Friday, June 27, 2008


Watching Summer Holiday... again.

Gosh, i love that movie. Almost every part of it is purr-fect.

Correction... EVERY part of it is purr-fect.

The filming location is purr-fect.
The actors and actresses are purr-fect.
The story is purr-fect.
The way it was filmed is purr-fect.
The feeling is purr-fect.

I know for one, when i was there, every step i take on the beach i'll suddenly blurt out "浪花一朵朵" by Richie Ren, to the annoyance of two of my favourite girls in the world who accompanied me there (you should hear me talking about SuJu to them XD!).

Even now every time i listen to that song, as long as i close my eyes its like i was brought back there... standing in front of the ocean, taking in the wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the wave.


I want to go back there.

Honestly, Malaysia has lots of beautiful places of interest.
As much as i'm born in Penang Island and adore that little island to bits, i'm sorry that currently, Redang Island has replaced that spot and there is not one single day that i never think of Redang.

I'm in dilemma as well.
My wish to get back to that island is even more than my wish to be able to go back to Korea. But if you ask me to choose between going to Redang and Korea, i really can't choose which i would want to go to.

Though, secretly in my heart, i guess i know the answer to it.

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