Sunday, July 29, 2007

pan-chan: "Konnichiwa! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! "

Hello everyone!
This is the ever-lovable, cutest, most good-looking, adorable, handsome, beautiful, pretty, sweet, elegant, sexy, sporty, and allllll~~~~~ the cutest, good, nice, great and BEST panda in the world, pan-chan =D!


I'm sure most of you know me, but some of you might not know me, though i'm so famous, but i shall forgive you guys, not everyone is up to date! I have a very "big heart" anyways not to go after my subjects for such small matter =D!

I'm eiko-chan's alter-ego#1 and best friend pan-chan XD!~

I'm so cute!~

I am actually a V.I.P. - Very Important Panda, so i'm really busy and have much better things to do rather than blogging here for for that witch, but as a best friend and to the demands of all my fans around, i guess should come here to say hello to my loyal subjects =D!

Hello little people!

And anyways, on behalf of my PR eiko-chan, who has finally gotten sick as always thanks to her bad sleep times, she said just today she felt as bad as hearing me singing...
Hmm, i think her sickness is infecting her brain as well, i mean, my singing is the best in the world, thus, the bad part must be from hearing her alter-ego#2 kimchi singing.

This is the main culprit!

It must be.

So anyways, she, eiko-chan, is complaining now for... whatever reasons...

She always complain, she loves complaining!
Like how spaced-out she felt just now, how bad she felt when she woke up this morning, to last week on how she had to come back from Bangkok, to when she appeared late and missed the beginning of Transformers by about a few seconds or something like last three weeks or something...
... and now she's complaining how KangKing's showing too much skin that she's gonna give her a piece of her mind when he gets back.

If she gets 10sen for everytime she complains about something, i'm sure she can be the next J.K. Rowling adee =D!

Wow, Jo kimchi Rolling!~

So anyways, now she's complaining how she was so busy (more like SPACED OUT) these past few days, she is so "outdated" on SuJu news that now she's screaming her head off complaining that she missed killing KangIn for falling sick and didn't tell her.

Couldn't blame her not noticing, since its hard to notice anyway, seeing that KangIn was hospitalized, but then he left the hospital as soon as possible just so he could go for his radio show...

His reason, "He didn't want miss a show that his name is associated with..."

Sometimes i wish Super Junior would stop being so professional and rest whenever they can... Hmph!

Like the time ShinDong resumed recording episodes for the show "Bbo bbo bbo", even though he was just discharged from the hospital like a few days prior to the accident and all SuJu members are supposed to be stop all their activities!

Now she's complaining how they don't take care of themselves!

You so smart you go there to take care of them lar! HAH!~

But anyways, i sincerely pray that she couldn't get her hands on any one of them.

Anyways, why talk about her now, the reason why i'm blogging for her now is to do a tag!

Initially this tag was made for her, but i shall do it now so my loyal subjects can get to know me better! I'm so considerate =D!

8 Random Facts About Me!
1. I am eiko-chan's alter-ego.

2. kimchi is my best friend.

But i'm MUCH BETTER than him.
Not to forget much more good-looking.
All the good stuffs!~

3. I am a Super Junior fan, and kimchi is a TVfXQ! fan, having famously abducted eiko-chan's "All About DongBangShinKi" DVD before!

4. I was famous in Japan, still am now, and all this craze about me is starting in Thailand too now! Conquering the world with my pan-ness!~~

Embrace the pan-ness people!~

5. I love my wife, Usagi-pon!

Sorry ladies, this panda is off the market!~

6. The three of us; me, kimchi and Usagi-pon form the "Ultra-kimpanpon" gang from Japan!
Usagi-pon came first from Japan in eiko-chan's smelly luggage.
Then i came from Japan in Hironobu's smelly luggage.
And kimchi came in a big, possibly smelly, container from Japan.
Hmm, shouldn't we be named the "Smelly-kimpanpon" gang then?

7. I like the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

They taste good!

And finally!
8. My lifelong dream is to have the whole world worship me for my greatness.

Along with my good side-kick kimchi!

Mind, as great as i am now, some people (lets say like the one who goes with the name eiko-chan!!) say she rather worship ice-cream than me!
Hmph, maybe i should hide all her SuJu stuffs (sell and make KACHING!~), lets see who'll have the last bite!

Hope everybody enjoyed my presence in her puny Blog =D! I know i'm so lovable! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!~

Please anticipate my next appearance!~ I know you guys can't get enough of me and can't wait, but just be patient ok? I'll be back as soon as possible!

Bye my loyal subjects!

ps: This Blog was initially written a couple of months ago... but she didn't get round in collecting the pics and all till now I had to edit the whole thing. Waste my precious time nya!

Typical procrastinator!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tag: If i have a million $$$...

Got tagged by Kaijie!

I'll take it that its in UK pound, so in Malaysia its much more $$ XD!
Yeah, i know its greedy, but there's just too many stuffs i want to do! And these are just the reasonable ones, if i add the "unreasonable reasons" in it as well... i shudder to think XD!~

Anyways, because i'm rather bad at dividing up the money exactly how much to go where and where, i shall just write what i'm going to do with the money =)!

- Donate a quarter to charity: Wildlife Warriors, WWF, Greenpeace, adopt a lot of turtles and sponsor one child from every one country World Vision works with! Also to environmental organizations around the world!

- Bring all my close family member on an all-expense paid, luxurious trip to the beach! Maldives or Hawaii or anywhere we agree together, so we can enjoy each others company like the old times when we go Genting or Penang or Port Dickson!~

- Buy my parents whatever they want, buy my eldest brother a handphone (seeing that i took his old one without proper permission) or any gadget he wants, buy my sister-in-law a nice bag or MPH, buy Hironobu either a new game console, or more games (and then gets murdered by my mom for encouraging him to play more) and buy HeeChul more treats and toys!

- Go to the beach! To BoraBora, Maldives, etc etc XD!~

- Go to Korea to meet SuJu, and to Japan to meet w-inds. and Hamasaki Ayumi!

- Go travelling and shopping! To Korea, Japan, Bangkok, HongKong, USA, Australia and Taiwan! I love travelling XD!~

- Treat my close friends to a nice holiday together! I know alot would vote for Korea XD!~

- Get the car of my dreams (can't decide on which yet, but i'm sure it'll come along soon =)!)!

- Finish my SuJu collection!~

- Save some, and invest some!~


Hahaha, i guess thats about it =P! But i think AM "over-budget" ne? Hahaha!
Anyways, family trip comes first, i can always bring my friends to Korea Town instead of Korea =P! Hahaha *runs and hide from tomatoes*!

So... what would you do if you have a million $$$?

I'm rather interested in what BiBi have to say! Buy a nicer, more canggih toilet bowl =P?
And also, though you are not obliged to do it but i hope you'll do it cause its really interesting, Auntie!! Please do it if you have time ok?
Also Loo2SamSoon, something for you to do instead of "drama-ing" the whole day right =P?


Woops, i missed out pasting the instruction part =P! But i didn't exactly "comply" with the instructions anyways, since i didn't divide up the money but rather jumble up everything (to the extend it went "over-budget"!)!

I guess i can say as much as i did the tag, it wasn't officially done! So no point taking this tag into account!

BTW, please do go here to copy the instruction (locate at bottom of tag) if you need it! Thank you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Only one day left...

Or rather as i prefer...

Approximately around 13 hours and counting =D!~

Finally after waiting for SIX WHOLE YEARS...

Coming this SUMMER, July 21st 2007, the final installment to the Potter series...
Wooky Potter and the Super kimchi by Jo kimchi Ramyun
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

If you haven't heard of it, you deserve a round with the Whomping Willow!~


ps: The author of this Blog hereby pleads NOT BE DISTURBED no matter what the reason (except if its SuJu-related) till she finishes the book.

Thank you.

pps: Dear SamSoon, i've bought our seats on the KnightBus for approximate arrival at MPH at 7.01am tomorrow! Don't be late!~


Yah XD!~

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Its over now...

3 months ago on the same date, a nightmare has occured.

A nightmare which you could not wake up from.

A nightmare which, even if you could wake up from, it could not go back to as it was before.

Even though it had been 3 whole months, i still remember how it was at that time.

How bad it was.

How bad everything seemed.

It seemed as if the sun couldn't shine again.

It felt as if there were no beaches in the world anymore.

It felt as if all animals had extinct.

I didn't feel like doing anything... because i couldn't.

Like a mindless soul in an empty shell.

Not feeling the appetite to eat, which is saying something considering we're talking about ME here!

I didn't know whats smile or laugh.

I just know i had to "force smile".

When deep inside i have no feelings at all.

There's one person i really wanted to thank, which i never had the chance to before because it seemed awkward to say such sentimental stuffs at real life! But now that i'm writting... hehe!~

Thats to my dearest Auntie!

Who had kept me strong and well-informed throughout the whole time!

Thank you Auntie (^^ )!

Ah, without you, i don't know what would've happened to me!


She had also strictly forbidden me to watch any news clip of the accident.

She really meant it that i felt she would appear any second behind me and take my laptop away!

Or worst, input the virus ERIC into my harddisk!

So thus, i obediently follow...


... till i lost my mind and gatal gatal go open and watch one news clip.

And then i saw.

The Angel being lifted up onto the stretcher... rolling around in pain...

When i saw that clip, i didn't know what i felt.

I don't even know how i felt.

Its like watching a movie.
Where if you see the actor getting hurt, its not like you will feel hurt too, because hey, its acting...

But this is not acting.

This is real life.

Its someone who you love right infront of you, in pain and hurt.

That said...

I didn't have any emotions then. I couldn't feel anything.

I feel like asking "Is this a joke?"... "Is this real?"

Apparently... no... it did happen...

It has happened...

Because of me being emotionless, i remember writing like 10 posts that night.

I was numb from emotions because it hurts to feel.

I couldn't cry anymore because tears had became so precious.

Its like the whole world seize to exist and all thats left is... nothing.

Like a bucket of black paint was poured onto a pure white canvas.

Suddenly nothing seemed right.


When news of how they were doing came, and things got better... the situation gets brighter.

Its like you were drowning in your own tears, that when the news came its like taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Thank God everything got better!

And slowly, emotions were back at its proper place.

Everything was falling back to its place.

The members had taken a short holiday due to the accident.

Though so, being professionals, DongHee, who also got injured in the accident but not as serious, came back to record a few episodes of his show even though he was just discharged and needed rest.

SiWon and HanGeng were suppose to record a show in China, but because of the accident, they couldn't but they still went specially to China to apologize to the station, then only went back to Korea as soon as possible afterwards.

I still remember how KangKing got during ChunJi.

Everything had become quiet in the hostel. Nobody talked for 4 days in the hostel...

Then slowly, Hyuky came back, and all the members then resumed their schedules.

Angel came back on May 21st for Sukira only despite still injured, then afterwards slowly resuming other schedules!

And finally, last last Friday on the 6th of July, Baby was discharged from the hospital (^^ )!

Though he still needed to go back for treatment, he is currently at the comfort of his own home (^^ )!

At that moment, hearing of his discharge, i felt as if a strong burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

Hey, i'm a fan. This is how i'm suppose to feel (^^ )!

There's one thing i love about being a fangirly.

It teaches you to be grateful for everything you had.

Every moment.

Every feeling you had felt.

The emotions you'll feel are like a rollercoster ride, which nothing else could give you =)!

I like it!~


Baby is back home!~

꽃과 나비

아무 감정 없는 듯한 나비
에 속삭인다...
"사랑은 없다"...

그레 괜찮아요...

때문에 의 주위에 꽃잎는 항상이 있어요...

꽃잎는 항상이 의 옆에는 있다!


A the butterfly without any emotions whispers to the flower that there is no love.

But its ok.

Because there will always be petals around the flower.

The petals will always be next to the flower.



내 강한의 방호 감를 위해 미안해...

돕는 것은 할 수 있지 않는다...

정아야, 고마워요...

넌 없으면, 난 지금 어떻게도 몰라...

같이 우리의 사랑들에 많이 사랑을 주세요 (^^ )!~~


다른 사정...

"형돌이 있으나까 걱정 말라"...


"김지가 있으나까 걱정 말라" 더 많은 것은 그것을 좋아한다!~


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happiness is...


여행에 가요!

To go for a holiday!


Well... if its a holiday first anyways, as everyone had thought (= =")...

Its actually not exactly a holiday... i'm just going along to accompany my mom and my cousin sister and make their holiday trip a miserable one, alongside some personal reasons, and unless if i wanted to go out myself, otherwise i'm pretty much stuck at my cous' house!

So yeah, no holiday people, but thanks for the wishes!

I hope i'll enjoy it (^^ )!~

I'm suppose to wake up early tomorrow morning but i'm still not asleep yet... i think i have pre-trip jitters?

Gosh, how old am i (= =")...?

Or maybe because there's a Monkey and Batman in my closet...

A Fish in the sink...

A Lion and an Angel running (flying?) around the room...

Haha, i guess only CherryPieJung will get this =P!

Ah, all those late-night conversation where there's only retarded talks that only someone as mental as me could've come up with =D!

Sorry i couldn't accompany you these days! I promise i won't come back (and will do as we promised)! Hehehe!


Now here comes the big question before i go meet my BEST FRIEND ZHAO GONG...

... who to bring along to Bangkok?


ps: Dang, gatal go book tickets to depart on 11th July...

... i had to miss Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Should i am in Malaysia at that time i would had been the FIRST ONE for the FIRST SHOW on Wednesday! Alongside my darlingest-best cinema-partner where we would, had, and will go mental for movies...
Which, btw my friend's name is Kim SamSoon!



Monday, July 09, 2007

Happiness is...


... when your 13boys sang LIVE on MBC Music Core and was SUPER WONDERFUL in it XD!

And also you can see at the beginning of the clip the big husband bullying the little husband XD!
That it can wake me up from my beauty sleep to see RyeoWook singing beautifully!


Ah, !~

Nothing makes me much more prouder and happier than when my boys sing LIVE =)!

They CAN sing LIVE, admist other fools' beliefs, but whatever, i know they can, they know they can, and they know i know is ENOUGH adee =D! Hehehe!~

I LOVE my boys and are so proud of them!~

Ah, !~

RyeoWook is especially cute, as always XD! CUTE!~

Hehehe, and YoungWoon looks like an overgrown Mario Bros character in the performance XD! CUTE!~

FishyHae looks like an overgrown school boy dancing happily with his hat XD! CUTE!~

EunHyuk's hair XD! CUTE!~

JongWoon acting cute behind HeeChul XD! CUTE!~

And the rest has so much 애교 i'm not surprised i could get so !~

Ah, !~

Yeah, superly promoting their new song 행복 (Happiness) now =D!

A cover version from H.O.T.'s!

And of course, being me and VERY BIAS, i prefer Super Junior's version alot alot alot XD!

Also with the fact that the MV is so freaking cute, and you see my 13boys dancing around cutely inside!

Check out the MV yah XD!~

Guarantee HAPPINESS XD!~

I know it because apart from the title , Cherrypie and i had watched it almost more than 20-30 times* adee, so we know whether or not it guarantees XD!~ Teehee!~
*varies between in a day, an hour or in-a-row!

Ah, !~

The song will be in SMTOWN's latest album: 2007 SUMMER SMTOWN!

Remember to buy it if you like GOOD MUSIC!

I love Summer alot, and so this album is so for me except for TVXQ's and KangTa's cover versions, because i don't like winter and their songs are more Christmassy feel!!

I especially love UNDER THE SEA from the album!

My type of song XD!~

However, being un-bias this time, i love both the original version and this version =D!

Ah, !~


HIS SO FREAKING CUTE IN IT! Like RyeoWook and KyuHyun XD!~

Now its time to push ShinDong up!

ShinDong has always shine much more, and in fact, much more than JongWoon honestly, due to more exposure and less Batman!
Though i don't like the fact newer fans always push him aside, hmph!

I'll admit i didn't bother getting to know him earlier, because i wasn't a "full" SuJu fan then, only knowing and liking a few members... but once i became the 13-member SuJu fan i am now, i became so protective of all of them that if me and another person were to talk bad about SuJu, only ONE will survive and that will be me =D!~

Yeah, i'm bias and protective, its rather a one way thing so if you don't like this go find your own group! And i'll be respectful like you had been to me and not talk bad about your favourite group (provided if i don't like that group) =)!

Yeah, i know, i scare myself sometimes too (=v=")... hehehe! Over-protective!~
Luckily CherryPieJung is there to "console" me! She feels the same too, but is much more rational to get over-agitated by worthless-opinions!~ Hahaha!


Ah, !~

Ah, gotto go now!

People, remember to watch THE MV! Hehehe!~

Really Super Junior-ly good ne XD!

Ah, !~



Ah, !~

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Happiness is...


... 좋아의 음식을 먹고 때...

... 친한친구도 같이 놀고 때...

... collection을 보고 때...

... 사랑이에 WILDLIFE을 돕고 때...

... 좋아의 장소에서 있고 때...

... 아이스크림도 있고 때...

... 특히~~...

따 13면 멤버도 함께 해요 때 (^^ )!!

~~ 함께 해준 그대에게 행복을 ♪~~~

도 우리 애기 기다려 (^^ )!~

~~ 있을꺼야 너를 사랑해 ♪~~~

아 애기 빨리 와요!

진짜 보고 싶어요!!

슈퍼주니어 파이팅!!
영지 파이팅!!

우리 슈퍼주니~~ ~~~ 에요!!~~~~~

ps: 아~~ 내 한국말 진짜... (-┏)...

Sunday, July 01, 2007


To the most important Angel-hyung in our lives!


Teuky-hyung, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Always look good nyan XD!~

Although we each has our own "little intentions"...

But we love you with all our hearts!

BIG CHUTS to the BEST ANGEL in the world XD!~


I couldn't agree more (^^ )!~