Friday, December 05, 2008

Weird people weird matters.

I love my purple sneakers to bits, especially since it's from my favourite brand.

But the drawback?
My pinky on the right leg hurts *sobs*!!

I have rather "broad" feet, so it's difficult to buy shoes. The funny thing is, only the right leg hurts, but the left leg is so comfortable it's as if it's flying on some fluffy clouds!

Yeah, i know the "one-side-leg-bigger-than-other" thing, but get this, it would seem my right leg is "slightly bigger" than my left leg right? Since the shoe seems to small for my giant right feet.
HOWEVER when i wear my high heels, my RIGHT LEG is the loose one, whereas my left leg will fit snugly. Which means one side loose one side snug. You see the weirdness in this? End up i always wonder if the shop gave me shoes of different sizes sometimes.

It seems i'm not only mentally weird, i'm also physically weird. Damn it. Should've just gotten half-size bigger instead of listening to the shop assistant.
Actually i learn that before, but it's nice to say it out loud again.
Since she said that it'll get broader and all, and it's not necessary for me to get half size bigger, i listened! I told her of my problem (broad feet), but...
Conclusion, i was the git who listened to her. To give credit, she was very convincing.
I should've taken the shoes back to her, throw it in her face and demand a half size bigger. Git.

It's been so long since i shop for sneakers, i totally forgotten the important criteria in getting a nice pair of sneakers. Not forgetting the last pair i had was practically heaven... if not because it was so badly worn out.

Oh well, what's bought is bought. And i love it a lot so it's justified!!
Of course, right pinky hurts when worn, but oh well, as long as i shop (again) for a new comfy pair for walking and traveling and all, what's a little pain for beauty? Especially since i'll usually only wear it when i'm out shopping and stuffs?

Ok, so bimbo-ish can die dot com dot eiko-chan dot blogspot dot com. Ooh!

But seriously, why is every part of me so weird?
Dah lah brain retardedly weird. Leg also weirder. Apa ini?

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