Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Which goes to shows sometimes we should just eat our words...

I know i said i dislike Korean dramas for its cliche plots etc etc...

But fact remains some dramas still gets to me. *cough*

I enjoy reading dramas more than watching them because it takes up less time and not as draggy (because i can be impatient like that).

The current one i'm (reading, and watching *gasp* for once) is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

I've known of it before, but how thankful i am for only reading it now when it's Episode 12! Otherwise the wait... D8

... and hehe, i'm reading it (now) because i'm procrastinating from doing (any) work. Or i would've waited till it finishes. 8D

I've always read dramas on Dramabeans only instead of watching them, but for this one... the caps were properly captured at oh-so-yummy scenes of Jung IlWoo's expressions that cannot... MUST DOWNLOAD AND WATCH. 8D

I've always had the hots for Jung IlWoo after reading 49 Days. I mean, how hot can he be? And this drama just further confirms that fact!


So basically yeah, i'm watching this drama for him. =P
And oh yes because the female lead (Lee Chung Ah) is rather likable and not annoying (yeah i'm that fussy too!).

And the scenes which makes your heart pounds... mmm mmm mmm.

Jung IlWoo. Humunah humunah. 8D

Yeah yeah, all for being a "feminist" and all that but i can be such a hopeless romantic(?) over some of those scenes *cough*.

And this being the first time i actually hear his voice, it's not how i imagined it would be (bad thing from reading dramas instead of watching them...), but it's starting to grow on me. I LOVE how deep his voice is. Further yummy points. ♡

Would love to post some of the screencaps which totally captures my heart but yeah i would so be judged for those pics (and it would take a lot of time) so let's leave it for another time when i *cough* have no work to do and was so fluttered i just had to share those pics, ok? =P

Meanwhile, since i really have to get back to work, here's one yummy one of Jung IlWoo.
Mmm. 8D

ps: Still Mrs Choi, just in case you're wondering.

pps: Oh btw am a bit annoyed with EunBi's character for sort-of "toying" with both boys' feelings. Or at least, KangHyuk's. It's very clear who she likes no?

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