Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A note for thought?

I was reading this article on page W40 in The Star newspaper today, how they quoted this guy, Pierre Berge, who said, "All the women of the world owe a debt to him (Saint-Laurent) in a certain way".

Excuse me? Do you know how much a YSL outfit cost?

I think it should be rephrased: "All rich women of the world owe a debt to him..."
Or Malaysian-ised it:
"Aiyar, only all those rich rich people with a lot of extra money and like to cincai spend owe a debt to him..."

Or kimchi-style:
"All people in the world with loads of extra money to fling around and instead of donating it to charities, in particular animal charity, owe a debt to him..."

But seriously, do you know how much anything out of YSL costs?
Original of course.

How many people can actually afford anything original from YSL?
Yes, i'm very sure women of posher-class and fashionable and all can afford it, and mind i'm very sure they love it!
But can the average number of women around the world do that?

Angmohs and their mentality. Cheesh.

Of course, this is by no means disrespectful to the designer. I'm merely pointing out that it could, and should, be phrased more properly.
That said, that phrase was in the printed-version (dated June 3rd), but it was not in the online version, so who knows the reliability of the phrase.

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