Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have a dream.

I was contemplating if my love for Geography and location and stuffs are influenced by my dad?
I just realized i am someone who can sit for hours in front of Wikimapia looking (from above) where this or that place is, and the distance (from above) this place to there, and also understanding location etc etc!!

Not that i would remember exactly all the information about the places i "stalk" (from above)... but it's still fun looking at it!

And obviously, it's no surprise where is my most favourite place to "stalk" from above!
I miss it so much how i wish i could just "enter" through my laptop screen and fall down to that place!

Guess where! If you guess correctly, i'll post a (sorta) retarded pic of myself!!
Rofl, so retarded!!

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