Thursday, December 29, 2011

A recap of 2010 and 2011.

To be honest, time passes a bit too fast for my liking.
It's like, all of a sudden i'm 24 this year without realizing it!


Sometimes it still feels as if 2010 just passed, and it was just the beginning of 2011!

I don't believe i have made a compilation of 2010, because last year i was back home (after spending 3 months in Oxford), and i guess i spent more time away from the computer than being on it. Come on, i'm back home! KL has so much more to offer than using the computer (unlike in UK *cough*)!

So anyways, yeah, here's a short recap (more for myself too though!) of 2010 and 2011! (^^ )

I remember the new term of the year means moving to Seksyen 13 of the KDU branch. Ah, the memories.

After passing my exams and confirming that i will be continuing my studies in Oxford, cue some of my busiest months in KL before departure; what's with learning to make decisions, visa, shopping and packing, and spending as much time with my family before leaving!

Visited Seoul in August. ♡

Hokkaido trip with my Smellies. Awesome possum! 8D

In September, "left home" for the very first time alone. So thankful to AhMa, Naima and Naipa for sending me off. I really really appreciate it. =D

To be honest i felt the year spent at Oxford taught me a lot of things.
I thought i was independent enough to stay a year abroad. I WAS HORRIBLY WRONG.
Within a week i was making noise of wanting to go back in December. =D
Told myself though, it's just a year for me to get through, no matter what i must not cry when i Skype with my parents in case they worry! And i didn't yeah! =D

I learned to appreciate a lot of things and every little thing in life, and to not take things for granted, and to always be grateful! (^^ )

Addiction to 9gag takes on a new level.

June 2011 marked a huge step in my life. I turned 24 and finally, graduated! (^^ )

Summer was spent in KL being extremely fat and happy. 8D

Till all the stupid visa and housing issues come along bleh.

Returned to London in September, and spent a month of what i would still think of as the darkest moments of my life what turf. And i thought that first week in Oxford was bad lols!

Homesick this time was worst than usual. Classes was horrible. Not getting a good sleep every other night that i finally cried while Skyping with my parents despite my vow not too teehee.

At one point there, it scared me how not random i am anymore, that i lost my whimsical self... it honestly scared me... but i realized it's just me not getting in touch with it, and i really should make an effort.
Or maybe it's just studies or reality getting to me lols!

However, in the end i learn to preserver and put things into perspective... and survived the year! Yeah! =D

Went home in December, had never been happier and more grateful! (^^ )

Ok very badly written entry i know! =P

I honestly felt i'm a very jinx person. Everything i hope for, or said aloud, will take a turn for the worst, so instead of making any "wish" for the new year, let's have a look at my latest "motto" if i may say so, which is...

Ok thanks bye! =D

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