Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How many times can a bloody university piss people off??

Although i've left University of Reading ages ago, but apparently i'm still subscribed to their "Periodical" or something something.
So just last week they sent me this magazine.

I don't mind really, why mind? But on the envelope... they got my name wrong... AGAIN.

It's not the first time, mind; from the minute i have enrolled into that uni, they have manage to get my name wrong over and over again.
Even after i made the effort to correct them, sent copies of my identification card... still, they got it wrong over and over and over again and again for who-knows-what reasons.

I can actually partially remember the number of times their thick heads prevented them from entering my name correctly into their database:
First time the RISISweb portal, which is rather important.
They thought that one of my "Jo" is a middle name, so they omitted it.
Fine, i gave the office my IC so they could rectify my problem, no harm done.

But seriously, who can be so thick as to think that my other "Jo" is a "middle name"? Apparently only angmohs can pull such a thing? Because to them, with or without the "middle name", their name can still function properly.

Excuse me, but Asians don't have a middle name, mind.

There are two more times, i can't remember exactly how... but if i'm not wrong, they got my name wrong the second time for some random thingy, and the other one was for the finals.
Which i don't understand why, because they should have referred to the RISISweb portal to begin with (for the finals).


But even after i left that bloody uni, they had to send me this letter... and on it my name was WRONG. Again.
Then because i had left that bloody uni, they had to send me this certificate for who-knows-why...

Now, isn't certs supposed to be "official" yada yada?
But they damn smart, instead of referring to any of the information i've previously sent (so many times) in regards to how my name should be spelled... they printed my name INCORRECTLY on the bloody cert. The capitalization was wrong.

They have the nerve to go type my name as "Jojo" there.

Excuse me, first you go and change my name, thinking one of my "Jo" is a "middle name", NEVERMIND, i forgive.

Sorry to say, it may seem like something "minor", but i can get damn pissed whenever my name is not properly written (to be explained another time).

My dad said i should actually go back to Taylor's and get them to send me a new cert with my name printed correctly this time round.. but i refused, because i didn't want anything to do with that bloody university anymore. Sorta.

And back to the beginning of this post about the magazine sent to me and how they printed my name wrongly on the envelope... well... they omitted my other "Jo", again, so only one initial "J". Bloody hell.

So a total of what... 5-6 times? Depending how you see it?

Seriously, how many times can a bloody university piss people off???

Though you have to give them credit lar... to the extend that even after i quit, they can STILL piss me off.
I think they are trying to revenge lor... because i'm not giving them money any more to contribute to the growing calorie counts on their board of directors body, so they just find ways just so they could get back to me. Interesting.

Oh btw, together with the magazine they sent me this "Annual Fund Donation Form".
Mind, its not for charity whatsoever (at least i glance through it and it didn't seem so)... but rather just to fund them (calorie counts). For whatever reason.

Seriously, they have the knack to ask "money" from me lor... It's indirectly, but the form included is to draw attention to people to give them money in the first place isn't it?
Anyways, so tebal muka.
After SO MANY TIMES of getting my name wrong they still want to ask MONEY from me? The nerve! I rather feed my money to the seals (providing it won't harm them) then giving their fat CEOs more "excuse" to fatten themselves up thank you very much.

But i don't understand is they suck so much money from their student's tuition fee adee why still want to ask for funds?
Ok, you might think i "over-reacted" just because my name is spelled wrongly. For so many times.

Sorry to say, i actually find it disrespectful in getting someone's name wrong. If like, social meeting and forget someone else's name etc, nevermind lar, can't help it mar...

But a database record and after so many corrections can also get wrong? Excuse me?

I take it very insulting because it's also another way of how angmohs can disregard Asian culture over and over again.

Last time while i was still a student under them, they have this Permanent Head Damage doctor who have the knack to teach me how to address her properly (she's "Dr" mar, not "Miss" wor~)... when their staff can never get my name right.
(Ok lar, i agree she's just trying to correct me, so in future when i'm out i won't accidentally insult people without knowing it... but since they got my name wrong so many times, i have the right to complain also lor now... but anyways, i don't like her, so it doesn't really matter...)

Hello, respect to Asians? The world don't revolve around angmohs only ok??

Ok fine, maybe if we're in "their" place, FINE... we respect their culture and everything... and also "respect" how they "disrespect" our Asian culture and ways of names etc etc.

But that also means that when they come over to our side, we'll have every right to change their name won't we? A name for a name!

For example, that Dr Martha-Marie Kleinhans? The one who corrected me the proper way to address people with title when their staff can't even get my name right that one ler...

When she's in Malaysia she can be "Kleinhans Martha-Marie" or perhaps "Mohammed Martha-Marie a/p Kleinhans"?
(Not that i want to use her as an example lar... but as explained earlier (me tak suka her)... and she have to piss off people close to me, so by all means i'm using her name as an example!)

Asians surname are in-front.
If when Asians go to angmoh places, they have to change their name so first name first, family name at the back... so when angmoh's come, we can change their name to last name first and first name at the back couldn't we?

Hey, i'm not so-called "disrespecting" the way their name goes. I'm just logically adapting it back to how our country functions and its culture!

Don't like it? Go back lar.
When Asians go to angmohs country, angmohs expect them to get their names changed, so why not the same back here?

Oh right... i forget we are the one with the bigger heart. Awww.
We actually *respect* other people... get it?

Seriously, i dislike angmohs to begin with (except how environmental and animal-rights conscious they are). They think the world revolves around them (most of them).

I'm sorry to say, i only have respect for angmohs who have respect for other cultures and races. Those who are not ignorant... those who actually travel the world wanting to experience a different culture etc, always keeping an open mind and always wanting to learn new things about those culture different from theirs... sometimes wanting to make a change for a better world...

THOSE type of angmohs i really respect.

To gain respect is to first respect other people.

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