Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dawn of the Dead and Monster-in-Law...

Oh yeah, went to Sungei Wang on Wed and i got myself one DVD, and my cous Ya got two. I bought "Dawn of the Dead" and she bought "Monster-in-Law" and "Flightplan".

Today, yeah, i have an assignment due tomorrow, but can't help it but watch one movie lar =P...

Ok, one, but i end up watching two XP...

We first watched "Dawn of the Dead"... while painting our nails ^^|||... so naturally, didn't pay too much attention on the tee-vee (But still got watch lar...), so it didn't turn up THAT scary lar... hee XP...

"Dawn of the Dead" is the movie of my favourite genre... ZOMBIE MOVIES XD!!!~ And its damn seriously exciting XD!!!~ I screamed like a mad woman at most exciting parts +P... luckily watch at home *phew*...

BTW, just a note, "Dawn of the Dead" is not like any other zombie movies i had ever watched!!!

Remember "Dawn of the Dead" (Simon Baker aka Riley inside IS HOT XD!!!~)??? Well, zombies there "learned" how to communicate and all, and learn, revenge, use weapons etc etc... well, if you thought that was scary... this is worst...

The zombies in "Dawn of the Dead" can't learn or communicate, revenge, use weapons and all... but then, they RUN...

No, you didn't read wrongly... THEY RUN!!!

How scary could that be @.@... the beginning i saw that part i screamed like a mad woman (Trust me, when i said i scream like a mad woman, IT REALLY IS MAD XD!!!)!!! It was like... OH SH*T!!! THEY RUN 0_0!!!

So its damn freaking scary, because it likes... scary!!! Just plain scary X0 (But exciting!!!~)!!!~

And the ending is really sad, because *spoilers ahead* their boat has finish oil and spoilt, but they were reaching this island already (They were heading to any island which is free from zombies...)... but... there were ALOT of zombies there too...

And they could've got away if theres enough time i guess... but can't because worst... the zombies ran @.@...

SCARY X0!!!~

p/s: The zombies also know how to punch windscreens and jump on cars... plus if theres a hole to get in, they'll know how to get in... uhh @.@...

Another movie i watched is "Monster-in-Law". I'll keep this short.

Its a good movie with a good plot in my own opinion...

The main guy inside is HOT XD (Micheal Vartan, the guy from the tee-vee show, Alias X3!!!~), with the purr-fect voice and looks for the "smart-rich-professional-career" type of guy; conclusion, the "PURR-FECT" type XD...

And whats the movie without the "Monster-in-Law"???

The guy's mother is suitable too. The "rich-elegant" woman but hates her future daughter-in-law because wants the best for his son and goes to each and every length she could to shoo her... she was good in acting the crazy future mother-in-law and tries to annoy the daughter-in-law... funny!!!~

And of course, the main female character's "girlfriends"... a normal female, and a male-preference male friend... they are so close to each other, and provide OK comedic relief that its kinda sweet X) (Awww!!!~)!!!~

BUT... one BIG SUPER HUGE MISTAKE they made in choosing the female character...

They chose Jennifer Lopez for the female character...

She's an OK actress lar, but she just sucks inside; its like the character's not really "suitable" for her, like she's odd and out of place nya...

And they always like to put her as those "i-lost-but-i'll-walk-away-with-dignity-because-i'm-strong" type of character... its kinda boring and sickening after awhile... because almost all movies i've saw of her has those type of character... boring...

Maybe because the fact that she's a super-well-known murderer, thats why i don't like her... but cannot deny the fact that she just looks weird as that character!!!

Conclusion, the movie is good, the main guy and mother-in-law character is good (And guy is very HOT XD!!!~)... but just the female character is the problem... otherwise...

Can i please also conclude that Michael Vartan is VERY HOT XD???

Mind, i don't usually think foreign guys are hot... its really hard for "ang-mo-lang" to get into my "Guys-i-think-are-hot" list...

Maybe being a "professional-rich-cute-sweet-handsome-sensitive" etc character with a sexy voice helps... ALOT...

Or maybe killing zombies, figuring out how to outwit zombies etc and still looks cool helps too...???

And mind again, all my favourite male "ang-mo" actors are either British (Luke Mably...), Australian (Heath Ledger, Simon Baker...) or French-American (Michael Vartan...)... because their accent/ slang are just HOT XD!!!~ Sexy X3!!!~

... with the acception of Chad Michael Murray, because i don't know... maybe its because of the characters he portrays, so without the accent (But got the sexy voice XD!!!~), his in as well XD!!!~

Hahaha, typically eiko-chan =P!!!~

Monday, September 26, 2005

It is good to finish assignments on time =3!!!~

Yeah XD!!!~

For the first time in my ICPU history, i didn't finish my assignments at the last minute!!! Yeah XD!!!~

Eh, hold on, i think i finish my OS assignments last time quite fast too right 0-O???

But anyway, i just finished my law assignment XD!!!~ So proud of myself, because i usually tend to drag all my Law assignments to the last minute =P (And sleep really late then tomorrow become panda <(0.0)>...)!!!~

Tomorrow is due date, yeah, i mean, its quite last minute too, but not very last minute because i started it early; not overall early (Otherwise it would've been finished last week XP...), but still early =3!!!~

And for the first time i sat in The Web with the purpose to "finish assignment", i really "FINISH ASSIGNMENT" and didn't do anything else lor XD!!!~

Yeah, yokatta X3!!!~ No need become like pan-chan dee =3??? Muahaheeeeeeee XD!!!~

p/s: Yeah yeah, Dan Dan is our new Malaysian Idol XD!!!~ Very happy, everyone congratulated me at college today =3!!!~


Saturday, September 24, 2005


Yeah, DANIEL WON XD!!!~ So happy nyan XD!!!~


But i know i'll feel better if i was there to cheer and cry with the crowd when Daniel was announced winner *pouts*... cheering at home was just so... ugh @.@... with only my own hands to hold, and only myself to feel my own hearbeat, and only myself to chant "Daniel, please be Daniel... DANIEL!!!" in my heart =/...

I should be a spoilt brat just now...

At least i have my beloved cousin sister Ah Mei jie jie to be happy with me, cheer with me, although she's in Penang =)!!!~ Better than everyone else XD!!!~

I shouted and cried (Ah Mei jie jie shouted in Penang X3!!!~), hehe, cause all my efforts were not wasted =3!!!~


Thanks to everyone who felt happy with me, and understand that THIS is really important to me =)... AH, HAPPY XD!!!~


I should've just be a spoilt brat...

The reason why i don't want to go for the Malaysian Idol Grand Finale result show tonight, is because it'll mean that my parents will have to come fetch me from Genting Skyway at around 10pm at night, and i don't want to tire them, so i choose not to go, and stay at home and sulk...

But you know what?

My mom don't even give a damn; she even told me "i-told-you-to-go" (Or issit "i-didn't-say-i'm-not-letting-you-go etc, something similiar...) with this kinda voice and that kinda expression (Complete with a dance like Faizul's from tee-vee...), which left me in a verge of tears, anger, and which has deeply disgusted me...

I should've just went for it...

How i regret... mom didn't even appreciate it...

I should've just stayed a spoilt brat from now on... to hell lar...


The show was great, and it looks greater today from tee-vee (Maybe because i'm not there and sulking...)... Daniel is performing now with Nita... plus Jac, the last season's Idol...


I'm so gonna cry...

Regardless the results tonight, i know i'm so gonna cry...

Nita sang powerfully and was really strong yesterday, but Daniel has really alot of fans...

Watching the pre-result show now... how i wish i could just be there...

I should just be a spoilt brat today and want my parents to come pick me up from the Genting Skyway at around 10pm at night... its only around an hour journey =P...

Watching the Malaysian Idol Grand Finale is just one of the best experience in my life =)...

You won't know how it feels like until you've gone through it...




Please vote for Daniel, well, i'm not sure if anyone will be seeing this by tonight, but if you do, PLEASE VOTE FOR DANIEL XD!!!~

Type 'VOTE DANIEL' and send to 33722 or call 13721 (Landline only...)!!!

I recommand calling better, because its much more worth it *hint hint plus grin*!!!~

Credits: Malaysian Idol Official Website

Yesterday's show was fantastic XD!!!~ I thought i almost died from all the screaming, shouting and yes, jumping XP XD X3!!! Not forgetting me jumping like a mad woman while holding the board high up @v@!!!~

And of course, the anxious and "kinda stressed abit" feeling before the show @.@... i thought we'll be late one X0!!!

Rushed like a mad woman to Genting with my lao po Loo2 @o@ (Because slightly late =P!!! They mention there on the ticket that the gate will be close at 7.30pm sharp, so really scare that we won't make it in time one X0!!!~)!!!

But luckily and thank God we made it in time, and we got 3rd row from the stage XD!!!~ Yeah XD!!!~

I also made a banner for Daniel yesterday; not anything fantastic being that i was in a hurry XP!!! I only have half an hour to finish ler neeways @.@ (Will add pic!!!), but 70% satisfied with it lar for such a short time =)!!!~

I'm in the school library now, during my OS class period to finish my OS Case Study one actually (With teacher's permission to get out of class of course =D...) so i think i should be a good girl and do what i'm suppose to do lar ne??? So later only add story lar (When get home dee!!!~) XD!!!~

Oh yeah, and bugger, today is Sat... and i have college T-T...
Have to wake up at around 6am ON A FREAKING SATURDAY MORNING 0_0!!!
Why T-T???

Oh yeah, i woke up late on the day college was declared close for haze =P... so i guess it just pays back =/...
Anyway, class was good today; passes pretty quickly and pretty much nothing to do =)!!!~

Law: Went on a "field trip" - to a broken down building near college at a field, hot and hot @.@... but good "Law class field trip" experience X/??? Anyway, the rest of the period was free =D!!!~

OS: Nothing much to do - Case study and went to library use computer, with permission;

and IB: Library computer lab - for you to do your IBP works and stuffs, but hehe, some just ignore and do own stuffs nya lar... like me =P!!!~

... But its still a bugger to wake up early on Sat morning, and then to for college @.@...

And just remember, VOTE FOR DANIEL XD!!!~

p/s: Daniel is blardy cute XD!!!~
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Credits: Malaysian Idol Offical Website

Friday, September 23, 2005

Anxious anxious @.@...

Now i'm in The Web waiting for my cous to finish her lunch so can go home together, but its raining like real heavy now neeways @.@...

And i'm feeling really really really really REALLY anxious now ler @o@... because later going to Genting to see Malaysian Idol Grand Finale XD!!!~

Go Daniel =3!!!~ I support Daniel XD!!!~

Daniel is blardy cute X3!!!~ Nita really pretty too; but i prefer Farah to be in Top 2 actually =P!!!~

Nevertheless, i support three of them most lar ^-^ (Especially Daniel XD!!!~)!!!~

But alot of things i haven't do yet @o@...
- Make banner for Dan...
- Bath and pack stuffs to go Genting...
- Nevermind the making, i haven't even buy the materials @.@...
- Hope can make it in time to buy the black wristband... or maybe i should just skip this...
- Hope the clothes i want to wear are clean and dry dee...

And somemore... have to take bus there... Oh @.@... how if alot of people... ahhhhhh @o@...

Thats why anxious... i think my feelings will still be haywire until tonight is finish... seriously @o@... all Daniel's fault XP!!!

Ganbatte Daniel XD!!!~

I should stop watching アネゴ

Jin fandom coming back...

Johnny's alert...

I'm a VF Girl wth!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

How did eiko-chan spend her holiday?

How did i spend my holiday?

I have no idea @.@...

I remember the first half of my holiday is spent like an idiot planning to go to Sg alone to buy w-inds. stuffs; then after certain complications, canceled the whole thing on Wed night, and became a zombie at home for the remaining days.

Which reminds me... i haven't got back to my friend what stuffs i want to mar fun her help me buy ler @.@... must faster get back to her latest TOMORROW!!!

Though, luckily, i bought two books on Thurs from MPH because i still have the RM15 coupon from pre-ordering Harry Potter. Real good books, at least, i enjoyed it fairly well =).

One is "The Domestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella, and the other is "The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot.

(Will add picture of it later.)

Actually, i was only planning to get "The Domestic Goddess", but because theres a 20% off the original price, and i can't get it unless i buy something else worth RM10 and above (Because i'm not the MPH member...); remembering my friend recommanding me "The Princess Diaries", i read a few pages and like it, so got it as well.

Thanks to mom and dad for the book!!!

Both are really nice and interesting books. I finished "The Princess Diaries" on Thurs (Whole day my head was burried into that book! Yes, i'm quite a slow reader =P!), and started "The Domestic Goddess" on Fri, reading a few pages each day nya (Don't know why... and during some important sessions...) and today (Sun!), finished the remaining pages from round 11am-4pm!!!

Yes, i told you i'm a slow reader *pouts*!!!

I'm planning to get more "The Princess Diaries", as i really like it; though, its American so there isn't alot of my favourite, as i call it, "British language" (Eg: Bloody hell, flibbertigibbet etc...), inside.

As for the "Shopaholics" series, i think i'll borrow the first book from my friend before deciding if the rest is worth keeping anot lar =P!!! I mean, hehe, it is quite expensive!!!

Good thing about "Shopaholics"... its shopping, and British *winks*!!!~

Apart from that, theres no other highlights of my holidays, sadly (Yes, i'm a sad girl =(...); except if you count getting this beautiful song into my Blog, having my daily dosage of w-inds., watching "Land of the Dead"; my favourite zombie movie, successfully accomplish a certain task (And working hard for it to PERMANENT!!!), chasing Malaysian Idol and got a very good pic of Dan =3, having my daily dosages of w-inds., buying a new bag, new wristbands, w-inds. dosages and something to do with Keita X3 (My baby boy is just HOT XD!!!~)!!!~

But another sad part is i erm... forget to inform Amanda the time we'll be going to watch "Land of the Dead", eventhough i dated her to go earlier =(... so today she asked me to go but i told her i watch dee... I'M SO SORRY X0!!!

But i promised i'll make it up to her!!! This are what i'm going to do for her:
- Go watch "Land of the Dead" with her (Hey, its my fave zombie movie, and i did let her down so have to right?).
- Let her bite me if she gets scare, and promise not to whack her.
- But she must promise that i am totally free to scream, and have to make sure i'm wearing a jacket at that time.
- She may call me a grandma for my poor memory.
- And yes, once again, she may bite me.

Ooh yes, i got a new bag!!! Though, its the last one, and was on display (@.@...); i have the "no-buy-last-one" policy, but i have some very good reasons for it.
- 10% off; Nike don't usually give discounts on this right?
- Its not for sale at Nike outlets = chances of having the same bag as someone else are quite rare... i hope...
- We get 5x Bonuslink points, because of the Bonuslink members day thing.

Thats about it ler. And it still looks quite new (Except bottom there is yellow and got a couple of stains =(...); but i'm still wiping it clean before using it. THROUGHLY!!!

And its the same with everyone isn't it???

When the sales person tells you that item you want is the last one, you'll always doubt that there are more in the store, but they are just lazy to fetch it for you =/... true and typical??? Hehehe!!! My friend Lean2 proves this fact!!! So do me, because i was so doubting and keeps on questioning that guy when he told me the bag was the last one!!!

Maybe i should check in on that shop again, to see if he's bluffing.

Well, if he did. I swear i'm gonna sue (Ok, maybe not sure, i haven't got my license yet.) complain his ass up to the upper managment, and worst, the consumer's rights department!!! Don't mess with eiko-chan??? Hehehe =P!!!

School's starting tomorrow; back to studying in class, studying for exam, rushing through assignments last minute, using com @ computer lab for personal use or playing game when you ought to be searching for "information", eating at Asia Cafe (Which we did... practically everyday...) and the usual college life.

Why can't... oh bother, it won't come true anyway ;o;...

Oh well, THATS LIFE!!!

I chose the ICPU life in Taylor's, and i have to accept the fact =/!!!

But i'm not sure i'll be getting use to go back to college life so fast ne... when i've been slacking at home everyday due to holiday =P...

And yes, i'm getting fatter T-T... eating everyday when theres nothing to do at home =P... hopefully college (And climbing up the bloody stairs everyday to class...) will do me good ler *prays*!!!

Good part: Writting a new story, muahahaha XD!!!
And this time is not all talk; i started on the first 2 parts dee =3!!!~
Though, just the first 2 parts had made me gripped my hair and pulling them, and made me sat infront of the laptop a couple of hours @.@...

Writer's block... and i accept that fact =(...

If its successful, only will let people read ler, don't want paiseh and let people down (Paiseh Auntie XP!!!)!!!~


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Not smooth day =(!!!

Today is definately not smooth for eiko-chan =(!

First woke up one hour slightly later than supposedly wake up time; "dated" Mei jie go see Lazy at 10am. But luckily me cous bro can't at that time ler, so went around 1pm like that?

Around 1pm, go cous bro's house with mom and Mei jie; mom wants to see Hao Hao, Auntie Rose's 3rd son aka my "Little Jay Chou" (He was born one day after Jay's birthday, haih, too bad lor!), i drove Waja.

As usual, mom cannot stop nagging about my driving all the way there (As if she drives perfectly...), wonder why she nag me more than bro??? I don't think i'm any worse than HS lor (Maybe slightly nya lar...), maybe mom justs enjoy nagging me. And mom also loves telling anyone whose free to listen that i'm a "bad" driver. Hah, look whose talking!
I think mom is turning into her mom, my grandmother lor. And one day i'll sure be the same; its in the genes and uncurable. This is such a tragedy to ME T-T... Why can't i follow my grandmama's genes???

Then while looking for parking that time, SERIOUSLY... MOM JUST CAN'T STOP NAGGING!!! Can't she for once let me drive in peace (Maybe i'll have to feed my mom some alcohol and make her feel tipsy so she'll keep quiet while i drive...
But maybe it'll just make her worst!!! I don't know, haven't try before...)???

Then i got fedup and got out from the car ler. Then only she say "Just drive lar..." or something like that. But i'd had enough so i go and sat at the back seat with her lor.
And then i just try to reason with her (Though, people who knows me knows that my "reasoning" sounds like i'm picking a fight... but i can't help it, go change my voice box lar!!!), and i got whack up the ass by her trusty wallet (Mind, i could use a more vulgar tone.).

After that went to see Hao Hao lor, unfortunately Hao Hao has changed from my "Little Jay Chou", to "Little Lee Hom" or just plain Howie i suppose; conclusion, he don't speak with me the "Jay Chou launguage" anymore (No one can understand what this is lar, so i suggest if you're curious, don't make conclusions in your head and ask me!). Sad =(...

Then went to see Lazy XD!!! Wow, he smell got food then keep on meow, meow want food; hehe, bought some food for him and i myself thinks it smells good!!!
Unfortunately, Joo Yee have to give away Lazy soon =(... i so love Lazy lor, but mom don't allow me to take in Lazy, so too bad ler. Haih, this is just saddening ler T-T.

Afterwards got home and taught Mei jie play the H.K. Cafe!!! Hehe, at first quite lousy one (=P!!!), but she got better and better!!! Ganbatte!!!~
Though, haha, i nag her at the side too much =P!!!

Then, Auntie msg me while i was playing H.K. Cafe and i got aeroplaned by Auntie, who said earlier she'll teman me to KLIA to fetch my "precious" cousin one lor; but this afternoon punya msg say she can't make it because got "group work". Oh fine!

At least Pupu is washed (But still grey???)???

Then continue my afternoon playing H.K. Cafe, then get ready go to Midvalley see Malaysian Idol XD!!!~

Actually i was thinking after Midvalley go my friend's birthday party in Ascott one. But my dad is being "old fashioned" like he always is, and puts the typical curfew on me.

Then worst, he ask me to choose between Midvalley and Ascott party.


Daniel, or Tao Tao???

One is my favourite Idol; another is a friend i've known since primary school!!! One of those i know longest in my college, and my only DU-buddy in ICPU March intake!!!

Finally, i chose Daniel over Tao Tao ler, because i forget to buy present for him +P!!! And most of my friends are not going also so, haih, sorry Tao-ster!!!

Not bad lor, manage to get some really cute shots of Daniel XD!!!~ Post a seperate entry about all my Malaysian Idol chase next time =3!!!~


I bought the cassette for them to sign, and then buy the cassette got free tickets one lor, so mar go redeem lor!!! Muahahaha!!! So happy XD!!!~

Though, my original "teman-go-Malaysian-idol-Grand-Finale-partner" Lean Gee can't go with me T-T... because she just went Genting last week (And made her Dad angry during that time...), so her parents don't let her go again next week... haih... so sad... just find someone else lor...

Hope Mei jie's interested =P!!!

Ok, then finish getting the autographs from the Malaysian Idol finalists dee, going home dee so i go takeaway McDs ler (And before got nagged like hell from mom and dad... hiesh...), and i got cut-line by two old hags. Ugh! But nevermind, respect elder people lor otherwise i might rip them to pieces!!

On way home, got nag by mom AGAIN!!! Then dad add in!!!

Dad starts his "century-long-naggings" and i took out my CREATIVE. Unfortunately, my baby die on me T-T... stupid baby!!! Important minute only go and habis battery!!! STUPID BABY!!!

Oh yeah, btw, my CREATIVE i think siao siao dee lor T-T. Check again later, if still siao siao tomorrow maybe bring him go Lao Yat see how lor, hopefully ok lar X0!!!

So, hehe, can you say today's smooth??? I don't think so lor (Except that i got real good shots of Daniel XD!!!~ And i think Farah recognises me X3!!!~)!!!~

Hee, and at least Lean produces a more reasonable reason =)!!!~ But she said she'll try ler see can anot... hope can ler!!!~

But mom seems like she doesn't like me go Genting see the Grand Finale lor =( (On the contrary, mom don't like me to go out and have fun one...)... haih... bother lar...
慶太以外、 誰もいらない。

Friday, September 16, 2005

w-inds. 「十六夜の月」

Yeah, added the song i've been waiting to put for so long into my Blog XD!!!

Eversince i created this theme for my Blog (Plus sticking to the same colour... because this colour suits w-inds. latest single =3!!!~), i've been waiting for this single to be released so i can load the song into my Blog!!! But cause i lost the html code, so have to wait for awhile lor =(... eventhough i upload it earlier dee...

Then Anna jie jie (And Cat...) came to the rescue, and yeah, can add dee XD!!!~

Though the song didn't really have any opening music, it just started with my baby Keita singing "Just for you..." (I love my baby boy Kei X3!!!~); so i'm very sure it'll scare some unsuspecting people =P, hehehe *grins sheepishly*!!!~

But its such a good song, i'm sure everyone will love it after listening to it!!!~

w-inds. rules XD!!!~

Please enjoy w-inds. 16th Maxi Single, 「十六夜の月」 ^-^!!!~

Land of the Dead... freaky... but i love it @v@...

I just love Zombie movies!!! I'm not scare of it, but its damn exciting and i really can sit there and start feeling anxious (And yes, pulling my hair and cover face with hands when feel that something is going to come out ^^|||...)!!! My heart can jump like, real fast, because really very exciting, and although so, i just can't help but to see more of it!!!~


And my good cousin Ah Mei jie jie accompanies my love for it too!!! I should've bring her go watch ler XD!!!~


The zombie movie i just watch just now is ""Some-guy's-name"'s Land of the Dead". That guy is supposedly the creator of zombie movies lar (10 100 MILLION CHEERS to that fellow eventhough i-don't-know-his-name for creating such wonderful type of movie!!! Hail "that-guy's-name"!!!~)

Ooh, btw, do you know if you put Chipsmore Mini next to the laptop thingy which gives out hot air, your Chipsmore will go hot???

Neeways, went to watch with Lean Gee and Pei Fern just now, but unfortunately, miss beginning part of my favourite type of movie T_T...

Cuz round 11.30am, went to State collect police report, then SS2 take mooncake, and DJ for chicken rice (The chicken rice there rocks X9!!!~). By that time its round 12.30pm dee, and the movie is at 12.50pm!!! Faster rush home, finish food and change pants and mom fetch me there ler!!!

Have to watch that time cause Lean cannot go home late, so the 3pm movie is out of bound. I could've watch the 3pm movie without them, but i have to watch alone and don't want lar (Favourite movie must at least have someone to discuss with and kacau one =P!!!~), so mar just rush lar @.@!!!~

Damn tiring, somemore just finish lunch so i'm not suprise if i kena appendiks (CHOY!!!)!!!

And real thanks lor, cuz i could've watch the later movie and no need to rush (And no need to risk kena appendiks...), but no, lazy (And don't understand meaning of "i-don't-want-rush"...), so wth, don't care dee ler.

Plus stupid traffic light damn slow, so have to walk to OU from the traffic light there lor if i want fast!!!

I seriously am afraid i'll kena appendiks ler 0_0... choy!!!

Then finish watching dee, teman Lean buy stuffs awhile, then Lean send me home with her new car, the new Perodua MyVi!!! Real nice car, but i don't really like the dashboard part ler, and Lean's a not-bad driver!!! Quite steady (But the part she just turned right without looking right quite kia-kia @.@...)!!!~ Thanks Lean Lean ^-^!!!~

Wait, i think his name was... George Afarmo??? Romero???

Note to oneself
Find out name of Zombie movie creator - Someone worthy of admiring for creating this movie genre i love!!!~


Ooh, let me go about the story. Because i didn't watch the beginning part, so couldn't say much ler. But its like, action-pack, and alot of "suddenly-burst-out-vra~~" scenes.

Typical of zombie movies, and those scenes are the scenes which makes girls go "Ahhhhh~~" and start pulling their boyfriend's shirts or anyone next to them. But hey, at least only their shirt get spoil.

Try sitting next to Amanda while watching "The Cave"... you'll lose more then a shirt...

Yeah, that woman bit me arm when the monster flew out in "The Cave" -o-|||...

She screamed cause of the monster... i scream cause she bit me ^^|||...

It hurts ;o;...

Back to the movie, lol, got sidetracked ^^|||...

Anyways, one special thing about this movie is that the zombies, instead of being the "mindless-undead", they learn!!!

The sort-of "leader-of-the-dead" did quite alot of "accomplishing-tasks" which will probably make Zombie-movie lovers go "Whoah!!!"...

- He asked a fellow "zombie-chef" to help hack through this piece of wooden board which blocked their way (He even pointed to that guy which part to chop...),
- He learned which way is possible to get through to the island, and which way can't because the army has block it with electric fence (And he avoided the area...),
- He dare to jump into the water and walk underwater to the other side (They were supposedly afraid of the water, but thanks to him they got pass that...),
- He got emotion for his "dead-friends"; when he saw other zombies got hang and used as target practise, he yelled in anger,
- He saw a "zombie-friend" got burned and he shot that poor fella to end his suffering, and he looked sorry after that (I don't know how i see this, but can feel ler...),
- He blew up a guy using gasoline and fire (This part was like... Whoah, amazing!!! And he did so because the guy shot at him earlier!!! Talking about "The Revenge of the Undead"!!!); he pour gasoline around the victim earlier then roll a tin of fire into the gasoline; he roll the tin so he himself no need to get near the gasoline and risk being blown up!!! Clever!!!,

And the no. 1 most "amazing-thing"...

He learned how to use a machine gun... and teaches other zombies to use it instead of just plain 'ol knife!!!

Its the different part of this movie than other zombie movies, because other zombie movies' zombies just know how to walk, "Vra *the noise zombies made*" and bite and munch on the living...

Theres still alot more ler, but i'll stop here now lor!!! Go watch the movie yourself!!! Its worth it =3!!!~


I want to see more zombie movies ler!!! The last time TV2 shows "Dawn of the Dead", i was too scared to watch (Because last time watch abit in Na jie's house or something...), but now i really want to watch ler!!!~

Eventhough while watching, i can go "Omg, omg, omg..." and start pulling my hair etc because really very exciting (I can even scream if i'm at home watching it...), i JUST LOVE ZOMBIE MOVIES XD!!!~

Yeah, and even the Chinese Vampire movies!!!

Just love those two types of movies alot!!! Kya XD!!!~

BTW, the traffic security guy in OU is idiotic and just plain lazy...

I was in a hurry to rush to the cinema ler, and took the lift near Fridays from Ground Flr to 2nd Flr (It was the best route to Cinema neeways... and i need to rest the food in me tummy...). That idiot was also waiting for the lift, and i'm calling him an idiot because HE GOT OUT ON THE FIRST FLOOR!!!

I mean, theres like an escalator just beside Fridays, and he was walking to the same way as the escalator somemore after leaving the lift!!! Why couldn't he just take the escalator!!! Damn idiotic and lazy right???

He just wasted 5 seconds of my time for the opening of the lift door (And closing...) at First Flr. I could've manage to watch 5 seconds earlier of the movie if not because of him!!! Hmph!!! Idiotic!!!

Hehe, because zombie and chinese vampire movies matters alot to me ^^|||... just love it... cannot miss it even if its only 5 seconds XP!!!~

p/s: Riley is damn blardy cute inside XD (Note to oneself: Find his REAL name, no one will know who Riley is unless they watch the movie!!!)!!!~

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

OU BBQ Plaza!!! Yum X9!!!~

Wow, yesterday went for dinner at OU's BBQ Plaza (Thai BBQ...) with my lao po Loo2... IT WAS DELICIOUS XD!!!~

Ooh yeah, Na jie and Kaijie, if you are reading this, next time we go together ne ^-^!!!~ Don't ask me belanja lar but =P!!!~

I was typically jumping with joy when started, and when the soup has absorb enough taste dee... WHOAH *imitates the model, Qi Qi in SK-II commercial*, IT WAS GREAT XD!!!~ Flying on Cloud 9 *v*!!!~
Then we were both practicularly drinking the soup (And me, my last few sips was just right out from the pot-like thingy =P!!!) after finishing everything XP!!!~ It was just X9!!!~ Words can't describe it XD!!!~

We ordered a mix set; got beef, pork, chicken, prawn, sotong, udon and then got vegetables like carrot, baby corn and the best is the CABBAGE XD!!!~ The cabbage just make the soup taste better, neeways it taste wonderful too after its cooked too ler XD!!!~

They got this special sauce, and you add garlic and lime inside to your taste. Then, after bbq-ing the meat, you dip it into the sauce and eat ler; but for me and Loo's case we marinate the meat in it before bbq-ing... TASTE BETTER AND MORE WONDERFUL XD!!!~
It became more juicy and the sauce like spit out with every bite X9!!!~

And to top it all, they are introducing lamb meat, and ask us what we think about it and if we like lamb meat or not. I say not bad ler, and Loo2 just simply ask whether can give us sample anot, and you know what... THEY REALLY GIVE US 4 PIECE OF LAMB MEAT AS FREE SAMPLES!!! Can you believe that XD!!!~

But yeah, Loo2 say if want to introduce new range must let "old" customers try and survey whether the market can accept anot (Not exactly old, but not first timers ler!!!), and hehe, lucky lucky ler!!!~
Somemore the lamb meat tastes better if you marinate it first ler!!! Lamb and the special sauce taste is just wonderful XD!!!~

Then Loo2 and i discussed why we get free sample and why the supervisor come and ask us our opinion off all other customers ler, and we conclude that we were just too obscene in expression while eating (Well, it just taste too good to hide ler X9!!!~) and even drank the soup so thats why he come ler??? Hehehe!!!~

Serious recommandation to everyone nyon XD!!!~

p/s: The next time i go, i'll take pics ler!!! Will definately be MORE next time one, hehehe XD!!!~

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ganbatte eiko-chan X3!!!~

eiko-chan is happy on one end, but on the other end i'm really dissappointed with myself...

Aiyar, don't care dee!!! eiko-chan ganbatte ganbatte XD!!!~

Like what w-inds. sang, Break down Build Up (Ok, does not really relate to how i felt, though, can say its like related XD???)!!!

GANBATTE eiko-chan XD!!!~

BTW, probably going Singapore soon XD!!!~

Go buy w-inds. stuffs XD!!!~

Good luck XD!!!~


p/s: My desperation to read more Shin-chan (Its been so long since i last read latest issue... and accidentally skipped book 41 somemore T-T...) has led me to buy the latest issue... in chinese TvT...

Though i can read chinese, i prefer the malay one because easier to understand for me; besides i lazy read chinese ler =P!!!
Plus the fact that hehe, eiko-chan long time no chinese writing or reading dee, so rusted dah XP!!!~

Cannot eiko-chan, must ganbatte in this fact too!!! GANBATTE XD!!!~

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The eiko-chan and Keita story Part 2

Due to boredomness, eiko-chan has created another story. Enjoy =).

The eiko-chan and Keita story Part 2

eiko-chan: "Bored x-x *rolls around*..."
Keita: "*Smiles* Is that all you do when you are bored ^^|||???"
eiko-chan: "Eh, is there any other methods???"
After 5 seconds...
eiko-chan: "Em... i'm bored @.@..."
Keita: "Here you go ^-^..."
eiko-chan: "LOTTE SOH XD *V*!!!"

Keita passed to his beloved eiko-chan (I just have to add that XD!!!~) her most precious and favourite ice-cream, Lotte Soh *jeng jeng jeng* *screams and cheer to the BEST ice-cream in the world XD*!!!~

eiko-chan happily cheers and hug Keita, planting a kiss on his cheek and as he blushes shyly, eiko-chan consume her most favourite ice-cream in the whole wide world that even the coldest weather couldn't't colden her love towards it *v* (Eg: Finishing around 3 cups of Lotte Soh *jeng jeng jeng* on a cold cold windy Autumm-changing-to-Winter day... including at night ^^|||...)...

After 10 seconds...

eiko-chan: "Oishii, gouchisousama X9!!!~" (I miss Lotte Soh T-T...)
Keita: "Thats fast ^^|||..."
eiko-chan: "OISHII XD!!!~"

But knowing eiko-chan, Keita expected her to finish her delicious cup of Lotte Soh *jeng jeng jeng*, within 10 seconds... maybe boredom has taken out her "superbility" to finish her favourite Lotte Soh faster...

This story proves that...

Boredom sucks @.@...


^^||| Lol, lame (But sweet X3!!!~) story XD!!!~ The outcome of eiko-chan's boredomness ;o;...

Hee, to Auntie whose in Kuching now ler!!! Hehehe XD!!!~

I very sien now *continues rolling around* -o-|||...

eiko-chan emo day... again =/...

Yeah, eiko-chan's emo again...

Theres two TV programs she's been looking forward to this weekend, and she conveniently missed both "in-the-nick-of-time" T_T...

And on Fri, she forgot to go buy the latest issue of Crayon Shin-chan (Yeah, she's a big fan, and she will scream and shout and throw tantrums because she miss Shin-chan alot ;o;... its so long dee since i read Shin-chan T-T...)

Don't ask, she just feel like throwing herself into the deep depths of the "jurang-laut" (Forget what its called in English =P...) in Philipines; the deepest on in the world...

Emo ;o;...

Friday, September 09, 2005

eiko-chan's baby got bang T-T...

Yeah, my baby AE86 got bang at the rear T-T...

I lazy tell the whole story over again, and that time i waited quite awhile at the police station to make report, then somemore have to drive all the way back to Kelana Jaya to the workshop; very tired dee and forgot to take pic lor...

2-3 days have to be apart from my baby lor... haih...

On a happier note, i finally get over something dee =3!!!~

Not letting on anything first, hehe, next post ler!!!~ Just a short note about it here first!!!~

And i realize something... i need my daily dosage of Keita lor; whether it is picture, song, video, etc. If don't have can @.@ lor... hehe!!!

Yeah, Thurs evening was THE MOST BORING DAY IN MY LIFE!!!


My computer spoil dee, nothing watch, nothing do... roll around also lost its fun T-T...
But finally took out my w-inds. DVDs and watch lor *v*... then OK DAH XD!!!~

w-inds. is definately the best remedy for emoness XD!!!~

I think thats it???

Ok ler ok ler, i know this entry is pretty VERY lame, but eiko-chan not in blogging mood now!!! My Blog some problems one T-T...

Don't know should i change host or just change skin??? Just hope everything ok ler X0!!!~

Ganbatte!!! Aza aza fighting XD!!!~

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Muahahaha, no IB class =P!!!~

Muahahahahahahaha, eiko-chan don't have IB class XD!!!~

Just now met one classmate of mine when i left library. He said no class, but don't believe him ler =P; so i mar walk back to 4th floor and at the corridor, saw some other classmates and they also tell me!!!


Then i looked at the doors and saw a green piece of paper on the floor... didn't read what it said but confirm... NO CLASS XD!!!~

And eiko-chan started becoming hyper and jumping around and dancing X3!!!~

Although yeah, will have nothing to do ler (Free period *v*...), but i prefer surfing net online then attending class =P!!! Today in lazy mood XP!!!~ Yeah XD!!!~

But if Mr Reynolds is sick, then i hope he get better ler but still, please be absent whenever i lazy to attend class =P!!!~

Oh yeah, on the way i walk to library, i saw an ex-classmate of mine and i was so happy and hyper i was telling out loud to her class canceled. And from what she told me, another lecturer Mr Augustine Joy who was walking towards the staff room, turned around to look at me (Upon hearing my loud voice @.@...) and smiled. I didn't see ler, but she advice me next time class canceled don't say out loud... lol, but happy dei ^^;;;... at least he smile, he not angry right??? Hehe!!!~

Ok, so now what??? Lets posto piccus =3!!!~

But lol, my darling com... T-T... so i just post pics i like i found from web ler =P...

WARNING: Pictures may be edited!!!

You have been warned =D!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!~


Heee, what am i doing now??? No, eiko-chan not at home!!! eiko-chan in coll library =3!!!~

Eh, i thought 2nd period (9.15am-10.30am.) got OS class one 0_O???

Yeah, got but eiko-chan skip =P!!!

No, i no playing truant !@#$%^&* etc; i replacing it for the 5th period nya mar, i so guai 0=)!!!~

Yeah, but Amanda's gonna have my head later when she sees me in IB class XP... She in 2nd period too mar, but today i run to 5th period XD!!!~ Muaheheeeeee, cham lor X3!!!~

Why do i still sound so happy 0_O???

Oh yeah, yesterday fetch this friend of mine home. At first lazy one (He stay in BU11 ar @.@...), and i want to go out (Actually planning to go MidValley one ler; but then i lazy and think no need to purposely go there to buy the pants ler, so cancel last minute lor!!!~), so cannot fetch him lor. But then go home that time met him, me cous sis going home herself, and his sick (Thats why he wants to go home early...) so mar ok ler, fetch him home ler!!!~

While driving to his house, there was like so many "conversations" going on in my head...

"Which way go BU11 nearer har (I kiamsiap want to save oil =P!!!)??? U-turn from toll, or Kelana Jaya that way??? But then need pay toll..."

"Hey, he looks sick... is he going to puke 0_0... faster drive!!! SPEED!!! Later puke in my car =P!!! But how if drive faster he feels more sick @.@???"

"I think U-turn better ler, best way isn't it??? Nearest and can get home fast so he can rest fast..."

"Aiyo, bloody idiot Malaysian driver again!!! Siao ka???"



"Oh no, is he going to die in my car @.@??? Should i just send him straight to the hospital???"

"How if he suddenly die 0_0??? I think go hospital now good right???"

"I feel like eating Takoyaki ler X9!!!~"

And many many more @.@...

But luckily he is ok ler; just fever, cold, very sick and needs rest lor i guess (How do i know??? I no doctor +P!!!). But i missed his dog; overshot his house and behind got car so cannot reverse lor T_T... Ee Von told me this morning the dog very cute one T-T... looks like sheep *v*... must bug him for photos soon (Hey, i did send him home =P!!!)!!! Though, i'm not on those buddy-buddy terms with him one ler; on the contrary, more like erm... formal term???

Cannot, for the sake of sheep-lookalike-doggy, must go interrogate him!!! Go eiko-chan XD!!!~

The things i do for love X3... for animals... especially dogs XD!!!~


On a sad note, my friend's dad passed away last Sunday. Heard on Mon noon and confirm on same day; and yesterday ask Many to ask Zan Zan about it and he also confirm lor. Just knew last night that cremation is yesterday (Same day...), otherwise plan to go visit him one.

I know him since primary (Can't really remember ler if its from Std 1, but we were on really good terms in Std 6 ler.), and same class for 5 years straight in high school (So practically, yeah, i have to stand the funny etnics in my class for 5 years straight!!! And i'm still in good condition now (Though i think my brain is slightly mental thanks to him and in F4, thanks to him and his "gay partner Monkey" ^^;;;...), so yeah, i think i did a really good job =P!!!). So as such long time friend i think must, you know, yeah...

Really feel sad for him ler, remembering a very funny incident during perhimpunan in primary school because of the hairstyle his dad cut for him. I hope he'll be fine ler.

Zan Zan told Manda that he is ok ler, but this worries me more.

How if he kept everything in his heart??? From what i perceive of him he is this type???

Anyhow, theres nothing i can do unless i see him ler (Sorta lost contact after high school except for a message.); i mean, it'll be weird if i just sorta go msg him or something right???


Hope he'll be fine ler!!!


Ooh yeah, actually i come library is to sleep one, but end up using computer =P!!! Hehe, better ciao first or else later i fell asleep in IB class!!!

Later nyan, JA XD!!!~

Monday, September 05, 2005

Heck, belum baca buku 0_0... and Icchan is MINE!!!~

Its 1.58am now, almost 2am.

I have class tomorrow.

I have to wake up early.

I have IB test tomorrow 3rd period.

I haven't sleep yet.

Heck, i haven't even study.

Busy looking for codes to put song into Blog.

Cannot find. All associates with the code not online now.

Have to wait T-T.

But i also don't know what i doing @.@...

Tomorrow is the first day of the ICPU Dress-up Week again ne XD!!!~ I think its a every sem thing???

Neeways, last sem made "headlines" (Lol, in my English class nya lar XP!!!~) wearing a Japanese Yukata for the traditional costume theme during Dress-up Week!!! But this sem's one don't have any "explosive" type of theme ler.

Mon: Gothic
Tue: Headgear (Anything you can plop on your head!)
Wed: Corporate (Formal ler. I wonder if i can wear the Chemical Lab coat 0_O???)
Thurs: Upside down, inside out day (Just terbalik, out-of-norm correct dee ler!)
Fri: Yellow and green day (If you don't know this meaning, go stuff your head into the use-to-be-spoilt Vanishing Cabinet that Slytherin idiot got lost in because Fred and George pushed him into it in Harry Potter book 5.)

So tomorrow, theme: "Gothic".

But eiko-chan has nothing to that genre except for her black sleeveless, so she's dressing rock tomorrow (0_O???).

Except her baby finger on left hand is painted black (Lol, i have to rid the black colour on Wed; so if i paint my nails all black, my nails will look dirty that day...).

I know i'm so failing for the first day dee T-T... but heck, don't care dee ler!!! Most important is Tues one =P!!!~

Heee, not letting any info out first ler =P!!!~

Don't kaypoh XP!!!~

Yeah, i went for the Malaysian Idol's Meet-the-fan session in Ikano Power Centre's "Rasa Junction" this (Yesterday, or rather, Sunday 4/ 9/ 05...) afternoon!!!~


Gee, i think i better ciao now (Before i XoX tomorrow =P!!!~); but neeways, i'll be posting pics from it sometime soon ler, so be patient ok XP???

In the mean time, be contended with this pic first...

Clicku here!

Hee, the only picture with all of them together =P (Daniel XD!!!~)!!!~
And put link because the pic too big; making my Blog distorted nyan @.@...

DANIEL VERY CUTE XD!!!~ Farah and Nita real pretty and friendly, Faizul is ROCK DUDE and Ash erm... yeah, cute too ne ^^;;... lol...

Yeah, in the evening, chatted with my lao po Loo2 for quite awhile (You got exam dee!!! Ganbatte ok!!!~); and it turns out my lao po just watch an episode of "Waterboys 2" last Sat on 8TV, and she fell for MY boy2 Ichihara Hayato -_-*!!!~

Ok, Icchan is on my "lo gong zai" list dee, so he is OUT OF BOUND!!! No touchy!!!~

Hee, made that point clear to Loo2 dear, and this is our conversation below.

Loo2: Yeah ler yeah ler, his yours ler. But i'll stand behind look at him from afar *.*...
eiko-chan: Yeah... hehehe... but he won't look at you because he only has his eyes on me XD!!!~


Hehe, something similiar ler =P!!!~


But yeah, Ichihara HAS INDEED been labeled "Property of eiko-chan" since beginning of this year when i knew him; so yeah, no touchy nyan X3!!!~

A piccu of him from "Waterboys 2"'s PC...
Image hosted by <--- "Property of eiko-chan"
Cute XD!!!~
Mine =3!!!~

And hehe... eiko-chan is wu liao ^^|||...
Image hosted by
Ooh, so this is what i'm doing in the middle of the night when i ought to be sleeping huh =P...

Ok ler ok ler, better ciao now ler before become panda tomorrow 0_0... eheeee XP!!!~

Good night everyone, sweet dreams ^-^ dream of me nyan X3!!!~

Ja nyan XD!!!~

p/s: Btw... my com spoil dee T_T... heart pain T-T...
But don't talk about it dee ler (Unless you bringing good news \(*.*)/!!!~)... later i more... T-T...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Piccu... Nvm ^^|||...

Muahaheeeee, long time no post piccus dee ne...

eiko-chan suddenly heard her stomach growling @.@...

Erm... i think i better skip the piccus for next time ler =P, i too hungry to go look for piccus i want to put here neeways ^^... Hungry @.@...

And yeah ler, i want to ciao dee cause Mei jie told me 5.30pm on 8TV got Rain (My Bi X3!!!~) Music Special =3!!!~

Neeways because i forgot to borrow bro's mouse to use, using the laptop's touch screen mouse thingy after a while hand very tired one @.@, so yeah... plus my hungry and growling tummy, i better leave it for next time ler ^^...

Besides, i've already clean up my D: Drive, bro's gonna install the new one soon, and hopefully faster finish everything, then format, then can use internet dee, then... GYA XD!!!~ YEAH XD!!!~

So wait patiently ne ^^...

Ooh, btw, one of the main reasons for my handache ^^...

This game:
H.K. Cafe

A cooking game, very nice and challenging ne XD!!!~

And i'm very sure should i be using a mouse, i can get higher scores =3!!!~


And yeah, this entry is because of eiko-chan's "wu-liaoness" ^^...

p/s: BTW, if my hand tak sore, and i got time, and tummy not growling, i would be looking for piccus to post one ne!!! I'm serious!!!... ne???

So can say this post is not wasted =P??? Ehe ^^...

Ganbatte XD!!!~

And later have to carry the laptop somemore -o-... heavy @.@... tomorrow sure really become eiko Ba Ba due to backache??? No @o@...

Ooh yeah, tomorrow 1pm must go The Curve, the Malaysian Idol finalist going there ne =D!!!~

Daniel *v*!!!~

His really good ok, i really like his voice!!! Ganbatte Daniel XD!!!~

And i support Daniel, apart from the fact that he is cute contributed ABIT (Really ABIT nya ok???), his a really good singer, and i like his voice XD!!!~

Except that rock song... its scary @.@... but luckily he manage to pull it through!!!


First things first...

Ok, i just found something out ne...

I'm a emo little kid who is stucked at home watching kiddy cartoons while everyone else MY AGE (Lol, my friends ler...) are at my friend's birthday party...

This sucks!!!

Long story cut short,

- eiko-chan was invited to her friend's bday party at Eastin Rush last night.
- Ask mom, didn't say the specific venue (Just told her at Eastin...) and she agreed.
- Ask bro dropped me off there, bro knows where i'm going; agrees to drop me but wants mom's permission first...
- Thought mom's coming back round 9.30pm, but no, she didn't; bro left for yum char with his friends dee, and i'm stucked at home waiting mom come home so can get her permission.
- Reaching 10pm, so called mom; she didn't bring her handphone or something so can't contact her. But i persisted in waiting for her to come home, ask her before i go out, because this is respect what...
- She arrive home round 10.30pm, ask her again and she knows where i'm going to; bla bla, wants me to get my dad's permission, which equals to "NO" dee if have to ask him... Which means, mom doesn't want to be nagged by dad so she wants me to ask dad aka she don't want to take any responsibilities on my permission slip...
- Later dad comes home, round 11pm; ask dad, and surprisingly he allow... but have to back by 1am... wth...
- Finally, sulk and emo, didn't go...

Reason: Its around 11pm+ dee, it'll be round 11.30pm when i reach. I have to pay RM30 for the entrance fee, and then at 12.30am i must leave dee so i'll be able to rush home before 1am...


If its Ladies Night, i'll go, but wth, yesterday night is not, so wth is it with paying RM30 then leave after less than an hour???

This totally sucks man.

Then dad starts his lecture about how children my age are not suppose to go out this late, and i told him most of my friends are allowed. Then he continues lecture about how can my friends' parents allow their children to have birthday party at that place, and yack yack yack... all bullsh*ts i don't even want to continue dee ler...

Wth, you expect we have it early in the morning and invite a magician (Well, i said "clown" last night to my dad, but i'm scare of clowns, so i would prefer a magician...)???

Maybe for MY birthday next year, i'll REALLY invite a magician, and we can invite all my dad's friends and my friends and every single bloody living fool in the world to attend my birthday party, and then i'll go running around jumping in joy because oh, *puts on girls voice* a magician is coming, yeah *end of girly voice*!!!~

Lets see how he'll like that!!!

F*ck, this sucks!!!

And don't anyone go with the sh*t like "They are just worried about you bla bla...", which came out from my pathetic wife's fingers last night (SMS mar, fingers ler of course, lol!)...

Its less consulting (Wth word is it dee har, i forgot dee @.@...) and more anger only ok???

And what makes me more pissed off is my dad's comment on my friend's parents saying they don't really care about their children (Or something similiar...)...

Hell, Amanda's mom is the mom who i saw is most concern about her daughter than all other moms i know.

Yes, including my own.

And yeah, Amanda went out last night. And her mom called me twice (Once miss call...) to ask us to go home dee (Don't ask anything else... i forgot to call her back and i'm already feeling bad @.@...)...


And don't anyone dare to diss my father. I'm his daughter therefore only I have the right to diss him. So buzz off!!!

Ooh yes, to deary Auntie, really sorry i throw you to Africa last night when you called (Or rather, i called back...). I was sulking and being emo that time, so really very -_-* ler (Plus since sulking, emo and bad mood that time, plus cold war, so if i were to go *v* voice with you it'll ruin all the meanings...), that why. Paiseh nyo XP!!!~

Conclusion of last night...

Cold war with dad, sulk and emo, then continue watching kiddy cartoons, and then watch Gokusen 2 disc 6, then watch disc 7 halfway fell asleep until next morning around 10am =P!!!~

And yeah, Gokusen 2 is so nice XD!!!~

But don't ever buy Japanese dorama VCDs in Malaysia unless you understand a tiny itsy bit of Japanese. The translations are so messed up your head might still be in disc 1 even though you're watching disc 7 dee!!!

Mocomichi, Keisuke and Teppei-chan so cute XD!!!~

Nyan nyan, wang wang XD!!!~


To Anna jie jie, today when you called, i can't find my camera at that time and rushing out dee, so hehe, cannot talk to you properly paiseh ne X0!!! Sumimasen!!!~


And to my pathetic wife, if you really cannot make it for the next morning one (Since you already plan to sleep at 3am that day...), don't make empty promises like "If i can wake up..." all those sh*t lar ok???

Because if i want to wake up, i really can wake up one. And i prefer to plan everything throughly before going ahead with the plan (You should've known me ^^|||...). I don't like half hanging like if can wake up then go all those, unless if i'm sure i can't wake up the next morning ler XP...

So yeah, conclusion (Wow, i really like the word conclusion ne =P!!!), starting from today, unless you confirm want go (Sat morning activity!!!~), only you tell me before it lar har, ok???

I sick of everytime msg you then with the same "If i can wake up ler...", very tiring one dei!!!

And i'm also sick of everytime go out also i must plan one, sick sick sick X0!!!~

And if you busy, just say you busy, don't "frame" (Hang on... spell error like that one 0_0...) me that i'm busy ok??? Don't assume, and don't push all what you want to do and make it like i want to do one ok (Hope you get what i mean ^^|||...)??? I hate it. I hate it most when people say i do something i did not do, and something similiar to it.

Hee, continue that and wait until if i can get my lawyer's license, i'll sue you to Africa =P!!!~ Hahaha XP!!!~

IF i can get, no; IF i take up a law degree ler har ^^|||...


Oh yeah, now in Starbucks using internet!!!~ Fleee, my wFLforums is back XD!!!~ No more boring and nothing to do online dee har, nyan X3??? Muahehehehehehe!!!~

Oh yeah, use cous laptop lor. Have to carry it around @.@...

At first not heavy one, but the longer you walk, the heavier it become @.@...

And how glad i was when i sat down in Starbucks!!!~ My waist now pain pain deee @o@... Its eiko Ba Ba XD!!!~


And prior to Auntie's "interest" in ehem, "the Keita story", i'll add it later ler, since i so free now XP!!!~ But must i got idea first =P!!!~

But haven't have lunch yet, i starting feel hungry dee @.@... maybe later eat, maybe just get another glass of my fave "Mango Frappucino" =9, or something ler ^-^!!!~


Ok ler, until here, sore ja nyan X3!!!~

p/s: I'm a "sort-of-stalker" now at this moment =P!!!~
Only Auntie will understand this??? Hehehe +P!!!~

Friday, September 02, 2005

eiko-chan's back =P!!!~

Ooh, yesterday while driving home from college is so fun XD!!!~

As the saying goes... eiko-chan's back XD!!!~

But i do notice something while i drive yesterday...

Now, don't call me a racist but then erm... yeah, it is a little... Ok, ALOT... of racism below =P (So leave if you can't tolerate racism, or proceed to read something else in my Blog and not this entry!!!)... well, here goes...

Most Malays who drive are disoriented...

Why i say so???


They can't drive straight!!!

Like Ah Theng jie jie said, "Yi sui mm peng hang"... direct translate as "Ear water not balance" @.@... its a cantonese sentence for saying that the person or yourself is not oriented, aka cannot stand straight etc ler...

Ok, its like a straight lane right, they can drive straight then suddenly swerve to the right, then yaddle to the left... they REALLY can't drive straight...

Its true ok??? Not all definately; and especially those old woman wearing tudung... i suspect that the tudung is wrapping up their brains so long that they became disoriented, thus, preventing their abilities to drive straight (Ok, eiko-chan going over and over with this racism thing dee @.@...)...

Hark, they can't drive straight even if their lifes depends on it =/!!!

Not only them, those Chinese old farts man driving Mercedes who "i-think-i'm-so-cool-and-the-road-is-mine-because-i-drive-a-Benz" too you know!!!

Apart from the fact that they can't drive straight, they act as if the road belongs to them and everybody is afraid of them -_-"...

Hark, i'll only be afraid of you if theres a cockroach on your car ok???

Really annoying!!! Worst old fart man i encountered (Driving a really old Benz...) and remember so far is the one who from the side road suddenly drive out to big road; its obvious i'm not letting him to go first, and when i'm like super near dee (Mind, i'm driving at appropriate speed, but also quite fast...) only he choose to drive out!!!

Duh, whats the outcome??? Almost bang ler!!!

I quickly honk and turn my steering to the right, and theres a white Estima at the right lane somemore... i almost hit that car thanks to the bloody old fool!!!

Then i manage to squeeze pass the old fart man's car and the Estima (The Estima also stopped due to the fright...) and drive ahead and cursing the old fart heavily... and THE BLOODY IDIOT GO AND HONK ME!!!

Well, it should be that old fart man lor; because see, the Estima is new car, the Benz is old, and the honk is old honk (You can easily differenciate it one ya know...), so yeah, that bloody fool of an old fart man!!!

Ok, Ah Theng jie jie got teach old farts people must respect, but this really don't respect my respect ok??? His an old !@#$%^&* thats for sure!!!

Others who drive slow and don't know which lane to choose ok ler, i can respect and understand, but that bloody old fool i can't, because he IS a bloody old fool!!!

There are many more experience with Benz and bloody old farts man who act as "i'm-the-king-of-the-road", but its really too many until i can't remember dee @.@...

So yeah, conclusion of this post (In any case you've decided to skip my ramblings above and read the conclusion... hee, this is for you, conclusion of the ramblings; hehe, i tend to forget everything else while rambling =P!!!)...

- Most Malays are disoriented (They can't drive straight even if their lifes depends on it...), especially those old woman wearing tudungs...

- Old farts man who drives Mercedes and think "they-are-so-cool-and-the-road-is-theirs-because-they-drive-a-Benz" too are disoriented and one of them is an idiot (Maybe not one of them, that bloody idiot could be a driver because i didn't really get to see the idiot's face...)
Note: The remark above also applies to Benz drivers because they either think:
etc etc... theres alot of explanations which come from Benz drivers, so many until you'll drop dead after you finish hearing everything...

And regarding the second line; well seriously, they should really learn their piorities first *nodds head in agreement*...

How true, how true =P...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I missed cursing while driving, and today... FINALLY CAN DEE XD!!!~

Haih, sien sien sien -o-|||...

Actually waiting for me cous one, she say she will be done at 2pm this morning. I finish class at 11.45am, have lunch with friends till 1pm, so the remaining hour i just use com and wait for her ler.

I'm using the com now in the library because my friend say The Web server down, and using com in library is just not the same as using it in The Web (Maybe because of the studious atmosphere @.@???), and also because yesterday morning i went play badminton with my wife Loo2, this morning my right arm sore, so very uncomfortable to write or type, so thats why don't feel like using com ler... but because have to wait, just use nya lar, nothing do mar...

And really nothing to do; library com can't read Japanese, wFLforums close for upgrading, i'm having writer's block now (Can't think of any nice words to start the story, besides i haven't finish translating the lyrics yet -o-|||...), this coms can't write Japanese, hand sore so lazy add entry in Blog... etc etc... so sien @.@...

Then my cous called me just now to tell me to go home first, and her friend can fetch her home later...

-o-||| cha dou...

If she know earlier, might as well tell me earlier so i can get home first right??? Then i no need stay back until 2pm T-T... i very tired, want to go home ler (Hehe, long time no exercise; yesterday exercise nya today whole body tired and arm feels like dropping off dee @.@...)... but cause my car the parking ticket pay until 2.24pm dee, don't want to waste, just use until 2.20pm ler...

But sien sien sien... have to wait one whole hour for nothing @.@... blasted... lazy use com somemore...

Plus my house com spoiling dee T_T... later go home cannot rest, must faster clear stuffs from it T-T...

Yesterday i use halfway, then i just walk off to use dad's laptop awhile; when i come back it went cuckoo dee @.@... so i today need to remove everything, let bro install new hard disk ASAP, then i can reformat my C: Drive dee, and pray pray everything will be ok dee ler... my baby com T-T...

But neeways i think really need to send masuk hospital ler, the fan something wrong cause very loud, and the bloody RAM only 128 @.@... that day ask bro get bigger RAM (PC Fair mar, cheap =P!!!~) also don't want... kiamsiap... my poor computer T^T...

Ooh, and today haih, my baby CREATIVE drop down on floor T^T... somemore very big impact dei (The last two time [Only dropped twice before ler last time =P!!!] drop not from very high place, but this time ToT...)... and i think the thing longgar longgar dee...??? I very sakit hati ler... my baby T^T... although touchwood thank God, nothing wrong ler, but i suspect got abit scratch dee, although white but still... T^T...

And very paiseh ler, finish Pei Fern's Coke in McD's today =P!!! Paiseh Pei Pei XD!!!~ Tomorrow must belanja her drink ler; belanja her Chinese Tea Ice, tell her not so expensive one =P!!! I cheapskate XP!!!~

Ok ler, i think i better ciao and go home now... haih, really wasted my one hour DOING NOTHING!!!

But think of the good point, i'll be driving home ALONE *smirks*...

I long time didn't drive alone or with Loo2 or May2 sitting next to me (The passenger seat...) dee... i miss cursing at those bloody idiotic Malaysian drivers around me *grins*!!! YEAH!!!~ BANZAI XD!!!~

Today must enjoy to the max, because who knows the next time probably have to wait long long time dee @v@... must enjoy XD!!!~


At least got something good today =P!!!~ Hee!!!~

And this entry is from the girl who missed cursing while driving so much *sob sob*... Tears of happiness ;v;!!!~

Muahaheeeeeeeee XD!!!~