Monday, March 31, 2008

What is the word for it?

I'm feeling very emo? Irritated? Pissed? Sad? Tired? Annoyed? Worried? Anxious? Indecisive? today...

In other words, i just don't feel good today.

I was feeling so horrible that i couldn't even *think* of Super Junior properly (which is something very serious considering that its coming from me)!!
Ok i lied, i was thinking about JongWoon today.

But anyways... yeah, to top it off, i'm having a bad day today. Full stop.

Luckily my boys and HeeChul (lols, aren't they the same except that my (cat) HeeChul is a girl?) are always there for me XD!!

Then when i got home, i watched the ending of いま、会いにゆきます or Be With You.

OMG SO SAD (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

I always avoid watching it, despite it being shown frequently, because i know the ending and its so sad and the beginning is rather boring as well that me and CousinKat actually slept through it despite the fact we waited anxiously for the DVD to come out!

But anyways, i watched it and... sad (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

Its a really good movie, but i reckon not watching it when you're feeling particularly sleepy =P!

And yes, don't forget the soundtrack to that movie!!

Its on of my top-most favourite Japanese songs (^^ )!~
To the extend i actually didn't change channel till the whole song finished, despite that its just the credits rolling!

And to make myself happier, in this album...

花 (Hana) bOrange Range was the song chosen by EeTeuk to be placed in the album!!!


I love that song, and he chose that song (well, if he did chose that song instead of being forced by SM)!~

It's like:
"kimchi-yah, i chose your favourite song for you for that album!~" says Angel with his smile!
Ok, i'm feeling so much better already (^^ )!~

As much as Teukie is my Emo-ANGEL, his also my Guardian-Angel (^^ )!~

Ok, off to watch SpongeBob now! JA XD!~

Edit: Stupid Nickelodean.
It was suppose to show SpongeBob, but they showed Lola and Virginia instead.

I don't like watching Lola and Virginia, the bloody cartoon makes no sense!
Yes, that comes from someone who watches and adores Fairly Odd Parents and SpongeBob SquarePants to bits!

Now you know how i'm really like =P! Hahaha!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


To my dear fellow ELF: Cam, Joyce, Gaia and Carol.

Gosh i miss you guys (ㅠ.ㅠ)...
Its seriously such a Miracle how 13 beautiful boys can actually bring a group of girls from different parts of the world together (^^ )!

I still remember the times when we stalked them...

And the constant taxi-rides...

Ah, memories.

But... of all the times we had taken taxi...


This is so unfair.

ps: I really should write-up on my Korea trip soon before i forget anything (= =")...

Don't you dare bully my omma!


Only I can bully her.

닥 · 숭

SuJu in Malaysia.

More than anything else do i want Super Junior to come to Malaysia!

But i'm really scared.

Like really really scared.

To the extend i would rather they not come at all.

I'll be honest.
In Malaysia, majority fans who like SuJu are "DongBangSuJu-fans"... some are even "BigBangDongBangFTIslandSuJu" fans; those who jumps the bandwagon and are "fans" to whichever artists who comes.

But anyways...
Well... maybe i'm just stereotyping them... but...

Most of those DongBangSuJu fans in Malaysia are more TVXQ-sided, and thus, they supported SuJu probably just for-the-sake-of-supporting, and perhaps don't even know them well!

Honestly, i've never met another Malaysian ELF in my life, other than my hoobaeXiYen. As in a true ELF, not a "CassiopiELF".

Nope, never.

So yeah, when SuJu comes for concert, i'm really worried that "those fans" probably wouldn't even know what to do as compared to what an ELF knows!

For one, during the concert part for Marry U.
I rather they not come for the concert to begin with, or just omit that part... because i'm really worried nobody would know how to sing back for them.

That part is seriously and completely ONLYELF's part.
ELF will do everything, the boys wouldn't even need to lift a finger, but just sit there and listen to you. So yeah...

How if nobody knew how to sing back?

For two... the grabbing part.
I'm sure everyone who reads my Blog has read about the China-fans-grabbing part.

ELF knows better than to grab at the boys, seriously.

I'm not sure if Malaysian fans knows about this fact. Or maybe they'll just "attack" considering the fact that half-of-them actually loses their mind at the sight of the boys.

I don't want another incident such as the China-incident to happen again.

But moreover...

I don't want to give Malaysian ELF, those who are REALLY REALLY true fans to Super Junior, a bad name in Super Junior's eyes.

I might be crude, but thats the truth.

I witness it first-hand when F.T. Island was leaving the venue after the fansigning session.

You tell me how is it that we are "good fans".

Korean fans are "reputated" to be mad.
But after meeting Korean fans and experiencing several different fan-experiences with them...

I think WE are the "mad an uncivilized ones".


Gatal is the word.

For me.

I went and watch IPLE of Super Junior when they are in Malaysia for Dancing Out.


Of Bulgogi.

And memories.

Of running around whole day finding nothing.

And more memories.

Of how near we were.

Great, now no need sleep adee .

ps: I just realized...

That for certain performances, during certain parts you'll just focus on one member and only that one member automatically and naturally. Unless you tell yourself to "look at another member" during that part, chances are you'll just focus on that one member!

My favourite dance from Super Junior is 갈증 (Remix Version)'s opening "Clap-back-dance" (as i like to call it)!

And during that part i'll automatically focus on DongHae and only DongHae!
Sometimes i tell myself to look at other members during that part, but somehow or rather, i'll just look back at DongHae!

Because his just amazing at that part! I especially love the look on his face when he does the "clap-back-dance"!!

To me, that part's really tough, but to him, it's probably easy to him, or challenging, or it's fun
to him, so maybe thats why he has this smirk on his face every time he dances that part?

Eitherways, as said before and will always say...

DongHae is many-loved (^^ )!~

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh no.

Remember my this post when i said i want to sell off my F.T. Island's album?

Well... i guess it's kinda difficult now considering the fact that there's only ONE signature...

And i have my nice BIG NAME written on it (=v=")...

(Sorry WonBin sayang, but SungMin writes my name SO much nicer =P!)

Erm... any other Jo Jo who likes WonBin (of F.T. Island) who wants to er... buy my album?

Its in good condition!
And your name and favourite member is on it?

Seriously, getting him to write my name there is probably "a-mistake" to begin with... but oh well, no regrets because its like... COLLECTION (^^ )!~

A bloody "RM90-CD-i'll-probably-never-listen-to-it-on-the-stereo" collection... what the treasure island (= =")...

ps: Do you know "what the treasure island" means? The one i was always saying?

Well, you know how people use the words, "what the hell" and all...
I prefer to say "what the heaven" honestly, but since i'm talking about F.T. Island, so might as well just say "what the treasure island" to match the situation =D?

It sounds funnier anyways, lols XD!!!

kimchi-nuna eats Little Boys for breakfast.

I just got back (and bathed - smells good now) from the F.T. Island's fansign at Cineleisure.

Let me check what i write in my last post... hmm, the CD costs RM70 right?

Because it was bought "later"... apparently.

And there's NO POSTER (they charge an extra RM10 if you want poster).
So much for "pre-ordering" *rolls eyes* (i bought Auntie's sister's pre-order CD).

Extortion lor seriously that C.I. Entertainment.

And also, i waited 3 bloody hours for 5 little boys, but its "still-ok" lar, eye-candy mar (^^ )!

Though... what shocked me most is...

When they got up the stage, i looked up the stage at them, saw one member who tied up his light-coloured-hair and wore loose shirt, and in my thought i went...
"(OMG KIM HEECHUL (0_0)!!)"
*looks properly*
"(Oh... its HongKi... !)"

Then i look look at the one on the most left of the 5 boys... JaeJin...
*me looking at his hair*
*JaeJin turned his head sideways*
"(OMG YEHSUNG (0_0)!!)" i squealed in my head.
*looks properly... again*
"(Ok... i'm in F.T. Island's fanmeeting, NOT Super Junior... stop thinking about them...)"
*continues rest of fansigning thinking about 13 boys*

Ok... either my eyes are deceiving me... my mind is deceiving me... or rather, i'm thinking of my 13 boys too much (as always) ...

So anyways, back to the whole story of the fansigning as what my title says...

Here's a VERY blur pic of them taken from my handphone with full-zoom.

This is what you get for forgetting to bring your camera... and they are like... so bloody near you what the treasure island (= =")...

Long story cut short, after waiting 3 bloody hours for them to come, i then squeeze myself to the front (what a miracle) to join Auntie's sister, which is a relief because i was bored out of my head.
Since we didn't buy the "fan-package", we have to wait for those "priority-fans" to get their signature first before we, those who only buy the albums, can get our turn.

Then the organizer (or their bloody management company), decides to be an idiotic fool and announces that fans who only buy the album (which means US) can only get ONE signature, instead of 5 as originally planned or like what the priority-fans get.

I was planning to sell my album off anyways, because well, not like i want the CD honestly, but with only one signature it'll be more difficult to sell!

Anyways, then i manage to get in to the line for their signs, and was the first in line in that "group" i was in.
We were waiting below the stage, and they didn't ask which members we want, so i thought that when we get upstage, we get to choose whoever member we want, and i wanted MinHwan's one! He was seated in the middle, so he is the 3rd boy!

As i waited in the line, while at the stairs, since i'm first in that line, JaeJin looked down at us (me =D!) and i smiled back with a slight nod! But sorry dude, i wanted MinHwan's siggy XD! MinHwan is adorable, and evidently, his my favourite (^^ )!

Then when we (the group i was in) got up to the stage, they wanted everyone to hurry, so i quickly ran up, and then throw gently put my album on the table in-front of MinHwan!
WHICH... all of a sudden the staffs just quickly took my album and pushed me (and my album) to the end of the table to the 5th boy, WonBin!

So yeah, it means every "group" has 5 person. If you're first-in-line you get WonBin, 2nd gets HongKi, 3rd in line gets MinHwan (curses to that person who got MinHwan (ㅠ.ㅠ)...), 4th gets JungHoon and 5th gets JaeJin!

Anyways, i know all the little boys are looking at me (first-in-line and stopped at the wrong person and got pushed to the back), but the other fans who followed up behind me distracted them!
I don't know what my expression was like, maybe i look disappointed, but anyways when i stopped in-front of WonBin and before he proceeded to sign my album, he looked up at me (maybe with big puppy eyes?) and said "Sorry Sorry" (OMG KONGLISH XD!!)!

IF i remembered correctly, i remember saying "It's ok" (with both hands waving to signal "it's ok" in-front of him), but maybe i look disappointed or stoned? But anyways, he kept on saying sorry to me XD!!
After he signed, i asked him to write my name ("이름이 쓰세요!"), and he did (write my name), followed by "Sorry Sorry" again, and we shook hands and i left (i think when i was leaving he said "Sorry" again?)!!

But to top it off...
He gave me the impression that his afraid of me XD!!!
OMG... am i now the scary Goldfish-nuna who eats Little Boys for breakfast now?

I just scared a poor little boy whose 3 years younger than me. Do i look that scary?

This is just something i felt anyways, maybe i think too much... but for one, i'm very sure he knows that i'm his nuna, and technically, younger Korean dongsaengs are very respectful to their elders (*coughexceptOldManTeukcough*), except if their really close!

So yeah, maybe due to feeling apologetic as well... i scare him =D?
Or maybe it was because he saw my 13 boys (their hyungs) standing behind me in order to protect me from their Primadonnas XD??

And so, they know that i'm not someone they should be disrespectful to, due to their 13 hyungs (and my 13 boys), so yeah, they respect nuna me =D?

Eitherways, mwehehehehehehehe!~
It's nice being nuna-fans for a change (^^ )!~

Oh, and some funny SMS i shared with hoobaeXiYen and Auntie while i was waiting (and after) the fansigning!
  • Situation#1: I smsed hoobae to tell her that i have the strong urge to yell "I'M AN ELF" to the faces of the 5 little boys XD!!
    She replied me asking me to be careful, in case the Primadonnas, F.T. Island's fans, attacks me!
    So i replied her: "It's ok, HongKi will protect me! KangIn's orders (^^ )!~"

  • Situation#2: I manage to get free-tickets to their concert tomorrow, so i msged Auntie!

    She asked me how did i manage to get the tickets!
    So i replied: "Oh, KangIn asks HongKi to give it to me, because he says, "HongKi-ah, my kimchi wants to go to your performance tomorrow," and HongKi replies: "Yeh hyung!"..."
    . . . . . .
Don't you just love how my brain works (^^ )???


Maybe the reason why i scare the little boys is because of my strong ELF aura all around me?

But heck, i don't understand why can't ELF and Primadonna just love each other and join each other with support?
Not necessary only those two; how about Primadonna and V.I.P. together, or two of any other fanclubs together (with the exception of Cassiopeians because they don't like anybody else but themselves and TVXQ)?

Like, i help you support your idol when your idol is around, and you help me support my idol when my idol is around (provided our own idol are not around at the same time)!!

Oh well, looks like this well never happen with Korean fanclubs i guess. I say this is due to the "kiasu-factor"?

Its like those normal social-setting in Hollywood movie's High School; where the jocks can never join the geeks, the geeks will never join the losers, the losers will never join those in the drama club, and those in the drama clubs will never wave pompoms into anyone else face...

But seriously, considering the fact that they, the idols, are actually like, close to each other and all... i find it a pity that their fans can never stand unite =(...

Seriously, whenever i go to another (Korean) idols concert or gathering, i always want to announce that i'm an ELF, loud and proud!!

Everyone will think i'm there to "cai cheong" (canto), or to like, "kacau other people's territory", but really, i would rather think of what i'm doing as, "Although i'm fan of another group, i'm here to support you as well because my boys love you guys, so i want to support you guys too!" or "Although i'm a fan of another group, but i like you guys too! So i want to support you guys!"...

This world really needs more love, especially around people who enjoys K-pop together, honestly!

But no, everyone will always say, "That group's fans will kill you..."...

What the...???

Another reason why i want to "show my identity" is because i hate to "pretend" or "act" that i'm that particular groups' fan... JUST BECAUSE i am attending their show.

I mean... i may "really-like" them, but not necessary i'm like, "a big fan"... so i really want to show my identity so people won't mistaken who i really am... an ELF!!

I don't want to be those girls you see jumping up and down at SuJu's concert, then you see her again at the TVXQ concert supporting TVXQ whole-heartedly, then at Shinhwa concert wearing an orange raincoat, then at F.T. Island's performance jamming to theirs songs, then you see her, again again, at Big Bang's concert waving the black and white bandannas, then see her AGAIN at Rain's concert, dancing to his sweat which are flying towards you because he sweat too much and dances too hard at the same time...

Eiu *grossed out*...

Not to say as a fan of one group you can't be a fan of another group, but i personally feel if you're a big fan and strong supporter of a particular group, well, show it loud and proud but at the same time, give support to the other group as well...

I guess its just i don't like giving other people the "wrong information" on who i really supports?

But yeah, i guess nobody understands that... boohoo...?

Lima Harta Pulau.

I was actually comtemplating whether or not i should spend RM70 for a 50-50 chance to see 5 boys of which their average age is at least half-a-decade-younger than me tomorrow.

I mean, i could've put the money to better use than buying a CD which i'll probably never hear afterwards... but...

One part of me really wants to go because it's not everyday you have a "Korean boyband fanmeeting" in Malaysia. I've heard so much about fanmeeting, i really want to go see whats it all about!

Also, the other part of me also wants the autograph, being able to meet 5 little boys whose oldest member is at least more than 3 years younger than me, and then feeling like a "goldfish nuna"...

But ah!~
The one i most want to do most when i meet them, is to tell them, those 5 little boys whose youngest member IS half-a-decade-younger than me...

"Ah HongKi-yah (leader's name), please love your 13 retarded hyungs ok?"

Or maybe...
"MinHwan-ah (my favourite member), you should learn more retarded expressions from your retarded drum-playing-Choco-body-hyung ok? Then maybe nuna (me) will love you more (because of your newly-learned retarded expressions while playing drums like your retarded drum-playing-Choco-body-hyung)!! Fighting!~"
Or maybe i should just wear my ELF jacket to the fanmeeting tomorrow?

Hmm... dilemma dilemma...
Heck, at least i don't pretend like those other "little girl fans" who jumps the bandwagon and are suddenly "F.T. Island fans" for the day, when they probably never even heard of "Lima Harta Pulau" before in their life till they (the boys) decided to come!
At least i'm being true wasn't i? And i'm showing those little boys that although i'm an ELF, i'm showing my fullest support to them, and not pretending to be their fan just because i'm meeting them that day!
I'm supporting them because my boys love them, and they, the 5 small ones, have been adorably dongsaengs to my boys, and showing endless love and support back to their hyungs!
Hmm... i'm probably be the "truest-person" there tomorrow... if i were to don my ELF jacket that is...
They should bring me back to Korea with them to meet their hyungs!!
As gratitude on my true support for them despite not being a fan (^^ )!

But also, to thank them back for the "generous gift"...
I promise i'll devote my entire hour in my life to being a Lima Harta Pulau fan!!
With the condition i get to stare at my 13 boys at the same time XD!

I heart L.

I'm not someone to use the term "heart" in replace of "love", because i believe "love is love", so no need "heart me heart you".

But anyways, i'll still go with "I heart L" because his just SO cute and adorable!!

I want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me XD!!

Hey wait a second!!

OMG and they look somewhat similar too; the hair and skin tone and body!


Anyways, i just came back from watching L Change The World!


Because i heart L, so yeah, i only like the movie version (^^ )!

Matsuyama Kenichi did such a wonderful job portraying L!!

I've waited for this movie for like what, at least 5 months (or more)?
To be exact, perhaps after Death Note: Movie Part 2, or whenever they announced about it (L Change The World) anyways...

So yeah, i was so excited when i know its going to be released soon!

Even MORE excited when i know there's a sneak preview (haha, all you people can just wait when its "officially released" next week bah! I've watched it =P!)!

So i jump at any chance to watch it and HAH, i probably watched the FIRST SHOW in Malaysia (ok, exaggerated, it was only in GSC, considering the fact that other cineplexes shown the movie 30 minutes earlier than GSC)!!


Though, my only "disappointment" is that there's not enough "Battle of the Geniuses" inside, unlike Death Note Part 1 & 2 when L and Light are like, battling their wits out!! FUN*!!!

That said, 2 full hours of L and ONLY L (and no more annoying Light**) has been WONDERFUL!

So yeah...

The movie is good XD!~


Oh wait, you guys have to wait till its "officially release" next week ne?

Boo for you, YEAH for me (^^ )!~
*perasans kao-kao and runs away before anything hits her*

*immitates the way L types*

* I say it's "FUN", because watching people having to use their brains like mad, while you can just sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and do... well, nothing else... is well, FUN XD!!

** Regarding my comment about how Light in the movie annoys me, its actually NOT the character, Light,'s problem, but rather, i don't like that actor since ages ago (2001 or so to be exact), so yeah, he so totally annoys me that if not for L and Matsuyama Kenichi, i so totally wouldn't have heart Death Note so much!)

Friday, March 28, 2008

My boys are beautiful.

Thanks to hoobae for sending me the clip (^^ )!

OMG i cried watching it!!

You would've been surprised if you see me cry...

Because its not any videos with "moving pictures", its actually just a clip... just a slide with replies from Super Junior to the messages ELF wrote for them...

Maybe its the music playing which makes everything seemed extra emotional and all but...

But honestly, i guess its mostly because watching (reading?) all those messages...

It reminds me of how close the bond between Super Junior and ELF is.

I especially love Retarded Boy, Boy on Crack and Flower Boy's message.

Sweet and full of love!

And it's just so them (^^ )!

I love my boys so much!!

From Old Man to Retarded Boy... All and ONLY13 of them.

지켜줄게 열세면.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I can't believe it!!

OMG, i still can't believe it!!

Guess where i am now (^^ )!!!

Just last night, Auntie and i were at the old Subang Airport with our luggages and passports, ready to board this HUGE private jet!!

The plane was absolutely gorgeous, and we sat on two lovely and comfy FIRST-CLASS seats, with this HUGE SCREEN in-front of us, nicely relaxed and it was so comfortable!! The air-stewardess are all so nice and attentive to us, and tends carefully to your every needs!!


Especially since there's only TWO OF US on the plane (note: PRIVATE JET), extra good!!


And guess where we're going (^^ )?

No surprise there ne (^^ )???






Cheers people, will try to update soon whenever i have free time!

But considering the fact that i'm going to be with my 13 boys...

And also Auntie with her 6 boys mans with 3 striking "S" Ahjusshi-hairstyles...

You'll be lucky if i even update at all (^^ )!!!


ps: If you think we're actually "making this up", YOU'RE WRONG! It did happen ok!! We're not bluffing!!!

It happened in Auntie's dream!!

So technically, yeah, it DID happen!!!

Now if only we could make that reality...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What do you think you're doing kid?



Tag: Things about yourself...

First Name - eiko
Nickname - eiko, kimchi, Jo+13, spatches... OMG tons XD!!
Name you wish to have - Why do i want to wish for another name?
What do people normally mistake your name as - The capitalization part, and ang mohs always get my full name wrong, and i hate it.
Birthday - 20th June!
Birthplace - Somewhere in Malaysia.
Time of Birth - At least more than 8 hours after RyeoWook!~
Single or taken - Happily married to 13 most wonderful boys in the world! And that one in Japan XD!!
Zodiac sign - Gemini

-Your Appearance-
How tall are you - 160cm+.
Wish you were taller - Yeap! Definitely.
Eye color - Brown.
Eye color you want - Nopes.
Natural Hair color - Black.
Current Hair color - I would call it... ash, orange, brown with black roots XD!
Short or long hair - Short!
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Em, blonde highlights? But i so badly wanted to dye RED!!
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - Form4, horrible fringe!
Cropped it short? - It's always short!
Glasses or contacts - Glasses. Me geeky (without the brainy part) XD!
Do you wear make-up - Rarely, but yeah.
Ever had hair extensions - Nope!
Paint your nails - Yeap, and loving it!~

-In the opposite gender-
What color eyes - Not fussy, nice colour will do!
What color hair - Dark colours.
Shy or Outgoing - Both, but more towards friendly and outgoing.
Looks or personality - Have to say both to compliment each other.
Serious or Fun - Both, but only serious when really necessary.
Older or Younger than you - Same or older. By "same", i mean within the same lunar calendar year XD!
A turn on - My 13 boys XD!
A turn off - Well... honestly, loads, i'm easily turn off (=v=")...

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolate - Ice-cream! Wouldn't say no to flowers or chocolates too though XD! But i'm very specific with the type of flowers (Blue roses or Sunflower only)!
Pepsi or Coke - PEPSI!! The best XD!!!
Rap or Rock - ROCK!!!
Relationship or One night stand - Relationship!
School or Work - School (ㅠ.ㅠ)... i miss it so much...
Love or Money - Can i be greedy? But family first always!
Movies or Music - Super Junior!!
Country or City - City, definitely. And the beach!~
Sunny or Rainy days - Depends, but technically, i prefer HEAVY RAIN days XD!~
Friends or Family - Definitely family!!

-Have you ever-
Lied - Yeap.
Stole something - Yeap.
Smoked - One swig, and hated it.
Hurt someone close to you - Yeap, unfortunately.
Had your heart broken - Yeap.
Wish you were a prince/princess - I'm already a Princess.
Liked someone who was taken - Yes, i guess.
Shaved your head - Nope.
Been in love - Madly in love with 13 beautiful boys!~
Used chopsticks - Of course.
Sang in the mirror to yourself - I think so XD!

Flower - Blue roses or Sunflower. Only. White roses are ok too!~
Candy - Not much of a "candy-lover", but i like apple, orange and grape flavours!
Song - Can i show you my playlist instead?
Scent - Secret Wish by Anna Sui.
Color - I'm very specific with the shade; Pearl Sapphire Blue and Ocean Blue, Apple Green, This Pink Colour, Orange and White.
Movie - Wow, loads!!
Word - "What do i want to say adee?" Plus loads more XD!
Junk food - Are there such things as "junk food"?
Location - Home!
Animal - Dogs, cats, rabbits and wildlifes.
Ever cried over someone - Yeap.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - Yeah.
Do you think you're attractive - To my HeeChul when i have snacks in my hand!!
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - Hmm... Sleeping Beauty i guess XD!
Do you play any sports - Swimming and shopping =P!

(8) random facts about yourself
1. I'm retarded.
2. I am OCD with capitalizations, spellings, my name, file organizing and tidiness (except home)!
3. I'm very stubborn, will only accept if i find its acceptable, when it comes to animal conservation. But yes, i'm a hypocrite (DongHaefied?) when it comes to the environment (= =").
4. I think i'm rather extreme; if i'm mad i'm really mad, if i'm quiet i'm really quiet.
5. I complain a lot and give empty threats when i'm stress, but whether or not i'll do it is another question.
6. HeeChul is my baby who i love to bits!
7. I get emo and lonely easily, hmm, am i Teukified?
8. I love my 13 boys!~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words.

However, this picture just created thousands of cuss words in my head that i'm ready to throw at those fools at the airport anytime.

What the... *toot*

Suppose to sleep now but anyways...

I was seeing some pics of my boys when they went to China, while at the airport...

Oh. My.

What i don't understand is, i thought they had an easy time the last time they went to China? Because fans were saying due to the very patah boy, they agreed not to go to the airport and all in case they injure him more?

So why this time...?



I don't know what to say really.
I mean. Seriously.

Its my dream to be able to touch the boys (grab if possible, with offered permission of course), but THAT (what the China fans did) is just too scary.

Yeah, some fans "can't control it" when they see their idols right, but its not like China fans don't get to see them often isn't it?

Does that mean, since Malaysian fans don't get to see them as often (less chances compared to China fans)... are we're allowed to GLOMP at them when we get to see them then???

Just totally ridiculous.
Scarily ridiculous.

Honestly, i definitely will NEVER do that when i see them... considering the fact i'll mostly be stoned and don't even know how to react when i'm near them...

And yes, i need less "embarrassing-moments-with-SuJu" whenever i think about them. Seriously

I really just love to embarrass myself in-front of them, because my brain will just stop functioning whenever near them, thank you.

But anyways... if i ever do go out-of-my-mind and touch and grab them like what those China fans did at the airport...

Lee DongHae, you have full permission to cuss at me if i ever do so.

Kim HeeChul!!

And those fools wanted him to apologize. When its clear whose fault it was.

Don't tell me you don't cuss one lor.
Sometimes words just fly out without you thinking clearly, especially in time of emergency.

In fact, i should apologize to him for having him to cuss at me.

The fools.

ps: I just watched that clip of them at the airport, and i cried.

Considering the funny-fact that i actually didn't cry when i was watching the concert's news last night (its a record honestly)... but i cried now.

I don't know, i just feel the "pain" and pity them that they had to go through all of this.

Those foolish fans don't just "touch" you know... they really GRAB and wouldn't let go!! Like just... hold onto you!!!

Poor Baby was like, clinging onto Teddy Bear's back (who wouldn't? If it were me i would just hug him from the back instead, its so much safer!!!) and then got separated for a brief moment and like...

Seriously, if that happens in Malaysia, i'm so going to break down and cry on the spot. Never mind if the boys just stare at me thinking i'm weird; they saw me sobbing madly before anyways, not like i have an "image" to protect.

Because... i have this feeling that it'll happen. Somehow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I just realized...

It's already ONE MONTH since Super Show!


It was just like yesterday when i actually freaked out because i was panicking on how to get the tickets, who is going with me, should i go etc etc, and all the planning and all...

And wow, its really already one month now.

But apparently, i'm still living in my very own Super Show "Dream World" even until now... hmm...

I was complaining again how much i missed Seoul (ok i was lying, i actually missed my boys way more) for the 1276278636218963813th time, when Rou-Master told me to wake up because it was already so long ago.

She's so right.

And i know i should wake up, but just somehow or rather... some parts of my mind just refuses to wake up, and is still well, at Super Show in Seoul.

My heart is still with my boys in Korea.

I still think its a Miracle that i actually traveled all the way there, alone, just for my boys.

My beautiful 13 boys.
Just to be with them for their very first concert.

I love my boys so much.

And i miss them SO SO SO much (ㅠ.ㅠ)...

슈주 오빠들, 려욱, 기범, 그리고 규현.

아프지만 마세요.
절대 아프지마세요
그들를 아파면, 나도 아퍼에요.

영원히... 그들의 옆에서 지켜줄게요.

지켜줄게 열세 면.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jo KyuHyun made me bumped me dad's car.

Just now while i was parking, i was in a hurry and dreaming at the same time (listening to Super Junior's song, mind on Super Junior as well)... not a good combination...

So anyways, while i reversed i didn't hear the warning signals (as said, mind and hearing somehere else), and i didn't see that huge pillar behind me as well... so...

You know what happened next (= =").

And thinking back... i must be blind not to see that huge pillar (= =" )... seriously...

So yeah... "No more SuJu songs for me when i drive next time," was what i thought immediately afterwards.

Do you think that really happen?
While on my way home afterwards, i was listening to GalJeung...

And driving...

And dancing to the song at the same time (= =" )...


Not that what happened didn't shock me but...


I'm seriously an ELF i guess XD!!

As for the car, luckily nothing serious onto my Dad's precious KangIn-ish car... but still...

My precious (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!!

Though, since i'm always usually positive, one thing i find from the whole incident is who really cares...

Gosh, so KangChul-ish (= =" ).

I love you Queen of the Freaking Universe, dongsaeng and HeeChul!~
And and...
First monkey, then lazy, then flower, then bloody rumours... then me...

ps: Dongsaeng-ah... next time when you are able to drive please don't follow what sunbaenim did ok?

Or Old Man won't stop nagging.

The snow-balling effect.

A lot has been happening these few days.

Particularly yesterday (since it's passed midnight now).

It seemed unbelievable.

How you pray that it's not true.

It won't come true.

And it's not true isn't it?

I'm not feeling well emotionally so i'm just going to sleep on it.

Maybe it's all just a dream when i wake up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Jumper and The Spiderwick Chronicles

How cool would it be to be a Jumper?

One blink, woosh, one place... another blink, woosh, another place.


It would be like:
"Mom, i'm going to have lunch with RyeoWook, ShinDong, KangIn and KyuHyun!~"
"Korea! Bye!~"
*blink of an eye*
*In Pizza Hut @ MyeongDong*
"Where is that girl?" asks ShinDong as he looks at the main entrance.
"DONGDONG-YAH XD!" appears behind ShinDong and gives him a big hug.
"뭐야 o.O?" wonders ShinDong.
"Typically her," mumbled KyuHyun just because his KyuHyun.


If i am a jumper, instead of robbing banks and other innocent people off their money and then getting chased by Paladins (what weird name is that? at least get something cooler lar really!), i mean, honestly... anyways, i would instead be a International-shopper for other people! How cool could that get XD! Travel-shopping-earn money all at the same time *dreams*!

Apart from that, i would vow to use my amazing superhero-powers ability to do good in the world; like taking those poachers from warm places and throw them at Antarctica, then taking those hunters in cold places and throw them to Sahara Desert... while wearing whatever they are wearing at the moment... maybe getting those Japanese fisherman who hunts dolphins and whales and throw them into the Pacific Ocean, throw those people who eat Shark's Fin into Australia waters...

Wow. Cool.

Especially the last one. Sweet.

Anyways, i just got back from watching The Spiderwick Chronicles.
I love the movie!
I think its nice, but i'm a bit disappointed from the lack of "mystical creatures". I was expecting more really, but there's just a few so...

And i like it that its not imagination, but in-fact, like, "real" and it really happens (in the movie anyways - but how i wish its real-life...)! As much as i like all these fantasy movies, i hate those that happen because of imagination. I might as well go watch my own imagination lar honestly *rolls eyes*.

Ah, and reading from what AhMa wrote in her Blog about the fairies in the movie, on the contrary i actually like the flower fairies, their cute and very realistic!

The reason why people thinks that fairies should look like Tinkerbell from Disney's Peterpan, is because well... let's just say we are all hoodwinked by Disney's version of "magical creatures" and their need to ensure everything looks nice and well, fairy tale-ish.

I mean, have you ever seen anything in Disney cartoons (non-villains) which are, lets just be crude and say... ugly? Or non-fairy-tale-sh?

There are a lots of different types of fairies in this world. And let's just say, most fantasy stories doesn't have "good-looking-pretty-fairies", or rather, "Disney-ish-fairies". Sorry to break-it-to-ya, but its true.

In fact, even in Harry Potter's world, J.K. Rowling's description of "Fairies" in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them actually describes them as... well... go get the book.

Not to say they are not "good-looking", but i feel fairies doesn't need to look like Legolas "fairy-talish", but rather, the mystical aura they give and the "i'm-small-but- touch-me-and-you-die" feeling is more important.

But anyways, there are loads of types of fairies in this world, each is up to the author or your own imagination to see.

BTW, which comes to this...

OMG, i love fantasy stories, note, NOT fairy-tales where everything have to be Pink, nice and bubbly, but real fantasy stories. The more magical creatures the better.
In-fact, if you have a good story-line, good actors, good-effects, good action and interaction, and throw in loads of magical creatures for me and not at all are any of those "imagination" of the characters in the story... in-short, a GOOD MOVIE by my standards... i would proudly promote the movie and buy the original DVD!!

No seriously, i would.
But you really had to make me love it so much that when i hand-over my money, i won't feel anything because i was actually hoodwinked by the Sylphes singing into my ears that paying that amount for a DVD instead of getting it in Pasar Malam is worth-it.

No, i seriously would. But i have yet met a movie which captivated me so badly, so boos for now i guess.

LOTR would've matched. But too bad it's far from reality.

I mean... as beautiful and handsome Legolas can get, i wouldn't want to imagine myself as an ELF in Rivendell. I mean, i am an ELF, but i wouldn't want to be one from LOTR. Because there's no internet, Super Junior and my HeeChul there (she's probably a dragon in that world honestly) in Rivendell.

Oh yes, let's not forget 1-Utama. And my smelly rabbits. And my pan-chan and everything else which is actually keeping me alive at this moment.

So no, thank you.
(ps: Wouldn't say no to be a fellow-student in Hogwarts though)

Yeah, the thing i love with fantasy stories is to see how far your imagination can run! With movie (which are made properly), it just brings it (your imagination) further (^^ )!~


Is it because i'm blessed with an extremely strong voice-box (read as: very-loud-voice)?

Or was it because my brother bought a very good brand of webcam cum mic?


I choose to believe the latter (-┏).

Tag: 8 kiddy habits and 5 weird driving habits.


I've got loads of visits when i write about conservation or about how retarded Kyu is that day! Hahaha!

So i should write more on conservation =D (or all about our retardedness XD!~)!!


I love doing tags, and sometimes, if i am too bo-liao not doing anything else, i create them XD?

Ok, guarantee bo-liao.

8 kiddy habits
  1. I love cartoons.
    Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents!~
  2. Itchy hands.
    I like to push buttons.
    Thats why i don't like it when people fight with me just to see who gets to push the button (= =").
    And yes, i still like to withdraw money for my mom. Because ATM buttons are fun =P!
  3. Sing and dance randomly.
    Anytime, anywhere but mood-dependent.
  4. Squeals and throw tantrums.
  5. Talk to my softtoy.
    Don't you love my pan-chan?
  6. Everything is animated to me.
  7. Very good imagination.
  8. Random. SUPER random.
    And retarded.
I like it that although i'm growing up, i'm not growing up at the same time!~

8 Weird Driving Habits
  1. I "open" my own concert when i drive.
  2. My favourite insult if you pissed me off - only applies to guys who drive like fools and not gentleman.
    "Do you want me to bring you to Thailand for a surgery?"
  3. Erm...
    A bit disgusting, but i do clear my nose sometimes when i stop at the traffic lights. Provided if i have wet-tissue around me.
  4. Multi-tasking.
    Take pics, sms-ing, looking for songs on my handphone or CD-player, dancing to Don't Don even while driving.
    Hmm... very bad.
  5. Daydream.
    Not the first time.
    A few times i actually missed turns and ended up having to go one-big-round because i daydreamed.

Do you drive like a mad woman?

I'm tagging Amanda - Queen of the Freaking Universe because her Blogs new, and BiBi because it has been long since she updated.

And Loo2 - Rou Master because she rarely updates.


Who else can wake me up?

I've been sleeping really late and waking up really late everyday.

But, being a person who prefers the day *cough*, i always try to wake up early.
Which evidently fails every single time, but whatever, its the effort that counts =D?

My mom and cousins can give evidence on how hard it can be to wake me up!
I feel like EeTeuk (= =").
Oh no. I don't want to be old man.


I always say if SuJu wakes me up, guarantee i can wake up instantly!

But i think i have to rephrase it.

Because i'm currently using YoungWoon's voice to wake me up...

But for the past few days i actually just switched it off without even remembering whether or not i hear anything (= =")...

On the contrary, it actually annoys me due to the vibration, so i switched the vibration mode off... just so when he wakes me up, it'll just be his voice and none of the annoying vibration sound!

How wrong i was.

Because today, when YoungWoon's voice woke me up, i actually smile gleefully...

Till the part he yelled, i actually jumped...
And went back to sleep (=v=")...

It actually frightened me! OMG! YoungWoon actually frightens me!!!

Is that even possible?

But erm... well, anyways... i just continue sleeping in the end... so... yeah =P!!


They should just come wake me up themselves as usual the next time! It would be so much better (^^ )!

ps: Everyone except EeTeuk. Please.

For one, he's probably still sleeping too.

For two, i don't want water-screen.