Wednesday, December 03, 2008

When you can live forever, what do you live for?

One of my life dreams is to be able to have freshly squeezed Orange Juice whenever i want, pronto.
Ah, a dream so hard to achieve.

If i marry someone like Terrence Ho in the drama The Gem of Life, i'll employ 5 maids.
One to help my mom.
One to serve my grandma.
One to clean the house.
One to... er... clean the house by helping the other clean the house.
And one to specially make OJ for me whenever i want it.


By any chances, do you remember The Little Lulu Show?
Was watching PPG when i suddenly remembered it, hehe! I use to love the show, it was funny!

Ooh, and PPG just celebrated it's 10-year anniversary. Wow.

Edit: Just got back from MPH 1-Utama, and saw A LOT of "little girls" buying Twilight.
There's this particular one which caught my attention, she was holding i'm guessing 2-3 books as she slowly browsed through the other books, with a very proud look (smug?) on her face. Possibly thinking of how dreamy Robert Pattinson (whose playing Edward) is or something.

Ah, and so the "Edward Cullen" has sent along more girls to Heaven. Wow.

ps: I do hope Robert Pattinson won't be casted as "Edward" nya from now onwards lor, otherwise pity him ok. Later become like Daniel Radcliffe, who i somehow sensed that he really hated the character Harry Potter, because people see him think of Harry nya. Boy that sounds punny.

So yeah, Rob is Rob, Edward is Edward. Dot.
Besides, i think Robert brings on a different version of Edward, like i said before... oh wait, i haven't posted my Twilight review yet, so ok, i'll leave this to here now. Taa!

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