Thursday, March 31, 2005

Berlin 陳柏霖 and Kenny 關智斌!

Ummm X3!!! Introduce about two male artist i really like recently!!!~


Image hosted by (The one in the middle!)
Hehe, his name is Chen Po-Lin 陳柏霖! He got act in "The Eye 10"! After watching him in "Twins Effect II" really really like him (Somemore plus he and Ah Sa, somemore his character so kawaii, etc etc XD!)!!!~

He is a very famous actor in Taiwan, and "Twins Effect II" is his first movie in HK! I find his voice very sexy when he speaks cantonese X3!!! Maybe thats what that really attracted me?? I prefer to listen to him speak cantonese actually XP!!!~

Hmm... think either Monday morning or Tuesday dream of him... very sweet punya dream XD!!!~ Shee, not going to tell anyone X3!!!~


Another one is the ex-member of Boy'z, Kenny Kwan 關智斌 (Why ex-member? I lazy explain, go find out yourself or ask me in person lar ok? Kamxia XP!)!

Image hosted by
(He is uber sexiness in this picture X3!!! But the original one is really huge (0_0!), so have to do with the smaller one ler XP!!! Still looks hot too anyway X3!!!)
He debuted as Boy'z! I've liked him everysince he debuted! But now the feelings grew stronger ler XD!!!~
Now he is going solo, wish him all his best!
Like to see him act and sing alot! He is very cute, but he is sexy too in a way XD!!! Too bad when Twins and Boy'z pair up, he is with Ah Kiu! But hehe, in a few movies dee he act opposite Ah Sa one XD!!! I'm ok with that, even though theres quite little erm, "intimate" scenes lar XP!!!~

Ok lar, until here, i lazy write dee XP!!! Hehehe!!!~ Ja XD!!!~

Assignments and tee-vee XD!!!~

Just passed my first week in college. Assignments are scary (But than hor, when someone gets home always watch tee-vee watch tee-vee... are you sure you alot of assignments har???)! Aiyo, i watch tee-vee, but than i got do some works also! Those that didn't do are the... ehem... questions and answers ler =^o^=... but going to finish it soon ler...

Anyway, i felt happiness ne (I'm very "xing fu" ^o^!) cause Astro Wah Lai Toi's TVB dramas at 8.30pm and 9.30pm also have my darling "Fong Fong" XD!!! Chan Kin Fong!!! Oh my God, i so uber love him X3!!!~ He is so cute XD!!!~
He acted in the nurse drama with Charmaine that time i think his cute and bit bit like him ler, after i watch him in the lawyer drama with Raymond Lam, i became *v* XD!!! I so love to see him dee after that XD!!!~ Everytime see him will go crazy one @v@... hahaha...
Although the 9.30pm one got him, but because quite sad, so i don't want to see lor! He died at the end btw, but its for a good cause! He was a doctor in the drama and because he went to this place to save the victims, he sendiri kena the sickness and he died lor T-T... Fong Fong...
As for the 8.30pm one, his soooooooo cute inside!!! Always smile his killer smile, the cute boy boy smile XD!!!~ Ooh, he's my favourite TVB actor ne X3!!!~ Love him alot alot alot (But Jay and Keita comes first XP!!!)!!!~
Heee, a picture of him!!!
Image hosted by Sammul Chan

Now in library! Supposedly have 2 more periods than can go home one, but the 6th period the Families teacher is going to this debate in other school, and the 7th period English OSSLC the teacher is giving us work period, anyway, he also going to the debate lar; So my 2 last periods is free XD!!!~ Hehehe!!!
But unlucky is have to stayback to do some groups assignments, so too bad lor, cannot go home early X(!!! Hehe, nvm, at least got internet here lar ne???

Ok lar, until now!!! Hehe, to be update soon X3!!! Ja!!!~

Monday, March 28, 2005


Today is the first day after the first week in school ^-^! I wore that skirt i've been longing to wear eversince i bought it from HK! The white one!
Because last time the shirts that goes with it wasn't suitable, so didn't wear! Now match with tee-shirt is not bad, so mar wear lor! Yeah!

Met Joshua finally! Anyway, SAM is having holiday last week!
Asked him about Chrissy (The future pilot XD!), has Chris went to flying school and all, and erm... the answer from him wasn't straight -_-" (Typical Joshua...), so don't know should believe or not! Next time must go Friendster PM Chris and ask him! I very sibuk XD!!!~

And erm... today erm... saw this... dang, i knew i kena dee... aiyoyo...
But if treat it in a correct way, it can be a motivation to go college?? Hehehe XP!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Onichan's 20th Birthday!!!

Today me second bro, HS's 20th birthday!!! Happy birthday XD!!!~

Bought a guitar stand for him, which he really wants it (And he is real happy!), but how do i know lar the inside at the stand there also got price tag one -o-|||... on the box there i tear out dee, but tak tau inside also got... aih, nvm lar... suka boleh lar... Money is not the main point, sincerity is the main one (Wah, since when you become like this @_@?)!

But he went to do teeth surgery today!!! He didn't care lar, but for me birthdays are very important dates mar!!! So one week from today he have to eat only porridge, milk or soft stuffs nia!!! Like old man XD!!!~ Hehehe, suit him "Ah Pek" XP!!!
AHHH,cannot say like that!!! Later i also kena!!! CHOY XD!!!~

Ooh, today morning also went to see "The Eye 10" with Ah Theng jie jie, Uncle Ah Guan, Wen Yee (Theng jie's friend!) and AH MEI JIE JIE XD!!!~
Got Po-Lin X3!!!
But its not as scary as i expected ler -_-|||... though, its nice cuz... Po-Lin XD!!!~
XP!!!~ Hehehe!!!

But one malu thing is, during the movie, because one of the main reasons i was really anxious to watch it is because of Po-Lin... and during the very "exciting" parts involving him, i keep on screaming and squelling (Ehem... his name -o-|||...)...
The rows infront of us are quite empty... but its almost full behind us @_@... that means probably alot of people heard me screaming his name 0-0...
MALU X0!!!~

Friday, March 25, 2005

My first week in college...

My first week in college and its already @_@...

I have like around 4-5 BIG assignments, which has HUGE effect on my final marks!
- "The Journey"
5% on final... write about a journey only lar... but kind of hard cause halfway no idea... and correct grammar etc... haih...

The biggest assignment in English! Have to write a biography about a person!

Families's biggest assignment!!! Alot of research to do @_@...

- Individual and group English work + presentation
Write about short stories one ler! But the group one have to do presentation infront (@_@...) and the individual one have to do 5 of 'em (@_@... *pengsan*...)! Worth 12.5% together!

- Families presentation
Have to do presentation infront of class with my classmate about "Urban-Industrial Families" or so... i think got 5% @_@...? *pengsan again*...

College is so hectic X0!!! But serve me right for going for March intake lar... padan...
Hehehe XP!!!~

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm still so proud of them...

I just received my w-inds. CD and DVD today XD!!! Yatta!!!
I still had a $5 coupon in Yes Asia and as w-inds. just released a new single plus DVD, i thought why not and go ahead in use it!

As i looked into my w-inds. collection (And Jay's too of course!), boy, do i feel proud X3!

Even though my 2 top ones are taken this year (I told you Rabbits "fan tai sui"!), i really can't help it, but to still feel proud of them and i love them ALOT ALOT ALOT! I mean, you just can't help but start drooling at the sight of Jay Chou or Keita XD!!! Hehehe XP!!!

I'm sure i'll continue supporting them! And this proves one thing, i love the idol because he is my idol! As long as his happy, i'm happy! Da da da... XP!!!

But please be beware... i treat Jay more like a "brother" instead of, ehem... "husband" now, and i'm more protective over my "family members" one! I don't like people talking bad about them regardless what! So now, even if anyone tease Jay abit, i would go -_-* badly!!! Its getting serious X3!!!~

I'm so proud yo XD!!!~ La la la, di di di, du du du, JAY AND w-inds. ICHIBAN XD!!!~

Image hosted by Jay Chou: "Yeah, of course baby!"
Image hosted by Keita: "Sou da, baby!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

College is @_@...

Ok, today is just my third day in college life, its not even one week yet, and i've already received 3 "BIG" assignments which might affect my final marks @_@...

Its not bad, can cope pretty well and the classes are quite interesting usually, but can still fell asleep -_-" (Can't help it XP!)...
Just got a new file yesterday, its better than the TCSJ file they give me for registering (Bros said only nerds or "geeks" used that file -_-"... i only use that file because haven't go buy new file yet lar XD!!!)!!!

To be honest, i really like that file eversince i saw HS using it! Its because the front and back has like those clear pocket file thingy which you can put pics etc inside, and hehehe, i put Jay's "Imcomparable to Jay" concert CD A4 poster XD!!!~
I also wanted to put a page of w-inds.'s Junon magazine article inside but i can't find nice one in the Taiwan version, and i can't bear to rip apart my Japanese version XP! So have to wait ler! No worries, theres still the back page for it XP!

Oh yeah, i bought w-inds.'s new single and DVD via Yes Asia again before going to China, since the single has already been released, hope it'll arrive soon ler X3!!!~

Oh yeah, loads of assigment which i need to use computer, but my own com still misses a monitor -_-"... and i need a printer badly ler! This Sun only going to get it, looks like i'll need to rely on dad's laptop, and bro's printer in office to print stuffs until i get it! Or the school's libary ler, but i still not sure how the process works! And damn cheating ler Taylors, Kaijie's college and Auntie's college has unlimited printing services, and we're all limited to 100 (Or issit 200??) copies EVERY YEAR!!! Talk about "kiamsiap" X3!!!~

Ok ler, until now, need to do my that assignment first! Haih, wish me luck XP!!! Ganbatte ganbatte XD!!!~

p/s: BTW, long time no add photo dee X3, because not using my own com mar, so mar, hehehe XP!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

The start of my college life...

I've already registered this morning to Taylors College! I'll be starting my first day of college life tomorrow!
I don't deny it is a little rush, but serve me right! Hehe...

I choosed ICPU! Like my older brother and second brother! And the funny thing is, all of us went for the March intake!!! Hehehe!!!

We'll have 6 subjects for ICPU, chosed by ourself, and English OSSLC and LAN!

The current package they offer now for March intake all consists of "Maths of Data Management" or "Calculus". Than you choose another subject plus English OSSLC and LAN, than next semester you'll have to take another 4 subjects!
If you want to take another two subjects (Plus the maths is 3 subjects...), which means without English, than next sem you'll have to take the remaining 3 subjects of your own choice, plus English lor!
Hope you guys got what i meant. Write out a summarised chart ler!
Eg: Maths/Calculus + 1 subject + English OSSLC + LAN = Next sem 4 subjects!
If Maths/ Calculus + 2 subjects + LAN = Next sem 3 subjects + English OSSLC!
Pupils who chose t

Because i don't like maths, and i said i don't want to do anything with maths anymore XP, so i chose to take only one subject plus English OSSLC and LAN. Next sem, i'll take another 3 subjects, and than another additional semester, i'll take 2 subjects!
If i were to chose maths and go with the following packages, i'll graduate by Dec 2005, but since i didn't... i'll graduate next year. June 2006 like that!

Its longer ler, but at least the maths won't pull my average down... and no need to suffer much XP? Won't be too many subjects a day or something! But the following sems will still be more tough than this one, as i only have 1 subject plus English OSSLC now! Anyhow, ganbatte XD!

I asked this friend of mine, she say both "Maths of Data Management" and "Calculus" is easy, but she's good in maths one ler, so no problem! HS told me "Calculus" is definately not for me, as i failed my Add Maths and I HATE Add Maths! The counselor also see that my Add Maths not very good, although Maths good, but he knew i don't like maths so he also say "MSDM" will be quite difficult!
Anyway... i don't want to do maths or chem or physics anymore ler, so... NO MATHS FOR ME XP!!! Hehe!!!~

I'm kinda nervous actually! Hehehe! Wish everything will go smoothly ler! Ooh, i guess workload will be alot @_@... Pray pray everything ok XD!!!~

Ok ler, i go pack my stuffs now! Will update ASAP about me first day! Wish me luck! Good night XD!!!~

Friday, March 18, 2005

Summary of China trip!

I'll be fast and fast about my China trip, since this is a summary...
I "lao sai" on the last day -_-"...

I suspect its the China-style Kimchi's fault!
We went to this restaurant on our last night there. Its quite dirty to be honest. They served the China-style Kimchi as part of the appetizer. I tried some on our first day, it was not bad then, so mar take somemore lar. But it taste horrible so i spit it out! That night (Actual, its tomorrow's early morning ler...), i ehem ehem dee...
I was the only one who took it, the others no problem at all, so it should be the China-style Kimchi ler! Wow, God knows what will happen if i swallowed it or took more @_@...

Luckily my "lao sai" only minor one lar, not very serious... thank God XD!!!

I just went to toilet once in the midnight when i woke up and realise, than a few times in the morning, just to let everything out, than after that although stomach "groo groo" a bit, but otherwise ok dee. Took the plane home around 1pm, reach KLIA around 5pm, reach home around 7pm!

The stewardess who served our flight to Kun Ming and back was horrible! They're not black faced, but definately unfriendly!!! Not smiley smiley ones who is friendly and cheerful!!!
I lazy explain lar, hehe, but i can say, no wonder they got the China route... because they bad service XP? Usually those oversea routes one the stewardess are really smiley, friendly, cheerful etc! Maybe cause they have to serve the China route so they bad mood? Aiyar, cincai lar! But i didn't find the Business Class steward and dess unfriendly!!! But of course, they pay more... of course more friendly one ler...

Ooh, and worse, on the plane, this guy who is seating in front of Mom and Dad, who is sitting on the aisle next to me, took of his shoes and it stinked X0!!! Me and my bro smelled it! HS (Who is next to me bro!) and Uncle Adrian who is behind us didn't smell anything, my Dad (Who is behind him...) didn't say anything ler... I relied on my jacket to block the smell! I pulled my jacket up to my nose and zipped it till there! Boy, do my jacket smells good XD! I owe so much to my lovely jacket X3!!!~

Summary, i don't feel like going to China again, although i do miss Jordan (The cute dog X3!!!)!!! I don't mind going to Kun Ming again if we'll be staying at the resort, so i can enjoy the resort's facilities more!!! And not too many trips outside ler, i lazy walk and like i said, i want to enjoy the resort's facilities more!
Although if really go again i don't mind going to "Jiu Xiang", which is a place of natural beauty, waterfall, caves etc!
And really please, can we just limit our meals to inside the hotel only? Hehe, no more dirty dirty one XP!!!
And only a few days ler... not too long, than its fine! I really wanted to see Jordan again but i guess, the next time i go, he'll be a fully grown guard dog, who'll have to be fierce and maybe he'll forget about me than =(...

The thing i miss about Jordan, is the way he looked at me when i leave...
First time i saw him and play with him, he licked my hands and almost snapped at my hands, but his a puppy ler, can't blame him!
The next time i saw him is the same day at night, i manage to pet him a bit and he still wanted to lick my hands XD!!! Love that cutie pie!!!~
Each time when i wanted to leave, he just sit there straight and still, and looked at me as i leave, as if trying to ask me "Why are you leaving now?"... i can't really see his eyesights (As quite far...)... but it seemed quite sad...
I guess as he is a guard dog, the guards doesn't really play with him? Thats why when i came and kacau him (XP!), he very happy?

On my last day there, actually, i plan to go see him before leaving and to bid him farewell, but because of the stupid "lao sai" lar... otherwise i would've did so... i so missed him and really regret for taking the stupid China-style Kimchi and not being able to really say bye bye to him...
Will he still remember me? I do hope so... i missed him dearly although i just met him three times... he really is a darling... a real cutie pie... Damn, no camera, cannot take his picture... Didn't thought of using my phone camera than...

Aiyar, too late to regret dee ler... Anyhow, i'll dearly missed him and miss him and hope to hear from him soon? Hehe! Write to the resort and ask about him ler XP?
Ok lar, until now!
Ooh, my summary na?
70% lar give! Its not unenjoyable, but its not superly 100%ly enjoyable! But i really love that resort! No wonder its voted China's No. 1 golf course, and i think in Asia is No. 1 too? Or issit runner up? Aiyar, cincai ler XD!!!~

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I''m in China now XD!!!~

Hehehe, guess where i am now? I'm in Kun Ming, China now XD!!!~ using the free internet service provided by the resort!

Its a family trip ler, so have to go lor, although i said before i don't want to come to China again XP! Somemore going to Stone Forest... Malaysia can see stone why want to go so far for stones XP!!!~
But not bad so far ler! Ok ok! TOUCHWOOD XD!!!~
Theres me family and me dad's friends and family! Actually, its also a golf trip! Dad and his friends will go play golf while the remaining non-golfers just tour around Kun Ming lor!

Arrived on Sunday afternoon! Than the golfers go play golf, while we all go check into the hotel and have lunch than walk around the city area lor!
Than we go pick up the golfers and we had dinner at this restaurant which specializes in "Mushroom Steamboat"! The soup is made out of 48 types of mushroom (Yunnan has 90+ alone @_@...) and the soup is DELICIOUS XD!!!~ Not bad but after that very full dee!!!
China dishes are like HUGE!!! I think one China people can eat dishes for 3+ Malaysians dee @_@... like last time Shanghai we thought the appetizers were the main course, but they weren't! We were full already when the main course arrive (Explains how big the appetizers were -_-"...)!

Ok, back to the Mushroom Steamboat! They let us try the soup first (With the 48 mushrooms...), than she started add the dishes, another types of mushroom, cooked dee take one big bowl for us! When finish, another type of mushroom came @_@... altogether, they cooked like 5 types of mushrooms for us! Plus the soups one, i had like 53 types of mushrooms in a night @_@... The most mushrooms i ever ate in my life!!!

The next day, Monday, we came to Spring City! Its a golf resort (The night before we stayed in a hotel in the city!) and wow, super chun! Free internet service plus some games too i think!
But its quite far from the city ler! Around 1 hour like that! But me dad say, for China, one hour trip is not considered far -_-"... woo, kia kia... but ok ler, i slept throughout the bus trips XP!!!
After checking into the villa, we went to Stone Forest! See stones like i said XD! But its alot different! Can't believe it used to be underwater last time (The stones are those stones under the sea millions and millions of years ago!)! They found those fish fossils, shells etc there!
Very strange shapes and sizes too!

On Tuesday (Today!), we went to this shopping place opened by the government again (We went on Monday morning actually, just for shopping!) for lunch! Me and Kimberly and Jonathan (Me dad's friend's children!) went to the Peacock farm there! There, theres also the most peacocks i had ever seen in my life XD!!! Because we had food, in one point theres alot of them running around loose and they were following us around XD!!! And i accidentally kicked this chicken (Sorry XP!) because he was in my way! Don't worry, gave him some food to apologize!
And we can't just leave like that! They kept following us so we had to distract them from us by throwing all our remaining food somewhere else and than faster walking away, than only we're save! Phew!~
We played on the swing and i think we invaded the chicken's territory or something! The swing was quite high above the ground, ok for me ler. But after a while, this chicken (Forgot hen or cock...) kept walking towards me from behind! AND THAN HE WAS STANDING UNDER MY SWING! When i swing front i'm ok, but when i swing back his just near me (At a very "peckable" distance!) and its pretty freaky! He didn't even freak out when i swing back, and i quickly got down, and he walked towards me @_@... don't know trying to shoo me away or for food, anyway, just faster ciao ler!

After that went to Nationalities Village! At first thought its the one Lee Hom went too, but its not (Cannot make Swee jealous XP!)... i think he went to those real ones, not the ones we went! The ones we went had alot of minority tribes in one same place! Its build specially for that one ler!
Erm... not bad ler, ok ok only lor!

Than we came back, rest awhile, and i met this cute puppy next to the resort's supermarket XD!!! Its a German Sheperd pup by the name of "Qiao Dan" (Jordan!)! I think their trying to raise it to be a guard dog, its near the security area cause! Anyhow, its still SUPER CUTE XD!!!~
But its quite afraid of me and my bro! We went near to it but it didn't dare come near to us! Everytime i reach out trying to pa it it backed off, like scared! I put my hand let him smell dee he still don't trust us to pat him! But he licked my hand XD!!!
My brother stood up and try to pat him but this frightens him (Man Wai gor gor [Cousin's cousin!] taught me before that do not reach out to touch the dog on the head, must let them smell your hand only can reach to head and pat otherwise the dog will think you're trying to hit him!!!) and he back off more XD!!!~ Than i tried to pat again but i think frightened him more so he snapped 0_0... but i still love that cutie! When we had to leave he just stood there looking at us leave (CUTE XD!!!)!!!~ HIS SUCH A CUTIE XD!!!~

The dinner was erm... erm... like that ler... tomorrow leaving dee lor! Update then lar!
Till then, later XD!!!~

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pissed off...

Oh my God, Loo Yee is so "guo fen" again (As usual!)! BTW, the "old problem" (She didn't reply back to me...) solved dee lar!

Today she say she boring, so maybe come my house. But have to wait for me online check some stuffs, bath first, than supposedly she go to my old house than i go there pack stuffs and also pick her up ler. I said around 1-2pm but because i think she lazy wait, so she go OU dee, so when i call her she mar tak come dee lor.
She's going to NS camp soon, and she cannot wear earrings so she needed the sticks thing for earrings from me. No problem, can give her (I still got a lot!), but than, because she don't want to come to my old house dee, SHE EXPECT ME TO GO OU TO GIVE HER THE STUFFS!!!

Well, she said "You not coming to OU meh?", something like that... with a hint of wanting me to go there to give her the stuffs! Erm... hello, i told her ALOT earlier i'm going to old house pack stuffs and i haven't pack my bags to go Kun Ming, China tomorrow yet so very busy! How to go like that?

I supposedly go watch movie with cousin sister who leaves to Aussie tonight, to watch movie in the morning ler but like that my mom also not very happy dee, because i need to pack all my stuffs in old house before going to China! If i go means scare not enough time to pack stuffs lar! Than you supposedly i fly there ka, when my mom also busy etc.

She was the one who wanted the stuffs, its not like i'm forcing her to take it and somemore i'm going with her schedule, i say when she coming back from OU call me only i go old house and give her (And also pack my stuffs...)... Oh my God, she was the one who wanted the stuffs, can't she "ke qi" abit? You want it you come take it lar! Why must i go give it to you?

Than she ask me to instruct her to new house from old house (She say she coming new house take...), BUT I SAID i going old house pack stuffs but she keep on asking than i repeat quite loudly I GOING OLD HOUSE PACK STUFFS! She asked "Alot of stuffs issit?". "YES!". "Like that ok ler, i go old house..."... Oh my God, i got say i want to go pack stuffs so long before and she keeps asking and asking...

And worst is, what i hate ALOT is repeating myself! I told her ALOT of times I NEED TO GO OLD HOUSE PACK STUFFS, and I'M BUSY (Got people come repair new house, need to clean up etc...), but the way she talked is like i'm free for the whole day! Can just go OU like that!

Worst of all is not listening to me! I hate repeating and i especially hate that people do not listen to me when i talk! Ok, i know i alot of crap, but still, respect people lar please!

I'm not saying i super respect anyone but i usually listens when people talk, but when i talk everyone interupt! Sometimes i interupt people is because they interupt me first when i talk! If you let me talk, i'll let you talk lar! Even sometimes i accidentally interupt, i'll apologize and let you continue!

Treat people the way you wanted to be treated! I say its bullsh*t! I treat people this way, but i don't get treated back the same way! Care for the person got scold busy body. Listen to you must but when i talk interupt everytime and didn't say sorry etc. I listen to you so can't you just listen to me even though its not interesting (This goes to a number of people!)?

Just listen won't kill you right? You just anggap fly flying pass also ok, BUT I HATE IT MOST IS WHEN I TOLD YOU SOMETHING, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN, THAN I HAVE TO TELL YOU AGAIN!!! I HATE REPEATING MYSELF!!! Oh my God, i damn pissed now!!!

Maybe because this morning, my mom told me this SAME THING SINCE YESTERDAY (And i answered the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!) and she keeps on repeating and i repeated the answer until i exploded (Like i said, i hate repeating! I said once enough dee!), than after that i received some bad news, maybe because like that i a little loud over the phone to her ler, sorry for that but please, you want something, come take it! Don't expect me to do everything for you!

I received some bad news today which is so bad, i cried like sh*t... i don't want to write it here mixed with all this pissed stuffs... writing it in next post.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

My SPM results!

Hehe, heres my SPM results! Nothing of glory actually, but i just wanted to write something about it ler!

A1: BI, Maths
3B: BM
4B: Sejarah and Pendidikan Moral
5C: Fiziks and Kimia
8E: Matematik Tambahan

As for O Levels, i got an A1!
Its the same english paper i wrote, just that its marked twice! Once by a Malaysian, another by a foreigner!
I suspect the foreigner MUST be a British, cause Malaysia uses UK English! Anyway, he or she MUST be a British because i used alot of "British English" inside my essay, thats why he/ she gave me good marks XP!!!

Luckily i didn't fail my Matematik Tambahan! Thank God! Just pass only!
But i know if i studied more, i could've gotten better marks for my Sejarah, Fiziks and Kimia, cause the tips i gotten are quite accurate! Anyhow, no point to regret dee! I'm grateful with my marks!

Just 7 credits, but its good for me ^-^! Ganbatte for your future takings, eiko-chan!!! Ganbatte ganbatte XD!!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

This year seriously sucked!!!

Muaheihei, eiko-chan's backku XD!!!
The new house ada internet dee, the only thing is my main computer is missing a monitor, so for now, have to use bro or dad's laptop lar, but its not so often and it also means no downloading stuffs (T_T...)... but it'll have to do for now ler! Can't wait for a new monitor!!! And it also means that the com will be only used by me from than on! Muahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!

Ok, before i say something bad which happened today, i wanted to scold someone now! SIOW LOO YEE!!!
Last Wed night, supposedly she come overnight my house, but in the afternoon when we go out she told me she need to accompany her mother, so mar change to Thursday night lar, and she'll SMS me before 3pm on Thursday to inform me whether she coming or not, and so i can tell my mom if she'll be eating dinner with us ler!
But Wed night come, no SMS... Thursday morning, no SMS... Thursday 3pm, no SMS... Thursday 6pm, no SMS... Thursday 9pm, no SMS... UNTIL TODAY ALSO NOT A SINGLE BLOODY SMS FROM HER!!!

Because i know she'll definately forget, this happens alot of time already (Ask her SMS to tell me but she didn't cuz forget and i have to SMS to remind her!), so i don't want to be the one to SMS her to remind her AGAIN! I want her to remember it and SMS me instead of the "usual"!

But until Friday also no SMS, i got worry if anything happened to her, but most probably she'll forget so i didn't want to SMS her, planning to call Jing and ask her to call Loo2 to check up on her, but when Jing called me and i ask her what happened to Loo2, Jing said she just hang up on the phone with Loo Yee -_-"... that means shes alive and kicking, just that she forget or don't know what to SMS me -_-*!!!

I'm superly pissed off! First, if she really no heart to come to my house, just tell me she can't make it etc etc! Don't plan a date to come, say she'll SMS me to confirm and than make me wait wait wait, still NO SMS FROM HER, and worst, worry if something happened to her!!!
And this is WORSTEST OF WORST!!! I waited for her to watch the movie i've been waiting to watch for a long time, "Sekai no Chuushin De, Ai no Sakebu"! This movie i bought last Sat when we visited S&M together (Her birthday!), but because she say she want to watch, so i thinking when she come my house we watch together lar! She say even if i watch dee, when she comes to my house she'll watch it again. I know i can't stand the agony of watching this movie twice (I watched the trailer only i cry like don't know what dee... so movie i definately will T_T worst...) so mar wait for her lar! Until today also haven't watch! I really super pissed off ler (Someone PLEASE TELL HER THAT!)!

BTW, she hasn't even SMS me now to apologize or anything, even when i scolded her to Jing, and i think she got contacted Jing!

Ok, something seriously damn sh*t happened today...
... i knocked me brothers car!!!
I was driving home after feeding rabbits, and when i reach home mar park the car lar, but when turning that time erm... hehe, i thought the space enough, but its not, and erm, scratch the cars front! A bit dented! Erm... 5-10% quite serious??
Waiting for me mom to come home and tell her! I know me bro will scream me head off if i tell him now! Ugh, kia kia X0!!!~ Wish me luck!!!

BTW... my driving test... haih...

Em... i just recovered from the "Jay Patty relationship"... now theres another problem which is bloody making me hurt... another rumour between someone i rely to after THAT news, and this time, "equipped" with pics! Last time when the rumour started, everything is cleared out but now theres pics, and their offices statements are erm... very "unsatisfying"...
But until they admit, or else i'm treating it as rumour first ler! But i know i can't stand it if its true...

This year seriously sucked! Its true for Rabbits that we "fan tai sui" this year... must be super careful in everything ler!!!
It just sucked ler...