Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of 2011's New Year Resolutions.

As per usual, this is a review of this:

    I have my right to remain silent.

  2. Be a better Blogger.
    Even worst than before TEEHEE.

  3. Tweet more.
    Not sure if i've tweeted more, i know around Sept-Oct i stopped for a while... but hmm... let's just say i have! (^^ )

  4. Tweet with content.
    Improved! Shall consider this a pass! =D

  5. Show love and gratefulness to people who matters.
    Don't think i'm 100% there yet, but definitely improving, so shall put this as a pass! 8D

  6. Stop being so hormonal.
    Still rather er, "hormonal" before that time of the month, but all-in-all, i honestly consider it YES, I HAVE!
    Thus, sucessbaby.jpg. 8D

  7. Prioritize.
    I honestly have no recollection of what spurred me to put this as one of my resolution, but hmm... i think i had prioritize things which are important to me better. Therefore, yes, done! =D

  8. Be a better fan.
    Nope. =(
    If anything worst than ever i feel so bad. (T^T )

  9. Dress up.
    No idea how to rate this, hahaha! It's like i have finally discovered my style (more like justified my preference teehee), and instead of wanting to fitting myself into what i perceive as "stylish", in the end i just want my style to scream ME yet still not as er, "leh feh" lols!
    There are rooms for improvement though, so i shall not consider this as "done"!

  10. Sleep early.
    Who am i kidding when i thought i could do it? Well, i did successfully did it a few times while in London, but it's nothing to be scream about so er... NO. LOLS!

  11. Be more decisive.
    Nope, still needs to improve on this!

  12. Stop procrastinating.

  13. U.
    I love U.
Now that i've done a review of my NYR, time for a recap of the year before we move on to the New Year! GO! (^^ )

A recap of 2010 and 2011.

To be honest, time passes a bit too fast for my liking.
It's like, all of a sudden i'm 24 this year without realizing it!


Sometimes it still feels as if 2010 just passed, and it was just the beginning of 2011!

I don't believe i have made a compilation of 2010, because last year i was back home (after spending 3 months in Oxford), and i guess i spent more time away from the computer than being on it. Come on, i'm back home! KL has so much more to offer than using the computer (unlike in UK *cough*)!

So anyways, yeah, here's a short recap (more for myself too though!) of 2010 and 2011! (^^ )

I remember the new term of the year means moving to Seksyen 13 of the KDU branch. Ah, the memories.

After passing my exams and confirming that i will be continuing my studies in Oxford, cue some of my busiest months in KL before departure; what's with learning to make decisions, visa, shopping and packing, and spending as much time with my family before leaving!

Visited Seoul in August. ♡

Hokkaido trip with my Smellies. Awesome possum! 8D

In September, "left home" for the very first time alone. So thankful to AhMa, Naima and Naipa for sending me off. I really really appreciate it. =D

To be honest i felt the year spent at Oxford taught me a lot of things.
I thought i was independent enough to stay a year abroad. I WAS HORRIBLY WRONG.
Within a week i was making noise of wanting to go back in December. =D
Told myself though, it's just a year for me to get through, no matter what i must not cry when i Skype with my parents in case they worry! And i didn't yeah! =D

I learned to appreciate a lot of things and every little thing in life, and to not take things for granted, and to always be grateful! (^^ )

Addiction to 9gag takes on a new level.

June 2011 marked a huge step in my life. I turned 24 and finally, graduated! (^^ )

Summer was spent in KL being extremely fat and happy. 8D

Till all the stupid visa and housing issues come along bleh.

Returned to London in September, and spent a month of what i would still think of as the darkest moments of my life what turf. And i thought that first week in Oxford was bad lols!

Homesick this time was worst than usual. Classes was horrible. Not getting a good sleep every other night that i finally cried while Skyping with my parents despite my vow not too teehee.

At one point there, it scared me how not random i am anymore, that i lost my whimsical self... it honestly scared me... but i realized it's just me not getting in touch with it, and i really should make an effort.
Or maybe it's just studies or reality getting to me lols!

However, in the end i learn to preserver and put things into perspective... and survived the year! Yeah! =D

Went home in December, had never been happier and more grateful! (^^ )

Ok very badly written entry i know! =P

I honestly felt i'm a very jinx person. Everything i hope for, or said aloud, will take a turn for the worst, so instead of making any "wish" for the new year, let's have a look at my latest "motto" if i may say so, which is...

Ok thanks bye! =D

Monday, December 19, 2011

I don't know what i want.

Had this very interesting conversation with my friend the other day, which ponders me to think:
What do i honestly want?

Well it's not exactly conversation, but rather the reply from my friend had prodded me to think.

I guess i know what i honestly want, perhaps for conversation sake i was being specific or maybe i was just being unrealistic.

Either ways, it's just me being me i guess - extremely difficult.

Hee. 8D

So what happened to you?

While on my flight back from London for the holidays, it came to a sudden realization that heck, i'm 24 this year. Everything is happening so fast that you did not even have the time to stop and reflect on what has happened.

So i decided i want to compile a book of things because my memory is that bad ZOMG... and i remembered i used to have this book which i write everything in...

Found the book, and flipping through the pages, i see another side of myself which i've forgotten.

The thoughts, essence of the writing, feelings, preference, principles etc... everything is still the same... however, why did i feel that i've changed?

Why have i stopped writing in that book as i had before, filled with colours, random thoughts and everything and anything i want to?

Was it reality? That is putting a halt to my "creative" (however much i may have), whimsical and random side?

Was it laziness?

Or was this a part of growing up?

Is it bad or good that however much i would like to move on, i would also like to keep that side of me?

So yeah... what happened to that girl?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So yeah...

Totally have the hots for Jung IlWoo now.

I blame my itchy backside for reading (and watching) his latest drama (which he is oh-so-hot inside!)!

The voice the charisma the body gahhhhhhhhhh somebody hit me over the head (gently) please! D8

He wears his clothes really well too, and i love that in guys! 8D

Plus he looks effing hot in kiss scenes. 8D


Ok this Blog is starting to head towards a very weird direction, as opposed to its usual (fangirly and ranting) posts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which goes to shows sometimes we should just eat our words...

I know i said i dislike Korean dramas for its cliche plots etc etc...

But fact remains some dramas still gets to me. *cough*

I enjoy reading dramas more than watching them because it takes up less time and not as draggy (because i can be impatient like that).

The current one i'm (reading, and watching *gasp* for once) is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

I've known of it before, but how thankful i am for only reading it now when it's Episode 12! Otherwise the wait... D8

... and hehe, i'm reading it (now) because i'm procrastinating from doing (any) work. Or i would've waited till it finishes. 8D

I've always read dramas on Dramabeans only instead of watching them, but for this one... the caps were properly captured at oh-so-yummy scenes of Jung IlWoo's expressions that cannot... MUST DOWNLOAD AND WATCH. 8D

I've always had the hots for Jung IlWoo after reading 49 Days. I mean, how hot can he be? And this drama just further confirms that fact!


So basically yeah, i'm watching this drama for him. =P
And oh yes because the female lead (Lee Chung Ah) is rather likable and not annoying (yeah i'm that fussy too!).

And the scenes which makes your heart pounds... mmm mmm mmm.

Jung IlWoo. Humunah humunah. 8D

Yeah yeah, all for being a "feminist" and all that but i can be such a hopeless romantic(?) over some of those scenes *cough*.

And this being the first time i actually hear his voice, it's not how i imagined it would be (bad thing from reading dramas instead of watching them...), but it's starting to grow on me. I LOVE how deep his voice is. Further yummy points. ♡

Would love to post some of the screencaps which totally captures my heart but yeah i would so be judged for those pics (and it would take a lot of time) so let's leave it for another time when i *cough* have no work to do and was so fluttered i just had to share those pics, ok? =P

Meanwhile, since i really have to get back to work, here's one yummy one of Jung IlWoo.
Mmm. 8D

ps: Still Mrs Choi, just in case you're wondering.

pps: Oh btw am a bit annoyed with EunBi's character for sort-of "toying" with both boys' feelings. Or at least, KangHyuk's. It's very clear who she likes no?

Happy Birthday Princess!

Today is my Fatty's birthday, or her full name, Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul.

This would the second year i am not around to "celebrate" her birthday, but it's ok! Mommie will be home real soon for a post-celebration! (^^ )

Mommie and 아빠 love you very very much Fatty. ♡

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What am i doing here?

So i left the room at about 4pm, rushed to Convent Garden to see the reindeers (last chance to see them), only to find that it's actually not till 5pm, but 4pm AKML. So when i got there they were all packed and ready to go. =(

I still get to see them, just couldn't pet them AKML further.

And bad news came in the form of a message that our dinner (DUCK!) has been postponed to 8.45pm because that's the earliest time they have AKML much further.

So i have two choice, either to go back and wait till 8pm, or just walk around till then.

I initially wanted to go back, but the tube station at Convent Garden was so packed so i walked to Holborn's tube station.

Then at the platform, i saw this advertisement that it's traffic-free at Oxford Street and Regent Street today (and tomorrow) so i thought... i had to pay £1.25 to go back anyways, might as well go Oxford Street and do some shopping?

So yeah, i chose to go shopping till dinner time. 8D

I anticipated the crowd, the thing i didn't anticipate is that i actually have nothing to buy, and i forgot that crowds can actually dissuade me from shopping! ROAR!

Well, my main intention to visit Oxford Street was to go Hamley's to get my niece's birthday present, but they have nothing i wanted so yeah, seriously no mood to shop after that.

So i entered the Apple shop, and was using their iMac since what... 6.30pm?
It'll be so funny if i forget to log-out later and then my FB gets hijacked or something hahaha.

Note self-reminded, LOG-OUT.

My legs are hurting so badly now because there's no seats (there is one but the dude next to me took them before i could (T^T )...) and i have another hour to go. What joy.

On the plus side, had one of the BEST burgers ever! So yummy om nom nom! 8D

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

You know you've been an ELF for too long when...

... you start laughing at them and making fun of them whenever you see their videos or whatever. 8D
Or is it just me? D8

I'm weird and a bad ELF like that.


That said, i know how purr-fect they are so that's all i need to know. ♡

Monday, December 05, 2011

Super Junior Kiss the Radio.

It has been what, 5 years and 3 months?

I'm not that well-verse with Korea's radio programmes, but personally i felt that my boys are bloody awesome to be able to keep this programme for so long despite their busy schedules! How many other stars have done so? =D

And just a few months (weeks?) back i just remembered, ah, Sukira has been so long, it'll be with us forever wouldn't it?

However i guess the inevitable has come... 4th December 2011, the last broadcast of EunTeuk DJ.

I told myself i didn't want to listen to it (was Skyping with parents too at that time anyways), not like i would understand anything anyways... i was online the whole time, checking Twitter and all, but it's like i didn't want to acknowledge that fact that it really is their last broadcast.

Now i'm feeling all restless and jumpy and finding reasons to be upset with, that i don't know if i'm just being PMS-y or what but...

When it comes to the boys, on stuffs which i know will upset me... it's like i feel if i somehow don't acknowledge it, or just put on the "i couldn't be bothered" attitude, it'll just go away...

This happened with HanKyung, KangIn and HeeChul.

However, when i actually feel it, everything's actually worst. I should've just acknowledge it to begin with! Don't know why i never learn. Numbing the feelings won't make the pain go away, it'll only make it worst.

With hopes that this entry will serve as a reminder when Old Man leaves for military next year, and i'll have learned to accept it instead of pushing the emotions away until later... otherwise i have this feeling everything will turn up rather horrible, *especially* since i'll be alone here in London with nobody to talk to about it! ROAR!

Before i end this entry, to EunTeuk DJ, thanks for the amazing 5 years and 3 months. As Old Man always say, "End 가 아닌..And 잖아요.."? (^^ )