Sunday, October 30, 2005

A couple of issues...

First, a few "issues" to bring up...

1st - Is my acting that good??? Why is it then when i act, people don't believe; but when i don't, they do...

2nd - I should STOP reading SMSes when i was half asleep... and also trying to reply them when at the same condition...

3rd - The way i answer the phone when i was waken up by it...

4th - Mark Westlife, the one i was like SOOOOOOO crazy over last time... is... gay @.@ (Yes, i'm slow, sue me!!!)...

5th - Sandra, one of the ICPU programme staff is just being a b*tch???


1st Issue - Is my acting that good? But why is it then when i act, people don't believe; but when i don't, they do...

Ok, lets go back to Tues while having Law class in library's computer lab...

I was on Friendster (I wasn't suppose to but, hehe =P!!!). My friend behind me said out loud "Someone's on Friendster..."... and i pretended it was not me and went along saying aloud, "Who is that who is that?", looking everywhere when i said it... and my friend behind went "I meant it was you lor..."...

I forgot what i said or do next, but all i know is like... "You thought i dumb meh??? Like i don't know where i'm surfing lor..."

Another is when i was with Mei jie in my house study room, she was checking her mail on the laptop bro borrowed me.

In a fit of trying to act funny, when she type her password i say, as i look at the screen and go, "I'm going to know your password!!! Its all stars (*)!!! HAH!!!", and then she said, "Of course its all stars lar..."...


Then when she checked her mail, it was a picture of a pig riding a bike, and the message accompanied the picture was "I saw what you did this morning..." (Or something similiar...)... i went "Hehehe, Mei jie, you went cycling in the morning ar..." (Something similiar in reply to the picture, like teasing the piggy was her =P!!!), and Mei jie go explain to me about the whole email, that it was only a joke...

But erm... like, i understand the whole email's meaning lor, but i was just trying to joke...

So... is my acting that good??? Or did i just send out the message that i'm a "dumb black"???

And when i was really was acting, it didn't work (Like pretending i just woke up when they were laughing at my nickname i use in the article and don't know what happened...)...

What the @o@...???

2nd issue - I should STOP reading SMSes when i was half asleep... and also trying to reply them when at the same condition...

This has happened ALOT of times...

Like in the morning or midnight, someone send sms to me and surprisingly, i woke up despite being real sleepy and all...

I will read the sms, then either reply it or just delete it...

The problem is... i DON'T KNOW what i read... or what i had written either... all the same...

So the next morning when i wake up, i'll go, "What i did??? Is it a dream or reality???"...

I remember the worst one was once when Ah Theng jie jie smsed me, and when i wanted to reply her, i think i fell asleep suddenly... and forgot about it...

The later when i wake up dee, i go delete all sms i sent -o-... stupid... otherwise i would've know what i wrote!!!

I only remember writing one or two words, the rest... cannot remember @.@...

3rd issue - The way i answer the phone when i was waken up by it...

When someone calls me early in the morning, being the "sleepy person" i am, surprisingly, i don't shout at the person and threatened to throw them to Africa for waking me ups, hmm...

I just answer politely, not 100% politely, but definately not rude... whoever it is... why is this???

Though, i do get pissed off if the person found out that i was sleeping and goes, "Sorry sorry, i'll call you back later..."...

But you already woke me, so just faster say what you want lar!!!

4th issue - Mark Westlife, the one i was like SOOOOOOO crazy over last time... is... gay @.@ (Yes, i'm slow, sue me!!!)...

I just know of this news i think on fri or yesterday...

Yes, i'm slow, sue me...

I was reading Ee May's blog when she was talking about guys she like or something when she mentioned about Mark Westlife and he is gay and i went "0-O WHAT???"???

I immediately went to find out about it, and it is true... and i'm like super slow... i think its quite long time ago (But being me, i'm very slow-dated with the Western ent. circle dee...)...

He announced it one ler, and he have a boyfriend dee... and another proof of my super slowness...

From what i read ler... they are already engaged now...

I have nothing against homosexuality, in fact, i don't mind to be honest!
Imo, it is their own choice, freedom and rights to find their own happiness in their life!!!

And it is his (Mark's...) life, his own choice and if his happy, WHY NOT???

But it still kinda disturb me that i was so super crazy over him last time... i mean... why he turns out like that (Didn't he notice me???)???

But although i'm not really in touch with Western ent. dee, i still support Westlife, and him too of course (And still remain as my fave!!!), TO THE MAX!!! YOU GO GUYS XD!!!~

5th issue - 5th - Sandra, one of the ICPU programme staff is just being a b*tch???

I missed registering my next sem's subject via online, and although i went immediately to the ICPU office when the weekend is over, and also purposely went to see Ms. Sandra, they (Or she...) still don't let me register manually.

And mind, she let Amanda register manually last sem... Ms. Sandra DID...

Even though i emphasized the problems and all and show how anxious i was over it, and asked her opinion (Not that i care...) on my choice of subject (As Amanda told me to...), she still won't let me...

Maybe if i threatened by saying i'll ask my parents come see her or stuffs, i'm sure she'll immediately let me sign manually... trust me...

No threat is better than using parents (The one who pay their salary...) or to go to Sunway College instead (Ee May taught me this...)...

But i haven't try the parent part, maybe i shall try after the holidays??? Hmm... but too late dee ler, should've tried last week lar ish!!!

And see how fast she change!!! Hah!!!

And along the same story; Mr Frank, our new programme director, is nothing fantastic too even though he was the director before...

I told him of the problem when he went into our Law class for course evaluation, and he said he'll go to the office and check with them before coming back to inform me...

Of course, i totally hope he'll help me and all, and even though i would be in my next class dee, when he comes back he'll ask my Law teacher Ms. Kristen where i am and all.

But all i got was, after i finish my classes and on my way downstairs, i met him at the staircase and i greeted him, and he smiled and reply back nya...

No stopping me and telling me anything about the whole issue i'm having, which i've just asked for his help...

He just forgot about it, just like that...

Ok, maybe cause it was evaluation day and he was busy and all, but it makes me think maybe if it was Mr William Walter, our previous programme director, he would probably remember and will be really concerned and will be really sincere in helping me out...

Haih, whatever it is, the chances of me securing the subjects i want next sem is still hanging on the edge of the cliff, whats with all those... haih...

This issue has also proven my 1st issue: when i'm real, people don't believe...

Just sucks...

Plah, next sem will just be super poo-ie... with my closer friends all gone (Graduating...) and a sucky (For now only hopefully...) programme staffs.. POOO!!!

Why didn't i just choose Data and just suffer through it??? Then i would be graduating this sem and no need so "fan" dee lar for next sem!!! HISH!!!

Oh my God...


I can't believe that my mom thinks i'm jealous because she always fetches my cousin around!!!

May i know where she get that piece of information??? Because that is way cuckoo!!!

I'm jealous... of my cousin... because she's able to stay out late, pass midnight home, and won't get shove into the storeroom opposite Ah Ma's room and left there to rot (Only my dad doesn't does that, but he nags me until i appreciate "peace and quiet"... and thats saying something for eiko-chan @.@!!!).

Mom had always say she'll go fetch my cousin from Subang whenever she stays back last time, and i was like "No", because i don't want my mom to get tired.

She's old enough, and its still daytime; so why not she take LRT home, and i'll pick her up from the LRT station.

But ok, yeah, i am usually lazy, so sometimes i'll just say "Let her take taxi lar..." because hehe, lazy mar =p... AND ITS STILL EARLY!!! NOT AT NIGHT YET!!!

Mom will go all frown and will go fetch her ler.

Now she's accusing i'm jealous because of the fetching issue, and when i answer back that i can fetch her instead of my mom going, mom says the last time when she ask me to go fetch her i went sulking...

Yeah, who wouldn't sulk when you're in the midst of doing something of your own interest??? Although i love driving, but still!!!

The reason why i don't like mom to go around fetching is because:

1 - I don't want my mom to feel tired (Her health is not at its peak.).
2 - Mom is tired enough from fetching me everywhere last time; and since i can drive now, its up to me to drive shouldn't it?
3 - Sometimes when she come home late, she WON'T call (Mind, mom calls her...) and mom will have to wait for her to call, and then go fetch her home from the LRT station (I think mom didn't ask me to go because either i'm upstairs, or she didn't want to hear me complain - but if its at night i can't complain and ask her to take taxi right???).

Honestly, i'm not saying what i did was very noble and to be complimented and all, but i would definately appreciate it if my mom appreciates this "gesture" of mine and STOP accusing me of being "jealous"!!! It just sucks!!!

You know what, i SERIOUSLY think that mom like to tire herself... ALOT... and can we call it "self-abuse-syndrome"???
Though maybe not that serious lar... i think mom just wants to take care of her (Only-bro-only-daughter issue...) and if i want to think a negative way... mom wants to feel important.

Ok, i sound like Lily Moscovitz, which is so uncool because i'm like, Her Royal Highness Princess Kajiwara Eiko (Hehehe, ask Auntie =P!!!)!!!~

Hee, whatever ler ^^...

I think from now onwards, i won't butt into the whole "fetching" issue and coming home late, not coming home for dinner but didn't call and stuffs.

Mom can fetch all she wants, and feel all she wants. No way i'm going to stuck my big gigantic butt in it anymore if what i'm going to get out it is to be accused of being a sour pus!!!


Dad also got "talk" to me about some stuffs, but dad is kinda (Note: KINDA!!! Not very, its KINDA!!!) neutral and stuffs, i don't want to get into exactly everything he said, but just this one thing.

I think dad knows what i'm pissed off about (Her not calling back and stuff...), and dad agrees that maybe because last time in Bangkok, she don't have to call home to inform of her wellbeing, so she's not use to it (But not in Bangkok now right???).

Anyways, so my he asks me to go TELL her about this!!!


1 - I'm not her mother, i'm not her father, I'M NOT EVEN HER REAL SISTER!!!
We're just cousins, and i would very happy just to remain in that position and being a "friend friend", and DEFINATELY not go anywhere near those 3 stages!!!
Its so scary ok, for both of us. She'll feel she have an extra mother and i will feel that i have a daughter or something, which is so uncool, and IS OLD (Not that being a mother is old and uncool, but i'm not ready for that stage yet!!!)!!!

2 - Well, being the busybody me, and knowing mom won't tell her, i've told her before about calling back if coming home late or not coming back for dinner... ALOT OF TIMES!!!

Ok, i've probably sounded like a mother dee, which sucks =/... i'm only moms to my pets and thats the FINALE!!!

BTW, before she move over i've already told my mom; i will take care of her, but she is not my responsibility.

Because all you know, if anything happens to her or how she turns out, i'll get blame for EVERYTHING!!!

And now it has... they expect me to "teach" her...

The "talking" thing has became MY "responsibility"... although i've did it... but it still sucks... TO THE MAX!!!

p/s: Regarding the what happens to her and how she turns out and i'll get blame for everything; Ah Ma already started the "eiko-chan, you're older (Less than two months lor...), must teach her..." and also that i must know her friends and make sure she's not in bad company and stuffs...

So now her friends are my priority too???

And does Ah Ma think of me as some "older sister" and her as some "silly-don't-know-how-to-think-younger-sister"???


Which is what always flares me up, because i've already said, SHE'S NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY!!!

Mind, sometimes i complained to mom that she didn't call back when coming home late or not coming home for dinner and mom have to call her and stuffs (Hello, my mom is the senior here!!! Shouldn't my cous call to inform my mom instead???), and then mom asks me to talk to her...


I didn't agree with the moving over thing (My bro's bedroom issue... i don't mind but i just don't like anyone using my bro's bedroom...), so don't push ANY responsibility to me.

You took the burden, you put it on your own shoulders and don't relegate it to anyone, particulary a "don't-want-to-be-responsible-and-a-nagging-old-fart" teen!!!

I'll be one soon, but i'll try my best not be the those type of adults i despice!!!


One story which really had happened; on my mom liking to be tired fetching and all...

I went to talk to my mom about next year's transport arrangement to college, because i have only 2 periods and my cous have like 6 until 3.3opm; i asked my mom's opinion whether she would like me to have the first 2 periods, or last 2 periods, then either go home or back she'll go with me via my car, the other she can take bus...

Mom was like, "i'll go fetch her ler".

I went 0-O... you siao??? Subang not near lor...

Mom said it was like when she fetches me to college and back last time, during my first sem.

So i tell my mom back, "Ok, enjoy fetching. It's just 3 sems, only for one and a half years nya mar..."...

I'm not sure how mom looked, but i'm sure i saw her went 0-0 or something??? Definately not jumping with joy ler... hee =P...

Btw, my sem was the express class; means that there's only 3 months... 1 sem is half a year... hmm...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I love Princess Diaries, and Ah Sa XD!!!~

Contains: Princess Diaries and All About Love (The movie i said i want to write on yesterday, but the entry got too long @.@...)!!!~


Yeah, finally bought book 2 and 3 of my favourite book of all time, Princess Diaries (Thanks Ee May for your recommandation!!! They rock XD!!!~)!!!~ Book 2 is just as nice as book 1 ^-~!!!~

And whaddya know, within 24 hours of me buying those 2 books, i'm on my way to finish book 2 dee (I think there's around, erm... 10+ pages left???) and will start book 3 soon!!! Yipee X3!!!~

As of before i buy this 2 books, i particularly was reading book 1 again everyday!!! Its just that good X3!!!~

Also thanks to mom for sponsoring me!!!~ Ah Ma too (Gave me some $$ last night, and mom asks me to buy the remaining ones with it and stop asking from her!!!), for book 4, 5 and 6 (Although i have yet to buy yet...)!!!~

Though i agree with Ee May that Michael Moscovitz is HOT, but i prefer a guy who enjoys and loves organized sports (Eg: Football - i just love footballers, or plays and is passionate about football, like Keita XD!!!~).

Some pics i got from the net:
Image hosted by
Book 1's cover, Mia and Fat Louie!!!~
But to be honest, because i've watched the movie first before reading, i've always imagine Fat Louie to be well, black and fat... not orange and fat =/... but i don't mind, i love that cute thing all the same X3!!!~

Image hosted by
Princess Diaries, the movie version.
I just love Julie Andrews, because of my love for My Fair Lady last time (Watched it like, so many times when i was young, until the tape went goo-goo or something; but i remember nothing of it now T-T...), and she kinda reminds me of my Grandmama ^-^!!!~

But the grandmother in the movie is definately NOT the Grandmere in the book version... the movie's Grandma is nice and sweet; but the book's Grandmere, although nice too, but she is just... scary 0_0...

Though, i can't help it but to think... "How would the Grandmother in the movie actually look like, if they follow the character EXACTLY from the book???"...

Could be scary, and rated "Not Suitable for Kids"??? Hehehe, just kidding =P!!!

And when i go to Petaling Street tomorrow, i'm so buying the CD (Either DVD or VCD, see how ler!!!~)!!!~

Image hosted by
Michael and Princess Mia - but i think the Michael in my imagination while reading the book, is much MUCH hotter (Sorry!!!) =P...
And he definately towers Princess Mia in the book, although she's like really tall dee!!!

Official Website: Princess Diaries


All About Love
Chinese title: "Zai Shuo Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni" - Say I Love You Once More (Loosely translated.)

Starring: Andy Lau, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa XD!!!~) and Charlie Young.

Sypnosis (Spoilers!!!): Andy Lau's character is this doctor who was very busy and does not spend alot of time with his wife, Charlene's character. Though so, they very much love each other and Charlene's character is a very good and patient wife, who never complains despite always being alone always, and supports her husband 100%.

One night, after letting his wife down (Not being able to go dinner together...) for the 108 times, Charlene's character drove back home and got into a car accident. And as expected... she died T0T...

Andy Lau's character regrets for not spending time with her and all, and after 6 years, he met Charlie's character when she got into a car crash and he changed to become a paramedic.

It turns out, Charlie's character has heart disease and she also have a busy husband, who looks EXACTLY like Andy Lau!!!

And also, Charlie's character receives the heart from AndyLau's character's dead wife.

Charlie's character is about to die, because her body cannot accept the heart and stuffs, and Andy Lau's character, pretended to be Charlie's husband and was going to accompany her until her real husband comes back.

In the end, the husband did came back just-in-time before the wife died, and Andy Lau's character gets to "spend time" with the wife's heart too.

The movie's moral, as said by Andy Lau, is to teach guy's to say "i love you" to the one they love before its too late.

The whole plot is quite simple, so its kinda slow. I find it slightly boring, but i didn't yawn or sleep or anything, so i guess i can say that its not bad after all??? Also my eyes are like... ALERT (Maybe it's because of Ah Sa??? I don't know XD!!!~)!!!

I seriously credit Ah Sa's acting in there, not just because i'm being bias, but its because her usual character is those nice and sweet girls, but very hot-tempered; this one is the same but just EXTRA CUTE!!!

Her character is those very naive, sweet, cute, innocent, sorta thinks like "everything-in-this-world-is-good" type, and she is SERIOUSLY convincing!!! Thus, i credit her ^-~!!!~

Andy Lau is good too, not bad!!!~ And Charlie Young looks really funny when she cries in the movie =X!!!~

Heeee =P!!!~

No photos, i lazy to find, paste, upload and all @.@...

But go to the official website, there's photos there X3!!!~

Official Website: All About Love Yahoo! All About Love

Thats about it lar, i want to go finish my book now XD!!!~

Ja ^-~!!!~

p/s: Hee, i'm getting so "princessy" now X3!!!~ Driving Auntie nuts??? Hehehe XD!!!~


I should stop using the laptop my bro borrow me to its full advantage... i mean... i'm currently using its "full advantage" now, which is its ability to move it around, it being portable...

But anyways... tee-hee XP...

This entry is totally devoted to 2 movies; one i haven't watch but so totally-looking-forward to it... and another is one i watched yesterday with my wife Loo2...

Actually want to write for 3 movies, but erm... i realise i talked too much, so it'll be like... REALLY LONG if there's 3 so... hehe paiseh ^^...

Chicken Little

Did i mention before that i just love Chicken Little???

That well, erm... "chick", is just the cutest XD!!!~ Just love him X3!!!~

Oh btw, i've told the wrong storyline to everyone who've asked "What is it about?"... My friends ask me that because everytime i see its ad, i go XD and start squelling and screaming with joy (Accompanied with a BIG BIG BIG smile on my face ^-^!!!~)!!!~ And the ad doesn't really tell of the storyline, just that cute little thing dancing (Thats when i fell for him X3!!!~).

Anyways, just now i was watching Disney Channel, and i saw the "real"??? ad of it.

Chicken Little was always bullied and all with his friends; then one day, something sparkly dropped from the sky, and i assumed that its the aliens or something thats trying to invade earth (Because that thing is like those space stuffs...), and they (CL and his friends...) want to warn the world with it... or something...

Blah, i'm bad at explaining this (Because i was busy screaming with joy then =P!!!); so go watch it yourself!!!

BTW, one of his friend... is a fish...

NO KIDDING... a fish... wearing those helmets you wear when you go underwater... but his is with water inside instead...

Talk about cuteness no.2 XD!!!~

Some pics i got online...

Image hosted by
Disney's Chicken Little

Image hosted by
Too big of a head XD!!!~

Image hosted by
He and his cute geeky glasses and silly expression... just LOVE IT X3!!!~


Koma 2

A movie with a meaning. Its suppose to be a horror movie i assume, but i like to think of it as a touching and emotional movie which is very sad...

Though, i would have to say the character she potray is not 100% convincing (Maybe just 90%??? 95%???); probably because i'm too use to her pretty, beautiful, cute, sweet and kind character she is in other movies X3!!!~

But its still good, and she really sacrifies her image for it!!!

YOU GO GIRL!!! May you win the Best Actress for the next award-ceremony-thing!!!~

Spoilers ahead!

Shu Qi, Fong Zhong Shun's character and their son, BB (Its his name in the movie, forgot his real name =P!!!)...

Let me say something first...

Their son, BB... oh my God... OH MY GOD!!!


Mind, i don't usually proclaim my love for a little boy (Its like so "bian tai" and "guai zi po"!!!) - with the exception of the little boy, Yuuji, in Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu, which i still so love X3!!!~ - but he, BB, is really SUPER SUPER SUPER ULTIMATELY ADORABLY INCREDIBLY CUTE XD!!!~ And a good actor, not 100% good, but definately a 95% for a boy his age!!!~

Though Yuuji in Ima Ai is a much better actor - because for me, he is the ultimate good little boy actor- but BB definately comes second!!!~

Maybe for adorably ultimate cuteness, they are even???

I don't know!!! I just love them both XD!!!~ Make me and my wife Loo2 go "Ahhhhh XD!!!~" in EVERY SINGLE scene he appeared with his ULTIMATE CUTENESS; although we shouldn't because its a horror movie.

Oops... sidetracked again =...

Anyway, the storyline is like this...

They move into a new apartment, and its a happy thing, but on the first day while moving, BB went missing awhile (When he cried, although i think i shouldn't feel this way... but... CUTENESS XD!!!~).

Luckily found him, but then there is this "monster-like-thing" (Karena Lam) who keeps stalking BB, actually ever since they arrived or something (She stayed in the apartment's ventilation system.).

Eventually, Karena Lam's character manages to catch him (Because he looked like her son...), and the whole movie is on how Shu Qi's character tries to find her son (Because Karena's character stayed in the ventilation system, its kinda difficult??? And she climbs around real fast too!!!), and finding out Karena's character's history and stuffs...

On Karena's character's history in the movie, which made me cry (Though Loo2 didn't =/...) because i really pity her...

Last time before the new condos were build over it, it was the squatter areas. Karena's character had a happy family, although they were poor, but they were very happy.

But then the government want to claim the land, the people protest, and Karena's husband died then.

She and her son move back to that area, although no one else was left there, and they survive by finding food at the rubbles and stuffs.

Karena's character went a little mental then because of the lost of her husband, and still acted as if her husband hasn't died, although not that serious yet...

Then one night, she was real sick, and her son acted like an adult (REAL CUTE XD!!!~) and goes to find food for her.

While picking up can food at this place, the zinc roof fell on him T-T...

Karena's character still stayed there, and cook for 3 and acted as if they all were still there, and went really mental and this is where i think her acting really "shined" because its like... so sad imo T-T...

And yeah, her character didn't really cared about her appearance and all, and went quite erm... i can't find the word, but its really scary 0_0 (Thats why i say Karena REALLY sacrifies her image!!!).

p/s: She didn't know her son had died, didn't find the body, thats why when she saw BB she thought he was her son!!!

It was really sad, i really pity her character, thats why i went T-T... hehehe =P!!!

One pic only, because my com can't read and write chinese (T-T...), and i BADLY want to show everyone the little boy (XD!!!~), so this is the best i could get!!!

Image hosted by
Karena and her son!!!
Isn't he cute XD???
Maybe not "the-ultimate" here, but you'll agree with me after you watch the movie ^-~!!!

I don't want to add this pic in me Blog lar (Because if i saw it unexpectedly, i frightened myself =P!!!). It is a pic of BB and Karena's character after her family's death (Quite scary one...)!!! And the only other one with the little cute boy inside!!!~


Did Loo2 laugh at me (Because i cry...)??? Nah, i didn't think she did... because she's nice and when the movie ended, i asked her if she cried (She say she didn't...) and after that we immediately went into the "THE BOY IS STILL SO CUTE XD!!!~" mode!!!~ Hehehe X3!!!~

Actually the 3rd movie is "All About Love" by Andy Lau, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa XD!!!~) and Charlene Yeung, but i guess it'll be too long ne ^^... next time ne!!!~

Ok, before i leave to read my new Princess Diaries books (YEAH XD!!!~); now the list of movies I REALLY WANT TO WATCH!!!

- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Daniel Radcliffe XD!!!~)

- Chicken Little (I must be stupid if i didn't add this!!!)

- Memoirs of a Geisha (Then i can rest my mind on no need to read the book... but how if i went "I MUST READ THE BOOK!!!"??? Like Harry Potter @.@??? Nvm, books are good ^-~!!!)

- Chronicles of Narnia (Unlike Harry Potter, i'm not over enthusiasm for this, but it'll be so uncool not to add it, so =P!!!)

- Ok... i need my newspaper's Cinema listings ^^...

Unlike last time, when me and my lao po "very free" (Watched 5 movies in a week @.@... but still unable to beat my dad's record of 7 movies a week @o@...), we finish all "watchable" movies that time, and after that was like "WHY ISN'T THERE ANYMORE NEW MOVIES TO WATCH"!!!

But now, Loo2 broke and no time (Cause working...) and me no time, so rarely went for movies dee T-T... so theres like so many movies i want to watch in the cinemas currently (But still less than the average people ^^... i'm such a super movie-goer X3!!!~) ToT... haih...

The Sad Confession of a Movie-goer =P??? Hehehe X3!!!~

Gotto go read the diary of Princess Mia dee (I agree with Ee May... Michael sounds hot XD!!!~)!!!~ Hehe XP!!!~

Ja, have a nice day everyone X3!!!~

Friday, October 28, 2005

Great... first my mom and bro, now my dad... when is this going to end???

It must be a bad luck day or something for Geminis or Rabbits (But it should be impossible, because it stretches from like, last night -10pm or so; to this morning -1am...).

Maybe its something in the galaxy which had block something, thus, preventing powers from my star to shine the earth or something (What i learn from Dexter's Laboratory... who says cartoon are uneducational???).

Anyways, yes, i piss my dad off for my lack-of-concern over the house's safety issues... its TOTALLY AND SO MY FAULT!!!

But anyways again, if my dad really removes my rabbits, i'm moving away with them too.

I didn't play with them as much as i did last time, but i still love them to bits.

And anywhere without them is not worth living???

You got my point. My rabbits is with me, FINAL!!!

Just now, it could be just me, but i feel that Babygirl knows i'm sad, so she comes out from cage to like, cheer me up (Or maybe she's just hungry...)... but cause dad's angry, so i have to quickly feed them and ciao =(...

And sorry to Ash too, and blacky meow meow (Aka 2.90... don't ask...) and also the other cats, for not being able to feed them just now.

Ash purposely come to me for food every once in a while, but i let him down just now. Sorry Ash.

Now, don't look at me with that reaproachful eyes again. Its sad for me you know =(...

Anyways, THANKS, to my babies and the cats, for making me feeling important in their lives everyday ^-^!!!~


Thursday, October 27, 2005

PISSED OFF !@#$%^&*!!!


Anyway, its not really that bad lar ^^|||... mine is still kept at a moderate level.

WARNING 2: Ok, maybe no foul languages, but serious ramblings down there; but please try to read and catch the point before making judgement.

Before i start, let me again UNDERLINE AND IN BOLD LETTERS THAT... I DON'T LIKE IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE (I may be unresponsible sometimes too, but i try my best to make sure i'm not the type of person i hate. Its stupid to hate yourself ne???).

To cut things short:
- Cousin not coming home, didn't call, and i like waited for her at OU for like 2 hour (Thank God theres Loo2, but she could've used that time to do something more useful than to wait with me ne!!! Thanks dear!!!~). Then i go home, reason with mom, fight with bro, look like a frog and sound like one now @.@...

Full story:
- Cous went out with friends, and i HAVE TO sms her to ask her what time she coming back, got eat dinner anot (Mom didn't cook, so i was suppose to go out dinner with her).
- Sms back, she say she not coming back for dinner (Hello, couldn't you tell earlier??? I said ALOT of times to inform if you're not coming back dinner, first sign of unresponsibility. I hate that.).
- But its ok, so i replied its ok, i'll go out with Loo2 (Called Loo2 to teman me, LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!).

- I specifically told my cous try not to come home by 10pm, because i'll be at OU with my wife and it closes at 10pm (And she said she'll come home around "8-9pm abit late"...).
I went to OU for dinner, and waited there because so when she (My cous...) arrive at the LRT station, i will go pick her up, and no need i go home then go out again ler, mar fun what.
- She replied with a "Ok :-)".

- Finish movie and dinner, walk round and round OU with Loo until 9.30pm, when Loo reminded me that its getting late dee.
- Hesitate to call first, cause i thought she'll be fast and don't want kacau her first lar.
- Finally still call, because Loo emphasize "its getting late".
- Called her... she said she's still in Taylor's.

- Got pissed immediately (Knowing the hot tempered eiko-chan, its that easy...), and explain to her about the waiting part, but line wasn't clear (Well, she say she can't hear lar...), so immediately hangup because I WAS SERIOUS TAHI PISSED THAT TIME!!!

- If she were to come home later than 10pm, and were to CALL ME at 9.30pm and tell me to go home first don't wait for her, i still won't be that pissed. But now, its I CALL HER.

- Seriously, if she was coming home late, even if i waited until 9.30pm, but if SHE WAS THE ONE WHO CALLED ME TO TELL ME, i won't be THAT pissed off. But its the other way now. She's late, i waited, and I HAVE TO CALL HER. Which proves the rights for me to get super piss off.

- Its not the first time, but just that last time mom does the callings.
- Totally unresponsible, hate it!!!

Ok, and then, the "other" part...

Came home after dropping Loo2, and mom came to confront me.

Well, she said my cous sis cry because i hang up on her, and is "scared" to come home (Hah, i am that scary??? But why does Amanda still DARE to eat me @.@...).

Ooh, ok, so i mar TRY to "reason" with my mom about my angriness and "pissed off" thing, but mom keep on butting me while i try to talk (Even though i say "let me finish first..."...), and of course, siding her (Obviously, who won't when they don't know the whole story, and one called and cried and don't want to come home??? Oh yeah, the "my only brother's only daughter". Ok, i like, only have "one Hon Shen" and one "Babygirl" (Rabbit.), how come i'm not allowed to side them then???).

My usual "voice" when i'm serious and reasoning sounds like, totally scary and fierce (Although i am NOT angry; i know it when i'm angry because my heart can't take it!!!), and bro thinks i'm getting rude with mom, and i can't stand bro anymore, so fight fight FIGHT!!!

And this one, big one!!! And i seriously mean BIG BIG FIGHT!!!

I don't want to go into details about the fight, but it involves alot of eiko-chan accidentally cursing (Woops!!!), Ah Ma try to get into the fight (As in trying to stop, but we were like reasoning in full meeting session format, in english, so grandma still think we're fighting...), mom sit by and watch (Typical... but its cause theres no point coming between us. Its like, two woman fighting for the most worthy piece of outfit in a bargain sale!!! Its hard to stop =P!!!), eiko-chan then looking and sound like a frog, my second brother, my life, your life, "talking peacefully", "but i don't want to talk now", and somehow, the Families' class' "Social-exchange Theory" got pulled into the subject @.@... conclusion, MESSY!!!

Anyways, after that thing, both parties still very angry, and Ah Ma start the "eiko-chan, you must be more guai, don't like that yada yada yada..." (Only Ah Ma don't call me eiko-chan...)...

Ah Ma is such a hypocrite.

I told Ah Ma, "yeah yeah, everything my fault...", and she start the, "no, i don't take sides, i love you all the same" (If THATS true, i'll throw my Jay Chou latest postcard to the security dog as soon as he pass by!!!).

Ah Ma has been siding everyone else, but me, for the past 18 years of my life. Although now its getting better (Because i know how to fight for my rights dee...), but Ah Ma tends to "talk" to me more, and make it as if i was the one causing ALL the trouble at first.

And then yada abit, i mentioned my second bro and i miss him (And yeah, if we fight, things get WORST!!! UGLIER!!! Because my second bro is such a "red bull"!!! Worst than me!!! But at least he'll apologize to me and be nice to me afterwards. My older bro too, but we are kinda alike so we don't apologize =P!!!), and Ah Ma misses him too and cried and left... Aww, at least we agree on something together...

After that, mom tried to "talk to me again" (More like she's trying to put it that ITS MY FAULT!!!), then i try to reason, and then she got all mad at me, and do what she does best... IGNORE... which got me angry (I calm down dee, but she fire me up again...) and say silly stuffs.

Mom won't listen to what I wanted to say, as she VERY MUCH WANT to put it as if "I'M THE BIGGEST CULPRIT OF THE WHOLE DAMN THING". Although i asked her to let me finish first, she also doesn't even want to hear what i say (Because its only gonna prove her wrong...).

What has happened to free justice??? To fight for your own rights??? What happened to freedom of one's speech???

I miss my grandmama (My dad's mother, the one who love me the most; at least, what i remember lar...). Why is she so mean to leave me so early???

I love Jay. He is my guardian angel sent from her because she's being mean.

Ok, thinking back, i was mean to her last time, so i guess we're even now. Grandmama's being real nice and sweet, and send me a present ^-^!!!~

Back to the case, now... mom went up dee, me and bro still had issues to solve (Regarding THAT stuffs... me being rude and all =P...) but we ok dee; we're not fighting and shouting at each other's face anymore (*sings* WE ARE FAMILY!!!). We'll be setting a time soon to talk. And Ah Ma also went to sleep dee. I gotto go feed my babies before going up btw.

Gosh, i used up ALOT of tissue paper missing my grandmama... i should stop missing her to conserve the trees =P... just kidding... i sound like Mia from Princess Diaries now XD!!!~

Ooh, yeah, i totally sidetracked =P!!! I've come up with conclusion on the "issue" and nobody's right or wrong, just wrong timing???

But there are some faults which should be taken, everyone do.

Not pointing fingers, but my cousin sis should take some blame too (And also for the "fight"... but mom's trying to push everything to me because "she's my only brother's only daughter", and she cried first. I didn't went all sobby... maybe i should next time, hmmm...). So do me. I'm leaving bro and Ah Ma out of this, because it IS kinda unfair.

- Getting bad tempered
- Hanging up

Cousin sis
- Irresponsible
- Getting all freaked out and not daring to confront (So like my mom... i think its like inheritance or something, from my maternal side... i got some too @.@... eiiii...)

- Pushing all blames to me
- Not listening to me
- Ignoring what i'm trying to say
- Non-confrontational-thing-stuffs
- Taking sides (Because the "my-only-bro's-only-daughter"...)

Next time, i'm taking strong with my stand of fighting for rights!!!

And regarding my cousin's irresponsible issues... Last time in Bangkok, after leaving for school she don't have to go call her mom to inform she's not coming back and all, because its not really important??? I don't know... anyways, she's not allowed out at night, so she'll definately be home at night.

Here, because my mom will cook dinner, and she is staying with us, so isn't it proper for her to call back to inform my mom first??? Instead of my mom calling her???
And if she's coming home late too.

Its not the first time, the dinner thing and coming home late too. Alot of times dee??? Not that i keep track...

Mom sleeps at 10-11pm or so. The last time, once, my cous came home late, around 12am, mom had to wait for her.

It could be jealousy but HELLO!!! She's MY MOM. It is ok if she waits for ME, but its SO TOTALLY NOT OK if she have to wait for YOU!!!

And on the dinner issue, instead of her informing mom, mom HAVE TO CALL HER...

Who does she think she is??? Excuse me!!! My mom lor...

Oh yeah... the "only-bro-only-daughter" issue... got it. I rest my case on this part of the issue.

When she comes home late and all, i have to go pick her up (But the last few times mom did because i was sleeping like a piggy!!!). But that one still in the afternoon, so its ok. As for at night, have to wait for her so to pick her up.

I don't really care actually, lazy mar, so let her take taxi lar...


So i'll have to wait to pick her up, because or else mom will have to do so, and i don't want mom to do so. Its tiring.

But a few times i was upstairs or something, so mom don't bother asking me (Because i'll nyet...) and go herself. She likes to tire herself i think.

And people call me naughty. Sheesh. Sometimes is mom likes to tire herself one lor, i didn't request for it, but all blames are on me (Getting sidetrack here again... GOD!!!)...

Yeah, whenever something is wrong, mom always puts the blame on me and add complains to that... my mom is nice, and soft, and i love her, but i would appreciate it if she wouldn't complain to everyone-in-the-whole-freakin-world about me (She doesn't need to start complimenting. Stop complaining is VERY MUCH ENOUGH!!!), and also STOP adding oil to the fire; like WHAT SHE ALWAYS DOES when dad scolds me.

What happen to moms who protect you when dad's angry???

No wonder mom and dad got married. When one scolds, the other helps.

Birds of a feather.

Aiyar, its getting late and i'm starting to ramble dee lar, i'm very sure NONE OF YOU understand the last part... nevermind, i'm accustomed to it...

Good night. Hope everybody have a good life =)!!!~

p/s: Like, i know everyone is so gonna help my mom and my cous if they hear the story from their side (People hardly analysis... sheesh...), so i rest my case now. What i can only say is, analysis please, from all sides, before you make judgement. But i know this is hard. Which is why so many animals get killed by bloody idiots everyday T-T...
But i won't go to that, it'll take another long long road @.@... and i'm sleepy dee...

In my opinion, it was all our faults, no one should take FULL BLAME for everything. But i don't know their side... i'll call ANNA jie soon to hear what my mom says to her...

For all i know, mom's side is definately nasty stuffs about me... lets just hope my cous' college friend's will only see me as the "scary cousin sis", but will at least, try to understand the full issue before finalizing their opinions...

And another "for-all-i-know", crying rules. So next time i'm in trouble, i'll cry first, so sympathy will start pouring on me...

Hah, as if!!! I want to stand strong myself!!!

In IB class XD!!!~

Hahaha, in IB class now, computer lab session ^-~!!!~

The reason why everybody loves the IB com lab session, we get to play games on the com or do whatever we want XD!!!~ Muahahahahaha!!!~

Mr Reynolds wants to mark papers, and hates the racket we make; so he just puts us in the lab and sits outside.

Unlike Ms Kristen who'll sit inside the lab, Mr Reynolds don't come inside often; unless to give us the papers or if we're too noisy ^^|||... hehehe XD!!!~

Me and my "Maggie Buddy" Joanne, was playing the games (From Maggie Market) like crazy, and then Ashleigh joined in...
But cause his com can't load the games, so he played on mine, and bullied me in the Maggie Bakery game T-T... why!!! It was just his first time playing, and he got consistently like 83XX, and i get around 63XX only, even though i've played ALOT of times ToT...

His memory power is so much better than mine...

But must ganbatte!!! Must beat him!!! GANBATTE XD!!!~

But haha, the last game i won him by around erm... 300??? Wahahahahahaha XD!!!~

Hehehe XD!!!~

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My baby 0_0...

From what Mei jie told me last night, well, she say... *gulp... well, my Jay Chou is getting bald 0_0...

His hair was not combed properly and some newspaper reporter took the pic of him with a bald patch on his head while he was drinking water (Curses you bloody reporter, don't you know what it means to respect people's rights while drinking water???).

This is like, a super matter to worry about. Well, auntie said she knew of it last year, so she didn't really worry about it now.
I know of it last year too, in a different sense because last time they say its his "fa-liang-shao" (Means very little hair...)... and its certainly NOT GETTING BALD!!!

Jay is only around 20 years old, and people say its natural if he is turning 40 but like, heLLooOOOOoooOOO!!!!!!!! Jay is only turning 27; 26 years-old now to be exact!!! His work must be so hectic... how if its health problem ;o;...??? My poor baby T-T...

They say its inheritance, but then... HIS ONLY 20-SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!

But to be honest, chinese papers are usually more tahi lembu then anything else, so, i shall detain all my worries about it until its fully confirm...

Meanwhile, eiko-chan's gonna go shave Auntie's head bald to teman baby Jay XD!!!~
I love my hair as much as i love Jay (But Jay has a better advantage...), so its no good to shave my baby for my baby nyan XD!!!~

Another wu-liaoness -o-|||...

But no matter what, i still love and support Jay =3!!! NO MATTER WHAT XD!!!~

Jay just rocks X3!!!~


Edits a few minutes after ori post:

I've checked the Yahoo! (Taiwan) online news, and theres a report on this incident, plus what happened around last week, when they say Jay Chou was "arrogant" and "scolded-foul-words" to his fans.


Tada, eiko-baba of rightous act of clearing bad news and protecting people's rights (To Jay and w-inds. and Ayumi XD!!!~), HENSHIN XD!!!~



According to the mag, they say his turning bald because too much pressure from work.

Firstly, although it is inheritance, but Alfa Music (His company...) has already confirm he is still in "good-shape", still no need to worry about that... yet =P??? And even his girlfriend, my arch enemy and rival Patty Hou (Hah, too bad i wife dee XD!!!~ Jay is still mine X3!!!~ XP!!!~) has already said that "she-did-not-feel-that-he-is-turning-bald"!!!

Thats clears out one part, and anyway, true or not baby Jay is working too hard =(... he should take some rest (And like, go on a holiday with me or something XD!!!~)...

And regarding the "arrogant-scold-foul-words-at-fans" part, its the "good-job" of the bloody foul chinese reporters again (I'm chinese, but bloody hell them!!!)!!!

Its just some bloody news they create out to help their news sell and ruin baby Jay's beautiful image!!!

The thing with chinese newspaper is, they create some cock-and-bull (Or bull-and-cock, i don't care, one things for sure its SUPER TAHI LEMBU!!!) story on something, but THEY HAVE NO PROOF!!!
Although it is said the english side are also very nosy, but at least most reports have PROOF!!!

Jay has called back the company and stuffs, and has confirmed that he did not do it and all, and it was just some idiots that created out that story. And he did not receive any stuffs from fans that day, and NO FANS WERE ALLOWED INSIDE that day, and stuffs.

Jay has also asked them to show the proof, which very sure, they DON'T HAVE!!!

Loosely translated from: Yahoo! Taiwan online news
Credits: Yahoo! Taiwan online news

Hah, at least for this part, arguing with my mom to fight for Jay's image IS WORTH IT!!! Because when mom told me the news, i argued like tahi with her to protect him =P!!! And dragged Andy Lau and Jacky Chan into view XP!!!~ Paiseh!!!~

And Auntie have to side with my mom =/ (Well, she shouldn't side with me either, she should stay neutral... anyway, its a different thing ler. And like, look whose talking!!!~). But its typical of my mom to pull someone into her side because i'm all like "yada-Jay-rocks-yada-yada", and my "mom's-position" also seemed a more "proper-side" to support... hehehe =P!!!~

Protect Jay no matter what XD!!!~

p/s: Like for example hitting my old-classmate with my file (He should be thankful its not my textbooks @.@...) when he disses Jay Chou XD!!!~ Hehehe!!!~ The "good-ol-days" where it is still proper to whack someone when they disses you X3!!!~

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Maggie Market is fun XD!!!~

Ok, i forgot what i want to say dee ^^... i know i have like state-of-the-art thing in my head to write in the Blog after i finishing bathing and preparing for college and all... but my brain malfunctioned and forgot about it T-T...

Nevermind... haih @.@...

Oh yeah, go here ---> Maggie Market

Theres alot of fun games there, and Maggie, the lead is so cute XD!!!~ Try the Facial House!!! ITS SO FUNNY XD!!!~

BTW, thats where H.K. Cafe (The game me, Anna jie, Theng jie, possibly Kaijie, Mei jie, Ji Hyuk, Joanne, and possibly Pei Fern too, got SO addicted too XD!!!~) come from X3!!!~

And... since i found the ori one (H.K. Cafe's ori...) dee, can see the high score...

Just... just unbelievable @.@... go check it out yourself @o@...

Hahaha, i found out that website (Maggie Market) while in library's computer lab. Supposedly research for Law assignment one but =P!!! Heeee, don't know why, just can't concentrate do assignments while in computer lab classes XP!!!~

And these days don't know what happen, the parking all so FULL when arrive at college @.@... no fun... have to walk so far... Bleh T-T...

Aiyo, i feel like i'm so boring lar... haih... why... WHY!!!~
Theres nothing interesting about me to talk about =/... maybe i just don't know how to put my words??? And i don't really know how to talk to some people... Somemore next sem possibly all alone, as in no close buddy to talk to dee (Amanda, Pei Fern etc graduating dee T-T... why didn't i just take data and just die with it??? At least there's Hyuk-chan???)...


I'll be glad when Natsuko comes along ^-~, muahaheeee XP!!!~

BTW, haha, got Auntie addicted to Facial House just yet ^-~!!!~
My hand just so tired after playing it, and she tell me she OK somemore @o@... haih... signs of addiction XD!!!~

She should try Mag's Bakery, it's worst ^-~??? And so do H.K. Cafe XD!!!~

But of course, if you don't care about high score that is ^^... or if you can achieve it @o@ (You must be siao to be able too!!!)!!!

Muaks, love Jay XD!!!~

Latest mission Go to Auntie's house and shave her bald tonight XD (Why??? SHEE XP!!!)!!!~
I love my hair as much as Jay, so Auntie can shave her's XP!!!~
Muahahahahahahahahahahaha XD!!!~

See, another sign of wu liaoness ^^... haih... i'm unsavable @o@...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Climb climb climb, up the water tower =3!!!~

Hehehe, last Fri was great XD!!!~

We did something adventurous, and very fun at the same time!!!~

Eva, Lean Gee, Loo Yee, Pei Fern, Ze Yin and I climb up the water tower at DU, the one which is near to our high school...!!!~

Well, to be exact, its the water resevoir, but then it sounded nice if we call it the water tower nyan ^^|||... hehehe!!!~

Anyways, i think around Mon or Tues, after reading Ee May's Blog and seeing her pictures, i was really really REALLY interested in that place!!!~

And after discovering that place is actually so near to us, i reckon the idea to Pei Fern, and she was interested about it too, so thats why we planned it XP!!!~

Yeah, and real thanks to Ee May!!!~ After seeing the pics in her Blog, i felt that its so cool, so then mar... hehehe XD!!!~
But so paiseh to her, because ask her a few times about that place, plus another friend =P!!!~ Heee!!!~

Original plan was to go on Thurs, but Pei Fern cannot, so we change it to Fri night lor!!!~

We were suppose to meet at Eva's house at around 10.45pm, after moi went for Yum-char session with Sze Yin and the gang; Pei Fern and Lean Gee was already there earlier (Pei Fern driving that night 0-0... RUN XD!!!~ =P!!!~), then i arrive and when i was about to go into Eva's house to borrow toilet (=P!!!~), Loo Yee and Ze Yin (After working, they work at OU together...) arrive in Ze Yin's car. Hee, paiseh, they have to wait for me awhile while i use the loo XP!!!~

Then i done dee, three cars get ready (Me and Eva in my car, Pei Fern and Lean Gee in Pei Fern's car, and Ze Yin and Loo Yee in Ze Yin's car...)...

... TAKEOFF XD!!!~


Hee ^^|||...

Anyways, they asked me to take lead, so i mar go first lor... and knowing eiko-chan when she siao, hehehe ^^|||...

I drove quite fast and turn here and there, and traffic quite alot that time that they lost track of me car ^^|||...

Well, hey, i thought they would know; at least Pei Fern would know VERY WELL where it is (Since we plan this together, and Ze Yin still not very sure where we are going...), and it was VERY near our high school last time!!!~

Actually also, Pei Fern suddenly forgot the actual destination and missed the turning or something, hehehe XP!!!~ And Ze Yin was behind Pei so she mar just follow lar... =P!!!~

When we reach that time, we parked a little further to avoid suspicion, and we have to keep our voices down because there are house nearby. And i think Lean Gee and Eva went @.@ or something when they first saw the entrance... hahaha!!!~

The gate to the stairs leading to the water tower was locked, but there is a place at the side there, so we just slip in (And surprisingly, i can go in nicely without getting myself stuck... what is Lean Gee worried about then???), and climb up!!!~

It was quite tedious at first??? Well, for me, i was more of excited than tiring after climbing the steep stairs, so i didn't really feel a thing??? Hehehe!!!~

When we all reach the water tower, we had to climb those bomba type of stairs up to the top of the water tower... Loo Yee, being the most adventurous one plus had attended NS, she went up first followed by me.

When we reach the top first (Two of us there nya, the rest still climbing...), i was like "@.@ Ok, do we have walk at the edge of it to reach the other side (Where the better view is...)???" when Loo Yee pointed out a white stairs leading to the very top.

And i went "XD!!!~" and i start to climb up the white stairs, while Loo Yee waited behind to help the others up the bomba stairs... hehehe... so paiseh ^^|||...

But as i was walking up, fear got the better of me, so i went back down and wait for the rest at the bottom of the white stairs ^^|||...

Hey, the wind was quite strong, and while walking up, you'll feel like you can be blew off by the wind or something ne!!!~

At least thats for me...

Anyways, after almost everyone got up, i was the first (Or so i think so ^^|||...) to slowly walk up the stairs to the middle of the dome shape structure... and WOW!!!


It was just wonderful, just like what i see from my friend's pics, but wait... IT WAS EVEN BETTER!!!

Because you get to see it with your own eyes, feel it yourself and the wind... WOWZA XD!!!~

BTW, that place now has been named as "eiko-chan's turf" or "home" now ^-~!!!~ Just like i've named OU my second home!!!~

Maybe the water tower can be third ne??? Anyway, I JUST LOVE IT XD!!!~

Then we walk around the top thingy and got to the other side and sat down, facing the Uptown area, and started chatting and all. At first, Lean Gee and Eva felt quite scare and wanted to leave and yum char ASAP one; but soon, we started chatting and everyone totally forgot about everything, and so got into the mood ^-^!!!~

BTW, hehe, the dome structure, obviously is quite steep, so we didn't really dare to sit nearer down (Unlike my friends who came before us; they are like so brave!!!~). And when Loo Yee, being the most adventurous one, moved nearer down nya we went shouting at her to get back up, because we were quite freaked out ^^|||...

Even though some of us need to move abit nya, we cling onto the nearest one, hahaha XP!!!~

Conclusion... IT WAS FANTASTIC XD!!!~

The feeling was just great lar, its hard to describe ^=~!!!~

Took a couple of pics, let me add them in here (Plus i'm stealing my friend, Ee May's one from her Blog, to compare... Pei Fern also took some pics but i haven't get them yet, so either i'll put them up soon, or won't +P!!!~)...

Image hosted by
The entrance to my little paradise ^-^!!!~

Image hosted by
The view XD!!!~ I think this was my first pic when i got up there??? Isn't it just GREAT XD!!!~

Image hosted by
4 of the 6 main culprits, hehehe XP!!!~

Image hosted by
Can you see me??? Didn't use flash ^^|||...

Image hosted by
The wind was so strong @.@... but so nice XD!!!~

Image hosted by
One part of the highway...

Image hosted by
The famous Uptown towers??? Hehe!!!~

Image hosted by
Footsies XD!!!~
But quite jumble up nyan ^^|||...

Image hosted by
Loo Yee sitting nearer down, which totally freaked us out 0_0...

Image hosted by
Another pic of same view, but taken much later...

Image hosted by
Pei Fern, with the tower's top thingy...
Both of us were the last two going down, so i took one of her with the tower top thing, and she took one for me before leaving.
Mine looks funny thats why i put her's ^^|||...

Image hosted by
Loo Yee looking funny (Bian tai...) as we were leaving that time XD!!!~

And the pics from my friend, Ee May... well, i didn't ask permission from her to use her photos ler ^^||| (She'll probably go "0_O you're freaking me out... why do you want them for???" etc; but i've uploaded it to my own bandwhith!!!~)... so i assume i'll take her pics off soon enough (So if you're late and can't see it, PLAH, your fault =P!!!~)... heee...
Anyways, hehe, i don't think Ee May visits my Blog so, erm... safe =P??? Just don't tell her please X0!!!~

But why would you want to do so 0-O??? Teeheee!!!~

Image hosted by
See!!! They are SO daring @.@... we would've freaked out... hehehe =P!!!~

Image hosted by
Blah, my view is nicer XP!!!~ Muahaheeeee XD!!!~
Its the same isn't it 0-O???

Image hosted by
I would never do that 0_0... nor would i allow Loo Yee to do that, no matter how adventurous she is, no matter how she threatened to go for a divorce... NO MATTER WHAT!!!
And nor would i allow anyone else i know!!!

But eh, i know that guy ler... hehehe ^^|||...

Credits for the last three pics: Ee May

Thats about it lor, heee!!!~

And btw, i love my turf so much, i even went there again on Sat night ^^|||... yes, second time in just like, almost two days (Went back there within 24 hours of leaving it ^^|||...)...

... And for this part of the story, i'll leave it for another entry, another time, another day ^=~!!!~ Moi gotta go finish her Law assignments first... haih T-T...


p/s: That place i mean, hee, not the Law assignments ^^|||...

Thursday, October 20, 2005


On a happy note, i found back my spectacle box (Mom found it behind the study table's cabinet place...), i found back my ring (In the music room, at the put leg that rocky thing there, thanks to Kakak...) and my pendrives are back XD!!!~

Thanks a gazillion lots to the library, student services, security staffs, ICT dept and all who are involved in it!!! If not for their help, i doubt i would've got back my pendrives XD!!!~

Yeah, mean eiko-chan complained that they are taking alot of time, not helping, not sincere etc... i feel so bad for complaining so much T-T... little did i know, they really are doing everything they could behind!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH (Although i doubt they will see this, but it made me feel better ler ^^|||...)!!!

Although so, the bloody idiot (Who stole it...) deleted all my stuffs inside (w-inds., all the most lengcai pictures of them are inside the pendrive @.@... random pics i save from internet... ASSIGNMENTS T-T...), and even ruin my rabbit sticker -o-|||... aiyoyo...

Yes, the school board caught the culprit, and he confessed. From what Mr Lim (The guy who was incharge of my case...) told me, the guy who did it just randomly pick a locker to steal from (So coincidentally, he picked mine, and i forgot my padlock that day -o-|||...).

It was his first time (But who knows...), he was under alot of exam stress (Finals next 2 weeks...), he comes from a good family background (I wonder how does Mr Lim knows this 0-O...), he felt very guilty (But he could act to get himself out of trouble...), he just wanted to take something (What is that for???) and he don't know why he did it (This is scary, how if he look for me for revenge 0_0...)...

Hehe, typical of eiko-chan to think of a conspiracy behind everything =P!!!

But to be honest ler, Mr Lim was like explaining alot until i also @.@... blur dee... so who knows what is the truth ler...

Mr Lim got ask me if i wanted to press charges (Report to police...), but i'm holding onto what i wrote in the letter earlier: i just want my pendrives back, the rest is up for the school board to decide.

And i think the school board also don't want to??? Because he told me the consequences for having a police record, and always mention that guy is very feeling very very very guilty etc... but they respect what i want to lor, and i have decided not to press charges against him.

Pei Fern (Who accompanied me throughout the whole thing, THANKS ^-^!!!~) also think so!!!

I find it quite mean lar (It'll be there for your whole life...), though my friend Claire say i should, but i forget why dee. Something about teaching him a lesson or something???

Rather or not he really is first time, guilty bla bla (From what Mr Lim say, he even cried when caught...), i've decided to give him a chance ler, because i got my pendrives back... and no need to that extent lar... poor guy right??? What do you people think???

Anyways, the scary part is there is one or two pictures of me in the pendrives... so theres a possibility he might recognise me @.@??? Pei Fern adviced me to be careful ler, anyhow... hehe...

But it'll be quite silly if he look up for me right??? I mean, i don't know who he is now, so if he were to confront me, wouldn't i know who he is dee???

Blah, what i can say about this whole thing is, he picked the wrong locker and the wrong person to mess with...

The pendrives and its content (Though most of it gone dee T-T...) are very important to me, thats why no matter what, I WANT IT BACK!!!

Haha, on a "funnier note", he is also a Daniel fan if i'm not mistaken; because there are four Daniel songs inside one of the pendrive that i'm very sure was not inside before (Besides the way the titles are named, totally not my style!!!)!!! Hehehe!!!~


Now on a sadder note, our beloved Prime Minister, Pak Lah,'s wife passed away this morning. My deepest condolence to Pak Lah and his family.

Malaysia in mourning after PM's wife dies

Malaysian PM Abdullah's wife dies

Just a couple of days ago, when The Star highlighted the updates on her health from the PM; i prayed for her health at that time one (Even though i do not know her...)... this is so sad =(...

Yes, i can get back my stuffs, but she could not come back anymore... so do the poor chopped up tiger, and the dog which was abused by her idiotic bloody owner...

Life is so fragile... we should cherishM it, and also everything we own =)...

Pray that she is happy wherever she is now!!! So do the poor tiger and Sheena, the poor dog...


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tiger parts won't improve your sex life

As said above:

Tiger parts won't improve your sex life

So leave them alone you bloody sex-deprived, idiotic, brainless, useless, murderer, selfish assholes!!!

eiko-chan is in rage after reading the news last Sat (Yeah, i'm abit late, sue me =P!!!). Some bloody Thai asshole (Sorry cous!) killed a poor, innocent, cute, cuddly and adorable Malayan tiger in Kelantan, and had conveniently cut it up into four parts, and put him into the fridge.

Rangers find tiger parts in fridge

And that bloody idiot asshole only got 5 years in prison (From what i read from Sat's The Star...).

Like, HElLllOooOOOoOOOOO!!! He killed a protected species!!! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS 5 YEARS GOING TO DO TO HIM???

He can just get out after 5 years time, and continue hunting those poor innocent animals for the sake of sex-deprived or so-called "health-concerned" old farts in Thailand (That idiot is only 22 years-old, 5 years later he'll be 27 years-old and will still be physically fit to hunt poor innocent animals!!!)!!!

Don't be jealous; yes, we have our own tiger species (Yes, we do indeed have our own tiger species from what i read from the newspaper...), and although there may be none near you, THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE PRIVILAGE TO COME INTO OUR COUNTRY AND START KILLING MY OUR BABIES!!!

What more with tiger as our National symbol!!! We are your beloved neighbours for heavens sake!!! Don't you know anything about neighbour love (Well, apparently i guess you don't...)???

**Please let me note that i have nothing against Thailand. My cous is Thai, and i love her. I love Thailand, Thai culture, and i especially love, adore and can't-live-without Thai food (=9!!!~)!!!

I'm just against all those assholes (And THAT asshole...) who hunt or purchase wildlifes; tiger or not tiger, for their own personal profit/ entertainment/ shit, and yes, even Malaysians, or my family or friends (And i swear i'll make them suffer with my bare hands if they really did!!!).

I'm sorry for any offence caused by my usage of words. I totally mean no offence, and this is just intended to that asshole. Sumimasen!**

It is an offence to possess tiger meat and an offender could be jailed up to five years or fined up to RM15,000.

Tiger trafficking is a lucrative black-market trade as body parts of the animal could be processed into traditional medicine in countries such as Thailand and China. Each animal is said to fetch between RM20,000 and RM30,000.

Pazil said there were fewer than 100 Malayan Tigers left in Kelantan, mostly in Jeli, Kuala Krai and Gua Musang today.

“The Malayan Tiger is in danger of becoming extinct; killing the animal for profit is a cruel act,” he told a press conference.

He said they were now investigating whether the suspect had previously hunted tigers here and smuggled them out of the country.

In the last five years, he said rangers had foiled at least eight attempts to hunt down tigers in Kelantan.

The penalty is too small; in my opinion, it should be a jail term of at least 10 years, and fine of at least RM20,000 up to RM50,000!!! That way, its only possible to keep those idiot hunters at bay from touching the delicate ones!!!


Let me dig out some news, i think one of it states that there are only like 500 Malayan Tiger left in Malaysia only 0_0...

Here it is...

Tiger poaching and trade rile up public and NGOs

Malaysian Nature Society response officer G. Chitra Devi said as long as there was demand, tiger trade would continue to thrive.

She said one way to combat poaching was to ensure that the tiger's habitat was protected and there were proper buffer zones around the habitats.

“The present penalties are insufficient to deter poachers and should be increased by at least 10-fold,” she added.

Good for you lady, i support you!!!~

Chris Shepherd, South-East Asia programme director of wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, said he was more disappointed than shocked to read that tiger poaching was on the rise.

“It will be quite embarrassing for Malaysia to lose a national symbol as once the tigers disappear, you can't just bring them back.

“If the rate of tiger poaching and loss of habitat continues, it is very likely that the tiger (estimated to be fewer than 500) will go extinct,” he said.

Tigers are getting extinct 0-0...

See, i told you about the National symbol thing!!! TIGERS ARE OUR NATIONAL SYMBOL so stop being jealous and stop killing our babies!!!!!!

And here is a chart thing on Tiger population in Malaysia from the news link above; in case you are too lazy to open to check it out, let me highlight the tiger population crisis thing to you.

Oh bloody hell, ONLY ABOUT 500 IN MALAYSIA!!!


Oh pupu (Its too delicate for me to say s**t =P...), tears are coming to my eyes T-T...

3 of the 9 sub-species are already extinct... WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT TO DO UNTIL ALL OF THEM BECOME EXTINCT??? WILL YOU BE HAPPIER???

Let me tell you that our Malayan Tiger are in the "CRITICALLY ENDANGERED" list...


Bloody poachers...

I have to stop now... otherwise i'm just gonna cry like @.@ and have to wear sunglasses to class again tomorrow morning...


So in order to reflect the importance of this to you people who just think this is nothing, as its only an animal, see this:

Imagine this being your closest friend/ relative/ family... how will you feel???

Think about it...

Just because they can't talk, and they don't act what "we-humans" deemed as "civilised" bla bla, that doesn't mean they don't have feelings and should be deprived of their rights.

They are also living things. They feel too.

Do you know the whole elephant herd will moan the lost of a member of the herd???

Not just the closest kin of the dead elephant; THE WHOLE HERD...

Just like we humans will do when someone close to us leaves us.

So don't go with those shits that they don't have feelings... THEY DO... just because they don't, or usually can't express it...


Even if you don't like animals, you can do your part by not purchasing their parts and making sure people you know don't do so too.

They'll be grateful. I'm sure they will.


Blah, eiko-chan talked too much again and forgot she got class the next morning @.@ (And from tigers, she drag in elephants as well @.@... typical...)... i can get too heated up whenever animal rights are pulled into the matter...

I love animals. It hurts me to see them suffer because people kill them and all etc...

And before i end this, let me add another thing:

I SWEAR... I'm going to be a very successful lawyer, i'm going to work around to change laws on animal cruelty so you assholes (Those people who abuse animals and poachers etc...) will get the harshest penalties you will ever imagine, and i'm gonna sue your sorry ass into jail for inflicting such damages to the innocent ones!!!

Even if i can't be a lawyer, i'll make sure your sorry ass is going into jail anyway!!!


A note different from this entry, like entirely... eiko-chan has mixed feelings now... on someone... argh...

「夜曲」 keeps me alive...

Jay Chou's new and long awaited album, 「十一月的蕭邦」, will be released on Nov 1 2005!!!~


Can't wait for it ne XD!!!~ YEAH X3!!!~ After more than one year ;v; *Tears of happiness*!!!~

eiko-chan heard the new song shou bo last night at my favourite radio station 988, and it was so nice XD!!!~ Titled 「夜曲」 "Nocturne"!!!

Must faster go pre-order nyan X3!!!


Nocturne keeps me alive, all for November's Chopin...

I so like, need to work on my new slogan @.@... the above sound so crappy @o@, although it seriously is true =3...

Bad luck continues... for now...

Can i add "Cannot find my spectacle box" plus "My CREATIVE baby's blue cover got scratched" and erm... "Just plain bad luck" to the entry below???

Regarding the spectacle box, mom said she didn't see it, and i know i last left it in my study table, and mom clean the study table last Sat/ Fri, and i think mom must've kept it somewhere, but she just can't remember where only and claims she seriously didn't see it...

Typical of mom... she keeps it somewhere, says she didn't see it etc, but it turns out she WAS the one keeping the stuff there -o-||| *Remembering Jay Chou's "The One" concert ticket and shivers*...

But it could be my fault, anyways, i just can't find it now...

I hope it'll turn out soon like my baby beloved ring T-T... WHERE ARE YOU!!! PRECIOUS *Imitates this word using Legolas style - i don't like Smeagol although i think i did a very good imitation =P!!!*!!!~

Tyah, just so bad luck these days... i should go "wan san" soon... MUST ASAP!!!

... I need my dosage of Jay Chou and w-inds. again (Its just not enough, all the time...)... BADLY @.@...

I'm in school library now, but have to wait until 1pm to eat @.@... hungry...

Maybe i should go chew the librarian's head...

Blah, yucky!!!

I should go home and chew on Jay... he still remains my favourite head to chew ^-^!!!~ Yeah XD!!!~

Yes, so do my Ta Ta (Keita to everyone else...) ^-~!!!~

And Pupu still remains my favourite item to BBQ XD (Feel proud Puu!!!)!!!~

p/s: Regarding the pendrive, they found a suspect, but it needs time to find that guy yadda yadda yadda =(...

I really appreciate them helping me and all (I seriously do!!!), but can't you guys like do it faster???

I need the pendrive ASAP and my assignments are inside T-T...

And how if the longer they take, that bloody idiot delete my files???

*Prays and hope that that bloody idiot have some mental problem or mental disorder about stealing stuffs and keeping them and won't do anything about it later... will just keep it and thats all...*

But he'll have some nerves to use it in the college, right??? With me keeping my eyes like 0_0 for it!!!

Ms. Rowena suggests i talk to the Head Librarian to see if they can speed up the process...

Well, typical of the library staffs etc... SLOW!!!

Thanks for helping me agreeing to help me view the CCTV and all, but no thanks for not taking this seriously and to heart to really help me... because i believe if you sincerely want to help me, you'll at least call me to reassure me since you guys know how important the pendrive is to me (I've been coming always to pester you guys like, so many times dee @.@...)!!!

And yes, i will be doing so (Talking to the head librarian...)... i WANT my pendrives back!!!

And for my saman, i'll either write a letter to bloody MPSJ to appeal, or use Ya's friend's house bills to appeal or just pay but only RM20!!!


pp/s: I don't know how this rambling of mine has got from my bad lucks, hungry, pendrives, the bloody idiotic thief, the librarians, to MPSJ, to Malaysians...

Typical of eiko-chan to ramble and forget what happened =P!!!

But don't get me wrong, i love my country alot ^-^, but at times, Malaysians just go down the drain =/!!!

Ok, that bloody thief may or may not be Malaysian, but please allow me to say this as i'm in a fit of rage now!!!


Ah, still feel sucky =/... need my daily dosages @.@...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Bad luck zooms @.@...

These days very bad luck... starting from last Wed...

- Got saman... again... and next time i swear i'm not taking "parking advice" from any of my friends dee... hehehe!!!

- Pendrives got stole... don't ask... bloody library...
And although my Law class Ms is not at fault... AT ALL... but i like to put some blame on her =P...
If she were to be present on that day (Which she did every other day but no, on that day she HAD to be absent...), i wouldn't have gone to the library, and my pendrives would still be with me now!!!

- Bloody librarian say will call me but she didn't... bleargh!!!

- Loss in Mahjong game with Theng jie and Kaijie... alot of times T-T...

- Can't remember, but i won the w-inds. and Lead poster ^-^!!!~ At least something good =3!!!~
No no, got something bad... i lost my precious ring T-T... why!!! WHY!!!
*cries so terribly my home flooded, and thats saying something...*

- Bloody librarian say will call, again, after i go pester them this morning... but they didn't so i'm going again tomorrow...
And my CREATIVE baby's earphone's the soft sponge thingy, one side is missing T-T... WHY!!! Although i hardly use it already, but why... WHY!!!
I didn't use it but i purposely use it today and... ARGH!!!

And its seriously confirm today... well, at least i confirm it to myself and prepare myself mentally, and hopefully physically too lar (Ok, i don't know why physically and mentally, but it sounds good being there so yeah, lets let it be there =P...)...

... I'm seriously pure pupu sensitive to cat's fur...

No, not my cous bro's girlfriend you doink (Anyway, she has no fur lar *giggles*...)!!!


Why!!! WHY!!! WHY WHY WHY!!!

I love animals so much, and cats are my favourite after dogs...

I thought being unable to keep dogs for now is really bad dee... now i'm sensitive to it...


I don't know about dogs, but cats are confirmed... well, at least from what i experienced with my cous bro's cat, Lazy (THE CUTEY CUTEST DARLING XD!!!~)...

Kaijie got say don't keep long hair ones lar, but then...

Dogs: My favourite of all time is Golden Retriever... long haired and the fur is like... @.@... but i just love it lar ;o;...

Cats: I only want Ragdoll, although i don't mind British shorthair... and although they say Ragdoll's "short hair" (From what i read last time...), but its still kinda long from what i see ya know @.@...


Oh yeah, my symptoms (According to what happened when i play with Lazy...)...

- I sneeze if the fur comes too near my nose (Anything also too lar actually, cause my nose is darn sensitive... bleah!!!)...
This includes after touching Lazy and touching my nose @.@... but the ones i'm keeping now (Stray cats...) don't because they have short hair and their furs don't fly everywhere lar +P...

- My face gets itchy if i stick Lazy to my face (Which i love doing, because Lazy is just so good to hug and darn bloody cute XD!!!~)...

- My legs too, are sensitive, but i knew this since last time because the stray cats i keep likes circling around my legs and stick themself to them X3...

And this is the worst!!!

- My eyes go like... RED, really itchy, irritating, annoying, etc etc, if i rub or even just "touch" my eyes after touching Lazy...



But eh, hold on... the last time i visit Kaijie's friend's Goldie nothing wor...

Hopefully pray... PLEASE!!! Just please hope i'm ok with dogs... at least with Goldies PLEASE ;o;...

But blah, i don't want to keep dogs or cats lar in the future, so nevermind lar... but if i'm ok with them, means i can find people who owns them to play with them!!! Right??? RIGHT???

Blah again, eiko-chan is blabbering again now... cannot talk straight... emo again T-T...


p/s: And eiko-chan, the bloody stalker... haih... just hopeless @.@...

Even the page is playing on me... bloody thing...

But i enjoy today's conversation with me and Auntie involving me, Jay and Keita ^-~!!!~ Muahahahahahahahaa XD!!!~

Sunday, October 16, 2005

w-inds. and Lead's latest poster XD!!!~

Muahahahahahahahahahaha X3!!!~

eiko-chan's favourite radio station for all time, 988, has a competition to win w-inds. and Lead's latest poster, and...


I won XD!!!~

I sms-ed them three times, the first time i didn't type the words "JS", thats why i resend, and because my nerves got me, so i sms another time @.@...

But its worth it lar XD!!!~

Only 5 person won this week, because alot of person got the Lead's song wrong. The song is "Best of my love", but most thought its "I Believe", so... pay attention next time to Lead to OK!!!

And hehehe, i was the first name he announced XD!!!~

When the DJ, Simon-san, say "I'm going to announce the winner, there are 5 winners...", i went @.@... then he say "And here are the winners: (My name)..." and i went 0_0... then... XD!!!~

Really really very happy nyan XD!!!~

w-inds. and Lead XD!!!~

But have to wait, because the poster haven't arrive yet @o@, but no prob XD!!!~ Yokatta XD!!!~

Hopefully they'll call me ASAP when the posters arrive lar!!!


At least something good from this bloody week =)...