Friday, December 12, 2008

Why do i miss Redang so much?

Recycling the pics i've posted previously in my Redang travelogue, if i may call it so.
Redang Pre-Arrival
Redang Day 1 Part 1
Redang Day 1 Part 2
Redang Day 2 Part 1
Redang Day 2 Part 2
Redang Day 3

So why do i miss Redang so much?

The Sea is beautiful.

The Sky is blue-er there.

Even the "sunrise" is nicer there.

The Ice-Kacang can rival that of Penang's, because the scenery added lots of taste into it.

The food is good.

You can throw me bread and water and it'll still feel like fine-dining to me.

Accommodation is cosy.

Besides, you can always sleep at the beach under the stars, in case you didn't like your accommodation.

The people are nice there.

The snorkeling guide who showed us loads of stuff!

Angmohs are better looking there.


There are farm animals there.

Who i had a fantabulous time with.

We can be "manly-dudes" there, albeit board-ish.

Oh yes, Cow's "Schwarzenegger", i'm "Mo Mo Cha" and Pig's "Siu Keong" from the movie, "Summer Holiday".

And ultimately...

It's Redang, what's not to miss? What's not to love?

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