Friday, December 26, 2008

Dear Senget.

(Written on 22/ 12/ 08)

Senget is a cat that has a very special place in my heart.
He belongs to the uncle in this pet shop near TTDI KFC.

I've been a customer of that shop since i was a little girl. I bought my first hamster and rabbits there. The shop grew from a small half-a-lot shop till the full-size shop it is now.
And even though i'm like, 21 years old now, and the uncle still looks very young like he never aged, i still calls him uncle.
Sometimes i wonder if i surprised him, because i looked older than my age, and i'm calling him uncle. Oh well, some habits never die.

Anyways, Senget. I've known him since he was a kitten. He was Winner's son.
Winner is a very very beautiful grey cat belonging to uncle. Uncle took her in when she was pregnant (with Senget), and even though she was very fierce, he still love her a lot and she grew very attached to uncle.
Winner passed on quite some time ago, leaving Senget and this other cat, his friend.

I've seen Senget grew from a wee little boy to the big boy he is now. Both his hind legs are "cat", and he walks crookedly, thus, his name "Senget".
I think the uncle told me his name is not Senget, but like i said, some habits don't die, so i've always called him Senget.
I remember him as a very gentle cat. I used to be afraid of cats, but his always so gentle, i'm not afraid at all to play with him.

Every time i'm around there (buy KFC, what else?), if i have the chance i'll surely go in to pay a visit to Senget and his friend (i should get to know the name really). It also has very nice pet hotel, so there are always lots of cats there. I think the uncle sometimes take in stray cats as well. He is a very nice uncle who always feed the cats there too.

Although a lot of cats come and go, Senget and his friend will always be there. But today, when i went to the shop, he is not there anymore.
I saw some other cats at his usual cage, and his friend at this other smaller cage. Fearing the worst, i asked the uncle where's Senget, and he told me he too passed on as well.
I tried to hold in my tears but i failed, i almost broke down there, but really, i don't want to scare people there lor, so i tried my best to hold in. But it really is very sad.

It's like, his a cat i've grown to really like, and so used to seeing him every time i go to the shop, but now, his not there anymore. And i will never ever see him again.

I honestly hate this year. I used to think it was a good year, but i changed my mind. It's the worst possible year, although i am "grateful" (in a way) for the many lessons i learned from it.

Too many people leave me this year. And one whose very dear to me me left me forever. 3 pets very dear to me left me as well, and one whose lost i still cannot accept.
Bloody horrible year.

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