Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12 things I shall cherish about 2008.

I wanted to Blog something like this, but since Ah Ma tagged me, i might as well use her tag =)!

So yes, the 12 things i shall cherish about 2008.
(What turf Ah Ma, why not my 13?? XD)

Anyways... the 12 things shall be:

1) My trip to Korea.

And went for the BEST CONCERT ever!!

2) First snowing experience.

3) My trip to Redang.

Best trip ever!

4) My trip to Bangkok.

Where i saw something which most fans probably didn't get to see.
Ok, maybe they had... but they are not as retarded to talk about it, so... but i am. XD

5) Getting to meet both of my nephews at the same time, and had a blast being around them.

6) My crazy impromptu trips to KLIA and Genting for the boys.

And don't forget MTV Asia Awards 2008 where i saw loads of artists!

7) The times i spent with my friends.
Finally the "mafia family" (i lazy type all your names lar =P) has a proper "family portrait", what turf XD!!

With everyone present =D!
(Stole this photo from Sam ErJie and Cheryl AhMa!)

8) Met really nice peoples from all around the world.

9) All the musicals i've watched and attended!

And i discovered how much i love musicals!

10) I learned lots of valuable lessons, understand more about myself and others and everything else.
I somehow felt as much as i matured, i got even more childish along the way, like seriously. Like i discovered the wonders of kiddyhood. What turf.

11) I am happy a lot of people around me found happiness.
And nothing makes me happier than seeing other people happy (^^ )!

12) My 21st birthday.

Where all my family and friends are around to celebrate it with me!
I'm sorry i super procrastinated (that i didn't write my birthday post SORRY (ㅠ-ㅠ)!), but i super love all my birthday presents and parties!!!

And just because, since 13 is a good number...
13) All the experiences with my 13 boys (^^ )!~

But if you honestly ask me, i think 2008 is a not-a-very-good year, and i am very really incredibly glad that it will be over soon.
Too many left me, too many unhappy matters, though i am very super grateful for the happy matters, and of course, all the lessons learned. I guess it's a lost and gain thing.

But really, am very glad =).

Happy New Year (^^ )!!♪~~

Have you ever wished that the stories you told will come true?

If so, which story?
If so, what book?
And what type of story it'll be?

Ooh, mine would be Harry Potter.
And as a pet, poo-ey, owls are so yesterday! I want a dragon!!

Ok, what turf, i love my imaginations ♡!~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My idea of a good day.

Is it emo? Perhaps.
Is it sien? Definitely.

It's like damn tired/ bored to have any feelings now. Rofl.

Times like this, how i wish it was day with the sun shining brightly, blue blue sky and beautiful fluffy clouds above, so i can lie on the grass as i look at the sky above and use my imagination to see the shapes in the cloud, and perhaps the world.
Perhaps add some dragons flying about, evil sorcerer who wanted to take over the world, handsome vampire Prince, pretty dresses, heavy armour, accented English, creatures from mythical stories, talking animals with houses, evil witch craving for youth and beauty too perhaps... and etc etc... ooh, perhaps even Nessie too! And and MAGIC!! Hogswart!!!
Ok, imagination overload. Too much fantasy books and movies.

Or i can go to the city, and as i walk along the street, i started to sing and dance and random people will join in and we'll perform a huge musical number!! Ooh!

Or... it can rain so heavy, cats dogs puppies and kittens (and rabbit, guinea pigs and hamsters for good measure), then perhaps i can watch a movie and lose myself in it or something.

Current craze: Jurassic Park.
I just spend the last two days watching Jurassic Park until 5am, and it's not enough. What turf.

Perhaps the current imagination shall be running along the forest with a group of my most trusted allies as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex comes chasing after us.
But it's still an imagination after all.

But if true... *glees*...
Wah, siao.
I can't believed i can be emo to the extend i wouldn't mind a man-eating dinosaur from millions of years ago to chase my friends and i as we run through the forest in an attempt to save ourselves. But maybe if we throw a really hot guy or something...

Ok, i shall go back to my favourite imagination, because it'll always make me happier.

Ah... bliss.

7 years down the drain.

7-years of conservation efforts, and i did not manage to convince not even ONE person to stop taking Shark's Fin soup. Even my own family ok (though it's "fake", but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Failure ok. Failure.

Besides, it's not like it even has taste lar, the taste comes from the soup!! A bit idiotic right to be so cruel to animals when you're not even benefiting from it. It's actually extra idiocity really. It's just expensive because of the name nya. What turf. How stupid can humans get?

Oh yes, i'm deciding if i should boycott all restaurants which serves Shark's Fin soup. And also any weddings, parties etc which serves so. Hah, take that!!
So if you want angpow from me for your wedding, please don't serve SFS. I'll probably wrap a tape on Shark cruelty in red paper and mailed it to you instead. Rofl.

In being environmentally cautious...

I believed to care for the environment is to be responsible for your own actions, and not just so you can show others how environmentally friendly you are.

I don't need to explain (to others) what i am doing to others, because i clearly know what i am doing. I don't want to be a "hardcore" and preach on others, because i'm not perfect myself. But at least i know what i'm doing, and i'm not doing it to show others, but rather, it's so i can "get pass myself without feeling guilty".

On certain things i'm still doing...
  • I love post-its (omg post-its (ㅠ.ㅠ)!!);
  • i try not to, but sometimes inevitably, i do still use plastic bags (only when i needed it though);
  • i collect paper bags (seriously);
  • my bath time is not strictly "for-hygiene-purposes" only (it varies, depending on mood);
  • my laptop is on even when i'm not home (and not using it)... even the charger (for laptop) is always switched on for crying out loud!!
Oh, and i love driving. And my car isn't even hybrid. What turf.

None of these are environmentally friendly.
But at least i know what i'm doing, i'm not doing it to show others, and so i don't really find it necessary for me to be judged (or preached, unless if it's something i don't know) based on what i did, because i know what i'm doing.
Of course, if that person is perfect in her ways, then by all means you can preach and i won't say a word. Like i think i'm perfect in my Shark conservation efforts, so by all means, i won't hesitate to preach until you'll only think of Sharks when you see me.

My purr-fect attendance in Mr Moaz's World Issues class are not wasted one lor, it's the best class i've ever attended, and i learn more from that class than my 11 years of "public education".
The best part was the class was about stuffs that i really like and care about; environment issues, global warming, and even endangered species (the best, i did Great White Shark, and if i remember correctly i got full marks from Mr Moaz for it!~)!!

Conclusion, i don't like to be judged that i'm a "hypocrite" just because i did something that is not "enviromental friendly". I'll usually have justified reasons for myself as to why i do so, and i don't need to explain myself to anyone because i know what i am doing.

It just gets on my nerve when people who are not practicing good environment-friendly habits starts judging others when they are not doing well themselves. Isn't that even more hypocrisy than me buying post-its???

From Cosmo

"Geography, Geometry, Geology... i don't know what the problem is, they all starts with "J"."
- Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents.

(Korean's equivalent of "hahaha" or snigger or something of that sort.)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

So turping embarrasing.

I was supposed to have Korean class on Sunday morning.
So as usual, for the class, everything else has got to wait.

So at 1.45am or so, when my classmate messaged me that we have no class tomorrow because the teacher was busy... i wanted to message my cousin sister complaining about my classmate informing us late, because otherwise we were supposed to have a "slumber party" (rofl!)... BUT... i accidentally send the message to my classmate instead.
Which i added the word "stupid" in the message, as below.
Tmr no korean class one er T-T!
My classmate late notice. Stupid. Haih.
But when i realized it (that i sent message to wrong person)... it was too late.

Luckily my classmate is a very nice person, she doesn't seemed to mind and even apologized to me. My teacher was late in informing her the first place anyways. I replied that i was only joking because i had canceled plans tomorrow for the class, and it's ok. She replied, jokingly as well, and said i bully her!

It was fortunate she didn't take it the "wrong way". I didn't mean any harm at all anyways, i just commented that the whole bloody thing was stupid (not her definitely), because if not for the class other plans would've gone through properly.

At the same time, the message i was supposed to send to my mom to ask her not to wake me up tomorrow morning (since no class)... was sent to my cousin instead.

Either too excited tomorrow no class, or it's getting too late my mind's not working well. What turf.
Maxis bloody untung that night.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Turf, so drama.

My favourite drinks:

Starbucks and Berry Passion!
Best drinks ever!
Too bad the taste are usually not very consistent as it depends on the person who makes it.

Oh well, at least it sends me to heaven every time it tastes 100% wonderful XD!

Dear Senget.

(Written on 22/ 12/ 08)

Senget is a cat that has a very special place in my heart.
He belongs to the uncle in this pet shop near TTDI KFC.

I've been a customer of that shop since i was a little girl. I bought my first hamster and rabbits there. The shop grew from a small half-a-lot shop till the full-size shop it is now.
And even though i'm like, 21 years old now, and the uncle still looks very young like he never aged, i still calls him uncle.
Sometimes i wonder if i surprised him, because i looked older than my age, and i'm calling him uncle. Oh well, some habits never die.

Anyways, Senget. I've known him since he was a kitten. He was Winner's son.
Winner is a very very beautiful grey cat belonging to uncle. Uncle took her in when she was pregnant (with Senget), and even though she was very fierce, he still love her a lot and she grew very attached to uncle.
Winner passed on quite some time ago, leaving Senget and this other cat, his friend.

I've seen Senget grew from a wee little boy to the big boy he is now. Both his hind legs are "cat", and he walks crookedly, thus, his name "Senget".
I think the uncle told me his name is not Senget, but like i said, some habits don't die, so i've always called him Senget.
I remember him as a very gentle cat. I used to be afraid of cats, but his always so gentle, i'm not afraid at all to play with him.

Every time i'm around there (buy KFC, what else?), if i have the chance i'll surely go in to pay a visit to Senget and his friend (i should get to know the name really). It also has very nice pet hotel, so there are always lots of cats there. I think the uncle sometimes take in stray cats as well. He is a very nice uncle who always feed the cats there too.

Although a lot of cats come and go, Senget and his friend will always be there. But today, when i went to the shop, he is not there anymore.
I saw some other cats at his usual cage, and his friend at this other smaller cage. Fearing the worst, i asked the uncle where's Senget, and he told me he too passed on as well.
I tried to hold in my tears but i failed, i almost broke down there, but really, i don't want to scare people there lor, so i tried my best to hold in. But it really is very sad.

It's like, his a cat i've grown to really like, and so used to seeing him every time i go to the shop, but now, his not there anymore. And i will never ever see him again.

I honestly hate this year. I used to think it was a good year, but i changed my mind. It's the worst possible year, although i am "grateful" (in a way) for the many lessons i learned from it.

Too many people leave me this year. And one whose very dear to me me left me forever. 3 pets very dear to me left me as well, and one whose lost i still cannot accept.
Bloody horrible year.

And why i shall never ever, ever, *ever* stand near the Pig.

Because i will come out with the weirdest, most randomest pose ever (ok maybe this is not too weird nor randomest, but you can't deny it's retarded. There's an even weirder one which i'm so not posting.).
Stupid Pig. Grill you baru tau.

ps: With regards to the pic, you are even madder if you really did assumed that i did not photoshop this photo (and the previous one as well).

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Approach. Worship.

Yes, i know i am adorable.

닥 · 숭
Approach. Worship.

I love this quote!

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

- Roald Dahl
I do believe that you should pay upmost attention to the nature, and we must conserve it, as magic and greatest secrets are hidden there. We just didn't know. And if we don't believe, we'll never find it.

I was listening to the radio the other day, the DJ was saying that horoscopes are like one person's life.
It starts with Aries, the first astrological sign, which is the baby... then Gemini is the child, which then proceeds to being teenager, adult, elder and even, spirit.

Gemini. Me. The Kid.
No wonder i'm still watching cartoons (i can remember the show times much better than most other more important "adult" stuff, what turp). And when i'm hyper... well, let's just say it's something on a "need-to-know" basis.

But i like it, i enjoy it, and that's all that matters =D!

Happy Christmas!!

Tis the season to be jolly *prances around*!~
HeeChul-ah~ what do you say to everyone today?
HeeChul give everyone *the stare*, and says...

Sincerely from HRH Princess Kim HeeChul, who was ceremoniously stuffed into the Santa hat by yours truly.


ps: Though i don't "celebrate" Christmas, it's nice being Malaysian, because any reason to celebrate *is* a reason to celebrate!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why puppy dog eyes don't work anymore.

Because kitty cat eyes works even better.

If you tell me that did not work, you need to get your eyes checked.

OMG, if this pics taken at night, it'll be even more adorable that after posting it, i'll have to barricade my house, install the best security system, employ personal body guards and insured every part of HeeChul... because definitely she will be targeted by people who can't resist her adorableness and natural charm that they will want to catnapp her!

Ok, exagerated. But you can't deny it's funny.

I just watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and omg, i want to pamper my HeeChul too! Seaweed wrap, mask, highlights, spa, mani pedi... what turf!
And by all rights, i should call HeeChul "chiquita"... but i called her "papito" just now (i got it from a book). I just googled it's meaning... it turns out "papito" is latin to calling a "desirable man" (= =").
No wonder HRH is staring at me one kind. Woops. I should've noticed that it's for guys because the heroine in the book only calls guys that, but i mistaken it means "darling" and those sort.

I am very thankful i didn't say that out loud in public, especially in front of people who understand Spanish. Turf.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't you think?

It would be nice if they have helicopters or planes or secret passages and stuffs, which could allow you to escape the jam in any case you're caught in one.

My point being, i really want to go to KL now, but since it's like, almost 7pm and all, chances of me being caught in the infamous massive (though not as bad as BKK) KL jam is like... really close.
But who knows, since the jam occurs mostly on people leaving the city, and since i'm going *into* the city, maybe i'll be safe?

Then again who knows, really.
So it would be really nice if you have the option to leave a jam in case you decided to "try your luck" see will jam or not.
I proposed a plan that, for example, i want to go to KLCC at 6pm, and since i'm going into the city it shouldn't be *that* jam right?
So off i go. But in any case there is a jam, then i can choose to leave, and it'll all be fine and dandy. However, if i insisted to go KLCC anyways, then be stuck at the jam i should stay.
Isn't that a good plan?
Ok, retarded.
Might as well say we have helicopters to transport our car and us to places we want to go when it's jam. But if like that then later air-jam adee lor. What turp.

Meaningless rambles.

I've been seeing a lot of "bitter battles" these days, which makes me wonder, when it comes to my turn, will i act the same?

I don't know, i think i'm far too lazy to want to be involve in battles like this. I have those: "ok ok, go fight to your heart's content, just leave me out of it" feeling when i put myself into that situation, but when it really happens, will i still think the same?
It is different you know, what you say will do, and what you will really do when it happens.

Another thing would be apart from the laziness, i think the only person i need explaining to is myself, and if i'm satisfied with it, then that is all. I don't need to prove myself to other people, unless if that person actually matters to me. If i did something which is against my principle, oh how mad i will be with at myself!! And i don't like that.

Let's just say, i guess some battles are meant for your besties and sisters to fight for you, while you stay behind the scenes. It'll show how much you matter to them in a way i guess =D!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I am a "little kid" stalker.

Lunch with Pig the other day.
Yum!~ Sushi XD!

And we have two up-most totally super ultra freaking really very adorable little Japanese kids seated behind Pig.

The boy was adorable; he was picking his nose (with that finger) while staring at us as we were looking at them XD! Then when i whipped out my camera to take their pics he even posed for me (as above)!!

So using my (very) minimal Japanese, i asked the girl if she's Japanese (redundant question, since Pig already confirmed it when she asked for her name in English - oh, and i spoke to them in Chinese, no wonder lar they don't understand!!), her name and said "Konnichiwa" to her.
She replied my questions, but with big eyes staring back.

Makes me wonder... is my Japanese (pronunciation) that bad that even little kids stare at me with amazement??

They are adorable! Me rabu cute blur-blur responsive little kids who are not annoying!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have a dream.

I was contemplating if my love for Geography and location and stuffs are influenced by my dad?
I just realized i am someone who can sit for hours in front of Wikimapia looking (from above) where this or that place is, and the distance (from above) this place to there, and also understanding location etc etc!!

Not that i would remember exactly all the information about the places i "stalk" (from above)... but it's still fun looking at it!

And obviously, it's no surprise where is my most favourite place to "stalk" from above!
I miss it so much how i wish i could just "enter" through my laptop screen and fall down to that place!

Guess where! If you guess correctly, i'll post a (sorta) retarded pic of myself!!
Rofl, so retarded!!

Say NO to Shark's fin soup.

I'm very sure most people know that i don't take Shark's fin soup. Real or fake.

So i get really fed up trying to explain myself to people why i don't even take fake Shark's fin soup. Put it simply, if you always buy fake designer bags, say LV... one fine day you surely would want to own a REAL original LV bag right?

Personally, i felt if i were to take Shark's fin soup, even a fake one, i am still encouraging this sinful market, therefore, it would be against my principle to take Shark's fin soup, even if it's supposedly "vegetarian".

But it gets SO ANNOYING when people try to encourage me to take the sinful soup (and also the part where i lazy to explain to them anymore). Oi, sendiri sinful cukup lar, don't pull me to the fiery pits of Hades along with you!!
I guess it's "ok" you don't share my view, but don't try to force me to accept yours, because i never will. Even if i'm wrong in my , no way.

Another annoying part is people who say they care for the environment or people who say they are animal-lovers or people who say they care about Global Warming... yet... they *still* take Shark's fin soup.
So hypocritical don't you think?

I also got fed up trying to encourage people to stop already, because apparently they fall on deaf ears, so what for? At least i know i'm not hypocritical when it comes to that.

I'm not perfect in my conservation efforts, but at least i do my best and not just "talk-only", and that has made all the differences in the world.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

HeeChul's Super Belated Birthday Present!

It arrived in the mail today!
I heard the postman while i was still half-asleep this morning, then i immediately jump up and run downstairs... and there it is!

My bunny is so Royal, her presents must be delivered as to fit her Royalness.

But as a Royal... nothing is "worth" making a big fuss about, because she's used to people making a bis fuss *about* her instead.


So what is it?


Super Junior Boys in City 2 Season 2 - Tokyo!!
Season 1 was in Kuala Lumpur btw!
And Season 3 would be in Redang, titled "Boys by the Beach - A Wedding".
Even though we are married, it's not exactly official until a ceremony is held right?
So as soon as we are all free, it'll take place soon. Sorry, by invitations only. And the photobook will not be for sale nor for public display, considering it'll be a personal collection.

Moving on... (HAHAHA!!)
What's inside:

Look at my carendar.
And Dec's HeeChul's appa XD!! On her birthday month!

HeeChul's present is fab isn't it?
So what's in the little packet?

The first character from HeeChul, "희", or ""!

Isn't she gorgeous?

La ♪!~

"Yes, i know i'm beautiful," says the Narcissistic Little Rascal HRH Princess Kim HeeChul.

Ooh, but she haven't seen the carendar (and book) yet!


Tada! Bunny, appa yo *points at carendar*!



"Appa!!! Where are you???"

"Oi, tipu me issit?"

"Hmm..." ponders HRH Princess HeeChul as she looks as the picture.

"My appa is as cute as me!~ (Of course, i remain cutest and bestest)"

닥 · 숭
Approach. Worship.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cut the crap.

Boys made me felt better!
And with just one picture ok?

My 13 boys are indeed, my miracle.


Today is a very very very happy day! Yeah *cheers*!
But i'm so freaking turping tired... omg...

For the first time in a long long time, a day has never felt so long.
But if you think about it, and look at the time it is now, it actually went through quite fast. You just felt it was long.

Except for the happy part, everything else went and was wrong.
From my bloody shoes to everyone and everything else.

You know what, i'll just get more emo if i talk about it (because there really is a lot of things wrong everywhere). It's not like there is anyone i would want to share it with anyways... so... i'll just leave it as it is, and hopefully everything will look better in the morning.

Because i know it will.
If i didn't, well, at least i *tried* to hope it'll look better, and that has made it's own difference in it's own way.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lousy day.

Where possibly the best thing that had happened was my dream this morning, which i was married to Zac Efron, and we went to Redang for our honeymoon (holiday?) with my family and we went horseback riding, to which i live to my name on being random and rode off another direction all by myself... even though i don't know how to ride a horse.
So typically me to have weird (but sweet) random dream. Hmm.

Ok, where do i begin?
First off, i slept late and woke up feeling like tahi. Except the dream which was really good.
Then i went to post office at OU, buy some stuffs, then blah-blah-blah, and went to Plaza Damas for my hair appointment.

For starters, i got my hair dyed (and eavesdrop the conversation happening next to me, which this lady was saying her friend, who is 23-years-old, and had "virgin hair", meaning she had never done anything to her hair before... which brings back to the feeling that KL is like New York, because i've read a similar expression in the book "Chasing Harry Winston" before), and sat there for like... 3 hours, which i read past issues of HOT magazine, to the extend i felt the need to quote everything i said like a celebrity, then i shall criticize, condemn and contradict my own quotes like a magazine editor.
Seriously, no wonder i don't buy gossip magazines. It gets to your head. BTW the mag costs RM4.90 only.

My hairstylist is a gem, but this time round she reckon i should let my hair grow. It seemed like a good idea then... until i see the after product which she only thin my thick-lion-ish-hair, but otherwise there was no other major changes to my style.
It's ok really, it has been seriously years since i last let my hair grow. I always cut it short at every chance possible, but this kinda contradicts my principle of "new hairstyle everytime i step out of the salon".
My hair is still exactly the same now, just thinner... if you can see it, otherwise there is no major difference and it kinda gets on my nerve because i like getting new hairstyles. I am contemplating if i should go back to change the style? But at the same time, i want to see what other styles i can pull with this.
In other words, it's bogging me now.

After that i went somewhere and got some "sorta-bad-but-i'm-going-to-look-at-it-in-positive-light" news.
But whatever i think, it's still kinda sad ok, so yeah, today officially lousy. I felt so bad until several minutes before i reach home.

I was at the junction outside my house when i saw Yow-Yow. This male-cat living around my area who i come to admire and "salute".
You see, Yow-Yow is a male cat, and as male-cat goes, you really "fight" in order to stay around the area, more over with new male-cats coming left and right all the time.
Seems like an ordinary story right?
Well, Yow-Yow injured one of his hind-legs, giving him only 3 functioning legs (so he limps all the time) and is partially blind.

When i first saw him, i actually thought he won't survive the "harsh stray-cat world", but i was wrong. Several months after, he was still alive and fighting (albeit limping). And i still see him around every now and then!
It makes me happy every time i see him, because it means his still alive no matter how the world is treating him. And that really makes me happy.

So yeah, lousy day, but Yow-Yow made me happy. I'm glad simple things in life easily makes me happy, and i am grateful for everything.

Oh, and it's Keita's birthday today too (^^ )!

Monday, December 15, 2008

And why i shall never ever, ever, *ever* stand next to Pig.

It makes me look short(er) and fat(er).
Stupid Pig. Roast you baru tau.

ps: With regards to the pic, you are mad if you assumed that i did not photoshop the photo.

I shouldn't "swear" but...

I swear a bowl of water is more creative than me. Seriously.

To all the recipient of anything i've ever sent... i'm sorry i have to put you guys through all the turmoil and worst "creative ideas" mankind has ever seen.


HeeNim, the cat with the worst sleeping habits.

You have the usual, really adorable poses.

Then you have...

The praying style.

The "use-mouse-as-pillow" style.

The "you-shall-not-use-the-laptop" style.

Complete with "mouth-slightly-open".

"Yo, you dig?" rapper style.

And the typical...

"The laptop is mine" style.

"Go away, the laptop is mine" style. Good for scaring away unknown humans.

And the ultimate...

"I know i'm freaking adorable, go be jealous somewhere else. The laptop's still mine." style.

Yes, Her Royal Highness Princess Kim HeeChul is the best. We know.