Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Never EVER study last minute...

What are the impact of globalization on the creation of the changes in immigration patterns?

e. Changes in Immigration Patterns
Throughout history, immigration patterns in countries have change a lot such as the 1800’s when farmers came to Canada from all over Europe and in the 1900s; many well educated people left their country to have better life in western countries such as Canada. Immigration patterns have change with professionals such as professionals in engineering, medicine, education or other highly skilled jobs are attracted to international market leaving their home country. This departure is called “brain drain” and is often a serious problem if it is not balance up.

You get total "brain drain"... trust me @.@...

Its hard to fit one sem worth of information into your brain due to studying at the last minute that your brain WILL malfunction or something...

The next thing you know, you're probably Blogging when you have like A LOT more questions to read...

eiko-chan is baka usagi @.@!!!

Haiyoyo... Love in Harvard X3!!!~

My IB exam is later, hehehe, totally didn't study last night because was slacking around, wasted time with the stupid previous Blog entry, helping me cous do her research homework (I very KPC XP!!!) and watching K-drama, Love in Harvard!!!

At first i thought its just another xianz drama, it is based on Korea AND America law (Moi is British, England and Malaysia!!!), plus the guy isn't really cute (Although i really like the lead actress, because she is pretty, cute and a not-bad actress!!! You should see her in Stairway to Heaven!!! Huiyo!!!), but anyways, i got the chance to watch a bit from 8TV, then i watch a couple of CDs and I REALLY LIKE IT THEN (Then borrow CDs officially from Mei jie and, hehehe X3!!!~)!!!

I realise i have a fetish for Law movies/ dramas btw (The HK drama Survivor's Law is a good example ^-^!!!~)!!!~

The guy (Kim Rae Won!!!) is now one of my favourite K-actors ^-^!!!~ I've saw one of his other movies and i think his really good and hehehe, cute X3!!!~ Although from first look he really not really cute but now... HE IS SO CUTE XD!!!~ Probably not 100% handsome, but definately on eiko-chan's list of attractive guys!!! I think its because of his abs and smile XD!!!~

Anyways, the lead couple are really matching too!!! And really sweet together XD (Plus the guy is quite big and the girl quite petite, so when they hug... GYA XD!!!~)!!!~ My cous sleep was asleep and i was like giggling and kicking my comforter in silence on my bed because it is damn funny AND sweet their actions and stuffs X3!!!~

What Mei jie said is true; she recommend me watch last time because she knows my fancy for Law stuffs, but i say i don't want to watch because the guy is not cute (SO untrue!!!) and its American law. But she tells me that the guy, the longer you see him, the cuter he is and stuffs, and both of them are so in love with each other that its really nice!!!~

I SO agree with her now!!! Can't wait to go home and finish watching the remaining discs XD!!!~

Kim Rae Won and Kim (Put girl's name here - Forgot XP!!!)!!! CUTEST COUPLE X3!!!~

Ok, back to studying IB now you bo-liao eiko-chan X3!!!~

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I hate the bloody Blog!!!

Twice... TWICE i wrote the same entry, and the bloody thing poof and dissappear!!! BLOODY HELL!!! I SPENT TWO HOURS THIS AFTERNOON FOR IT!!!

I'll just go to the point now, bloody hell =.=***!!!


Pics of me kitty cats XD!!!~

I've been feeding the stray cats (Now occasionally nya =P!!!) after moving into me new house, and i've grown pretty attached to them =3!!!~ They to me too, because i feed them food!!! Hehehe XD!!!~

Everytime i need them or want to feed them, i just need stand at my main door or main gate and go "meow meow", and then see them running towards me XD!!!~

Here are some piccu of the kitties and cats!!! Those cute little monkeys... i mean erm, kitty cats XP!!!~

Oh hail and behold, the smallest and youngest of them all but the fattest with the biggest tummy XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Little baby kitty 2.90 XD!!!~
Named 2.90 becaused i bought them canned cat food, and on the can was the price tag. I took and price tag and stick it on his head and it was there a few days!!! Ever since then, oh hail baby 2.90 XD!!!~

Image hosted by
Babygirl XD!!!~
She was afraid of me when younger, like 2.90, but as she grow (And as i feed her...), she grew to stick to my legs so much when she wants food that sometimes i'll accidentally step on her 0_0!!! Hehehe, and she has this really mental look on her face everytime people pet her XD!!!~ CUTE X3!!!~

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Told you about the leg thing =P!!! Btw, thats me and my colour flipflops X3!!!~

Image hosted by The mental look =P!!!
Image hosted by
The chain with bell i bought for her!!! So everytime she comes towards me can hear the "cling cling" sound of the bell!!!

Image hosted by
The mothers of the neighbourhood!!! Uwai Tao (Means "kepala senget"!!!) and Fierce Woman!!!
Uwai Tao is 2.90's mother, and she is very manja in the sense if you pet her abit, she'll stick her WHOLE BODY against you X3!!!~
But pity her now because her body is like twitching and wiggly and cannot move straight like a normal cat =(... i think it is some kind of cat sickness???
Plus because of her state, or maybe because she is very fancied among the male cats (She does have a pretty girl face!!!), the idiotic Fierce Woman and Babygirl always bully her!!! Hissing and scratch her if she walks pass!!!

Image hosted by
Don't be fooled by this scary look!!! She does have a very pretty girly face!!!~

Image hosted by
Babygirl's mother, Fierce Woman!!!
She didn't earn that nick without any reason!!! SHE IS FIERCE!!!
Don't get tricked by her manja and innocent meow!!! Nothing, even cats or your hand (Except probably with food...), can go near her unless you wanted to be scratched (Even her own kitten, Babygirl!!! But her new kitties not??? Strange!!!)!!!
Today i sort-of, punished her by using my slipper to whack her (Use hand??? SIAO!!!) because was feeding them canned food and SHE BULLIED BABY 2.90 BY SCRATCHING HER AND REFUSES TO REMOVE HER HAND... PAW FROM 2.90's EAR!!!
Poor 2.90 got so freaked out and scare and need a moment to recover from it (Because i put the food infront of her face and she didn't even react!!!) =(...

All other cats also runaway because of my sudden "anger"... except Babygirl and 2.90 abit =.=... i swear they have grown accustomed to my anger or me or something...

Hmm... will Babygirl and 2.90 also join the "League of Mommys" in the future 0_O???

Image hosted by
Boy2 XD!!!~
The "guai-est" of all the cats!!! Because he don't bully other cats (Even Babygirl and 2.90 who will suddenly scratch other nearby cats when they get cranky!!!), instead, always kena bully by other cats, especially by Ash (My old house's neighbour stupid-because-he-runaway-from-a-good-home ex-cat!!!)!!! Everytime Ash and him comes, he'll have to runaway because Ash will chase him to fight!!! Stupid Ash!!!
But both males, so have to understand lar =/... territory problem...
I think all other male cats left too, but Boy2 probably has some problems and thus hard to find food in other places, so he depend on me to feed him??? Because he so guai i also very happy to feed him, even if he is just lazy to find food ^-^!!!~
BTW, check out his cool contacts!!! No lar, actually, poor boy is blind on his left eye =(...

Nevertheless, still a...

... HANDSOME meow meow =D!!!~
Image hosted by What you want???
Image hosted by WHAT???
Image hosted by WHAT YOU WANT 0_0!!!

Image hosted by HELP!!! eiko-chan's strangling me!!!
Image hosted by Just kidding, eiko-chan loves me X3!!!~
Image hosted by Zzz...
Image hosted by What do YOU want???

And not to forget...

... the CUTE and POSER (And fat!!!) meow meow XD!!!~
Image hosted by Mana ada???

Image hosted by I don't friend you...
Image hosted by What??? Got food *-*???
Image hosted by TIPU!!! Don't want layan you!!!

Image hosted by Hello!!!
Image hosted by So xianz...
Image hosted by Anything to eat do???
Image hosted by No, i'm not a poser!!!
Image hosted by I'm cute and hot X3!!!~

And last but not least...

Image hosted by eiko-chan, you lebih!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


I don't get it, why are some people so... can i say "irresponsible"???... and not answer straight away when you asks something??? Or just completely skip that question (Pretended like didnt hear or read it...) and talk something else etc until that you have to ask again???

It just gets on my nerves, especially when we need to plan for something in the near future etc!!! I hate asking the same thing over and over again, not to forget!!! So when no answer comes out, i need to ask AGAIN... bloody hell!!!

Grr, wth, i appreciate all my friends but this is seriously GETTING ON MY NERVES!!! It is NOT the first time!!!

Its not like you can die or fall into the arms of Lord "you-know-who-the-freaky-old-man-with-nose-slits-and-red-eyes" Voldemort if you just answer me right??? Wth!!!

Hell, you'd probably fall into the arms of heartrobs such as Takeshi Kaneshiro or that Korean guy or Jacky Cheung (Married so striked out!!!) if you answered???

How about getting a straight answer out from someone??? If you can't make it for a movie or something, how about just a "Sorry, i can't make it," or "I don't want to go out with you! I want to go out with lengcais!"; instead a few sms or calls were made with dily daly and going to the moon answers (It means answers which are getting nowhere near towards the end you Dodo brain!!!) and in the end, it was NOT "Sorry, i can't," but instead something far-fetched like "Aiyar, i going out to (Put some places name or event here) with (Put some people's name here) lar that day..."...



If cannot make it, just say in the beginning lar, don't waste money!!!

I wonder if i say something like, erm... perhaps how about, "I have tickets to Perhaps.Love premiere, want to go ar???" or something with a certain tad of attraction to the deemed person, maybe i'll get my answer straight away??? No???

Then go shove your head into a pile of stinkaps lar!!! Bloody hell!!!

p/s: I have my bloody OS exam pronto 9am sharp tomorrow AND I HAVEN'T EVEN START STUDYING!!! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING NOW???

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My lifetime of accomplishments involving Jay

Below are the list of what i what i want to do with Jay, and surprisingly, i've accomplished quite a few ^-~ (Those striked represents what i've done!!!)!!!~

- Get married to Jay Chou
- Be Mrs Chou aka Zhou Tai Tai
- Be his girlfriend
- Chew his head (This habit is SO addictive X3!!!~)
- Take a group shot with Jay ^-~
- Take individual shots with Jay
- Grab his ass
- Grab his arm
- Caress his face ("Hua neng neng de" XD!!!~)
- Grab his ass, again
- Star in his MV as the lead female in my dreams
- Star in his MV as the lead female in reality
- Direct his MV in my dreams
- Direct his MV in reality
- Get his autograph
- Shake hands with him
- Twice XD
- Stand close to him
- Grab him from the back (In other words, jump onto him from the back, after i have achieved my desired weight of course; i wouldn't want to kill my Baby and leave myself "widowed" (CHOY!!!) ^^;;...)
- Hug Baby Jay
- Kiss him
- Chase after him
- Scream in happiness because of his appearance
- Compare height with him from a distant
- Grab his ass, again again
- Take piccu with him
- Chase after him while driving my baby AE86 in a mad car-chasing experience around KL city (No seriously, his driver, is MAD!!! I should be the one he hire to drive his car next time. At least it'll guarantee his safety, and people chasing his car's as well =/...)
- Appear on the newspaper with him
- Appear on television with him (I'll leave this to be striked later cause don't know yet ^^;;...)
- Appear on a magazine with him (Ditto ^^;;...)
- Sing a duet with him (No matter how horrible i sound X3!!!)
- Star in a movie with him
- Star in his MV as lead female
- Buy his album (Duh!!!~)
- Get his autograph on an album
- Get his autograph on a poster
- Make it two poster XD
- Get his autograph on all albums
- Grab his ass, again again again
- Put my head against his broad shoulders
- Grab his ass, AGAIN!!!
- Ditto the one above, i'm obssessed XP!!!~
- Hug him from behind
- "Send" him back to his hotel, SAFELY, after a "wild" car chase with my baby AE86 around KL City
- Seeing him walking into his hotel lobby safe and sound even though his driver is a mad person

Not forgetting...

- Attend his Panasonic handphone launch
- Attend his concerts
- Grab his ass (Don't ask me how many times anymore...)

And last but not least...

- Attend his autograph session in Malaysia
- Stand super near to him below the stage and being able to admire his soft and smooth "hua neng neng de" skin
- Take loadsa good and cute pics of him
- Got his autograph
- Standing behind him
- Take piccu with him
- Sing a song with fellow fanclub members to him on stage (We sound horrible but 0_0...)
- Will appear with his cute face and my stupid face along with Auntie's Pupu face in major media (Newspapers, mags, tee-vees...)

- Take piccu with him ^-^

... and...

- Never stop supporting him no matter what ^-^

Muahaheeeeee XD!!!~ So many to do somemore!!! eiko-chan GANBATTE XD!!!~

p/s: I'm serious on the "Grab his ass" part ^-^!!!~ If you really take notice, its really very nice and grabbable =P...
And i've successfully kept my hands to myself the whole time i was onstage with him!!! What a big accomplishment too don't you think XD???

pp/s: More updates on the Wed autograph session soon ^-~!!!~ Meantime, please go check Auntie's Blog!!! I'm sure she've updated it dee!!!~

ppp/s: YEAH XD!!!~

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm so nervous now @.@...

Very very very so so so nervous now @.@...

I need ice-cream... NERVOUS!!!

CALM DOWN eiko-chan!!! Keep your head with you (But Pupu biting how ar @.@???)!!!

*Throws Pupu away and style up hair abit with hand* *tada, beautiful hair ^-~*!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

**This entry is evidence of eiko-chan's nervousness; nervous state: 1000%**


I am nervous already, and yes, i slacked a little ALOT and didn't finish my OS presentation powerpoint.

And yes, you had reminded me to do it before on Sat but i was on cloud 9 cuz i had finished my CCA so i skipped doing it over the weekend.

On Mon, i was busy online (But God knows what i'm doing that time, i can't remember @.@...) and at night, i brought my niece to Ikano. By the time i came home, i meddle around and then slept.

On Tues, i slept in the afternoon and the rest of the time i was worrying and slacked and almost had a nervous breakdown that i can't finish my OS clips.

On Wed, you told me that you wanted it today and you have reminded me since Sat and we needed to combine the stuffs today. It is MY fault, totally my fault for slacking. But i promised you i will finish it tonight and if you give me the pendrive, i'll save it with the rest of y'alls presentation so it'll be ready tomorrow.

You were pissed, naturally, but don't forget you did the same thing to me ALOT OF TIMES before as well.

At the beginning of the sem because of our OS assignments. We handed in late alot of times. I finish mine just nice, even if it sucked. Ms Rowena was nice not to give us a penalty.

After our group broke up, i handed in mine on time (If not, mostly only once or twice...). Then we had to team up for the OS Business Plan. We were suppose to hand it in on Mon but because you guys didn't do it that i had to wait until Tues to hand in. Luckily Ms Rowena was nice, as always, and didn't gave us any mark penalty. I've already let her browse through mine on Mon anyways.

If i were to know that handing it late won't result in a penalty, i would've handed in on Tues as well, because i didn't do so well. But anyways, over is over.

If you have to be pissed at me, i guess i would've already been pissed so many times i wouldn't know what pissed means dee.

But it could be my fault, it could be yours. But if you have good reasons for it, i have good reasons too.

I almost had a nervous breakdown, and i slacked. I was busy too.

Wth, forget about it. Anyhows, i worry about my mark and i'll make sure i do it tonight after meeting Baby Jay.

Whether anot i'll be on cloud 9 after it, or suffer another breakdown after it... i'll make sure i finish it tonight...

Bloody hell...
I love Ron, thanks for "teaching" me this word ^-^!!!~


I don't know, but i have the feeling you usually think for yourself and not for others... And you always think you're in the right, no matter what. You can also say it until as if others was in the bad, and you're not that i won't be surprise if i get bad remarks from others i probably don't even know in the future.

May i note that for the OS Business plan, i reminded you before the holidays or something.

Wth, get over it eiko-chan!!!


God bless me for tonight X3!!!~

I should probably stay home...

As said...

I don't know...

Its just a stupid little (Ok... BIG!!!) autograph session, but i'm already going bonkers because of it dee 0-0...

No, i'm seriously serious!!! I almost had a nervous breakdown just now... and i totally don't know why...

Not almost had lar, but i was thinking how if i had it the next day, and the thought of it just makes me more nervous...

I'm just so nervous now, i don't know how @.@... i seriously think i should just stay at home, i'm worried i might get my fellow MyJay members bad luck too...

Knowing me these days, i really think i'm in not in the pink of luck =o="...

Just now, after talking to Auntie got me nervous, because Baby Jay is already in Malaysia 0-0... i don't know what to do dee, can't even think straight and finish my bloody OS assignment, that i think of going to Ikea to get my favourite ice-cream...

Worst, i even think of going to Hilton KL and try my luck to see whether he will be there anot @.@...

Well, i DID go to Ikea just now with my cous, because i seriously and desperately need ice-cream to calm myself down. Waiting in the car was totally mad because there's where i felt myself almost experiencing (Or thinking...) a nervous breakdown...

Then my cousin came back and there's no more yummy Ikea ice-cream dee T-T... we ended up going to McD for ice-cream (At least there's an alternative =/...), but at the end i ended up buying a McNugget set =P... breaking my diet, NOT a good sign...

And thank God luckily my cousin keeps her head where its supposed to be, because i really wanted to go to KL at that instance!!! She's very nice, willing to accompany me to KL but we choose to go home lar... Desperate Housewives is showing anyways =P...

Blah!!! I seriously don't know how i'll appear tomorrow in school if this is how i felt now!!!

I hate Baby Jay... all his fault!!!

But i can't forget about him... either way, just hope for the best tomorrow...

He should strictly stay in Taiwan for autograph sessions... coming suddenly to Malaysia for an autograph session when he usually don't IS a bad idea... to me anyways...

Its making me go bonkers...

Just hope for the best...

Blah!!! GANBATTE GANBATTE eiko-chan!!! FIGHTO XD!!!

ps: See, one minute of "depression", and i'm already well the next (But i'll be better if there's ice-cream *v*!!! And er, not exactly next but yeah, somewhere there lar ^^;;...)!!!

eiko-chan rules XD!!!~

Okok, pan-chan, Simba and BD too X3!!!~

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bad luck vrams...

This happened yesterday, on Mon, as i return to college with the bloody big heavy burden off my shoulders (The bloody ISU!!!) after the "long weekend"!!!

Ok, its not exactly a "long weekend", given that there's only 2 days (Sat and Sun.) as usual, but after i finally finishing my Law ISU/ CCA, i really really felt relieve that the weekend looked like long one week holiday (Seriously!!! It really seemed as if i won't need to go college anymore XD!!!~)!!!

But anyways, i return to college with lighter shoulder burden, and even put an effort in wearing my sleeveless white Body Shop top; which after i myself had been putting pounds onto my arms i've gave all of them the cold shoulders...

I brought a jacket anyway...


Because whaddya know, there's a big bloody hole in my pants!!! And it was my favourite pants T-T...

Thank yous Amanda for noticing it and making an effort to walk after me to tell me =), but also no thank yous for telling something to your friend and refuses to tell me what... grrr!!!

But still grateful, muakies (Goodness knows how many bloody fools would've seen my butt if she didn't walk after me and instead, waited that i approach her 0_0!!!)!!!

Anyways, i have to wrap the jacket around my butt, and my jacket, is a cardigan and is quite small, so nevertheless, i looked like a super fool that day =.=...

And the class is so bloody cold everytime i wear sleeveless!!! But luckily i have enough brains to notice that i could wear my jacket when i sit down, just that i can't stand up unless i take off my jacket to wrap my butt...

And thats not the only thing...

I bought a new pair of, sort of colour, contacts. Its not exactly coloured, but its called Alluring Eyes because it sorts of like suppose to make your eyes look alluring with the special "star-shape" effect it'll make your the colour part look... and its also lighter brown btw...

Supposed to look good, but i seriously think i looked like an alien in it =.=...

As in the eye part, i really look freakish and funny 0_0!!! Maybe cuz i'm not use to it, but it still sucks lar!!! Plus the fact that i'm not use to it yet, there are parts which will like cover my eyes and making stuffs look partially blurry...

Maybe the type of contacts i'm not use to too cuz sometimes, especially the left eye, enjoys turning blurry all of a sudden...

But luckily usually during classes, if driving... i shudder to think 0-0...

But this morning it went really annoying that i have to drive while rubbing it... a scary experience even to myself... plus i was sleepy and tired (I really would like to know how my cous and Ee Von felt this morning in my car =.=...)...

Apart from that, i bought a different bag that day, a shoulder bag, cuz the Mon felt special (Yeah, it sure is "special" all right!!!)!!! If i were to use the original bag i'm using, a sling bag, i could at least use the sling bag to cover my butt!!!

Instead, i have to use my jacket cuz the shoulder bag is hard to cover my butt and without the jacket and with me wearing sleeveless, it makes me look fatter!!! My nice and i love it but "i-hate-it-that-day-stupid-bag" got dirty abit too (White and pink colour bag...) ToT...

Plus, i had to use the scanner in The Web, so i had to stand up and thus, i can't wear the jacket (Cuz its covering my butt...)... AND IT WAS SO COLD ToT!!! The Web is always cold these days, don't know why, grr!!!

When i want it cold its like a oven, when i want i warmer its like a freezer!!!

People who wants to buy kitchen appliances should come to me; i reckon Taylor's College makes a bloody hell good place to see what type of kitchen appliance you need!!!


And btw, i'm already getting nervous now!!! God knows how i'll feel and act tomorrow in college 0_0... luckily my OS presentation on Thurs...

Which reminds me... haven't finish OS presentation 0-0...


Monday, November 21, 2005

Stupid fat monkey...

I swear... stupid me... stupid pink monkey!!!

Its only TWO DAYS LATER!!! How come you forget about today's plan you stupid pink monkey!!!

I was suppose to be on a sorta, crash diet (Or whatever you call those... involves me not eating... alot... haha, the sky will drop if i totally give up on eating ok =P!!!), but i totally forgot about it prior to dinner... and i ate a very good, satisfying and appreciated, but "full-of-carbs" meal (Fatshimo, carbshimo, whatever it is its not going to help my diet T-T!!!)...


Another "bad luck" chapter to be added into today's story... GOD!!!

Will i ever make it to the pretty, cute and "smaller" girl before Jay on Wed???


But at least the diet's gonna help... i hope... at least a tad little... please *-*... to return me to the path where me and Jay first met upclose *dreams with Qi Li Xiang playing in the background*...

Forget about health... I'M RISKING IT FOR THIS WEDNESDAY (I'll be back to normal, but eating lesser, but more than these two days, after Wed... that is if i still remember to eat after meeting Baby Jay XP!!!)!!!


I'm using w-inds. ageha Tour 2005 scarf to tie over my mouth starting tonight!!! After i get back from Ikano Power Center =P!!!

See, even w-inds. is helping me!!! GANBATTE eiko-chan X3!!!~

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Kitties...

Oops, my wrong =P!!!


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Pandas (pan-chan will declare his forever love to J.K. Rowling if she really name a book similiar to this title!!!)...

Oops again =P!!!

Ok, its...

... the boy who live...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Image hosted by

Ok, i'll be frank... IT SUCKED!!!

Sorry to dissappoint all those peeps who have been waiting for it dearly (That includes me and my lao po Loo2 too ToT...), but its the truth...


But i'm happier with this than last year's one... last year's one was HORRIBLE!!! That was my worst dissappointment!!!

At least i can still go watch this a second time (I want to too, missed a few parts XP!!!), but the third installment... i'll only go if there's free tics, popcorn and drinks if possible, and Daniel Radcliffe (The last one is a sure guarantee nya =P!!!)!!!

But anyways, Daniel Radcliffe is really hotter than EVER XD (Long hair XD and good bod *o*!!!~)!!!~

Rupert Grint (Correct ar =P??? The guy who played Ron!!!) is very cute too nevertheless!!! He and his silly expression and look X3!!!~

And the Weasley twins (FUNNIER THAN EVER XD!!!~), OMG XD!!!~

Ok, and listed below is the things i find really sucky in the entire movie (Those people above are NOT ok???)...

- The new Dumbledore (He so sucked!!! Sorry the real actor, but the REAL Dumbledore is NOT that jovial, cheerful, in a jumpy mood, and IN NEED OF ANGER-MANAGEMENT!!! The old one, the one in the first and second installment, is the best and SO MUCH ALIKE THE DUMBLY-DORR IN THE BOOK!!!)

- Hermoine (She only have like, one expression... anxious, angry, nervous, scare... only one... Sorry Emma Watson!!! But you can't deny she is getting prettier since the third one...
I will not say she is hot, as every guy says. Because imo, i, as a female should reserve the word "hot" only to a male counterpart, and not a female... except if i really think so!!!)

- Cedric Diggory (He is SO GAY!!! OMG!!! And he and the stone bench with his friends... and the way he hinted Harry like... OMG!!! GAY!!! And like, "sort-of-sore-loser"!!! OMG!!!)

***Note: I have nothing against gay!!! But my point is, Cedric is potrayed in the book as a jock (But a smart one!!!), and what he is in the movie is TOTALLY THE OPPOSITE of the book!!!***

- Moaning Mrytle (She like so hiao... OMG!!! Sorry if i spell her name wrongly =P!!!)

- "Mad-Eye" Moody (The Moody i know in the book is like, old and very paranoid and calm??? But this one just gives me the feel he is one crazy old fella!!!)

- Voldemort (I'm so not scare of his name... and he don't look like a snake to me... just like a utterly freakish guy with red eyes and nose slits???)

- Nagini (She is SUPPOSED to be white, if i'm not mistaken... hehe, its been awhile since i touch book 4 T-T...)

- Dobby and Winky (They don't suck, seriously cause they are important roles in the book... but they went missing in the movie!!!
I mean, they featured Dobby in the second installment!!! Is it that hard to just feature them or at least Winky only in this one???)

- The Riddle House dream (The dream Harry had where the book opened to... i thought Harry FORGOT about that dream after he fall back asleep and wakes up???)

- Hermoine's dress (Hello, like, its suppose to be BLUE and NOT PINK!!! Is it that hard to just follow this little detail from the book???)

- Ron's glare (Ron is NOT SUPPOSE to stare at Hermoine as she enters the Great Hall with Krum!!! He is suppose to look everywhere, but her!!!)

- Krum and Hermoine (Firstly, Hermoine actually didn't pay any attention to Krum at the beginning... AT ALL!!! It was Krum to Hermoine!!! What is it with when Krum pass by Hermoine AT THE BEGINNING she smirked??? Can't they do it the other way around??? And Krum is to be attracted to Hermoine's intellect isn't it??? And i thought his like grumpy and etc!!! Whats it with him waving and catcalling to the crowd during World Cup???)

- Neville and Ginny (Ginny actually wasn't really interested with Neaville, isn't it??? She is WITH HARRY AT THE 6TH BOOK!!! But but but... OMG!!! Are they trying to make Ginny look like a slut or something??? If they can waste time to feature their little dance together in the Yule Ball, why not use that time to feature the part Hagrid talked to his girlfriend that he is giant or something??? Or something else??? THAT part is not important isn't it???)

And alot more, but i just can't remember it for the time being =P!!!

But i MUST mention this...

THE SUCKIEST OF ALL!!! Makes you go "*v*" then suddenly " =.="""..." in a zap...

- The Quiditch World Cup...

They just show the cheering part from the crowd, how the stadium is like, the players fly out and zoom... Irish players with a Leprachaun thingy in the sky, then the Bulgarians, and the crowds pic suddenly become like a huge tv showing Krum... then zip, nada, THATS ALL!!!

Where's the Veela??? And most importantly... WHERE IS THE MATCH???

Completely deprived of Quiditch... OMG!!!

I know the "different-from-book", the "can't-fit-whole-book-into-movie", but can't they at least try to stick to the facts??? At least as near as possible???

Whats with all those extra USELESS NOT IMPORTANT parts??? If they cut that, or if they lengthen the movie to 3 hours instead of 2 and a half (I think the first and second installment are 3 hours???), they can at least fit in the Quiditch part ok??? TOTALLY DEPRIVED OF THE QUIDITCH PART!!!

I seriously think, if thats all they are going to show the Quiditch part, they might as well just cancel the whole part on going to see the World Cup as planned... at least we be let down THAT bad!!!

At first i heard they are going to cancel the Quiditch part, but finally decided to add it back because it is important and fans bising bising and stuffs... but i'm more let down now instad... THAT PART SUCKS!!!

Its like telling me "I'm going to give you ice-cream" but at the end telling me its finished or something... no... WORST!!!


Ugh... but at least there are parts which are quite satisfying... such as the part Daniel Radcliffe, er... i mean Harry Potter is bathing in the prefect's bathroom XD!!!~

All i can is, that movie will probably be good to people who haven't read the book before (Gotto ask my cousin about this fact, cause she haven't read the book before, and she thinks the third installment is ok because of that!!!), but to us fans BECAUSE of the book... IT SUCKS!!!

J.K. Rowling rules!!! THE BOOK RULES!!!

Director and people whom it may concern, you rule too... in other stuffs from making Harry Potter a good and satisfying movie for us fans...

PLEASE READ THE BOOK... whoever who will direct the fifth movie... PLEASE (Although its very unlikely they'll read this part...)!!!

Just reading a prepared script is not enough ok??? Getting into the action and feel the adreline rush us fans felt of the ORIGINAL BOOK is important as well!!!

I think the LOTR director read the LOTR books before, maybe thats the guaranteeness of his success??? I don't know, i've never read the book before so can't say much =P...

If you're talking about budget and stuffs, the movie makers SHOULD KNOW that Harry Potter is a well-loved and enjoyed and supported book worldwide, so shouldn't they at least put in an effort in making sure the budget and stuffs are good???

BTW, if i'm not mistaken, the fees for the third installment is like, ALOT ALOT OF MONEY (I think most expensive HP movie that time???)... AND IT SUCKED!!!

I think it just goes to prove that alot of money doesn't necessary guarantee good stuffs... or maybe they just didn't put enough inside =/...


Friday, November 18, 2005

Doom, doomed and doomness...

A little too pessimistic, but wth, i AM doomed @.@...

I was to finish my CCA/ ISU last night, but i got too sleepy and knowing eiko-chan, she always succumb to sleepiness, sand man and her best buddy, Zhou Gong (He calls me urgently for meeting last night @.@... mom is not going to be happy with him, bad influence friend XP!!!) -o-"""...

Yes, i fell asleep next to my laptop and have to open it again around 3 times because it went on standby mode everytime i fell asleep, then my dad nagged me for sleeping too late and stuffs (As in i was still downstairs at 3am and sleeping with my head on the table =P, but neeways, i can't really remember what he said, i was still @.@ and sleepy...), then after my dad went upstairs i continue to sleep awhile then tak tahan, finally also went upstairs to ZzzZzzZzz!!! I LOVE MY BED X3!!!~

Anyways, i don't want to get my 5% deducted... hell, i NEED that 5% because i'm very sure it'll make a BIG BIG BIG difference (My marks have gone down from 82% during mid sem T-T... i don't want to lose more ToT!!!)!!! So i'm skipping my next two classes (OS and IB...) to finish it =P!!!

Thank God Ms. Kristen allows us to hand it up latest by 4pm!!! So even if my two classes' time is not sufficient, i can still use my break time and all the hours after break to finish it!!!

Please pray pray i can finish it!!! I better ciao now, otherwise all the time in the world won't be enough for me (eiko-chan's alter ego: "Yeah, so what are you doing here now X/???")!!!


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm so doomed...

I have my Law ISU (Or CCA, as the new teachers call them...) due on Friday... TOMORROW... and i haven't even started @.@...

I thought could hand it in on Monday (The last day it'll be accepted...), but Ms just informed us if we hand in on Monday there'll be a 5% penalty @.@... The ISU is worth 20% of our 70% btw...


So no matter what, tonight MUST FINISH ISU!!! I don't want to waste the stupid 5% lar... and also... garrr, alot of people who handed in the essay to Ms for rough checking also got it wrong... this is going to be tough 0_0...

Actually want to start last night one, but house internet down so... anyways, i played Sudoku while internet was usable lar =P!!! And i admit i think i looked down on it =P...

Procrastinate sucks... i thought i learned my lesson last year, but i realise i didn't...

Lets hope i learn it now!!! GRRRRR!!!

ps: At least got Harry Potter later, YEAH XD!!!~ Daniel Radcliffe X3!!!~

pps: Just now, a guy hugged and air kiss me on the head @.@... it would've been a very sweet gesture, but too bad he is only 16, and totally not my type 0_o... and it was for a favour...

But if it was Baby Jay or Baby Kei *v*... GYA XD!!!~

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wt -o-|||...

Whats the stupidest thing you can do while bathing???

After you wash your hair, you put the body shower on your palm and want to dab it on your body... instead, you put it on your hair -o-"""....

Yeah, i don't know whats wrong with me this morning, but maybe thinking of some stuffs too much dee ler, so hehehe =P...

Which reminds me, yeap, my 2nd bro came back suddenly last Monday night... all of us (Except big bro and Kaijie...) was expecting him to come back on the 20th Nov one... but...

It also means i haven't send him the list of stuffs i want T-T...

But he bought me a very cute Koala Bear with small baby, and i also took a Nike cap (Super CHEAP!!!)!!!~

And very yummy nougats =9!!!~

Kaijie's wedding dinner is on the 18th Nov; around last week she sms-ed HS ask him whether can come back earlier or not, and it turns out there's a flight on the 14th, so he just take that flight and come back ler!!!~

And cuz too sudden return, he no room to sleep, so he slept in the living room on Mon night... the next morning, my friend Ee Von who come to my house every morning to tumpang go to college saw my bro sleeping on the couch... and cuz my bro has long hair and is very "long" (Tall like don't know what nya!!!), Ee Von mistaken my bro for Rain (Korean artist Bi!!!) XD!!!~

She was quite blur and when saw my bro went like, "Oh, Rain eh...", and turn to go into the study room, then suddenly did a double take and went "0_O Rain where will be in eiko-chan's house one???"...

Aiyor Ee Von, you don't let Bi come to my house but my parent's don't let us same room so he sleep in the living room meh -o-"""... hehehe XP!!!~

It was seriously quite funny when i heard this, that i went laughing and jumping like mad woman outside MAC Center @.@!!! Hehehe!!!~

And... muahahahahahaha!!! Yesterday after college went OU with my lao po, and bought tics to HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF KITTIES...





Can't wait for it ler!!! Waited one year plus dee *.*, although hope it won't be a dissappointment since i'm like a super big Harry Potter freak (Read the books like hundred times over...)!!!~ But every year also can't wait for it one ler, Daniel Radcliffe so cute XD!!!~ And the trailers are all very exciting EVERYTIME and just makes you go *v* like your high on ice-cream or something X3!!!~

Its tomorrow afternoon 3.10pm one, at GSC, and RM6 only per ticket ^-~ (Student price...)!!!~ And 9 of us will be going @v@!!! Too bad missing 5 more people, otherwise we can buy one whole row dee ar XD!!!~

The actual plan was the 9pm show, but cuz my big bro can't make it so just change to 5pm lar... then after much discussion and dilydalys, settle with 3pm... CUZ REALLY TAK TAHAN CANNOT WAIT DEE LAR XD!!!~

Too bad i got college in the morning, otherwise i sure go watch first show morning show dee one!!! Grrr -_-***!!!

But still... YEAH XD!!!~

But need to wait until tomorrow 3pm still very suffering lar @.@... hope i don't go write Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire, Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger, Draco Malfoy, Hedwig, Hagrid, Dumblydore, Triwizard, Cho Chang, Oliver Wood, Crookshanks, Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum, Sirius Black, Loony Lupin, or DANIEL RADCLIFFE etc all over my college work tomorrow ler *v*!!! Hehehe!!!~


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My happiness isn't over yet ^-~!!!~

Somemore piccus i found ^-^!!!~

Well, two only lar ^^;;... and one of the award winner's list... plus my favourite pic i posted before ^-~!!!~

Image hosted by
Baby Jay with his award ^-^!!!~

Image hosted by
Jay and godfather, Anthony Wong, hold hands as they walk towards the award ceremony hall!!!~

Hmm, award-winning godfather bringing good-award-winning-luck" to godson X3??? Hehehe XD!!!~

Image hosted by

Credits: I think XP!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

94金馬最佳新人獎, 周董周杰倫 ^-^!!!~

YEAH XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

I guess my title says it all X3!!!~

Last night was the 42nd Annual Golden Horse Award. Baby Jay was nominated into two categories, Best Movie Song Award (Something like that...) and Best Newcomer Award (No Best Actor, but he already my Best Actor lar ^-^... minus the crying part XP!!!).

For the Best Movie Song Award, it was his "Piao Yi" (Drift) from the movie Initial D. Unfortunately, didn't get... i seriously think if "Yi Lu Xiang Bei" was nominated, maybe got better chance =P??? But then "Piao Yi" has its own speciality, uniqueness and nice-ness too. Anyways, gya, didn't get X0!!!

But then...

Best Newcomer Award... *drumsroll*... chao diao de... Jay Zhou Jie Lun XD!!!~


Image hosted by
Er... why you kissu the horsey butt 0-O??? XP!!!~

Words can't describe how happy i am at that time ^-^!!!~

Actually last night planning to go out for dinner, then before leaving saw the Golden Horse Award was going to start soon and went "0_0 How come i forget one???" and we stayed home takeaway KFC (One of Jay's fave ^-~!!!~) instead =P... hehehe!!!

Why??? Of course must stay home and watch tee-vee support Baby Jay ne ^-~!!!~

And my "sacrifies" (Not really...) not to go out for dinner really pay off =)!!!


Yeah yeah yeah XD *dance dance dance*!!!~

Image hosted by
Jay and his godfather, Anthony Wong (Won Best Supporting Actor, again ^-^!!!~)

I was so panic and nervous when they were annoucing the winner for the Best Newcomer i can't even type straight (Doing my assignment while watching =P!!!). Ah Theng jie jie "helped" by keep on saying, "Annoucing Best Newcomer dee, announcing dee..." before the advertisement even ended... Make me more nervous nya -o-... aiyo!!!~

Then the guy, Liang You Ling, who won last year's Best Newcomer Award, and this girl who i reallylike to see her in MVs but don't know name, announces... "Chao diao de... Zhou Jie Lun, tou wen zhi D." (Most diao one, Zhou Jie Lun, Initial D.)!!!~

Immediately my tears like, flew out!!! I really really really was that happy XD!!!~

Hmm... i just have a tendency to cry when i'm really really happy ne XP??? Hehehe!!!~

Or maybe because i'm quite nervous and scare "How if he didn't get?" (CHOY!!!), thats why even before they announce start scare dee??? Hehehe!!!~

Anyways, it really pays off!!! I'm really really really happy ^0^!!!~ Just love Baby Jay XD!!!~

His performance in Initial D is tiptop!!! Its because his character, Fujiwara Takumi, is exactly like that, kinda like him. Don't talk alot, and abit slow and stuffs (Except when driving...)!!!~ I guess thats why he won??? Hahaha!!!~

Don't talk about those dee ler; one things for sure, he won XD!!!~

Oh yeah, called Auntie and pranked her after seeing Jay win =P!!! I pretended i was crying and hehehe, whatdya know, quite convincing ya know!!! Maybe next year i should get the "Best Act Over The Phone Award" or something XP!!!~

Though, i find kinda sad is, although i'm so happy, i can't a single person who really felt happy with me =/... at least my dad and mom does, thanks dad and mom ^-^!!!~

Dad even complimented Jay, hehehe XD!!!~

And also Amanda (But she was in bad mood, so she couldn't smile, but she said she was really happy for me!!! Thankus Mandy ^-^!!!~), and Loo2 too (Called her and she was like "I know lar, your darling won Best Newcomer mar!!!" And don't know how she actually felt, but at least she sound happy for me!!!)!!!~ Hehehe XD!!!~

Last night, Ah Theng jie jie cheered too??? But when i talk about Jay and Lana's "Shan Hu Hai" she was like "You and your Jay Chou again..."; yeah, i know, she's grown up for idols dee; but Jay's not "just-an-idol" to me ya know!!! Hahaha!!! Listen when i talk about Jay Chou or i can get SUPER pissed!!!~ Maybe got listen, but no answer its totally insulting @.@...

But yeah, last night i was TOTALLY Jay *v*!!!~ Talk too much about him neeways XP!!!~

This morning, Ee Von she kinda blur abit, but she also "congratulate" me, but you just know that its those "Ok, you and your Jay again..." those typa feel. I don't know, just have a hunch...

Then Su Yi was like, "He cannot act lar..."...

If Su Yi dear was talking about the crying part, i would've agreed with her because Baby Jay really felt like laughing that time =P, but otherwise, Jay's acting totally suited Fujiwara Takumi ok???

So much for congratulating me, made me go "!@#$%^&*" instead... but yeah, Su Yi said she didn't watch the cartoon ler, so can't say much...

I know critisim is good, lets you improve and all... but NEVER EVER critisize Jay in front of me... no matter what!!! You can critisize him all you want behind my back, but NEVER in front of me because i can go straight to a black face... as i found out when Su Yi told me that this morning... hehe...

And then i tried telling to Pei Fern...
eiko-chan: "Yesterday was the Golden Horse Award..."...
peif: "So."
eiko-chan: "Jay was nominated..."
peif: "So."

After that i totally gave up on trying to tell her. Its kinda rude to be honest, in my own humble opinion, even though she like smiling smiling ler.

Anyways, just plain rude... whatever lar... but i'll miss her when she graduate next year though... haih XI...

I think i'm better off going home and celebrating with my pan-chan, Simba and BD!!! At least i know they are truly happy for me and Jay!!!~

BTW, slept on off until around 5.30am this morning, trying to finish OS assignment (But lucky still finish in time XP!!!)... later go home really go ZzzZzzZzz meet my buddy Zhao Gong and celebrate with him too ler... At least Zhao Gong will also be very very happy for me ^-^!!!~

In fact, maybe he already decorate and bought all the goodies waiting for me to celebrate together dee, + pan-chan, Simba and BD too!!! Better ciao first, ja ^-~!!!~

But last but not least...


And yes, i think there's still tears of happiness in me eyes ;v;...

Maybe you would think its silly for me to cry over an award Jay won; but to me, its not just an award. All the awards are not just an award to me. It means hardwork, honour and recognition in my opinion. Thats why awards, to me, and those for Jay, are all very meaningful and important to me.

With or without an award, it won't change my love for Baby Jay, but an award is always good ^-^!!!~ Jay's hardwork paid off ^-~!!!~

Credit (Jay kissy horsey butt pic =P!!!): Yahoo! Taiwan News
Credit (Jay and godfather Anthony Wong pic!!!): Yahoo! Taiwan News

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bo-liao again, hmm...

Yes, eiko-chan is bo-liao again, so she go read the previous posts of, one of her favourite Blog... hehehe!!!

Really lucky Bloggers like Mr Kennysia write alot, otherwise i can bo-liao until X-x??? Hahaha!!!~

Since eiko-chan so bo-liao, and i realise my Blog IS lacking pics (Because she is a big-lazy-pink-monkey =P!!!), and i very free now though i'll-go-to-sleep-soon, let me post a pic to let everyone "feast" (Not!!!) their eyes on!!!~

Image hosted by
Some people can just be such posers, hahaha!!!~

Let me attack Jae next time??? Hehehe!!!~

Credit: Min who found Hyuk's old pics in his pile of pics ^^;; (Be organize dear, like me ^-^!!!~)...

Who else to put up next har =P??? Hahaha!!!~

Auntie refuses to let me post the pics of our dinnertime in McD =(... go check out her Blog to see those pics lar, hehehe!!!~

All my fault for forgetting go her house this afternoon to pass her her specs =P... MY FAULT!!!
Too bad you guys can't see pics of someone molesting Mr McD's butt... oops XP!!!~ Hahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

eiko-chan's dentist trip ^-^!!!~

After a couple of years (Make that alot...) missing the "twice-a-year" trip to the dentist in my annual schedule, finally went dee this afternoon!!!~

Actually i always wanted to go after finding out that the bottom right of my teeths are like, sensitive to chocolates (Strangely, only to chocolates and nothing else...), but had never make the time to call for appointment; its either forget or lazy =P; and also cannot find good company so mar, ehehee...

Anyways, Kaijie came back from Aussie mar, and wanted to go to dentist, so i also tag along lar!!!~

I totally don't want to go and be alone, so Kaijie and Uncle Eddie go there first, then i come later and she will wait for me while i fulfill my appointment lor.

I reached there around almost 2pm, and after finding a place to park mar go upstairs. Kaijie and Uncle Eddie inside adee, so i waited outide read mags and stuffs first.

I was like, really nervous (I totally forgot how my dentist appoinments are last time dee =P!!!) and abit scare, so sms-ed Auntie to "relieve" abit of my nervousness. Also read the articles on "sleeps and dreams" from Cleo Sept 2003 (I remember the date, don't know why...), which for some strange reasons, also includes how to erm, spice up your "bedroom-life" with your partner... hmm...

Then after waiting awhile, Kaijie came out, and a few minutes later my turn dee @.@...

Walking down the corridor to Dr. Chan's room was like @.@... and i don't know which door to go into XD!!!~

So was standing outside a door which i guess was Dr. Chan's when Kaijie came and i ask her, hehehe!!!~

Kaijie came in with me, and Dr. Chan ask me to sit on the chair and my feelings went 0_0... and like totally everything was wiped out from my mind (Even Jay and Keita 0_0...).

The nurse put the very cute piece of like, towel stuff on my chest there (The thingy you see at dentist...) and then Dr. Chan lowered my seat and i was like "0_0 Mommie...". Then she started cleaning and scaling my teeth ler.

It hurt abit, at some points; i totally close my eyes shut, and my feet can't even rest on the long chair thingy properly. Really nervous. The doctor was scalling and the nurse was sucking the saliva out i think.

Then i thought done adee, because the doctor stop what she is doing and raised my seat. There was like some water in my mouth or something, i don't know, but i stupidly swallowed it 0_0...

Come to think of it, it could be the water from the machines, or my blood caused when scalling the gum part...

That was so stupid...

Anyways, they ask me to rinse, and i rinse adee, the water like got abit brownish and i thought it was the result from my Milo this morning and got abit embaressed XP!!!~ I didn't even guess it could be my blood, even though i felt fresh blood taste in my mouth afterwards X0!!!

And I thought "Wah, finish dee, ok lar..." and kinda relief when the doctor lowered my chair again and again i went "0_0 Jay... Keita.."...

She went through the same process again, and it was more painful and i reacted by either moving abit or like, really shutting my eyes lar, hehe.

To avoid thinking too much about the cleaning process, Jay totally went through my mind, i was thinking about his Ye Qu's MV!!!~ Hahaha!!!~

And for some "strange-but-explainable" reasons, Edison Chen too (Explain at end of entry...)...

Dr. Chan finish dee, when rising my chair she said "Ok, after rinsing, one more last time..." and i was like "Again @.@???".

Then, finish rinsing and the cleaning and scalling process then tada, FINISH!!!~

I told my doctor about the "chocolate-sensitive" thing, but she said there were no cavaties or anything. Hmm... this is strange...

Hehe, Kaijie even ask me "How about ice-creams???". No, totally no; for some reasons, only chocolates affects it... hmm...

Dr. Chan even complimented my teeth are quite good (No cavaties =D!!!~), and not really dirty so thats why it took such a short time. Compared, if my teeth were really dirty, it would take really long 0-0...

In short, YAYS XD!!!~

And i thought i was going to get scold by the doctor for not coming to the dentist on a regular basis =P, and i also actually thought that my teeth was in a bad shape!!!

Phew X3!!!~

I would not say i'm nervous anymore to go to the dentist, but i totally didn't enjoy it much, so from now on, i promise i will go to the dentist every 6 months once!!! To avoid too much accumulation of dirty stuffs on my teeth and so!!! Brushing and making sure cleanliness of teeth too!!!~

And must also drag my friends go!!!~ Take care of their teeth too ar XD!!!~

Hehehe XP!!!~ KPC!!!

ps: Before Dr. Chan start cleaning my teeth, as i sat down on the chair, this is the conversation between me and Kaijie.

We were discussing something, then i said something quite silly and unlogic???

eiko-chan: "I don't like pain..." (Something like that...)

Kaijie: "Hahaha, who like pain lar!!!"

eiko-chan: There, the Aiya gang lar *laughs*!!!~

The Aiya gang is the hosts of MTV Whatever Things, where Edison Chen is inside too (That explains why i suddenly thought of him, hahaha!!! He is the most famous member inside, and i know him best among the other members too!!!)!!!~

And trust me, some of them loves pain (To one of them being named "The Pain Guy"!!!)!!!

But they were funny nontheless!!! Hehehe!!!~

Friday, November 11, 2005

Bo-liao grr!!!

Wth, damn super bored ler!!! Nothing to do!!!

Was really bo-liao just now, until start reading all Blogs i can see ^^;;... but then most are also not as nice as these few Blogs which i enjoy alot!!!

Xiaxue - Famous Singaporean Blogger. Totally good Blog!!!
Adam - 8TV Quickie host
Joyce - Go get from Adam's Blog =P... - Adam's girlfriend
Kennysia - Famous Sarawakian Blogger. Another good Blog!!!
Kevin - Ditto!!! - Adam's good friend.

Ugh... even the radio disagree with me staying in my room listening to it... the reception is real bad now, like REALLY REALLY BAD, to some extend its kinda annoying (And i think i could've go adjust it??? But i too lazy to get my butt up to adjust lar =P!!!
Besides it'll return to normal later, around late night, so for what go now ler XP???)!!!

To makes matter worst, 988 have this like, "karaoke-session" every Friday night, and people just call in and request one of the few songs chosen for that night, and sing along to the song lar... on air where everyone else can hear...

And they HAVE to choose baby Jay's Ye Qu tonight... Grr... they made the whole thing sound like... OH MY GOD!!!
I can sing it better with my sorey due to cough-and-perhaps-had-injurt-my-voice-box-but-choy voice... they totally didn't sing according to the beat, totally off-beat!!!
I may go off-pitch or so, but at least i don't think i go off-beat!!! Its such a crime to Jay's songs!!!

Though finally, i still got up and turn the radio off, hehe, cause my cousin sister called, and i have to fetch her from LRT station. See do what later ler... feel like going out ler @.@...

Anyways, tonight supposely go out with Pei Fern, Loo2 etc to Seapark or Taman Sea's water resevoir, but Pei Fern FFK last minute *grumbles*... and she didn't even bother to tell me she didn't feel like going dee!!! Must until i sms her to tell her going later dee only she reply like... OMG!!! Whatever dee ler, just pissed me off!!!

So did Eva. She totally said she'll reply me on Fri to confirm whether she can make it or not, but at the end, I must sms her and ask her... can't people just remember what they are suppose to do (As in being responsible when informing others on going out and stuffs...)???

Which goes to prove that the outing is probably nothing to them, and they just don't care about it. Maybe next time i should just don't bother asking people who are just plainly not interested lar...

Ugh, and theres also those people that when you ask them want to go out anot, and they can't give you a straight answer, and then they FFK you or finally come with the decision they can't at the last minute...

If you can't go, just say "NO, I'M SORRY" at the beginning lar, don't give false hope to people because when you let them down, it can be REALLY dissappointing!!!

And don't forget about wasting money and time for communicating...

Argh, whatever, PISSERS (eiko-chan's newly found term to people who pissed people off???)!!!

Anyways Loo2 invited me to go watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose in OU, after the FFK and picking up my cous sis. Used a longer road =P... but i lazy turn rounds so, cincai lar ^^...

Then, i turned to Auntie's house to get something. Auntie said got something for me, which was a surprise... shee... and it turns out to be...


Yeah *hugs Auntie*!!!~ YEAH *kisses Jay*!!!~

^^... ok, sweat drop....

So happy lar (Jay look so yummy in there XD!!!~)!!!~ Real big thanks Auntie!!!~

Note: Erm... no offence Auntie... after my mom, my cous sis also refering to you as "Auntie" dee ^^...

World renowned Auntie-sama XD!!!~ Thanks to Kitty X3!!!~

*Runsaway from Auntie*...

Oh yeah, anyways, got home dee then Loo2 called and after getting the permission slip from me dad (Because the movies on 11.55pm and for sure finish around 2am or so...), buy tickets then go movie!!!~
But actually very sleepy dee, but i love movies, and bought tickets dee, so just go lar!!!
Actually i don't want go watch that movie one, but cause very like, sian and feel like going out lar, so just go lar!!!~ Got Loo and my cous' company anyway!!! Better than emo-ing at home doing nothing right???

The movie is not bad lar, and not as scary as i thought it would be, but i fell asleep and yawn like ALOT ALOT ALOT of times =P!!!
Its just the courtroom parts that made me felt bored, but when they were telling Emily Roses' story, its ok. The girl who acted as Emily Rose is like, SUCH A SUPER GOOD ACTRESS (They should give her the Oscars or something!!! SERIOUS!!!)!!!
Should give it a try, to see if you can scare yourself??? Hehehe!!!

Let me fill some dirt on Loo2 here. A few parts the sound effect was loud and it frightened Loo2 she "jumped" in her seat!!! And cause of her sudden "jump", made me "jump" too.
Not cause of the movie, but cause of Loo2's sudden movement; you know how easily frightened i can be on that account ^^ *hintAmandahint*...
BTW, i realise something on EVERYONE after watching a late night movie!!!

Well, most anyways ^^...
For me, cause it was late and i'm tired (And didn't manage to sleep properly during movie... 3rd row from screen @.@...), i can't walk straight!!!
Serious, i was like dizzy drowsy and wowwwww @.@...
Bumped into i think 2-3 person, then after that when walking to carpark this other lady bumped me, and while walking upstairs this guy bumped me -o-...
Its a very big space, very sure hard to bump into people one... but the "drowsiness" must've caused it... hahaha... another new discovery by moi??? Hehehe!!!~

And yeah, i scratch my baby AE86's tyres or something ;o;... because while turning to the exit, must be i sleepy abit somemore, turned too near to the divider and scratch abit until the car stopped or something!!!
Hope baby AE86 will be ok ler X0!!!
Oh, just now i saw a news on Ent News; Jay, Lana and Vincent Fang filming the MV for "Shan Hu Hai" (Coral Sea...). Don't know why, probably because i know Lana is real young; she's like 17 nya... anyways, see her eyes also very nice in the MV, she's pretty, somemore sings really well (Get to DUET with Jay @v@... Though i don't really like her "kiddy" voice...) and alot of stuffs etc etc... so now i like, not song her now ler =P!!!
OMG, WAKEUP eiko-chan!!! What thinking you!!!

Tee-hee, ramblings again =P!!!~ Just ignore it!!!

Ok ler, i want to go sleep dee!!! Very tiring @.@... need sleep!!!

Night nights ^-~!!!~

ps: Must faster finish Law rough draft assignment this weekened!!! And OS Business Plan which is due MON!!! GARRRRR, cannot slack or malas malas ee T-T... GANBATTE eiko-chan!!! GO GO AZA AZA FIGHTING!!!


Got OS and IB test today... but didn't even study...

Ok... something wrong with that phrase... let me change it...

Got OS and IB test today... but didn't even study AND I DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH MY BOOK!!!

Except the paper to the cultural awareness and cultural stuffs on doing business in Malaysia, but !@#$%^&*, our lecturer explained and showed us on the LCD-whatever-stuff last night; besides, Malaysia business culture lar, surely can get at least 3 out of 5 correct =D!!!~ I love my country, even though it has it flaws, hahaha XD (Aiyar, our school teacher also force us to remember the cultural stuffs in Malaysia to do karangan or essay lar!!!)!!!

Later going to skip OS 2nd period (Replacing on 5th period lar... unless if i did not study =P???) to study IB. Then after that, 4th period break go study OS!!! Must faster makan then fly to study dee!!! Please eiko-chan, DON'T FALL ASLEEP LIKE YOU DID LAST TIME!!!

Eh, then what am i doing here now 0_O??? Better ciao first, ja XD!!!~

Thursday, November 10, 2005

It's lightning!

Just had like, a super huge big fight with my Ah Ma just now.

My fault, for being too hard-headed (You may say i'm stubborn for this once...), fact-correcting, not tolerating, not patient, loves to argue and talk too loud.

My Ah Ma's fault, for "sui sui nian" (I don't know how to translate that, so don't bother asking =P!!!) too much, talking too much (Can add nagging???), mumbling under her breath too much, not understanding the whole fact but still want to argue and think she's right...

Makes me think of Princess Mia's Grandmere... but Grandmere's not that unreasonable... yet... or so i know of it...

How good and long can my Ah Ma talk??? Ah Ma can talk with like, the best listener in the whole wide world for as long as she can...

... and will probably scare the poor fellow away too... even though he is like, a very good listener... hehehe =P!!!

Ok, thats sarcasm and mean, i should shut up on that part now =X!!!

Anyways, Mei jie jie just called and told me everything is ok dee, because she talked to my Ah Ma just now, and she (Mei jie...) said she "betrayed" me because she told my Ah Ma that i regretted the whole thing and is very sorry.

And Ah Ma is very happy about that; you know, grandparents like to hear nice words and stuffs and things which proves them correct... totally understandable.

Well, i am sorry because i talked too loud just now and i shouldn't, totally shouldn't... but being me... woops =/... but i was correct on the whole matter =P... just the "talking-too-loud-non-tolerance" part!!!

And hehehe, Mei jie said that i was "pai send te" (Betrayed me ToT... haha, jk!!!), Ah Ma also admitted that she herself also "pai seng te" (Something like, naughty or something...)... now you know where i got that from =P... but conclusion, she's totally happy and ok about it dee!!!

I've gotto say, gotta leave it to Mei jie jie!!!~ Why don't she go be a "tam pun jun ga" (Now what do you call those dee???)??? I mean, she can totally save lifes!!! She's a real good advisor and speaker and stuffs!!!~

Anyone who can manage to calm me down, or my Ah Ma, is totally good ne!!!~

And her "betrayal" is totally fine with me because it was for the goodness of all, and my Ah Ma is my elder and i should respect her and stuffs, and tolerate her... but i guess i was just too hot-headed... ugh... gotta remember that Ah Ma's health also not at her peak!!! JUST TOLERATE eiko-chan!!!

Anyways, its all like a real small matter, but Ah Ma made it big and me being "not-tolerant" and so made it worst???

Ah Ma like to talk alot anyway, regardless, and i like to argue if i myself feel its wrong so, bad chemistry equation???

Plah, its over dee, don't want to talk about it anymore, just remember to be tolerant!!! GO GO GO!!!~

Bad luck :(...

First, the bloody parking (Take note NEVER EVER to take Ee Von's advice on parking again...).

Waited around 10minutes but the guy, apparently, didn't want to leave (Because usually some cars, without "P" and is an expensive car, park outside Melur just for breakfast then very fast ciao adee one...).

When i go another round after waiting, saw this car leaving and took a quick turn to the right to go to that place (Got honk by car behind because of that?), but when i reach, this other idiot took my place dee (CURSES!!!)...

Then have to park further, at the usual old place, cause classes starting dee...

Hehe, ever since i've discovered the new place to park (Outside Melur...), i don't really like parking at old place because it means walking a slight tad further!

Anyway, on my way to the park at my old place, i took a shortcut and go through the lorong, this idiotic lady, DAMN KAO IDIOTIC!!!

She wants to park at the side of the lorong, but didn't indicate signal. So when i see her car, i of course move to the side to let her pass first lar. Then cuz i saw my friend so i drive towards him, intending to "pretend-going-to-knock" him.

Anyway, after my friend left, the lady told me to move back because she want to park where i parked -o-... Hello, like can't you just move infront abit and parked behind where i stop instead???


After parking my car, mar walk to college. I turned back halfway, and cross the road to my car and like DUH, its not like i suddenly run across the road right??? That bloody lorry honk me for nothing!!!

People are just so idiotic!!!

I look at him to see if there's any indication of why he honk, but he just looked straight...

Hello, IDIOTIC!!!

And then while walking towards college, the road opposite Taylor's, this car double parked, so i walk around that car on the side where its nearer to the cars are passing by (Hope you get it...), and i know this KANCIL is passing by but hello, nothing one mar... the space so big somemore...



God, you should go see some psychiatrist man (Plus that lorry idiot...)... you two like, totally have some issues!!!


So in total, in case you forget, got honk 3 times, 2 for no apparent reasons :(...

And yeah, cause i slept last night from 6pm to 6am this morning =P, so didn't have the time to pack my bags... i ended up bringing TWO bottle of water to college today...

One full one from today, and the other 3/4 full from yesterday... cause i put my new one in the usual compartment, the yesterday one was in the big compartment and stuck until quite below so didn't notice it...


Just so !@#$%^&*!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just Like Heaven

Malaysian Today offered free tics for special screenings again!!!~ Yeah!!!~

This time, its Just Like Heaven by Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It is to be released tomorrow. I went for the free special screening offered last night at GSC Midvalley!!!

Far it may be, but worth it it is ^-~!!!~

Its a really nice and great movie ne!!!~ Just so purr-fect (As in like there's not a part i don't like or stuffs... you got what i mean??? Movies like these are hard to find these days!!!)!!!~ Like your typical love story movie, and can say its "predictable"??? But anyways, its still really good and totally not bored or anything bad at all!!!

There's lots of laugh too from everyone, even silly little things!!!~

At first i'm not very sure want to go anot one. I've read the sypnosis, thought it was good, but Tues nights are Desperate Housewives night, and i still haven't finish my OS Case Study 4 which is due today =P!!!

But anyways, knowing eiko-chan, i can't resist most movies that pass by me; trust me, i'm like a super crazy movie-goer!!!

So i've put it to myself that if i finish my OS Case Study by 7pm... i'll go!!!~ Otherwise, stay home for DW!!!

So, after coming back from college, mingle around doing stupid stuffs, then start OS around 4pm =P!!!
Slept around half-an-hour in the midst of doing it, but by 7pm, i'm only left with one answer which i haven't type out only, so... hehehe, MOVIE WE GO (Went with cous sis and wife Loo2!!!)!!!

The remainings can finish at night or this morning mar =P!!!

I so would like to thank my friends Claire and Christopher for their help in finishing my OS Case Study ne!!!

My brain is still mal-functioning at the moment (Ah, when has it even function properly before???), thus, my ability to read and answer questions according is still lacking. So do paying attention in classes @.@...

Or maybe i'm still in a "don't-want-to-come-back-from-holiday-mood" or something...

Anyways, i borrowed their drafts and modify it to my own answers lor, hehehe!!! But hey, i did refer to book also one ne!!! Only get the answers, but i put it in my own words!!!

Fine, still copying lar =P!!!

BTW, do you know ice-cream is just so good and yummy and delicious X9!!!~ Ah, of course you do (Who don't???)!!!

No one can resist the supreme power of ICE-CREAM XD!!!~

Ok, totally random ^^;;...

Gotto go now, time dee!!! Going to 988 later to pick up my w-inds. poster X3!!!~ YEAH XD!!!~

Ja, more on my day later ^-~!!!~

Monday, November 07, 2005

Signs of "post-holiday-symptom":

as discovered and compiled by eiko-baba

*Warning: Long entry alert!!!*

- You can't sleep at night; a result of sleeping too late every night, and end up falling asleep not knowing you had fell asleep.

- You can't wake up in the morning; seeing that you don't know that you had already fallen asleep, and you had only slept around 1 hour.
Besides that, you wake up at least 3 hours later than that time everyday during the holidays.

- Every morning during classes, you wake up and know what-to-do according to the time you set yourself to; but holidays took over, and when it ended, you ended up waking up and looking at the watch when it is 6.30am and can't figure out what you are suppose to do for around 5 minutes until you discover that you're suppose to bath at that time.

- Your eyes are red, and although it is possible to wear contacts, you didn't want to because you don't want to risk the uncomfortableness (Besides its comfortable to wear glasses when you lack sleep =D!!!
Just that its no fun sleeping in class with your glasses... they prevent certain sleeping postures -o-...).

- You walk downstairs and met your friend, and looked like you had a bad hair day and start blabbering to her before you even know what you blabbered.

- You can't keep a straight mind.

- You look for mom and asks if she is free for the day, and whether she can fetch you to and from college anot.
Because considering your mental-state, it is also very advisable that you don't drive.

- You start talking random stuffs to your friend, who was sitting next to you in the car, and possibly scaring her into thinking, "Whats wrong with eiko-chan today???".

- You loss your voice, pretty badly, but you still sing along to Jay Chou's songs from his latest album, 十一月的蕭邦 (Even though it sounded purr-fectly horrible 0_0...).

- You melt and drool more incredibly than usual, and thats saying something, considering the usual state was already very ultraly incredible.

- You can't keep a staight mind.

- You start yawning at everything.

- You are blur at everything, which includes greets from your friends.

- You look for admins in college (Who surprisingly, comes pretty early to college than you expect...) to do some stuffs, and talk like you lost your voice, and you are half-dead.

- You drag yourself up to Taylor's College ICPU classes which is at the 4th floor, without elevator, and didn't complain a single bit. Another saying something, because you complain about it everyday without fail.

- You saw some of your classmates and just waved, nothing manage to come out from the mouth.

- You passby another fellow classmate, and just as she greeted you, you saw today's copy of newspaper on her laps and immediately ask her for today's issue of Sudoku.

- You stand by the table, not daring to sit in case the table colapsed or something - someone else was using it anyway, and start doing Sudoku because you enjoy it, and it can keep you awake.

- You sweat like mad but still determine to do Sudoku until 8am.

- You only stop and ask for tissue when its 8am - too late, you look like you just came out from Niagra Falls.

- You start doing Sudoku in class, because its the only thing which can get your attention, and you don't understand a single meaning from the handout your Law teacher give you. Even though its pretty simple (Don't know, i just don't understand a single thing...)???

- You can't keep a straight mind.

- You start telling everyone that you are haywired and the 6.30am-looking-at-watch incident.
Yes, just particularly everyone.

- You tried to sleep in class, or otherwise, doing Sudoku again.

- You realise you didn't do your IBP which is due today (You thought it was due Friday...), and panicked and was thinking of playing truant.

- You still go into class at the end, but after asking forgiveness from your IB teacher, apart from writing notes and messing around with Amanda the Panda, you continue your Sudoku.

- You finish your Sudoku ^-^!!!~

- You still can't keep a straight mind.

- You are blur, and still can't talk straight even though its getting better.

And the number 1 "post-holiday-symptom"...


Ugh, trust eiko-chan to come up with something more creative *sarcasm*...

But i like a few of them, hehehe!!!~

Yes, thats what that happened to me this morning, and just a note, i can't go home and sleep all-i-want... because i need to finish my IBP and send it to my friend by 7pm tonight T-T... and there's ALOT OF IT ToT...

Why did i slacked??? Procrastinate??? WHY!!!

Too late to ask, just go home and finish the damn thing ler!!!


Sunday, November 06, 2005


Yeah, muahahahahahahaha!!!~

My third Sudoku challenge and it was my second completion which is fully correct ^-~!!!~

Though, hehehe ^^... eiko-chan got some "tips" from the answer...

But i swear, its just for reference!!! I will not put the answer there, unless if i can explain to myself why it should be there, even though i know the answer!!!

Hehehe, all Kaijie's fault for getting me addicted (Yesterday she came and taught me how to play Sudoku!!!~)!!!

Now i understand why Kaijie and Joo Yee are so full of enthusiam to do it, its really fun!!!

Really crack your brain trying to figure it out (But lol, don't lah ^^...), and even though you think you can't figure it out, somehow someway, you'll find out the answer which leads to everything!!!~

Muahahahahahahaha!!! Later going downstairs and figure out today's one!!!

I am so addicted X3!!!~

What bo-liao people do...

*Actually, this post was written yesterday, but Blogger was just being a loser and something was wrong, thus the post wasn't posted, and was lost somewhere.

I really want to write out what happened last night, and also, that lost post was also one of the most satisfying piece of entry i've ever written. But since i'm writting it again without the original reference, i doubt it'll be as good as the original one *pouts*...


What do bo-liao people do???

For example, lining up at McDs Uptown in almost middle-of-the-night to get some food to go to my turf, waited for quite a while, and when its our turn suddenly realise that its getting late, we need to climb to get there + i got curfew, so turn around and head to Starbucks Uptown instead.


That's right!!!

Thats what bo-liao people, such as me and Auntie Amane (May Yee...) did, last night.

Auntie and i were out last night (You not tired one meh???) and we were planning to takeaway McDs then go to my turf. I dropped her and after finding a suitable parking spot, i went in too.

Just after we discussed what we will get, Auntie look at her watch (Or was it mine??? Eitherways...) and said, "Eh, 11.15pm already ler... still need to climb up somemore..."

eiko-chan: "Eh, yeah ler, i need to get home by 12am (Yes, i'm a sad girl???) and need to climb up somemore... how about if we just go Starbucks???"

Auntie: "Erm..."

McD waiter/ waitress: "Hi, welcome to McDonalds. How may i help you :)?"

Auntie: "... OK :D!!!"

And both of us turn and walk out of McDs, laughing like two mad woman!!! The waiter/ waitress (Though, i'm not sure he had said that line... hmm...) and girl behind us must be looking at us thinking, "Siao ka???"... Hehehe!!!

And yes, then we go to Starbucks after making one big round around the Uptown buildings with our butts jumping on the seats because eiko-chan, unlike the first round, didn't avoid the potholes on the road... darn...

Hehehe, and in Starbucks, i ordered Mango Frappucino, venti size. Auntie ordered Chocolate Ice-blended, venti size too.

Well, venti is more worth it ler!!! Somemore i drink alot, and Starbucks Mango Frappucino taste just as good even after a while and its melted =9!!!

BTW, at Starbucks, Auntie told me a very traumatizing imagination... ugh... i better stop thinking about it before i get nightmares tonight (Or every night for that matter...)!!!

Quickly think back on "My greatest dream", which i told Auntie then, first!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

Nah, no way i'm saying here what "My greatest dream" is!!!

Though, if you kindly bring Jay in front of me, i'll kindly show it to you!!!

Muahaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD!!!~

And i can guarantee Jay's face will be the redest you ever seen??? Hehehehehe *blush and grin*!!!~


Ugh... i haven't finish my assignments... and classes start Mon...

Oh well, finish later ler =P!!! Hehehe!!!~

Everyone had a good holiday??? I sure had slacking around and being a procrastinator XD!!!

But i sure hoped i did more useful stuffs -o-... such as take advantage of OU when there's actually so little people going there due to everyone balik kampung!!!

Yes, even though i have nothing to do there... taking advantage of not needing to stuck with everyone else on a holiday or weekend to go to OU, and finding a good parking spot, feels good!!!


There's less people in the mall anyway!!!

Not everyone balik kampung on Christmas, and during CNY I MYSELF balik kampung...


Hehehe, i told you i'm bo-liao =P??? Heeeeeeeee XD!!!~

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I can't believe it...

My harddisk is spoil... as well as my God-damned motherboard!!!


This is so bad, i can't take it... everything i've collected... EVERYTHING GONE!!!

How bad can this go???

My w-inds.... Jay... ARGH!!!

Its my fault that well, i was a little slacking to transfer all files into my main drive... and although i shouldn't, but i would like to, say my bro's fault too for being so slow!!!



Lets hope my cousin keeps a straight mind and don't delete my stuffs from her laptop, otherwise it'll be World War III (Or IV, whatever ler!!!)???

!@ #$%^&*!!! WHY WHY WHY!!!

Lets also hope that the guy who fixes my computer (My bro send my baby CPU to kilang...) is REALLY AND TRUTHFULLY some computer genius (Like Michael Moscovitz... i swear he is HOT!!! All Princess Mia's fault for inputing that piece of info into my head!!!~) who knows what he is doing, and not some Ah Beng who thinks he is a computer genius but is actually not and know a single nothing about how computer functions...


1) An Ah Beng who thinks he is a computer genius might just guess that my com harddisk spoil, but in actual fact, he just guess and thinks nya, not 100%. He also don't know what he is doing, and since his knowledge is nil, he just cincai nya, as long as it'll guarantee him money at the end.

Thus, deleting all my files will be wasted because there is a chance that my harddisk DID NOT SPOIL at all!!!

Whereas if its a computer genius, the lost of my files will be, not worth it, but at least not wasted because he'll know what his doing and he is very sure that it is beyond saving and he DOES really know and have the knowledge and all those stuffs.

It is different from an Ah Beng who think he is a computer genius one thing for sure!!! Because those Ah Bengs actually know nothing, but pretend they are The Incredibles in it, and are super arrogant.


Haha, just in case you don't understand my blabberings =P!!!


At least Hyuk's here to teman... but he is treating me like a slave now??? Oh no @.@...
Jae and May Yee out dating??? Hehehe, GANBATTE X3!!!~

Ok ler, until here, ciao first!!! Ja ^-~!!!~