Sunday, December 11, 2011

What am i doing here?

So i left the room at about 4pm, rushed to Convent Garden to see the reindeers (last chance to see them), only to find that it's actually not till 5pm, but 4pm AKML. So when i got there they were all packed and ready to go. =(

I still get to see them, just couldn't pet them AKML further.

And bad news came in the form of a message that our dinner (DUCK!) has been postponed to 8.45pm because that's the earliest time they have AKML much further.

So i have two choice, either to go back and wait till 8pm, or just walk around till then.

I initially wanted to go back, but the tube station at Convent Garden was so packed so i walked to Holborn's tube station.

Then at the platform, i saw this advertisement that it's traffic-free at Oxford Street and Regent Street today (and tomorrow) so i thought... i had to pay £1.25 to go back anyways, might as well go Oxford Street and do some shopping?

So yeah, i chose to go shopping till dinner time. 8D

I anticipated the crowd, the thing i didn't anticipate is that i actually have nothing to buy, and i forgot that crowds can actually dissuade me from shopping! ROAR!

Well, my main intention to visit Oxford Street was to go Hamley's to get my niece's birthday present, but they have nothing i wanted so yeah, seriously no mood to shop after that.

So i entered the Apple shop, and was using their iMac since what... 6.30pm?
It'll be so funny if i forget to log-out later and then my FB gets hijacked or something hahaha.

Note self-reminded, LOG-OUT.

My legs are hurting so badly now because there's no seats (there is one but the dude next to me took them before i could (T^T )...) and i have another hour to go. What joy.

On the plus side, had one of the BEST burgers ever! So yummy om nom nom! 8D

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