one part of humans shoo-ing African elephants away from their territory.
Which isn't true, because it's a remake version.

But i still cried.
Oh well, its normal for me, i'm not surprised really.

But honestly, pity those elephants ok.
They supposedly roam like, almost the whole of Africa before ok! But because of us sinful humans, we took over their habitat, force them to limit their territory, therefore kacau-ing their migratory patterns and caused a lot of unnecessary "elephant-man encounter", destruction of field and all... thanks to us humans.
We should give a badge to each other for our stupidity.

If you think about it, it's OUR fault isn't it? The elephants' aren't to blame, because we made it difficult for the elephants, and in the end padan muka sendiri.
But being humans, one of our best qualities is to put our own faults on others. So... you get the gist of it.

African elephants are known for their aggression as compared to their Asian counterpart, which can be tamed and is not very aggressive. On the other hand, it made me wonder if its US humans who made them more aggressive.

See, those African humans are known to roam almost the whole of Africa! Africa is like freaking HUGE ok!
When us humans interfere, we took their land, shoo them away, perhaps killing them and also hunting them at the same time.
Elephants are known to be animals who mourn for members of family who has died (even after years and all thats left is the bones), and if they see you killing or hurting their family member, they will kill you in-return. And they have a very good memory.

So maybe its because of US, who pushed the elephants to the brink of their survival, that in order to survive, they have to be aggressive.
And its a generation to generation thing until now, and thus, thats why African elephants had became much more aggressive.

Its logical if you think about it, don't you?

On another note, i do have my favourite type of animal, but i try not to have "favouritsm", because for one, its silly. For two, as a "so-called-hypocrite-conservationist", i shouldn't.
I don't want to be regard as an "animal-lover" but only chooses cute, furry animals to like and conserve, then disregard the life-and-death of all other animals which probably need my help to spread the conservation message even more (because its easier for cute furry animals to reach out to shallow-minded appearance-caring and very thick humans to conserve them).

In other words i don't want to be *labeled* as just an "animal-lover", because i really AM an animal lover. A conservationist, and i'll do my best to conserve them.

Hmm, Steve Irwin will be proud of me =D!

Anyways, in regards to predator and prey, i remember watching March of the Penguins (good movie... er, documentary i mean...), and the part where the Leopard Seals was hunting the penguins, Loo Yee was actually disgusted by the hunt, whereas since i grew up watching documentaries, its like nothing to me.

I guess its because, apart from having watched countless documentaries, i also understand the Circle of Life, as "taught" to me by The Lion King, my favourite Disney cartoon of all time (who says tee-vees programs are bad?)!
While watching National Geography's Top30 (which my whole entry is based on), when they talked about Spotted Hyena, they showed the hyena hunting the calf of an African Buffalo.
I was like "oh no oh no" but not like "omg stupid hyena" etc, because i know the "Circle of Life".

However, when they showed how the hyena was like... hunting a lion's cub (or was it Cheetah? I know its a big cat's cub for sure)... i actually cringed and was like, "CURSES YOU STUPID HYENA"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly shows how much i love Lions.

It's wrong.
But i can't help it... its... lion cubs... big cat cubs... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a real hypocrite seriously.

ps: If you really want to know...
Because i'm opposed to hunting, i actually felt sad when i found out the lions of Tsavo are killed then turned in to rugs. Like bloody hell.

Thats why i don't like angmohs.

pps: Because its natural of my nature to hurl out abuses to people who hurt animals...

I hope you get stomped on by elephants, thrown around by a stamped of wildebeests, laughed at by the hyenas (then bitten), roared at by the lions, then finally into the river to meet hippos and crocodiles. Oh, i forgot the buffalo and leopard. Without them, Africa's Big Five is not complete isn't it?
Ooh and my precious Cheetahs (i love them, so adorable!)!

Padan muka tau?

But this is so mild, it's like... so nice to them lor. Tch.

A note for thought?

I was reading this article on page W40 in The Star newspaper today, how they quoted this guy, Pierre Berge, who said, "All the women of the world owe a debt to him (Saint-Laurent) in a certain way".

Excuse me? Do you know how much a YSL outfit cost?

I think it should be rephrased: "All rich women of the world owe a debt to him..."
Or Malaysian-ised it:
"Aiyar, only all those rich rich people with a lot of extra money and like to cincai spend owe a debt to him..."

Or kimchi-style:
"All people in the world with loads of extra money to fling around and instead of donating it to charities, in particular animal charity, owe a debt to him..."

But seriously, do you know how much anything out of YSL costs?
Original of course.

How many people can actually afford anything original from YSL?
Yes, i'm very sure women of posher-class and fashionable and all can afford it, and mind i'm very sure they love it!
But can the average number of women around the world do that?

Angmohs and their mentality. Cheesh.

Of course, this is by no means disrespectful to the designer. I'm merely pointing out that it could, and should, be phrased more properly.
That said, that phrase was in the printed-version (dated June 3rd), but it was not in the online version, so who knows the reliability of the phrase.

What do i want to say?

Approach. Worship.

I love it when it rains too!~

This has got to be one of my shortest post ever... considering how long-winded i can get XD!

Monday, June 02, 2008

My cat is not only immune to everything.

She's VERY flexible as well.

Have you ever imagined if you can actually sleep that way??


Cheryl says:
everyday ka?
Cheryl says:
can can!!!
Cheryl says:
i can't even rmbr the last time we sung K with u la
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
therefore you guys should hereby take my time into account and follow my time lols XD
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:
if i can only make it at 3am, so be it *evil laugh*
eiko-chan bababu: ☆ the Cat Biscuit. says:

I'm a brilliant grand daughter =D!

Excuse me?

This is very VERY old news, and i think i've talked about it before?
But i can't help but to just talk about it again, because i don't agree nor disagree with it.

Remember how Malaysia was said to be 3rd rudest city in the world?

I admit Malaysians are perhaps rude, unfriendly, nasty, idiotic, retarded, worst blood-suckers you'll probably ever meet in your life, yada-yada all the bad things in the world... but i beg to differ.

Despite the fact remains, and it's the truth... that there are NO gentleman in Malaysia who'll be free enough to hold open the door for you (i was slammed on the face for countless times)... nor will there be anyone who'll be free enough to help you pick-up stuffs on the street when you do fall etc etc...
But seriously, as "disappointed" i can be with the typical-Malaysian's "common courtesy" (which seriously lack), and as much as i can complain countless times on how "ungentlemanly" Malaysian guys can be (lols, i'm a feminisit - i have high expectations for the male-counterpart)... i still beg to differ.

It's not strange, because the reason why i felt so, is because Malaysians weren't justified at all, if any, in that list.
Hello, the countless times WE MALAYSIANS actually talk about how rude people of other country can be?

But then soon you come to realize that the other country is not exactly "rude", its just the way THAT country works. Its their "culture". And if they are ok with it, sure we outsiders do compare how "rude" they can be, but its not so in their eyes. It's just how the work!

But here we are being generalize and stereotyped as how a "rude" we are, based on the "classifications" of the country and "people" who started it all.

Ok not a country lar.
The western ideology or whatever it is.
In other words ANG-MOHS WHO ARE TOO FREE AND NOTHING BETTER TO DO. And their heads are so enlarged that they think they are better than everyone else.

I've said before i don't like angmohs (except a certain few), and i stand by my word. I hate it that most of them like to think how their higher than anyone else.

They started what you called the "common courtesy", and they expect everyone to have it? Come on lar, different culture dei! Every culture also must have your so-called "common courtesy" is it?

As rude as Malaysians can really be (which we are i won't be ashamed to admit), i still don't think we should be "3rd place".
Most lack "common courtesy" as perceived by the West ideology, but granted, there are still a lot of friendly and courteous Malaysians around. Even if most of them are also "shun bian" only help, but will still help right?

Anyways, i also especially disagree with the first place of being the most polite city in the world.
Mind, i've never been to NYC before, but i really like to! But anyways, why i disagree that they shouldn't be first, is because well, i've *heard* of stories.
From what i heard, as a tourist of course you'll walk slower and enjoy the sights. But being locals, who are always rushing for time, if they are behind you and you are blocking them, they can actually "tsk" you, and then proceeded to cut in-front of you, some will even mutter "tourists" rudely before rushing off into the sun again.

That is polite excuse me?

That said, holding doors open, helping to pick up stuffs, as how the survey was conducted and based on... is another story, but i'm focusing on that point.

Of course, who am i to defy whatever and however much the money was paid to conduct the survey, all i'm saying is that i disagree with the first place, and i disagree with MY COUNTRY (patriotic dei!) being 3rd last place.

Yeah, it's a "common-courtesy" survey, not on "politeness" but like... whatever.

Just on a side-note, which shouldn't be taken into account nor should be given any thoughts of... but just a "side-note"...
I've met with this typical always-happens incident with the train back at one of Seoul's subway station... the cause of it was because of the people who are pushing at us from the back.

When it happened, nobody actually helped.
Ok, maybe because they don't know what to do as well, and you can see some people actually wanted to help too, but just don't know how...

But anyways, after everything was solved, the person at our back (the ones who pushed us), actually even have the courtesy to laugh at us...

Excuse me?

Stereotyping Jumper-wannabe.

I find it funny that everyone thinks its weird when i said i want to go Angkor Wat. Even my mom was something along the lines of "You want to go Angkor Wat??" with a surprised look, when i told her i want to go there. Amane even took it a step further and ask me "Why do you want to go to Angkor Wat?" with an amused expression.

Honestly, i don't really know how to answer her... so i replied the fact remains its a very cool ancient sorta-ruin thingy place... one of the wonders of the world, and yeah... erm... *silence*...

Heck, do i need a reason to want go somewhere (= =")?

But i guess its fair, there should be a reason or explanation for everything. Like when you enter the toilet, there'll usually be a reason per the entry don't you think?

I mean, it's not like me, someone who can just randomly do something without explanation.

But typically me, i can't help but to think of how i'm stereotyped as a certain-certain type of person, that when i act out of that "stereotyped-norm", its weird, strange and erm... weird?

I don't like it, but i thought back, hey, i do occasionally stereotype others as well, though i try not to, so isn't it just fair that others stereotype me as well? Anyways, its a very normal thing isn't it?

I remember that stereotyping is something i learn from ICPU =D! From my "so-called-Psychology" class (actually its NOT psychology; its just a study of the society and individuals etc... and that i forgot the subject's name so... yeah)! We are taught to differentiate between stereotyping and prejudice, and that its not exactly a good thing etc etc (though stereotyping is of course better than being prejudice, but... Pride and Prejudice anyone (^^ )?).

So instead of saying "All Chinese's maths are good", where you'll probably be lambasted for stereotyping... you should instead say "Most Chinese are good in maths... except eiko because she's retarded".
There, doesn't that phrase sound better?
Because my math really do suck, despite my A1 in SPM Modern Maths, so i admit it.

Back from the bush...
Who doesn't honestly? (Mentioned here before)

Because last night's yumchar session made me realize there's SO MANY places i want to go to! That today, i listed down the places that i want to go to plus the reason (hello hypocrite)! Then for each place i rate it out of 5-stars, just to see how badly do i want to go to one place as compared to another!
It makes it easier to see the priority when choosing a place as well!

And yes, to top of the list... the place i want to go to most (with an over-rating of 5-star)... is...
Actually, its more likely the OCEAN lar =D!

Hah, you thought i'm going to say Korea right? Sorry to burst your bubble (i only gave it 4-stars btw)! Know me better next time!~

I would love to say i was born for the ocean, so yeah, i'm saying it:
I was born for the ocean =D!

8 more days!

Hope for the best!
One thing why i don't like to look-forward to trips and all, nor do i want to give out too much information unless necessary, or even to talk about it... is because i can very easily felt taboo-ish... and mind, it almost always happens... thus, why i will avoid talking about it, or avoid giving out too much information pre-trip!

But just can't help to feel really hyped-up about the whole thing (^^ )!~ So... just hope for 13!


Everyone knows that i love the environment, i'm a conservationist etc etc... its not a secret definitely.

Straight to the point............ but i'm such a bloody hypocrite.

You would've thought someone like me, would've at least know better than to waste paper and all...

But i can't help it.

Apart from being able to use tons of tissues during mealtimes in one go...

I LOVE scribbling and drawing and writing and doodling and jotting down stuffs (because of my poor memory)! On paper!

It's a type of OCD i guess (lols, me and my OCDs), because for example, if i wanted to plan something, to plan for a trip for example... i need to write down like... everything.
From pre-planning, to writing down what i should bring (because i forget easily), to what i'm going to do during the trip, any important information i need to remember or to keep it around with me... to what i want to buy at the place (ditto previous bracketed statement).

Anything which is possible for me to write prior to a trip, you name it, i got it.

Its an OCD-ish habit, because if i don't do it, i feel weird and it can actually get stressful for me... not being able to scribble the stuffs from my head. Cause its like everything everywhere, and too much stuffs and all...

Same thing with when i have a lot of things to do, i need to jot down everything, rearrange it in sequence (of when to do it etc), then only will i feel better.
Otherwise it stresses me that everything is everywhere, or not organized.
I just need everything in-sight and arranged in-order... even if i don't follow whatever or anythings i've written/ planned, at least it'll make me happier knowing that i have listed out the stuffs i need to do... or have planned things properly...
And get this, for example a "to-do-list", the more crosses out i see on a page, the more contended or pleased i can be.

I guess my brain just can't handle information overload.
And that... comes from someone who has 13 boys ♡!~

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Summer Holiday

June 1st.

Summer is here.

Summer Holiday 夏日的麼麼茶 MV

= My month.
Can you smell the wonderful summer breeze?


Me Summer Girl (^^ )!~

ps: The video was added on my birthday last year (^^ )!

Why is my cat immune to everything?

First off, cat treats.
HeeChul use to LOVE two brands of cat treats; one the Salmon Sashimi, the other the milk drops.
I stopped feeding milk drops to her for some time, but when i buy them again and gave it to her, she just give if a sniff and walks off, and thereby stop eating them altogether.
RM5 down the drain.

I also remember the first time i ever bought cat treats for her, this RM14.90 pack for dental care whatever... she doesn't even like it. The pack is still somewhere at her cabinet.

Ok fine, then there's the crab-strips (something like that) which i buy from the Cat Show, RM6.50 or so. She just sniff sniff, lick lick... walks off.
The whole pack went to the neighbourhood cat BabyGirl, and Rain. At least its finished, and not wasted.

Now, she only takes the Salmon Sashimi, which is by far the ONLY treat i can use to pacify her etc etc, because she won't take anything else.
Talk about fussy cat.
(ps: The brand of can food i fed her is called Fussie Cat as well, and guess what, she has her own "favourite flavours" among all the flavours... what the (= =")...)

Ok, treats, nevermind them. What about CAT NIP?
Cat nip is WELL-KNOWNED for its effects on cats.
So i bought a pack of dry cat nip for her, wrap it inside some sock (Ultraman to be exact), and she did gave some reaction to it all right! Yeah?

No. Because she totally ignore it the next day.

At least still got play a bit lar.
But seriously, it's more like a "Ok lar, you spend RM15 on a pack of dry leaves, i give you some "face", play with it a while lar..."...

Then i can't remember where i read it from, but they say that MATATABI is much more effective for cats than cat nip. Also, it seems Asian Cats react better to matatabi than cat nip. Hmm, interesting.

I looked high and low for it, cannot find. Even thoughts of going to Singapore just to get it.
But whatdya know, i finally manage to find it today (RM11).

I have a choice to choose between powder or wood, i chose the powder form. Got home, open the pack for her...

She showed reaction alright!!

Cats are supposed to dance the "matatabi dance" upon presented by matatabi you know! HeeChul just lick it off my hand, and now she's sniffing the carpet... that's all (= =")...

I know got reaction lar, but i was hoping for a "bigger" one, like jump up and down, or at least... THE MATATABI DANCE!!

Why do i have to watch the matatabi dance only from other cats through Youtube? Why won't my cat dance too? SHE TOTALLY IGNORE IT!


I have no doubts now that she's not like any normal cat.

She's from the space.

Stupid cat.

ps: You can guess how much i spend for that spoilt cat every month now can you?

I'm not giving up, i'm getting the wood-version.
Only if that fail will i give up completely on this from-the-space-cat.

pps: I forgot to mention the RM13 cat grass as well, which is *suppose* to attract cats and make them all happy and all... but sorry... immune to this fat cat of mine lor...